Proceedings of the First International Conference on Administration Science (ICAS 2019)

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Analysis of Administration Process of Academic Degree Equivalence (PGA) for Employees at Research Center for Biotechnology, Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI) during the period of 2017-2018

Ayurisya Dominata, Firman Adityo, Novi Savarianti
This research aim to analyze the administration process of Academic Degree Equivalence (PGA) for Employees at the Research Center (RC) for Biotechnology, LIPI, 2017&2018. This research was carried out because there were complaints on the process of Civil Servant PGA Degrees at RC for Biotechnology-LIPI....
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The Effort of KPID West Java in Supporting Environment Sustainability through Tote Bag

Lucy Pujasari Supratman, Nofha Rina, Freddy Yusanto, Rah Utami Nugarahani
Plastic has become worldwide issues due to the discarded debris and several environmental problems. Anti-plastic campaigns have been carried out in various countries. Such campaign has also been promoted in several cities in Indonesia. Among Indonesia cities, Bandung has been implementing the Regional...
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eKTP Services Policy in Bandung

Ika Widiastuti
EKTP is an important element in the population administration, whose creation is the government of basic services to the people. In accordance with Presidential Decree No. 52 of 1997 that every resident aged 17 years or never marry must have identity cards. The purpose of this study are: (1) to assess...
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Implementation of a Special Criminal Guidance Program for Corruption Crimes at the Sukamiskin Bandung Class I Correctional Institution

Ashariana Ashariana, Mansyur Achmad KM, M. Afdhal Abdianysah M.A
This research is entitled "Implementation of a Special Criminal Guidance Program for Corruption Crimes at the Sukamiskin Bandung Class I Correctional Institution". The low level of governance ethics in public officials can be proven through the tabulation data of the Komisi Pemberantasan Korupsi (KPK)...
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Land Conflict in Tourism Destination Development at West Halmahera Regency: A study at Tuada and Bobanehena Villages, Jailolo District

Saiful Deni, Thamrin Husain, Muhlis Madani
Hindrances are also tackled by the villages in the implementation of their development program, mainly the communities located in West Halmahera Regency, namely: first, there are conflicts or land disputes related to the development in tourism objects and destinations between the Village Government and...
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Education for Sustainable Development in Internationalization Era: Improving qualities of lecturers through exchange programme

Nurgita Hapsari Dwi Jayaningtyas, Ismi Dwi Astuti Nurhaeni, Rina Herlina Haryanti
The concept of ESD was born from the need for education to address the growing environmental challenges facing the world. In order to do this, education must change to provide the knowledge, skills, values and attitudes that empower learners to contribute to sustainable development. At the same time,...
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Sustainable City Landscape Asset Management: Case Study in Magelang City

Yetty Setiyaningsih, Retno Widodo Dwi Pramono
The city is a composition between natural landscape elements of origin and manmade landscape elements as a consequence of the way humans adapt the environment to meet their life needs. The town of Magelang is an attractive landscaping city with Mount Tidar as the landmark and slogan of the Million Flower...
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Impact Evaluation of Program Keluarga Harapan (PKH): Indonesia conditional cash transfer program on iron supplements consumption on pregnant women in Indonesia

Nur Afiyah Maizunati, Eny Sulistyaningrum
Evaluation of the implementation of Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) in Indonesia still leaves some problems particularly related to the stagnation of maternal mortality rate. The Ministry of Health noted that the main cause of maternal mortality in Indonesia is anemia. In some populations, 80% of...
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The Action of Public Law by Agency or Officer State Administration that Violates the Law: State administrative law perspective

Enny Agustina
Agency or Officer in the state administration has broad authority in conducting the affairs of government (executive). With this broad authority tend to abuse that caused harm and injustice in the society, therefore there must be other institutions that control it. Based on the theory of triad politics...
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Solvability, Liquidity on Financial Distress (Case study on cable sub sector on IDX 2016-2017)

Darwin Simanjuntak, Francis M. Hutabarat
The purpose of this study is to study the effect of solvency and liquidity on financial distress in the Cable Sub Sector in the Indonesia Stock Exchange. The population of this study is the pharmaceutical sub-sector company that is listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange which is supported by 6 companies...
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Implementation of Public Service Performance Appraisal Model

Hayat Hayat, Rike Anggun Artisa
Civil servants as policy implementers and public servants are required to be able to carry out their roles. Therefore, innovations related to performance appraisal of civil servants need to be continuously developed. This study wants to know the model of public service performance appraisal as part of...
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Trend of Islamic Dwelling in Indonesia and Its Differences with Conventional Dwelling

Muhammad Rifqi Hidayat, Parman Komarudin
Dewan Syariah Nasional - Majelis Ulama Indonesia (The National Sharia Council of the Indonesian Ulema Council) has set regulations regarding the provisions that must be fulfilled by Islamic hotels in Fatwa Number 108 of 2016 about Islamic Tourism, but the fatwa has not regulated the phenomenon of Islamic...
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The Use of Metacognitive Strategies in EFL Reading Comprehension

