Proceedings of the 2014 International Conference on Economic Management and Trade Cooperation

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Optimization of Bi-level Distribution Network System Based Fuzzy Multi-objective Decision-making Model Analysis

Li Sha, Liao Zhi-Gao, Huang Jie-Hong, Huang Nai-Chuan
We research a bi-level distribution network system consisted by a manufacturer, and several distribution centers and distribution points of the distribution system, taking into account transportation costs, and the cost of goods, inventory costs, optimize the distribution network, has established a relatively...
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Research on Motivation Tactics of Middle School Teachers from the Perspective of Occupation Happiness

Li Min
Teachers are the honest executors of the school's teaching plan and teaching goal, and they are the most precious for school survival and development of human resources. How to find the right breakthrough point to stimulate, further development and manage, which is the school administrators and education...
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The Flipped Classroom–Advantages and Challenges

Du Shi-Chun, Fu Ze-Tian, Wang Yi
The flipped classroom has become increasing prevalent in higher education, and more traditional courses will likely employ the element of the flipped classroom to supplement out-of-class work with video presentations. In particular, the rapid development of mobile devices will put rich educational resources...
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Proactive Personality and Career Success: A Person-organization Fit Perspective

Sun Bo, Zeng Zi-Jing
Drawing upon the prior Person-Organization Fit literature, this paper reviews the conceptualization and measurement of both proactive personality and career success, and furthermore analyzes the integrative model of them from person-organization fit perspective. Finally, this article maps out future...
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Moran's I Tests for Spatial Dependence in Panel Data Models with Time Varying Spatial Weights Matrices

Ou Bian-Ling
Moran's I statistic is the most popular test for spatial dependence. When spatial weights matrices are substantially varying over time, Moran's I test based on a time invariant spatial weights matrix may cause substantial bias. This paper first investigates Moran's I tests for spatial dependence in panel...
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The Study of the Symbol Attributes in Product Design

Hu Rui-Bo, Zhang Xiao-Song, Suo Xin-Yu, Hu Yuan
This thesis analyzes the concept of semiotics. From arbitrariness of the symbol, this thesis classifies it as the signifier and signified. While on the analysis of the symbol’s attribute of sociality, this thesis regards the symbol as an important tool to help people thinking and conduct social communication....
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Applied Research on Design Semiotics

Hu Rui-Bo, Zhang Xiao-Song, Suo Xin-Yu, Hu Yuan
study the concept of design semiotics, analyze the “significance system”, “one stands for another”, “truth system and generalization system” and the “syntax rules of symbol “ of symbol, combine the case of product design, analyze the value of symbol in product design, obtain three basic functions of...
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Discussion on the Coordination of Aesthetics and Ergonomics Based on the Self-express in Product Design

Wang Jiao-Jiao, He Can-Qun, Xu Wen-Jing
The evaluation standard of product design is different for people, region, environment, which affected by many factors, especially the coordination between aesthetics and Ergonomics. Only by coordinating their relationship rationally can highlight its advantage in market competition. This article mainly...
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The Alternative Evaluation of Inter-city Railway in Regional Integrated Transport Corridor

Gu Yuan-Li, Song Xi
First of all, Based on the analysis of traffic demand of inter-city channel and the function of the inter-city railway, the alternative evaluation system which include the factor of technical, economic and sustainable development is established. Then, the alternative evaluation method of inter-city railway...
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The Folk Flavor of Food of Dongting Lake Area in China

Liu Fei-Long, Din Si-Yan
DongTing Lake area is located in the north of Hunan province of china and known as the hometown of fish and rice. For a long time, "HuGuang cooked, the world is adequate," saying more widelycirculated. So it is certainly rich in products that can certainly promote the development of folk of rich and...
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Selection of Extended Products in Cross Type Extension Based on Fuzzy Grey Relational Clustering Analysis

Wang Su-Zhou
Considering that the selection of extended products in cross type extension is influenced by much of uncertain or fuzzy information, a new quantitative evaluation model, namely comprehensive evaluation model of selection of extended products in cross type extension is established by combining fuzzy comprehensive...
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An Empirical Analysis on Enterprise Microblog

