Proceedings of the 4th Annual Civic Education Conference (ACEC 2022)

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Peer-Review Statements

Dede Iswandi, Dwi Iman Muthaqin, Baeihaqi, Pitria Sopianingsih, Nida Mujahidah Fatimah, Sri Maesaroh, Akhmad Fauzi, Sarah Fadilah Zein, Diexy Inkha Pradana
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The Redefinition of Prosecution Power in Indonesia

Abdul Rahim
The state should not be prevented from providing its citizens with legal protection. The state and society require law enforcement agencies to carry out prosecutions in all courts in the context of law enforcement and justice in the context of a democratic rule of law. This concept is also governed by...
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Citizens’ Participation in Developing Public Policy in Village Development Planning

Agung Setia Budi
This study aims to 1. Describe and explain the participation of citizens in developing public policies in the village of Suka Indah, Baros District, Serang Regency 2. Describe and explain the Village Development Planning Process in Suka Indah Village, Baros District, Serang Regency. This study is a qualitative...
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Democracy in Youth Participation Is Critical and Inclusive

Apriya Maharani Rustandi, Karim Suryadi
In order to run a democratic political life, of course, the presence of a balancing group is very necessary. Therefore, the researcher conducted an analysis to examine the strengthening of youth political participation in the process of increasing the existence of existing democracy. Researchers conducted...
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Implementing Blended Learning in Civics Education in Forming 21st Century Skills

Arini Fathia Handayani, Iim Siti Masyitoh, Abdul Azis Wahab
The necessity of industrialization development in 21st century is inevitable. This pushes the citizens to enhance their skills. In preparing themselves to face the era, there is a requirement for education that can increase the citizens’ creativity, innovation, and competitive nature. Technology usage...
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The Role of Religious-Based Student Organizations in Political Education for National Caderization

A Study on Muslim Students Association in Karawang

Aris Riswandi Sanusi, Fitri Silvia Sofyan, Idrus Affandi
This study aims to analyze the construction of religious-based student organizations’ political education in building national regeneration. The method in this study used a descriptive-analytical method with data collection procedures through interviews, observation, documentation studies, and literature...
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Hypothetical Step Analysis of Flipped Classroom-Cases Method (FC-CM) Learning to Realize Higher-Level Thinking Skills in PPkn/IPS Subjects in Rural Elementary Schools

Azwar Ananda, Reno Fernandes, Monica Tiara, Wiwik Maladerita
This study aims to develop learning methods that can improve higher order thinking learning outcomes (HOTS) for rural elementary schools. Rural schools have not been massively touched by educational reforms, including learning oriented to high-level thinking. This study develops a new method, namely...
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“Save Meratus”, the Motto of the Spirit Conserving Nature and Ancient Tradition in Hulu Seungai Tengah Regency

Berry Nahdian Forqan
Global environmental issues are in the spotlight of various parties in keeping the earth sustainable. As happened in Hulu Sungai Tengah district, by raising the slogan “save meratus” so that people are aware and care about natural threats that have a domino effect on various aspects of life. The slogan...
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The Existence of Civic Education in the Digital Era

Budi Juliardi
Civic Education is one of the fields of study that develops the nation’s national mission to educate the life of the Indonesian nation. Civic Education which is a subject that focuses on the formation of a diverse self in terms of religion, socio-culture, language, age, and ethnicity to become intelligent,...
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Ecobrick is Reviewed as the Source of Learning, Creativity, and Environmental Care Attitude

Deden Ibnu Aqil, Askardiva Mirza Gayatri, Ani Interdiana Candra Sari
The purpose of this study was to determine the use of ecobrick as a source of learning science, creativity and environmental care for students. Waste piles in Indonesia are increasing and it is projected that they will continue to increase as the population increases. Garbage is the residue of human...
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Innovation Learning Model “Who Wants to Be a Good Citizen” Based on Flash Player Application in Learning Pancasila and Citizenship Education

Dedy Ari Nugroho
This research journal reviews learning innovations in the field of Pancasila and Citizenship Education. This journal focuses on efforts to realize the quality of learning through games and quizzes in the learning process. The game in this study is called “who wants to be a good citizen” by innovating...
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The Role of Civic Education Subjects in Shaping the Character of Student Responsibility

Diah Citra Raesi, Aim Abdulkarim
Education a part of citizenship is identic with the beginning of the introduction of the values of the formation of the character of a person that is part of the responsibility for the recognition of rights, and obligations in civic education as character education. In particular the purpose is to; 1)...
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The Development of Elementary School Teaching Materials Based on Pancasila Students to Improve the Character of Kayuh Baimbai

