Proceedings of the 2017 International Conference Advanced Engineering and Technology Research (AETR 2017)

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Behaviors of Low-Resistivity Annular in the Front of Invasion Zone While Fresh-Water Mud Filtrate Invading into a Reservoir

Jianhua Zhang
The behaviors of low-resistivity annular in the front of invasion were studied using fluid-flowing theory and petrophysics equations when fresh-water mud was used during drilling. For porous and permeable formations, mud cake permeability controls the invasion rate mainly. Greater values of formation...
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Research on Countermeasure of Safe Navigation of Ship in Tidal Reach

Zeyuan Shao, Wanzheng Ai
Due to interaction of upstream runoff and open seas tidal current, the direction and velocity of water flow in tidal reach is variable. Plus non-periodic surge resulting from such factors as large rise and fall of the river bed and meteorological factors, water flow moves more complexly, so it is a section...
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The Study on the Virtual Prototype Modeling of MAGLEV Train

Haiyan Qiang, Shaoping Chen, Chuanzhen Li, Bojing Long, Kaiwei Zhang
In view of the strong nonlinearity for suspension system of maglev train and the weak robustness problems of traditional PID controller with external disturbance, firstly, a mathematical model of the magnetic levitation control system has been established. A virtual prototype model of the maglev train...
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A Privacy Protection Model Based On K-Anonymity

Na Man, Xin Li, Kechao Wang
In this paper, we focuse that the existing k-anonymity does not fully consider the privacy protection degree issues of sensitive attribute, proposing a (p, )-sensitive k-anonymity privacy protection model based on privacy protection degree grouping of sensitive attribute. The solution can not only effectively...
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Analysis and Research about Standard Drafting Units based on Multidimensional Descriptive Statistics

Yunpeng Chen, Ming Zhang, Jingjing Han, Shiyuan Hong
This article starts with solving problems on statistical analysis algorithm and tool study of standard drafting units. It shows the quantity relationship between standard drafting units and national standards by doing multidimensional descriptive statistics in terms of Standard Category, Establish and...
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Application of GFRP Bar in High – Rise Building Exterior Spraying Robot

Zujia Zheng, Xue Yang, Kui Yang, Chong Tan
The construction industry is a long-established industry. For a long time, building materials are usually used in traditional brick, stone, steel, concrete and other traditional building materials. At present, the exterior walls of major domestic buildings have been prohibited from being decorated with...
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Research and Analysis of Mechanical Properties of Fiber Recycled Concrete

Xiangyin Meng, Xiaoyi Quan, Shimin Zhang
In order to study the fiber material on the mechanical properties of recycled concrete, based on PPF-1, PPF-2 and RSF-1 containing three fiber replacement rates were 30% and 50% recycled concrete specimens were studied. The results show that recycled concrete specimens containing fiber and ordinary concrete...
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Study on the Calculation of Thermodynamic Properties of R134a Using Cubic Equations of State

Hong Xiao, Hui Liu
The volume of saturated vapor and saturated liquid of R134a were calculated by using four cubic equations of state: SRK,PR ,T-L and S-Y . Calculation shows that in the range of ? 50 ? 90 ? ,the T-L equation of state has the highest calculating accuracy, the average deviations of calculation of saturated...
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Trajectory Tracking Control of Deep Sea Mining Vehicle Based on Iterative Learning Algorithm

Yun Liu, Shanshan Guo
In this paper, an open-loop and closed-loop iterative learning control algorithm based on iterative learning theory is proposed to study the working characteristics and control technology of deep-sea mining vehicles. In this method, the deviation of the heading angle and the trajectory deviation are...
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A New DOA Estimation Method Based on Spatial Structure of Array Signals

Mingyue Zhai
DOA estimation in FDD systems is a core issue for smart antennas. In this paper, an equidistant linear array is divided into two identical sub-arrays, and then a DOA matrix is constructed, the eigenvector matrix of the matrix is the array manifold of the signal. After eigenvalue decomposition of the...
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Security Protection under the Environment of WiFi

