Proceedings of the Asia Tourism Forum 2016 - the 12th Biennial Conference of Hospitality and Tourism Industry in Asia

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Domestic Tourists' Mindset towards Responsible Tourism Management: A Case Study on Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh

Mohammad Amin
In spite of being a significant stakeholder in the sustainable and responsible tourism development and management process, worldwide only a few studies exclusively tried to find out tourists' attitudes towards them. Moreover, they are principally missing in case of developing and least developed countries...
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Local Community Empowerment Through Vocational Training in Tourism on Karimunjawa Islands : Poor- Poor Tourism Approach

Budi Setiawan, R. Rijanta, M. Baiquni
This research analyzes the characteristics of the local community on Karimunjawa Island with a poverty rate of 32% of the total population. It is a qualitative research supported by a quantitative approach. The data are collected through in-depth interview and survey. The results of research show that...
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Establishing Brand Based Organization by Customer Perspective in Jungleland Adventure Theme Park, Sentul City, Bogor - Indonesia

Nurul Komalsari, Ahmad Hasyim, Angel Jessyca, Fauzan Achmad, Luki Wijaya, Restu Maudy, Anang Sutono
This research is conducted to formulate the program of Brand-Based Organization at Jungleland Adventure Theme Park. Research is carried out by identifying the visitor perceptions regarding the implementation of brand identity and professionalism implemented by Jungleland's human resources. This research...
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Integrated Development of Tourism Villages In Mt. Merapi Area, Sleman, Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta

Yeremia Jemadu, Anissa Haqqi, Ferdiansyah Maydelta, Sella Sades, Maliki Ibrahim, Shita Oktaviani, Yasmin Firstiarin, Siti Dasanti, Nur Fatmawati, Hery Cahyadi, Haryadi Darmawan, Rahmat Syam
Mt. Merapi area is one of the main tourism destination in Yogyakarta Province which has several tourism villages, such as Pentingsari, Pulesari, Petung, Kinahrejo, Kelor, Gabugan, Garongan, Trumpon, and Tunggul Arum. But, all of these tourism villages still runs itself so they compete each other and...
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Local Community Participation in Community Based Tourism in Kintamani and Their Impact to The Economy

Ni luh Karta, I made Sukarsa, Suarthana Hardini Widi
The purpose of this study was to determine and analyze the level of participation of local communities in Community-Based Tourism (CBT) in Kintamani Destination, and their impact to the economy. The local communities are involved in tourism activities. Management of tourist destinations in Kintamani...
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Tourism Policy and Organization:Case Study of Penang National Park

Nuradilah Abas, Yap Chai, Hafizhah Hairi, Ng How, Khor Jia, Sheilawanis Karim, Nor Munirah, Nurul Sahrum, Noor Syahida, Jason Wang, Nurul Iman
The Penang National Park (PNP), the smallest national park in the world, was formerly known as Pantai Acheh Forest Reserve. Penang National Park processes some unique characteristics. Among them, its diversity of ecological habitats, the rich fauna and the number of unique flora found. The Penang National...
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Exploring Potential Visitor and Visitor Perception of Destination Image of Palabuhan Ratu through Personal Values

Mohammad Subandi
Purpose - The main purpose of this research is to investigate the effect of personal values on potential visitor and visitor perception of Palabuhan Ratu destination image Methodology - An extensive literature review was carried out to identify factors that influence destination image and to identify...
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Destination Image: perception, experience, and behavioural intention: in the context of West Java, Indonesia as a tourist destination

Nono Wibisono
nowadays, Islamic tourism has grown rapidly due to the variance of attractions offered, such as Muslim-friendly hospitality, 'halal' food restaurants and the unique architecture of the mosques that known as 'mosque tourism', which also affects the growth
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Maximising the Local Economic Impact of Heritage Conservation for Cultural Tourism

Libby Edmunds
Cultural tourism is one of the fastest growing segments of the tourism industry. For developing countries rich in cultural and natural heritage, cultural tourism is one of the main contributors to local economic development often providing the motivation to conserve a local community's cultural heritage....
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The Implementation of Community-based Ecotourism Concept in Osing Tourism Village Development Strategy of Banyuwangi Regency, Indonesia

Wiwin Indiarti, Abdul Munir
Rural tourism is one of the sectors having potency and opportunity to develop as the optimization of rural resources in the fighting against poverty. One of the approaches which can be used to develop rural tourism activities is Community-based Ecotourism (CBE) concept in the form of tourism village....
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Tourism Management in Cikondang Ancestral Hamlet