Diani Ayu Pratiwi, Noorhapizah, Akhmad Riandy Agusta, Dina Rizky Azzahra
It is very important for the community in Banjarmasin to have a character development that is known as the motto of Kayuh Baimbai. Kayuh Baimbai is known as the reflection of the Banjarmasin community itself, with the meaning that it resembles or relates to communal work. On the other hand, the availability...
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The Impact of Project-Based Learning to Build Student Civic Engagement in the Digital Age

Dina Indriyani, Kokom Komalasari, Elly Malihah, Susan Fitriasari
Civic engagement is a condition where the community as citizens is involved and actively participates in various aspects of life as a result of their position as citizens of a nation based on their abilities and capacities. Civic engagement is one of the indicators of a good citizen. Because good citizens...
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Improving Civic Intelligence Through Citizenship Education Based on Digital Literature Curriculum

Dinda Nurul Aini
The writing of this article contains a theoretical study of how learning Citizenship Education based on the digital literacy curriculum which is the Indonesian government’s program, “Indonesia Makin Cakap Digital” can increase the civic intelligence of students, especially young citizens who use digital....
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Digital Content Ethics and Communication Skills’ Student Based on Role-Playing Learning

Dotrimensi, Eli Karliani, Maryam Mustika, Suryadi
Ethics and communication skills are very important in establishing social interactions in order to establish a good and harmonious relationship. Technological advances that bring changes in communication patterns make communication ethics more general and ignore moral values. This study aims to analyze...
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Frame Work Occupational Accident-Based Labor Law Enforcement in the Protection of Labor Rights

Dwi Iman Muthaqin
Sustainable legal development is one of the goals of the rechtsstaat concept, in line with this the Republic of Indonesia strives to always protect all its citizens, this is the goal of the state and is stated in the preamble of the 1945 Constitution. Legal development is oriented on how to implement...
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Religious Populism in Pancasila Democracy Based on Citizen’s Education Perspective

Edah Jubaedah, Karim Suryadi
The purpose of this study is to analyze the phenomenon of religious populism that develops in the dynamics of general elections in Indonesia based on Pancasila democracy in the perspective of Citizenship Education. As we know, Citizenship Education has a role as a vehicle capable of optimizing citizen...
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The Actualization of Democratic Values in Banyumas Society

Elly Hasan Sadeli, Anik Larasati, Wildan Nurul Fajar
This study aims to investigate the actualization of democratic values, the obstacles on the actualization of democratic values, and the efforts made to overcome these obstacles. This research employs a qualitative approach with a case study method. Data collection techniques include observation, interviews,...
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Exploring into Environmental Protection in Citizenship Education Perspective

Endah Puspa Rini, Rahmat
The purpose of writing this article is to exploring into environmental protection in citizenship education perspective. If we track the government’s actual efforts in environmental protection efforts have been expressed in the Indonesian Constitution, namely article 28H paragraph 1 and article 33 paragraph...
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Digital Citizenship Literacy and Democratic Competence in the Pandemic Covid-19 in Bandung Indonesia

Endang Danial, Dede Iswandi, Hesty Khoirusnaini
Students are young citizens who strategically determine their nation in the future. Their digital literacy degree is determine the degree of student democracy. Nevertheless actually student democracy is not only the duty and responsibility of the civic teacher in the school but is the responsibility...
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Hybrid Learning Management in Elementary School

Enik Chairul Umah, Ali Imron, Syamsul Hadi, Henry Praherdhiono
Implementing Community Activity Restrictions (PPKM) levels 1–3 in Sidoarjo Regency is a challenge for schools to establish learning model policies that prioritize student safety and meet student learning needs and parents’ expectations for education his child. They are allowing limited face-to-face learning...
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Citizenship Competence (Civic Disposition) in Developing Student Morals

Fahmi Umam Ramadhani, Muhammad Halimi
The entry of globalization cannot be avoided and cannot be filtered or selected on only positive aspects, especially among the younger generation. In fact, there are significant negative effects, including not a few young people who forget themselves with their personality or character as Indonesians,...
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Classroom Management Through Online Lectures in Student Perspective

Farid Wajdi
Effective learning is done by creating motivation for students always to be involved and participate in the learning process in class. Students agree that lectures are conducted face-to-face (in class) rather than online lectures. These problems can occur due to a lack of understanding of educators on...
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Growth Mindset of the Digital Citizen in Civics Course

Ferry Doringin, Guntur Wijaya, Susana Cindy Novellia, Teresa Doringin
This study aims to see how case study methods and project-based learning in civics courses can help students become more digitally literate and build a positive mindset in their social life. The main problem is how the rapidly growing information through social media can lead students to view many things...
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The Tradition of Nyamaru Dayak Ntuka in Mungguk Ganis Sekadau—Indonesia