Zihui Ren, Cheng Chen, Lijun Zhang
Wireless network technology is one of the important symbols of the development of global information technology in twenty-first Century. Wireless access. wireless lan and other technologies have been flourishing in recent years. But the security problem has become increasingly prominent. Such as security...
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Research on P2P Network Resource Search Model

Jing Leng, Tonghong Li
In this paper, the search delay model of P2P networks is proposed. By analyzing the search process of structured P2P network and using Markov chain, the relationship between the mean node session time and the search delay of the P2P network is obtained. This model shows the inherent law between P2P Churn...
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Effects of Ozone Stress on Content of N and P in Soybean

Hongyan Wu, Tianhong Zhao, Rongrong Tian, Ming Zhang
Objective: the effects of ozone concentration on the content of N and P in soybean. Methods: Taking Glycine max (L.)Mer. as an experimental material, the pot experiment was implemented in the open top chamber (OTC). The Three treatments with three replicates for each treatment were deployed: CK(atmospheric...
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The Development and Design of the Exploration on the Interaction between Adrenaline with Fatty Acid: A Comprehensive Student Experimental Project

Benzhen Xu, Dongcheng Ren, Tao Liu
Putting computers and large precise instruments into the teaching of structural chemistry, designing and developing comprehensive experiment, and revealing learning level of structure-property-application, will contribute to enhance students the learning interesting on theoretical knowledge, exercise...
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Research and Design of Neural Network Based on GPU

Jiaohua Yang, Xin Wang
With the rapid development of graphics processor (GPU) programmable ability, coupled with its high speed and parallelism for large scale neural network BP algorithm and the problem of low efficiency, people put forward a kind of neural network BP algorithm based on GPU acceleration. Through in-depth...
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Effects Study of Electrical Parameters on the Machined Surface Properties of TC4 Titanium Alloy

Zhaoyuan Zhang, Hai Peng
In this paper, the characteristics of TC4 titanium alloy material which is difficult to be machined by traditional mechanical processing were analyzed. Therefore, the short electric arc machining system was used to test the titanium alloy, and the influence of different machining parameters on the material...
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Design of High Precision Digital Barometer

Jing Zhang
Barometer is a tool for measuring atmospheric pressure, digital barometer has the advantages of simple operation, high accuracy and so on. In this paper, the real-time pressure display is achieved by SCM(Single Chip Microcomputer) as a core component, combining with baroceptor, V/F converter, LCD display...
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Prediction of Corrosion Expansion Cracking Time of Concrete Structures under Carbonization

HaiLong Gan, Xiaoli Xie
In this paper, the durability test of concrete structures is carried out, and the test results are counted and analyzed. Based on the calculation model of the amount of steel bar corrosion in concrete, combined with the atmospheric environmental parameters and testing data of the service of the concrete...
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A Model for Judging Whether a City is in a Smart Growth

Xinna Qiao
With the acceleration of urbanization, the city is also facing the challenges of environmental pollution, traffic congestion, energy shortage, housing shortage, unemployment, disease and so on. In this background, "sustainable city" and "smart growth" become a feasible way to solve urban problems, we...
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A Network Protocol Cluster Analysis Method Based on Basis Functions

Wei Wang, Wenhong Zhao
Network protocol analysis can help security personnel analyze network vulnerabilities. However, the network protocol analysis is confronted with more and more kinds of protocols and more and more complex issues. Firstly, based on the basis function of the network protocol structure representation method,...
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The Product and Covering of Lattice –Valued Tree Automata

Zhonggang Hu
In this paper, the concept of full direct product, restricted direct product, cascade product, wreath product and covering is given. The relation between the products of the lattice-valued tree automata, the covering relation between the lattice-value tree automata, and the covering relation between...
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Application of Improved Fuzzy-Smith Controller in the Control System of Cement Rotary Kiln

Haiyan Zhang
Rotary cement kiln is a large time delay and inertia component. It is typical problems in industrial process control, so when applying advanced control methods to systems. This paper designs an improved Fuzzy-Smith controller. It combines Fuzzy with improved Smith predictor control method. Smith predictor...
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Virtual Design of Human-Machine Cooperative Feeding Machine

