Proceedings of the 17th International Conference of the Asia Association of Computer-Assisted Language Learning (AsiaCALL 2021)

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CALL in Asia During Covid-19 and Models of E-Learning

Vu Phi Ho Pham, Thao Nguyen Da Vo
Corona Virus’ pandemic (Covid-19) has affected all of the world’s aspects, such as economics, lifestyles, culture, education, etc. Most schools and universities have been shut down for the safety of students. Then e-learning has been employed in many schools and universities to keep education going on....
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Blended Learning With an Integrated Model in Learning and Teaching

The Hung Phan
In digital education, there are several challenges for schools and teachers to apply the concept of Education 4.0: (1) curriculum and teaching methodology, (2) no flipped classes, individualized learning, mostly synchronous, not asynchronous activities based on their syllabus or learning programs, (3)...
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Effectiveness of Second Life Virtual Learning Environment for Language Training in Hospitality and Tourism

Nguyen Ngoc Vu, Vo Thuy Linh, Nguyen Thi Thu Van, Nguyen Thi Hong Lien
Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) systems have been widely used in higher education as an effective e-learning platform. With its large user community and virtual facilities in various disciplines, including education, recreation, tourism, business, etc. Second Life (SL) has become one of the most dominant...
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Integrating Information Literacy Training in an English-Speaking Course in the Chinese Context

Kezhen Liu, Andrew Lian, Butsakorn Yodkamlue
This study investigated the effects of a teaching approach combining information literacy training and an ongoing role-playing game to improve Chinese university students’ English-speaking skills and strengthen their sense of learner autonomy. The study employed a quasi-experimental design. Two intact...
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Documenting a Visually Impaired Learner’s Experience Using Audible During COVID-19 Pandemic

Nor Fazlin Mohd Ramli, Noor Ahnis Othman, Aini Akmar Mohd Kasim, Mohammad Radzi Manap, Nurzeti Abdul Ghafar, Mohamad Asri Arshad
Language instructors face various challenges in fulfilling their tasks. Addressing students’ special needs with different needs is one of the greatest challenges confronting them. Such a challenge could be even more daunting when there is little support provided by the institution for special needs students....
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Incorporating Internet-Based Applications in Teaching Integrated Language Skills to EFL Students

Phuong Thi Tieu Le
Nowadays, it has become more popular for teachers of English as a foreign language (EFL) classes to engage their students in language learning by using Internet-based applications. However, each application is often designed to teach a separate language skill, so there is a need to incorporate some applications...
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A Study on Interaction Patterns in Language Learning Online Classes – Adaptation and Efficiency

Thanh Vu Thi, Duyen Dao Thuy
The aim of our research entitled “A study on interaction patterns in language learning online classes – adaptation and efficiency” is to elaborate that in an online ESL/EFL class, tremendous interaction patterns can be employed by the teacher in order to enhance the classroom atmosphere for students’...
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Applying Online Collaborative Writing to Enhance SIU Sophomore English Majors’ Writing Skills

A Case Study at the Saigon International University

Nguyen Thi Kim Chung, Tong Trieu Anh Thu, Le Thi Ngoc Tuyen, Nguyen Long Tien
Online learning that makes learning more engaging and stimulating has long been a part of 21st-century education. This case study explores how online collaborative writing helps to improve EFL students’ writing skills and how students perceive the use of this teaching method. The Saigon International...
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Discourse Analysis of EFL Students’ Attitudes and Social Interactions Towards a Virtual Classroom

Hai Tran Quang
This paper aims to examine the discourse of English as a Foreign Language (EFL) learners’ attitudes and social interactions towards a virtual classroom of Hoa Sen University Mlearning System. The system is built on Moodle platform, where educators and learners are empowered to create personalized virtual...
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EFL Teachers’ Emotion Regulation in Response to Online-Teaching at Van Lang University

Thuy, Ngo Thi Cam
The increasing expansion of the Covid-19 pandemic has put most social and economic activities to change their business style for a sustainable existence; education is not an exception. Online learning environments (OLEs) have become the field for academic researchers to work on, from pedagogical theories...
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Ideological Constructions in News Discourse Presented in Philippine Broadsheets: Input to Innovations in Language Education

Kristoffer Conrad M. Tejada
The study investigated the discursive nature of reportage in the news presented in leading Philippine broadsheets and established how purposive linguistic choices lead to biases that shape ideology. CDA was used as the study’s operational framework, while SFL guided textual analysis, specifically on...
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Improving Non-Majored Students’ Fluency in the English Speaking Skill in the Online Environment via Ms-Team