Fusnika, Agnesia Hartini, Juri
Cultural variety high spread among the Indonesian nation is one of the characteristics. All kinds of traditions are inherited from generation to generation from our ancient ancestors’ spur; one tradition in Kabupaten Sekadau which is called nyamaru. Nyamaru comes from the Dayak of ntuka, namely pesta...
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Formation of the Character of Love Nation Through the Three Pillars of Cianjur Culture at Al-I’anah Cianjur Islamic Junior High School

Galih Pandu Wiratama, Dadang Sundawa
In addition to Education, culture has a very important role and function as the main foundation of the building character, it can even be said that a great nation is a nation that upholds cultural values and has taken root in the joints of people’s lives. But in fact in the current era of globalization...
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Civic Culture Analysis of Mawarung Culture of Banjar Community

Hanifah, Nasiwan
The Banjar people are sub-ethnic groups who live in most areas of South Kalimantan Province. Like other areas in South Kalimantan, the Banjar people in Hulu Sungai Selatan Regency have local wisdom that is considered to have its uniqueness. One of them is Mawarung Culture, almost all people who are classified...
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The Use of Qr Code Enhanced Student Worksheet as a Media to Strengthen Democratic Values Among Citizens

Hesty Khoirusnaini
This study is based on the critical condition of democratic values among students. The values meant are appreciating others’ opinion in a group, coordinating with other members in the group, proposing opinion for the group, and being responsible for the result discussed in the group. Those value should...
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Strengthening Citizen’s Intelligence Through Community Civics Contribution

Ibnu Jamaludin Muslim, Dasim Budimansyah
So in this case community members and volunteers are tasked with creating social activities that can improve skills in civic competence to provide empowerment to the community. This study specifically examines how the implementation of the citizenship community strategy in strengthening citizenship intelligence...
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Integrated of Decree of the People’s Consultative Assembly in the Directive Principle of State Policy: Back to the Original 1945 Constitution

Idrus Affandi, Dwi Iman Muthaqin
This article examines how the direction of Indonesian legal politics toward the making of a sustainable state development plan. The plan for the presence of the Directive Principle of State Policy is still a long debate among academics and practitioners, but not yet finished with the clarity of the position...
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Legal Protection of Children Who Are Victims of Criminal Acts of Obscenity

Ilham, Idrus Affandi
In Indonesia, there are often cases of sexual violence against children, especially cases of obscenity where the victim is always engaged every year. This phenomenon of obscenity is increasingly frequent and increases over time, an increase in violence not only in terms of quantity or number of victims...
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Citizenship Education Based on Local Wisdom: An Alternative to Grow Humanity Literacy

This article will discuss how local Wisdom fosters human literacy to strengthen national culture and fortify the younger generation from penetrating foreign cultures with a global perspective. The penetration of foreign cultures is intensively coloring the socio-cultural life system of the Indonesian...
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Establishment of Student Social Skills Based on 21st Century Competence in the Pandemic Era

Lusiana Rahmatiani, Cecep Darmawan, Kokom Komalasari, Rahmat
This study aims to describe the formation of students’ social skills in the pandemic era. The new era marked by technological advances urges awareness of the importance of forming students’ social skills. The emergence of various social media which has become a student's lifestyle has led to a moral...
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Social Capital in Islamic Religious-Based Educational Institutions in the 4.0 Industrial Revolution Era

Margi Wahono, Dasim Budimansyah
The era of the fourth industrial revolution marked by the increasing use of digital devices provides both advantages and challenges. The purpose of this paper is to see how social capital is practiced in the life of Islamic boarding schools as an effort to prevent the negative impacts of the industrial...
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Intercultural Communication in the Grip: Implications of the Literature Review “Social Media and Intercultural Education”

Matang, Karim Suryadi, Cecep Darmawan, Leni Anggraeni, Wachid Pratomo, Zulkifli
The presence of social media in intercultural education has become the development of intercultural competence for its users. As a contextual media, it can connect users from various regions and different cultural backgrounds. This study aims to mapping the contribution of social media to intercultural...
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The Impact of the Public Sphere of Democracy on the Competence of Citizens

Mirwan Fikri Muhkam, Andi Aco Agus, Sukri Badaruddin
The This study aims to determine the impact of democratic public space presented by representatives of the people to constituents in terms of character development and the maturation of citizens’ understanding of democracy. Democracy and citizenship cannot be separated as the main principles of a democratic...
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Youth Policy Transformation in the Perspective of Civic Education: Between Procedure, Implementation and Evaluation (Youth Service Study in Cianjur Regency)

Moch. Agung Lumanul Hakim, Cecep Darmawan, Leni Anggraeni
Based on the regularity system of the 2015–2021 Indonesian Youth Development Index change trajectory and through linear regression equation analysis, it is projected that the achievement in 2030 is still quite low. That the quality of these projections will become a complex issue when it occurs simultaneously...
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Letter Forgery in Formal and Material Sense and Its Legal Consequence

