Proceedings of the 2017 5th International Conference on Frontiers of Manufacturing Science and Measuring Technology (FMSMT 2017)

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Two Signature Schemes Based on Quintic Residues

Xuedong Dong, Yuan Gao
We propose a new certificate-based signature scheme and an identity-based ring signature scheme based on quintic residues in order to improve the efficiency of computation. The schemes do not need any bilinear pairing computation which is known to be difficult to computation. The schemes are secure against...
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A Direct Proof of the 4/3 Bound of LPT Scheduling Rule

Xin Xiao
The problem of scheduling independent jobs on identical parallel machines for minimizing makespan has been intensely studied in the literature. One of the most popular constructive algorithms for this problem is the LPT (Longest Processing Time First) rule whose approximation ratio has been proved by...
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Research on Current Situation and Development of Dragon Boat in Colleges and Universities

Yabin He, Guoqin Jiang, Yuxiang Wu
With the rapid development of sports at home and abroad, the government also attached great importance to sports. 2016 is the golden year of sports development, the state promulgated a variety of policies, sports development has been listed as a national strategic policy. As a traditional sport in China,...
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Railway Freight Safety Comprehensive Detection and Tracking Method Based on IOT

Huawei Wang, Tianyun Shi, Hui Jiang
Considering the present situation of railway freight transportation safety management, this paper puts forward the comprehensive detection and tracking method of railway freight transportation safety. Firstly, the IOT technology is used to realize the comprehensive detection of railway freight transportation...
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Research on new energy controllable rectifier based on DSP

Ruo-bing Zhang
Three-phase PWM rectifier of New Energy based on DSP has been put forward by the disadvantages of random fluctuation about New Energy and the deficiency of the traditional rectifier . the Mathematic model of three-phase PWM rectifier in the d-q rotation frames is analyzed at first , to decouple the three-phase...
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Module Partition Methodology of Heavy Duty Machine Tools for Green Remanufacturing

Ligang Cai, Weishuo Li, Qiang Cheng, Guangpeng Li, Bingwei Sun
In this paper, in order to improve the green remanufacturing capacity of heavy duty machine tools, the design domain of axiomatic design is taken as the main line and extended it to the regeneration domain innovatively. The design structure matrix is used to consider the correlation and similarity of...
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Design of a test bench to characterize mechanical phenomena involved in a bolted joint

Yongsheng Zhao, Weikai Li, Weizhe Yu
Parts of assembly are mainly fixed and connected by bolts. The performance of the assembly can be affected by the dynamic characteristics of the bolted joints. Report focuses on designing a test bench by parameter analysis and achieving the dynamic analysis of the bolted joint. In the first part, the...
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Heater Component Modal Analysis of Electronic Gun under High Temperature Condition

Wei Su, Renhuai Liu, Fangfang Song, Junhua Zhu
This paper calculates thermal-structural coupling analysis of the heater component considering thermal radiation and heat conduction. We get the heater components steady temperature field and stress distribution. The thermalstress is taken as prestressed force and finite element analysis is used to obtain...
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Airfoil optimization design based on a combined optimization strategy

Pengbao Ma, Jianqiao Yu, Fangzheng Chen, Zheyu Xue
In order to improve the computational efficiency of the airfoil optimization design, a universal algorithm transformation strategy is proposed. The Multi-Island Genetic Algorithm and the Sequential Quadratic Programming are combined to take into account the global search and fast convergence characteristics....
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Feature extraction of smiley facial expression based on AU sequence optical flow

Jin Yan, Jin Wang, Qing Zhu
Facial expression recognition is widely used in linguistics, medical care, service and so on. . But still there exists the problem of accuracy.. To solve this problem, , this paper presents an extraction method based on the flow characteristics of facial motion unit for the facial expression recognition....
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Automatic location of facial acupuncture-point based on facial feature points positioning

Menglong Chang, Qing Zhu
Acupuncture-point is a very important part in traditional Chinese medicine, but to locate the points is very difficult for non professionals. In this paper, we put forward a new method to locate the acupuncture points of human facial based on the research of the pattern recognition technology in the...
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Total dose effect in NMOS devices

Dantong Liu
When electronic components work under irradiation condition, total dose effect would be engendered. In order to weaken total dose effect on components, the author set NMOS transistor which are a section of the components as an example to study on the principle of the production process of total dose...
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Image Reconstruction Based on Support Similarity between Lines CoSaMP Algorithm