Thach Thi Ngoc Phan, Duyen Thi Nhu Huynh
Teaching the speaking skill for non-majored students in an online environment with large class size is a challenge for EFL teachers. Therefore, this study aims at exploring English speaking difficulties in the online environment in terms of interaction and concentration in the relationship with the students’...
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Online Language Learning via Moodle and Microsoft Teams: Students’ Challenges and Suggestions for Improvement

Tu Phung Ngoc, Luong Thi Kim Phung
Although technology has long been integrated into EFL classes and blended learning has achieved immense popularity, fully online language learning is still a novel approach in the Vietnamese context. Besides its obvious benefits, this learning mode also poses considerable challenges. This study explores...
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A Study of Facebook-Based Peer Comments on L2 Writing

Vu Phi Ho Pham, Anh Nguyen Thi Hoai
Over the last decade, various studies have contributed to research around Computer-mediated Communication (CMC) tools such as Facebook Group as an alternative method for teaching English writing. In the review of Facebook in the L2 writing process, the study has found that the advent of Facebook integrated...
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Online Teaching and Learning Challenges in a Mountainous and Remote Area of Vietnam

Van Pang Lo
This qualitative study explored the key challenges of teachers and students living in remote rural mountainous regions of northern Vietnam. This study was carried out in Dien Bien Province, one of Vietnam’s most disadvantaged areas. Even though this issue has been studied by many researchers and educators...
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Students’ Perception Towards the Use of Moodle-Based LMS in Learning Speaking Skill at Tertiary Level

H. N. Truong
Technology has profoundly changed how knowledge is transmitted and acquired, from exclusively classroom-based instruction to the hybrid of on-class interaction and online study. Given the prominence of blended learning in the field of language acquisition, the study aims to set the light on the students...
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Teaching and Learning English for Tourism After the Covid-19 Pandemic in Universities and Solution Proposals

Tran Thi Kim Tuyen
The topic “Teaching and learning English for tourism after the Covid-19 pandemic in universities and solution proposals” to a growing need for sustainable development of tourism as well as tourism human resources training after the Covid-19 pandemic. In this topic, we use teaching methods such as survey...
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Tertiary Non-English Majors’ Attitudes Towards Autonomous Technology-Based Language Learning

Thao Quoc Tran, Huy Duong
Technology has emerged as an indispensable part of general education and, in particular, English language education. Accordingly, the utilization of technology for autonomous language learning (ALL) should be imperative. Therefore, this research aims to scrutinize non-English majors’ attitudes towards...
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The Application of Metacognitive Strategies in Computer-Assisted Listening Comprehension Class

Dinh Bao LU
Computer-Assisted Language Learning (CALL) in listening comprehension courses has long been proved effective in enhancing EFL learner’s listening proficiency as it creates enough space for students to individualize their learning process. However, it is a need to provide students appropriate strategies...
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The Attitudes Towards Distance Learning of Ton Duc Thang University Students and Teachers

Minh Uyen Ky Tran
High school and university students in Vietnam are compelled to learn through the virtual classroom in the era of COVID-19, which traumatized many students because it is the only choice at that time. This study looks into the attitudes towards distance learning of 15 teachers and more than 300 students...
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The Effects of Integrating Listening and Speaking Skills Into Moodle-Based Activities

Vy Nguyen Ngoc Hoang, Thanh Huynh Ngoc
Many researchers have conducted studies on teaching listening skills to examine the possible influences of different instruments, such as video programs, audiobooks, multimedia, authentic materials-based activities. However, there is little literature mentioning the impacts of the integrated skills approach...
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The Implementation of E-Learning into Language Learning: A Case of English Majors at Van Lang University

Minh Nguyen Thanh, Phuc Dinh Tran Ngoc
In the context of the pandemic COVID-19, higher education worldwide faced the difficulty of isolation and lockdown, which affects the traditional face-to-face classrooms. However, due to the technological advance and the blooming of E-learning, many institutions had minimized the disease’s consequences...
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Vietnamese Undergraduates’ Attitudes Towards the Use of Facebook for English Language Teaching and Learning

Phan Thi Kim Thao
Thanks to the presence of ICT, proliferation in social media users has occurred and changed the way human beings socialize with each other worldwide. It is undeniable that the prevalence of Facebook as a dominant platform has put questions about how and why diverse virtual communities have employed it....
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Transition From Textbook to Digital Delivery

John Blake
This paper describes, explains, and evaluates the transformation of a text-based course into a multimodal, open-access course website. Based on an extensive needs analysis, a course website was selected to house materials for a tailormade thesis writing and presentations course for computer science majors....
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Tertiary Students’ Perspectives on Online Learning During Emergency Remote Teaching in the Context of Covid-19: A Case Study