Muhammad Nafi Annury, Januarius Mujiyanto, Mursid Saleh, Djoko Sutopo
The following study aims to find out which is the highest use of metacognitive reading strategies among the academic learners majoring ELT students, Faculty Education, and Teacher Training UIN Walisongo Semarang. There is only one class which administered to this study. It consists of forty-three students;...
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The Use and Functions of English Discourse Markers (EDMs) in EFL Students Writing at University in Indonesia

Dias Andris Susanto, Januarius Mujiyanto, Dwi Anggani Linggar Bharati, Djoko Sutopo
This study investigated the use of English discourse markers in students writing at Universitas PGRI Semarang, Indonesia. Fraser identifies three functional classes of EDMs; contrastive, elaborative and inferential. The problems of this study are; what are the English discourse markers used in students...
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Framing Analysis: Release of Siti Aisyah by Malaysian courts in online media

Rina Sovianti
The researcher used Robert Entman's framing analysis to analyze media texts. Framing analysis to put more emphasis on the text displayed. In addition, there is also a text section that is considered more important by news text makers. Siti Aisyah was released from detention constructed by three online...
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The Shifting of Lecturers Beliefs in Written Corrective Feedback

Iis Sujarwati, Mursid Saleh, Dwi Rukmini, Sri Wuli Fitriati
Writing is often claimed as the most difficult and complex skill to be mastered by students. Moreover, compared to the other skills, writing is more thoughtful. In order to produce a good writing, the students-writer needs a sufficient guidance from the teacher (lecturer). Providing feedback to students’...
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The Impact of Public Service Quality on Holidays towards Visitors’s Satisfaction

Erna Ruatiana, Ikeu Kania, Abdullah Ramdhani, Hedi Cupiadi
Public service is a responsibility and the existence of bureaucratic transformation by the government must be public satisfaction oriented. The public perception shows that the public services quality by the government has not yet been optimized. This research aims to identify the effect of public holiday...
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Innovation in the Education of Orphanage Children: Case Study at the Family Love Orphanage and Entrepreneurship Based School Prima Unggul Foundation

Esmi Tsalsa Sofiawati, Fransiskus Sawan, Muhamad Thoif, Nurhattati Fuad, Suryadi Suryadi
Innovation is the way organizations respond to each change appropriately so that the organization still exists and continues to develop to realize its vision. This study aims to describe educational innovations carried out at the Prima Unggul Foundation. The method used is a qualitative method with a...
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Sustainability of Internationalization of Higher Education in Industrial Revolution 4.0 Era: A systematic literature review

Desti Permitasari, Ismi Dwi Astuti Nurhaeni, Rina Herlina Haryati
Throughout the last decade, Internationalization becomes highlight of Higher Education implementation all over the world. Internationalization is strategy of Higher Education to increasing its quality, using international factors as implementation institution standard. Internationalization of Higher...
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Quality Accounting Information Systems with 3 Important Factors in BUMN Bandung Indonesia

Nur Zeina Maya Sari, Nunuy Nur Afifah, Azhar Susanto, Memed Sueb
Accounting Information Quality is characteristic with quality that is accurate, relevant, timeline and complete which need by user for valuable decision making in organization. Business Strategy competitive, Role of Map Business process and Departemenlisasi Organizational Structure company vital importance...
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The Agenda Formation of the Fantasy of Identity Politics in the Digital Media and its Effect towards Cohesiveness of 212 Alumni Brotherhood

Ari Sulistyanto, Rina Sovianti, Syaifuddin Syaifuddin
The research aims to reveal the agenda formation of the fantasy of identity politics compounded in the narration of radical Islamic media digital agenda and its effect toward cohesiveness of 212 Alumni brotherhood (PA 212). The research uses mixed methods. The first step is conducting content analysis,...
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The Effectivness Analysis of State Expenditure Policy Implementation in Indonesia

Gugun Geusan Akbar, Aceng Ulumudin, Ikeu Kania, Mulyanto Mulyanto
The deficient absorption of government budget has become a problem that continuously occurred every year. It impacted on the delayed implementation and realization of activity programs that have been planned by the government in institution of ministry. The government has made several rules in state...
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Drama of Social Media Political Actors in Democracy Facebook Public Space and Democratic Practices in the 2019 Presidential Debate in Indonesia

Dwinarko Dwinarko
This study uses qualitative methods, paradigms of critical and postmodern approaches. The purpose of this research was to dismantle the text interpersonal on Facebook in the April 17, 2019. The text is a public space in the footsteps of creative in innovative as a form campaign the political actors in...
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The Survival of Media Economy at Local Broadcasting Industry in West Java

Aep Wahyudin
Decentralization of broadcasting is the basis for the establishment and development of local television, as stipulated in Broadcasting Law No. 32 of 2002, in quantity local TV in the regions continues to grow. The growth of local television in Bandung, West Java is very high, thus inviting capital owners...
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Technology Integration in Economic Learning: Is it effective?

