Proceedings of the 2018 7th International Conference on Energy and Environmental Protection (ICEEP 2018)

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Dynamics of an inverted pendulum with two concentrated masses

Bin Zhen, Zhenyu Fu, Liang Chang
In this paper, we investigate the dynamics of an inverted pendulum with two concentrated masses. The perturbation method is used to find the transition curves. We emphasize the difference between the case of two concentrated masses and that of one concentrated mass. Numerical simulations are carried...
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Failure characters and damage mechanism of Sn3.0Ag0.5Cu/Cu solder joints under shear thermal cycling

Linmei Yang, Xiying Piao
The failure characters and damage mechanism of Sn3.0Ag0.5Cu/Cu as-reflowed solder joints under shear thermal cycling were investigated by special shape design for the experiment sample in this paper. The results indicate that fatigue damage mainly occurred within the solder far from the interconnection...
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Study on the Sealing and Inactivation Mechanics of Titanium Alloy Tube Flareless Internal Rolling Connection

Rong-xia ZHANG, Wei WU, Yuan-song ZENG
The finite element model of the internal rolling connection process for Titanium alloy tubes was established. The distribution of the elastic strain and the contact force were analyzed to reveal the sealing mechanics of the flareless union. The residual compressive stress was generated between the tube...
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Cloud Service Research on Big Data Computing in Colleges

Hongkai Lin
With the continuous development and application of information technology, the continuous construction of digital campus and intelligent campus project in colleges, the number of data stored in the college campus environment has increased dramatically, and a big data environment in a college campus has...
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The Preparing of the Uni-directional Glass Fiber Metal Laminates and the Fatigue Crack Propagation Characters

Yu Sha, Shigang Bai, Ning Sha, Lei Chen, Yu Guan
The 3/2 unidirectional glass fiber metal laminates were developed using LY12-M aluminum alloy and HS2 high strength glass fiber prepreg by the hot pressing and curing progress. The fatigue crack propagation tests of LY12-M aluminum alloy plates and unidirectional glass fiber reinforced aluminum laminates...
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Fuzzy Identity-Based Key-Insulated Encryption with AND Gates on Attributes

Jianhong Chen
To deal with the signing key exposure problem in fuzzy identity-based encryption systems with AND gates on attributes, we propose a fuzzy identity-based key-insulated encryption scheme with AND gates on attributes (FIBKIE-AGA). Our scheme is provably secure. Our scheme is (N-1,N)- key-insulated and strongly...
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Attribute-Based Threshold Key-Insulated Encryption

Jianhong Chen
Because of the compromise of the security of the underlying system or machine storing the key, exposure of the private key can be an great attack on a cryptosystem. Key insulation is an important method to protect private keys. To deal with the private key exposure problem in attribute-based encryption...
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A Routing for Delay-sensitive Traffic in Aerospace Networks

Weiqiang Wu, Sunan Wang, Rui Zhang
To guarantee the OoS of delay-sensitive traffic and improve the routing performance of the aerospace network, the shortest delay routing protocol for delay-sensitive traffic is proposed. Base on the queue information and packet loss probability, the routing protocol can provide the shortest delay path...
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Fuzzy Identity-Based Threshold Key-Insulated Encryption with Ciphertext Policy

Jianhong Chen
To solve the signing key exposure problem in fuzzy identity-based encryption systems with ciphertext policy, we propose a fuzzy identity-based threshold key-insulated encryption scheme with ciphertext policy (FIBTKIE-CP) which is provably secure. Our scheme is key-insulated and strongly key-insulated....
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Ni, Co - doped carbon aerogels for Supercapacitors

Yuelong Xu, Bin Ren, Meifang Yan, Zhenfa Liu
Metal doping carbon aerogels are prepared via polymerization of glutaraldehyde and chitosan with Ni(NO3)2 and Co(NO3)2 doping under freeze - drying method. The as - prepared product are carbonized at 900 °C in a nitrogen atmosphere. The obtained doping carbon aerogels were characterized by means of N2...
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On Coupling of Multi-Traffic System and Accessibility of the Transit Networks

Haibin Huang, Xiuying DU, Leiyian Huang, Xiaoming Ma, Jun Yang
In this paper, urban traffic accessibility is regarded as the external manifestation of the dynamic process of the coupling of several traffic systems. Firstly, the relationship between a subway system, a bus rapid transit system, and a common bus system are analyzed, as well as the relationship between...
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The Relationship between Mine Pressure and Gas Emission in Dayang Mine

