Proceedings of the 2015 International conference on Applied Science and Engineering Innovation

1206 authors
Tang, Hongtao
Rapid implementation method of ERP system for large-scale enterprises
Tang, Jinfan
An Improved Routing Algorithm in OSPF for Energy Saving
Tang, Qidong
Synthesis of 2-(4-((6-bromo-3-nitroquinolin-4-yl)amino) phenyl)-2-methylpropanenitrile
Tang, Rong
Air Quality Index Monitoring System Based on Flow Point of BD
Tang, Xiaoan
A Method of Quantitation Evaluation and Calculation on Stereo Display Visual Comfort Based on Depth Matching Degree
Tang, Xiaoqian
Study of Fault Diagnosis Method Based On the Hybrid Circuit Simulation
Tang, Yang
Research on Power System Planning and Reconfiguration under Energy Saving and Emission Reduction
Tang, Yingjie
Design of online detection system of gathering machines based on machine vision
Tang, Yiping
Research On Inspection Technology Of Tunnel Disease Based On Panoramic Vision
Tao, Min
Design of the acquisition system of Spread-spectrum TT&C signal
Tao, Min
Detection and demodulation of non-cooperative burst signal
Tao, Min
Design of antenna control system P-Fuzzy-PI controller
Tian, Jinyu
Research on the application of green GDP in environmental performance audit
Tian, Kunrui
Research and application on Optimal Path Analysis in mining roadway
Tian, Wanpeng
Tian, Wei
Different configurations of 25-order structure of Steiner triple systems of counting
Tian, Yucheng
Gestures Recognition Method Based on Electromyographic Signal
Tian, Yuxin
The Construction and Management System of Eco-clean Small Watershed in the Subtropical Zone
Tong, Lijing
Restoration Method of Distorted Digital Document Image Based on Text Line Detection
Tu, Jianfei
Method Research to Improve Inventory Management based on Enterprise Resource Planning(ERP) Environment
Tu, LinLi
K-means Algorithm Based on Fitting Function
Tu, Linli
The Research to Service Robot Localization of Inversion GPS in the Spherical Coordinates
Tu, Yafang
The Implication of Forest Protection abroad for Wuling Mountain Area
Tu, Yuanbiao
Synthesis of 2-(4-((6-bromo-3-nitroquinolin-4-yl)amino) phenyl)-2-methylpropanenitrile
Wan, Jun
Research and design of interface in marine navigation information system
Wang, An
Discussion on Agricultural Cleaner Production
Wang, An
On the Cultivation of Information Literacy of College Students Majoring in English
Wang, Bin
Privacy preserving in un-trusted cloud environments for query shortest path
Wang, Buchuan
Prim Algorithm Based on Heap for Finding Minimal Spanning Tree of Ventilation Network
Wang, Changchun
Forecast for Full Life Cycle of Technical Renovation of Power Grid Based on Support Vector Machine
Wang, Chen
The research and realization of a new iron ladle tracking system
Wang, Chenchen
Research on Power System Planning and Reconfiguration under Energy Saving and Emission Reduction
Wang, Cheng
Research on Discipline Evaluation in Universities
Wang, Chenyang
Aeromagnetic and remote sensing interpretation and prospecting prediction of Xinjiang Pobei area
Wang, Chongmei
Study on Environmental Stress Situation in the Blue Jiaodong Peninsula Economic Zone
Wang, Dan
A Forest Fire Warning Method Based on Fire Dangerous Rating
Wang, Dong
A Regional Smart Grid Pinch Technology
Wang, Dongtao
Research and Development of On-line Monitoring System for HV Overhead Transmission Lines
Wang, Dongzheng
A Logistics Enterprises Vehicle Scheduling Method Based on Genetic Algorithm
Wang, Fene
Potato stalk buds compression characteristic test
Wang, Feng
A Research on the Radar Anti-jamming Evaluation Index System
Wang, Fengjuan
Research of room temperature for inverter air conditioner based on Fuzzy Neural Network Control
Wang, Heng
Timeliness Optimization Model For Network C4ISR System Structure Based on Information Flow
Wang, Hongxu
The detection method of Network attacks in Campus Network
Wang, Hongyue
The numerical modeling of gas liquid two-phase flow in Laval nozzle
Wang, Hongyue
Organic Rankine cycle power generation technology development and Application
Wang, Hongzhi
Analysis of the Mechanism of Green Shipbuilding Supply Chain and Index System
Wang, Huasheng
Research on the Solar collector thermoelectric power generation
Wang, Hui
Research on Mathematical Model of Anti-twist Braided Wire Rope
Wang, Huimin
Research on Trajectory Scheme with Large Impact Angle for Fire-and-Forget Anti-Tank Missiles
Wang, Jing
An optimized dynamic frame slotted ALOHA anti-collision algorithm
Wang, JingHeng
Research on the state of estimation for unmanned research and rescue helicopter
Wang, Jingheng
Optimum Research of Control Law in HTY-X of Ejection Seat
Wang, Jingsong
Research on Network Security of Electric Power Dispatching Automation
Wang, Jingsong
The Impact of Electric Vehicle Charging Station on the Grid
Wang, Jingsong
Research on Methods of Electricity Surveillance
Wang, Jingsong
Research on Optimal Operation of Electrical Power System
Wang, Junru
Data processing of lie detector based on fuzzy clustering analysis
Wang, L.Y.
