Proceedings of the 2019 International Conference on Computer, Network, Communication and Information Systems (CNCI 2019)

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Design of Autonomous Navigation Algorithm For Security Inspection Robot

Xiaowei Han, Changwen Liu
The security inspection robot is mainly used for large-scale warehouse security and automatic inspection of various warehouses, community security inspections, industrial site monitoring and other automated inspections. The security inspection robot uses the SLAM algorithm to map the inspection target...
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Design and Current Tracking Control of Leg Press Training Device With Clutch

Hongbo Wang, Hao Yan, Baoshan Niu, Xincheng Wang, Hongfei Yu
Aimed at the characteristics of the existing stretch leg rehabilitation products with single function and complicated structure, a leg stretching training device with multiple training modes is proposed. At the same time, a controller strategy based on fuzzy slip film algorithm is proposed for the constant...
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A Blinn-Phong Light Enhancement Algorithm Based on the Gradient of Voxel

Ying Gao, Qifan Li, Binzhou Yan, Shuxia Guo
Although the classical Blinn-Phong illumination model in direct volume rendering has a good display effect on the boundary of volume data field. However, the setting of the parameters fails to provide information about the valid combination data, thus limiting the performance of the model. To solve this...
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A Method for Precise Distance and Velocity Measurement of Automotive Radar

Haitao Yue, Chengfa Xu
When using Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) to perform spectrum analysis on frequency modulated continuous wave (FMCW) radar signals, there are problems of barrier effect and spectral leakage. In order to keep away from barrier effect and improve precision of frequency estimation, we propose a method that...
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A Collaborative Filtering Algorithm Based on SVD and Trust Factor

Jianfang Wang, Pengfei Han, Yanling Miao, Fengming Zhang
At present, most collaborative filtering algorithms use similarity as a criterion. In order to alleviate problems of cold start and sparsity in recommender system, a Collaborative Filtering Algorithm Combined with the Singular Value Decomposition (SVD) and Trust Factors (CFSVD-TF) is presented. Further...
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Visual c + + and MFC Application in Safety Monitoring System of Airplane Depot

Wenhua Qiu, Yongliang Zhang, Liang Wang
In order to avoid airplanes parking in the depot from crashing other moving objects, this paper proposed a method of designing an intelligent security surveillance system for airplane depot. The function of the system is divided into two relatively independent modules. The first part is the monitoring...
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Visualization of Sina Weibo Propagation and Sentiment Analysis

Yunzhi Ye, Xiao Tan
Propagation and sentiment get more attention in social network research, but there is no intuitive way for users to get information directly and quickly. In this paper, combing data analysis and sentiment analysis, we build a system to analyze the Sina Weibo data and provide the results in a visual way....
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The Integration and Evolution Mechanism of the COSCO Container Lines and the China Shipping Container Lines Shipping Networks Based on Theoretical Complex Networks

Shan Xu, Mingjun Ji, Yue Song
For the shipping industry’s competition, the merges among companies bring lots of problems such as routing optimization and integration.Based on this, which is more suitable for the characteristics of shipping system, is studied in this paper.Firstly, taking the reorganization of the COSCO networks and...
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Customer Identification of Potential Energy Substitution Based on Big Data Method

Yunzhao Li
The usage of clean energy such as electric energy will help promote energy conservation and emission reduction, optimize energy use structure and improve energy efficiency. The realization of the "electric energy substitution" strategy can realize the replacement of loose coal and direct fuel in the...
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Analysis of PV Poverty Alleviation Users Based on Big Data

Jian Li
Based on the historical data of power customers, the index system needed to determine the model is determined based on the customer's basic attributes, power usage behavior, payment behavior, customer credit, geographic region, and weather environment. Through the correlation coefficient matrix and information...
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Character-level Based Conference Named Entity Recognition Using Bi-LSTM

Rui Xiong, Chensheng Wu, Li Xiong, Luyu Li
For name entity recognition in specific field, a character-level bidirectional LSTM(Bidirectional Long Short-Term Memory, BiLSTM-based conference named entity recognition method is proposed. Introducing word embedding as the input of BiLSTM. each character in a sentence is mapped from a one-hot vector...
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Ontology Based Reasoning Rules for Target Tracking in WSNs

Jing Zhang, Qingxu Xiong
Wireless sensor networks (WSNs) are widely used for target tracking. For different tracking tasks, appropriate tracking methods should be deployed properly with WSNs according to various task environment and requirements. In this work, ontology based reasoning rules for target tracking are proposed....
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Experimental Study and XY Model Simulation on the Polarization and Depolarization Characteristics of Oil-paper Insulation

