Proceedings of the 2017 International Conference on Education, Culture and Social Development (ICECSD 2017)

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Customer Satisfaction Evaluation of Third Party Logistics Based on Fuzzy Comprehensive Evaluation Method

Aolin Liu
The third party logistics is a new service business, its customer satisfaction level directly affects the customers' purchase decisions, which also determines the enterprises' market share, therefore, the evaluation and analysis of the customer satisfaction are of great importance to the third party...
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Application Analysis of The Data Visualization Technology in Sports Equipment

Shuyi Liu, Yimengqi Liu
With the rapid development and wide spread of sports fitness equipment, the individual sports data, such as the sports time, heart rate, blood pressure, mileage calculation, consumption quantity of heat etc., which is recorded by the sports equipment, is becoming more and more enormous. At the same time,...
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Study on Risks and Benefits Caused by Commercial Bank Loan Pricing for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises

Lulu Hao, Jing Gao
The expected payment of making loan to SMEs for commercial bank is jointly determined by interest rate and the probability of enterprise's repayment. This paper firstly analyzes the effect of loan interest rate on enterprise's risks on the basis of constructing game model of the loan relationship between...
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SWOT analysis and Countermeasures of India market environment for domestic mobile phone

Yumei Chu
In recent years, smart phone market is almost saturated in China, their profit margins increasingly narrow,the major mobile phone companies have been looking for emerging markets. India is regarded as the next blue sea space because of the huge population accompanied by the very low penetration rate...
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Analysis of Cultural Resources of Taoist Landscape Architecture in Qingcheng Mountain

Huicun Tan
Qingcheng Mountain as a Taoist mountain, Sichuan important tourist destination, rich in tourism and cultural resources. Qingcheng Mountain as a national 5A-class tourist attractions, which contains the rich Taoist landscape cultural resources constitute Qingchengshan tourism cultural resources is an...
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On Status and Game of Three Political Powers Involved in "Su Bao Case"

Le Ma, Yingqi Wu
"Su Bao case" was an extremely important case in the history of China's modern journalism. From its occurrence to its trial and sentence, "Su Bao case" was not just a case about news speech, but implied the contest among various political powers. In "Su Bao case", the differences of strength of the three...
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On the Communication Rules and Influencing Mechanism of "Ugliness Appreciation Culture" Communication through Microblog

Yingqi Wu
With the rapid development of Internet, microblog/Weibo, as a social platform, is gradually merging into various aspects of people's lives. As a kind of ancient sub-culture, "ugliness appreciation culture" is spreading via microblog. This paper focuses on the communication of 2016 Super Girl audition...
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Coordinated Development of Vocational Schools and Local Government Based on Interactions Model

Kangkai Yang
To explore the role of vocational education and local government in the process of economic and social development in their respective roles,should be the important way of how to promote the connection of production and vocational education. Education structure is subject to social economy structure,...
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Comparative Study on Agricultural Product Quality Safety Law and Food Safety Law

Mingxin Huang, Lu Yuan
Agriculture is the foundation of our economy. Agricultural products as a result of agricultural activities are closely related to people's lives, the vast majority of the food consumed, the use of the original form of agricultural products. In recent years, agricultural product quality safety problem...
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On the Innovative Construction of the Cohesion of the Grassroots Party Work Team in Colleges and Universities from the Perspective of Psychology

Fan Jin
With the development of modern education, higher education becomes more and more prominent in modern education. Grassroots Party work team in colleges and universities as an important part of the construction of the grassroots Party organization, its influence should not be overlooked. But at present,...
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Path to Promote Tourism Competitiveness of Traditional Villages in the Mountain Area of Central Shandong Province

Haiyong Lu, Haiyan Hu, Lei Miao, Bo Zhou
Based on field investigation, the thesis analyzed the characteristics of traditional village tourism resources and existing problems in traditional village tourism in the mountain area of central Shandong Province, and summarized paths to promote tourism competitiveness of traditional village from aspects...
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Research on Evaluation of Tourism Industry Competitiveness in Huanggang City

Weijun Jiang, Jinglin Ke, Yingshuang Ma, Yi Ai, Qing Wang
By constructing evaluation index system of regional tourism competitiveness, this paper analyzes tourism competitiveness of various cities of Hubei Province in 2015 by means of factor analysis, and finds the main factors that affect tourism competitiveness of Huanggang City through analysis and comparison....
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Brife Study about the Function of Intercultural Nonverbal Communication in English Language Teaching

