Proceedings of the 2016 International Conference on Intelligent Control and Computer Application

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The Very Useful Linear Indefinite Equations in Applied Sciences

Lijiang Zeng
The number theory is an important branch of mathematics. The paper introduced some methods of solving linear indefinite equation in convergent and the so-called extended Euclid's algorithm, and got two results about linear indefinite equation. And it is very important for our understanding and using...
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Generalized Nonlinear Vector Variational-like Inequalitie with set-valued mappings

Aihua Wang, Di Wu, Yali Zhao
In this paper, we introduce and study a class of generalized nonlinear vector variational-like inequalities. By utilizing maximal element theorem, we prove the existence of its solutions in the setting of locally convex topological vector space under certain conditions.
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Existence of Solution to Generalized Multivalued Vector Variational-like Inequalities

Di Wu, Lu Shen, Yali Zhao
In this paper, we consider a generalized multivalued vector variational-like inequality and obtain some existence results. some special cases are also discussed.
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Speed Identification Based on Surveillance Video in Traffic Accidents

Shuquan Xu, Shengwen Yang, Chaozhou Chen, Guofang Wu
Traditional analytical methods on the velocity in traffic accident are summarized, and the use of reference object in vehicle-mounted surveillance video data identifying the velocity in traffic accidents was introduced. A collision between a bus and an electric bicycle which caused injuries was taken...
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A Reconfigurable Architecture via Grain Perception Operator

Fan Yang, Laixin Shen, Sheng Li, Run Wang
Application tasks are complex and diverse, which need HPC (High Performance Computing) to solve them. The computing efficiency is hugely different when they run in different architectures, because different application tasks have different computing features. The PMC (Processor-Memory- Communication)...
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Simulation on the Application of Electric Spring for Reactive Power Compensation at Load Side

Yelin Hu, Chun Yin, Haigang Zang, Panpan Li, Zhaoquan Chen
Electric spring has a lot of advantages like simple control and without needing a lot of energy storage, which is applied to the load side by means of suppressing voltage fluctuation caused by the reactive power fluctuation. The simulation model with electric spring is built by using the software of...
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Scattering by a Two-dimensional Highly-Conducting Rough Surface

Hongxuan Xu, Yufeng Shao, Jiancun Zuo, Yu Feng, Hong Dai, Liandong Wang, Hua Zhang
In this paper, we consider an electromagnetic wave impinging upon a rough surface under impedance boundary condition (IBC), which means that the rough surface is highly-conducting. This work focuses on the two-dimensional rough surfaces, and uses the method of Moments as the numerical method. Finally,...
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The Design of Smart Pipe Data Concentrator

Yulong Zhen, Changwen Liu
In this paper, a design method of data centralized equipment for smart pipe is presented. Data Concentrator is responsible for collecting data of different interface sensors, and uploading those data to the central server via the Internet. Data concentrator sets up a LAN with terminal devices and sensing...
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Secure Transmission Mechanism of Space Data Based on Information Attribute

Hengtai Ma, Xiaoxia Liu, Xuefei Wang, Xiaowei Yi
An optimal secure transmission scheme of space data is designed by optimizing the secure distribution of the space observation data in view of the change of source-channel condition. Various source-channel models are built based on the optimization objective of data quality, and then the data protection...
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Design of a Portable Electrical and Mechanical System Test Instrument for a Certain Type of Aircraft

Feng Tian, Chaoqun Ma, Yongtao Yu
In view of the test and maintenance requirements of the mechanical and electrical system of a certain type of aircraft, a kind of portable mechanical and electrical system test instrument for a certain type of aircraft is designed and realized. This test system enables to collect and display the states...
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A Method of Calculating Waist Width of Angle Steel Tower Based On VC++ and OSG

Changzhi Wang, Junke Han, Qinghua Li, Fei Wang, Xiao Tian
The power transmission tower is a key part of the transmission line, the waist width shall be calculated correctly during two dimensional drawing and tower lofting, which is the fundamental to correct fabrication and assembly of the steel tower. In this paper, we deeply analyzed the connection mode of...
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Three-dimensional Reconstruction Based on Quadrotors with Binocular Vision

Yong Shen, Youling Yu, Danyu Bi, Melchiorri Claudio
Three-dimensional reconstruction is used to get more detailed information on the current scenes such as the overlook of a city or a car. The process of reconstruction is based on binocular vision system. In this paper we apply binocular vision to quadrotors. As a result, more information is obtained...
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FOSS Enhanced Microkernel-based LBS Platform