Agie Hanggara, Iskandar Iskandar
The fast development of technology and information has a significant impact on all activities of human life. The industrial era 4.0 that is now happening, has fundamentally changed the way of thinking and activities and has a great influence on the world of education. The development of this era is characterized...
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The Influence of Financial Performance, Corporate Governance, and Stock Prices to the Sustainability Reporting (Study of companies that listed on Indonesia Stock Exchange in 2014 – 2017)

Muhammad Zaki Hasanuddin, Elly Suryani
A sustainability reporting is a report that is announced to the public that contains the economic, social, and environmental performance, of a financial service institutions and public companies in running a sustainable business. This study aims to determine the effect of financial performance, audit...
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“SI BAPAK ON” Innovation (Increasing local tax revenue in Surakarta)

Putri Wulandari Atur Rejeki, Yuyu Yuningsih
Local tax as one of the Own-Source Revenue (PAD) is an indicator that shows the fiscal potential. However, not all regions have it sufficiently. In order to increase local tax revenues, the city of Surakarta created the Online Tax pay Information System named “Si Bapak On”. This paper aims to discover...
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Lifelong Learning in Realizing the Learning Society (The analysis of non-formal educational services of sant’egidio community toward the scavengers’ children in Pemulung Village, Jogjakarta)

Rufina Nenitryana Bere
Nowadays, the number of scavengers is increasing. The lack of awareness of lifelong learning becomes one of the reasons why many people decide to be scavengers. They think that education can be only got in formal institutions. Whereas referring to the concept of lifelong learning, everyone can get an...
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The Effect of the Dimensions of Corporate Communication on Customer Satisfaction of Sharia Mandiri Bank in Medan

Adelina Lubis, Ritha Dalimunthe, Yeni Absah, Beby Karina Fawzeea
The aim of this research is to determine the effect of the dimensions of corporate communication on customer satisfaction of Sharia Mandiri Bank in Medan. This research is an associative whether the sample of this research is 92 customers which take using simple random sampling technique. The methods...
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Between Political Identity and Violence at the 2017’s Jakarta Governor Election

Shindyawati Shindyawati, Riaty Raffiudin
DKI Jakarta Gubernatorial Election 2017 was characterized by the dimensions of direct violence which included clashes and beatings as well as dimensions of indirect violence which included heat speech, intolerance, manipulative and discrimination. This is different from the conditions in the 2007 and...
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Applying Literature Circle to teaching Critical Reading in the EFL University Student

Djoko Sutrisno, Dwi Anggani Linggar Bharati, Dwi Rukmini, Sri Wuli Fitriati
This study explores and designed in accordance the effect of Literature Circle on EFL students critical reading skill. Thirty students out of a private university in Semarang, Indonesia, were involved in the study and it having been decided on based on their English talents of at least advanced level....
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Village Funds and Disaster Risk Reduction: Challenges to deal with the poverty cause by cultural belief systems

Yelladys Nuring Alifagusta, Didik Gunawan Suharto, Rutiana Dwi Wahyuningsih
Disasters affect the increasing vulnerability of the community and positively correlated with the risk of poverty. The risk of poverty will increase if traditional societies perpetuate a cultural belief system in which people depend on the help of others. To break the dependency culture, the government...
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Public Health Communication Campaign ‘Germas’ by Ministry of Health in Maluku 2018: An overview

Ananda Dwitha Yuniar, Alan Sigit Fibrianto
Public communication campaign held by the Indonesian Government generally aims to achieve the main of integrating functions of several Government programs. The implementation of public communication is intended to send public information and to accommodate public opinion. This necessary for decentralization...
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The Influence of Exchange Rate, Interest Rate and Inflation on Stock Price of LQ45 Index in Indonesia

Mochammad Fahlevi
There are many factors that affect Indonesian public listed companies stock prices. Macroeconomic factors are crucial for any change in national capital markets. The aim of this research study is to focus on examining the impact of foreign exchange rates, inflation rates, and interest rates on stock...
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The Role of Public Private Partnerships in Sustainable Infrastructure Development in Bandung City

Lia Muliawaty
Most major cities in Indonesia face relatively similar problems, namely the existence of limited infrastructure and limited government budget. Whereas the existence of infrastructure is absolutely essential for various activities such as business, administrative, social, tourism and others. The same...
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Practice of Convergence in the Makarena Segment on Radio Delta FM Jakarta

Laksmi Rachmaria
This study aims to see how the convergence practices that occur in the Makarena segment on Delta 99.1 FM Jakarta radio. Media convergence is one of the developments in mass media that involves many technological factors in it. The Makarena segment is the only cooking program on Radio in Indonesia. The...
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Implementation “Peace Is Possible” Campaign by Junior Chamber International as a Supporting Part of Sustainable Development Goals

