Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Educational Management and Administration (CoEMA 2017)

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Partnership of Parents and Madrasah to Realize the Quality of Education

Raden Raden Bambang Sumarsono
This study aims to describe (1) parent and school partnership model, and (2) strategy to build partnership with parents. This research uses qualitative research type with phenomenology approach. Research design using case study. Data collection was conducted through in-depth interviews, observations,...
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The Application of Instructional Management Based Lesson Study and its Impact with Student Learning Achievement

Imam Imam Gunawan
The purpose of this study is: (1) to describe the process of instructional management based lesson study; and (2) improving of student achievement by applying instructional management based lesson study. The research method used is a classroom action research, which is implemented with two cycles, namely...
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Regrouping of Schools within One Complex and Teacher Redistribution to Attain Equitable Management and Distribution of Teachers

Teguh Teguh Triwiyanto
This research aimed to describe and explore the regrouping of schools within one complex and teacher redistribution to attain equitable management and distribution of teachers. The research located in Ngawi Regency, East Java. The data collection was performed through in-depth interview, observation,...
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The Implementation of Asset Management Concept in Education Institution

Asep Asep Sunandar, Djum Djum Djum Noor Benty
Asset management concept has been implemented in many institutions including educational institution. The implementation of that concept in Indonesia is done by integrating it with education facility management. Educational institution is a non-profit organization that implies to the differences of asset...
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Training on Swishmax Application to Improve Elementary School Teachers' Professional Competences

Arvido Arvido Deca Verdian, Erine Erine Anida Putri, Nanda Nanda Riski Septania, Yeni Yeni Purwaningtyas
Along with technological advancement, it is expected that teachers can utilize it in learning process. Teachers are required to rule over many things in order to be able to manage the learning process becomes attractive, meaningful and fun, because the quality of the learning process is in the hands...
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School Principal's Leadership Behavior in Psychology Perspective

Vonny Vonny Angelia Sudharta, Amalia Amalia Rosidah, Maria Maria Mujiati
The purpose of this study was to describe the characteristics of principal leadership, to describe the psychological characteristics of the principal's leadership, and to design the leadership model of the principal in a psychological perspective. The research was conducted in Public Senior High School...
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Implementation of Principal Personality Competency as a Change Agent on School Achievement in Remote Area One Roof School

Juharyanto Juharyanto
This study aims to describe the implementation of the competence of the principal's personality as an agent of change in the school achievement. This research was conducted by using the qualitative approach of the phenomenological type with multi case design. Data collection techniques are conducted...
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Community Participation in Improving Educational Quality

Desi Desi Eri Kusumaningrum, Nurul Nurul Ulfatin, Maisyaroh Maisyaroh, Teguh Teguh Triwiyanto, Imam Imam Gunawan
This research aimed to identify the role of community in improving educational quality terms of giving advice, support, controlling, and mediator. The location of research is at elementary schools of Batu City. The sampling was done proportionally from 20 schools by using grouping technique. Questionnaires...
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The Development of Teaching Material Based on Savi Approach on "Tembang Dolanan" Material for Elementary School Students

Panji Panji Kuncoro Hadi, Endang Endang Sri Maruti, Hartini Hartini
The purpose of this research is to develop teaching material of SAVI approach on play song " tembang dolanan" material for elementary school students in Madiun Residency. This development research refers to the 4-D method. The research started from February 2017 until November 2017. The research data...
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Analysis of Educational Leadership Principles by Student Perception

Kusmintardjo Kusmintardjo, Ahmad Ahmad Nurabadi
Studies and research on leadership continue to flourish, and from this emerges various leadership approaches and theories. Most of the leadership approaches and theories developed over the past half century have emphasized the characteristics of leaders. As one of the earliest approaches or theories...
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Effects of Social Networking Media to the Academic Performance of the Students

Remedios Remedios C. Kulidtod, Nahida Nahida S. Pasagui
Social networking media has been the major source of communication between individuals in the world over, hence, the label cyber-world. This includes Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Instagram, Flicker, Frienster, Blogs, Podcast, Youtube, Tumblr and Skype, among others. Users of these forms of media made...
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Television Viewing Habits and Bullying of Intermediate Grade School Children

