Proceedings of the 2nd Annual Conference on Education and Social Science (ACCESS 2020)

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Ratification of International Convention under Indonesian Law: A Study on CITES 1973 and ASEAN Comprehensive Investment Agreement

Z Zunnuraeni, M Riadhussyah, M Y Fathoni, E S Nurbani
Indonesian national law has defined two mechanisms in the ratification of international conventions, namely in form of an Act and in form of a Presidential decree. As stipulated in the Constitution of The Republic of Indonesia Year 1945 that:” causing broad and fundamental consequences for the lives...
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The Importance of Health Education and Environmental Hygiene Practices in Overcoming Children Diarrhea: What Does Healthcare Professionals Need to Know?

Chairun Nasirin
Health services are essential in improving the quality of children’s health during the growth period, where the child always interacts with the environment so that there is exposure to either virus or bacterial diseases that can cause diarrhea. Meanwhile, health problems in the child are indeed not separate...
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The Impact of Nurses Workload, Humanities and Health Policy: Exploratory Analysis of the Patient Experience Satisfaction

Chairun Nasirin
The ability of nurse professionals to provide quality healthcare services is necessary for consumers when conducting health care in hospitals. The optimal health services that are expected by the patients using health care services, and it’s certainly an obstacle for the hospital in providing quality...
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Analysis of the Model of Assistance for Children Who Are Dealing with Law in the Child Protection Institution (LPA) in Bima City

Z Zuhrah, Muhammad Asad Imaduddin, Husnatul Mahmudah, J Juhriati, M. Amin
This study aims to analyze the model of mentoring for children in conflict with the law carried out by LPA in Bima city. Researchers want to map out the model of mentoring for children so that in the long term it can be disseminated and become good practices that can be adopted by other regions or other...
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The Effect of the Utilization of Village Fund on Family Welfare in Buleleng District, Bali

I Putu Gede Diatmika, N. Djinar Setiawina, IGW Murjana Yasa, Ida Bagus Putu Purbadharmaja
Development in the village is a participatory development model, which is a joint development management system, which is planned, implemented, and evaluated through deliberation, consensus, and cooperation. The objectives of this study are first to analyze the direct effect of community participation,...
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“Basangero” Culture and Technology Progress: Empowering Women Concerning Family Welfare

Sri Rahayu, Ika Fitriyani, A Asmini
The empowerment of women in various fields cannot be separated from the various obstacles that accompany women. Natural resource wealth without the participation of the government and society will not be able to bring society to prosperity. In general, the obstacles that are often faced by housewives...
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Development of Academic Speaking Communicative Tasks Model for Students of English Education

A Amrullah, Lalu Thohir, S Sahuddin, N Nawawi, H Henny
This study aims to determine the appropriate communicative tasks model to maximize the English students’ presentation skills at the English study program, University of Mataram, and to identify the obstacles experienced by lecturers who teach academic speaking subjects in the tasks that have been prepared....
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The Development of the Habituation S.O.P in Building Early Childhoods’ Character By Students’ Early Childhood Education Study Program

Ika Rachmayani, I Wayan Karta, I Made Suwasa Astawa, N Nurhasanah
This study aims to develop a standard operating procedure (SOP) for habituation in building early childhood character by students of the early childhood education teacher education program. This is a Research and Development (R&D} studies. This research was conducted in the Early Childhood Education...
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The Achievement of National Education Standards of the Private Islamic Senior High School (Madrasah Aliyah) in West Lombok During the Period of Covid-19 Pandemic

Anita Yulia, Hamid Syukrie ZM, Dadi Setiadi, F Fahruddin
The attainment of national education standards for Private Islamic Senior High schools in rural areas is a serious matter due to limited resources. This research aims to analyze the achievement of national education standards of process, staff and teacher, and school management in Private Islamic Senior...
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Attachment to Cultural Values of “Patut Patuh Patju” Among Teenagers in Their Late Teenage Years

I Nyoman Karma, Ida Ermiana, Siti Istiningsih, Ilham Syahrul Jiwandono, Itsna Oktaviyanti
This study aims to determine the attachment of cultural values “Patut Patuh Patju” among teenagers in their late teenage years. This was carried out due to these cultural values are considered essential to be owned by every late teenager in Lombok. The research method used was survey research which emphasizes...
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The Effect of Ethical Leadership and Workplace Spirituality on the Implementation of Organizational Culture and Organizational Commitments

Lalu Suparman, M Muttaqillah, J Jalaludin
The study of organizational commitment associated with ethical leadership and spirituality of the workplace and organizational culture still needs to be conducted and the research team has a great opportunity to study the information on the public service-oriented organizations. The objective of this...
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Feasibility of Student’s Worksheet-Based Scientific Approach on Interaction of Living Things Material

Chairil Faif Pasani, Ratna Yulinda
This study aims to produce a valid student worksheet-based on the scientific approach to develop the character of curiosity, responsibility, and environmental care of junior high school on the interaction of living things material. This research was a research and development study. Thiagarajan development...
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Relations Between Parent’s Attention and Learning Motivation With Social Science Learning Outcome