Zhang Nan, Chai Yue-Ting, Sun Hong-Bo
As a promising social medium, Sina microblog has been adopted to enlarge their social networks and to prompt their products by more and more enterprises. This paper gives an empirical analysis about information spread of enterprises microblog, discovers the reason why users forward information, describes...
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The teaching content improvement within the hierarchical practical teaching system of accounting profession in independent colleges——Taking the accounting profession of Jiangcheng College, China University of Geosciences as an example

Cheng Hui-Ling, Wen Ying-Jie, Yao Yu-Jian
Practical teaching plays a more and more important role in the process of applied talents training. Taking accounting of Jiangcheng College, China University of Geosciences as an example, this paper expounds the prominent problems in its practical teaching, and puts forward ideas of improving the teaching...
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The Option of College Students in Entrepreneurship Models Under the Micro-economic Environment

Yin Chao-Hua, Chen Yu-Hua, Li Cong
As a new economy of innovation, micro-economy is "the power of growth" in the future society. Under micro-economic environment, college students are not only facing with serious employment situation but also having opportunities to start own business. College students choose micro entrepreneurship under...
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The Game Analysis of Development Investment Mode Selection in Lower Permeability Oilfield

Liu Yan-Chun, Jiang Wei-Dong, Ma Qing-Xi, Wang Li-Ping, Yan Jian-Jun
A commissioned development and cooperative development is the main and commonly used form of foreign lower permeability oilfield development. In the case of information asymmetry, in the process of cooperation and game, permeability, recovery rate and yield are all elements and the interests of both...
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Study and Practice on Farmer-Participate-to-Experience-Type Agricultural Extension Method

Cao Cheng-Zhong, Luo Chang-Shou, Zhang Jun-Feng, Zou Guo-Yuan, Zuo Qiang, Wu Zhong-Zhi, Wang Rui
Effect of agricultural technology extension depends largely on the farmers' participation and acceptance. This paper constructed farmer-participate-to-experience-type agricultural extension method from the participation subjects, objects selection, participation mode, achievements selection, team organization,...
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Functional Equivalence Applied in the Translation of Poems

Ma Yu-Ting
As a translation theory, Nida’s functional equivalence theory plays an important role in translation study. It guides us to the true nature and methods of translation. Poetry, a necessary genre in the field of literature, has been regarded as the very essence of art. Translation of this genre weighs...
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Design and Implementation of Students' Information Management System (SIMS) Based on ASP

Yang Cheng-Hui
The graduation project is based on B/S three-tier management system, which uses ASP technology and takes the main script language by VbScript. What system's database use is Microsoft Office Access. System consists of system management, school register management, performance management, account management,...
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A Kind of Design and Application on the Internet of Things Technology

Yang Cheng-Hui
The main topic of this paper is content on campus network technology application and design, this paper introduces the concepts, development thing networking history and the technical architecture, RFID technology is regarded as a thing of the key technology, and network application in campus thing networking...
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Guangxi ’s Logistics Distribution Network Based on the Theory of the Uncertainty Decision-making Model

Hua Qing, Liao Zhi-Gao, Tang Sheng-Jie, Qiu Hui
In the area of modern physical distribution, vehicle routing problem has become the focal point in the research. During the process of transportation, efficient and the reasonable vehicles travel route not only can reduce the overall cost significantly, but also improve customer’s satisfaction. This...
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A Corpus-based Empirical Study on the Use of Get by English Majors

Zhang Li-Xia
The study of English lexical competence has been the concern of many linguists and foreign language teachers in recent years. With a corpus-based contrastive interlanguage analysis, this study reveals the differences of English word get used by Chinese EFL learners compared with native speakers in terms...
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Research on Internet of Things-based Virtual Logistics Enterprises Performance Evaluation

Zhang Hong-Xia
Virtual Logistics Enterprise is a dynamic alliance in the logistics industry. Virtual Logistics Enterprise transaction process is virtualized. The members of Virtual Logistics Enterprise dispersed in different regions. And during the project period, they do not belong to any organization. This makes...
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Research on Role of Cloud Computing in Optimization of Supply Chain Management

Zhang Hong-Xia
In the network era, the concept of supply chain management is a customer-centric. Through the analysis of the customer's actual needs and the prediction of the customers' future needs to pull the products and services. Based on such idea, many new modern supply chain management strategies constantly...
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Research on Working Language Management of Overseas Chinese Company