Xiuli Du, Binbin Gu, Bo Chen, Xing Hu
The algorithm of compressive sampling matching pursuit (CoSaMP) is the performance of this algorithm is restricted to the choose of it's initial support set. If inaccurately choose the initial support set, it will not only affect the accuracy of reconsitution, but also reduce the speed of reconsitution....
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An Intelligent Service-Oriented Cloud Computing Architecture

Ding Zhou, Jian Zhang
Cloud computing is now the most popular research field. Many IT giants have built their own cloud computing infrastructure like Google App Engine, Amazon Web Service, Microsoft Azure, as well as many other open source cloud computing platforms. However, there are several issues with existing cloud computing...
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A Low Power and High Accuracy Threshold Voltage Detection Circuit for Flash Memory

Da Huang, Dong Wu, Qi Liu
A low power threshold voltage detection circuit and its accuracy optimization method for NOR flash memory are proposed in this paper. The whole circuit system is composed of data path, ramp voltage generator, and other auxiliary circuits. This memory system with 256Mb cells is simulated in a 65nm 2P3M...
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Hot Topic Clustering Based On Words Distances

Hongtao Liu, Hongwei Guan, Jie Jian, Xueyan Liu
In order to find the relevance of the key words in the hot topics effectively, we proposed a clustering method based on words-distances. We calculated the distances between the words firstly, then calculated the sectional density of each words. We regarded the words which have higher sectional density...
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A Method for Calculating the Similarity of TF - IDF Texts for Synonyms in Biomedical Domains

Miao Hao, Ke Fan
In the traditional text similarity calculation, most of the TF-IDF method. TF-IDF establishes the word frequency vector for the text, and calculates the cosine between the vectors as the similarity of the text. The algorithm is widely used in many search engines, information retrieval system can be seen,...
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QoE Evaluation Model Based on Video Content Complexity

Nan Wang
With the mobile communication technology developing rapidly, wireless bandwidth can be used more and more, which will make high-speed video services occupy most of the wireless communication traffic. This paper presents a QoE evaluation model based on video content, combined with video jitters and packet...
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A Vulnerability Mining System Based on Fuzzing for IEC 61850 Protocol

Tengfei Tu, Hua Zhang, Boqin Qin, Zhuo Chen
In this paper, we proposed an effective vulnerability mining system for IEC61850 protocol in the Smart Grid. First of all, we introduce the basic structures and features of IEC61850 protocol. Next, we summarize the possible vulnerabilities of it. Finally a fuzzing tester named IECFuzzer is designed and...
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Optimization Design and Simulation Analysis of the Securing Position Based on New Type Flat Car

Run-Hua Qian, Yi Wu
In view of the present problems that the wooden block reinforcement effect is poor and can't solve the sliding problems caused by inertia of coupling impact. Now we plane to design a kind of new type flat car with chain-Strengthening-equipment to solve the loading and reinforcement problems of heavy...
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An Efficient Image Mosaic Algorithm Based on EMD Transform

Yi-jun Wang, Sen Wei
This paper proposes an image mosaic algorithm based on empirical mode decomposition (EMD) transform. A complete, fast and efficient EMD image decomposition algorithm is used to decompose the image, and the inverse discrete cosine transform (IDCT) is performed on the result of the transformation. After...
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A Method to Segment Strokes in Hand-drawn Sketches

Tuanfei Wang, Yanping Hu
In this article we present an approach based the type of curve for detecting tangent vertices. First, the geometric features is used to determinate the curve type of the sub-stroke after corners extraction. Second, approximated piecewise parametric curves are obtained and the analytic curvature is token...
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An Improved Method of Hough Transform for Circle Recognition Based on Optimized Gradient

Kui He, YP Hu
For the situation in which the low accuracy of circular hole recognition in hole workpiece based on image processing technology, a method of Optimized Gradient Hough Transform(OGHT) for circle recognition is proposed. Based on the Standard Hough Transform (SHT), the OGHT is used to extract the edge feature...
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The time-domain model of 10kV power Line communication based on OFDM

Suhan Zhang
The signal noise and attenuation in channels severely affect the communication quality in power distribution network. Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing(OFDM) has an excellent antijamming capability and a high rate of channel utilization and is widely adopted in power line communication. In this...
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A New Relationship Between Link Flow and Link Travel Time