Magdalena Lestari Ginting, Reigitha Lawrence Anzela
Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) carry five fundamental principles that balance economic, social and environmental dimensions. The five principles include people, planet, prosperity, peace, and partnership. In Indonesia the application of the SDG is regulated in Presidential Regulation no. 59 of...
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The Effect of Return on Equity and Investment Opportunity Set to Price Earnings Ratio with Current Ratio as a Moderating Variable in Metal Companies Listed in Indonesia Stock Exchange (Bursa Efek Indonesia)

Sri Fitri Wahyuni, Muhammad Shareza Hafiz
This study aims to empirically examine the effect of return on equity and investment opportunity set on price earnings ratio with the current ratio as a moderating variable. The dependent variable in this study is the price earnings ratio. While the independent variable is return on equity and investment...
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The Effect of Cash Position, Firm Size, Growth Opportunity, Ownership, and Return On Assets on Dividend Payout Ratio (DPR) in Automotive Companies Listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange

Radiman Radiman, Sri Fitri Wahyuni
This study aims to determine and analyze the effect of Cash Position on Dividend Payout Ratio, the effect of Firm Size on Dividend Payout Ratio, the effect of Growth Opportunity on Dividend Payout Ratio, the effect of Ownership on Dividend Payout Ratio, the effect of Return On Asset on Dividend Payout...
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Communication Strategy in Food Security Sector in Indonesia

Indah Suryawati, Geri Suratno
The success of development in the agricultural sector of a country is reflected in the countries’ ability on self-sufficiency in food or at least food security. In Indonesia, food security is an important topic, not only seen from economic and social values, but it is also consisting an enormous political...
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Module Achievement of 1st Piano Minor Learning Standard Competence Based on Multimedia at the Jakarta Institute of Art

Endang Kusumaningsih, Nadiroh Nadiroh, Nurdin Ibrahim
The aim of this study was to produce a learning module with video for equality the student competence. A module is an effective tool for individual learning. Completing the module with video is the multimedia way that performs the text, picture, sound, and animation that make the learning more interesting,...
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Independent Animation: Meaning and identity construction

Arief Ruslan
Independent animation has an influence on local identity that present on social networks sites (SNS). Through visual, communication is formed, compiled and negotiated in reflecting Animator creativity. Recognizing that cultural identity in animation has the potential to develop values for national ideology...
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How Self-Directed Learning (SDL) Are the Millennial Generation of Indonesian Public Service?

Enni Iriani
In the roadmap of Indonesian Bureaucratic Reformation Agendas, one of the goals to be realized in 2025 is the professionalism of the Public Service Apparatus (PSA). The millennium generation of PSA (Gen Y) is expected to play bigger and better role in the realization of the goal than its parents, the...
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A Study of the Influence of Transformational Leadership, Organizational Learning on Employees Innovative Behavior and Work Engagement at Sekolah Bahasa Polri

Gagan Setia Margana, Suparno Eko Widodo, Mukhneri Mukhtar
The main aims of this study were to determine the effect of transformational leadership, organizational learning, and work attachment to the innovative behavior of educators in Sekolah Bahasa (Sebasa) Polri. The approach used in this study was a quantitative approach with the path analysis method to...
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Modernization Era Challenge: Community Cohesiveness Fishermen Group (KKN) in the village Nadran Ritual Activities Bungko – Cirebon

Pipit Fitriyah, Lenie Okviana, Wahyuni Choiriyati
Process ritual held once a year Nadran culture refers to the belief that inherent ancestors and hereditary. Performing rituals aimed Nadran symbolize an influence in civic life and to address concerns related to the number of catches Fishermen, sea water conditions, weather and storms by implementing...
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The Role of Private Vocational School of Kalimantan Province Tourism in Camping the Visit South Kalimantan Program

Rahajeng Puspitosari, Muhammad Ariandi
This study aims to know The Role of Public Relations Department Tourism the Province of South Kalimantan in Campaigning the Program visit South Borneo. The question of researchers proposed is how The Role of Public Relation Department Tourism the Province of South Kalimantan in Campaigning the Program...
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The Influence of Character and Creativity Initiative (CCI) Learning Approach and Lecturers Qualification towards the Learning Results of Program Design Method after Controlling the Mathematics Logic Ability

Hardjito S. Darmojo, Gaguk Margono, Yuliatri Sastrawijaya
The research was aimed at implementing the Character and Creativity Initiative (CCI) in education and finding out the description about the professionalism of lecturers’ performances in order to increase the students’ learning achievements, as well as finding out the students’ learning results on program...
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Millennial and Social Entrepreneurship

Siti Widharetno Mursalim
In recent years, the concept of social entrepreneurship has begun to develop in Indonesia. Many social organizations have emerged and were initiated by young people born in the 1990s to 1997s or what are called millennial generations currently reaches 34.45%. The millennials behavior is considered as...
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The Impact of New Regulations in the Implementation of Regional Medium-term Development Plan (RPJMD) in West Java Province