Liu Li, Li Le-Xuan
This paper demonstrates the language use in the projects of overseas Chinese companies, which shows complexity and diversity in the language situation. With in-depth individual interview in W project in Kazakhstan Branch Company of a large domestic oil and gas company, it’s found that it is more important...
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Study on the Evaluation and Operation Efficiency of Elevator Service Quality Based on MATLAB

Fan Sheng-Li
The statistical characteristic of lift transport system is the statistics laws which study the lift traffic with the statistical methods. The rate of 5-minute load (CE), the number of lift(N), the average aperture time(AI), the time of average travel(AP) and the acceleration distance(Sa) are the parameters...
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Research on the Optimization of Water Resource for the First Phase of the Central Route of the South-north Water Diversion Project

Zheng Xiao, Zheng Chui-Yong, Zhao Min
Ministry of Water Resources and the State Water Diversion Office issued a "optimal allocation of water diversion project together key technologies," the research main results will be introduced .This manuscript seeks to analyze the guiding ideology, the basic principles, decision variables, and constraints,...
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Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SEMs) Supply Chain Coordinative Innovation Motivations

Wen Ping-Chuan, Shi Chen-Min
Small and medium-sized enterprises should take innovation activities if they will get development well, at the same time, making collaboration with other firms is the key for their innovation. This paper discusses several different motivations for SEMs supply chain to make innovative collaboration: (1)...
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On the Civil Liability for Acts of Violating Personal Information

Wu Shan
Personal information as a strategic resource of the most valuable in the 20th century, the importance of it does not have words to say. However, our country has no a “Personal Information Protection Law “to regulate the collection, processing and use of information, often resulting in an embarrassing...
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The Model of Cost Optimization in Sales Process

Chen Xin-Yi
This paper puts forward a method for optimizing sales cost of a special kind of sales with randomicity. This method transforms stochastic optimization into a determinable one. It has two steps: first, by the means of mean sales amount, the problem is transformed into a discrete variate optimization one...
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The Influence of Workplace Friendship for Female Employees’ Career Success in the Logistics Industry

Gao Jing, Wu Jing-Jing
An increasing number of women are pursuing self-realization in the workplace because of the opening of society. With more fierce competition and gender pressure, the female’s career success will be affected by more complex factors. In this paper, we used structural equation model to test the relationship...
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Forecasting Analysis of Carbon Emission from China’s Coal-fired Power Enterprises Based on the Logistic Model

Qu Shu, Guan Long
As the biggest carbon emission country in the world, China has to pay more attention on environmental issues. Coal-fired power enterprises are the major sources of carbon emissions in China. How to predict and analyze the carbon emissions of China’s coal-fired power enterprises is a critical issue in...
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How to Break Through the “Cascade Effect” to Realize the Industrial Structure Optimization——Based on the Consideration of Huawei’s Binary Interaction Mode of Industry Upgrading

Shu Xing, Huo Wei-Dong
China is confronted with the difficulty of breaking through the “cascade effect” under globalization background. This paper argues that different division level between developing countries and developed countries is the root to cause “cascade effect”. In order to promote industrial structure optimization,...
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The Research on the Interactive Interface Design in Self-express Service System(SESS)

Xu Wen-Jing, He Can-Qun, Wang Jiao-Jiao
With the development of online shopping,higher delivery efficiency has been required. Combined with the"Self-express Service System Design based on University City",the paper expresses the self-express service system design from the concept,development,the interactive interface design and the significance...
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Study on Replication of Routines in Organizations Based on Organization Ambidexterity Competence

Chen Yan-Liang, Gao Chuang
From the micro-perspective, the paper deeply analyzes the replication mechanism of routines, important value creation strategy, in order to solve the "replication dilemma" in the new environment. The paper researches on the connotation of routines based on knowledge, classify it as knowledge template,...
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The Study on Distribution of Research Data Repositories Based on Resources Directory Websites

Zhou Zhi-Feng
This paper thinks Research Data Repositories are vital platforms and tools for sharing and accessing research data. This paper analyzes the resources directory websites of research data repositories and discusses the distribution of research data repositories by online survey and statistical analysis...
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Optimization in Oil Pipelines Arrangement with Fermat Problem