Adrian Agoes
In accordance with the Bandung Regency Government's policy to initiate tourism as a way in elevating the living standard of the people, there are some villages declared as tourism village by the government. One of the villages is Lamajang Village, which has various potential for tourism. One of the attractions...
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The Influence of Marketing Public Relation Toword And The Word of Mouth Communication ( On Study of The Tourist Object Taman Safari Indonesia Bogor)

Atang Sabur, Dr. Sukmadi
This study was conducted to determine and analyze (1) the application of marketing public relations, (2) word of mouth communication on attraction Taman Safari Indonesia, (3) the influence of marketing public relations to word of mouth communication. The method used is quantitative with the type of explanatory...
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Exploring the Readiness of Betawi Cultural Village as a Sustainable Cultural Tourism Destination in Jakarta

Dina Mayasari Soeswoyo
Utilization of cultural resources at a tourism destination will create an appropriate alternative solution for areas who have high value of historical and cultural. Many studies support that the development of culture-based tourism destination would strengthen the culture. The linkage of cultural and...
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Creative Tourism Activities in Ecotourism A Study in Ujung Kulon National Park Banten Indonesia

Diena Lemy
Creative tourism as a new concept in tourism offers innovative way for tourist to spend their holiday. Most study nowadays focused on the creative tourism in a cultural / heritage typology of tourism with the lacking of study in another tourism typology. It is interesting to know that creative tourism...
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Women Empowerment in Promoting Ubud as Culinary Destination in Bali

Putu Pitanatri
The development of cultural tourism in Ubud has contributed to the rise of its image as a culinary destination. Surprisingly the ascent of this new image was mainly reinforced by women's role in practicing local culinary entrepreneurship. Even it is acknowledged that culture is a dynamic entity, Balinese...
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Model Analysis Of The City Identity Towards A Creative City As A Tourism Destination And Its Impact On Customer Based Brand Equity

Ratih Hurriyati, Ade Abdullah, Isma Widyanti, Asep Nandiyanto, Ana Dr.
Defined Bandung as the Creative Cities Network by the UNESCO (UN) in 2015 in the field of design. Showing the creation of identity of the city as a creative city requires a very large role of all stakeholders, as well as in the context of making a creative city as a tourism destination, which can be...
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From Tourists to Business "Study of European Repeater Activities in Ubud Tourism Destination"

I Gede Saputra, Ni Tirtawati
The study aims to analyze the activities of European repeater who visiting destinations of Ubud. The research method was designed as qualitative, which applies the action theory in the search for the meaning behind the European repeater activities in Ubud. The data were collected by conducting a survey,...
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Implementation Of Sustainable Tourism Destination Development Achievements (Indicators of Sustainable Tourism Development (STD), Sustainable Tourism Observatory (STO) Towards Sustainable Tourism Certification (STC) in Pulesari Village, Wonokerto, Turi District, Sleman Regency, Daerah Istimewa Yogyak

Dr. Muhammad, Anugrah Prima
This study measures the implementation process for the implementation of sustainable tourism, which generally aims to maintain ecological tourism destinations in a long time, getting feasibility economically, ethically and socially equitable for local communities. The Ministry of Tourism in Act No. 10...
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Visitor Preference for Water Park in Bali

Hanugerah Liestiande
Badung is one tourism destination in the island of Bali. The number of tourists visiting the Badung regency in 2013 is more than 1 million tourists. Badung regency has a very diverse tourist attractions ranging from natural resources and man-made resources. Currently it has many emerging water park in...
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Tourists' Safety of Coastal Tourism Revisited a study at Parangtritis Beach, District of Bantul, Yogyakarta Special Region

Agatia Tyawati
The research examines on three questions. The first question is to figure out how practices on responding to hazards, disasters, and disaster risks are applied in the field and to what extent human resources and facilities supports the policies, regulations and plans for hazards, disasters and disasters...
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The Analysis of Potential 4A's Tourism Component in the Selasari Rural Tourism,Pangandaran, West Java

Tomy Andrianto, Gima Sugiama
Santirah River as one of the main attraction in Selasari rural tourism had been famous by the viral marketing through the internet and social media in 2015. The local government of the Village claim that they have another amazing tourist attraction and already settled all of the 4A's (attraction, accessibility,...
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The Challege to Realize Sustainable Tourism Yogyakarta Tourist Kampongs' after PNPM Mandiri Pariwisata

Ghifari Yuristiadhi
This study analyzes the extent to which the efforts of two tourist kampongs' in Indonesia to survive developing their potential after a government grant is no longer disbursed, and find out why the tourist kampongs' that get grants from the government are creating a new culture that is totally not rooted...
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Image Bali as An Ergonomic Island Destination