Muh. Ibnu Fajar Rahim, A. Rahim
Letter forgery is a classic crime but still shows its existence in criminal law enforcement. Letter forgery still adorns crime statistics in Indonesia. As a criminal offense that still exists, there are still different interpretations in the meaning of the elements in the letter forgery crime. This creates...
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Tolerance in Strengthening the Values of Religious Moderation

Muhajir, Abdul Latief
This study aims to describe how to instill tolerance in students at SDN 57 Bulu-Bulu and how to strengthen religious moderation values in students at SDN 57 Bulu-Bulu. This type of research is qualitative and analyzes the phenomenon and meaning of the value of honesty. Data were collected by observation...
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The Role of Picture and Picture Cooperative Models in Civic Education Learning to Strengthen Students Critical Thinking

Muhamad Fitrio Ali Basyah, Kokom Komalasari
Education is an important part of people’s lives and has become a necessity for humans, especially in the modern era like now. In formal education there are Civic Education (PPKn) subjects, but in practice there are shortcomings including in the learning process of civic education in the classroom students...
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The Effect of Citizenship Education and Family Life Climate Learning on the Responsibility of Students in Distance Learning

(Survey of Students at Tasikmalaya 1 Junior High School)

Muhammad Fanji Ardiansyah
The COVID-19 pandemic has provided a fairly heavy experience for the world of education in Indonesia. This is a challenge for the education sector in Indonesia, which of course must implement the distance learning method which is always a fairly new thing for all elements of implementing education at...
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Re-enhancing Civic Education Learning Through Podcast Innovative Communication Based on Relevant Society Issues

Muhammad Mona Adha, Yunisca Nurmalisa, Berchah Pitoewas, Eska Prawisudawati Ulpa
Various things at this time have been replaced by the presence of technology. This includes matters relating to how to obtain information. The use of this technology is generally known as Information and Communication Technology (ICT) or Information and Communication Technology (ICT). ICT here is closely...
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Relations Between Indigenous Institutions and Goverments, as Well as Corporations in Promoting Local Wisdom

(Study of the Existence of Cultural Values of the Ma’anyan Dayak People in the Age of Modernization)

Muhammad Noor
The values of local wisdom have the ability to be the controller and contribute to the direction of cultural development. So it is appropriate to say that culture is the embodiment of people's identity. In life and cultural values in the Ma'anyan dayak tribal community in Warukin Village, they...
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Hope, Change and Voice of Primary Education

(Education Policy Evaluation Review)

Muhammd Riyandi Firdaus
The The case of providing education at the Sungai Miai 8 State Elementary School (SDN) in Banjarmasin City certainly attracts attention. The condition of inadequate school infrastructure, the socioeconomic situation of students who go to school while working and side by side with the economic center...
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The Role of Social Organization in Building Society’s Empathy

Nurul Fajariah, Susan Fitriasari
Violence and social issues that occur in Indonesia are the impact of a lack of empathy culture in society. This is shown from the increasing conditions of humanitarian issues in LBH APIK's record regarding cases of Gender-Based Violence. Empathetic failure leads to ruining social life because genuine...
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Civil Society's Freedom of Expression in Public Sphere: A Mural Artist Perspective

Nurul Yunita, Cecep Darmawan, Karim Suryadi, Leni Anggraeni
Every Indonesian citizen has the right to express themselves in public spaces. The form of conveying citizen expressions in public spaces can go through murals. In the August-September period of 2021, the media was heralded by the news of the removal of murals in several locations in Indonesia. Public...
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Student Perceptions on Online Learning Effectiveness’ of Civic Education at High Schools in Padang City

Pebriyenni, Sumarni
This study aims to analyze students’ perceptions of the effectiveness of online learning in civic education subjects at Padang City High School. The type of research is quantitative research with survey methods. The survey was conducted at 16 Padang City Public High Schools in June 2021 with 2161 respondents....
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A Framework for Assessing Students Participation at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Prince of Songkla University

Phathara-on Wesarat, Siriporn Tongnuanchan, Patra Sahaviriya
Learning in 21st century focuses on student participation. This is in line with the international standards of education (such as the ASEAN University Network Quality Assurance, and the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business) that are based on the principles of Outcome-Based Education...
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Development and Sustainable of Student’s Academic Culture: The Paradigm of Cultural Conservation and Nationalism

Puji Lestari, Ganda Febri Kurniawan, Kuncoro Bayu, Lukki Lukitawati
Getting into the disruption era, the world of higher educations in Indonesia underwent major changes regarding the developed academic culture and educational ideology. Modernization requires higher educations to be able to accommodate technological advance, on the other hand, the national culture, which...
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Electronic Module Design of Civic Education for the Development of Dharma Agama and Dharma Negara