Wenxiang Xue, Hui Wang, Shuyuan Wang, Jinghai Xie, Xiangyu Chen
In order to use polarization and depolarization current to diagnose the insulation statement of power transformer oil-paper composite insulation on site, XY conductivity model is put forward and deduced, and the test value of polarization current and depolarization current is used to verify the effectiveness...
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A New ISTA-net Solution to Inverse Problem of Electrocardiology

Liansheng Wang, Weiqi Wu, Yiping Chen, Changhua Liu
In this paper, we combined the traditional ISTA approach with deep learning, transferred the application domain from image inverse problem to ECG inverse problem because of its excellent performance to propose a new ISTA-net method to solve the inverse problem of ECG. The proposed method has quick...
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Analysis of TCP Flow Characteristics

Xiaoyu Cui, Xingchen Xu, Qingguo ShenLi, Xuefei Liang
The coexistence of long-lived TCP flow and short-lived TCP flow is studied through the analysis of a large number of literatures. Extract long-lived TCP flow and short-lived TCP flow and count the traffic characteristics of TCP flow, including the flow number, maximum flow rate, average rate and average...
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Improved Weighted Median Filter with Superpixel for Disparity Refinement

Yuli Fei, Li Cao
Stereo matching cannot get high accuracy for disparity estimations, especially at depth boundaries and textureless regions. To solve the problems, a disparity refinement method based on superpixel segmentation is proposed. A weighted median filter with superpixel information is designed. We give a penalty...
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An 1GHz~6.25GHz Phase-Locked Loop for SERDES

Xuan Ma, Zongmin Wang, Tieliang Zhang, Song Yang,, Wen Xiao
An 1GHz~6.25GHz phase-locked loop (PLL) for SERDES is presented in this paper. For achieving optimized balance between acquisition speed and jitter performance at all frequency points, this PLL adopts an adaptive bandwidth method. A current-programmable charge pump is introduced to make loop bandwidth...
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Extended Rank Reduction Estimator for Noncircular Sources

Chong Li, Xiaowen Li, Xiaobao Fu
Researchers have placed much attention on direction-of-arrival (DOA) estimation algorithms for noncircular sources in recent years. However, inevitable sensor errors will cause considerable deterioration of estimation performance of these algorithms. This paper proposes an extended rank reduction estimator...
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Research on Parallel Pipeline Strategy and Controllable Write Allocation of High Speed Solid State Storage Array

Xiaowen Wang, SongYan Liu, Huan Liu, Yanlin Chen, Yifei Niu
Due to the special write mode and limited lifetime characteristics of NAND Flash, a variety of technologies for the solid state disk flash translation layer (FTL) have been spawned. The existing Flash channel management method does not completely release the bandwidth of the Flash channel. In response...
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Application Analysis of Ultrasonic Technology in Insulator Contamination Discharge Detection

Dantian Zhong, Fang Yuan, Jianchun Yao, Jiayu Pan
Line insulator detection is a very important part of the power system. At present, the commonly used detection methods at home and abroad have certain defects. By referring to the application of ultrasonic technology in the United States and South Korea, this paper proposes a method of applying ultrasonic...
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A Novel Cognitive Frequency Hopping Detection Algorithm

Tong Li, Chenglin Miao, Huiming Wu, Cheng Chang
Cognitive frequency hopping technology is to apply cognitive radio to frequency hopping communication. The spectrum hole in cognitive frequency hopping spectrum can be detected effectively to avoid the collision of frequency points and improve the spectral efficiency to update the frequency hopping points....
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A Land Cover Refined Classification Method Based on the Fusion of LiDAR Data and UAV Image

Lian Liu, Xing Liu, Junjiong Shi, Anran Li
Refined classification is one of the important research directions of remote sensing data classification. With the support of LiDAR data, the fusion of UAV image feature will be an effective mean to expand feature sets and improve classification category differentiation. After expanding the feature sets,...
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Indoor Localization Based on CFR Environment Awareness

Xinyu Huang, Bo He
Accurate amplitude information provides the possibility for indoor localization, it is easy to acquire and does not require complex corrections like phase. However, the amplitude information is sensitive to the environment, which reduces the localization accuracy. This paper proposes an indoor localization...
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Global Fast Terminal Sliding Mode Control Law Design of a Quadrotor

Hwachou Chen, Haiyun Chen, Ping Xu
The conventional sliding mode control cannot converge to zero in finite time, and it has a feeble robustness because of its linear sliding mode surface with uncertain variable disturbances, in order to solve these problems, this paper presents an adaptive global fast terminal sliding mode control (GFTSMC)...
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Research of Spark SQL Query Optimization Based on Massive Small Files on HDFS