Ni Made Mahadewi, Ni Ketut Irwanti
For small island economies such as Bali in Indonesia, tourism has been the fastest growing and most important industry accounting for 80% of their external receipts. These island economies have comparative advantages in tourism because of their small market sizes, rich and unique cultural heritage, marine...
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Analysis of The Four Pillars of Tourism Development Planning in The Tourism Areas of Kretek, Bantul, Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Ani Wijayanti, Ike Dewi
Tourism sector has played an important role in economic development in Kretek district of Bantul regency. Tourism is main life style of Kretek People. Result of current research indicated that Kretek district has many superior destinations that have not been worked maximally. Its tourism product was...
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Exploring Cause of Cibaduyut Image Decay as Bandung Tourist Destination for Shoe Shopping

Mrs. Rosita, Cahyani Munny
This study tried to explore cause of Cibaduyut image decay as Bandung tourist destination for shoe shopping from both functional and emotional components and to clarified whether image or other factor that give more influences on visiting decision. Qualitative approach was employed by interviewing 20...
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The Implementation of Cultural Based - Holistic Management Concept to Minimized The Negative Impacts of Tourism Case Study: Coastal Area of Sanur, Bali

Nararya Narottama
The coastal area of Sanur, or better known as Sanur Beach, is one of the oldest tourist destinations and famous beach in Bali. In the period of nearly a century, tourism in Sanur are able to exist and positioning itself as one of the best tourist destinations in Bali, without having to leave their cultural...
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The Implementation of Sustainable Tourism Object Development Model at Betawi Village Setu Babakan South Jakarta

Mrs. Maryetti, Yohanes Sulistiadi, Darmawan Damanik, Hindun Nurhidayati
Kampung Betawi village one tourist attraction in South Jakarta. The village Betawi setu Babakan still maintains and preserves Betawi culture. Types of cuisine are also vary and distinctive. The purpose of this study is to analyze community empowerment, identify the ecological and socio-economic conditions,...
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Hygiene and Sanitation at Street Vendors That Sell Around Monas

Vienna Artina, Wijayanti Prabandasari
Tourists not only enjoy sights seeing at tourist attraction but also enjoy the food provided there. Tourist attractions are always full with street vendors and restaurants. For human life, food is very likely contaminated so that it can cause a disease called food borne disease.This study is conducted...
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Application of Lean to Hotel's Operations Raising housekeeping productivityty

Mohd Manaf
The hospitality sector in Singapore is facing a very tight labour market due to a combination of factors, namely, increasing youth aspiration, better educated workforce and the national labour policies on foreign workers. The hotel sector is particularly affected, especially the housekeeping department....
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Understanding Generation Y' Perceptions and Purchase Intentions Related to Green Practice in Foodservice Operations

Theodosia Nathalia, Yustisia Kristiana
Purpose - The use of green practices in the foodservice industry has become an interest area in in the world of travel, tourism, and hospitality. Many foodservice operators have accepted the importance of promoting environmental awareness to create competitive advantages. The foodservice industry is...
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Position Determination Strategies of Star Hotels in Bandung

Ananta Danurdara, Wishnu Wardhana, Rachmat Mulyawan
functions to achieve the company's objectives, both at the level of strategic marketing and tactical marketing level. Through differentiation, the company can determine the desired position among competing companies. Effective differentiation is a complex process and in its design involves many parties...
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The Impact of Tourist Accommodation Development Toward The Socio-Cultural Aspects in The Seminyak Village, District of Kuta, Regency of Badung, Bali (in Perspective of the Local Community)

Kadek Wiweka, Komang Arcana
The growth of tourism accommodation (villa) in the district of Kuta Utara, which is so rapid and uncontrolled, tends to have raised some concerns on the impact that may arise (socio-cultural, environmental and economic). The gap between benefit and cost of the phenomenon raises the question of how perception,...
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Young Tourist Perspective on the Service Quality (Case Study: Star Hotel in Bogor Toursim Area - Indonesia)

Yohanes Sulistyadi, Fauziah Eddyono
Bogor is one of tourist area located in the geographic area of West Java Province and adjacent to Jakarta. Cool natural condition surrounded by views of the hills and mountains with many historic heritage make this city has its own attraction to young local tourist from Jakarta and its surrounding. Today,...
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Supply And Demand Analysis Of Stars Hotel In Bandung