I Putu Windu Mertha Sujana
This study aims to produce an electronic module design for Civic Education in the context of fostering dharma agama and dharma negara in higher education based on Hindu spiritual culture as a distance learning medium. In order to achieve this goal, research method used in this study was carried out using...
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Voting Behavior of West Javanese Women in Terms of Geographical Location and Cultural

Ratna Fitria, Cecep Darmawana, Syaifullah, Rahman Mulyawan
Based on geographical location, West Java is the buffer zone of the capital. This condition makes it easier for West Java women to obtain information including gender development and access to education as well as information about the legislative membership of the members. Various studies reveal that...
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Elementary Teacher’s Perception of Digital Citizenship Program in Mobilizing Schools During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Rhindra Puspitasari, Dasim Budimansyah, Sapriya, Rahmat
The digitization of schools during the Covid-19 pandemic is important in the learning process carried out in the network. One of the flagship platforms of the Mobilization School is the successful digitization of schools. The expected digitization of schools in driving schools is the digitization of...
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Virtual Negotiations in Shaping the Characteristics of a Digital Society in Buying and Selling Transactions on the Marketplace

Rifqi Abdul Aziz, Muhammad Halimi
This research is entitled “Virtual Negotiations in Shaping the Characteristics of Digital Society in Buying and Selling Transactions in the Marketplace”. The COVID-19 pandemic is a major disaster for Indonesia's economic sector. The slump in the economic sector has forced UMKMs as micro, small,...
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The Effect of the Application of the Treffinger Model on Creative Thinking Ability in Pancasila and Civic Education Class VII SMPN 17 Palembang

Rike Erlande, Umi Chotimah
This study aims to describe the effect of the application of the Treffinger model on the ability to think creatively in class VII Pancasila and civic education subjects of SMPN 17 Palembang. This study used a quantitative approach with a pre-experimental research method that used a one-group pretest-posttest...
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Local Wisdom Value: Promoting and Branding Tourism Village

Rini Andari, Yeni Yuniawati, Gitasiswhara
The development of technology and information encourages changes in consumer behavior, including in the tourism sector. Tourists need complete information regarding the tourist destinations they are interested in before undertaking tourism activities. Especially with the Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated...
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The Role of Indonesia’s Digital Citizenship Generation in the Realization of Ethics in Cyberspace

Rio Razab Isdendi, Indra Nanda, Munandar Wahyudin Suganda
As Indonesia continues to witness an exponential growth in digital technology, the role of its digital citizenship generation becomes increasingly significant in ensuring the realization of ethics in cyberspace. With a population that is one of the largest online communities in the world, Indonesia faces...
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Distance Education: Digital Civic Education Developed Awareness for Higher Education

Riza Alrakhman, Dasim Budimansyah, Sapriya, Rahmat
The Digital era has brought open access to communication and information, and the digital era also brought communication to a new era in how people's communication-based face-to-face becomes digital. There is no boundary of distance to communicate with digital technology. Making space feel does...
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Pedagogic Competence in Primary School: Digital Didactical Design to Develop Teacher’s Performance

Rizky Amelia, Chairil Faif Pasani, Zamzani, Ali Mustadi, Syahrul Ramadhan, Anik Ghufron, Elfia Sukma
Classroom teachers must engage in creative problem-solving and pedagogical reform To adapt to the digital age. To equip their pupils for the challenges of the twenty-first century, educators must master the art of creating personalized learning programs. This research looks at how primary school educators...
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The Role of the United Nation and Political Agency (Bakesbangpol) in Forming Character of the Pancasila

Robby Xandria Mustajab
West Java is listed as one of the provinces with high heterogeneity and a large population that allows for social friction and conflict. The data that researchers obtained from the website in 2020 describes the number of potential conflicts from 27 cities/regencies in West Java...
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Effectiveness of Implementation of the Performance Accountability System Government Agencies (SAKIP) in Tanah Bumbu Regency 2015–2021

Rooswandi Salem
The study aims to evaluate the effectiveness of the implementation of the performance of accountability system government agencies (SAKIP) in Tanah Bumbu Regency. The research approach uses mixed methods with case studies. The Likert scale is also used in the approach to describe urgency and weakness...
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Education for MSMEs Through Design Thinking

(SMEs Model Plasma in Digital Era)

Runik Machfiroh, Aria Ar Razi, Rahmiati Aulia, Aris Rahmansyah
Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) as the sector at the forefront of the economy in Indonesia, The MSME group, as a part of the Bandung Superior Mandiri Cooperative (SIMAUNG) are currently facing major challenges since the situation during the COVID-19. This study aims to map and provide problem resolution...
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The Influence of Islamic Eco-Spiritual Based Civic Education on Student Ecological Awareness