Shang Zhang, Ming Xiao, Liufeng Tao
Geographical Information System (GIS) always play an integral role in information systems, but it comes with technology problem, such as low efficiency ,less flexible, no redundancy of existing GIS application configuration which have high entry cost. The aim of this paper is to presents a lightweight,...
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Implementation of Trapped Personnel Detection and Evacuation Guidance in Indoor Fire Scene Based on Quadrotor UAV

Danyu Bi, Youling Yu, Yong Shen, Melchiorri Claudio
This paper presents a solution to trapped personnel detection and evacuation guidance in indoor fire scene based on quadrotor UAV. Our approach purely relies on UAV’s own monocular camera as the main sensor, and therefore UAV can search and rescue in unknown, GPS-denied fire environments. In this paper,...
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The Design and Architecture of CalDAV-based Enterprise Calendar Service

Erdong Ma, Naijia Liu, Yu Zhang, Yu Peng
Personal calendar applications develop rapidly in recent years, while the enterprise calendar is lagging behind. This paper describes the protocol stack and content of standard calendar service, and then analyzes the similarities and differences between standard calendar and enterprise calendar from...
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A Novel Efficient Host Detecting Scheme in SDN

Yanwei Xu, Xiaoyuan Lu
Data centers with millions of physical and virtual end hosts are now the basis for many Internet and cloud computing services. Hence, it is no longer practical to employ the traditional flooding method for host detecting in such large networks. In order to improve the efficiency of host detecting among...
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D-STATCOM Predictive Direct Power Control Research Under Unbalanced Voltage of Power System

Tianyi Qu, Hao Peng
Predictive direct power control strategy is led into the research of distribution network D-STATCOM. When the grid voltage is asymmetrical, the 2 times frequency instantaneous power pulsation of PPC will cause D-STATCOM output current total harmonic distortion rate higher. After analyzing the relationship...
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Grid Generation Research for Intake-exhaust Closing Internal Combustion Engine Using KIVA Software

Tianpen Zhao, Yongfeng Liu, Yan Shi
In order to simulate the combustion process of the internal combustion engine, a new grid generation was carried. This paper developed the KIVA-3V software to establish a gasoline engine combustion chamber model. Firstly, the schematic of grid generation and block of combustion zone is given out. The...
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The Evolution of Public Administration Models

Kachniarz Marian, Babczuk Arkadiusz, Piepiora Zbigniew
The paper presents the review of organization and governance concepts influencing public administration. It analyzes the main characteristics of a law-governed state, ideal bureaucracy, new public management, public governance, including the Neo-Weberian State. The conducted analysis results in a conclusion...
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3D Dynamic Visualization of Single Poplar Combined Growth Model with Structural Model

Chunhua Hu, Dong Yang, Pingping Li, Ting Yun
It is important for real tree visualization and 3D reconstruction based on accessibly collected data. Here the poplar tree, belonged to fast growing woods, was taken as the experimental subject due to its extensive use in industrial manufacturing. For further enhancing the plant lifecycle management...
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Preliminary Evaluation on Cerebral Small Vascular Disease with Cerebral Arerio-venous Pulse Wave Time

Yanxia Zhou, Pandeng Zhang, Xiang Tang, Rongkun Yang, Zhuqing Zhou, Chuming Huang, Yongti Xia
In order to investigate the relationship between cerebral arerio-venous pulse wave time (CAV-PWT) and cerebral small vascular disease, this paper deals with 132 patients with cerebral small vascular disease and 115 sex-and-age-matched control subjects. The pulse wave of terminal internal carotid artery...
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Decision Model of Quality Supervision Six Sigma Project Based on ANFIS and Evidence Theory

Jianjun Yang, Jie Yao
In order to effectively improve the implementation effect of quality supervision six sigma project, it is crucial to select an appropriate project. Through combination of six sigma project implementation experience with expert evaluation, an approach is proposed to solve the problem of experts’ insufficient...
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Study on Evidence Reliability Weighting Method Based on Two-tuple Linguistic

Tao Hu, Jianjun Yang, Jie Yao
For evidence reliability weighting under incomplete information, a method is proposed based on two-tuple linguistic. Experts describe the evidence with the indexes which are familiar with, and then assess the evidence based on these indexes and give linguistic assessment information. Subsequently, two-tuple...
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An Accounting Model of Carbon Footprint in Urban Distribution Systems

Lei Yang, Jiahui Hong
With the rapid development of urban distribution system, the distribution mode is exhibiting the characteristic of irrational, and the carbon emissions of urban distribution have also become the focus of attention. This paper focuses on the research of the accounting model of carbon footprint in urban...
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Mode Selection of Urban Distribution Systems in the Low Carbon Environment

Lei Yang, Yiji Cai
This paper investigates the mode selection problem of urban distribution based on the environment of low carbon in Guangdong Province. The AHP model is employed to represent the points of view of 20 related personnel, including policy makers, logistics experts, enterprise senior managers and truck drivers....
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Imaginary Motion EEG Analysis and Identification Based on AR Model