Lan Zheng
Study of nonverbal communication has already caught much attention in the intercultural communication academic and English language teaching filed. Nonverbal communication has been neglected for a long time in the traditional English teaching in china. Nonverbal communication is the indispensable component...
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Chinese and English Enterprise Publicity: A Rhetorical Comparison and Translation

Jun Chen, Gongshu Cheng
Enterprise publicity, to a great extent, contributes to a favorable enterprise image and promotes the reputation of its services and goods. This paper, by collecting ten profiles of Chinese central state-owned enterprises and ten American enterprise profiles, makes a contrastive rhetorical analysis in...
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Discussion on the Perfection of the Disabled Care System in China -From the Aspect of Protecting the Rights and Interests

Hui Ma, Yinhuan Chen
In 2007, Chinese the disabled care services began to develop,which has made some achievements, but there are still many problems.The establishment and improvement of the security system for disabled persons not only can better solve the needs of disabled persons,but also can truly protect the rights...
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Cognition of Mainstream Culture and Subculture in English-speaking Countries

Gaimei Zhao
This paper explains how to cognize the mainstream culture and subculture in English-speaking countries. There are many different kinds of cultures in the world, and some of them are mixed while others are not. Most of cultures have been kept for thousands of years. Mainstream culture is widespread, the...
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An Empirical Study on the Relationship between Accounting Conservatism and cost of equity capital --evidence from China

Xiang Fu, Shiping Liu
This article investigates the relationship between accounting conservatism and the cost of equity capital. Based on a sample of Chinese listed enterprises on Shenzhen and Shanghai Stock Exchange from 2011 to 2015, we find that accounting conservatismgenerally exists in China's listed companies, and the...
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Think About the Legislative Purpose of Construction Project Priority -- And Talk About the Sequence With the Mortgage

Ronghua Yuan
Although the Supreme People's Court's judicial interpretation stipulated the sequence between the construction project priority and the mortgage, but it is quite doubtful after reviewing the legislative purpose of construction project priority. Because the legislative intent of construction project priority...
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Assessing enterprises' value with Monte Carlo Simulation: In Application of Microsoft Excel

Qingfan Hu, Xiao Wan, Manlian Yu, Zheming Lu
Assessing enterprise's value can either be a conventional project operation or a company investment that allows managers to effectively improve their business decisions in order to maximize enterprise values.However,traditional methods that can be used for accessing enterprise's value neglect the uncertainty...
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Experimental Teaching of Mechanical Design Course for Foreign Students

Lin Wang, Fangli Ning
Improving the hands-on ability of students is always an important issue of engineering curriculum. This study introduces an experimental teaching system to improve the teaching quality of mechanical design course for foreign students and develop international competitiveness with strong hands-on ability....
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Research on the Construction of Knowledge Map for the Course of Information Olympiad in Primary and Secondary Schools

Gongyun Zhang, Xinhui Wang, Xuebing Shen, Weiwei Bai, Xue Huang
Primary and secondary information science as an engineering discipline, how to promote students' mastery of information science has become one of the most important topics in the research of information science. In this paper, the knowledge map is introduced to manage the knowledge of information science....
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Chinese Concept Stocks Return, Choose IPO or Backdoor Listing? -- Case Analysis Based on Qihoo 360

Zheming Lu, Xiao Wan, Manlian Yu, Qingfan Hu
Since 2010, US stocks have began to short Chinese concept stocks, many Chinese concept stocks have chosen to privatize and return to A shares. In July 2016, Qihoo of Beijing science and Technology Co Ltd completed the privatization transactions, and then it chose IPO directly rather than backdoor listing,...
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Opportunities and Challenges of Inverted Classroom to Young Teachers in Universities

Chunfeng He, Dongliang Wang, Jinhe Gao, Qiaohuan Wang
Inverted classroom as a new teaching model which advocates learning knowledge outside class and internalization knowledge in class totally inverts the traditional teaching mode. It emphasizes center status of students and utilizes modern information technology to realize its teaching goal. So it has...
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Discussion on Influence of Cash Dividend Policies on Stock Price by Taking MengDian HuaNeng Thermal Power Corporation Limited as an Example

Minhang Fu
As one of the important forms for dividend distribution, cash dividend is the main method for return to shareholders. China Securities Regulatory Commission has released a series of related measures since 2008 to encourage listed companies to adopt long-term dividend policies and guide listed companies...
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Brief Study of Social Culture Color Embodied in The Hours-Analysis of the Patriarchism in The Hours