Kefei Cheng, Xudong Chen, Ke Zhou, Xianjun Deng, Zhao Luo
This paper focuses on the low efficiency of Spark SQL reading massive small files on HDFS in 4G Industry Application Card (IAC) business analysis system. To solve this issue, we propose a Local Merge Storage Model (LMSM) for 4G IAC small files. In this model, locality is enhanced by exploring the type...
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An Improved Mechanism for Universal Sentence Representations Learnt from Natural Language Inference Data Using Bi-directional Information

Dian Jiao, Sheng Gao, Baodong Zhang
BiLSTM with max pooling is adopted as a well-performed supervised universal sentence encoder. Max pooling is a common mechanism to get a fixed-size sentence representation. But we find that the max pooling for sentence encoder discards some useful backward and forward information at each time step and...
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Facial Expression Recognition Method Based on Difference Center-Symmetric Local Directional Pattern

Yang Jiao, Xuefei Jia, Junxi Zhao
To solve the problem of insufficient feature extraction and low feature extraction efficiency of local directional pattern, this paper proposes a new facial expression extraction method based on difference center-symmetric local directional pattern (DCS-LDP). The grey values in the fields of neighborhood...
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Research on Improved LBP Algorithm Based on Euclidean Distance and Differential Coding

Xuefei Jia, Yang Jiao, Wenhao Zhang, Junxi Zhao
Local Binary Pattern (LBP) algorithm is a classical algorithm in the field of face recognition. It can capture local detail features, but its robustness and recognition rate are easily affected by external environmental changes.In this paper, an improved LBP algorithm which combines Euclidean distance...
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Analysis and Design on the Security Management Technology of the Confidential LAN

Haiyan Liu, Jiankang Yang, Zeng Zhang
On the basis of analyzing the security threats faced by hosts in a confidential LAN and the existing security measures, this paper designs a security management and control system for the network access control of LAN hosts. Based on the working principle and implementation details of the ARP protocol,...
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Discussion on the Integration of ERP and ISO/TS16949

Xiaoxue Yang
The purpose of ERP is to support the enterprise's development strategy and enhance its core competitive power.ISO/TS16949 is the demands of the quality management system of ISO.This paper discusses the disadvantages of the traditional ERP system,analyzes the developing trend of EBP and the demands of...
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A Regional Positioning Algorithm for Non-line-of-sight (NOLS) Propagation

Huiming Wu, Jiankang Yang, Cheng Chang
This paper presents a Regional Positioning Algorithm based on NOLS propagation, which is a Positioning Algorithm based on measured value of arrival time, using geometric constraints to estimate the position of the mobile station. One of its remarkable features is that, compared with other algorithms,...
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A Hybrid Approach of Combining BP Neural Network and GARCH Model for Forecasting Stock Price

Peipei Zhang, Chuanhe Shen
In this paper, we first construct a three-layer (one hidden layer) multilayer back propagation neural network (BPNN) model to forecast daily closing prices of stocks, but there are considerable errors between the actual values and predicted values. Then, to get better prediction results with higher accuracy,...
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A Blockchain Based Authentication Mechanism in Wireless Local Area Network

Yuan Yao, Tao Xie
Considering the security of the widely used WLAN technology, a secure, flexible and reliable authentication scheme is definitely necessary. Most of the existing schemes adopt centralized authentication process, making it vulnerable to DDoS attack, faked AP and the leak of shared secrets. We propose a...
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Research on Behavior Recognition in Infrared Video

Ruming Yang, Meng Ding, Xu Zhang, Xinyan Jiang
We trained a neural network for behavior recognition task in infrared video and took a small amount of infrared video to evaluate performance. Limited by the quantity of data, we pre-trained the network on the visible datasets and fine-tuned on our infrared dataset. In order to explore the effect of...
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Diversity on the Influence of Atmospheric Turbulence for the States Carrying Orbital Angular Momentum

Fei Cao, Ruyong He, Chaopeng Wei, Zequn Lin, Shengmei Zhao
We have proposed a spatial diversity scheme to mitigate the influence of atmospheric turbulence on the system employing Orbital Angular Momentum (OAM) state. The results show that, in comparison with the system without diversity, the ratio of SNR tends to two in weak turbulent region, and the ratio tends...
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Intersatellite Doppler Shift Simulation Analysis of Laser Frequency Band Based on Navigation Satellite Ephemeris

Zhangjian Lu, Yansong Meng, Guoyong Wang, Yuanbo Yao
Inter-satellite Doppler shift is the main factor affecting the accuracy of laser frequency transmission. In order to provide more Doppler frequency shift data for ground validation system of navigation system. In this paper, the ephemeris of Beidou satellite navigation system is used to simulate the...
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Forecasting the Ionospheric f0F2 Parameter One Hour in Advance Using Recurrent Neural Network