Lijuan Shi, Guixue Cui, Zhenxin Li, Bingchao Dong, Yi Yu
BCI converted EEG to the corresponding user commands to achieve direct communication and control of the human brain and a computer or other electronic devices. Study on motor imagery EEG feature extraction and classification is an important branch of BCI research. Imaginary movement EEG is defined by...
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Analysis on the Error of Time Synchronization

Ling Teng, Qiang Gao, Yang Wang, Miaoxin Wang, Yuan Lai, Yu Tian
In order to improve the NTP and PTP time synchronization accuracy, this paper summarizes the synchronization principle of two protocols. On this basis, the synchronization error sources are modeled one by one, and the error of the mathematical model are presented. Finally, experimental verification showed...
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Research on Techniques of Frequency Source Fusion of Time

Qiang Gao, Ling Teng, Yang Wang, Miaoxin Wang, Jiakang Zhou, Chengyu Duan
In this paper, we propose a new technique for the fusion of multiple frequency sources. Using the optimal algorithm to select the best reference source from multiple frequency sources, and eliminate the reference source that is deterioration or abnormal. And can be divided into two kinds of methods,...
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Design of DC Boost Power Supply Module for Complex Electronic Equipment

Zhonghua Zhang, Peng Zhang, Hanao Xia
The design of Dc booster circuit has the very vital significance for reliable application of complex electronic equipment, especially for the high pressure part. A DC power supply circuit based on resistance, capacitance and voltage regulator is presented according to the requirement of the power supply...
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Optimization Model for the Selection of the Community Risk Registration Indicator and Its Application in Fire Risk

Jie Su, Jie Lian
According to the reality and requirement of our country’s community risk registration, this paper puts forward four principles for the selection of community risk registration indicator and then designs the evaluation “goodness” for evaluating the community risk registration indicator. On this basis,...
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Application of Evidential Reasoning Approach in Enterprise Performance Evaluation System

Tiantian Bao, Ruijia Zhao, Yue Yu
Enterprise performance evaluation is a comprehensive evaluation problem with uncertainty. An integrated evaluation index system of enterprise performance is constructed by contrasting and analyzing economic value added, key performance index, balanced score card and other methods. Furthermore, a mathematical...
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A Data Preprocessing Method Applied to Cluster Analysis on Stock Data by Kmeans

Zhigang Xiong, Zhongneng Zhang
Recent years, more and more data mining methods are involved in applications like stock price analysis or predication, etc. Kmeans is one commonly used algorithm in those applications. However, those applications only take the technical indices (indicators) as features of data, where may make some important...
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The Optimization of Secondary Cooling Water Distribution

Lirui Zhao, Guozhen Wang
In the continuous casting secondary cooling stage, since the steel component and on-site parameters are different, the traditional water distribution model sometimes induces large fluctuation of casting billet’s exterior temperature, this status will affect quality of casting billet. So, according to...
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The Detection Method of Load Transient Characteristics Based on Second-order Statistics

Bing Qi, Hui Bai, Xin Wu
In non-intrusive load monitoring, types and operation situation of a single load in cluster are obtained by analyzing the power signal at the electricity entrance. With the increasing complexity of large grid structure and the continuous development of smart grids, non-intrusive load monitoring is getting...
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A Method of 3D Point Cloud Volume Calculation Based on Slice Method

Yu Zhi, Yikun Zhang, Hao Chen, Kaifeng Yang, Hui Xia
This paper proposes a method for calculating the volume of 3D point cloud based on slice method. Firstly, determine the projection plane. Put the projection plane as a XOY plane in projection coordinate system, and establish a projection coordinate system, cut the 3D point cloud along Z-axis direction...
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Design of a Certain Type of Radar Maintenance Training System Software

Hanao Xia, Daoju Duan, Zhonghua Zhang
According to the demands of opening, universality and modularity criterion in radar equipment Maintenance Training System (MTS), we developed a model radar MTS software system, this software system consisted of system build-up module, maintenance training module, fault database module and maintenance...
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3D SOM Neighborhood Algorithm

Hongsong Li, Fulin Cheng, Yanhua Wang, Xinyu Ai
Neighborhood algorithm is an important part of 3D SOM algorithm. We proposed three kinds of neighborhood shape and two kinds of neighborhood decay function for three-dimensional self-organizing feature maps (3D SOM) algorithm and applied them to three-dimensional image compression coding. Experimental...
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Active Contours with Automatic "Rectify a Deviation"