Rongqiong Guo
Michal Cunningham is one of the most brilliant contemporary American writers. The Hours, published in 1998, has gained a resounding success and awarded Pulitzer Prize and PEN/Faulkner Award. Patriarchy is one of the key terms in feminist literary criticism. Feminists consider that it is a social system...
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Adverbial Middle Detachment Semantic Motivations and Detachment Rules in GRE Academic English

Wenjun Wang
Adverbial middle detachment is thus called when the adverbial, usually occurring at the beginning or at the end of a clause in general English, is detached to the middle of the clause. Adverbial middle detachment contributes one of the remarkable divergences between general English and academic English....
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Illumination of Wordsworth's Ecological Culture

Huayan Sun
Nowadays we face serious environmental problems such as the haze, the earthquake, the water pollution and so on due to the rapid development of industrialization and urbanization. So this paper analyzes the ecological culture from the literary works of Wordsworth, try to get some illumination for solving...
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Analyse the method of scientific teaching in 'Digital circuit'

Fengyuan Zhu, Yi Deng
'Digital circuit'as the backbone courses of electronic information engineering has the practical applicability brightly. It plays an important role to student's professional technical ability training. Based on the 'Digital circuit'course characteristics, and combine with the author's experience, who...
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Classification and manifestation forms of rights and interests of disability trust in China

Jiayang Ren
In essence, rights and interests of disability trust are to allow the disabled to have equal access to proper and all-around trust services, and to promote sound development of trust institutions. To get a better understanding of rights and interests of disability trust in China relies on in-depth analysis...
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Dilemma, Reform and Outlet: Reflections on Inclusive Education of Autism

Yuanyuan Zhu
Inclusive education has developed into the mainstream of the development of special education in the world. China has advocated inclusive education for many years, but the implementation of inclusive education for autistic children is still not optimistic. The inclusive education to autistic children...
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Employment Situation and Settlement Mechanism of Disabled People

Haoxuan Li
Nowadays, China has a large number of people with disabilities who widely distributed all the country. To solve their employment problems is not only the need of social stability, but also an indispensable part for the national economic life, social life, cultural life. Employment is the footstone of...
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Exploration of Marx's Philosophy of Law and Its Inspiration to China

Li Li
Marx's Philosophy of Law is an important part of Marxist theory. Marx, as one of the founders of Marxism theory, his legal thoughts not only provides a powerful ideological tool for us to understand and change the world, but also guides socialist modernization construction of our country. This article...
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Analysis on Strategies to Promote Quality of Employment of Yunnan Minority Nationality College Students

Guang Li
Employment problem of Yunnan minority nationality college students is closely watched by the whole society and involves the interests of many parties. It has important influence on the country, society, enterprises, schools, families and individuals. Preliminary study found that indexes for measuring...
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Application of Hand-held Terminal-Based Micro-Learning in Teaching

Qin Xue
With the advance of technology and due to the universality and convenience of handheld terminal, the concept of life-long learning has been gradually interiorized. On this basis, hand-held terminal-based micro-learning emerges and develops in a rapid pace. This paper illustrates the concept and features...
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Study on the Impact of Population Aging on Financial Risks in Yunnan Province

Fang Liu, Jie Li
To investigate whether the aging population in Yunnan Province will bring about financial risks, four paths were analyzed: government expenditure, the old-age security and the rural basic pension expenditure and the analysis shows that government public resources would be reduced and government spending...
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A Brief Analysis of the Cultural Connotation and Characteristics of the Urban Sculpture Culture of Mengzi City

Yan Zong
Mengzi is a developing medium-sized city with long history and massive culture. Along with the development, the image of the city has got ascended rapidly. The city's sculpture has got certain development. Mengzi is a culture famous city in southwest China with many the firsts of Yunnan Province. The...
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Study of the Development of Higher inclusive Education in China

Aihui Ye, Hui Ma
A nation strengthens along with its young generation. Education is no doubt important to a country and it has close relations with our daily life. However, Chinese education system is undergoing comprehensive reform. Hence, we have to form a long-term and comprehensive eyesight that although higher inclusive...
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Explore and Analyze the Right to Education for Disabled People in Higher Inclusive Education

Aihui Ye, Hui Ma
The right to education for college students is an important part of educational right. It is the elementary right of the constitution in equality and legality. It not only has the general features of the right to education, but also is necessarily considered to be independent and free. An endless discriminatory...
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Research on the Management of Settlement Funds under the Financial Sharing Mode --Based on T Company