Rusli Yusuf, Sanusi, Irwan Putra
This research is very important considering the current environmental crisis. Significant environmental damage is predicted to have an impact on humans. So, saving the environment must be done with all efforts, one of which is civic education. The purpose of this study was to determine the effect of...
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Banjarese Cultural Values on the Floating Market as the Foundation of the Religious Character of the Community

Rusmaniah, Muhammad Adhitya Hidayat Putra, Muhammad Rezky Noor Handy, M. Ridha Ilhami, Ersis Warmansyah Abbas
Since post-reformation until now, there has been a cultural crisis in the younger generation; this has had an impact on the nation’s character, which is fading. Therefore, cultural discourse must continue to be voiced to ward off negative external influences. The formation of national character needs...
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The Effectiveness of Civic Learning Using Quizizz to Increase Participation and Knowledge of Class XI TKJ Students at SMK Negeri 5 Malang

Siti Awaliyah, Siti Zamroh Racma Danti, Muhammad Mujtaba Habibi
This study aims to describe the effectiveness of Civics learning using Quizizz on the learning participation and knowledge of class XI TKJ SMK Negeri 5 Malang students. This study uses a quantitative approach to the experimental method of pretest posttest control group design. The research subjects were...
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Community Awareness of Voter Data Accuracy in the 2019 General Election in Banjarmasin

Siti Hamidah
The purpose of writing this article is to provide an understanding that public awareness of the accuracy of voter data is very important. The method used in writing this article is through interviews, field observations and documentation as well as literature review. The issue of voter data is always...
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Local Traditions: Ritual Sopik at Tahane Makean Island, South Halmahera

Syahril Muhammad Khairun
This study focuses on three main problems, namely (1) how the history of the “Sopik” ritual is carried out, (2) how the “Sopik” ritual is a customary law and (3) how the social values and cultural meanings are contained in the “Sopik” ritual. The research was conducted to reveal the history, social values,...
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Cultural Literacy Through Youth Education in the Family Environment as a Reinforcement of the National Literacy Movement

Syifa Siti Aulia, Iqbal Arpannudin, Yulia Gesti Merkuri
In 2016 the Ministry of Education and Culture activated the national literacy movement (GLN) as part of the implementation of the Minister of Education and Culture Regulation Number 23 of 2015 concerning character development. Based on the content of the national literacy movement from the government,...
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Strengthening Motivation in Social Studies Learning Through Guessing Games Method Post Covid 19

Tetep, Alni Dahlena
The changes of Covid-19 phases from pandemic to endemic have still left learning challenges. The students were used to learning online with a lot of learning limitations, but nowadays they start to go back learning normal. The changes of conducting learning from offline to online class and vice versa...
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Conceptual Model of Citizenship Learning Projects Based on Data Literacy in Citizenship Education Course

Trisna Sukmayadi, Aim Abdulkarim, Kokom Komalasari, Muhammad Halimi
Data literacy capabilities in the 4.0 era can be developed through the learning process using citizenship learning projects. This study aims to develop a data literacy-based learning project model to improve the competence of student citizenship attitudes in the Institutional Citizenship Education course....
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Strengthening the Character of Tolerance Through Habituation of Kindness as an Effort to Anticipate Conflicts in Multicultural Communities in Tempur Village, Jepara Regency

Tutik Wijayanti, Muhammad Andi Kurniawan
The purpose of the study was to examine the strengthening of the character of tolerance through habituation of kindness as an effort to anticipate conflicts in multicultural communities in Tempur Village, Jepara Regency. This study used a mixed-method with data collection techniques through observation,...
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Political Marketing Through Party Emblems as an Effort to Strengthen Civic Skills

The multiparty system basically makes the competition between political parties to get the attention and support of the community more intense. With these conditions, political parties are not only enough to carry out their functions but also need political marketing or political marketing to control...
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Improving the Quality of Legal Awareness on Digital Citizenship in Citizenship Education Remotely

Yayuk Hidayah, Meiwatizal Trihastuti, Oom Yomi Romlah, Matang
This study was to find out ways to strengthen legal digital citizenship in Citizenship Education which was conducted remotely. The study was using descriptive method which the data were collected through interview, observation, documentation, and literature studies. The study showed that to improve the...
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Core Curriculum Model for the Pancasila and Civic Education Study Program in the Industrial Revolution Era 4.0

Yogi Nugraha, Sapriya, Endang Danial, Rahmat
This research is based on the absence of a core curriculum for the Civic Education and Citizenship Education program in Indonesia. The purpose of this research is to develop a digital-based core curriculum for the Civic Education program in the era of Industry 4.0. In the era of Industry 4.0, graduates...
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Radicalism, Religious Tolerance of Islamic Spiritual Institution (Rohis) in SMA City of Surakarta