Fuxiang Xie, Mengmeng Xu, Xiaoxiao Li
In China, the mechanization of breeding industry has been mechanized from the beginning to the present complete set of equipment, and the series of products are becoming more and more perfect. In view of the obsolescence of cattle and sheep and other livestock breeding technology, a human-computer cooperative...
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Design and Structural Simulation Analysis of Flywheel Rotor

Chunming Xu, Du Jiang
Flywheel mechanism can effectively improve the mechanical performance of the system, and the flywheel's energy storage density can be significantly improved by optimizing the design. According to the optimal control design theory, the 3D model of the flywheel is established, and the structural analysis...
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Probe into the Nature and Design Principles of Surface Vessel Disposition

Feng Tian
The general quarters of surface vessels is a kind of unique surface organizational form. This paper analyzes the essence of surface vessel disposition and the relationship with operational elements, and puts forward the basic idea of surface vessel disposition design, which provides a theoretical basis...
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Traffic Flow Data Preprocessing Method Based on Spatio-temporal Similarity

Ran Tian, Shanwei Li, Guoying Yang
In view of the existing traffic collection system, the information transmission system has many problems such as the failure of the detection device and the failure of data transmission in the data acquisition, transmission and storage operations. In this paper, a method of traffic flow data preprocessing...
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Loading Posture Control in Anterior and Posterior Positions Using SEBT

Huiyu Zhou, Siqin Shen, Yaodong Gu
Objective: The Star Excursion Balance Test (SEBT) is a valid method to measure dynamic balance. Load carriage in anterior and posterior positions would have different balance control ability. Methods: Twenty healthy young males were volunteered to this experiment and performed SEBT with load carriage...
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Design of An Intelligent Heat Supply Monitoring System based on Android System

Luoya Guo
In recent years, most cities have realized urban central heating, but also built their own intelligent heating networks. However, there are still many problems in the control and management of heating network. In this paper, through the advanced Android system, an intelligent heating monitoring system...
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Establishment of Evaluation Parameter System and Method of Weapon and Equipment Readiness

Liang Ma, Jie Jia
Equipment readiness evaluation index system is an important part of equipment readiness work. First introduces the basic concepts, then analyzes the equipment readiness evaluation index system of principles and objectives, finally around the organization and leadership, daily equipment readiness work,...
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Sustainable Development in the Smart Growth Cities

Lingqing Zhao
Urbanization is becoming the general trend of the whole world. In this paper, we aim to find an ultimate strategy for all countries that can not only achieve the goal of normal urbanization, but also meet the policy of sustainable development. What is necessary to emphasize is that we establish our models...
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Experimental Study on Impact Damage of Concrete Bridge Pier with Closed-cell Foam Aluminum Buffer Materials

Xiwu Zhou, Kai Zhao, BenYing Wu, WenChao Zhang
The domestically most advanced ultrahigh drop-hammer impact test system was used to simulate the ship-bridge collision under the impact load effect of horizontal collision. In accordance with the similarity principle, 4 reinforced concrete bridge pier specimens were fabricated according to the proportion...
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Literature Metrology Analysis and Application of Internet Public Opinion

Dan Liu
At present, the influence of online public opinion is getting increasingly greater. It is very important to grasp the current situation of online public opinion and predict the future development. In order to find out the status of internet public opinion and guide internet public opinion correctly,...
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Design of Multiple Output DC Regulator

Caiyun Gui, Baobao Kang
Multi-output DC voltage source is widely used in the daily life and teaching and scientific experiments. Multi-output DC voltage regulator has adjustable output range, stable output voltage, good controllability, high accuracy and other significant advantages, which makes the multi-output DC power supply...
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Uncertainty Risk Assessment of User - side Flexible Resource Scheduling Based on Entropy Weight - TOPSIS Method

Fan Wen, Ze Sun, Yi Liang, Dongxiao Niu
Interruptible load management utilizes user flexibility to relieve power shortage during peak load, which can avoid or reduce the investment of high power spinning reserve and meet the increase of electricity demand. There are lots of uncertain risk factors in the process of interruptible load management,...
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Merge Before Toll Based on the Maximum Traffic Flow