Khadiguia Khadiguia Ontok-Balah, Malt, Jessica Jessica C. Garcia
One of the main factors which influence the children while watching cartoons is violence as it is a vital part of most of the cartoon programs. Through this, children are induced and attracted of violent contents (Hassan and Daniyal, 2013). Studies have shown that children's television programs shown...
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Special Service Management of School Library

Wildan Wildan Zulkarnain
The focus of the research is to describe the specific service management processes in the school library SMPN 2 Malang. The research approach is qualitative with case study type. Data collection using interview techniques, observation, and documentation. Researchers serve as a key instrument that acts...
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Teaching Performance Improvement through the Application of Knowledge Management and Teachers Capacity Building

Suryadi Suryadi
This study aimed to describe and analyze the knowledge management and capacity development of teachers. Analytic descriptive method with quantitative approach used in this study on 225 participant. The result: There is a significant effect simultaneously knowledge management, capacity building of teachers...
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Implementation of School Management Inclusive Education Institutions

Dian Dian Fajarwati
The article entitled Implementation of School Management of Inclusive Education Institutions examines the implementation of school management that provides educational services appropriate to children's learning needs. The school of inclusive education is a manifestation of the implementation of the...
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School Cooperatives Management of Business Vocational High School

Sri Sri Zulaihati, Santi Santi Susanti
This research seeks to help the business continuity of the school cooperative, to solve the problem of cooperative sustainability as a learning center for students to improve the quality of education and relevance to the business world, access, efficiency and relevance of education to make higher competence...
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Academic Achievement of Students not only Depends on the Process of Teaching and Learning but also Effectiveness of Staff Management

Omari Omari Hemedi Makore, Hamidu Hamidu Saleh Shukuru
It is known that the academic achievement is obtained after process of teaching and learning take place. It also depends on the enrichment of input and output of educational aspect to predict the outcome. The school management is the main workforce and machinery to manage the teaching and learning for...
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Discover Children's Passions and Environmental Respect through Management of Eco Life Skills Learning

Dwi Dwi Rahmah Hidayati, Agus Agus Timan, Desi Desi Eri Kusumaningrum
Teachers and educational policy makers with interest in the children's welfare are in position to lay strong foundation for sustainable living in world crises, nowadays. To do this, teachers in Sanggar Flamboyan Muharto Malang City have been developing Eco Life Skills Learning Programme for primary age...
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Principal's Charismatic Leadership in Vocational Teachers Supervision Based on Islamic Boarding School

Fathurrahman Fathurrahman
The principal's charismatic leadership are effective in carrying out managerial leadership, carrying out school tasks, interacting with school personnel and mobilizing school organizations. Principal's ability and charisma can be seen in managing and motivating teachers, employees, and students in achieving...
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Internal Quality Assurance Implementation Model as Organizational Quality Assurance Implementation

Sunarni Sunarni
The purposes of research are to: (1) find out internal quality assurance implementation model; and (2) offer internal quality assurance model as effective organizational quality assurance implementation at kindergarten. This research uses qualitative approach with multi-cases design. Data collection...
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Implementation of the Value of Mutual Cooperation through Local Wisdom in Petik Laut District Mayangan Probolinggo City in Social Studies

Abdul Abdul Halim, Ludfi Ludfi Arya Wardana
The purpose of this research to describe: (1) learning the values of mutual cooperation in the social studies grade IV SDN Mayangan I, Probolinggo, (2) the values of local wisdom Petik Laut District of Mayangan Probolinggo city, (3) the implementation of the values of mutual cooperation through local...
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Educational Management for Elementary Based on Baiquniyyah Koranic School

Ahmad Ahmad Agung Yuwono Putro, Suyanto Suyanto, Yoyon Yoyon Suryono
This research aims at analyzing education being held in the elementary school based on the principles of Baiquniyyah Koranic School. The elementary school has a purpose to direct the students' potential development based on the religious understanding. This school has two blended views, the formal and...
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Implementation of School-Based Management Program in Public Elementary School