Muhamad Nur Afandi, Bambang Heru Purwanto
This study is to outline and analyse the impact of the release of new laws and regulations in the implementation of Regional Medium-term Development Plan in West Java Province. The study is also to overcome the impact of implementation of The Regional Medium-term Development Plan in certain model area....
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Policy Strategy Development Tourism South Cianjur in Cianjur Regency, West Java

Yaya Mulyana, Abu Huraerah, Rudi Martiawan
Tourism has grown spectacularly as a mainstay sector of various countries in gaining foreign exchange and economic growth, including Indonesia. Likewise for one of the regions in Indonesia, namely Cianjur Regency which has many attractive tourist destinations and become tourist attractions such as Cipanas....
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Political Semiotics Analysis of Joko Widodo through Social Media in Forming Image Building

Jeanie Annissa, Ricky Widyananda Putra, Benny Muhdaliha
The use of social media today is a necessity for millennial actors. Social media is used as a communication medium that provides transmission of value and extensive information flows. This is a necessity in the era of globalization which emphasizes the implementation of information, communication, and...
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Rhetoric Narrative in Prabowo National Speech 2019

Cholid Cholid, Wahyuni Choiriyati, Iqbal Al Khazim
The researcher determined the theme of Prabowo Subianto’s speech research as we are currently entering the political year of 2019. Political figures often shout out powerful words in their rhetoric’s. Prabowo’s rhetoric became trending topic in social media and conventional media such as The Body Politic...
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Analysis of Utilization of Ubiklan Technology as Hybrid Advertising Innovation with Sharing Economy Concept

Oktavia Nur’afifah, Dinda Rakhma Fitriani
A touch of new innovations in the world of advertising is hybrid advertising implemented by Ubiklan. This research aims to know how hybrid advertising innovation with the concept of sharing economy is accepted by companies and partners analyzed using Technology Acceptance Model (TAM) and Innovation Diffusion...
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Family Planning Program in the National Population and Family Planning Board

Muh. Kadarisman
Family Planning Program in the National Population and Family Planning Board has been in decline and the Government has failed to control population growth. The problem statement is how the family planning program In the National Population and Family Planning Board? The objective of this research is...
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Digital Innovation Based on E-Learning in Broadcasting Learning in AKMRTV Jakarta

Edy Prihantoro
This study aims to develop digital innovation by using an e-learning model at AKMRTV Jakarta, a broadcasting-based academy. This research uses descriptive qualitative approach. Data is taken from several lecturers who teach broadcasting / broadcasting subjects. The results of this study indicate that...
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Public Perception of Zoning School Policy in Surakarta Public Senior High Schools

Esti Rokhima Mahyani, Rutiana Dwi Wahyunengseh, Rina Herlina Haryanti
By the year in 2017 the implementation of new learner’s acceptance policy (PPDB) in Surakarta Public senior high schools had been changed. In 2017 the policy emphasized with its social accessible one by receiving quota till 20%. however, in 2018 when the policy still being implemented there were changes...
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The Vague of Public Policy Advantages for Regional Border Conflict Settlement in Magelang Case

Harsi Nastiti, Sudarmo Sudarmo, Rina Herlina Haryanti
It is been years that Magelang City and Magelang Regency have been in border conflict since 1987. Through continuum mediations by the help of Provincial Government and Central Government (Ministry of Home Affairs) finally it resulted policy called Permendagri Number 64 Year 2017 as law to settle the...
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Achieving Sustainable Public Transportation in the Era of Online Transportation

Fadhilla Artiwi Putri, Kristina Setyowati, Rino A. Nugroho
The emergence of online transportation provides new choices for the community. However, its existence is a threat to public vehicles as public transportation. People prefer online transportation because it is considered to be easily accessible, more reachable, cheap and free of traffic jams. Therefore,...
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Public Service Innovation Based on Local Wisdom in Belu Regency

Harditya Bayu Kusuma
Belu Regency is a district that is on the edge of the border with the State of Timor Leste, which has a myriad of local wisdoms that are different from other regions. Geographical conditions, panorama, customs and local cultures are the beauty of Belu Regency. These local wisdoms drive the Government...
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Synergy of the Urban Infrastructure Development Policy at Jakabaring Area

Syaifudin Zakir, Irfan Ridwan Maksum, Teguh Kurniawan
Space is a resource that is fully limited and has characteristics that are not uniform so that it does not have all kinds of functions that can be developed in the available space. Space limitation is needed for spatial planning activities that those designed according to the designation are adjusted,...
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Exploring and Measuring City Brand Personality in Small Cities

Andriani Kusumawati
City branding strategy has received considerable interest since it play an important part in promoting city competitiveness and uniqueness. The purpose of this research is to analyse in more depth the dimensions of the City Brand Personality of three small cities in East Java Indonesia, as identified...
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Determinants of Students Financial Literacy: Student survey of faculty of economics Sangga Buana University, Bandung