A. Zaenal Abidin, Dyah Rachmadani, Galih Mahardika Christian Putra, Deni Setiawan
The purpose of this research was to find out the correlation between parents attention and learning motivation to learning outcome. This study included quantitative research with correlational design with a sample of 113 students from a population of 140 using simple random sampling. The results of data...
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Analysis of the Implementation of Character Education at Junior High School in Sumbawa Besar Regency

Nining Andriani, Ilham Handika, I Made Sentaya, R Rahmawati, I Gusti Made Sulindra
Education is the most important aspect in a person’s life. Through education, a person can be seen as respectable, have a good career and can behave according to the norms. Besides that, education also has a very important role. With high education, a person can have a good job, live a good life and...
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Profile of Ability to Produce Fantasy Story Texts of Mataram City Junior High School Students: Aspects of Structure, Language, Characteristics and Coherence

Syaiful Musaddat, M Murahim, M. Syahrul Qodri, M Mari’i, Cedin Atmaja
This study aims to describe the profile of the ability to produce fantasy story texts for junior high school students in Mataram city. The aspects studied include structure, linguistic rules, characteristics, and coherence. The data was collected through the document review method. The source of data...
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Consumer Protection for Accessing Essential Needs in Disaster Situation in Indonesia

Ahmad Zuhairi, F Khairus Febryan, Dwi Martini, BF Ari Rahmad Hakim, Diangsa Wagian
In event of disaster, essential needs are purposed to support human life but in the business practices, the case is often the opposite. Suddenly the price of essential needs increases dramatically. Business actors often take advantage of this condition to increase the price of essential needs so that...
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Analysis of Student Perceptions about Online Lectures in Terms of Student Learning Styles: Study of the Covid-19 Pandemic

W Wahidaturrahmi, Mega Puspita Sari, Laila Hayati, Eka Kurniawan, Fitri Puji Astria
The purpose of this study was to determine students’ perceptions regarding online lectures carried out during the Covid-19 pandemic in terms of student learning styles. This research is quantitative research where the population is students of the Teacher Training and Education Faculty, Mataram University....
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Playdough Guidebook to Improve the Grade III Student’s Creativity

Deni Setiawan, S Sukarjo, Pramita Melatisari
The playdough guidebook has not been used yet in SDN Kalisegoro. This study aims to develop a playdough handbook aimed at knowing feasibility, as well as testing the effectiveness of media. Media is intended to improve learning outcomes. I conducted Research and Development (R&D), the development...
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Guided Inquiry Based Biological Teaching Materials to Improve Science Process Skills of Junior High School Students

I Putu Artayasa, M Muhlis, Gito Hadiprayitno, I Wayan Merta
Science process skills are an indispensable ability in studying science because they are positively correlated with student science learning outcomes. The development of science process skills in junior high school students can be facilitated through the application of teaching materials based on guided...
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Applying the Theory of Multiple Intelligences to Develop Interpersonal Skills of Young Learners

Rr. Nunik Ari Indrawati
Introduction: Interpersonal skills are considered as increasingly important that people, including young learners, should develop. Interpersonal skills involve showing sympathy, interacting appropriately, overcoming shyness and fear and managing emotions and feelings. As young learners develop the skills,...
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The Tradition of Mappano’ Lolo as Ritual Communication of the Bugis Bone Community

Nur Aisyah Rusnali, Syahrianti Syam
The Mappano’ Lolo ritual is a tradition conducted by the Bugis Bone community as a cultural heritage of their ancestors. This ritual, which is conducted as a part of the akikah process, is performed for a newborn child. This tradition is full of symbols, meanings, and cultural values that are unique...
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The Effect of Cross-Domain Social Support and Work-Family Conflicts

Siti Nurmayanti, Dwi Putra Buana Sakti, I Nyoman Nugraha AP
Married working women often experience disruption between work and family life which is called work-family conflict. To reduce this then one of the proven ways to reduce the level of work-family conflicts is through social support. Social support is a form of attention, appreciation, and assistance provided...
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Development of Learning Media for Educational Games Based on Adobe Flash in Biology

S Syafruddin, Indah Dwi Lestari, Wiwi Noviati, Eryuni Ramdhayani
This research aims to develop learning media for educational games based on Adobe Flash in biology. This study is also aimed to determine the feasibility of an adobe flash-based educational game based on the assessment from material experts, media experts, practitioners and students. This research is...
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Local Cultural Politeness in English Language Classrooms

Elmi Endrayuni, Kamaludin Yusra, Yuni Budi Lestari
Politeness is an important positive character that students should acquire in learning processes. Having a polite character, the students will be able to respect teachers and fellow students and, in return, obtain respects from them. This mutual respect will in turn create positive learning environments....
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Texts of Literary Genres in Sasak Language: Preparation of Basic Materials for Local Contents in Sasak Language

Khairul Paridi, I Nyoman Sudika, S Sukri, S Syabuddin, A Asyhar
This article examines the text structure of literary genres in Sasak language, the shape of the linguistic devices and the values that are held in them. The method used is “listening method” in which the researchers record oral data and transcribed them into written texts. The transcripts were analysed...
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Using Local Wisdom to Foster Community Resilience During the Covid-19 Pandemic: A Study in the Sasak Community, Indonesia