Heru Kurniadi, Lien Maulina, Andre Hernowo
This study was created based on analysis for supply and demand in stars hotel in Bandung, this analysis limited to hotels that have 2, 3, and 4 star, the consideration was come up with the reason to make easier on the process of the analysis, from supply and demand analysis was also found the point of...
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Organizational Commitment and Turnover Intention of Hotel Employees at Melawai Hotel in Jakarta

Purwanti Pramanik, Robiatul Adawiyah, Filma Festivalia
Hotel industry was known as a company with a very high turnover intention (Boella, 2013,p.167). High employee turnover could lead to the emergence of various problems, such as shortage of employees, expenditures for recruitment fees, the cost of training new employees, inefficiency, and productivity...
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Model of Empowering Marginalized Communities Around Star Hotels Through Corporate Social Responsibility

Budi Purnomo, Rizky Salzabila
This research aims at creating a model of empowering marginalized communities around star hotels through Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) at Surakarty City, Central Java, Indonesia. This study is of a case study. It uses five techniques for collecting data: observation, questionnaire, in-depth interviewing,...
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Developing Tourism Social Entrepreneurship: Evidences from Madura Island, Indonesia

Reindrawati Dian
This paper discusses the implementation of social entrepreneurship in Madura Island. It also examines the difficulties of developing tourism social entrepreneurship in the Madurese community. Drawing on in-depth interviews held with 37 residents, this study argues that the social entrepreneurship is...
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Organizational Commitment and Intension Turnover: Evidence from Star Hotel in Batam

Mr. Ngantemin, Rahmat Darmawan
This research aims to examine the direct and indirect effect of the Intension Turnover. The research approach used for this research is to analyze the research type explanations (explanatory/confirmatory research). In this study, the endogenous variable is organizational commitment and turnover intention,...
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Tourism Masterplan of Senduro District in Lumajang Regency

Farhan Alfarizi, Abigail Bhaltazar, Arini Rahmawati, Julia Palupi, Muhammad Rizky, Lanang Nugraha, Willy Palenteng, Yudha Permana
Senduro District is one of the potential destinations for tourism in Indonesia, located in Lumajang Regency, East Java. As a destination that stores various potential attractions, especially for nature tourism, this district requires a master plan to guide the development, marketing, and various other...
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Relationship Supervision System of Hygiene Sanitation with Food Quality in air Transportaion and Catering Business in Medan

Mrs. Zaitun, Andora Ahmad
This objective of this study was to analyze the relationship supervision system of hygiene sanitation with food quality in air transportation and catering business in Medan. This research used Cross Sectional study design with a population of 67 people of food tester and the population sampled in this...
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The Implementation of Strategic Management of Education in Increasing Sustainable Competitive Advantage through Strategic Alliances: a case study at Bandung and Bali Institute of Tourism Ministry of Tourism, Indonesia

Herlan Suherlan
Competitiveness, excellences and quality are strategic issues and a big agenda and of Bandung and Bali Institute of Tourism (STP) and the Deputy of Tourism Institutional Development of the Ministry of Tourism. To realize their vision and mission, the two institutions are faced with a number of challenges...
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Jazz in Jakarta: a Challenge for Tourism In the fast-transforming City

Marie Bonneau, Asep Parantika
Jakarta as the core of Java Mega-Urban Region has become an unavoidable stopover on tourist routes. Musical events -as Jazz festivals - in the fast-transforming metropole do attract an ever-increasing number of visitors from the Asia Pacific area, and even further. Tourism managers must from now on face...
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Giving Over Taking/Receiving in Volunteer Tourism The impact of motivation, attitude, and subjective norm on stage of readiness and its implication on social marketing

Usep Suhud, Greg Wilson
The main objective of this study is to investigate the impact of motivation, attitude, and subjective norm on stage of readiness to be involved in volunteer tourism and its implication on social marketing. Volunteer tourism is a tourism product that combines volunteerism and tourism activities in a destination...
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Monitoring the Quality of Tourism Experience

Julio Mendes, Manuela Guerreiro
The new economic era - the experience economy - that we entered in the XXI century is challenging the overall tourism industry and destinations to respond to visitor expectations in a radically different way, demanding a new vision on what is truly being delivered to them. Within the current era, tourism...
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Tourist "sustainable intelligence" as a premise of segmentation

Priscilla Josary
It is incontestable that sustainable tourism has long been worldwide main issue, however, only a few focus on the tourist as the key factor. In regard to tourist concern, it is essential to discuss tourist "sustainable intelligence" in which it shows tourists' ability to use their knowledge and experience...
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Educational Tourism's Product Strategy at Batur Global Geopark, Kintamani - Bali