Yusuf, Soetarno Joyoatmojo, Asrowi, Triyanto
Islamic Spirituality (Rohis) is one of the extracurricular organizations in public high schools in general, which is an institution that helps Islamic religion teachers understand Islamic teachings for their students. The spiritual activities took the public by surprise, because they were suspected of...
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Developing Global Citizenship Education Materials and Values in the Indonesian School Curriculum

Asep Mahpudz
The rapid development of information, technology, and computing have an impact on the lack of direct communication between individuals. This article aims to describe the implementation of the development of global citizenship education in the context of Indonesia. The study method uses library research....
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Identifying Lifelong Learning Skills of Students in the Bachelor of Business Administration Program

Phathara-on Wesarat, Warrapojn Panrod, Parichard Benrit, Nursahida Useng, Rudsada Kaewsaeng-on, Daranat Tansui, Ranchida Sangkhaduang
The business world has been changing over time and skills for future jobs are important to foster employability among business administration graduates. Thus, a business administration program should focus on developing lifelong learning skills of students because such skills enable students to accomplish...
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Proboscis Monkeys (Bekantan) Rescue Community: A Civic Engagement in the Sahabat Bekantan Indonesia Foundation

Reja Fahlevi, Nor Raihan Raudina
This research aims to see the form of civic engagement of the Sahabat Bekantan (SBI) Foundation, which has successfully preserved the population of probosci monkeys in recent years. The research approach used in this research is descriptive qualitative by writing down the form of civic engagement. The...
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Learning Methods and Learning Media of Ecological Citizenship Based Civic and Pancasila Education with Society 5.0 Perspective

Yoga Ardian Feriandi, Dasim Budimansyah, Kokom Komalasari
This article aims to reveal the views of teachers and students on the subject of Pancasila and Citizenship Education (Civic Education) in junior high schools regarding the use of learning methods and media to instill ecological competence in the perspective of society 5.0. This research uses a quantitative...
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Bibliometric Analysis: Civic Education E-Learning for Digital Civic Skill

Nisrina Nurul Insani
This study is a bibliometric analysis of an indexed article in Google Scholar that discusses civic education e-learning for digital civic skills using the publish or perish reference application and VOSviewer. This bibliometric analysis aims to determine the development of research on the use of e-learning...
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Student-Teacher Relation in Blended Learning of Civic Education Based on Law-Related Education

Baeihaqi, Kokom Komalasari
The educational structure must be able to run dynamically so that it can respond to various challenges. This study aims to describe Student-teacher relations (STR) in the blended learning process in civic education which is integrated with law-related education (LRE). This research was conducted at SMA...
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Responsible Environmental of Stdi Students Toward the Environment

Dewi Rahmawaty, Nadiroh, Achmad Husen, Agung Purwanto
This study aims to determine the level of environmental care behavior of students at the Interstudi College of Design as a design campus, This is seen from several aspects of caring for the environment which include water management, energy management, waste management, caring for the surrounding environment....
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The Effectiveness of Quick on the Draw Learning Method to Improve Student Collaboration Skills in Civic Education

Endah Zakiyyatun Najah, Rahmat
The rapid-fire development of technology has had a major influence on change, adolescents come personalized or withdrawn and tend to not want to fraternize. The COVID-19 situation has also made them feel that they’re in a comfort zone doing everything themselves, no longer minding about collective backing...
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Environmental Literacy Based on Local Wisdom in Elementary Schools

Nina Nurhasanah, Iva Sarifah, Nadiroh
Character education is now a major issue in education. This character education is expected to be the main foundation in succeeding to prepare Indonesian children with character in addition to intelligence, productivity, creativity, and adaptability. The importance of promoting local wisdom as a form...
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Building a Safe Educational Environment from Sexual Violence in the Perspective of Teacher-Prospective Students

Oksiana Jatiningsih, Alifia Widianti, Arzeti Zalza Bilbina
Sexual violence is till becomes problems nowadays. This became more of a concern when it was revealed that sexual violence tends to occur in the campus environment. This topic becomes a part of the discussion topics in the Gender and Education class. Based on this, the problem answered in this paper...
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Emergency Policy in a Public Policy Perspective

Prayoga Bestari
Ideally, stages of policy is carried out gradually in accordance with the stages of policy stages in Covid-19 Pandemic era. All of countries face critical situation with massive sudden death. This condition is seen as emergency condition, therefore almost all of nations implement lock down policy to...
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Rights or Bonds; Voices from Rural Citizens

Sarbaini, Fatimah
Citizenship as an interaction between citizens and the state is bound by a reciprocal contract of rights and obligations. Few have raised the voices of rural citizens about their views and priorities regarding rights and obligations. The qualitative study was conducted by interviewing three family strata...
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Good Governance Model in a Multicultural Society (A Ethnographic Study on Banuroja in Gorontalo)