Zichu Gao, Ning Zhang
The purpose of this paper is to explore the new relationship between the travel time and traffic flow on the road in the static state that inflow equals outflow. This paper proposes selection mechanism by a parallel two-link network model. Through computer simulation, we get the conclusion that in the...
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An SEU Hardened 65nm/4T-SRAM Cell for High Reliable Space Applications

Wendi Zhang, Liyang Pan
A novel mono-stable 4T-SRAM cell is proposed in this paper. The cell is designed in 65nm LPCMOS process and simulated to find out the linear energy transfer threshold of SEU. T-CAD simulation results show that its LETth for data(1) is up to 41.6 MeV/mg/cm2, almost the same as DICE, and the data error...
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Measurement and Empirical Analysis of Public Governance Index Based on Factor Analysis and Shapley Choquet Integral

Hao Cheng, Zhiming Hu, Lei Yu
According to public governance theory, the paper chooses political tolerance, social security, economic management, social justice, public affairs as five aspects through factor analysis, total of 13 indexes , shaping a structured, operational and scientific government public management index system,...
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Machining Error Compensation of Single Shaft Part Based on Touch Trigger Probe

Xinrui Li, Zeqing Yang, Hongqiang Sang, Libing Liu
The precision machining of shaft parts is of great significance in the fields of aerospace, automobile manufacturing and so on. For important high precision shaft parts processing, especially in the beginning of mass production, it is easy to produce single piece of waste. Aiming at the error compensation...
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Research On Supplier Selection Of Home Appliance Industry Supply Chain Based On Entropy Weight And TOPSIS Method

Yanmeng Zhang, Shengshi Zhou, Di Wu
As the starting point of the supply chain and the end point of the loop feedback, the behavior of the supply chain suppliers in the home appliance industry is important. The evaluation index system is established on the basis of product quality, delivery reliability and technical ability. Using entropy...
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Urban Development Evaluation By Using AHP

Yibin Zhou
The world is becoming urbanized rapidly while the demand of urban construction land continues to increase, and the growth of urbanization will persist. Therefore,healthy and stable development of the city is particularly important.In this paper, we take Sochi for example. According to the Analytic Hierarchy...
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Take an Energy-saving And Comfortable Hot Bath

Yibin Zhou
Bathtub is a kind of pipeline device used in bathroom or shower,which usually used in the family bathroom.Most modern bathtubs are make from strength (acrylic) or glass fiber,In the fast pace of life space, bathtub is a good way for people to cleanse and relax. In this paper, we only talk about the bathtub,...
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Analysis and Research on TTNT Data Link

Wenqing Zheng, Hu Jin, Yifan Liu, Qiming Yu
The essence of modern warfare is the information war, The advantage of the information is the prerequisite for the victory of modern war. With the widely used of electronic technology in the military, the struggle in electromagnetic field become more and more sharp, the information network technology...
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Owe Period Fast North-Seeking Method Based On Interpolation Of Polynomial

Li Zhang, Lilong Tan, Qiyuan Zhong
In order to make rationally use of the original data and improve the data fitting precision of the sine waveform, the owe period fast North-Seeking method of the polynomial interpolation is based on the least square method. According to the character of the large deflection north point data, the polynomial...
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Design of Remote Gateway for Multi-Connected Inverter Air-Condition based on STM32

Xiao-dong Liu, Ji-you Fei, Hao Meng, Xiao-dong Li, Long Wang
In order to meet the requirements for multi-connected inverter air-condition of diversified service, intelligent control and reliable operation, an embedded home gateway terminal system based on STM 32 signal chip microcomputer, WIFI network and RS485 communication technique has been designed and is...
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Application of a hybrid least squares algorithm in astronomical positioning

Xihui Zhang, Zhaofa Zhou, Xianyi Liu, Wenyong ZHU
In order to reduce the digital zenith camera identify stars data that exist in the gross error influence on astronomical calculating, improve positioning accuracy. The mapping relation between the CCD image coordinate system and the celestial tangent plane coordinate system is established by using the...
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Research Progress of Fiber Grating Vibration Sensor

Zhengyi Zhang, Chuntong Liu, Hongcai Li, Zhenxin He, Xiaofeng Zhao
With the rapid development of fiber grating sensing technology, vibration sensor based on fiber grating sensing technology has become a new research and development direction. This paper focuses on the latest research progress of vibration sensors based on different structural principles of fiber gratings...
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A summary on ergonomics research of the night vision vehicle head-up display