Komang Arcana, Kadek Wiweka
Educational tourism is one of tourism type from the form of alternative tourism that has been developed between the conventional tourism era and modern tourism era. Generally, alternative tourism tends to develop according to sustainability principals. The packaging of tourism destination potential,...
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Examining Souvenir Shopping Tourists" Behaviour Across Cultures

Lusianus Kusdibyo
Tourists shopping behaviour during vacation is considerably different from their daily shopping activities. Tourists perceived their shopping experience more hedonic and novel, while ordinary purchase is more utilitarian. Most tourists purchase for souvenirs when they do shopping. The objective of this...
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Implementation of HISTOQUAL Model to Measure Visitors' Expectations and Perceptions in Museum Geology Bandung

Fajar Putra
Service quality in museum influences museum experience, concerning with museum exhibits presentation, personnel competence, empathy, and consumption on products related to the museum. This paper has presented a formal examination on visitor expectations and perceptions of service quality in museum Geology...
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Writing and publishing books

Sutanto Leo
Writing and publishing book has become a strong intention of every educator. The published book is not only valuable for promotion and selfactualization but also for developing authority and public appreciation. The fact, many educators want to write books but they never start writing. Some have started...
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Analysis Of The Readiness Of Parepare in Handling Cruise Ship Tourism

Ramadhani Iqlima, Rahmawati Desty, Mochammad Reza, Nintia Jani, Raphael Sirait, Adi Rahmat, Retno Wulandari, Djoni Iskandar, Mohamad Subandi, Marsinaus Raga
Parepare is a city located in South Sulawesi Province which one of the facilities is a port that oftenly visited by cruise ships. Generally, the tourists carried by the cruise ships are having shore excursion to Tana Toraja, and those who don't join the program could spend some time in Parepare to enjoy...
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Filipino Practicum Students' Close Encounter with Asian Tourists: An Experiential Study

Emily Nival, Candice Aguilos
Practicum students play a major part in the hospitality industry. They support the regular staff assigned in the different sections in hotels, restaurants, travel agencies, airports and other tourism establishments all over the world. For Filipino hospitality and tourism practicum students they have...
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Sustainable Development Agrowisata Region Mekarsari Tourism Park - Bogor, West Java

Chondhro Suryono, Maria Rismiati
This study aims to assess and analyze : (1) The attempts to make Mekarsari tourism park as the safeguard of the environment, (2) The efforts of Mekarsari tourism park to empower local communities, (3)The attempts of Mekarsari tourism park to increase revenue and product diversification, (4) The sustainable...
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Bandung Local Resident Perception of Asia Africa Conference Carnival 2015

Hanif Rachman, Indri Desty, Indriana Permatasari, Firman Ardiansyah, Rahmania Dirza, Yogi Prayogo, Indriyani Handyastuti, Deddy Sudharma, Darmawan Sundayana
It can be interpreted that the mega event had a variety of impacts, both positive and negative in the community (local communities) and relevant stakeholders (Bowdin 2006) with the statement that the mega event will bring a positive and negative effect on the economy, tourism, physical, cultural,...
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Gap Analysis on the Competency of Indonesian Tourism Workers in the ASEAN Economic Community

George Sirait, Nyoman Pinia
Tourism is one of eight professions that are prioritized to be integrated in the framework of ASEAN Economic Community. Among the prioritized professions, tourism has led in producing detail arrangements of mutual recognition agreement in the sector, including by setting ASEAN Common Competence Standards...
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The Roles of Food Industries as a Part of Food Tourism Development for Woman Empowerment in Bogor

Agustina Purnomo
This study was conducted to determine the role of food tourism development on Disability Issues of Social Welfare (DISW) women's empowerment in Bogor. Preliminary studies indicate the role of food tourism development on DISW women's empowerment did by food industries, so this study focused on the role...
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Exploration of Culinary Tourism in Indonesia: What Do the International Visitors Expect?