Lalu Sumardi, Dwi Wahyudiati
Each tribe has local wisdom that is used in dealing with various problems and challenges that arise. This local wisdom is passed down from generation to generation. In the current pandemic era, local wisdom becomes social capital to deal with uncertain conditions as a result of COVID-19. The purpose...
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Government Response to Handling Covid-19 Study Comparation: Lessons Learned from Taiwan and Indonesia

Sitti Aminah, G Gunawan, J Josep, R Rosidah
The Covid-19 pandemic has caused infections cases and deaths of people, damaged healthcare systems, and declining economies. All countries have responded the pandemic through various policies. The study aims to compare the response of the Taiwan and the Indonesian in dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic....
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Child Labor Exploitation in the Tourism Industry on the Island of Lombok

S Syafruddin, Hairil Wadi, R Rispawati, S Suud, Ni Made Novi Suryanti
This paper aims to identify and map the forms of exploitation of child labor in the tourism industry. To understand the phenomenon of child workers, the researchers used a qualitative research approach with a case study method. The research subjects were child workers in which the data were collected...
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Bina Keluarga Mandiri (Independent Family Development) on Implementing the Health Protocols in the Era of New Normal

Fitria Hidayati, S Sastrawan, M Menap, Lalu Abdul Khalik, Muhammad Tajuddin, Linda Feni Haryati
New normal is a change in behavior to continue in carrying out normal activities with always implementing the health protocols to prevent Covid-19 transmission. Bina Keluarga Mandiri (Independent Family Development) is a form of activity carried out to increase the knowledge, abilities and preparedness...
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Causes of Divorce in Ternate City, North Maluku

S Syamsiar, H Hasmawati
This research departs from concerns about the high rate of divorce in Indonesia in general and in the city of Ternate in particular. Divorce in Ternate City since 2012-2019 experiences every year. The study of the causes of divorce has never been carried out scientifically in Ternate City. This study...
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Open Innovation in Service Industry

Lalu M. Furkan, A Agusdin, Embun Suryani, Luluk Fadliyanti, R.A Imanuella, M Muhdin
Service industry is an emerging industry which contributing a significant trend of contribution to GDP in developed countries. Tourism industry plays a vital role on the Indonesia economy where tourism corridor strategy located in Bali, West Nusa Tenggara, and East Nusa Tenggara. Technological changes...
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Evaluating the Policy of Child-Friendly School in a Junior High School in Ternate

Safrudin Amin, Badrun Kartowagiran
Some recent reports publish an alarming condition of child abuse at home and schools. This condition is unfortunate since children should be supported to grow in a healthy atmosphere. To meet this need, the Indonesian government issued a child-friendly school policy in 2014. The present study aims to...
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Preparing Independent Golden Millennial Generation Through Character Education

L Listyaningsih, Septina Alrianingrum, S Sumarno
The superior generation is the millennial generation who has the responsibility of welcoming the golden generation in 2045. The development of science and technology in the era of the industrial revolution 4.0 has changed various aspects of life towards 5.0 society. To prepare the superior generation...
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An Analysis of the Use of Diction on Covid-19 News in

Zainudin Syafari, Lalu Muhaimi, N Nuriadi
The aim of this study is to analyze the use of diction in Covid-19 reporting on the news site written by Dahlan Iskan, a senior Indonesian journalist. This study to analyze the diction based on the Gorys Keraf theory which includes; (1) diction based on meaning consist of denotation and connotation...
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A Study on Teacher Strategies in Teaching Speaking and Reading Comprehension Skills: A Case Study at SMAN 8 Mataram

Ira Satiyah Hidayati, Muhammad Amin, Yuni Budi Lestari
Speaking and reading are two important skills in learning English. Various strategies in teaching speaking and reading comprehension are needed to facilitate students to achieve in these skills. This paper discusses the strategies of an English teacher in teaching speaking and reading comprehension skills...
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Social Characteristics and Local Wisdom in Sasak Folklore: Reconstruction of the Development of Digital Story Books in Elementary Schools

Syaiful Musaddat, Ni Ketut Suarni, Nyomen Dantes, Ida Bagus Putrayasa
This study aims to describe the various social characters and local wisdom found in Sasak folklore as basic material for the development of local wisdom-based digital storybooks in elementary schools. The study investigated: (1) The developing forms of Sasak folklore, (2) The forms of social character...
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Metaphorical Expression of Meatball and the Naturalization of Meatball Conceptualization

Nur Ahmadi, M Mahyuni, Agus Saputra
The paper deals with analysis on the lexical innovation of lexical field of taste related to meatball as well as its lexical configuration. Meatball as the name suggests is by definitionis made of meat and ball-shaped (Malagina, 2016, Vian, 2016 and KBBI, 2012. However, in attracting potential customers,...
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Lesson Study and Its Potential Application in ELT during the Pandemic

Muhammad Amin
This paper intends to explore the potentials of implementing Lesson Study (LS), a teacher professional development program which is originally from Japan and has been spreading and practiced globally especially amid COVID-19, requiring a lot of adaptation in all sectors including education. The benefits...
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The Orientation of Visitor Increasing and the Success of Promotional Innovations on Tourism Performance

S Syafruddin, Subhan Purwadinata, Roos Nana Sucihati
Innovation plays an important role in all business competition, including in the tourism sector. Developing countries face problems investing in innovation, especially tourism management carried out by local governments. This study aims to examine the comparison of tourism management performance between...
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Development of Indonesian Language Teaching Book Based on Higher Order Thinking Skills for Department of Network Computer Engineering Students in Vocational School