Wei Cai, Changqing Liu, Xiaofeng Zhao, Yinpeng Wei
The night vision vehicle head-up display is a new type of vehicle night-assisted driving man-machine interaction device. It has obvious advantages in use. But because the device is the main source of visual information for the driver at night. If the design is not appropriate is likely to cause danger....
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An Overview of Cough Sounds Analysis

Chenwei Zhang
Cough is a common respiratory symptom, caused by the inflammation of trachea and bronchial mucosa or chemical stimulation. Compared with other sounds, cough sound has a typical uniqueness which makes it possible to analyze the differences between cough and other sound performance. Since coughing is a...
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Isolated Streetlight LED Driver Design

Jian Huang
LED lighting is being used for residential, commercial and industrial applications. It offers various advantages over incandescent bulbs, such as lower energy consumption, longer life, attainment of full brightness without need for a warmup time, and so forth. With the advent of these lights in large...
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Development of DC motor drive based on TB6612

Jian Huang
In this paper, the working principle and method of using TB6612 to drive DC motor are described, and the hardware and software design are given. Based on this, the motor driver chip TB6612, TB6612FNG is the Toshiba Corporation Semiconductor production of a DC motor drive, it has a large current MOSFET-H...
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The Slope Shape of Loose Accumulation Body Effect Analysis of Subgrade Slope Stability

Yajun Xiao, Xuesong Mao, Jian Li
Based on the Sichuan-Tibet highway south line (Tibet border line of State Road 318 K3473+000-K4670+000andK1324+000-K1473+000NationalHighway214line)the survey results,using Midas/GTS to establish the numerical model of slope stability analysis,analysis of two slope loose accumulation effect of subgrade...
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Effectiveness Analysis Of Cooling Effect Of Crushed Stone Roadbed

Fei Jiang, Xue Song Mao, YaJun Xiao
In the permafrost subgrade protection measures, which is the most representative of the gravel roadbed cooling scheme. The test project is parallel to the Qinghai Tibet highway on the basis of temperature, dynamic monitoring of subgrade, through field test results of temperature change compared with...
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Research on fuzzy PID attitude controller for Multi-rotor UAV

Shuo Gao, Qi Wang, Wen Jiang, Yan Liu
Multi-rotor UAV attitude system has many characteristics such as multi-input multi-output, strong coupling, fast time-varying and non-linearity. Thus, for multi rotor UAV attitude control system, the classic PID has some shortcomings. In this paper, the fuzzy PID controller is established by using fuzzy...
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A Performance Test Device for Thermostat Dehumidifier Based on Air Enthalpy Contrast Method of Wind Tunnel

Haiding Zhang, Yaqi Li, Donghai Zhu, Yuan Liu
In order to guide the application of thermostat dehumidifier products,a performance test device based on air enthalpy contrast methodof wind tunnel was designed, the hardware technical requirement and software function are introduced.Bytesting the KFRS-20ZM/AS dehumidifier,the relationship between the...
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Analytical Model and Numerical Simulation for the Effect of Uncertain Initial Geometrical Imperfection on the Buckling of Thin Plate

Shu Zhang, Hao Xiao, Fangwei Qiang, Weiping Hu
Due to the uncertainty of the initial geometrical imperfection, it is difficult to evaluate its influence on bucking behavior of structures. In this study, the double trigonometric series is adopted to describe the initial geometric imperfection and the deformed deflection, and then the relation between...
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Microstructure simulation and Multi-physical field Analysis of 400mm thick Continuous Casting Slabs

Pinghu Chen, Yibo Li, Xiaoqian Li
Based on the parameters were provided by a caster enterprise, Pro-cast was adopted to simulate temperature field and solidus rate of continuous casting steel about the 2400 mmž400 mm cross section. On the premise of validation of simulation method, the effects of different casting speeds, degree of superheat...
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Adaptive Scale Correlation Tracking based on SVM

Kang Yuan, Da-peng Wei
Although the correlation filter-based trackers achieve the competitive results both on accuracy and robustness, there is still a need to improve the overall tracking capability. Focusing on the issue that the correlation filter-based trackers algorithm has poor performance in handling scale-variant target...
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The Improvement of Overtemperature DeltaT and Overpower DeltaT Shutdown Algorithm

Gang Li
The Overtemperature OTDeltaT design is based on radial core peaking factors being no worse than design. It is not intended to protect for adverse radial power (quadrant tilt such as might be caused by misaligned control rods). The OTDeltaT RT protects the thermal design limit for departure from nucleate...
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Establishment and Simulation for flexible human lower limb model