Zhe Lv, Changjun Yu, Aijun Liu
It is difficult to forecast the state of ionosphere because the time-varying characteristics. Using recurrent neural network(RNN) one hour ahead prediction of the critical parameter of ionospheric F2 layer(f0F2) is realized. The prediction model is developed based on 11 years (from 2005 to 2016) of data...
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Beetle Antennae Search Algorithm Based on PSO and Fibonacci

Hongmei Wang, Zhibin Liu, Dan Qu
Beetle Antennae Search Algorithm (BAS) is simple and efficient, but is not stable. The calculation precision is not high and the algorithm is easy to get into local optimum. To overcome these defects, the idea of particle swarm is used to search and traditional Fibnacci method to determine the search...
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Gesture Recognition Based on Improved HOG-LBP Features

Gang Nie, Junxi Zhao
With the development of computer technology, vision-based human gesture recognition has become an important hotspot technology in the field of human-computer interaction. However, the performance of gesture recognition is often affected by conditions such as lighting changes, background complexity, and...
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An Approach of Suspected Code Plagiarism Detection Based on XGBoost Incremental Learning

Qiubo Huang, Guozheng Fang, Keyuan Jiang
Code plagiarism is a serious problem in the teaching evaluation process, and the programming assignment is related to the student's grades. Therefore, it is especially important to detect code plagiarism submitted by students. As all the codes submitted are kept in the database, and the data are gradually...
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Complex Background Gesture Recognition Based on Convolutional Pose Machines

Ganzhou Liao, Xia Zeng
Gesture recognition is a research hotspot in HCI (Human-Computer Interaction). The camera-based gesture recognition method has become the focus of research in this field due to its low cost. Due to the lack of three-dimensional coordinate information and depth information, image-based gesture recognition...
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Real-time Buffering, Parallel Processing and High-Speed Transmission System for Multi-Channel Video Images Based on ADER

MingWang Chen, JianPing Xiong, Cheng Ma, Qi Zhao, Sen Feng
Aiming at the problem that the brain inspired multi- core processing chip processes high-speed images in real time, a real-time data buffer of multi-channel high-definition images is designed, and the image is processed and transmitted at the pixel level. The design uses field-programmable gate array...
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Marine Object Recognition Based on Deep Learning

Bo Shi, Hao Zhou
In the research of unmanned surface vessel(USV), accurately perceiving the environment around the USV and recognizing the obstacles in real time are the major difficulties. The existing methods based on lidar or unmanned air vehicle have got good performance, but time and money costs are not what we...
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Identification of Key Nodes by Algorithm of Betweenness Centrality Based on Traversal of Spark Graph

Hongye Xue, Tianmei Li, Xiangyu Luo
The betweenness center algorithm, which relies on the global network topology, can effectively identify the key nodes of the network.In the existing algorithm for accurately calculating betweenness centrality, the algorithm proposed by Ulrik brands based on the backtracking of graph is recognized as...
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An Efficient Protocol for Privately Determining the Relationship between Two Rectangles

Wenli Wang, Xuhong Liu
Secure multiparty computation (smc) is a research focus in the international cryptographic community, while secure multiparty geometry computation is an important field of smc. In this paper, we study an important secure computational geometric problem, that is, to privately determine the location relation...
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Provable Security Against Differential Attacks for Generalized SPN Structures

Ruya Fan
In the practice of block cipher design, designers usually choose linear functions over with large branch numbers to achieve provable security against differential and linear attack. Recently, the Internet-of-Things gives rise to a number of applications that require Lightweight block ciphers, some new...
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An Effective Visual Attention Mechanism

Zhuanghui Wu, Guoheng Huang, Lianglun Cheng
Visual sentiment analysis is mainly to study the emotional response of the observer after reading the image. Now, as images become exploding in social networks, the need for visual sentiment analysis is increasing. A major problem with the existing image sentiment analysis is that the emotional label...
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Task Assignment in Business Processes Based on Completion Rate Evaluation

Tingting Zheng, Jiexuan Chen, Yingchi Huang
In order to ensure the completion of cases and tasks on time in business processes, an approach for task assignment based on completion rate evaluation of resources is proposed. The approach is based on the data analysis of the event logs, in which the related historical temporal information is extracted...
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Collision Avoidance Algorithm for Unmanned Surface Vehicle Based on Improved Artificial Potential Field and Ant Colony Optimization

Wen Ou, Xuan Guo
There is a growing concern to design collision avoidance algorithm for unmanned surface vehicle (USV) as a solution to many naval and civilian requirements. Due to the anti-jamming performance of the traditional collision avoidance algorithm decrease with the influence of environmental disturbances,...
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Mode-selective Absorption for Spectrum Shaping