Wei Dong-Ping, Zhao Hong-Ya, Lei Tian-Li
The problem of optimization gas or oil pipelines arrangement can be converted into Fermat problem of “Two points and One Line”. The optimal arrangement of pipelines with the same unit cost of shared or non - shared pipeline (OAPSU-Model) is proposed to study the problems of lowest cost of pipelines firstly....
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Function of the United States Federal Government in Hydroelectric Development and its Inspiration for China

Li Zhi
At present, the hydroelectric development shall consider both economic benefit and ecological efficiency, and the United States Federal Government has its unique experience in balancing the two. Chinese government can refer to the administration mode of Tennessee Valley Authority and establish integrated...
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Research on Influencing Factors of Corporate Tax Compliance Behavior: a Perspective of Corporate Governance

Yuan Hong-Bing
Earnings management is an important research direction for corporate finance, while tax is an important means for earnings management. Therefore, corporate tax compliance behavior plays a vital role on research of the corporate finance. This paper, based on the undersheltering puzzle, analysis of the...
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Tax Planning of Small and Medium-Sized Real Estate Development Enterprise in the Establishment Stage

Lu Zhang-Yin, Liao Zhi-Gao
In recent years, real estate development enterprises become the focus of social attention. The country issued a series of related policies and measures to suppress prices rose too fast. Facing the national regulators strength increasing, and combined with the increasingly fierce competition in the market,...
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Research Overview on Modern Service Industry Clusters

Liu Chun-Xiang, Shi Guo-Feng
The modern service industry has played a significant role to regional economy and also attracted a lot of attention in the theoretic world. Then this article has made a relative comprehensive study on current theoretical and empirical research on modern service industry clusters. This article has drawn...
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Researches on the Current Development and Promotion Strategies of Zhejiang Modern Service Industry

Liu Chun-Xiang, Zhou Hui-Qin
Base on the general introduction about the development history of Zhejiang modern service industry, this article explains its development features. This article has found that apparently Zhejiang modern service industry has a raised contribution to Zhejiang economy and this industry has made remarkable...
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Research on Community Supported Agriculture

Chai Hua-Qi, Sun Jie, Cui Xiao-Min
Nowdays, the safety of agricultural products becoming increasingly serious, a new way called community supported agriculture (CSA) come into the view of the public. It advocates a healthy and natural lifestyle, hoping to rebuild the harmonious development of rural and urban communities and provide health...
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An Empirical Analysis of the Effects of the Stock Index Futures on the Spot Market Volatility of China

Che Hui-Chun, Cao Fang
The paper studies the effects of the stock index futures on the spot market volatility of China, through GARCH model, using HS300 stock index futures and the HS300 index as the research object. The empirical results show that the HS300 stock index futures has weakened the spot market volatility in spite...
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A Study on the Changing Trends of Domestic Tourism Consumption Composition of Urban Residents Grouped by Travel Purpose in China

Zhang Guo-Ping, Liu Xiao-Ying
Domestic tourism of urban residents in China can be divided into five groups by travel purpose: sightseeing, visiting relatives & friends, business, leisure and the others. Then the annual tourism consumption share of every group (i.e. consumption contribution rate) is calculated by processing the sampling...
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The Influence of Emotional Factors on Consumption Decision of Infant Formula in China

Xia Ming, Guan Jing-Jing
In-depth interviews with 48 consumers were conducted to reveal the influence of emotional factors on consumption decision of infant formula, and explore the mechanism. Because of the halo effect, spillover effect and media effect, a negative accumulated mood with homebred infant formula has been generated...
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Evaluation Study of Internet Commercial Sustainable Development under the New Commercial Civilization

Zeng De-Bin, Lu Hai-Xia
the new business paradigm in the information era takes openness, transparence, sharing and responsibility as a fundamental principle. Acting as the subject of the new business paradigm, the issues concerned about sustainable development of e-businessman has become the hotspot of attention by academia....
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SVM-based Abnormal Account Monitoring Model of Bank

Qin Xue-Zhi, Li Jing-Yi, Hu You-Qun
The account transaction flow of bank loan customers reflects the capital transaction of customers and represents their management level. Normal account transaction flow shows regularity to some extent, while abnormal account transaction flow manifests itself differently in transaction amount and transaction...
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The Influence of Political Skill on Workplace Friendship Based on the Social Capital Theory