Bingbing Yan, Wenlong Liu, Baolin Yin
the human lower limb model plays an important role in the simulation experiment, when it is used to do the rehabilitation training and the gait analysis. At present, the human lower limbs model is established in the experiment, that has a single function and does not have universality. In this paper,...
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Analysis of hydro-turbine non-stationary vibration signals based on CEEMDAN and Wigner-Ville Distribution

Wei Jiang, Jianzhong Zhou
This paper proposes a time-frequency method based on complete ensemble empirical mode decomposition with adaptive noise (CEEMDAN) and Winger-Ville distribution (WVD) for hydro-turbine non-stationary vibration signals analysis. Unlike the traditional EMD and EEMD, CEEMDAN can efficiently reduce the mode...
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Numerical Simulation of Neutral Buoyancy Experiment for Spacecraft

Shuhan Liu, Zhanxia Zhu
With the success of Shenzhou spacecraft rendezvous and docking with Tiangong-1 and Tiangong-2, the future tasks of the space station such as space garbage clean-up requires the control of spacecraft attitude to be more and more accurate. Because of the high cost of the attitude control and regulation...
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Research on Visualization of Marine Data

Haitao Li, Yu Guan
According to the marine data types are complex, the format is different, in this paper, the relevant visualization techniques and representative methods are studied, and the visualization of marine data is compared and analyzed. The visualization of marine data spatial information based on GIS technology...
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Research on Hierarchical Algorithm of Wireless Sensor Network Based on Small World Network Model

Qichao Tang
The characteristics of the small world network is widely used in Wireless Sensor Networks. In this paper, Hierarchical Algorithm of Wireless Sensor Network Based on Small World Network Model (HASWNM) is proposed. Firstly,the algorithm divide the monitoring area into different sub-regions, and select...
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Research and Construction of Intelligent Service Platform for Aquaculture

Yan Feng, Xinan Wang, Haitao Li
Intelligent aquaculture, refers to the engineering technology, machinery and equipment, monitoring instruments, wireless sensor, management software and large data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence and other modern technical means for fishery production, to achieve high density, high output value,...
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Research on Smart Ocean Engineering Construction

Haitao Li, Lei Zhang, Haiguang Huang
At present, the construction of ocean information has become an important support for China's ocean power strategy, but the lack of unified planning in the process of construction, homogeneity serious, information island, wisdom is not enough and other issues become increasingly obvious, this article...
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A Review of Gun Barrel Observation and Detection System

Yingxiu Cao, Liping Zheng, Jianjie Zhu
In this paper, the principle and key technology of gun barrel observation and detection are systematically expounded, and the research actuality of barrel observation and detection system is summarized and compared. This paper focuses on the application of machine vision technology in the detection of...
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A Simple Analysis of Anand, GTN and J-C Constitutive Models for Meso - damage Mechanics

Tian-xiao Cui
Based on the damage mechanics of materials, the definition and content of meso damage mechanics are introduced, and then the meso damage constitutive model is derived. On the basis of meso damage constitutive model, The characteristics and applicability of Anand meso damage model, Gurson-Tvergaard-Needleman...
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A Smart growth evaluation system based on Analytic Hierarchy Process

Yannan Sun, Shanshan Qiao, Yang Yang
With the acceleration of urbanization, urban planning becomes more and more important. We did some in-depth discussion about sustainable city and smart growth initiatives in this paper.Firstly, we define a metric which is a comprehensive index to measure the success of smart growth of a city. On the...
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A Spectrum Anomalies Diagnosis Method Based on Two - Dimensional Hidden Markov Model

Cheng Cheng, Yunfeng Jia
Radio monitoring system can cover a range of area, where we can obtain the electromagnetic mode information, and the information we get is the result of a mixture of various radio transmission signals. We can't get the intrinsic characteristics of the electromagnetic spectrum. It cannot determine whether...
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Influence of controlled freezing-point temperature on the freshness and taste of pickled and dried grass carp

LiYan Cai, JinQing Wan
Pickling and drying can help aquatic products with their flavor which is highly related to temperature. Taking grass carp fillets as the research objects, quality changes were studied during pickling, drying and storage under controlled freezing-point temperature (CFT:-0.5ñ0.5 ) and 12ñ0.5 . Results...
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Live Virtual Machine Migration with Bandwidth Dynamic Assignment