De He, Zhijun Liu
We report on realization of a spectrum shaping approach using mechanism of mode-selective absorption in a thin-film layered structure. Ultra-thin lossy films are inserted in the asymmetrical dielectric cavity at the location of nodes or antinodes of standing wave mode to reserve or absorb the energy...
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The Application Research of Ant Colony Algorithm for Prediction of Bridge Deflection

Xifeng Chen, Zefeng Chen, Shuangjian He, Xiaobo Feng
It is very difficult to predict bridge deflection deformation accurately due to a variety of complex factors. Based on the TSP Ant Colony Algorithm model, combined with the actual deflection of a bridge, the Ant Colony Algorithm model of deflection prediction has eventually been established after determining...
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An Industrial Control Intrusion Detection Method Combining Semi-supervised LDA and PSO-SVM

Liu Zhan, Jie Ling, Peng Lin
In order to improve the accuracy of industrial control intrusion detection, this paper proposes a fusion semi-supervised LDA and PSO-SVM method, using the cumulative contribution rate ω to determine the principal component analysis (PCA) accounted for the proportion of semi-supervised LDA algorithm....
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Crystal Morphology Monitoring based on In-situ Image Analysis of L-glutamic Acid Crystallization

Zhimao Lu, Lin Zhang, Yongming Jiang, Chi Zhang, Guijuan Zhang, Mengzhu Liu
In the process of chemical industry and biological pharmacy, the morphology of the crystal plays a vital role, different morphological characteristics such as shape and size have a direct impact on production. Therefore, this paper proposes a synthetic in-situ image analysis method for monitoring the...
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The Pose Adjustment System of Robotic Arm Adopts Binocular Vision and Machine Iearning

Yabing Ren, Hongyang Yu
In order to solve the problem of rapid positioning of doors, windows and frames existing in the plastering process of the intelligent plastering robot, a pose adjustment system of robotic arm based on binocular vision and machine learning was proposed. The system tested a variety of feature point detection...
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Object Recognition and Location Based on Mask R-CNN and Structured Light Camera

Weipeng Mao, Hongyang Yu
In the indoor construction site scene, binocular cameras rely on natural light in the environment for collecting images. However, with the influence of environmental factors such as changes in illumination angle and changes in illumination intensity, the effect of the binocular vision algorithm is drastically...
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Design and Implementation of Ultrasonic Transducer Detection System Based on STM32

Cong Wu, Dan Liu
In order to quickly and accurately detect the performance of ultrasonic transducers used for reversing radar. An ultrasonic transducer detection system was designed by using the embedded real-time operating system μC/OS-III and graphical user interface software emWin, based on STM32 microcontroller....
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A General Means for Depth Data Error Estimation of Depth Sensors

Qian She, Hongyang Yu
At present the depth error estimation of the RGB-D sensor is aimed at a specific depth camera, the disadvantages of these methods is that it is put forword for a specific sensor and cannot be applied to the other sensors.In order to solve this problem, this paper proposes a general method to estimate...
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Logistics Management System Based on Permissioned Blockchains and RFID Technology

Rong Wang, Wei-Tek Tsai, Juan He, Can Liu, Qi Li, Enyan Deng
In the traditional logistics management system, it usually involves the integration of information flow, transportation, warehousing and security. However, in the actual process, it is not easy to verify and track the goods in transit while responding to emergencies. In addition, due to the lack of transparency,...
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Connotation and Application of Human-like Smart City

Chunsheng Zhang, Guoguang Wang, Zhitong Hou, Zhen Wang, Han Yu
At present, smart city construction has become a global hotspot, so how to build smart city efficiently and accurately has become a problem that needs to be explored and solved. Based on the theory of human-like life, the mapping relationship between basal model and city skeleton, building information...
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The Influence of the Interface Characteristics of Street in Historical and Cultural blocks on the Vitality of the Block

Qian Zeng, Mingyan Zhang, Fen Yuan
The historical and cultural blocks have rich spatial interface characteristics and rich research value. However, after literature review, most of the previous studies have not separated the influence of individual material attributes on neighborhood vitality, so it is impossible to determine which factors...
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Energy Consumption Status and Analysis of Public Buildings in Qingdao

Gang Wang, Liyan Shao, Lelin Fu
Based on Qingdao energy consumption monitoring platform of public buildings, basic information and energy consumption data are analyzed. Energy consumption intensity, features of different types of public buildings and the effect of each subentry energy consumption system on building energy consumption...
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Planning and Spatial Characters of Zhongshan Road District in Shenyang

Yidan Liu, Yiping Zhang, Jing Zhang
In the modern northeastern cities in China, both the Russian and Japanese colonialists adopted urban planning methods to strengthen the form of composition to express their conquering will and political ideal. The historical urban structure has been followed in these cities until now. This paper takes...
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Research on the Behaviour of Public Bicycles in Suzhou City

