Proceedings of the 2016 International Conference on Engineering and Advanced Technology

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The Single-vector and Multi-vector Mixed Compressed Storage of Tangent Matrix

Wenjiao Da, Xiuli Wang, Jing Wen, Han Zhang
Matrix is a mathematical object, commonly used in scientific computing and engineering calculation. We are not interested in data itself in the data structure, but interested in how to store the elements in the matrix, and make the various operations can run effectively. The main purpose of the compressed...
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PPT Courseware Combined with Narration and Inserted Textbook File Is an Effective Carrier of On-the-job Training

Ting Li, Shouchen Xu, Xilin Zhang, Pengyu Zhang, Xiaojuan Han
To enhance the effectiveness of on-the-job training, we discuss the advantages of PPT courseware combined with narration and inserted textbook file at the preparation stage, teaching stage, review stage, study based on actual work demands and subsequent improvement stage, as well as its advantages in...
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Research on Attitude Control and Adjustment of Underwater Platforms Combined with Fuzzy PID

Qing Li, Yubo Zhang, Rui Yang, Wei Wang
On the basis of the research for attitude control and adjustment, this paper focuses on analyzing and discussing direction control and depth control of underwater platform, builds the course and depth operation models, and receives implementation scheme for attitude control and adjustment of underwater...
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Research on clustering algorithm

Rui Wang, Jinguo Wang, Na Wang
Clustering is one of the important techniques of data mining. It can be divided data into several classes or clusters according to certain rules, which makes the data objects of the same class have high similarity, and the different data objects are very different. In this paper, the clustering algorithm...
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Application of data mining technology in medical image processing

Rui Wang, Jinguo Wang, Na Wang
Medical image research and application has drawn attention from many research fields, and the joint efforts of these fields have made the research and extension of the research, and made great contributions to the cause of human health. This thesis focuses on the theory and practice of data mining, and...
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Research on key technology of data mining based on hospital information system

Rui Wang, Jinguo Wang, Na Wang
At present, the processing of medical information is mostly based on the level of the operation of database technology, it is the specific application service. Hospital information system is a branch of medical informatics, which has accumulated a lot of management information and clinical information...
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An Interval Consistency Control Method to Meet Responsiveness Requirement in DVE Systems

Wei Zhang, Hangjun Zhou
In a distributed virtual environment (DVE) system, maintaining the consistency of each node is the key factor to preserve system usability. In addition, maintaining the responsiveness of users in the system is also an important factor affecting the users' interactive experience. Due to the trade-off...
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An Online Monitoring System for Frequency Conversion Speed Regulating Fans Applied in the Coal Mine

Xiaoxi Zheng, Hui Wang, Shuaifei Shao, Mengcai Guo
on the situation of the ventilation system applied in the coal mine, an online-monitoring system is designed, which focuses on monitoring the parameters of the frequency conversion speed regulating fans. An S7-300 series PLC is employed as the operational core in the proposed monitoring system, which...
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Research on the construction of information resources sharing mechanism in the network environment

Yihua Deng, Senglin Lu
with the development of network technology to further deepen, for the construction of sports information resources sharing system has laid a technical foundation. But in order to successfully built sports information resources efficient, reliable, advanced and rich sharing system, comprehensive planning,...
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Research on the Curriculum Integration of "Signals and Systems" and "Digital signal processing"

Tao Wang, Huan Wan
The two courses of "Signals and systems" and "Digital signal processing" play a very important role in the Electronic Information Institute, they are compulsory subjects, and the credits are very high, but there are many problems in the teaching process of "Signal and system" and "Digital signal processing"....
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The Homework Shared by the Team in Vocational Training

Kai Xue, Shouchen Xu, Xilin Zhang, Xiaojuan Han
In order to enhance the effectiveness of on-the-job training, and hone the communication and coordination skills of trainees while improving their professional and technical skills. This paper discusses the significance of homework sharing in vocational training, the principles of task selection, the...
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Organizing Employees to Observe the Results of QC Efforts and Inspection of Technological Innovation Projects

Kai Xue, Shouchen Xu, Xilin Zhang, Xiaojuan Han
In order to develop a large number of grassroots-level technical innovation backbone personnel of power enterprises, the paper discusses the purposes, targets, processes and expected effects of on-the-job training programs organized to provide employees with an opportunity to observe the results of QC...
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The current situations and problems of tourist souvenir market on Fuxi culture