Iskandar Ahmaddien, Muhammad Nur Abdi, Eva Trisnawati, R. Aryanti Ratnawati
Students must have good knowledge, attitudes, and behaviour in managing personal finance so that there is no failure in managing finances. The purpose of this study was to look at the determinants of the financial behaviour of bachelor students in the Faculty of Economics. The research sample was 100...
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Efforts in Improving the Degree of Maternal and Child Health in Indonesia-Timor Leste Border Area

Aplonia Pala
The rate of maternal and child mortality is an indicator to measure the degree of maternal and child health in North Central Timor, East Nusa Tenggara which is directly adjacent to the Timor Leste. The fluctuation in maternal and infant mortality shows that the health level of border communities does...
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Value Chain Model of Human Capital Development in Pesantren

Muhardi Muhardi, Nurdin Nurdin, Aminuddin Irfani
Pesantren is one of the educational institutions that have contributed to the development of human capital in Indonesia. This can be understood considering that most of Indonesian people are Muslims. To comprehend the role of pesantren in human capital development, it is necessary to identify and then...
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Transparency in The Implementation of Construction Services Based on The Perception of The Public Information Disclosure Act in Indonesia

Dewi Yustiarini, Biemo W. Soermardi, Krishna S. Pribadi, Iris Mahani, Muhammad Farhan Setyawan
Indonesia has adopted an open government system since 2011. This system was implemented as a continuation of the promulgation of the KIP Law in 2008. Open government is related to the administration of a transparent, open and participatory government. According to the Public Information Disclosure Act,...
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The Relation Between Sexuality Knowledge and Sexual Behavior of Adolescents

Marliana Rahma
Poor sexual behaviour among adolescent is closely related to the lack of knowledge regarding sexuality. The purpose of this present study was to determine the relationship between knowledge about sexuality and adolescent sexual behaviour. The method used in this study is analytic survey with cross sectional...
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The Effect of Work Ethic on The Professional Competences of University Lecturers at Jakarta of Indonesia

Saepudin Saepudin, Burhanuddin Tola, Madhakomala Madhakomala, Ika Kartika, Yanti Hasbian Setiawati, Gunawan Wibisono
The study aims to determine and analyse the effect of work ethic on of the professional competence of University Lecturers in Indonesia in the facing of Digital 4.0. This study uses quantitative research method with survey technique to respond the test hypotheses that have been formulated. The respondents...
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The Effect of Transformational Leaders, Academic Culture On The Work Stress of University Lecturer in Indonesia

Ahmad Hidayat, Burhanuddin Tola, Slamet Sutanto
The study aims to determine and analyse the effect of transformational leaders, academic culture on of the work stress of University Lecturers in Indonesia. This study uses quantitative research method with survey technique to respond the test hypotheses that have been formulated. The respondents are...
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Influence of Leadership Style and Organizational Commitment on Employees’ Performance in Kupang Wirasakti Hospital

Sedarmayanti Sedarmayanti, Sabar Gunawan, Eldy Rudolfo Nepa
Strict competition in health services (hospitals) makes health services always keep abreast of developments. One of the efforts to improve this development is to obtain superior human resources, one of which is through improved performance. Especially hospitals that have an important role in improving...
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The Representation of Diffable Community’s Creative Service Industry in Yogyakarta Indonesia

Alan Sigit Fibrianto, Ananda Dwitha Yuniar
Negative stigma and discriminative treatment are inherent to diffable or people with different ability’s life including industrial aspect. This research aimed to find out the representation of diffable community’s creative service industry through “Difa City Tour and Transport” or DCTT in Yogyakarta...
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Comparative Study on Development Policies of Startup Business in Indonesia and Singapore

Anang Setiyawan, Ilham Aji Pangestu
Industrial Age 4.0 has driven the growth of start-up companies rapidly and the existence of start-up companies in the world has become a new economic basis for countries. The start-up industry is able to encourage new innovations, research, create new jobs and absorb more labour and increase national...
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Collaborative Governance in Development and Empowerment of Street Vendors in Cirebon City

Ipik Permana, Moh.Taufik Hidayat
This research is based on the existence of a problem, namely the mushrooming of street vendors (PKL) in the city of Cirebon which causes traffic jams and disturbs the order and beauty of the city. The proliferation of street vendors is a complex issue, so that guidance and empowerment need to be done...
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Modality in President Joko Widodo's Speeches on Independence Day 2018: Syntactic and semantic studies

Nugraha Deden Novan Setiawan, Reyta Fitriani
Modality as a phenomenon of language shows that each language has a lexical element that can be used to describe the attitude of the speaker to what is expressed in his/ her speech. The analysis of this research basically concerns with the Modality in President Joko Widodo's Speeches on Independence...
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Comparative Study on Hoax Handling Policies in Indonesia and Singapore

Agung Nugroho
The Indonesian government is examining to ensnare the spread of hoax using the anti-terrorism law. This study aims to examining the relevance of the anti-terrorism law to ensnare hoax perpetrators and compare how Indonesia & Singapore policies in handling hoaxes. This research uses doctrinal methods...
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Student Culture in Favorite Schools