Tianyu Hu, Yong Zhang
With the increasing environmental pollution, public transportation development is an urgent task. This paper mainly combines the characteristics of Suzhou's public bicycle system to conduct a sample survey of residents in Suzhou, focusing on the individual economic attributes (gender, age, occupation,...
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Study on Traditional Model of Rainwater Harvesting and Utilization in Guanzhong Area of Shaanxi Province

Jin Fu, Bangyan Li
The research mainly studies the types of traditional rainwater harvesting and utilization patterns in Guanzhong area of Shaanxi Province. From the point of view of increasing efficiency and saving resources, study the types and mechanism of public rainwater harvesting facilities in traditional rural...
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Explore the Protection and Development of Zhongshan Road Historic Block in Qingdao from the Perspective of Urban Spatial Structure Renewal

Yakun Wang
Under the new historical conditions, China has entered a "new era". Urban development has gradually changed from an incremental mode to an inventory mode, and urban renewal is becoming the main mode of urban development. Based on the investigation of the basic status quo of crowd structure, public space...
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Reconstructing the Paleoenvironmental Record of the Wuqi Paleolake in the Northern Chinese Loess Plateau

Jiao Guo, Jiansheng Shi, Qiuyao Dong, Wei Wang
Lacustrine sediments can allow useful reconstructions of paleoenvironmental conditions. We collected a 22.39 m sediment core from within the Wuqi Paleolake in the northern Chinese Loess Plateau in order to reconstruct the region’s climatic fluctuations within the Neogene-Quaternary transition. Paleomagnetic,...
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Study on Assessment Method for Heat Resistance of Heat-Resistant Polymer Admixture for well Cementation Based on Ubbelohde Viscosity Meter

Yonghua Gao, Baosheng Zhen, Lei Liu, Shichao Zhang, Guangpeng Xu, Qibing Wu
One important reason why it is hard to ensure quality of high-temperature deep well cementation is that it is hard to ensure the comprehensive performances of cement paste at a high temperature. So far, in most cases, admixtures are used to adjust the high-temperature performances of cement paste, and...
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High Precision and Pose Estimation Based on Improved Point Cloud Algorithm for Noncooperative Targets

Liang Wei, Jia Liu, Guiyang Zhang, Ju Huo
Aiming at protecting the space environment such as removing space debris and repairing malfunctioning targets, it is vital importance to measure the pose of space targets. In this paper we propose a high precision pose estimation algorithm based on point cloud. The optimized Random Sample Consensus (RANSAC)...
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Wavelet Transform and Stacked Sparse Autoencoder Network Based Location Method of Cable Incipient Fault

Shenghui Li, Xue Bai, Henan Dong
Incipient fault of power cables can easily evolve into permanent fault, which endanger the safety and stability of power systems seriously. In order to detect and solve the incipient fault of cables in time, in this paper, a fault location method based on combination of wavelet transform and stacked...
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A Waterway Monitoring Method of Unmanned Surface Vehicle Based on Deep Learning

Yiheng Wu, Xing Li, Zhangjie Yin, Jian Li, Yan Zhou
A waterway monitoring method of unmanned surface vehicle based on deep learning is proposed to help identify ship accidents in real time. Compared with the traditional waterway monitoring method, the use of unmanned surface vehicle is more flexible and the recognition method of deep learning is more...
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Research on Network Public Opinion Analysis Based on Improved K-means Algorithm

Mingzhong Qi, Xiongwei Li
In the network public opinion analysis, the K-means algorithm is sensitive to the initial cluster center and outliers. In order to solve this problem, an improved K-means algorithm for optimizing the initial cluster center is proposed. In the improved K-means algorithm, firstly, the outliers of each...
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Research and Comparison of Laser Radar Vehicle Self-organizing Network Routing Strategy

Zhiqiang Kong, Dong Zhou, Yongxin Xu
In this paper, an optimized and innovative routing strategy[1, 2] is proposed for the current poor quality of the laser radar vehicle self-organizing network communication. First, a plurality of users’ quality evaluation indicators is selected to establish a routing optimization mathematical model. Then,...
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Random Forest Algorithm Based on Genetic Algorithm Optimization for Property-Related Crime Prediction

Tuo Shi, Gao He, Yulei Mu
The property-related crime is an important type of crime, which affects the stability of social order, and presents the characteristic of "high-occurrence but low-breakage". In order to realize the precise prevention against the property-related crime, this paper constructs a large-scale environmental...
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A Static Detection of Inter-Component Communication Vulnerability in Android Application