Huan Xin, Gang Zheng
On the basis of taking full account of the selected and screened requirements for tourism souvenirs on the development of channels and dissemination of information in current communication context, the problems and deficiencies, existing in the exploitation of tourist souvenirs on Fuxi culture, are absolutely...
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The calculation of short-circuit current in the electrical design of traction substation

DeSheng Zhong
This paper mainly studies the calculation of short-circuit current in the electrical design of a domestic electrified railway traction substation power supply system. The choice of short-circuit point depends on the main transformer capacity that determined according to the traction substation main connection...
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Research on the Population Migration Trend Algorithm based on Artificial Fish Swarm Algorithm

XiWen BI, Meng XU
Population migration trend is a new kind of evolutionary algorithm proposed recently, which simulates the principle of Population Migration. In this paper, the new search of mechanism is proposed to predict the population migration trend for the visual effect to the convergence of the ASFA(Artificial...
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Research on Problems and Strategies of University Accountants' Continuing Education

With higher education structural reform deeply, the socialization of logistic guarantee and the Market-oriented of economic behaviors, the finance services of universities are faced with unprecedented challenges. Along with the development of accounting reform, the related theories become richer, the...
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General Reflection Coefficients for Acoustic Multipole Sources on guided waves in Isotropic Tubular Structure Liquid Metal Sodium Filled

A new and effective analytical method is presented for the acoustic multipole sources in isotropic tubular structure filling liquid metal sodium whose symmetric principal axis is parallel to the tube axis the exact solutions could be found. In this paper, the new method is adopted to simulate the general...
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Simple electromagnetic spider web placement and use method

We design the electromagnetic spider web network in the country from the first spider placed the Tanlu fault zone. This fault through the place, a large population, economic development, Hefei is the first place, Shenyang will be our second point to place the location. Mr. Li Siguang once noted: in the...
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Research on the intelligent management system of rural land circulation based on GIS

With the rapid development of social economy, the rural land management mode of China's extensive is difficult to adapt to the requirement of rapid development, People have a further understanding of the importance of the rural land circulation, and national policy has also been adjusted for the use...
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Study on risk assessment of information security based on cloud computing model

GuoHua WU, YuCheng LIU, KaiKai QI, Peng WANG, JianDa Xu
First of all, this paper analysis the risks on the cloud calculation briefly, and then according to its own characteristics and traditional assessment method for risks lying in information security of cloud computing, it studies the of risk assessment on information security based on cloud computing...
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Study on a New Type of Database Security Audit System Based on Confidentiality

Ye HUA, YuanYuan MA, XiuLi HUANG
With the rise of the database's capacity, the pressure of the audit security system has also increased dramatically. Therefore, in view of the current mainstream of the database audit system operation mechanism, the author work on finding the cause of inefficiency of audit mode, uneven distribution and...
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Study on Task Scheduling of Heterogeneous Multi-core Processor Based on Improved Shuffled Frog-leaping Algorithm

Yang SHEN, Deyu QI
In the current environment, for the conflicts and problems of related tasks scheduling in environment of heterogeneous multi-core processor, at the same time, in order to take into account the heterogeneous multi-core processing platform's advantages taken into full play, so the re-allocation of ISFLA...
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Opportunities and Challenges of Information Security Faced by the Era of Big Data

Xinpeng LI, Yuchen LIU, GuoHua WU, KaiKai QI, DaWei XU
With the continuous development of information technology in China, and the status of network information has been promoted, and information data has already infiltrated into different fields such as the economy, education, culture and so on. As an important way to collect and process the use of information,...
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Visual Analysis of Multi-factor Association on Inland Waterway Accident

Cong Lu, Shu Gao
In order to explore the relationship between the multi factors of the inland river shipping accident and understand the law of the accident, the data of Yangtze River trunk line from recent years are collected and analyzed. First, we extracted the key factors of the shipping accidents and preprocessed...
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The relationship between Probability and Mathematical Statistics and Professional Courses in Economic Management

In this paper, we study how Probability theory and mathematical statistics courses combined with the professional course in application oriented university of economic management specialty. According to the relationship between probability and statistics courses and the professional course, The economic...
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Trade-off Evaluation for Process Configuration Scheme

Lin Wang, Yongjian Zhang, Xuyun Fu, Shisheng Zhong
In order to optimize the process configuration design scheme, the trade-off evaluation for process configuration scheme based on reusability and validity was proposed. By comparative analysis between the configuration process technology and traditional process and referring to the method of product configuration...
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The Multidimensional Compressed Storage of Upper-half banded matrix