Amel Yuliani, A Adnan, J Juanda, Sri Sugiarto, Riadi Suhendra
This study aims to develop Indonesian language textbooks based on Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS) for class X students majoring in computer network engineering (TKJ) at SMK. This research is a research and development (R&D) modified into four steps, namely the information analysis stage, planning,...
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Transmigration Regional Multicultural Society, Analysis of Reading Literacy in Sumbawa Districts

Syamsul Bahri, D Damayanti, S Syihabuddin, Yeti Mulyati
The transmigration community is a multicultural society; this is because those who occupy the territory come from various regions. The variety of multicultural societies can influence different understanding and attitudes under students in the school environment. Different students sometimes trigger...
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Utilization of E-Commerce to Increase the Selling Value of MSMEs in Sumbawa Regency During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Elly Karmeli, Marisa Sutanty, K Kurniawansyah, Razy Apriansyah Mustaram, U Usman
This research is field research that aimed to determine the effect of e-commerce on the selling value of study MSMEs on 100 creative economy-based MSMEs in Sumbawa Regency. The samples were determined using the accidental sampling technique. The data used are quantitative in the form of respondents’...
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Implementation of Occupational Safety and Health Policies During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Suprianto Suprianto, Vivin Fitryani, Abdul Rahim, Rosyidah Rachman, Binar Dwiyanto Pamungkas
This is descriptive research. The goal is to describe the implementation of the Occupational Safety and Health (K3) (Research Variable) policy in the Operations and Maintenance of the PT PLN (Persero) UPK Tambora Power Plant during the Covid-19 pandemic. The research data were obtained directly from...
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Policy-Thought Models to Create a Good Development and Local Governance

Syaifuddin Iskandar, Heri Kurniawansyah HS, M. Salahuddin, Sri Nurhidayati, Syiis Nurhadi
The issue of government governance is one of the most fundamental problems in the government bureaucracy. Until now, this problem has yet to end, especially at the local government level, as a result, the classic effects of this problem have not disappeared, ranging from corruption, poor public services,...
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The Model Regulation of Wawasan Nusantara as Indonesian Maritime Development Strategy Towards World Maritime Axis

Muh. Risnain, F Fatahullah, Erlies Septiana Nurbani, R Rusnan
The background of this research is based on the degradation of the values of the archipelago insight in the policy of security, socio-cultural, legal, and national economic defense. The Wawasan Nusantara has become a vision for the development of the nation and state which has been long instilled by...
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The Influence of Religiosity and Local Philosophy on Nurse Performance: A Case Study of Government Hospital

S Syamsuriansyah, Jihadil Qudsi
Nurse performance is a part that is always faced by hospital management. Nurse performance does not always increase, sometimes there is an unexpected decrease in the work of nurses. So that the hospital management needs to know what factors can affect the performance of nurses. Several studies that have...
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Understanding Teacher Agency in Practice: An Ecological Approach

Santi Farmasari
This paper introduces concepts of teacher agency in the ecological approach which emphasized an interplay between teachers’ capacity and their engagement with the professional environment. The ecological approach provides a model of understanding the ecological contexts of teachers’ actions, how the...
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An Informational Text Reading Instruction Model to Improve Undergraduate Students’ Reading Skill, Creativity and Criticism

Lalu Thohir, Lalu Ali Wardana, Lalu Nurtaat, Lalu Jaswadi Putera
This study aimed to see the effectiveness of the informational text reading the instruction model. This study adopted a mixed method with concurrent embedded design involving 50 undergraduate students in English department of Mataram University. This study applied one-group pretest – posttest design...
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Community Empowerment in Rehabilitation of Forests and Critical Lands on the Sekaroh Area

S Suwardji, P Parman, Abdul Syukur, Sri Tejowulan, Agil Alaydrus, Ahmad Raksun
Forests and land degradation in the Sekaroh region of East Lombok areas has reached a very severe level. Since the 1990s the government of Indonesia has made various efforts to rehabilitate forests and critical land in this area on a massive scale, but data showed that the success rate was far from expectations....
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The Implementation of Authentic Assessment in Speaking Skills at MTS As-Suyuthy Ireng

Zurhan Afriadi, A Arifuddin, N Nuriadi
This study is addressed to investigate the use of code switching by EFL teachers in classroom setting at Mts As-Suyuthy Ireng Gunungsari sub district, West Lombok Regency, West Nusa Tenggara Province. The research employs a descriptive qualitative method. The data were obtained by providing questionnaires...
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The Description of Early Childhood Growth and Development with Online Learning Based on Authentic Assessments

I Wayan Karta, Ni Wayan Rasmini
The Covid-19 pandemic caused the education process in early childhood to be carried out at home by applying online methods. This requires a lot of adjustments from face-to-face learning habits, which are currently seen as a source of the spread of Covid-19. This study aims to describe the growth and...
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The Effectiveness of Self-Reflection Techniques to Improve Respect Attitudes of Unugiri Bojonegoro Students