Sahat T Simorangkir, Neti Karnati, Thamrin Abdullah, Muhamad Suhardi
The phenomenon of favorite schools begins with the advancement of people's minds about the importance of education which causes the community to be more selective in choosing the best schools for their sons and daughters. The purpose of this study was to find out the learning activities and patterns...
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Customer-based Business Model for Digital Start-up Sustainability

Pri Agung Danarahmanto, Ina Primiana, Yudi Azis, Umi Kaltum
Digital startup enterprises have a high rate of failure. One of the reasons for failure is a not working business model due to the lack of customer involvement in the company. Then aim of this study is to identify the effect of customer participation, business model, and sustainable performance on startup...
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Education Answers the Millennial Challenge

Sodikin Jarkasih
Aware or not aware, we live in the millennial era that is a continuation era of the global era. Of course, as the era progresses, there are many social problems and new challenges that we must deal wisely. So that, it can turn into a golden opportunity in today’s live. Challenges that arise should be...
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The Influence of Cybercrime Against Teenage Angst in Online Media

Mira Herlina, Rocky Prasetyo Jati
Indonesia is a country of evil cyberspace because of the development of the internet and its use is currently very rapidly in Indonesia. In addition to cybercrime, the growing online media information is also part of the impact of the development of communication technology. Cybercrime and information...
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Effect of Usage of Social Media on Motivation of Teens (Survey on high school students and students Budi Luhur Karang Tengah)

Linda Islami, Mira Herlina, Safaruddin Husada
This research is motivated by the use of social media is rampant in Indonesia so that the impact of social media itself so significantly affect aspects of community life Indonesia, especially adolescents, so that this study considers it necessary that the use of social media, motivation teenagers and...
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Causative Factors of Indonesia’s Rural Areas’ Low Funding

Ikeu Kania, Gugun Geusan Akbar, Mutiana Budiman
Village funds management that is mandated in Law No. 6 of 2014 of Villages aimed to the development and empowerment of village people is still not optimal. This research purpose is to identify and analyze several factors that cause not optimal management of village funds. The method used is Bartlett...
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The Effect of Technical Education and Training on Competency of Education and Culture of the City of Makassar Province of South Sulawesi

Ashariana Ashariana, KM Achmad, MA Afdhal Abdiansyah
The research problems discussed are that Education and technical training followed by employees have not been effective, thus influencing the competency of the staff of the Makassar City Education and Culture Office of South Sulawesi Province. The research method used is a quantitative method with a...
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Conflict Mapping on Tanjung Lesung Special Economic Zone (SEZ) in Pandeglang Regency Banten Province Indonesia

Dede Sri Kartini
The impact of a policy can lead to conflict between society, private sector and government, as happened in Tanjung Lesung Special Economic Zone. In this research context, the conflict occurs between Kampung Bodur residence with PT. Banten West Java (PT. BWJ) and Local Government. By using qualitative...
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Evolution of Leadership in Esprit De Corps: Evidence from military organization

Lutfi Adin Affandi, Ma’ruf Akbar, Dedi Purwana, Muhammad Fadli Hanafi
Military problems throughout the world are the presence of members in their units. The presence of personnel in units, especially in carrying out basic tasks, is in the military. Absence without permission, or called desertion, is considered illegal, which is one of the crimes regulated by law. Esprit...
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The Effect of Leadership, Compensation, Organizational Culture, on Organizational Commitments in Civil Servants in Cilegon City Government

Tubagus Hkualizaman, Hamidah Hamidah, Agung Wahyu Handaru
This study examines the influence of leadership, organizational culture, compensation and motivation in the organizational commitment with Civil State Employees in the Cilegon City Government. The study was conducted through a questionnaire with a sample size of 71 PNS in the government of the city of...
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Village Independence Based on Local Potential Innovations in Environmental Communication (Study in Gelebak Dalam Village, Banyuasin Regency, South Sumatra)

Yenrizal Yenrizal, Atwar Bajari
This research is based on the reality that the focus of sustainable development has not been too large involving village community participation. Programs carried out in villages are generally determined from above. Independence is not formed and the village is increasingly dependent on the program from...
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Defense Factors of Islamic Political Parties in Election (Comparative study of Malaysian Islamic Parties (PAS) in Malaysia 2013 and the Prosperous Justice Party (PKS) di Indonesia 2014)

Reztya Ridwan, Kamarudin Kamarudin
The dominance of Muslims in a country does not guarantee that they can also dominate in political power. It indicates that political participation of Muslims has decreased, or secularism has become increasingly strong in the political arena in the country. In this problem there are factors that influence...
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Low Voter Turnout in Kepulauan Riau Province Gubernatorial Election