Feifei Han
Highway toll station is one of the most important components and is the only entrance of highway. The traffic capacity of highway is straightforward influenced by the capacity of toll station. So in order to acquire the optimal configuration of merging pattern before toll, this paper construct a model...
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Technological Innovation of Desertification Control in the Kubuqi Desert

Yong Zhao
This paper introduces the technological innovation of desertification control in the Kubuqi Desert that is the seventh largest desert in China. After 30 years of comprehensive treatment, Kubuqi Desert has become the first desert in the world to be largely treated. By means of physics, chemistry and biology...
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Video Event Detection and Human Behavior Analysis

Xiaoqiu Liu
Intelligent video surveillance has been developed rapidly and broadly in daily public security and various civil applications. To establish an effective and standard performance evaluation, an appropriate metric is very important. This survey summarizes the state-of-the-art of performance evaluation...
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Simulation and Research on Automobile Parts of Chassis

Leiming Shi, Hongshun Zhang, Fuquan Xie, Xuewen Cheng, Zhihong Wang, Chao Wu, Yanxia Du, Shunli Feng
The purpose of this project was to effectively avoid the defects in the production of the Dongfeng Automobile chassis floor. The research scope was the technological process of the rear floor parts of Dongfeng Automobile. The forming process of the rear floor parts of the Dongfeng Automobile model was...
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Study on Extraction of Porphyra Polysaccahride and its Antioxidant Properties

Ying Meng, Yan Geng
On the base of single factor including extraction temperature, extraction time and the ratio of raw materials to water, experiments, the research aims to explore the suitable consideration considering the optimal conditions of extracting porphyra polysaccharide. According to the experiments, the optimal...
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The Study of Credit Risk Stress Testing on Micro-credit Companies

Meijuan He
With the deterioration of the external economic environment in recent years, the problem of credit risk in China's economy has gradually been exposed. We carries out credit risk stress testing on small loan companies in Zhejiang province with macro stress testing framework of financial system. The results...
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Design of the Digital Baseband of RFID Reader Based on FPGA

Jiasen Sun, Yanbin Zhang, Zhongyong Wang
In this paper, the digital baseband system of RFID reader is researched and designed, and finally realized with FPGA according to the ISO15693 protocol. The data encoding and decoding modes and checking methods in the protocol are analyzed. The top-down design method is used to design the reader's digital...
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Analysis of the Factors Affecting the Initial Price of PPP Expressway

Zhongfu Qin, Xiaodong Wu
In order to make clear influencing factors of the expressway initial price based on PPP model, according to different concession price impact mechanism, three first level factors are figured out by the use of literature review and systematic analysis, including overall environment, core participants...
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Research on Optimization Strategy of Virtual Resource Scheduling Based on Improved Frog Leaping Algorithm

Xinxin Guo
In order to mobilize valid data in virtualized resource pool quickly, reduce resource scheduling execution time and improve resource utilization. The paper proposed a virtual resource scheduling strategy based on improved frog leaping algorithm. A mathematic model of leapfrog algorithm in cloud computing...
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The Synthesis Temperature Selection of Cerium Doped Lutetium Yttrium Oxyorthosilicate Single Crystal Powder

Wenping Zhou, Zhixin Ma, Yunping Cai, Xiaoguo Bi, Tianxiao Li, Wei Niu, Xudong Sun, Qikang Lu
Flame fusion preparation of LYSO: Ce single crystal need excellent mobility raw powder of high purity. The solid phase synthesis of LYSO:Ce single crystal powder of high quality is prepared. After removal of moisture, weighing and grinding, the original high purity powder sintering experiments are conducted...
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Analysis of Key Issues in The Frame-fixed Row-pattern Pile Cofferdam Construction of Binzhou Port

Xiaowen Bian, Tao Yu
The cofferdam in the liquid bulk areas of Binzhou port haigang district used a new type of structure called the frame-fixed row-pattern pile cofferdam. It not only applies to the soft soil foundation of binzhou port?but also can be used as landing structure of pier in the late. However, the construction...
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Study on the Selection of Hydrothermal Parameters of Frozen Layer