Yutong Chen
Security issues were found between inter-component communication in Android application: the usage of explicit or implicit intent might give rise to data attack, component hijacking and privilege escalation, etc. in order to detect these problems, a detect method of inter-component communication vulnerability...
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An Android malware detection Approach based on Weisfeiler-Lehman Kernel

Jie Ling, Fangye Chen
The explosive growth of Android malware has caused great harm to users' lives and work. In this work, we propose an Android malware detection approach based on Weisfeiler-Lehman (WL) kernel, which converts malware detection problem into similarity analysis problem of function call graph, and introduce...
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Research on Smart Environmental Protection IoT Application Dased on Edge Computing

Xiaobo Zhang, Zhangqin Huang
Smart environmental protection is the full use of all kinds of environment-related information technology, integrating the thinking and ideas of cutting-edge technology such as big data and cloud computing and other frontier science and technology with the intelligent software and hardware systems based...
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Actor-based Model for Concurrent Byzantine Fault-tolerant Algorithm

Chi Zhang, Rong Wang, Wei-Tek Tsai, Juan He, Can Liu, Qi Li
Consensus mechanism is the core element of blockchain (BC) technology. A good consensus mechanism can improve the performance of BC system and promote the application of BC technology. The most widely used consensus algorithms are Proof of Work (PoW) algorithm and the Proof of Stake (PoS) algorithm....
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A Trusted Supply Chain Management System Based on Permissioned Blockchains

Rong Wang, Wei-Tek Tsai, Juan He, Can Liu, Qi Li, Enyan Deng
At present, the supply chain system has many problems, such as a large number of scattered participants, which make it difficult to centralize management and operation. Also, it is difficult to integrate data and information, and establish trust relationships between parties. To address these problems,...
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Text Generation Based on Empathetic Dialogues between Nurses and Patients

Wenxu Shi, Zuyue Shang, Shengli Bao, Guoyong Li
The communication between nurses and patients plays an important role in medical work. Perception and expression of emotions are key factors in the nurse-patient dialogue system. Using empathy between nurses and patients can make their communication more effective. With the development of artificial...
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Incompressible Projective Smooth Particle Hydrodynamic

Jian Chen
We have improved the micro-compressibility problem of Projective Fluid by seamlessly embedding the Divergence Correction and Density Correction in the DPSPH method into the Projective Fluid framework. Projective fluid is a fast simulation method introduced by Weiler into fluid simulation for various...
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Research on Network Navy Behavior in the Field of Electronic Commerce

Xiaohan Xi, Yingding Zhao
With the development of web2.0, people's daily life is highly informationized, and the network navy has sprung up. It relies on huge amounts of garbage information to gain benefits and form a new industry chain. Among them, the identification of the E-commerce network Navy has become a prominent research...
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Human Pose Estimation Based on Improved Hourglass Networks

Xiaojun Bi, Xuelian Zou
In the problem of human pose estimation of monocular still images, the use of the hourglass network method to solve the human pose estimation problem has become the mainstream, because the model increases the receptive field, so that the model can obtain more context-related information. However, this...
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Secret Sharing Based On Bilinear Mapping

Caifen Wang, Shunchang Su
A new verifiable secret sharing scheme based on bilinear mapping is proposed,the correctness and validation of the scheme are proved, and the security and performance are analyzed and discussed. Compared with most existing schemes, the advantage of this scheme is that participants can verify the correctness...
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Adaptive Image Retrieval Based on Multi-Feature Fusion

Xiaoqian You, Jianghua Si
With the rapid development of technology and the popularity of the Internet, a large number of image datasets have been produced in various industries. It is difficult to quickly search for a desired image in a large number of image datasets, so it is very meaningful to design an efficient image retrieval...
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Research on Influence of Rail Fastener Failure on Vertical Interaction between Wheel and Rail

Daolai Cheng, Xiaoxue Wu, Peigang Li, Peng Shen
In this paper, the reasons for the failure of the fastener, the performance characteristics of the fastener and the importance of the fastener system to the stability of the track are briefly introduced. Based on the effect of the fastener failure on the wheel and rail, a vehicle track vertical coupled...
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Imaging Model of Missile-borne Linear Array Scanning Lidar Based on a Fast Algorithm for Ray Intersection

Qishu Qian, Yihua Hu, Nanxiang Zhao, Minle Li, Fucai Shao
Due to cost and realistic feasibility limitations, the current research on laser active imaging guidance technology is based on simulation models. In this paper, the complete process of laser emission, target reflection and detector reception are modeled and simulated, and finally the range image is...
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An Analysis on Optimizing Full and Part Routes of Urban Rail Transit under Peak Times

Jing Li, Mei Han, Guifeng Gao, Yifang Yan, Zijian Wang
The cross-section passenger flow of urban rail transit has a large difference in space during the peak times and the operation mode of full and part routes should be adopted. By analyzing the passenger flow in the peak times, aiming at the minimum cost of the enterprise and the passenger waiting time,...
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Elevator Group Control Method Based on Face Recognition