Jun He
According to the practical condition of 3401 fully mechanized caving face in Dayang coal mine, the relationship between strata behaviors, mining technology and stope gas emission are analyzed through real-time monitoring of the support working resistance, advance abutment pressure and gas concentration...
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Analysis of the climate change in the Dagu river basin in recent 50 years

Sufang Cui, Baoxiang Zhang, Xin Zhang, Qing Shi, Zhenting Wang, Junling Cui, Shixia Sun
Due to the influence of global warming and environmental change, the meteorological and hydrological elements of the Dagu River Basin have also undergone a series of response changes, which have led to the change of the spatial and temporal changes of water resources. The natural ecological environment...
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Study on the Relationship between Air Pollution and the Elderly Contracting Cerebral Vascular Disease in Villages and Towns

Qiao Han, Meng Cheng, Chunshan Zhao
objective: to explore the relationship between air pollution and cerebral vascular diseases contracted among the elderly in towns and villages. Methods: 513 cases of the elderly that contract the cerebral vascular diseases visiting the surrounding township health center of Jilin City during the one year’s...
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Effects of Operational Conditions on Electrochemical Water Softening Using DSA Anode

Jiaoping Wang, Meina Shi, Gang Zhang
Hardness forming ions such as Ca2+ and Mg2+ in cooling water tended towards scale on the surface of the heat exchanger, resulting in reduction of heat transfer efficiency. In this paper, by using DSA electrodes, effects of operational conditions on water softening was evaluated by Lab scale experiments....
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Research on The Ozone and Electromagnetic Cotreatment Technology of Papermaking Wastewater

Zhengshun Wang, Mingchao Chi, Kaitai Yao, Baiman An, Zhihao Wang, Xianhao Wang
In this paper, ozone-electromagnetic technique was used to treat papermaking wastewater. It was found that the value of COD, BOD, TOC, SS , AN(Ammonia Nitrogen) and CHR(Chromaticity) of wastewater treated with the specially designed ozone sewage treatment unit decreased from 2660mg/L, 1165mg/L, 1962mg/L,...
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Study on the Performance of Carbon Dioxide Trans-Critical Refrigeration Cycle with Vortex Tube Expansion

Yefeng Liu, Ying Sun
In this paper, one carbon dioxide trans-critical refrigeration cycle with vortex tube expansion is proposed to replace traditional expansion valve in order to reduce the irreversible loss of the refrigeration system and improve its COP. The thermodynamic model of carbon dioxide trans-critical refrigeration...
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Preparation of briquette coal with a lubricating oil sludge as binder

Tonghuan Zhang, Xin Chen, Xi Zhao, Yingjie Gao, Yanwei Song
The lubricating oil sludge from steel wire drawing factory contains organic compounds mainly of fatty acids, which has good binding property and combustion performance. In this paper, briquette is prepared from pulverized coal with this industrial sludge as binder. The viscosity of sludge was tested...
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Optimal Design of Integral Steering Linkage

Wen Chen
The integral steering linkage is the key part on vehicle, which can ensure the Ackerman steer angle when steering. in this paper, The mathematical model of the Ackerman steering linkage is established. The author introduces the optimal design program for the Ackerman steering linkage with MATLAB optimtoolbox....
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Experimental and Statistical Study of the Optimization of Fire retardants in a Formulations of Waterborne Intumescent Fire-resistant Coatings for Steel Structure Using Uniform Experimental Design

Jian Hu, Chunling Hu
This paper presents a uniform design methodology for computer aided experimental design for intumescent fire-resistant coating (IFRC) formulations, exemplifies the benefits of using experimental design together with statistical software to facilitate the optimization of fire retardants in a formulation...
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The Analysis on Financial Performance of the Industrial Chain and Spatial Effect for China's New Energy Automobile

Hongbo Zhang, Ming Hu, Hongming Zhang
In recent years, the global energy supply tends to be tight, the environmental problem causes the widespread concern, the traditional automobile malpractice gradually appears, the government pays more and more attention to the energy saving and emission reduction, has brought the new opportunity to the...
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Large Underground Water Seal Reservoir Jet Disturbance System

XiaoHui Zhang, GenMin Zhu, DongFeng Zhao, JiaJun Ye, JianKang Shen, MingQing Zhang
As crude oil is composed of colloidal solution, solid hydrocarbons, asphaltenes, and particulate sediments, in the long-term storage process, hydrocarbon mixtures and impurities in crude oil will gradually settle with gravity to form sludge, and underground crude oil reservoirs will be operated for a...
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Research on Optimizing Strategy of Distribution Network Operation Efficiency Based on PSO