Liqing Liang
The formation of the frozen layer is related to many factors, but the most important one is the negative accumulated temperature of the surface. By analyzing the frozen layer research significance and frozen layer, frozen layer in the domestic and foreign development present situation and trend, compared...
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Problems and Countermeasures of Commercial Health Insurance in China

Ming Li
In recent years, with the improvement of national self-protection awareness and our country's medical insurance system covering all citizens, that is, "universal health insurance", the status of commercial health insurance has been promoted unprecedentedly. How to locate our country's commercial health...
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Research on Refractive Index and Polarization Direction of light in Crystal

Yuqing Xie, Chuanyang Wang, Dong Xue
The optical indicatrix gives the relation between the direction of vibration and the index of refraction of light propagating in the crystal. In this paper, from the direction of the wave normal and the optical indicatrix, the general formula of the refractive index and the direction of the vibration...
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Discussion on the Planning and Design Elements of the Sheltered Anchorage

Mingyan Zhong, Wanzheng Ai
China is located in the Northwest Pacific. The monsoon climate is obvious, so the sheltered anchorage has an important effect on the development of water transportation in China. In order to better play the role of protecting the ship in the sheltered anchorage, the probability of collision between the...
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The Improvement on the Maximum Mutual Information Image Registration

Xiaolei Zhao
This paper studies the theory and algorithm based on the maximum mutual information image registration, And on that basis, the paper comes up with an idea of algorithm improvement to combine the wavelet decomposition with the theory and algorithm. This paper also proves from the theory and practice that...
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An Overview of China Intelligent Digital Oilfields Development in 2017

Xinjian Qiang, Guojian Cheng
Today's world is at a great time where industrialization has progressed to informationization. The rapid development of information technology is bringing about profound and revolutionary changes. Adhering to the road of informationization is an inevitable requirement of the internet era of big data...
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Research on the User Acceptance Model of WeChat Public Platform Service

Bin Pan, Hongxia Guo, Yuheng Du
Based on the problem of the user acceptance of WeChat public platform service, the technology acceptance model theory is used to model the influence factors, and the relationship hypothesis between various factors is proposed. AMOS7.0 is used to evaluate and correct the model and construction according...
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Tensile Test of GFRP Bar Using Machine Vision

Zujia Zheng, Xue Yang, Zhigang Chen, Mingchao Yu
With the development of modern industrial technology, the efficiency and accuracy of material performance measurement are required to be higher and higher. The performance of materials plays a decisive role in the quality of the engineering, so it is becoming more and more important to test the properties...
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Discussion And Planning Design On The Defense Implementation System Of Information Security

Haitao Lv
Abstract. The importance of information security in the construction of the network information system has become increasingly prominent. The defense implementation system based on the information security is a set of comprehensive, Multi-level integrated information security detection and control equipment,The...
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The Optimum Amount of Road Deicing Salt in Humid Areas

Yu Zhang
The anti-sliding performance of pavement is significant to the driving safety. In winter, frozen hazards are occurred easily in humid areas. Deicing salt is widely used to dealing with freezing for its reasonable price and remarkable effects. However, the usage of deicing salt dramatically damages environment...
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Test and Analysis on Seismic Performance of RAC Columns under Different Silica Content

Xiaoyi Quan, Xiangyin Meng, Shimin Zhang
In order to study the seismic performance of RAC column silica fume enhanced, this paper selects 1 common RAC column as the control group, and the 3 column contains 4%, 6% RAC and 8% silica fume as the experimental group, combined with ABAQUS finite element simulation, the RAC column broken ring model,...
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Research on the Integrated Design of Navigation and Guidance Based on DSP+FPGA

Shigang Fan
The master-slave multiprocessor mode based on DSP and FPGA is used to combine the strapdown inertial navigation system(SINS) and global positioning system(GPS) to design the integrated navigation system for a certain type of guided aerial bomb, and design the software and hardware of the system in detail...
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Effects of Spraying Ozone Water on Resistance Physiology and Yield of Vegetables