Modal Analysis and three-dimensional modeling of 100kW horizontal axis wind turbine blades
Wang, Li
Network Intrusion Detection Using Support Vector Machine Based on Particle Swarm Optimization
Wang, Lina
Architecture of a Multiple Channel Blood Pressure Signal Transmitting Based on Bluetooth Technology
Wang, Ling
Focus on the Development of Energy Internet in China
Wang, Ling
Analysis on the industrial performance of wind power in China
Wang, Ling
Research on cost-based AGC pricing mechanism for China’s wind power
Wang, Ling
Pricing Model and Compensation Strategy of Wind Power AGC Ancillary Services Based on the Day-ahead Market and Priority Decision-making Model
Wang, Ling
Constructing the evaluation index system of auxiliary service of wind power based on the SEM
Wang, Linxiao
Synthesis of 7-(benzyloxy)-4-chloro-6-methoxyquinazoline
Wang, Linxiao
Synthesis of 6-bromo-4-iodoquinoline
Wang, Liting
Intelligent Network Monitoring System Based on Industrial Ethernet
Wang, Meng
Numerical Simulation of Aerodynamic Forces of ACSR Conductor
Wang, Min
Synthesis of 7-(benzyloxy)-4-chloro-6-methoxyquinazoline
Wang, Min
Synthesis of 2-(4-((6-bromo-3-nitroquinolin-4-yl)amino) phenyl)-2-methylpropanenitrile
Wang, Mo
Gestures Recognition Method Based on Electromyographic Signal
Wang, Mu
Preliminary study on the working characteristics of thermoelectric power generation
Wang, Ning
Research on Calculation Method of Power Supply Radius Based on Voltage Deviation in Rural Power Network
Wang, Pengbo
The Evaluation System of Sustainable Development Country Based on Multiple Target
Wang, Pin
A Design and Implementation of the Online Curriculum System Based on the Browser/Server Architecture
Wang, Ping
Synthesis of 7-(benzyloxy)-4-chloro-6-methoxyquinazoline
Wang, Piwu
Study on the relationship between the hrpZpsta resistance gene expression in transgenic soybean and resistance to gray leaf spot disease
Wang, Qinqin
Synthesis of 6-bromo-4-iodoquinoline
Wang, Qiulu
Research on Market Mode and Requirement of Reserve Ancillary Service for Interconnected Power System
Wang, Qiulu
Research on Multi-Fault Phased Rush Repair Strategy of Distribution Networks
Wang, Shizhe
Table Recognition and Recovery in the Camera-Captured Image with Complex Background
Wang, Tiantian
An Improved GM (1,1) Model on Initial Value and Its Application on Power Load Forecasting
Wang, Wei
Table Recognition and Recovery in the Camera-Captured Image with Complex Background
Wang, Weihua
The electronic properties of Aurum-doped with both-edge narrow armchair graphene nanoribbons
Wang, WenHui
Synthesis of 2-(4-((6-bromo-3-nitroquinolin-4-yl)amino) phenyl)-2-methylpropanenitrile
Wang, Wenhui
Synthesis of 6-bromo-4-iodoquinoline
Wang, Wenqiang
Effects of postcure temperature on mechanical properties of resin mineral composite for precision machine tool
Wang, Wenqing
Study of gas supply way and velocity chosen during the process of MPCVD diamond
Wang, Xia
On the Design and Implementation of a Tailored DHCP Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks based on FreeOS
Wang, Xia
Approach Research on the Techniques for Network Intrusion Detection Based on Data Mining
Wang, Xia
Research and Analysis Approach on Wireless Sensor Network System Based on Internet of Things: A Review
Wang, Xianfeng
Internet of Things Application to Monitoring Plant Disease and Insect Pests
Wang, XiaoHan
Modeling and Simulation of a Nonlinear Energy Harvester under Broadband Vibrations
Wang, Xiaofeng
Detection and Separation of Multi-component Radar Emitter Signal
Wang, Xiaojun
Application of FCT in SPH Method
Wang, Xiaoshan
Research on the Technology Integration of Building Industrialization Based on BIM Technology
Wang, Xiaoshan
The Application on EPC in Project Management of Industrialized Buildings
Wang, Xiaotong
Discrete 2D Analytic Image Decomposition