Yiqiu Fang, Fangzhengqing Liao, Junwei Ge
In this paper, we present an algorithm that based on the probability prediction of the dirty page's Pre-Copy algorithm, bring in a prediction algorithm of the bandwidth required for the transmission of the dirty pages. Mainly in the case of mutations of dirty page, Analysis of the probability of occurrence...
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A Mobile Video Surveillance System based SL4A and HTTP and Scripting Languages

Huajun Lei, Yiliang Xing
It is of great significance to extend the android SL4A video camera service to pc desktop and mobile phone applications for the scripting languages, such as JavaScript and PHP. In this paper, we propose a method based on SL4A, script language and HTTP communication protocol to expand SL4A video service,...
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Study on Methods for Fish-eye Image Correction Based on Spherical Projection Model

Yicong Zhang, Shujun Zhou
For short focal length and large field of view, fish-eye lens has been widely applied in such fields as virtual reality, video surveillance, intelligent transportation and robot navigation, but it is necessary to correct the severely distorted images taken by camera with fish-eye lens into the perspective...
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Evaluation model of smart growth

Qiqi He
In order to measure the success of smart growth, we establish a scientific comprehensive evaluation model and take Miami as example. Firstly, We build the evaluating index system. The first layer includes eight indexes such as people density, urban floor area ratio, land productivity and so on. The second...
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Research on deer house monitoring system based on Internet of things

Hongyan Ju, Shijun Li, He Gong
There is a high requirement for the growth environment in the deer breeding , Have a great impact on the antler growth, especially temperature, humidity, illumination and other environmental parameters. This study designs a deer house monitoring system based on Internet of things, able to monitor and...
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Fast Image Matching Algorithm Based on Pixel Gray Value

Jiawei Hu
Image matching technology is based on the template image in the search for the corresponding or similar target process in other images,which is a very important technology in the field of image information processing.In this paper, we use the matching algorithm based on pixel gray value, where the template...
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Bus arrival time prediction based on Random Forest

Jian Li
In order to balance the traffic supply to meet the citizens demand for public transportation, reduce the pressure of urban traffic, enhance the competitiveness of public travel and improve the intelligent transportation system service, this paper proposes a bus arrival time prediction algorithm based...
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The Research and Implementation of Interactive Video System Based on Android

Yang Li, Ping Shi
Interactive video system based on Android is a new mobile software application which enables the mobile phone users to make and browse interactive videos by themselves. This system can automatically display the corresponding things' additional information by users clicking them in the video and also...
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Research on fault diagnosis of indicator diagram based on BP neural network optimized by iterative learning control

Xiaohong Hao, Ning Zhang
In this paper, an intelligent fault diagnosis method is presented to solve the problem that the accuracy of pumping unit fault diagnosis is not high. This method selects the Shape invariant moment and the Fourier descriptor to extract the characteristic parameters of the sample indicator diagram, and...
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CFD Simulation of Combustion in Gas Turbine Engine

Xingxia Hou, Shaolin Wang, Pengfu Xie, Qing Gao, Chunqing Tan, Jianwen Wang
In order to investigate the liquid fuel combustion in gas turbine engine, the velocity of field and temperature of combustor in lean fuel injection model were numerically simulated and compared with the experimental data. The results show that the Realizable k- turbulence model can simulate the combustion...
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Optimization of Modern Tram Operation Line Based on Genetic Algorithm

Yanhui Li, Kuanmin Chen
The modern tram has both the attributes of rail transit and bus. Based on the point-line-plane planning method in public transportation and urban rail transit network planning, this study considers the tram line Network, the characteristics of the line, including the length of the line, the node choosing,...
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Identification of Edible Oil Based on Multi-source Spectra Data Fusion

Yaru Yu, Bing Tu, Jie Wang, Shuang Wu, Xiao Zheng, Dongping He
An approach based on multi-source spectra data fusion for identification of edible oil is proposed. A qualitative model based on fusion of Raman spectra and near-infrared spectroscopy (Raman-NIR) was established and compared with conventional single-spectra model. The spectra data was pre-processed using...
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Real time Passenger Flow Calculation Based on Zynq

Yiliang Wu, Zhansheng Yuan, Jiachun Zheng
There are many researches on pedestrian detection. These researches are mainly used in ADAS systems based on the front view of the pedestrian. However in some situation, for example on the bus or in the public access, passenger flow calculation needs to be done based on the top view images. This paper...
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Development of Shape Process Control System in Hot Strip Mill