Rongrong Tian, Hongyan Wu, Lin Mu
Objective: the use of ozone to prevent and control the disease and insect pests of vegetables has made some achievements in birth, but its mechanism is not clear. By spraying ozone water in this paper, from the point of plant physiology, the effects of ozone water spraying on the physiological and yield...
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Development of a Non-contact Infrared Thermometer

Jing Zhang
Due to the disadvantages of traditional mercury thermometers, such as longer measurement time and necessity of contact with the human body, a thermometer that uses infrared sensors to detect temperature without contact is designed. The Infrared temperature sensor MLX90614 is designed to collect human...
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A High Accuracy Method for Measuring Nonlinear Scattering Parameters

Qian Zhang, Xia Guo, Xueliu Pan
This paper describes a way of measuring and modeling of microwave transistor nonlinear behavior. We describe a linearization of large-signal scattering functions describing weakly nonlinear device behavior. We illustrate the theory with transistor measurements and design a circuit to test data. Finally,...
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CSMA/CA Analysis Based on the Markov Chain

Wei Wang, Wenhong Zhao
First, the CSMA/CA mechanism is modeled. Then, based on markov chain theory, the attack method of CSMA/CA is analyzed from two aspects of stochastic performance model and bandwidth sharing model. After discussing the typical attack methods, through the throughput, communication efficiency and collision...
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Design of the Control System for the Constant Tension Lifting and Dropping of the Submersible

Jianjun Zhang
It is required that launch and recovery winch has the controlled function of constant tension in the process of vehicle launch and recovery. It can reduce the impact of vehicle when waves seesaw. Constant tension control system was established based on Fuzzy-PID. Simulation analysis of this system was...
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Research on Siemens S7-200PLC Stacker Control Experiment Platform

Jian Song, Xiaojian Wang, Fuxiang Xie, Qun Zhang
According to the main development trends and characteristics of mechatronics and logistics specialty, aiming at the demand of experimental platform of stacker in automated warehouse, the performance analysis and design of stacker's experimental platform was studied and the experimental platform of stacker...
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Virtual Machine Dynamic Migration Strategy Based on Load Prediction

Wei Liu, Chaojun Fu, Yu Zhang, Hongxin Wang
This article studies the trigger strategy in dynamic migration process of virtual machine under cloud computing environment. For the problem of resource wasting caused by instantaneous peak in simple double threshold trigger strategy and single threshold trigger strategy, we propose ARMA time series...
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Research on the Resource Utilization of the Carrier Aircraft Security Phase

Liang Ma
To improve the efficiency of carrier aircraft security as the goal, around its problems existing in the fusion of resource using, equipment configuration, comb, and analyzes on the aircraft carrier aircraft security resources utilization, the problems existing in the equipment configuration as the breakthrough...
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Research on Equipment Readiness Assessment Model

Liang Ma
From the view point of man-machine environment system engineering, in view of the present to equip our troops combat readiness work equipment combat capability evaluation model is put forward, so that from the perspective of people, equipment, environment and so on to evaluate equipment readiness to...
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Design of Ultrasonic Range Finder Based on Single Chip Computer

Caiyun Gui
In the development of distance- measuring technology, the measurement level has a new standard for distance-measuring technology, especially in some special occasions such as the environment with low temperature and electromagnetic interference. For the special measuring environment, in terms of the...
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Comprehensive Benefit Evaluation Model and Analysis Considering Multi - Energy Supply

Guorong Zhu, Keke Wang, Yi Liang, Dongxiao Niu
In the context of low-carbon economy, using environment-friendly and energy-friendly energies is an important measure to achieve sustainable development. In view of the various forms of energy supply, in addition to the most basic economic factors, the paper introduces environmental and social impact...
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Amplitude Characteristics Low-Frequency Compensation

Yinghui Xie
The hydropower generating units vibration parameter is an important indicator to monitor its roll-stabilization. To measure the low-frequency vibration of the large and middle scale of hydropower generating units, according to frequency characteristic compensation principle of the vibration sensor, a...
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Study on the Control Strategy of In-Wheel Driven Electric Vehicle