Ha Thanh Le, Canh Thi Thanh Truong
In the midst of a global pandemic, educational institutions in Vietnam were forced to move all courses online. Under that circumstance, emergency remote teaching (ERT) is a conceivable alternative for onsite learning. This paper provides an insight into one specific case study of a university in Ho Chi...
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An empirical Study of Factors Influencing the Language Proficiency of Vietnamese Students

Lan Thi Ngoc Nguyen, Nga Thi Thanh Tran, Huyen Thi Nguyen, Minh Quang Le
This study aims to investigate language proficiency and its determinants of Vietnamese students. Based on holistic literature, the authors examine and test the impact of five intrinsic factors related to the students’ characteristics (which are learning purpose, learning ability, learning method, hard-working,...
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An Overview of Student Engagement With Written Feedback in EFL Writing Class

Hanh Thi My Nguyen
Student engagement with written feedback plays an essential role in EFL writing classes. This topic has drawn the growing attention of many researchers as well as instructors teaching English writing worldwide. The current study was conducted to summarize the main aspects relating to student engagement...
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Challenges Defining a Life Purpose in an Exam-driven Culture: A Case of Vietnam

Hoa Pham
As British writer and philosopher Thomas Carlyle once said, “The person without a purpose is like a ship without a rudder,” many celebrated names in history have long emphasized the importance of having a life purpose. However, results from recent studies have revealed that many young people face the...
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Developing Education in Vietnam in the Context of International Integration

Nguyen Minh Tri
With a lofty goal and mission, it is the mission of “cultivating people”. Education and digging have an important role in the development of society. Education trains people with good knowledge and expertise and trains people with good moral and physical qualities, effectively serving the socio-economic...
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Frequency Employments of Direct Refusal Strategies of Offers by the Native Speakers of American English and the Vietnamese

Yen Vuong Thi Hai
According to Searle (1969), the production of speech acts, such as making requests, asking questions, making promises, or refusing to have an existence in all languages. Like other speech acts, refusals of requests, offers, invitations, suggestions, etc., are widely used to express the recipients’ declination...
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How Foreign Languages Influence Vietnamese in Bac Lieu

Anh Van Truong
That many languages are used in society, especially in developed communities, is a natural phenomenon. Bac Lieu, a small province, does not escape this natural law. On the way of development, the languages of Bac Lieu communities are growing. Then, there is a need for language interference to make the...
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Indications of Paired- vs. Grouped-Peer Feedback on Students’ Writing Activities

Loi Nguyen Tan, Vu Phi Ho Pham
L2 teachers in Writing have long been using peer feedback to improve their writing skills in the classrooms. While findings from nearly all studies have shown paired-peer feedback and grouped-peer feedback to enhance student writing performance, few studies have attempted to compare the effect of paired...
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Insights From Difficulties Encountered Among Students Whose Major is Translation and & Interpreting in English

Truong Thi Mai Hanh
One area that remains problematic among students whose major is Translation and Interpreting in English is the ability to understand and deal with basic and necessary concepts in the field of banking and finance in English. This article reports initial findings from a case study done with the students...
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Oral Presentation on VoiceThread: A Collaborative Assessment Strategy in Enhancing Language Proficiency and Oral Communication Practices

Leticia C. Pagkalinawan
This paper focuses on using VoiceThread in teaching Filipino as a second language at the University of Hawaii at Manoa. VoiceThread is a creative tech-based collaboration tool with video, audio, and text commenting. In this study, students utilized VoiceThread in their three oral presentations. The study’s...
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Using Collocations to Enhance Academic Writing: A Survey Study at Van Lang University

Duc Thanh Hung Duong, Nha Dai Trang Nguyen
As a formulaic language, collocations have brought benefits and challenges to EFL learners’ academic writing. These chunks’ functions in academic writing need examining for a long time. Under certain constraints of the research setting, the current study explored both students’ and lecturers’ standpoints...
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Using Group Oral Presentations as a Formative Assessment in Teaching English for Vietnamese EFL Students

Vu Tran Le Hoai
English is a compulsory subject at Van Lang University, and students studying at this University have to match the program outcome standard in English. To achieve this requirement, the students have to get IELTS 4.5 before they graduate. It requires that the students must achieve English ability equivalent...
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Using Peer Assessment in Writing for EFL Learners

Ngo Nhat Phuong Quynh
This study aimed at exploring the effect of using peer assessment in writing improvement of EFL students. In this paper, 30 students have to be guided by using a peer assessment approach in their writing skills in class, and after that, they take their classmates’ feedback into account as a tool to reflect...
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The Use of Drama Role-Playing in Teaching English Literature for English Majored Students: An Action Research at Van Lang University

Hoa Mai Phuong Nguyen
Role-Playing has been applied to teach literature in many countries; however, research on this subject is minimal. This study aims to describe literary class activities, which is considered the first step of action research to solve the difficulties in teaching English literature in the Vietnamese context....