Shaohua Zhang, Yuanfeng Luo, Jin Qin
Aiming at the shortcomings of Chan-Vese (C-V) model, using the method of literature and experimental method, based on C-V model, whose length term is changed into an automatic "rectify a deviation" term, using the adaptive parameters, an active contour model with automatic "rectify a deviation" is proposed,...
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A New Design of Test-bed For Tight-lock Coupler and Buffer

Min Liu, Shengping Yang, Jie Meng, Jinghua Zhang
There is a growing concern about the safety and stability of high-speed EMUs’ operation while it’s running speed rises. As the significant part of the high-speed unit, the tight-lock coupler and buffer are demanded by various requirements. To ensure the quality and property, comprehensive experiments...
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Research on the Controller of Ship Dynamic Positioning System

Xiaocheng Liu, Weidong Zhang
This paper introduces the concept and system components of ship dynamic positioning system. Establishes the kinematic model of ship and the environmental interference model. Designs a practical nonlinear discrete controller according to the special characters of ship propulsion system. Finally researches...
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The Collaborative Virtual Maintenance System Based on Spnss

Bin Li, Hanguo Cui, Zhengmin Li, Jiyue Cui
To realize multiuser collaborative virtual maintenance training of large complex equipment and solve the collaborative work problems such as parallel and competition for resources, a method based on synthesis of Petri nets sharing a kind of subnet for modeling collaborative maintenance process was put...
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Generation of Big Data from Behaviors of Web-based Foreign Language Learners in China

Xiangyu Chen, Meihua Chen
The enormous amount of published multimedia resources for foreign language learning on the internet in China belong to content data, which do not reflect any information about learners. Current content browsing applications support recording basic learning behaviors, such as login time, online period...
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On the Validity and Reliability of a Computer-assisted English Speaking Test

Zhihong Lu, Zhenxiao Li, Leijuan Hou
Ever since the emergence of computer in 1950s and its application in many practical areas of science and educational disciplines, Computer-assisted Language Learning (CALL) has been gradually implemented to the field of English as a Foreign Language (EFL) teaching, and a computer-based speaking test...
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Active Natural Disasters Policy in Poland

Piepiora Zbigniew, Kachniarz Marian, Babczuk Arkadiusz
In the article, there is verified the active natural disasters’ policy in the area of Poland. In the examined area, preventing the negative consequences of the extreme phenomena is financed from the central budget and from the budgets of local governments (self-governments). Expenses are assisted by...
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Corporate bonds market development in Poland (2009-2015)

Babczuk Arkadiusz, Kachniarz Marian, Piepiora Zbigniew
The article presents the review of organization and functioning of corporate bonds market in Poland from 2009 till 2015. It analyzes the main characteristics of this market –value of bond issued, owners of polish corporate bonds, typical maturity of issued bonds and institutional arrangements of secondary...
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A SVM-based Software Homology Detection Method

Bang Sun, Xiaoming Liu, Dian Lei, Qi Li
With the development of software technology, software is becoming increasingly essential in our daily lives. However, there are more and more sorts of pirated software. Therefore, we need to figure out an effective method to prevent plagiarism, protect intellectual property and so on. Software homology...
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Research on the Transmission Mechanism of Virtual Router

Peng Lu, Hong Gan
When multiple virtual routers in identic logic network cohabit a shared router platform of physical network, this paper proposes an Interiorly Fast Forwarding Technique (IFFT) based on study of Open Shortest Past First (OSPF) and investigation in generation of FIB. This technique is proved in which reducing...
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Research on UNIX Forensic Analysis

Lianfu Yin
UNIX is one of the most mainstream operating systems, it has great practical significance to research the methodology of UNIX forensic analysis. This paper firstly introduces the method to capture the volatile data from UNIX systems, then introduces the concrete steps and method of UNIX forensic analysis.
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Numerical Analysis of the Elliptic Optimal Control Problem with $L^p$-norm State Constraints

Haifeng Niu, Jiansong Zhang, Liuwei Zhang, Yanwei Tian
An optimal control problem governed by an elliptic equations with an $L^p$-norm state constraint is analyzed. The finite element approximation and its optimal a priori estimates are given. The numerical experiments are performed to confirm the a priori estimates.
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Comprehensive Evaluation of Environmental Pollution in Shandong Province Based on Principal Component and Cluster Analysis

Mingqing Zhao, Jinzhi Yue, Haimei Liu
By principal component analysis and cluster analysis, overall analysis and evaluation on environmental pollution situation in Shandong province is conducted.Studies show that Weifang, Linyi and Zibo’s pollution is serious, particularly in the sulfur dioxide emissions in the more serious aspects. Although...
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Design and Realization of Well Pattern Optimization Software