Zeti Novitasari, Vesty Dwi Cahyaningrum
Respect greatly influences the interaction process of each individual. Every individual can do and apply a good attitude of respect through the ability of their interpersonal skills. Respect is enhanced by using self-reflection techniques. Respect is enhanced by using self-reflection techniques. Respect...
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Place-Based Pedagogy and Indonesian National Curriculum: A Strategy Analysis for Forest and Javan Lutung Conservation in the Bromo-Tengger-Semeru National Park

Eni Hidayati, Wiwin Iswandi Djola, Ika Yuni Agustin, Sitti Latifah, Yanuar Andi Karisma, Niechi Valentino
The Javan Lutung (Trachypithecus auratus; Vulnerable - IUCN Red List) is a primate endemic to the islands of Java, Bali and Lombok in Indonesia. In East Java, Javan Lutung is found in the Bromo-Tengger-Semeru National Park (BTSNP). With increasing pressure toward this species and its habitat, it is important...
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Increasing Vocabulary Mastery by Using Song-Related Reading Texts to Children Aged Six to Twelve

W Wahyudi, Kamaludin Yusra, A Amrullah
The purpose of this research examines an effective and innovative way of increasing the English vocabulary of children aged six to twelve years old children in Batu Raja Village Mataram West Nusa Tenggara. They were in grade 1 to 5 of different elementary schools participating in a private English Home...
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Lecturers’ and Students’ Profiles and Perceptions on the Implementation of Online Learning Evaluations During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Dwi Mardhia, Fahmi Yahya, H Hermansyah, Hairunnisyah Sahidu, G Gunawan
The implementation of online learning evaluations is better choice during the Covid 19 pandemic. Hence, this study aimed to describe the profiles and perceptions of lecturers and students at Universitas Samawa regarding online learning evaluations in the even semester of 2019/2020 academic year. This...
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Optimization of Achievement in Chemistry Learning Outcomes by Implementing Discovery Learning-Based Strategy

M Muntari, Saprizal Hadisaputra, Mukhtar Haris, I Nyoman Loka, Husna Hayati, Eli Yanti
Efforts to optimize the achievement of chemistry learning outcomes are carried out through experimental research by implementing discovery learning strategies for high school students in Mataram and West Lombok Regency. This study specifically aims to examine the effect of the implementation of discovery...
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The Perception of Muslim Female Athletes Towards Formal Dress at Sand Volleyball Events

Akhmad Saufi, Yulia Prayanti, S Sulhaini
Sand volleyball can be promoted as sports tourism in Indonesia. However, the dress code of sand volleyball players is challenging for female Muslim athletes. This study aims to analyze the perceptions of female Muslim sand volleyball athletes toward the dress code at formal sand volleyball events. The...
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Good Practices and Learning Benefits in the Implementation of Total Quality Management (TQM) in Msmes

H Halpiah, Hery Astika Putra, Baiq Rizka Milania Ulfah
This research was conducted based on the various problems that occur in bread entrepreneurs who are the members of “Babakan MSMEs Village”, such as access to capital, unfair business competition, financial reports, slow adaptation to technological changes, and purchase of raw materials that always use...
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Relationship of Food Security and Land Ecology in West Lombok Regency

Mira Juwita, Taslim Sjah, Bambang Dipokusumo
The goal of the study is to examine the relationship of food security and land ecology in West Lombok Regency. This study uses secondary data from Central Statistics Agency of West Lombok Regency and collects time series data of year 2016 to 2019. Related data from other sources are also accessed to...
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Native and Non-Native English Refusal Strategies in Transactional Negotiation: A Pragmatic Analysis

Dewa Nyoman Ardika, I Irwan, Dewa Gede Deniyasa Ekasaputra
This study is concerned with how native and non-native English use refusal strategy and explored types of refusal strategy within single transactional negotiation. This study was carried out in the diving company office. The sample of this study was 20 respondents in which 10 of whom were from native...
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Deploying 4C of 21st Century Learning Based on Authentic Materials for Advanced Grammar Classes

Kurniawan Apgrianto, I Made Sujana, Edy Syahrial, Agus Saputra, Khusnul Khotimah
This study aims at examining the use of authentic materials emphasizing more on the 21st century learning methods, namely 4C: communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity in an advanced grammar class. This is an action research as an effort to increase students’ ability. Initial data...
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Supply Chain of Robusta Coffee in Gangga District, North Lombok Regency

Ranggaini Magfirahti, I Gusti Lanang Parta Tanaya, Taslim Sjah
Robusta coffee is one of the most widely cultivated plantation crops in Indonesia. West Nusa Tenggara Province which has the potential for the development of robusta coffee (Robusta canephorapierre) is North Lombok Regency. The purpose of this study is to analyze the supply chain system of Robusta coffee...
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Analyzing the Ability of Mathematics Students as Prospective Mathematics Teachers on Multiple Mathematical Representation

Sudi Prayitno, Ulfa Lu’luilmaknunn, Nyoman Sridana, Sri Subarinah
This study aims to describe the ability of mathematics students as prospective mathematics teachers on multiple mathematical representations. Multiple mathematical representation is the ability to present mathematical ideas in various forms namely visual, verbal, and symbolic. The population of this...
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Students’ Basic Movement Skills in Physical Education during the Online Learning

S Safruddin, N Nasaruddin, Arif Widodo, Muhammad Sobri, R Radiusman
Basic movement skills are one of the most important aspects of physical education. During online learning, students often make the less physical movement. This study aims to determine the basic locomotor movement skills, non-locomotor movement, and students’ manipulative movement during online learning....
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The Potential of Local Culture in English Language Teaching (ELT): A Response Paper to Domination of English Material in ELT

Ni Luh Putu Indah Yusniawati, Yuni Budi Lestari
Language and culture have been widely assumed to be inseparable. Under this assumption learning language requires learning the culture of the target language. In ELT context, this suggests the ELT practices that use learning materials, activities and teaching approaches related to English culture. While...
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Thematic Learning: Are Primary School Teachers Ready to Integrate Mathematical Connections in Learning in Schools?