Djum Djum Djum Noor Benty, Achmad Achmad Supriyanto
This study aims to describe the implementation of school-based management (SBM) program in public elementary school in Blitar City, East Java Province. This study uses a quantitative approach and is included in the type of descriptive research. Source of data in this study is the principal of public...
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Influence of Training Promotion of Sustainable Principles of Head of Supervision Field of Academic and Mentoring Supervision for Supervision Academic

Akhmad Akhmad Murbawi, Agustina Agustina Rahmi
The purpose of this research is to know the influence caused by training of professional development of principal of academic supervision and supervisor supervising on the management of academic supervision on SD pilot project in East Banjarmasin Subdistrict. The method used is quantitative descriptive...
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Leadership Values in Madurasee Culture

Ahmad Ahmad Yusuf Sobri
The research objectives were to describe cultures and leadership values in Madura culture, implications of leadership values espoused by Madura community in society collective life, and construction of leadership values applied by the Madura community in the life of modern society. The study used qualitative...
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School Principal as Leader of Change: Autoethnography on How to Make School Principals to be Effective Change Leader in Good School

Ibrahim Ibrahim Bafadal
This study aims to reconstruct efforts of the author in 20 years (1996-2016) to make the principals to be effective leaders of change in learning so that schools be good. This study was conducted at four school, that are Islamic kindergarten, elementary school, junior high school, and senior high school...
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The Principal's Strategy in Improving Teacher's Professionalism on Underdeveloped Area

Nur Nur Hasanah, Kusmintardjo Kusmintardjo
Professionals are teachers who effectively master the subject matter and skills and have good teaching skills. Effective teachers have good teaching strategies and are supported by goal-setting methods, teaching design and classroom management. They know how to motivate, communicate and get along effectively...
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Minangkabau Culture and its Implementation at Padang Restaurant Management in Yogyakarta Indonesia

Henny Henny Welsa, Lathifah
The research was intended to identify the cultural factors that influenced entrepreneurship, business skills, and performance of Padang restaurant business in Yogyakarta Special Region. It is expected that the research will directly encourage entrepreneurship in Indonesia and provide a solution to the...
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Design of Superior School Paradigm and Model Acceptance of New Student through School Reform

Taufiq Taufiq Harris
The movement of education quality improvement through school reform by creating a superior school paradigm design and new student acceptance model (PPDB) has a strategic position to condition the school to keep abreast of developments and changing times, so as to have the ability to adjust the new paradigm...
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The Supervision of Multicultural Based Learning on Early Childhood Educational Institutions

Ahmad Ahmad Samawi
This study aimed to describe the supervision of multicultural based learning on educational institutions early childhood. This research used descriptive research design. The population was all teachers of kindergarten / PAUD in the city of Malang. The research sample as much as 20% taken area random...
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Implementing Principal Leadership on Parenting Program at Early Childhood Education

Imron Imron Arifin
Principal leadership in constructing school and family ties in the education of children in schools through a parenting program is important and necessary to support and encourage the growth and development of children. Parenting programs in early childhood mean that children's education is not only...
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Effectiveness of Education for Knowledge use of Genitalia Antiseptics for Adolescents

Dwi Dwi Sogi Sri Redjeki, Hendy Agus Rochyanto
This study aims to determine the level of effectiveness before and after being given education about the use of antiseptic genitals to know about young girls in Senior High School 11 Banjarmasin (SMAN 11 Banjarmasin). Research using Quantitative approach with Pre-Experimental Design method and One Group...
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The Analysis of Welfare and Working Satisfaction on the Productive Working Behavior

Hariyono Hariyono, Ery Ery tri Djatmika R. W. W., Budi Budi Eko Soetjipto, Hari Hari Wahyono
This SMEs in its development has faced numerous problems related to the limitations of workers with high skills (low quality of human resources) and unmotivated employee productive behavior. Unmotivated productive behavior contributes to low employee productivity. Motivating employees to behave productively...
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Dissecting Humor on David Sedaris' Me Talk Pretty One Day by Applying General Theory of Verbal Humor