Junhua Chang, Jiqun Zhang, Xinhao Li, Xiaoming Xu, Hua Li
This paper provides a kind of computer assisted well pattern optimization design technology and its software realization method. Based on the requirements on well pattern arrangement and adjustment for secondary development of mature oil fields, virtual well locations were arranged for multiple types...
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Design of Hydraulic Rail Brake System of Mine Inclined Lane Car

Hengjin Xiang, Jian Sun, Kang Xu
To improve the inclined lane car braking reliability, in this paper, the theoretical analysis of the braking force and the brake parameters of the inclined roadway are carried out, developed a new type of hydraulic track brake device. The device use two levels of the hydraulic cylinder symmetrically...
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EA-CRT: An Error Analysis Method with Embedded Code Reverse Technology

Jinshuo Liu, Yusen Chen, Weixin Zhang, Xiangyang Xu, Jingjing Yan, Qingjiang Wang
The study of error analysis with embedded code reverse technology needs integration of decompiling, error module depict and comparison. This paper proposes an error analysis method for testing embedded code, and utilizes the smart meter’s fault, white and black screen, as the example. Our method has...
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A SDN Based Scalable Network Across Data Centers

Yanwei Xu, Xiaoyuan Lu
The demands for the network across data centers are becoming more and more intense recently. However, there are three problems need to be solved, i.e., the ever-increasing number of actual or virtual machines demands, effectively manage these different machines and maintain the effectiveness. A scalable...
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Research on Global Energy System Based on Intelligent Mobile Internet Technology

Gang Wang, Xingchuan Bao, Hai Yu, Zhansheng Hou, Liang Zhu, Haiyun Han, Lin Peng
With the construction of the expansion of global energy system, the size of the grid is becoming larger and larger, the structure of maintenance person is becoming complex, communication and coordination are becoming more and more difficult. It is the main problem of operation and maintenance management...
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The Application and Prospect of Informative Facility in Hospital infect Management

Shuliang Zhao, Dingcai Liang, Li Cui
Medical institution improving the infection information management system to improve the management level of hospital infection. Play to the advantages of the network and manage hospital infection. Further improving update and increase the hospital environmental microbiology monitoring computer management...
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The Research of Chinese Short-text Classification Based on Domain Keyword Set Extension and HowNet

Xiangdong Li, Fan Gao, Cong Ding
To implement feature extension of short text and improve short text classification performance, this paper extracts the high frequency words and topic core words of each class of the training set as domain keyword set based on two different feature granularity, which are keyword and latent topic, and...
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Research on Allocator Strategy of FAT32 File System Based on Linux & Windows

Qiyang Li, Quanxin Zhang, Yu-an Tan, Yuanzhang Li, Jun Zheng
As FAT32 file system implemented on Windows is not open source, this paper tries to analyze its allocator strategy by analyzing the structure and principle of DBR, FSINFO sectors on FAT32, as well as the source code of FAT32 file system implemented on Linux. Then using these theories together with hypotheses...
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Three-Dimensional Liver Reconstruction Based on Marching Cube and Revised Laplacian Smoothing

Ke Tan, Yuan Gao
In the three-dimensional liver reconstruction, in order to decrease shrinkage and make up the lost important details in Laplacian smoothing, we make some improvements to revise the algorithm in this paper.The cost function after Laplacian smoothing process is constructed to make up the lost important...
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Energy Optimized Parameterization of Spherical Triangle Mesh

Chao Sun, Zhenbo Guo, Kaixi Wang, Na Cheng
Parametric deformation is the reference to measure the quality of the parameters. According to it, a three-dimensional mesh spherical parameterzation method is put forward based on local deformation energy for arbitrary and spherical homeomorphism of zero defect lattice close type grid model, and the...
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A Method for Automatically Detecting the Living-Alone Elderly's Abnormal Behavior with RTLS

Junshuai Liang, Zhongqing Yu, Shuai Yang
With the development of society, the population of aging has become increasingly prominent. Especially children do not live together with the elderly, when tumbles and other dangerous situations happen to the elderly who live alone in their own room, and their lives may be threatened for lack of timely...
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Improved Algorithm Based on StOMP for Compressed Sensing Reconstruction

Fengjun Zhao, Kuangrong Hao, Yongsheng Ding
In order to solve the problem of low reconstruction reconstruction accuracy in stagewise orthogonal matching pursuit(StOMP), stagewise subspace orthogonal matching pursuit(StSOMP) was proposed and realized. In this work, backtracking was introduced to StOMP. First, according to StOMP algorithm to select...
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Research on Methods of Features Extraction for Identifying False RMB Ultraviolet Images