Gao Jing, Wang Hui-Hui
The workplace friendship plays a significant role in the development of individuals and organizations. Although there is a considerable body of literature on organizational political skill and workplace friendship respectively, scholars hasn’t paid enough attention to the influence of political skill...
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The Mechanism Research and Empirical Analysis on How Energy Tax Policy Influence Energy Substitution: Concurrently Case Study from China

Qiao Hai-Shu, Ou Yang-Xin
This document explains and demonstrates how energy tax policy influencing energy substitution in China. As China is trying to seek into the efficient and clean energy substitution, being an important means of Micro-constraints and Macro-regulations, energy tax policies will plays more and more important...
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Assessment of the Key Political Risks of China’s Overseas Direct Investment

Chang Jian-Cong
this paper introduces firstly the major political risks of China’s overseas direct investment, analyzes the relevant affecting factors, assesses the causes for these political risks in consideration of the major systemic elements of the target countries and China, finally it develops a couple of strategies...
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Social capital and the small micro enterprise financing research in China——Golden Triangle area in Shandong and Fujian as an example

Xu Lu-Han
In this paper,Shandong and Fujian Golden Triangle region,an analysis of the impact of bank-enterprise relations,social relations,government relations and other social capital to small and micro enterprises in financing activities.The study found that small and micro enterprises are rare in corporate...
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The Problems and Improvements in the China Rural "Assets Checkup" Work

Zhang Hong-Jing, Zhong Qiang
This article obtained from the rural area assets checkup, and analyzed the problems existing in the countryside assets checkup work,then gave some suggesstions for the rural assets checkup work,such as sorting out clear special subject, introducting of external auditors, writing the readable inventory...
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Is the Internal Capital Market Efficiency ——Empirical Evidence from Chinese a Shares Listed Companies

Zhang Bin
This paper measure the efficiency of internal capital market according to the new model on the basis of the existing internal market efficiency model modification,The study found that A- shares listed Corporation internal capital market efficiency is effective overall and has the effect on the allocation...
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Strategic Analysis for LNG Vehicle Filling Business in the Low Carbon Economy

Zhang Yuan-Gao
LNG vehicle filling business has developed rapidly in recent years, and is becoming a new profit increasing point, but its development environment changes quickly and increasing complex. There are many difficulties in the process of development. It is necessary to review its development strategy planning....
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Empirical Research on the Effect of Internal Capital Market Efficiency from Chinese A Shares Listed Companies

Zhang Bin
The paper makes the empirical analysis on factors affecting the A -share listed company's internal capital market efficiency, the study found that in the related factors of corporate governance, control and cash flow rights are associated with the internal capital market positively; the nature of ultimate...
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A Study of the Relationship between China’s Fiscal Expenditure Structure and Urban-Rural Income Gap

Fang Li-Ting
This paper uses additive non-parametric model to study the linear and nonlinear relation between china’s fiscal expenditure structure and urban-rural income gap. The result shows that the structure of fiscal expenditure has a significant linear and nonlinear impact on income gap between urban-rural residents,...
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Forecasting the Internet of Things Market by Using the Grey Prediction Model Based Forecast Method

Huang Chi-Yo, Kuo Chu-Chi, Kao Yu-Sheng, Lu Hsueh-Hsin, Chiang Po-Yu
The Internet of Things (IOT), extensions of the Internet into everything in the real world, enables computation all over the world. Albeit important, very few studies intended to predict the IoT market. In order to forecast the IoT market effectively with very few data, the GM(1,1) based Grey forecasting...
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Establishing Two-Oriented Society and Environmental Accounting

Lin Xiao-Hua
Sustainable development not only meets contemporary people’ needs, but also the offspring’s needs. This paper described Two-oriented society construction which is the requirements of sustainable development from the perspective of sustainable development,And environmental accounting promotes the construction...
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Environmental Performance Information Disclosure of A-share Listed Companies

Tang Jiu-Fang, Wang Xue-Zhi, Lin Xiao-Hua, Li Peng-Fei
The paper sample period covered the years 2007–2011 A-share listed companies of Chinese chemical industry. We used an environmental performance disclosure index and evaluated the environmental performance disclosure information (EPDI) according to the Sustainability Reporting Guidelines Version 3. 0...
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Institutional Reform of Rural Land Circulation: Model Innovation and Government Roles