Wahyudin Noe, Ikman Nur Rahman, Novia Wahyu Wardhani
This research stems from the concerns of researchers in this nation which is still polarized by ethnic, racial and religious identities in managing the governance, due to the low level of public understanding and awareness of multicultural democracy. Therefore, it is important to portray Banuroja village...
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Multicultural Education in Schools: An Effort to Strengthen Student’s Multicultural Competence

Wilodati, Bunyamin Maftuh, Supriyono
To foster harmonious social interactions in the life of Indonesia's plural society, multicultural education needs to be implemented in schools as a formal education environment that plays a role in fostering noble character in students. This study aims to describe multicultural education in the...
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Strengthening Pancasila Philanthropy in the Millennial Generation to Develop Citizenship Character

Pat Kurniati, Sapriya, Cecep Darmawan, Wachid Pratomo, Haris Maiza Putra
Strengthening philanthropy must continue to be carried out considering this activity is an activity that is often carried out by our nation. Philanthropy in Indonesia started from traditional philanthropy that comes from religion and the implementation of philanthropy in its development has changed,...
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Exploring the Potentials of Augmented Reality Poster for Civic Education in Indonesia

Yan Amal Abdilah, Tijan, Andi Suhardiyanto
Traditional posters have long been utilized in civic education; however, they have struggled to capture the attention of digital natives. This study introduces an innovative solution by proposing an Augmented Reality (AR) Poster application to augment traditional posters. The research conducted an experimental...
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Students’ Digital Citizenship at Junior High School in Bandung Indonesia

Kokom Komalasari, Aim Abdulkarim, Dede Iswandi
The digital era brings challenges and problems to the lives of students as digital citizens, so it is necessary to develop digital citizenship through education in schools, especially through value-based Pancasila and Civic Education Leraning. The study’s goal was to describe the digital citizenship...
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Development of PPKn Learning Model Based on the Character Values of Prince Antasari’s Struggle

Dian Agus Ruchliyadi
The Pancasila and Citizenship Education Subjects (PPKn) as subjects that have a mission of value education, become one of the strategic vehicles to overcome the shift in values that have implications for moral decadence. This research shows that packaging the values of Prince Antasari’s struggle character...
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Optimization of Student Tolerance Character Development Through Online Learning in Subjects Pkn in Tondano 6 State Junior High School

Julien Biringan, Ferry Lourens Sampel Korompis, Restu Nurani Gultom
This research aims to Obtain information about optimizing the character development of student tolerance through online learning in Civics subjects at Tondano 6 Public Middle School. The research problem is how to optimize students’ tolerance character development. The research approach used is qualitative...
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Reconstruction of Citizenship Education to Strengthen National Identity

Muhamad Subkan, Kokom Komalasari, Aim Abdulkarim, Prayoga Bestari, Pat Kurniati
Developing the potential of citizens so that they are aware of their rights and obligations as part of the society of a nation, is the goal of developing scientific citizenship education. The potential of citizens can be developed on the ability of morality, intellectual intelligence, and skills. Citizenship...
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“Tanya Wasbang”: Digital Citizenship Project as Strengthening Civic Knowledge and National Insights in Students

Jamaludin, Sunarto Amus, S. Shofia Nurun Alanur
In the digital era 4.0, educators are required to form varied learning. The current trend is learning packaged in digital content based on social media applications. Pancasila learning and citizenship education can also be packaged in the form of digital content. One of them is in the form of a direct...
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Developing of Civic Disposition for Indonesian Students Through Civic Education in International Schools

Sri Maesaroh, Iim Siti Masyitoh, Akhmad Fauzi
The development of the 21st century has led to a democratic deficit among the younger generation which is characterized by a lack of interest and involvement in democratic life or disparities and disequilibrium. Furthermore, the emergence of international school trends has influenced the direction of...
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Radicalism in Indonesia in the Perspective of Merton’s Strain Theory

Sri Wahyuni Tanshzil, Karim Suryadi, Kokom Komalasari, Leni Anggraeni
This study aims to analyze the radicalization process of radical-terrorism groups in Indonesia using the perspective of Merton’s social strain theory as an interpretive factor. The research data is processed with several prescribed procedures, including the process of compulsion, analysis, and conclusions...
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Strengthening Digital Citizenship Values in Pancasila dan Civics Learning in the 21st Century

Fatimah, Dedy Ari Nugroho
The main problem in this research is that developments in the field of information technology bring various influences such as in the form of community participation when using digital media so that the idea emerges, namely the concept of digital citizenship. In order for digital citizenship to be utilized...
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Strengthening the Character of the Lampung Sai Batin Community Through Piil Pesenggikhi Local Culture

Feragi Azizun Putra
Character is very important to support the progress of a nation, because a great nation is a nation with character. In the life of the people of Lampung, there is a philosophy of life which is the basic value of society in living daily life, namely Piil Pesenggikhi. The purpose of this study was to find...