Dan Yin, Ying Zhang, Dahua Xiong, Qinghong Wu
In order to solve the problem of feature selection for the identification of RMB Ultraviolet Images, a method of texture feature extraction image based on Gabor transformation is presented. As we all know, the texture intensity of true currency in each direction is more obvious then counterfeit notes...
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Research on the Mechanism of Cross Regional Grassland Carbon Sink Compensation

Lan Chen, Jun Ma
Nowadays, grassland ecological environment is increasingly deteriorated, and grassland management process is emerging new problems. The paper is based on the economic theory, and use the forest carbon compensation experience as reference, puts forward a cross regional grassland carbon compensation mechanism...
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Research on Distinguishing Technology of Frequency Hopping Network Signal

Yuan Yuan, Zhiyong Shi, Jianguo Shen
The technology of extracting network information parameters from FH Synchronization Orthogonal network signal distinguishing is proposed in this paper, then its performance is simulated.
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Efficiency Loss of UE-CN Mixed Equilibrium Traffic Assignment under Road Pricing

Xiaojun Yu, Tingting Wang
The efficiency loss of two kinds of player (UE player and CN players) traffic assignment under road pricing is investigated, the users under UE player aim to minimize her/his own travel cost, the users belonging to the same CN player can fully cooperate with each other and different players will fully...
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Use Big Data to Investigate Plantar Pressure Distribution of the Chinese People

Jianhua Su
Large amounts of data of plantar pressure measurement being collected by device which placed in the museum, the purpose is to observe and analyze plantar pressure distribution if within the scope of the health value. About 36000 healthy visitors are invited as the subject of this project. Participants...
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Real-time Mechanical Parking Equipment Image Acquisition and Preprocessing Based on FPGA

Rongyang Wang, Bo Lu, Zhenhua Qian
As mechanical parking equipment are developing to be complicated, intelligent and familial oriented. The real-time image acquisition and preprocessing of mechanical parking equipment based on CMOS camera and FPGA were proposed to improve the intelligent level and decrease the number of service personnel....
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Color Based Pre-rank Categorization for Person Re-identification

Shah Jamal Hussain, Zonghai Chen, Rehman Saeed ur, Raza Mudassar, Mingqiang Lin
The most addressed issue in person re-identification systems is to manage the performance under large gallery set and invariant appearance. In this study, considering these issues we proposed a color based pre-rank categorization (color basket) for person re-identification. In addition, coarse saliency...
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Electronic Standardization and Design for Corporate Social Responsibility Information Disclosure

Qin Hao
According to national standards, this paper analyzes, with the help of XBRL, the electronic means of disclosing corporate social responsibility information and designs applicable conversion tools, which try to explore such a means of low cost and high efficiency. And this approach will facilitate the...
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Design and Realization of Social Responsibility Report Writing System

Qin Hao
This paper proposes a guiding tool for companies to write social responsibility report by developing an applicable writing system based on analysis of its functional requirements, writing indicators and roles. The system’s operation and results concerned will be demonstrated as well.
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Study of Insulator Contamination Degree On-line Monitoring System Based on CAN Bus

Yunxing Huang, Xingdong Pan, Xinxing Yuan
In this paper, the design and realization of an on-line monitoring system for leakage current through the insulators near substation are presented. The system with the distributed structure mainly consists of computer and on-site monitoring units that are based on DSP. The monitoring units involve real-time...
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Precise Pitch Detection in Noise Environments

Tianwei Li, Zhengyou Li, Qian Huang, Jiao Guo
It is still challenging to detect speech pitch precisely in various noise environments at low SNR (signal to noise ratio). Voiced speech harmonics can be clearly found in noisy speech. Some of the harmonic frequencies with higher energy were estimated by spectral tracking method, a pectinate filter was...
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Evaluation Method of Decision-making Efficiency on Control Information System Oriented Multi-Cooperated

Zhengxian Wei, Min Song, Bo Li, Guisheng Yin, Yingqi Wang
A human decision-making model is analyzed firstly. Based on this model, a decision-making efficiency model on control information system that is composed by information sustain, usable time, decision risk and level of degree is proposed in this paper. And then, in order to effectively design the control...
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Maximum Power Point Tracking Algorithm of Photo Voltaic Power Generation System

Xia Sun, Chuanchuan Wang
This paper analyzed methods of Maximum Power Point Tracking Algorithm of Photo voltaic Power Generation System. such as disturbance observation method, the improved disturbance observation method, incremental conductance tracking algorithm, the improved incremental conductance tracking algorithm, these...
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A Speech Quality Evaluation Method Based on Auditory Characteristic