Manlian Yu, Zheming Lu, Xiao Wan, Qingfan Hu
Financial sharing is a new type of financial management that is supported by information technology to optimize the organizational structure, improve process efficiency and reduce operating costs. In this paper, we use the financial sharing center in T company as the research object, focusing on its...
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Farmers' Demand Desire for Farmland Water Conservancy Facilities in the Perspective of Income

Lei Wang, Cunxue Zhao, Dong Du
Based on the field survey data, hierarchical model was used to analyze willingness and influencing factors of demand for farmland water conservancy facilities of farmers with income difference. The study shows that village characteristics, irrigation expectation deterioration and institutional environment...
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Person-organization fit relationship with innovative performance of employees:A literature review

Chen Wu, Gao Wu
With the continuous development of knowledge economy, entrepreneurship and innovation are becoming more and more important, which introduced a series of related policies . Based on the theory of innovation and matching, this paper summarizes and analyzes the previous researches on innovation performance...
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Study on the Training System for the Mechanical Engineering Students Oriented to Occupational Health

Ping Zhang, Fengyi Liu, Pengbo Zhang, Yan Fu, Jie Tian
Industrialization has brought great changes to the world, but along with the depth of the process, it has also brought unprecedented harm to people's health and safety. Occupational health has become a common concern in the world today. Therefore, it is necessary to strengthen the occupational health...
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Analysis of Green Environmental Protection Concept in Packaging Design

Bing Liu, Ruiqiu Pang
Based on the environmental sustainable development, combining the concept of green environmental protection and the development of social civilization, the design principle and material application of environmental protection packaging are analyzed. The research shows: the use of environmentally friendly...
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A Dynamic Analysis of Advertising Strategies in Establishing Implications Based on Linguistic Adaptation Theory

Gaochun Men, Jing Li
Based on the corpus from the latest advertisements, this paper adopts Linguistic Adaptation Theory as the framework to explore the dynamic application of strategies in establishing implications in modern advertising. The analyses of adaptation will be conducted from three perspectives, namely, the adaptation...
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Analysis on Production Efficiency of Forest Land in the Main State - owned Forest Regions of China

Zhiqin Guo, Feng Xiong
Development of forestry is an important task of building ecological civilization. Operation of state-owned forest regions has changed from economic goal to ecological goal which aims to turn green hills and clear waters into mountains of gold and silver. This paper constructs an indicator of production...
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Study on The Operating Performance of Banks in China--Based on The Interest Rate Liberalization

Tingting Zuo, Guanghua Xu
This article wanted to use panel data to compare the operating performance of these banks and give some advice. From the beginning of the Reform and opening up ,the process of interest rate liberalization has been accelerating in China .Therefore ,the data of 43 banks from 2007 to 2014 were chosen to...
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Research on the Influence of Teacher's Thinking and Emotion Orientation on Student's creativity in Flipped Classroom Environment

Shuang LI, An Yang, Zhen Li, Likun Wei
With the rise of Internet education, the flipped classroom has formed a boom in teaching reform. Creative education has also been the current hot issue. It studies the cultivation of students to create thinking and combine with flipped classroom teaching mode. 438 undergraduate students completed questionnaires...
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Study on Effect Decomposition of Spatial-Temporal Difference in Water Consumption in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai

Lei Wang, Cunxue Zhao
In this paper, we use complete decomposition model to analyze the temporal and spatial differences and driving effect of water consumption in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai from the four effects of population size, economic development level, industrial structure and industrial water use intensity. The...
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Study on Law of Barrier-free Environmental Construction in China

Hui Ma, ZheYi Peng
Barrier-free environment construction is an important sign of a country's level of civilization and social development. Since 1980s, our country's barrier-free environment construction system has gradual improvement which have begun with legislation of barrier-free environment construction. But there...
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Analysis on Influencing Factors of Campus Recruitment Effectiveness

Zhiqin Guo, Xue Zhang
To improve effectiveness of campus recruitment is essential for graduating students, but campus recruitment results of many companies are unsatisfactory. Meanwhile, graduating students have low signing rate in campus recruitment. This paper explores the multiple factors that affect effectiveness of campus...
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Legal Thoughts on the Development of New Cycle of Shared Bicycle

Yuntian Dai
Under the background of innovation driven development, Internet technology has changed people's lifestyle. To adapt to the current situation, the sharing of the bike quickly swept the country, it has attracted peoples much attention. This paper first introduce present status of development of the shared...
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A Study on the Problems of College Translation Teaching for Non-English Majors in China