Mohammad Archi Maulyda, Awal Nur Kholifatur Rosyidah, Vivi Rachmatul Hidayati, Iva Nurmawanti, U Umar
Mathematical connection is an important aspect of learning mathematics. Especially for elementary school teachers, where since the 2013 curriculum was launched low-grade elementary school teachers (Class I, II, and III) are obliged to implement a thematic learning system. In thematic learning, many mathematical...
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Management Model of PD Wawo to Increase the Welfare of the People in Bima West Nusa Tenggara Indonesia

S Syamsuddin, Bima Fathurrahman, G Gufran, M Munir
PD Wawo Bima is one of the Regional Owned Enterprises owned by the Bima Regency Government. It was established based on the Regional Regulation No.1 of 1966 which is engaged in the business of National Salt Production (Iodine Salt), land and sea transportation, workshops and the provision of cable TV...
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A Study on the Settlement of Divorce Cases for Undocumented Marriages at the Raba-Bima Religious Court

M Mastorat, K Kasmar, M Munir, I Iksan, J Jufrin
Problems of undocumented marriage have been discussed since and before the enactment of Law Number 1 of 1974 concerning Marriage which stated that marriage is only carried out according to the religious law and beliefs of both parties. If there is a continuous dispute between husband and wife which results...
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Study of Legal Options for Agricultural Product Sale and Purchase Dispute Resolution

Bima Fathurrahman, Z Zuhrah, R Ridwan, A Adnan
This study aims to reveal how the description of the behavior of the sale and purchase agreement transactions without letters between farmers and shallot traders in Belo District, Bima Regency and how the model or choice of ethical legal settlement occurs in default of the sale and purchase agreement....
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The Dynamics of Organizing Institutions for the Resolution of Election Conflicts in Indonesia During 2005-2020 Period

Taufik Firmanto, M Fadli, Muchamad Ali Safaat, I Istislam
This article is the result of research on the dynamics of direct election conflict resolution institutions in Indonesia from 2005 to 2020. This study examines regulations on Regional Head Election and law enforcement with a focus on the authority of the judiciary in resolving disputes over the results...
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The Development of Big Book Media as a Local Solution for the Student Literacy Movement of Inpres Sambori Elementary School Lambitu District Bima Regency

Nunung Fatimah, Desy Ningsih Komalasari
Developing mother tongue Big Book media for students is very essential for their habits of using their mother tongue in learning. With the presence of the media, the students can collaborate with each other and, at the same time, with the big mother tongue media, they can pay more attention to lerning...
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Feasibility of Clove Farming in Gangga District North Lombok Regency

Dewa Kadek Suniantara, I Ketut Budastra, Taslim Sjah
The objectives of this study were: (1) to analyze the income of clove farming in Gangga District, North Lombok Regency; and (2) to analyze the feasibility of clove farming in Gangga District, North Lombok Regency. This research used a descriptive method and collected secondary time series data. Data...
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Language, Social Media and Citizens in the Covid Pandemic 19

Sonezza Ladyanna, Rona Almos
The Covid-19 pandemic caused a big wave that resulted in changes in various sides of life in the world, including the use of language on social media by netizens. Therefore, the purpose of writing this article is to explain the use of language on social media by netizens in the Covid-19 pandemic, as...
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Effect of Guided Inquiry Learning Model Assisted by Student Worksheets on Student Process Skills in Biochemistry Course

G Gustina, Eka Fitriana Hamsyah, Fandi Ahmad
This research is an experimental research which aims to determine the effect of the guided inquiry learning model assisted by student worksheets on the process skills of students in a Biochemistry course. The research design was one group pretest-posttest design. The instrument used to measure students’...
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The Role of Teachers in Growing Human Security Character Through Learning Activities in Elementary Schools

Husna Farhana, Fara Diba Catur Putri, A Awiria
The purpose of this research is to measure the teachers’ role is in cultivating the character of Human Security in the elementary school environment, to find out whether there is the cultivation of human security in learning activities in elementary schools. This research was conducted in an elementary...
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The Effect of Discovery Learning Model Assisted with Interactive Learning Video on Students’ Metacognitive Awareness

Eka Fitriana Hamsyah, G Gustina, Fandi Ahmad
This study aims to determine the effect of the learning model Discovery Learning assisted by interactive learning videos on metacognitive awareness of class XI MA Ummul Mukminin. Various efforts have been made by the teacher to increase students’ metacognitive awareness. Metacognitive awareness is related...
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Study on the Implementation of Internal Quality Assurance System on Standard Content, Process and Assessment During Corona Virus Disease-19