Serli Wijaya, Alison Morrison, Thu-Huong Nguyen, Brian King
More visitors are nowadays travelling to destinations in search of culinary experiences. Food functions not merely as physiological sustenance but also as a destination experience enhancer, providing opportunities to learn about destination culture through direct encounters with local cuisines. This...
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The Role of Tourism Department and Regional Tourism Promotion Agency in Developing Community Based Tourism

Ni Ketut Bagiastuti, Ni Nyoman Astuti
The main task of tourism department according to the regulation of Bali Governor no 51 of 2008 is to formulate technical policies in the field of tourism, to manage and facilitate the field of tourism, to issue licenses and to carry out public services in the field of tourism, fostering the implementation...
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Crocodile Bread As A Ceremonial Marriage Food: Symbolism For The Betawi Ethnic Group (Study Case In Setu Babakan)

Herra Herryani, Tiurma Sinaga, Himawan Brahmantyo
The purpose of this study was to assess the significance of bread crocodiles as symbols for indigenous Betawi people in their wedding processions. The method used in the study was descriptive and qualitative by in-depth interview and observation. The study was conducted in Setu Babakan, Betawi Cultural...
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E-Commerce: A Tool to Enchance Small Medium Tourism Enterprises

Henry Nugroho, Agusta Ika
Tourism is a highly competitive industry and one of the fastest growing industries in the world. Developing countries have diverse reasons to use tourism as a strategy towards development. Developing countries have been using tourism to generate highly sought after foreign exchange to handle the problems...
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New Approaches in Managing Tourism Higher Education to Produce The Graduates with The Competitiveness in the Era of ASEAN Economic Community

Ahmad Abas, Besty Yustika
Facing the uncertainty of the changes taking place on the application of Asea Economic Community (EAC) at the end of December 2015, this paper discusses what EAC impact on higher education institutions, particularly the higher education institutions of tourism in Indonesia. What strategy should be done...
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"Wine Club" A New Phenomenon of Urban Lifestyle in Jakarta

Asep Parantika, Lucia Natalia
The development of tourism industry has risen significantly in Indonesia. As the capital, Jakarta has become a metropolitan which has developed very fast in many fields, like in business & International trade. Other than that Jakarta is also a tourism destination which is focused on shopping and culinary...
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Analysis The Position of Alumni In The Workplace In The Area of Jakarta Cases Study in Sahid Institute of Tourism Jakarta

FX Setiyo Wibowo, Yenny Marya, Abdul Azis
This study aims to analyze positions of Sahid's alumni in the workplace in the area of Jakarta and to determine strategy to raise the positions of Sahid's alumni in the workplace in Jakarta. This research is descriptive qualitative. The analyzed unit is the data of alumni's position in the workplace...
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Box of Traditional Game: A Matching of Tourism and Malaysian Cultures

Mohd. Fadly, Mohamad Zulhilmy, Nur Bazilah
Box of traditional games is a product that combines five games in one box and price. Five games that were selected are dam haji (checkers), ceper (bottle steel cap), batu seremban (tossing stone), guli (marble) and gasing (tops spinning) which commonly played in Malaysia and some parts of the world....
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Preserving Indonesian Traditional Food An Overview of Food Museum Attraction

Rina Kurniawati, Shanti Lestari
This paper explores the Indonesian traditional food as heritage. It demonstrates that it has an important role in tourism beside its role in fulfilling man's basic necessity. This role is including destination identity, marketing, and income generation. There is global trend for having food museum attraction...
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The Srimpi Renggowati: A Study of Sustainable Cultural Tourism in The Art of Classical Javanese Dance in Yogyakarta

Tri Meinal, Reni Rahmawati
Started with our curiosity, how the classical Javanese dance like the Srimpi dance still popular for young dancer in Yogyakarta among of competition popular dance from Japanese, Korean and others foreign culture for young and teenagers. The Srimpi dance turned out still had a place for its existence....
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Did the Solar Eclipse of 9 March 2016 Attract Tourist to Come to Indonesia?

Nuria Haristiani, Ani Wiryani, Arvina Rusli, Asep Nandiyanto, Novie Permatasari, Transmissia Sucahya, Anisa Purnamasari, Desri Sofiani, Widiaty Isma, Ade Abdullah, Mrs. Ana, Ratih Hurriyati
spectacular events in nature. On 9 March 2016, the solar eclipse happened in several regions in Indonesia. This event attracted tourists to visit Indonesia. The tourists came for not only seeing the beautiful solar eclipse scene but also getting sensation of myths and cultures in Indonesia during the...
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Shopping Behaviour Chinese Tourists In Bali

IGusti Hendriyani
In tourism sector, shopping is a favorite activity for tourists especially for Chinese tourists. Shopping behaviour can be different according to their interest. This research aims at investigating the shopping behaviour of the tourists from China as the second major market in Bali. The questionnaire...
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Sustainable Holiday Learning: Ethical Standard for Travel Agent