Yongyan Hou, Zhengping Zhu, Lanqing Wu
Matrix is commonly used in scientific computing and engineering calculation. We are not concerned about data itself in data-structures, but how to store the elements in it, and make all the operations run effectively. The main task of the compressed storage is make more of the same nonzero-elements share...
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Fan Fault Analysis Based on Time Domain Features and Improved k-means Clustering Algorithm

C.L. Shao, W. Lv
Aiming at the non-stationary and nonlinear characteristics of fan vibration signals, a method based on time domain signal analysis combined with the improved k-mea ns clustering algorithm is proposed. In order to estimate the fault types, peak to peak values of several typical fan fault signals, Hurst...
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Characterisation of the multi-junction solar cell with dish-style photovoltaic concentration system

Zilong Wang, Huajie Huang, Hua Zhang, Yankun Wang, Yankang Chen, Siyue Tang
A paraboloidal concentrator with homogenizer was developed for a three-junction GaP/InGaAs/Ge solar cell. The concentration ratio of this system was 200X and the photovoltaic cell was cooled by heat pipe. According to the experiment result, when the average direct solar radiation and the ambient temperature...
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The Single-vector Compressed Storage of Tangent Matrix

Yongyan Hou, Zhiguo Ren, Lanqing Wu
Matrix is a mathematical object, commonly used in scientific computing and engineering calculation. In the data structure we are not interested in data itself, but how to store the elements in the matrix, and make the various operations can run effectively. The main purpose of the compressed storage...
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The Finite Element Strength Calculation of 70T Concentrated Nitric Acid Tank

Song Cang
In this paper, the static load of 70t aluminum railway tank is calculated by the calculation of the FEM in different working conditions. It describes the selection of allowable stress about Aluminum material 1050A which used in stress analysis intensity calculation of Aluminum railway tank. The results...
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The Finite Element Analysis of EBZ160 Running Mechanism of Road Header

HongDong Ding
Through analyzing the force of the machine running gear and the calculation of its driving force, the strength of drive wheels is checked. To analyze the stress distribution and deformation of the driving wheel in working situation, the drive wheels working environment in Ansys is simulated. The results...
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Reciprocating Parallel Milling Macro Programming

Mingyao Wang
The reciprocating parallel milling processing program is written by using the plunge count and plunge height in the Z direction on CKA6136 CNC milling machine of FANUC0i system and the method and idea of writing the milling open parts surface program by macro programming are analyzed.
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Mechanism Research on Treatment Measures Regarding the Branching Reach with Bend at the Middle and Lower Yangtze River after Water Storage of Three Gorges Reservoir

Yude Zhu
This paper analyzes the characteristics of the flood land change at the branching reach with bend after water storage of Three Gorges of Yangtze River, and demonstrates in combination with numerous engineering practice researches that the treatment measures regarding the branching reach with bend at...
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Deformation analysis for the key structure of linear visual detection device

Junyi Hou, Zailiang Chen, Zhenyu Chen
According to the different installation place of linear array camera component, the material property and mesh are set for the profiles which are fixed with camera by ANSYS Workbench. In the gravity of relevant parts, do the finite element simulation of deformation. According to the flexural deformation...
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Analysis of Ground Displacement Induced by Double-tube Parallel Shield Tunnels

Weiquan Rong, Hong Yuan, Xiongfei Yang, Jiayu Wu
Based on Mindlin displacement solution, we fully analyze the mechanical behavior of ground surface settlement caused by tunnel construction. In this paper, modified formula of ground deformation induced by ground loss is offered and applied to estimate settlement induced by the double-line tunnel construction...
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Design and Development of Multi-purpose Combination Tool for Testing Voice Cable

Shu Jiang, Zhe Sun, Qiang Li, Ying Zhang
This paper introduces the necessity of using the tools for testing the cable of voice distribution frame. A detailed comparison of existing voice cable testing tools is provided, a design scheme of multi-purpose combination tool for testing voice cable is provided. This paper develops a multi-purpose...
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Design and numerical analysis of a compound hydrocyclon

QiDong CHEN, YueGao SUN
The paper determines the structure of the compound hydrocyclone, by using RNG model for calculation of flow distributor. By utilizing Reynolds Stress Model (RSM) and Discrete Phase Model (DPM), the internal flow fields of the hydrocyclone with different tangents of inlet channels are analyzed and the...
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Influence of the Driver Style difference in the Acceleration Process on the Energy Consumption of the EV Bus