Qingxian Li, Liangjiang Liu, Xianyu Zhu, Xin Bian, Xin Zhou
In this paper, an objective measurement for speech quality evaluation based on auditory characteristics is proposed. Firstly, the features are extracted by the Gammatone auditory filter bank to calculate the Gammatone Frequency Cepstrum Coefficient (GFCC) of the original speech and the distortion. After...
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Research on LTE/Wi-Fi Coexistence in Unlicensed Bands

Peng Li, Shouliang Yang, Hongping Gan, Baoliang Yang, Linggang Zeng, Qinguo Hu
Spectrum sharing is a highly-efficient method to solve the problem of the exponential capacity demand increase in wireless communication. Long Term Evolution(LTE) and Wi-Fi are two of the most remarkable wireless technologies nowadays. And it is of great importance to research on the coexistence of the...
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Failure Analysis of Engine Crankcast Bolts Treated by Alodine Anodic Technology

Yanpeng Feng, Haijun Tang, Ping Shu
Crankcase is an important part of civil turbofan engine. In this case, some turbofan engine crankcase nuts were found failure during the manufacture process. Compared to new nuts, with Cd coating to avoid the electrochemical corrosion between different matels, the coating in failure nuts was mottled...
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Application of the Information Security Services Platform Cloud

Ping Deng
Compared with the traditional software architecture, cloud computing has the advantages of low cost, rapid deployment, flexible, and so on, in the enterprise to use cloud computing can greatly improve the enterprise IT resource management, improve the operational strategy and reduce the operational costs...
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Research on Maintenance and Application of Data Management System for Salt Cavern

Pei Li, Jianguo Qian, Yi Zhu
With the growing demand for energy of China, oil and gas storage safety will directly influence the development of Chinese economy, The use of salt cavern storage of oil and gas because of its unique advantages has become an important way for oil and gas storage, which has shown a good application effect...
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An Improved Multihop Routing Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks

Zhansheng Chen
Topology control in a sensor network balances load on sensor nodes and extends network lifetime. Clustering sensor nodes is an effective topology control approach. In this paper, an improved distributed clustering approach for wireless sensor network is proposed. Our proposed protocol, IMRP(Improved...
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An Effective Scheme for Provable Data Possession

Shanyue Bu, Mengdie Huang, Kun Yu
At present, almost all the provable data possession schemes require a large number of exponent calculations. In this paper a new scheme based on the homomorphy of NTRU algorithm is proposed. The scheme includes modules of Key Generation, Tag Generation, Challenge, Proof Generation, and Verification....
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Optimization of Shape Parameter and Exponent of Generalized Multiquadrics Using Genetic Algorithm for Static Analysis of Laminated Composite Plates

Song Xiang, Weiping Zhao, Chun Lu
In the present paper, static analysis of laminated composite plates is studied by the meshless global collocation method based on generalized multiquadrics radial basis function. The generalized multiquadric radial basis function has the shape parameter and exponent which have the important effect in...
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Distributed Weighting Fusion and Covariance Intersection Fusion Kalman Smoother for Systems with Colored Measurement Noises

Peng Zhang, Wenjun Qi
For two-sensor system with colored measurement noises, based on the classical Kalman filtering method, distributed weighting fusion method and the covariance intersection (CI) fusion method, a CI fusion steady-state Kalman smoother is presented, which is independent of the unknown cross-covariance. It...
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Stochastic Methods on Random Recursive Graphs Having Scale-free Properties

Xiaomin Wang, Bing Yao, Ming Yao
In this paper, we recommend a stochastic recursive graph, on the basis of which we reform a kind of graph called random recursive graphs. We investigate analytically or numerically the statistical characteristics of random recursive graphs. The obtained results reveal that the properties of random recursive...
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A Method of Dual-threshold Dynamic Image Segmentation Based on DTBNN Algorithm

Lihua Song, Yongqiang Fu, Yebai Li
In order to deal with the segment problem of dynamic image which has indistinctive ups and downs feature in histogram, a method of dual-threshold dynamic image segmentation based on DTBNN (Decision Tree Based on Neutral Network) algorithm is proposed. Firstly, according to the correspondence between...
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Bit and Power Allocation Scheme for Multicarrier Faster-Than-Nyquist Signaling

Hao Duan, Yuanyuan Gao, Mingxi Guo, Yuehong Shen
The transmitter of multicarrier faster-than-Nyquist Signaling is a promising direction. In this paper, the bit and power allocation problem is discussed for the multicarrier FTN environment, with the aim to maximum mutual information while guarantee the practicality. An improved spectral shaping scheme...
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The Study of RTK Receiver Based on WIFI Hotspot in Wireless Communication Datalink

Guodong Yang, Zhaotong Li
The rise of 3G/4G mobile communications, WiFi hotspots and other wireless communication technology has a serious of advantages including low radiation, wide broadband, long communication distance, low power consumption and etc. Then here comes a question, whether can we achieve a new generation RTK positioning...
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Research on a New Switchgear Maintenance Training System