Hong Bi-Gang
The change of land system from collective operation to the household contract responsibility system at the beginning of China’s reform and opening-up had effectively motivated the enthusiasm of the peasants, which resulted in the rapid agricultural development. However, the urbanization process in recent...
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Typical Case Study on Zhejiang Modern Service Industry Clusters, Haining Warp Knitting Industry and Producer Services Cluster Park

Liu Chun-Xiang, Zhu Li-Yuan
This article explains and demonstrates current situation of Haining Warp Knitting Industry and Producer Services Cluster Park, which is the most typical one of Zhejiang Modern Service Industry Clusters. Base on the description of the development orientation and goals of that cluster park, this article...
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The Design of Disease Monitoring System for Chinese Outbound Tourism: A Discussion from Public Management Perspective

Guan Jing-Jing, Xia Ming, Ayeh Julian-K.
Over the past decade, China has been one of the fastest-growing tourism source markets in the world. The volume of Chinese outbound travelers has grown from 10 million in 2000 to 83 million in 2012. However, the growth of outbound tourists increases the likelihood of the spread of communicable diseases...
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The Investigation and Analysis of Basketball Class Teaching of Beijing

Wang Pin
This paper uses data analysis method, interviewing method and questionnaire method to survey and analyze the teaching content and evaluation of basketball classes in Beijing higher vocational colleges. The results show that the basketball classes’ teaching time is not enough, and basketball teachers...
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The Narration and Forecast of Overseas Municipal Solid Waste Management Research

Xuan Lin-Lin, Ling Min
Municipal solid waste management (MSWM) problem is a issue that every country must face. Through a summary of the research results as you can see, municipal solid waste management in the developed countries is superior to the developing countries. This article summarizes the process of MSWM abroad, including...
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Organization Structure and Operation of Extreme Floods Emergency Management under “Bureaucracy-Cooperation” System in the Huaihe River Basin

Chen Rong, Wang Hui-Min
Extreme floods are tending to normalization in the Huaihe River Basin. We proposed that emergency management system of extreme floods in Huaihe River Basin have to integrate bureaucracy with cooperative system, which corresponds with Chinese reality. Therefore, the “bureaucracy-cooperation”(BC) organization...
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Analysis of Necessity of the Acceleration of Solid Waste Management in China in “Twelfth Five-Year Plan” Period and Suggestions

Zhou Li-Ping
This paper presents the basic concept of waste and principal theory of hazardous waste management. While elaborating serious damages caused by solid waste, the paper also introduces relevant management policies of the US concerning hazardous waste. After the analysis of the current state of solid waste...
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A Preliminary Study about Solid Waste Caused by the Sudden Environmental Pollution Emergency System

Zhou Li-Ping
In environmental pollution, solid waste considerable loss to the environment, the industrial and agricultural production and social stability, the masses life brings the serious influence. But the solid waste pollution, and the problems caused by exposure to toxic chemicals currently has not been fully...
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Urban Health Insurance Reform in China

Xin Hai-Chang, Amsbary Jonathan, Powell Larry
The healthcare system for urban employees in China was established in the early 1950s. The first stage (1950s-1980) mainly consisted of two parts, the Government Insurance Scheme (GIS) and the Labor Insurance Scheme (LIS). The GIS and LIS achieved remarkable success with limited resources, contributed...
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The Internal Analysis of Colleges and Universities’ Financial Control under the Administrative Institutions Internal Control Standard

Shen Jian-Fei, Luo Xi-Ya, Wang Ya-Feng
With the constant deepening of reform of higher education in our country, the internal control of colleges and universities gets more and more attention and application. This paper based on the "administrative institutions internal control standard", discusses the completion of colleges’ financial internal...
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The Constituent Elements of Leadership at Basic Level Organizations: An Exploratory Research Based on Grounded Theory

Lei Lei, Xu Yan-Mei
Upgrading the leadership of the basic level organizations is a major issue of new socialist countryside construction. However, the two questions of why they upgrade their leadership initiatively and how to promote them are still lack of profound research. This paper applies grounded theory to study the...
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Legal Requirements for Effective Personal Information Protection through Information Resources Management for Chinese Public Services