Ying YAN, YeCheng FAN
The relationship between the difference of the driver behavior and energy consumption in the same bus line was studied through analyzing the acceleration process of the driving cycles in order to solve the problem that the practical benefits in endurance mileage of the electric buses differed a lot....
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Tests on droplets and dust suppression characteristics with self-priming spray magnetization

ZhongFei MA, HuiFeng HUANG, XinYu XIONG, DongHua XU
To improve the effect of spray and dust reduction, self-priming spray magnetization dedusting was put forward. Moreover, some experiments on droplets and dedusting characteristics were carried out, such as traditional single-nozzle spray, self-priming non-magnetic spray, self-priming spray with magnets...
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Channel Length, Drift-region Distance, and Unit-Finger Width Impacts on the HBM Robustness for the 600 V N-Channel LDMOS Transistors

ShenLi CHEN, ChihYing YEN, YiHao CHAO, KueiJyun CHEN, ChihHung YANG, YiCih WU, YiHao CHIU
An UHV n-channel LDMOS transistor is usually used for the power management AC-DC convertor that need to enhance the ESD robustness to resist external transient noises. In the cost saving consideration, an UHV nLDMOS unit should be both acted as a circuit element and anti-ESD device because of its large...
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The Dynamic Multi-stack Storage Structure

Zhiguo Ren, Wenjiao Da
The multi-stack has been designed based on sequence storage in reference [1]. But there have two problems: 1.Usually allocate the storage space to the multi-stack in advance, but when one of the stacks has too much data elements, Then the push stack operation will cause the space insufficient, appear...
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The realization of automatically adjusting the adaptive PID parameters based on the theory of fuzzy mathematics

DeSheng Zhong
Design of the main controller using fuzzy logic theory on the basis of the traditional PID control, Using the fuzzy mathematics theory, the use of fuzzy sets to represent the regular condition, and the fuzzy control rules and the relevant information in the control system in the knowledge base as a knowledge,...
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The application of unified power flow controller in power system of dynamic power quality

Jun Li, Kuikui Zhang, Tingjian Zhong, Bin Chen, Yiwen Hu
UPFC is one of the series-parallel combination FACTS devices, it has no additional storage or power equipment,but it can be simultaneously achieved active and reactive power compensation function, and also it can be realized to rapid dynamic adjustment in the entire power system, such as voltage , impedance,...
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Research on an Automatic Adjustment Control System for Small Platform Based on the PLC

Honjun Yang, Pan Zhu
Many engineering devices need a platform with high level and position accuracy. An automatic control system is proposed to adjust a small platform that is supported by four height-adjustable legs and two length-adjustable level screws. The control system scheme and working principle are analyzed, then...
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The controllable synthesis of the hybrid silica monolithic materials with the stable skeleton macroporous structure

GuoChuang Cao, SiYing Wang, Yunkai Lv, XinYing Qin
A new hybrid monolithic column (HMC) was prepared in stainless steel chromatographic column using nitric acid as catalysis and methyltrimethoxysilane as sole precursor. The influences of the precursor ratio, catalyst concentrations, gelation temperatures on properties of HMC were investigated, and the...
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Mechanism Analytical of furcated split of LEFP

Hongwei Liu, Yong Zhang, Junhong Luo
By theoretical analysis, under the conditions of central point initiating , the article consider that furcated split of LEFP was conducted by of every fault plant, x directional speed grads resulted in LEFP's elongation, y directional speed grads resulted in LEFP's bending distortion, thereby result...
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Literature Survey of the Research of Blade-Casing Rub-Impact Characteristics on High Speed Rotating Machinery

Huanyong CUI, Huiying ZHAO, Xiuhua MEN
Complicated rubbing issues are often occurred on rotating machinery. Combining with mechanism of transient rub-impact effects of the rotating blade-casing, the development about rubbing problem of rotor dynamics, vibration characteristics of constraints blade and rub-impact problem of the rotating blade-casing...
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Corn Harvester Cutting Table with Adjustable Spacing

Chong WANG, Shukun CAO, Changzhong WU, Shengnan WANG, Yingying ZHAO
Mechanical harvest of corn can greatly improve the efficiency of harvesting. Corn harvester have to adapt to different regions of China's growing habits, such as different row spacing and plant spacing. The improvement of harvesting efficiency depends on the continuous innovation and improvement of the...
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Identification of Building Structure and Advances in Reinforcement and Renovation Technology

Yanxia Chen
With the development of the society, we get new development opportunities on our construction industry in historical period. However, there are still some problems in the existing structural identification and reinforcement of the building- there are many buildings in China difficult to directly remove...