Any Noor, Nono Wibisono
The increase of tourist arrivals recently reach more than a billion and marked above average growth since the 2009 economic crisis globally. The increase of business cope with the increase of tourist needs such as food, water, and energy in a well condition while travel agent ignore of those resources...
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Tourist as a Peace Ambassador: A Creative Tourism Perspective in Asia Community

Abdillah Nugroho
Undoubtfully tourism in Asia can give a significant contribution in economic income for both countries and their people. Many countries in Asia attract tourists from over the world to visit their countries in a variety of efforts. Beside providing a good service, infrastructures and beautiful tourism...
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Tourism and globalisation: vectors of cultural homogenisation? (the case study of bali)

Sylvine Pickelchevalier, Philippe Violier, Ni putu Sari
The island of Bali is an excellent place for us to observe tourist behavior and question the diversity of activities. In this context, it also allows us to question the accusation of 'standardization' generated by tourism exacerbated in the context of globalization. Does this cause relationships with...
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Innovativeness in the Development of Special Interest Tourism: The Case of Indonesia Spa Tourism

Yusri Abdillah
This working paper examines the development of spa tourism industry which the Indonesian government consider it as a part of special interest tourism. More particularly, the paper will take a closer look at the innovation process in such development. At the initial stage of the research, this paper reports...
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A Study on The Tourist Interpretation Applied in Sultan Ahmad 1 Mosque, Kuantan, Pahang Darul Makmur

Mohamad Zulhilmy
Nowadays, Islamic tourism has grown rapidly due to the variance of attractions offered, such as Muslim-friendly hospitality, 'halal' food restaurants and the unique architecture of the mosques that known as 'mosque tourism', which also affects the growth of Islamic tourism in Malaysia. The most successful...
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Identifying the key factors influencing sustainable tourism in Bangladesh: A Quantitative Analysis

Nusrat Jahan, Sabrina Rahman
The purpose of this research is to assess the potentials of Bangladesh in becoming one of the major sustainable tourism destinations of the world. Bangladesh - the land of unique natural beauties like the Sundarbans, Cox's Bazar, Sylhet, Hill tracts areas - is a country lying at the apex of the Bay of...
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Increase Regional Potency in Order to Develop Tourism-Based on Resident

Dewi Susyanti, Nining Latianingsih
The rural tourism concept with a unique product characteristics, distinctive and environmental friendly seems to be a new solution for the tourism development in the world. In response for the displacement of tourist interest, in Indonesia grow new tourism options such as rural tour in various provinces...
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The spread of Chinese tourism in France, the methodological contribution made by Tour-Operator's brochures.

Marine L'Hostis
this paper aims at presenting the exploratory methodology the author used to identify her fieldwork location, and the first findings about the factors affecting Chinese tourist's mobility in France.
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The Influence of Packaging Towards The Purchase Decision of Travel Packages in Bale Seni Barli-Kota Baru Parahyangan

Micky Yunus
West Java has many potential tourist attractions, began to develop at this time, such as natural attractions, artificial, cultural, culinary, and special interest. One tourist attraction that develop nowadays is art tourist destination. Its development can be seen in Bandung, Bandung Regency, and West...
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Looking Good and Sounding Right The importance of Aesthetic Labour with Bandung Travel Agency Industry

Indriyani Handyastuti
In this era which called Experienced Economic Era by Pine and Gilmore, employee has important role in creating experience for the customer [1, 2]. Human resource also viewed as important capital in the Industry since human resources are important in delivering values to meet customer expectations [3]....
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The Perceptions of Japanese Tourists Towards The Japanese Guides in Bali

Lukia Zuraida, Indah Kusumarini
The research aims at knowing and analyzing the perceptions of Japanese tourists towards the Japanese guides in Bali.. Japanese guides have important role in tourism in providing services to the Japanese guests. Explorations factor analysis used to measure quality service of the guide. Variable of research...
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The Potential Cost of Travel Restriction on Tourism Industry

I Made Budiasa, Nyoman Nadra
Tourism has experienced a big increase as the result of globalization. The rise of the internet and all the online tourism businesses have recorded growth that was never possible before the globalization period. The rise of budget airlines with their online bookings, or small, cheaper accommodation providing...
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The Service Quality of Taxi in Supporting Tourism Industry (Case Study in Bandung)

Khoirul Fajri, Titing Kartika
Transportation and tourism are the two things that cannot be separated particularly in a big city like Bandung. In the tourism sector, transportation plays an important function that involves the movement of people from their place of residence to a tourist place. Taxi as one of the public transport...
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The Potential Ghost Tour in Bandung