Sujono Sujono
Understanding and perceiving humor in narrative text is not unproblematic. This is not only we have to know the background knowledge of the humor but also understanding the structure of humor in narrative text. As the winner of the Thurber Prize for American Humor at 2001, David Sedaris 'Me Talk Pretty...
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School-Based Management for Generating Improved Learning Outcomes of All Pupils by Improving Good Teaching and Learning Practices

Suyata Suyata
Simply decreeing that government transferring authority power and responsibility and accountability education matters to school and community would be unlikely resulting in the improved school quality. Even good policies accompanied with good new structural arrangement of school organization would be...
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Needs Analysis in the Fulfillment of Standards for Educators

Muhammad Muhammad Ardiansyah
This study employed a qualitative approach. The focus of this descriptive single case study was developed by the researcher. This study was aimed to describe the projection of needs in a principal preparation program held by the Department of Education in Pangkajene Islands South Sulawesi. Data was collected...
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System Management of Internal Quality Assurance for College at the University of Islam Balitar Blitar Indonesia

Anang Anang Dwi Putransu Aspranawa, Dyah Dyah Pravitasari
Quality assurance is the process of determining and fulfilling quality standards with consistent, systematic and sustainable management, to meet the needs of internal stakeholders and external stakeholders. Universities are qualified if they are able to realize their vision through the implementation...
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Correlation of Leadership Behavior of School Headmasters and Organizational Climate on Teacher Job Satisfaction at Public Elementary Schools

Muhammad Muhammad Yuliansyah
This study found some evidences of a significant relationship between headmaster leadership behavior and organizational climate on teacher work satisfaction. This finding does not contradict with what was written by Qazwini (2008) that climate can affect job satisfaction, which refers to Herzberg's statement...
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Personal Values and Social Skills Student MTS and its Development in Curriculum and School Program

Nurul Nurul Ulfatin, Amat Amat Mukhadis
Personal and social skills are two types of dimensions of life skills that are often overlooked in the school curriculum. For MTs students, both are key skills to facilitate the formation of rational and balanced behavior between inside and outside the classroom. The results showed: (1) personal values...
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Comprehension, Attitudes, Obstacles, and Endeavors of University Students Dealing with Scientific Paper Publication as a Passing Requirement

Achmad Achmad Supriyanto, Raden Raden Bambang Sumarsono
The present study is aimed to investigate comprehension, attitudes, obstacles, and endeavors of university students when dealing with scientific paper publication as a passing requirement. This is a descriptive study. The population and sample are students who are currently struggling with scientific...
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Customer Satisfaction Reviewed from Problem Based Learning, Leadership and Alumni Concern

Slameto Slameto, Bambang Bambang Suteng Sulasmono, Krisma Krisma Widi Wardani
This study aims to measure the level of satisfaction of graduates of Satya Wacana Salatiga Christian University's Education Management Master Program and identify the determinants of user satisfaction of the graduates in question, which of them is leadership, environmental awareness and problem solving...
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Risk of Children's Violence by Social and Demographical Factors in Slum Area Surabaya Indonesia

Aristiana Aristiana Prihatining Rahayu
Nowdays more and more cases of abuse against children, whether physical, verbal, emotional, or sexual. Some factors that could be the cause of abuse against children include family dysfunction, economic factors, and misperceptions about how to educate children. Based on data from the Ministry of Women...
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Management of Inclusive Education Institutions

Umi Umi Saiful Ummah, Sinta Sinta Yuni Susilawati, Rizqi Rizqi Fajar P, Dimas Dimas Arif D
The purpose of this study is to obtain a description of the scope of management covering curriculum management, student management, facilities and infrastructure management, personnel management and education, financial management, school relationship management with the community, and special service...
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Perceptions of Parents, Students, and Teachers of Pikit National High School, Pikit, Cotabato on the Implementation of the K to 12 Program of the Department of Education