Zi-Ying Liu, Ying-Ping Guan, Feng-Qin Wang
In the process of hot strip rolling, accurate and efficient shape process control system is an important factor to ensure strip with good shape. This paper, based on advanced control concept and optimization mathematical model, aimed at Jingtang 1580 hot strip rolling project, developed advanced shape...
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Research on impact factor of the HPA power synthesizes

Gang Cheng, Chao Dai, Shuai Liu
In aerospace measurement and control systems, solid-state power amplifier as an important part of the monitoring and control stations for the monitoring station to launch the carrier to provide high enough power to meet the required system EIRP. In this paper, the basic concept and principle of the transmission...
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Research on breakdown of high pressure start of CPIGEN HPA

Shuai Liu, Xi Chen, Xuelu Yao
CPIGEN high power amplifier in the high pressure after the emergence of high pressure, causing high pressure start fault alarm. In order to improve the level of emergency response of the transmitter, this paper first combs the sensor type and signal form of the high-voltage starter, and then analyzes...
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The evadable method of static state threat based on route programming in two-dimensional space

Chao Dai, Qian He
In the case where the static threat a priori position information has been obtained, the threat avoidance of the unmanned combat aircraft can be realized by the pre-route planning method. In this paper, we study the planning method of evading route under the condition of known static threat. According...
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Application analysis on floating start of ESGM on the Sea Area

Jun Yan, Zhi Liu
The electrostatic gyro monitor(ESGM) has complicated structure and needs a long time to start up ,it requires sailing at a uniform course and casting fin to reduce ship shake ,avoiding sailing at low latitude(6øN~6øS),which is difficult to achieve cause of the limitation of mission area and weather condition,in...
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Experiment on marine floating start of ESGM

Zhi Liu, Jian Zhou, Hang Liu, Shang-yong Yu
The start of electrostatic gyro monitor(ESGM)requires sailing at uniform velocity and constant latitude .This is difficult to achieve and hard for the sailing . Analyzing the data of floating start base on the starting principle of ESGM .The result shows that, ESGM can use floating startmode in some...
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A MATLAB-based Design of Shipboard Antenna Gyro Loop System

Linfei Sun
Fiber optic gyroscope (FOG) plays an important role in shipboard antenna system. The technical specifications of FOG include B.bias and SF. The paper describes in detail the methods and processes of system modeling and performance analysis with MATLAB as well as the stable precision simulation with Simulink....
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Study on Hough Transform in XXX Radar Signal Detection

Qiuqi Ding, Zhiyu Jiang
In this paper, the key issues of the classical Hough transform XXX radar signal detection were studied, focusing on the parameter space is divided phenomenon, given to find the optimal partitioning method for XXX and radar to find the best way to divide and give a rational method of extracting the peak....
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Analysis of Nonparametric Accumulation Algorithm Based on Hough Transform

Zhiyu Jiang, Qiuqi Ding
The same problem faced by nonparametric accumulation and coherent accumulation is that the high velocity motion and low radar repetition of the target cause the echo envelope to move seriously, and it can not be accumulated without using the effective method for distance correction. The Hough transform...
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A Mechanical Model of Single Transmission Line Tower

Zhihong Jin
The purpose of this paper is to analyze the force status of a single transmission line tower suitable for DC UHF transmission in the vertical direction of the main line. Using the method of theoretical mechanics and material mechanics, the top hamper and the main column are regarded as rigid body, and...
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Study on the transmission line bird

Dongfu Ma
In order to ensure the power supply reliability of transmission lines, reduce bird damage caused by the distribution of accidents, for the characteristics of birds, practical programmes, enhance the security of transmission line operation.
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Short-term forecasting of the power system

Xingxuan Zhang
In order to predict the short-term load of the power system, we used regression analysis and time series analysis. Firstly, We plotted the annual load curve of a region and analysed the relationship between load and each meteorological factor. Secondly, the regression model is established and the regression...
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Study of the Gravity Model Based on International Cases

Siyuan Zhang
Referring to relevant data, the Maritime Silk Road is concerned with several countries Asian and African countries. Cooperation and development are the core of this strategy. Combining the history of the Maritime Silk Road, we mainly focus on the international trade, where high trade efficiency is required....
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Real-time Response Model to Optimize Refugee Flow