An Xiao-Mi, Bai Wen-Lin, Sun Shu-Yang
In recent years, personal information matter that treat people’s daily life frequently happens, many studies have been done to deal with it from perspectives of legislation at national level. This paper identifies legal requirements for personal information protection under perspectives of information...
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Transformation and Multiple Choices in Suppliers of Public Services

Liang Xue-Ping
The government is an authoritative supplier, private enterprise is a commercial supplier, and non-profit organization is a voluntary supplier. The suppliers of public services can change because of the influence of some constraint factors such as technical progress, transaction costs, path dependence,...
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The Empirical Research of the SuzhouCivic Happiness Index

Niu Shi-Hua
With the continuous increasing of GDP and people’s income, people’s economical life has been improved. Suzhou locates the delta of Yangtze, with top economic level and high GDP increasing, so it has important meaning to study the citizen’s happiness index here. Studying on the life of Suzhou, we construct...
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Study on optimization of governance structure of private SME--An example of WHFST system engineering Co.

Lin Xiao-Hua
Governance structure is the cornerstone of the modern enterprise system, and equity structure is the core of the governance structure. During more than 10 years of development history, WHFST C. made timely reforms, improved corporate governance and made use of advantages of private enterprise equity...
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The Development Path of Evolution, Strategic Vision and Implementation Steps of Qinhuangdao Ocean

Liu Ming
Qinhuangdao is one of the first open coastal cities in China, however, over the years, the economic development of Qinhuangdao has stayed in the "economic downturn" of China's coastal zone .Therefore,it’s important to comb Qinhuangdao ocean development path of evolution and proposes the strategic positioning...
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The Problem of Financial Management and Improvement Measures in the Countryside

Zhang Hong-Jing, Zong Jin-Bao
So far, The financial management in the countryside has many problems, These problems have hindered the development of economic, This article elaborates four modes of financial management system in the countryside and their advantages their disadvantages, analyses the failure of four management modes...
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An Empirical Study on the Relationship between Executive Compensation and Corporate Performance

Chen Man-Xue, Zhang Chun-Xiao, Lu Kang-Yin
China's stock market has changed dramatically since the non-tradable share reform in 2006.At this new macro-economic background, this paper is based on the new financial concept which is under the guidance of the sustainable development theory. The paper re-examine the relationship between corporate...
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Analysis and Countermeasure of Private Enterprises Wastage

Hong Yu-Qing
Talents are the cornerstones of the development of modern enterprises. However, the loss of talents of China's private enterprises is quite serious, talent drain has become a hot focus of private economy in recent years. Based on the local private enterprises in the writer’s city, we make the research...
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Study on Human Capital Loss and Restoration for Climate Induced Migrants

He Zhi-Yang, Zhang Meng-Jia
With the scale of climate-induced migration gradually increasing, livelihood problems for climate migrants are becoming increasingly severe, which is mainly the consequence of human capital loss during the process of climate-induced migration. The accumulation of human capital impacts job opportunities,...
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Evaluation of Employees' Competence in Transnational Corporations Based on Complex Network Theory

Huang Zi-Jun, Dong Tian
This paper aims at constructing a complex network to evaluate employees’ competence in transnational corporations. By analyzing network’s structure, weight vectors are constructed which evaluate the degree of importance among factors such as relative degree centrality, relative betweenness centrality...
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A Two-step Decision Making Model

Gao Kao, Nian Min
EDU framework has both ideological and empirical defects for it only considers one link of the whole decision-making process ignoring another link of selection of stage goal and ‘strategic’ plan, which plays an important role in the direction and affects the following allocation of specific resources....
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Analysis of the Structure of Foreign Direct Investment in China’s Agriculture

Zhou Zhi-Zhuan
The utilization of foreign direct investment (FDI) in China’s agriculture has made some achievements since 1978. In this paper, we analyze the structure of FDI in China’s agriculture respectively by sub-sector, region, source and inflow form. And the results are as follows: (a) smaller agricultural FDI...
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Analysis of the Effect about Zero-tariff of China-ASEAN Free Trade