Dialica Dialica Laguidong, Al-jomer Al-jomer Kanapia Buda
This study sought to determine the perceptions of the teachers, students and parents on the K to12 program of the Philippine government. It utilized the descriptive research design in getting the information from the 100 selected respondents (30 teachers, 40 students and 30 parents). The study was conducted...
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Management of Higher Education Character in Global Era

Ika Ika Korika Swasti
This study aims to describe and explain the strategy to build the character of universities in UPN "Veteran" East Java. Using a qualitative approach with a single case study. Data were collected through interviews, observation, documentation and data analysis of qualitative descriptive. The final conclusion...
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School-Based Management in Indonesian Basic Education: Good Practices in the Past

Laurens Laurens Kaluge, Lilik Lilik Kustiani
Good practices of school-based management had been implemented in Indonesia almost two decades particular in basic education programs. However, it was still difficult to pinpoint certain program in a certain circumstances as the exemplary for others. The objectives were clarifying such kind of difficulties....
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Market Segmentation of Industry-Education Partnership Classes

Dwi Dwi Kartikasari
Batam State Polytechnic has just opened industry-oriented classes in 2015. These classes are manifestation of industry-education partnerships for mutual benefits. Because they are relatively new, the management of Batam State Polytechnic does not have the right marketing strategy to attract prospective...
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The Implementation of Children Literature Instruction in Elementary School

Muh M. Arafik
This study aims at obtaining comprehensive description of the implementation of children literature instruction in Penanggungan Elementary School in Malang. It employs qualitative approach. Instruments used to gather data are interview, participatory observation, and documentation study. Data are analyzed...
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Demystifying the Perspectives of School Principals as Leaders of Curriculum Change: The Case of Indonesia

Munifah Munifah
Whenever there is a policy of applying a new curriculum, there is always support and opposition, and so too did this happen when the 2013 Curriculum (K13) was applied in Indonesia. All this time the success of the application of a new curriculum has only been linked with the role of the teacher as the...
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The Influence of Principal Managerial Competency toward Teachers Productivity with Mediation of Organizational Citizenship Behavior and Interpersonal Communication

Fitriani Fitriani Harahap, Rusdinal Rusdinal
This research was aimed at determining the influence of principal managerial competency toward teachers productivity with mediation of Citizenship Behavior (OCB) and Interpersonal Communication in State Vocational High School (SMK) South Tapanuli, North Sumatera. This research was mix research. Instruments...
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The Relation of Educational Supervision and Teacher's Teaching Skills

Maisyaroh Maisyaroh, Bambang Bambang Budi Wiyono, Burhanuddin Burhanuddin, Ach. Ach. Rasyad
The development of science and technology demands teachers to provide better education to the students and appropriate with the demands. One way to encourage teachers to develop their abilities can be performed through educational supervision. This study is aimed at identifying the correlation between...
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The Situational Behavior Orientation of Instructional Supervision: A Multisite Study

Supriyono Supriyono, Ali Ali Imron, Imron Imron Arifin, Kusmintardjo Kusmintardjo
This study was aimed at disclosing the instructional behavior orientation at public middle schools in Blitar, East Java, Indonesia. The focuses of this study were: (1) design of the instructional supervision behavior orientation, (2) implementa-tion of the instructional supervision behavior orientation,...
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The Contribution of University Input Scores through Joint Selection for State Universities Admission (SBMPTN) towards the Students' Learning Outcomes

Sulthoni Sulthoni
The aim of this research is to examine the distribution of the university input scores through SBMPTN towards the students' learning outcomes. This research used quantitative approach with correlational descriptive design. The research population of this study were the university students from the class...
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The Relationship between Attitude toward Profession of Teacher and Library Service with Learning Motivation and Achievement of Students

Agus Agus Sugianto, Bambang Bambang Budi Wiyono, Ali Ali Imron, Imron Imron Arifin
Research aims to describe and explain directly and indirectly the relationship of the attitude to profession of teacher, quality of lecturer's skill in teaching, library service with learning motivation and learning achievement of Sekolah Tinggi Keguruan dan Ilmu Pendidikan (STKIP) students in East Java....