K Kayatarno, R Rusdiawan, Dadi Setiadi, F Fahruddin
The way to improve education quality is by implementing (Internal Quality Assurance System). This research aimed to examine the implementation of IQAS on content, process, and assessment standards during the covid-19 period at SDN 1 Dasan Tereng. This research used a qualitative approach with a case...
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The Use of Whatsapp Application in Learning Evaluation Activities During Covid-19 Pandemic

Fahmi Yahya, H Hermansyah, Dwi Mardhia, Hairunnisyah Sahidu, G Gunawan
Learning evaluation activities are very important to determine the development of student learning and have been carried out directly in the form of a written test (paper-based test). However, during the Covid-19 pandemic, this activity could not be carried out directly as usual due to government and...
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Augmented Reality-Based Mobile Education Game “Aku Suka Sayur” For Preschooler

V Vivianti, Dwi Ratnawati
In the field of education, the use of educational mobile applications is becoming prevalent. This research explores the perception of parents and children on the use of the educational mobile application with Augmented Reality technology for preschoolers to learn vegetables. This present study is a part...
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Measuring MSMEs’ Accounting Comprehension for Education of Financial Accounting Standard for MSMEs

Yumniati Agustina, Widyat Nurcahyo, E Ermalina, Sri Setianingsih
One of the few obstacles that often encountered in MSMEs is the lack of attention to financial accounting. This is due to the lack of accounting knowledge. Therefore, accounting education is important so that MSMEs can prepare financial reports in conformance with Financial Accounting Standards for Micro,...
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Study of Strengthening the Performance of West Rinjani Forest Management Unit to Promoting Sustainable Forest Management in West Tenggara Nusa

Andi Chairil Ichsan, M Markum, Hairil Anwar, Kornelia Webliana, Lale Dini Ardiantari, Ika Andayani
This study aims to analyze the performance of forest management carried out by FMU of West Rinjani with a focus on the 13 criteria as set out in the instrument criteria and assessment indicators that have been compiled based on PERDA 14 of 2019, the criteria referred to consist of; forest management...
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The Formation of the Term in the Indonesian Language Related to Covid-19 and Its Impact on the Communities Socio-Psychological Aspects

Sri Wahyuni, Ria Febrina
Many terms related to Covid-19 in Indonesia did not match the Indonesian language rules. In this study, (1) terms related to Covid-19 were described which were not by the Indonesian language rules; (2) explains the process of forming these Indonesian terms; (3) recommended these Indonesian terms that...
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The Effect of the Scientific Approach on Enhancing Elementary School Students’ Learning Outcomes in Indonesia: A Meta-Analysis

Anggit Grahito Wicaksono, Ratna Widyaningrum, J Jumanto, Ema Butsi Prihastari, Ani Restuningsih
The 2013 curriculum provides a conception that the scientific approach to learning includes observing, asking, reasoning, creating, communicating. The scientific approach is appropriate for science because it is a student-centered learning approach and the learning process conforms to scientific criteria....
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Learning in 4.0 Era: Transformation of E-Learning to Strengthen Digital Literacy of Students’ Primary Teacher Education Study Program

Ilham Syahrul Jiwandono, K Khairunnisa, Itsna Oktaviyanti, N Nurwahidah, Ketut Sri Kusuma Wardani
Learning 4.0 requires all parties to continue to innovate following developments in technology, information, and communication. One of the problems today is that lecturers use more conventional learning models (face to face) which make students bored and uninterested in participating in the learning...
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Spatial Abilities of Students Who Have Dominant Mathematical Logical Intelligence in Terms of Gender Differences

Dasa Ismaimuza, Umi Kalsum
This research was conducted at a high school located in Palu City, Central Sulawesi, Indonesia. This study aims to obtain a description of the spatial abilities of male students and female students who have dominant mathematical logical intelligence. The subjects of this study consisted of a male student...
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Tourism Enterprises’ Willingness to Contribute to Payment for Ecosystem Services (PES) Program in Gili Matra, Indonesia

D Diswandi, Mansur Afifi, Luluk Fadliyanti, H Hailuddin
Tourism activities generally put more emphases on provision of maximum economic benefit. Less attention is given to its environmental impact and this can lead to disruption in the condition of the physical environment. If this continues, then, in the long run, the physical environment in the region will...
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Towards the Curricular Freedom in the Time of Pandemic: A Literature Review

Ahmad Junaidi
The Ministerial Decree on the Guidelines for Curriculum Implementation in Schools under Special Circumstances (informally referred to as kurikulum darurat) has been devised in response to a nation-wide outcry from teachers, students, and parents as a response to the school closures induced by the Covid-19...
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The Relationship between the Use of Macromedia Flash Based Learning Media and the Retention of Class IV Elementary School Students

Ida Ermiana, Lalu Hamdian Affandi, Awal Nur Kholifatur Rosyidah, Muhammad Erfan, Vivi Rachmatul Hidayati
This study aims to determine the effectiveness of learning assisted by Macromedia flash media in fourth-grade elementary school students and to determine the relationship between the use of Macromedia flash media and the retention of fourth-grade elementary school students. This research is a quantitative...
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The Implementation of Social Studies Learning Model Based on Cultural Intelligence