Liu Yan, Zhang Peng
Zero-tariff is the ultimate goal of regional trade liberalization. China-ASEAN FTA agreement on trade is the first real sign of China on regional free trade agreement. The main purpose of this protocol is to enhance regional competitive advantage, promote regional trade, and optimize the allocation of...
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The Approach of Enhancing Regional Modern Manufacturing and R&D Transformation Function —a Case of Tianjin Binhai New Area, China

Zheng Hong-Bo, Wang Hong-Ran, Li Zi-Biao
R&D transformation function is an important symbol of regional innovation capability, the development level of manufacturing industry is an important manifestation of regional competitiveness. Taking Binhai New Area as an example, through studying the modern manufacturing and R&D transformation function...
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Research on the Relationship between Foreign Trade and Carbon Emissions based on Econometric Model

Zhao Jian-Na, Shan Xiao-Chen, Feng Lei
Based on the data of foreign trade import and export volume and carbon emissions in China from1990 to 2012, statistical analysis through econometric models, the results showed that both showed a significant linear correlation. By stationary test and co-integration explain the existence of long-term stable...
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Research on Foreign Trade Development Strategies of Inner Mongolia

Wang Xiao-Ping
There exists different problems in foreign trade of Inner Mongolia at different times for nearly half a century, therefore, it is particularly important to analyze these problems especially in a critical period when structural adjustment, transformation and upgrading is on hand. Grounded on the achievements...
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Policy Effort Analysis on China’s New Rural Cooperative Medical System

Li Sheng-Ji, Chen Man-Xue, Lu Kang-Yin
From the perspective of rural health level, we analyze the policy effect of China's New Rural Cooperative Medical System on rural areas and inter-province in the method of quantitative analysis. The results show that from the overall level of the countryside, the establishment of the New Rural Cooperative...
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Analysis of the Patterns of Trade Cooperation of Agricultural Products between China and ASEAN

Feng Jie
Based on the scholars’ research on the trade of agricultural products between China and ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations), this paper analyzes the competitiveness and complementarity of current agricultural trade between China and ASEAN and points out the reason for its existence. Finally,...
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Study on Logistics Barriers to Procurement from the Chinese Market

Yu Lan-Feng
Logistics barriers are rapidly becoming critical issues of international operations and global procurement. To better understand logistics problems in an international production base and in a potentially huge market such as China, we employ empirical analysis and qualitative data collected via interview...
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Study on Relationship of the RMB Internationalization, Cross-border Trade Settlement and Capital Account Liberalization

Wang Jia, Huo Wei-Dong
With the fast development of economic globalization, RMB internationalization is becoming a major issue .Since 2009 The State Council announced the policy of RMB settlement of cross-border trade, RMB internationalization has achieved a substantive stage of development. When we analyze the cross-border...
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Strategies to Improve the Efficiency of Chinese Agricultural Products Circulation

Kong De-Shu, Hu Cheng-Bo
Circulation of agricultural products is a key factor in the development of the logistics industry. How scientific planning is to promote good circulation difficulties in the further development of agricultural products, but also to the interests of the people and the sustainable development of agriculture...
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Rural Land Tenure and Land Transfer Polices in China

Si Zhi-Zhi, Nie Feng-Ying
This paper reviewed the changes of the rural land tenure in China, summarized rural land transfer polices and the change of cultivated land sizes, analyzed the effect of rural land system on agricultural development in China. China has a large amount of population but limited resources per capita as...
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Study of the Policies for the Integrated Development of Urban and Rural Sports Public Services

Shao Wei, Liu Chao
Since the introduction of reforming and opening in China, the policies for the development of urban and rural sports public service can be divided into three phases, i.e. prior development of urban sports, development of urban and rural sports and coordinated development of urban and rural sports. Based...
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The Trend of Multinational Companies’ Wholly Owned Investment in China and Its Effect on Local Firms

Feng Jiang-Hong
The using of foreign capital is an important content of China's reform and opening up, with the development of economic globalization, many multinational companies involve into the Chinese market gradually, the investment in China is increasingly common. Since the late 1990 s, foreign direct investment...
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Rural Energy Eco-compensation Policy Design in China

Ren Feng, Gu Li-Hong
Analyzed the status quo of rural energy use, pointed out the direction of sustainable development of rural energy, constructed a preliminary system of rural energy eco-compensation framework based on the significant social and ecological benefits of the rural sustainable energy system, and pointed out...