Baixue Liang
Political turbulence in Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq has caused a drastic increase in Refugee flow to European countries. Also it is bringing a dilemma between protecting refugees and maintaining social stability to the major receiving countries. In this article, we developed a Real-time Response model...
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Neural Network Reference Model Control for Inverted Pendulum Based on Simulink

Haiyan Wang
This paper sets the mathematical model of the single inverted pendulum,and analyzed the imperfection of PID control algorithm for inverted pendulum. Based on this case,the neural model reference control method is discussed in the paper.With the design of the inverted pendulum system with a model-reference...
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A Mathematical Method to Keep the Passenger Throughput at an Airport Security Checkpoint

Kai Wang
In order to solve the congestion problem caused by the more strict security check, we developed a mathematical method based on the Petri net model and the queuing theory. First, we get a linear fitting from the A column of data collected according to the queuing theory [1]. And we obtain the distribution...
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A Model to Getting the Best Temperature of Bathtub

Kai Wang
In this paper, we use the first law of thermodynamics to obtain a differential equation. After comprehensively consider about evaporative heat loss, convection heat loss and radiation heat loss,we develop the model to discuss the temperature of the bathtub water for different time and different flow...
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Key materials for nuclear power generation

Yiyi Pan
As a clean, economic and sustainable development of energy, nuclear power was increasingly rose by the whole world. Nuclear power industry is inseparable from the development of nuclear materials. Any breakthrough in nuclear technology depends on the first breakthrough in nuclear materials. This paper...
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Model for the Variation Rule of Shadow Length with Multi - parameter

Xin Gong
In order to obtain the variation rule of shadow length of the pole in a certain period of time, this paper establishes a model of the change of shadow length with each parameter. First of all, according to the observation date, the solar declination is obtained. In this paper, to make the calculation...
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Study on Bath Water in Hot Bath

Xin Gong
This paper determines the best strategy for people who have a hot bath by analyzing the temporal and spatial variation of the bathtub water. In order to achieve the purpose of saving water, the key research object of the model is the water flow rate from the faucet. Finally, according to the actual situation,...
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The Establishment of a Smart Growth Evaluation System

Weibiao Du
The world is rapidly urbanizing, and urban planning is becoming more important. Smart growth is a planning theory that can realize the sustainable development of the city effectively. In this paper, we study the principles of smart growth and set up a complete index system.
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A new metric to measure success of growth plan

Zhaoyang Lu
we develop a metric Total Growth Metric (TGM) to measure success of growth plan, and divide it into Environmental Growth Metric (EGM), Developed Growth Metric (DGM) and Social Growth Metric (SGM) by three E's of sustainability. We consider resource consumption and pollution discharge for EGM. For DGM,...
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Plans of smart growth in Shenmu and Edinburgh

Zhaoyang Lu
Edinburgh and Shenmu are chosen for plans of smart growth. We make it clear how their plans meet the smart growth principles. Using data in the period of plans (2011~2015), we calculate values of our metrics to simply analyze their success. Furthermore, we use mean value test (t test) to measure the...
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Rainwater Collection System Based on Resident Landscape

Hengshu Ye
In this paper, we introduce a rainwater collection system based on resident landscape. It includes roof rainwater delivery system, purification system and underground stored system. Rainwater can be collected and purified through plant shallow groove, rain pipe and high flower bed. It can also be stored...
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Solar-thermal Underfloor Heating System with Electrical Heating Auxiliary

Hengshu Ye, Wenhong Feng, Jiahao Cai
In this paper, we mainly introduce a solar-thermal underfloor heating system with electrical heating, which consists of solar vacuum tube panel, finned tube heat exchanger, disturbed flow tank, underfloor heating pipe, temperature measuring point, circulating water pump and auxiliary electric heater....
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A Multiple Dam System Strategy for Zambezi River

Bohua Sun
In this paper, we removing the Kariba Dam and replacing it with 18 smaller dams along the Zambezi river. Furthermore, we set up three progressive models-the cascade dam system model, the long-term optimal dispatch of the new system model, and the successive linear programming optimal scheduling model,...
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The Research on Freeway Fan-in Area

Wenqian Jiang
The barrier toll is a crucial part of a freeway.The bottleneck of a freeway about safety and throughput is usually the fan-in area.In this paper, I put forward the merging model of barrier tolls (MBT) based on cellular automaton(CA) taking various factors which influence the merging of vehicles into...