Yuefeng Lei
The in-wheel driven electric vehicle is a kind of electric vehicle with special electric drive structure. It uses four independent wheel hub motors in the drive wheel to drive the motion of the vehicle. In this paper, an optimization algorithm is applied to this drive structure and a closed-loop control...
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Regulation Factors of Apoptosis of Ovarian Granular Cell

Yang Wang, Bin Wang
Follicular atresia is a common phenomenon in mammalian ovary, which is caused by the apoptosis of ovarian granular cells. The status of granular cells has become an important reference index to measure the oocyte quality and embryo development ability. Therefore, it is necessary to study the apoptosis...
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Study on Publication, Trend and Value of Literature on "Network Finance" in the Past Ten Years

Dan Liu
With the development and popularization of electronic technology, the network is increasingly integrated with traditional finance and has become a new type of finance that is attracting attention in the world today. This phenomenon has aroused widespread concern and research of related industries and...
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Fiducial Region Estimation of Parameter of Two Parameters Exponential Distribution

Xiuzhen Li, Yanying Ma, Chunguang Huang, Xin Wang
Exponential distribution is very important distribution,it is often used to approximate various life distributions, and is widely used in in the areas of queuing theory and reliability theory. The article studied the combination fiducial region estimation of two parameters exponential distribution under...
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Micro Resistance Tester Based on AC Constant Current Excitation

Qian Zhang, Miao Shen, Zhongru Shen
The traditional four-probe method to extract the response signal of the micro-resistance under test can improve the accuracy of the lead resistance and the contact resistance on the measurement result, but not effectively eliminate the internal noise of the operational amplifier and the external electromagnetic...
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The Self-learning Network Defense Based on Game Theory

Wei Wang, Wenhong Zhao
At present, the active defense strategy based on game theory is based on the complete information game model. For such model cannot cope with attackers and defenders do not know each other's behavior problems, based on the cooperation, and incomplete information game theory is proposed to improve the...
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Design of Barometer Hardware Based on Single-Chip Machine

Caiyun Gui, Baobao Kang
Barometer is an equipment that uses the pressure-sensitive components to directly convert the pressure to be measured into current or voltage signal, which is then processed and controlled by the single-chip machine for real-time display. The internal core element is the pressure sensor, which plays...
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The Feasibility Study of Ammonia Absorption Refrigeration System in Ship Application

Zhaoqiang Li, Haijun Yang
The heat more than half of ship diesel engine exhaust gas and cooling water to the outside world, caused great waste of energy, on the other hand, the ship everyday want to consume large amounts of electricity to maintain the normal operation of the refrigerator and air conditioning system of the ship....
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The Feasibility Study of Marine Diesel Engine Exhaust Gas for Ballast Water Treatment

Zhaoqiang Li, Baocheng Lu
All kinds of Marine creatures of ship's ballast water with the migration of vessels, globalization, and with the discharge of ballast water, invaded the local ecosystem, breaking the original ecological balance. Ballast water caused by biological invasion on the global diversity of ecological system,...
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Hu Moment Invariant: A New Method for Hearing Loss Detection

Tang Lijun, Qi Yixuan, Atiena Pereira
This paper proposed a novel hearing loss detection method. Our method first used seven Hu moment invariants to extract features. Afterwards, we used support vector machine to act as the classifier. The 10x5-fold cross validation shows our method yielded an overall accuracy of 77.47± 1.17%. The sensitivities...
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Data Mining of Internet of Things under the Cloud Computing Platform

Xiaoli Liu
With the rapid development of information technology, as a key technology in the information era of the Internet of things has been widely used in various industries, and based on the cloud computing platform on the Internet of things to explore is of great significance for the application of Internet...
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Construction and Identification of Eukaryotic Expression Vector of Vlgr1

Ping Zeng, Xiaoming Huang, Xueli Cheng, Anping Wang, Chunling Zhao, Junhong Dong
To construct the Vlgr1 plasmid containing the functional domain, provide experimental material for the study of Vlgr1 - mediated signaling pathways and hydrolysis mechanisms. Methods: Primers were designed according to the gene sequences in the Gene bank, the DNA sequences of different domain regions...