Zhuoli Guo, Guotai Yang, Jing Liang
For the lack of effective means of Switchgear maintenance training, a new switchgear maintenance training system based on the power of large data was presented. This training system can provide typical switchgear maintenance projects, effectively improve safety awareness and maintenance skills of maintenance...
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Containment Control for Sampled-data Multi-agent Systems Using the PD-like Protocols

Lina Rong, Jinxing Lin
This paper studies the distributed containment control problem in sampled-data multi-agent systems with directed network topologies. Different from the widely used containment controller which only adopts current information, we consider a distributed PD-like controller which can be regarded as an extension...
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Structure Design of Automobile Engine Mounting System

Tianpen Zhao, Yongfeng Liu, Yan Shi, Na Wang
In order to understand the principle of the engine mounting system and design the suspension element, the theory which is useful in the design of Engine Mounting System is introduced. And the problems that ought to be taken noticed in the Engine Mounting System design is carried out. A lot of calculating...
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Data Mining Methods Application to the Problem of Handling Corporative Dataset on Heavy Oil Production

Korovin Iakov S., Khisamutdinov Maxim V., Kalyaev Anatoly I.
In this paper, we perform the analysis of Data Mining methods; the application of those is decided to be the most effective in the task of handling information on the production processes, typical to the fields of heavy oil in Western Siberia. The common feature of heavy oil production in Russia is low...
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The Research of Portal Competition Based on Game Theory

Ye Wang, Ting Wu, Yaqian Zhu, Yu Zhang, Yang Liu
Based on the theory of competition, social network analysis and the game theory, this thesis builds up the game model of portal competition analysis, studies the current status of portal competition from a new viewing angle, to add a new analytical tool and viewing angle for the research of portal competition...
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Millimeter Wave Bandpass Filter Design Based on Support Vector Machine

Lu Sun, Huifeng Hu, Cong Hu
In the design of millimeter wave E plane waveguide filter, E-Plane septum modeling and analysis is a key link. Accuracy and speed of modeling method will greatly affect the design of filter. It is proposed to use support vector machine (SVM) to the accurate modeling of E-Plane septum. Compared with the...
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Bayesian Filtering for Bluetooth RSS-based Indoor Tracking

Zhenshan Bao, Lingze Wang, Wenbo Zhang
With the technical advances of wireless sensor networking and smart mobile device, the demand for position information of pedestrians (especially in the indoor environment) has increased remarkably. In this paper, we proposed an indoor localization approach based on received signal strength (RSS) and...
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Design Scheme of Communication System to Monitor Equipments Working Condition

Yuping Xu, Jixue Xiao, Jianquan Gong, Qiang Zeng, Ze Wang, Chuike He, Zeng Jiang
This paper puts forward a kind of communication system as a solution to monitor work condition of many process-control equipments, which can communicate in serial but have no their addresses, in comfortable office far from the equipments. As for the scheme, Modbus communication protocol and RS485, which...
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Study of Switchgear Maintenance Somatosensory Training System Based on ZigBee and LabVIEW Techniques

Yaojun Liu, Yamin Ding, Yuyan Wang
The traditional methods for electrical safety training can not meet the actual needs of the high-voltage, medium-voltage switchgear maintenance and debugging, so this paper proposed a switchgear maintenance somatosensory training system based on ZigBee and LabVIEW technique, which first introduced the...
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Prediction Model for Concentration Measurement Error Based on SVR in the NDIR Sensor

Wenjuan Cheng, Shixiang Tang, Yongzhong Wu
Affected by internal and external mechanical system, environment and other factors, which most likely cause lower measuring precision that can not reach the requirements of measurement and control system in present NDIR sensor. To deal with this problem, this paper puts forward the method of building...
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Research on a Multi-Scale Segmentation Algorithm Based on High Resolution Satellite Remote Sensing Image

Dehui Zhang, Yong Yang, Kai Song, Deyu Zhang
A multi-scale segmentation algorithm based on high resolution satellite remote sensing image is proposed in this study. Firstly, scale parameter was set up according to the size of the target object. Then the heterogeneity between adjacent image regions was calculated by the formula. Thereafter, the...
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Error Performance Analysis of Zero Forcing Precoders for Spatial Modulation Broadcast Channels

Jiankang Gao, Yanhui Lu, Shouyi Yang, Xiaomin Mu
Spatial Modulation is a newly developed concept for multi-antenna systems, which could greatly reduce the signal processing complexity and hardware implementation burden faced by these systems today. However, there are few works on the analysis of grouped Spatial Modulation, which has relatively large...