Nony Natadia Ernel, Meidi Kosandi
The purpose of this study is to examine the factors behind the large number of absentees among voters in regional elections (Pilkada) in Riau Islands province, Indonesia. Since 2005, people have their right to vote for their own local leader that was previously selected by the parliament to become a...
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The Influence of Communication and Work Discipline to Employee Performance

Muhammad Andi Prayogi, Muhammad Taufik Lesmana, Lukman Hakim Siregar
This study aims to look at the influence of communication and discipline on employee performance PDAM Tirtanadi in North Sumatra Province. The approach in this study is associative by looking at their relationship or influence between independent variables and the dependent variable. The number of samples...
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The Applications of Multiplier Analyses in Analyzing the Roles of Industrial Sectors: The case of Indonesia

Ubaidillah Zuhdi, Teguh Herlambang
The purpose of this study is to analyze the roles of industrial sectors in the Indonesian national economy by using simple output multiplier, and simple household income multiplier, the analysis tools in Input-Output (IO) analysis. The analysis period of the study is 2010. The results show that, on the...
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Licensing Service Transformation in DKI Jakarta Province

Ratih Nur Aini, Haula Rosdiana
The transformation of licensing services is part of the transformation of public services, licensing holds important things in development from planning, implementation, supervision to evaluation so that sustainable development can occur in various sectors. On the other hand licensing can also be a source...
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Analysis of the Impact of the Application of Good Corporate Governance on the Performance of Employees at the Health Office in Banda Aceh City

Irham Fahmi, Jalaluddin Jalaluddin, Amri Amri
This study aims to analyze the impact of the application of Good Corporate Governance as stated in the principles of transparency, accountability, responsibility, independence and justice on the performance of employees of the Banda Aceh City Health Office. This research will be conducted at the Banda...
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Implementation of Labor Inspection Policy in West Java Province at Indonesia in Facing the Digital Era 4.0

Khairul Ismed, Wibowo Wibowo, Hamidah Hamidah
This research aims to analyze labor inspection in Indonesia in the digital era 4.0. This research method used an evaluative descriptive method. The object of the research was focused on the four labor and transmigration offices of West Java Province. Data is collected through observatied, documentation...
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New Political Party and Political Branding: Perindo for Prosperous Indonesia

Achmad Jamil, Sri Hesti
In political contestation, branding for new political party has a central position in political marketing. This study discusses the formation of a new political party brand that make an effort to sell political products to the target voters. The research is qualitative using a case study method, with...
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Collaborative Governance Model in Social Responsibility Program

R. Taqwaty Firdausijah
One of the problems faced in implementing local government programs is the limited budget in the Local Government Budget to finance these programs. The budget limitation is indicated by the low proportion of local revenue to total local income compared to the number of subsidies issued by the central...
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Strategy of Video Editor on Content Media Production at PT Radio Suara Tunggal Angkasa Raya (Star Radio)

Arbi Cristional Lokananta
The media is divided into two categories, namely print and electronic media. Print media that can meet the criteria as mass media are newspapers and magazines. While electronic media that meets the criteria of mass media are television, film, radio broadcasts, and online media (internet). Media radio...
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Analysis of Organizational Dimensional Settings General Election Commissions in the 2017 Indonesian Law Number 7 on the Election

Tatang Sudrajat, Hersusetyati Hersusetyati, Vip Paramarta
The existence of organizations is very important in the administration of elections. Setting various organizational dimensions adequately, is an important part of efforts to achieve organizational goals. Indonesian Law No.7 of 2017 concerning Elections, which replaces the three laws related to the election...
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Characteristic and Type of Innovation of Licensing Pick Up Service in Jakarta

Dani Setiarini, Achmad Lutfi
The development of technology as well as the increasingly complex society, has created a demand for better public services. Solving the problem of public services can no longer use the usual and old method. The government required to use creative solutions by maximizing its resources and this is done...
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The Regulation (ITE Law) Socialization and Implementation Model by Kominfo to Mitigate Negative Content on Social Media

Erwin Mulyadi, Henni Gusfa
The aims of this research are to understand the forms and model of socialization held by Ministry of Communications and Informatics (Kominfo) and to understand the implementation of regulation (Electronic Information and Transaction Law – ITE Law). In general, ITE Law is divided into two major parts,...
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Indonesian Women Politicians Based on a Newspaper’s Perception

Suswinda Ningsih, Agustina Zubair, Henni Gusfa
Political news in the media in fact, in favor of the proclamation of male politicians, rather than female politicians. This study aims to determine the media frame the action ahead of Election 2019 Women Politicians in Indonesia on The theory used is, Female Political Culture, Political Communication...
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Increasing the Productivity of Mendong Handycraft as a Part of the Creative Economy in the Globalization Era

Rini Wijayaningsih, Raden Achmad Harianto
In the workplace it contributes to the regional economy and enhances community empowerment through handicrafts in Sleman Yogyakarta. Creation which is part of the process of increasing the productivity of Mendong crafts through IKK can improve the local economy. This craft has special characteristics...