Xie Zhang, Huanqi Ji
The current problems of translation teaching for non-English majors in Chinese colleges and universities are probed in three aspects. They include discussions on College English Curriculum Requirements (2007), Chinese translation teaching mode and students' motivation in attending translation classes....
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Inheritance and Application of Chinese Traditional Elements in Modern Logo Design

Bing Liu, Ruiqiu Pang
Logo is the visual carrier of enterprise brand image and the key factor of brand strategy, this paper studies the integration of Chinese traditional art elements and logo design, the research shows, continuation and extension of Chinese traditional graphics, grasp and inherit Chinese traditional color,...
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Discussion on the Quality of Green Tourism Services from the Viewpoint of Tourism Laws

Chengkuang Wang, Bi-Ru Lee, Gui-Lan Huang
Green tourism refers to all aspects in the whole process of tourism of travel participants including tourists, travel agencies and tour guides, hotels, and scenic spot managers. They must respect the nature and protect the environment. Tourists in the green tourism process no longer only passively have...
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Measurement of Online Shopping Service Quality: From the Perspective of E-Commerce Law

Cheng-Kuang Wang, Bi-Ru Lee, Run-Liang Feng
E-Commerce is a general term for commercial transaction or other types of business on the virtual network using the Internet as medium. The key factors for the success of online stores are not only the presentation on the WEB page or the low price strategy, but also the good quality of online service....
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Exploratory Study of the Character Font in the Format Design

Bing Liu, Fu Liu
This research from the layout of the font design, and how to get the harmony unity of font and format design are discussed, through analysis of the current situation of the development of format design, the character and expression of font are studied. The research shows, Character font is an important...
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The Exploration on Relief Mechanism of Anti-domestic Violence Law of People's Republic of China

Hui Ma, Yanqiu Zhang
On March 1st, 2016, Anti-domestic Violence Law of People's Republic of China was officially come into force. This is China's first specialized law that focuses on anti-domestic violence. The essay analyses the four characteristics of the Law's relief mechanism, namely mechanisms of the personal safety...
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Research on Precision Marketing of University Teaching Materials in Big Data Era

Chunji Yang, Yuanzhu Wei
The marketing environment of university teaching materials has undergone great changes, facing many challenges. Big data provides an important opportunity for marketing of university teaching materials. This paper analyzes the impact of big data on marketing environment of university teaching materials...
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A Summary of Team 's entrepreneurial ability

Tingting Cheng, Hui Tian
With the emergence of relevant policies for entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial teams, entrepreneurial research has gradually become the main object of the study of experts and scholars. Entrepreneurship activities can be carried out smoothly, not only need the support of the external environment,entrepreneurs...
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Study on the Service Performance and Service Quality of Online Banking

Chaofeng Hsu, Biru Lee
Online banking not only saves many labor costs of banks, but also time of users. The key factors influencing the service quality of online banking are being explored till now, because the demands of customers are ever-changing. It is a prominent challenge for the practitioners of the banking and financial...
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Research on Application of Regional Culture Symbols in the Design of Seat Pattern of High-Speed Train

Juan Fan, Wei Chen
Abstract: In modern design, the culture of the product makes the product rich in connotation more and the Designers begin to design from the perspective of culture. The paper illustrates the research status of the pattern design and analyzes the functions and effects of the symbols from the signifier,...
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Impact of Chorus Club Experience on Students' Vocal Health

Hongxing Xiang, Zhen Yuan
To explore the effect of chorus club experience on students' vocal health, this study employs a quantitative method to compare the difference of self-reported vocal health status before and after joining the chorus for 15 months. Choral members(N=49) were surveyed prior to beginning of joining the choir...
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The Return of Education in Special Education: Phenomenology of Perception Inspiration

Ping He
From Phenomenology of Perception,it include of images of people, epistemology and ethics,For person of disabilities analyze taught ability, cognitive process,different unfamiliar face,To outline the appearance of special education,And for today's disorder educational rights of ideological trend and Policy...
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Reinforce music foundation, promote practical ability: A New Approach to the Teaching of "Impromptu Singing" Course in " Vocational School Straight to College Training Mode"

Chenyan Dai, Hongxing Xiang
This paper expounds the teaching progress of the music course " impromptu singing " in the training mode of "Technical Secondary School Straight to College Training Mode" conducted between Xinlu Vocational and Technical College and Shanghai Normal University Tianhua College. This paper, from the perspective...