Dini Rahmawati
Bandung has places which are believed to be haunted. Those places become spooky for their stories related to miserable death, accidents and myth. Gradually, they have drawn attention of people to visit memorizing miserable past events, but at night. This article explores how this potential ghost tour...
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The Influence of Marketing Mix and Customer Purchasing Decision Process on Customer Satisfaction

Agus Riyadi, Sarah Rangkuti
There are many ways to promote the restaurant, one of those ways is Marketing Mix. Customer make a decision first when they finally buy something in the restaurant and ends with satisfy or dissatisfy feeling. The objective of this study were to examine the degree of marketing mix, customer purchasing...
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The Effect of Government Policy on Using Fewer Plastic Bags Towards Society's Awarness of Going Green

Mrs. Kuswardhani, Mrs. Zulhelfa
TThe environment and ecosystem life of human being couldn't be apart from natural environment and social environment. Darsono (1995) stated that environment means a place where human beings live with their activities and everything around the society could affect the development of human being life directly...
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Experiantial Marketing and Customers Relationship Marketing in Creating Customer Value (Customer Survey of 3, 4 and 5 star Hotels in the West Java, Indonesia)

Ananta Danurdara
The research objective is to get empirical evidences as well as to elucidate the phenomenon so that conclusion can be drawn concerning the implementation of Experiential Marketing and Customers Relationship Marketing in Creating Customer Value at stars hotel of 3, 4 and 5 in the West Java Province. The...
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The Influence of Gastronomic Tourism Traditional Sundanese Food on Tourist Visit Decisions to Bandung

Ayu Nurwitasari
Gastronomic Tourism is part of the special interests that explore natural resources and the potential to give rise to the nation's cultural arts and special interest attractiveness as a tourist target . Gastronomic tourism give travelers an authentic culinary education and a much greater understanding...
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Integrating Archaeo-Tourism With Geotourism Development in Bantimurung National Park, South Sulawesi Province

Hery Cahyadi
Bantimurung Bulusaraung National Park is known with its pre-historic caves that is admitted as the eldest pre-historic caves in the world and base on the research its came from 40,000 thousand years ago. There are more than hundreds pre-historic caves in this national park. But the fact is not many people...
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Tourist Preferences in East Flores District

Ina Ginting, Endang Sinaga, Rachmat Muljawan, Dina Rajagukguk, Gebi Desiani, Renaldy Muharram, Fransiskus Setiawan, Oktaviyani Yusnida, Adinda Farameutia
East Flores Distric is one of district at East Nusa Tenggara that has natural and cultural tourist attractions potential. Based on the data from Swisscontact in 2013 there is an increasing number of international tourists visiting each years, but in the last year 2014, the target of tourists visiting...
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Optimizing The Website To Increase The Online Purchasing at Kampung Gadjah Wonderland

Retno Wahyuni, Dede Kuswandi
The era of digitalization now has given a huge impact to all sectors. Internet as one of the tools is used to support all business, especially in tourism industries. Website of an establishment would be a big chance to inform anything about the products. The prospect Kampung Gajah Wonderland is considered...
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The Role of Banyuwangi Ethnic Carnival 2015 for Event Tourism in Banyuwangi

Arif Setiawan, Mutia Jayani, Noor Annissa, Rima Oktavia, Rintan Triyani, Rizky Adhy, Vanda Audita, Bagus Muhamad, Dendy Sundayana, Rachmat Mulyawan
Banyuwangi Regency is located at the most eastern tip of the island of Java. The district has many interesting tourism potential, both nature and man-made tourism product. One of the man-made tourism product which is currently being developed is an event that is packed in a series of events named Banyuwangi...
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The Mastery of the English Language in Reducing Cultural and Communication Barriers in the Tourism World

Acep Rahayu
This study aims at giving some thoughts that cultural differences influence a great deal in English communication. This research is limited to a brief theoretical background of the importance of mastering the English language and how cultural and communication barriers can be reduced. The data of this...
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Tourism Typologies and Satisfaction Level of Inbound ASEAN Tourists: Perspective from Malaysia

Rupam Konar, Vinayaraj Mothiravally, Jeetesh Kumar
Currently, tourism industry is increasingly becoming a vital catalyst for several Associations of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) for its economic development and contribution towards the countries' growth. Malaysian tourism industry is no exception to this and considered as the major source and the...
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Speech Act of Complaints From Online Hotel Review

Faisal Puksi
The aim of this research is to identify speech act of complaint in online hotel review. It can be used to explain the complaints intention from guest to hotel. Hoteliers can also provide better services if they know what to do in dealing with negative guest comments. This research employed descriptive...