S Suharli, Nining Andriani, F Fatmawati, Erma Suryani, Ana Merdekawati
Ethnic, cultural and religious diversity used to be the cause of conflict in society. Therefore, cultural intelligence is an indispensable competency, including the multi-ethnic Sumbawa community. The application of a cultural intelligence-based social intelligence learning model is carried out so that...
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The Audiences’ Preferences on Advertisement Stimulus in Improving Brand Awareness: Shopee Baby Shark Version

Roos Nana Sucihati, Elly Karmeli, S Suprianto, Binar Dwiyanto Pamungkas, U Usman
The study aims to determine the audiences’ preferences on advertisement stimulus in baby shark Shopee version, namely heard and sound effects, music, words, pictures, color, and movements in improving brand awareness in Sumbawa Regency. This study applied an associative research method that aims to determine...
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Consumer Behavior Towards Foreign Versus Local Products and Brands: Future Research Directions

S Sulhaini
This paper reviews five theories explicative of consumer predispositions towards foreign or local products and brands: social identity theory, personal identity theory, cultural identity theory, system justification theory and categorical cognitive theory. This paper also identifies research questions...
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Designing Blended Learning for Teaching English Grammar at Higher Education

I Made Sujana, Edy Syahrial, A Arifuddin, Lalu Thohir
The mastery of English Grammar for students of English Education Department (henceforth EED) has a multi-purpose target, namely, to build their confidence in communication (both spoken and written), to prepare them to be English teachers, who need English grammar for teaching, and to meet their graduation...
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Legal Consequences Due to Environmental Damage: A Study on Material Excavation and Processing Done by PT Tukad Mas in Bima City

H Hajairin, S Syamsuddin, Gufran Sanusi, I Ilyas
Any person or company that excavates and processes materials that cause pollution or environmental damage can result in legal issues and one of the companies in this case is PT Tukad Mas in Bima in which its material excavation and processing have a negative effect on environmental damage in East Rasa...
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Horizontal Conflict Resolution Model in Bima Society

R Ridwan, A Ahmad, Taufik Firmanto, M Mustakim
The horizontal conflict in Bima West Nusa Tenggara has entered at a very worrying level in which it has a negative impact in the form of loss to the community property, obstruction of economic, social, educational, and psychological activities, and even casualties. This research is hoped to give a Horizontal...
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Correlation of Online Learning Evaluation With Students’ Learning Outcomes in the Covid 19 Pandemic

H Hermansyah, Dwi Mardhia, Fahmi Yahya, Hairunnisyah Sahidu, G Gunawan
The Covid-19 outbreak greatly impacted the learning process at Universitas Samawa as one of higher education in Indonesia. This causes the learning process to be changed from face-to-face to online, including the learning evaluation process. This quantitative descriptive study aims to determine the correlation...
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Design of Information System Buddhist Identity Card in Riau Province Using Java Programming Language

Hadion Wijoyo, H Haudi, Denok Sunarsi, Yoyok Cahyono, Kiki Dwi Wijayanti, Yusni Nuryani, N Nariah, Mada Faisal Akbar
Buddhist Identity Card (KTUB) Is a proof of self-identity of Buddhists issued by SAGIN based on SAGIN DPP Decree number: 002/DPPSAGIN/VI/2016 concerning the instructions for implementing the Visuddhi procedure and making of Buddhist Identity Card (KTUB). In the analysis of a new system that will be used...
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Instrument Development on Character Value Assessment at Grade IV Elementary School Students

Heri Setiawan, N Nurhasanah, U Umar, Iva Nurmawanti, Asri Fauzi
This study aims to develop a valid and practical character value assessment instrument for elementary schools. The instrument developed was in the form of an observation guide which consists of 78 items and based on the five main values of the National Character (Religious, Communal Work, Nationalist,...
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Improving the Ability to Write Fantasy Stories and Motivation of Junior High School Students in Writing Fantasy Stories by Using the Discovery Learning Method Assisted by Animated Films

W Wikanengsih, Irma Silviani
This study has four purposes and the first determines the improved ability of junior high school students to write fantasy stories, while the second observes their learning motivation. The third purpose was to identify the relationship between these two aspects, while the fourth observed the difficulties...
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The Effect of Tax Stimulus during the Covid-19 Pandemic in Improving the Performance of Taxpayers

Hadion Wijoyo, Mada Faisal Akbar, Abdul Rahman Safiih, Dodi Prasada, Ade Yusuf, Agus Sudarsono, W Widiyanti
Due to the Covid-19 pandemic outbreak, the economy tends to experience sluggishness, to increase the enthusiasm of the business world, especially MSMEs, the government issued a policy of providing various fiscal stimuli. In this study, the authors focused on the direct effect of the provision of stimulus...
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Post-Covid-19 Village Fund - Based Economic Recovery Strategy in Sumbawa Regency

Rudi Masniadi, Fitriah Permata Cita, Diah Anggeraini Hasri, Muhammad Nur Fietroh
Sumbawa Regency is in the orange zone classification, which is a zone with a high risk of spreading and the potential for the Covid-19 virus to be uncontrolled. The outbreak of Covid-19 has implications for sluggishness and retardation in economic activity in various sectors. For this implementation,...