Mingji Yang, Zhen Huang
In order to further improve the efficiency of elevator service, this paper uses the method of face recognition to obtain the number of elevators. In the case of known number of elevators, the elevators in the elevator group are dispatched through the integration of elevator operation status and elevator...
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A Space Station Dynamic Mission Planning Based on Multi-objective Constraint Values

Dan Chen, Wei Cheng, Yanchao Gao
A dynamic mission planning method based on multi-objective constraint values is designed for the situation in case of emergent mission happens to space station in orbit. A space station dynamic mission planning model is described based on the ontology model, and the comprehensive evaluation function...
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A New Object Detection Method in Indoor Scenes Based on Spatial Distance Clustering

Dianyuan Wu, Kai Xu
3D object detection is one of the important problems in machine vision. With the increasing popularity of depth camera, 3d object detection in point cloud has become a research hotspot of 3D vision. The irregular format of point cloud makes the traditional deep learning method based on image convolution...
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Decision Algorithm for Heterogenous Internet of Vehicles

Qiong Wu, Xinmiao Lu, Ya Wang
In the fast-moving Internet of Vehicles (IoV), the handovers may fail frequently and the network throughput may decline due to the excessive speed of vehicles and the uneven distribution of terminals. To solve these problems, this paper puts forward a vertical handover decision algorithm based on the...
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A Novel Maze Representation Approach for Finding Filled Path of A Mobile Robot

Changgang Zheng, Han Liu, Mengyu Ge, Yilin Liu
Finding a way in a given maze is a common problem for mobile robots. Many routing algorithms are presented to solve the maze, but they usually propose a theoretical algorithm which can not be well applied to realistic problem. The biggest obstacle to practical use is to build the model in accordance...
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A Pre-distortion Method For 64APSK

Zijian Li, Jinshu Chen
This paper investigated the nonlinear distortion of high-order modulated signals generated at high power amplifiers(HPA) in remote sensing satellite communications. An improved pre-distortion structure is proposed for the problems existing in traditional methods, and an adaptive adjustment algorithm...
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Research on 3D Measurement Technology of Substation Based on Monitoring Image Processing

Dawei Wang, Gang Yang, Na Zhang, Tao Jin, Yu Han, Haihong Li
Aiming at the problems of hard modeling and low-efficiency of safety control in substation, a new method that based on image processing is proposed in this paper. Calculating the collected images which is getting by existing monitoring equipment of the substation, and the coordinates of the equipment...
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Human Action Recognition on Cellphone Using Compositional Bidir-LSTM-CNN Networks

Jiahao Wang, Qiuling Long, PiRahc, Kexuan Liu, Yingzi Xie
Recently,the multimoal and high dimensional sensor data are prone to problems such as artificial error and time- consuming acquisition processes, especially in supervised human activity recognition. Therefore,this study proposes an activity recognition framework called compositional Bidir-LSTM-CNN Networks,which...
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Traction of Students' Curriculum Information Based on Association Rule Optimization

Zhe Zhou, Yong Ouyang, Yawen Zeng
In colleges and universities, the data on student’s performance are numerous. However, these data are often not well utilized and only served as a query. In order to make better use of these data, this paper will improve the traditional association rules and dig into the course performance information....
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Influencing Factors of Continuous Participation Behavior of Crowdsourcing Logistics Contractors

Yinyan Zhang
The crowdsourcing logistics public participation in crowdsourcing logistics is divided into the initial participation phase and the continuous participation phase after participation. Among them, the continuous participation phase after participation is the key to the success of the crowdsourcing logistics...
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Research on Furniture Distribution and Installation Vehicle Scheduling Considering Multiple Service Modes

Hongwei Zhou
With the transformation of e-commerce into the furniture industry and the transformation of consumption patterns, the large-scale, non-standard and fragile characteristics of furniture products poses a huge challenge to product delivery. Furniture products often have installation properties, and professional...
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Operation Organization of Express/Local Train for Urban Rail Transit

Yang He, Leyi Wang
The operation organization of express/local train for urban rail transit is widely used nowadays. In order to improve service level of passengers for urban rail transit, this paper establishes an optimal express/local train stop schedule plan model, taking express/local train frequencies, the express...
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Analysis of Influence of Underpass Express Way on Elevated Railway’s Displacement

Peng Li, Qingwen Ma, Xufeng Wei
The situation that expressway crosses the express railway is of frequent occurence.A necessary premise of constructing expressway is to guarantee already used express railway works normally and orderly, this paper introduces the monitoring ways and data processing methods towards a underpass expressway....