Tao Han, Shaoguang Yuan, Quan Zhou, Kun Yu
Closed operation control of section switch and loop switch in distribution network to change the topology structure of the distribution network, thereby changing the distribution of power flows in the distribution network. It can improve the operating efficiency of the distribution network. In addition,...
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Preparation of MIL-53(Fe)/BiOCl composites and its photo-Fenton performance in degradation of 2,4-DCP under visible light

Yaru Zhang, Kegang Zhang, Xiaodong Wang, Tao Yan
The MIL-53(Fe)/BiOCl composite catalyst is triumphantly man-made by two-step solvothermal method. The MIL-53(Fe) which possesses nanoscale polyhedral structure is loaded to the surface of BiOCl microspheres. 2,4-DCP is regarded as a simulated pollutant in environmental wastewater, at the same time, H2O2...
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Research on Optimization of Distribution Automation Terminal

Hailong Wang, Zhimin Guo, Xinyi Zheng, Kun Yu
The mathematic model of distribution automation terminal configuration optimization is established based on the cost-benefit theory, taking the minimum area as the basic analysis unit, considering the balance of economy and reliability. The number and location of electrical distribu-tion automation terminals...
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Effect of Two-component solution-crosslinking Agent on Recycling of waste PU to prepare composites

Xiaohua Gu, Hongxiang Luo, Yan Li, Fu Li, Rui Cao, Shiwei Lv
The waste polyurethane rigid foam was degraded by two-component decrosslinking agent, and a qualified glass fiber reinforced waste polyurethane rigid foam is prepared by compounding the obtained oligomer polyol with a certain percent of glass fibers. The regenerated oligomer polyols were measured for...
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Optimization of bidirectional nozzle of crude oil storage tanks based on CFD approaches

JiaJun Ye, GenMin Zhu, Jun Lyu, XiaoHui Zhang, MingQiang Zhang, JianKang Shen
In order to study the influence of the nozzle parameters of the rotating jet agitator on the mixing effects, the CFD software is used to simulate the flow field of the bidirectional nozzle of a rotating jet agitator in large crude oil tanks.The mass flow, turbulent kinetic energy and flow velocity are...
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Numerical simulation and optimization of the dual circulation flow cleaning device for underground crude oil storage caverns

JiaJun Ye, GenMin Zhu, Jun Lyu, XiaoHui Zhang, MingQiang Zhang, JianKang Shen
The underground oil storage cavern has the advantages of safety, large storage capacity and economical. It is widely used in the national strategic petroleum reserve and various commercial storage. In order to solve the problem of crude oil sludge deposition, this paper based on the principle of jet...
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Bioleaching of fluoride-containing uranium: flask experiments with fluoride-resistant bacteria

Xiang Li, Xiaolan Mo, Jiankang Wen, Biao Wu, Dianzuo Wang, Hongying Yang
The results of MLA automated quantitative mineralogy system indicated the uranium ore used in this study was mainly composed of pitchblende(1.026), aluminosilicate(include biotite(31.72%), albite(13.98%) and orthoclase(13.43%)), and fluorite(0.94%). The fluoride-resistant bacteria strain could growth...
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Application of Moving-Window based on SCMC in finite element analysis of composite materials

XinHai Xiang, YouCai Wang, HaiQing Xiao, GuangZhao Yang
In this paper, the Moving-Window method based on SCMC is used to calculate the property field of composite materials, and the results are input into the material properties of finite element analysis. By connecting with the finite element analysis program ANSYS, the local stress of non-homogeneous composite...
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Design and Simulation of Solid Polymer Micro Needles Array

S. Abubaker Samir, Yajun Zhang, Liqun Dong
Microneedles have several applications in beauty and medicine. Many researches are investigating the manufacturing of microneedles on a mass-production scale with relatively low costs, relatively few studies on the mechanical behavior of the microneedle into skin and piercing manner, especially few about...
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Insertion Experiment and Resistance Tests of Solid Polymer Micro Needles Array

S. Abubaker Samir, Yajun Zhang, Zhiming Jin
Microneedles have been made from silicon, glass, and metal. Nowadays, many promising technologies are focused on polymers since they are biodegradable, biocompatible, and easy to fabricate. They can penetrate safely in the body, providing a drug distribution method and eliminating the risk of the needles...
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Study of Ecological Planning Method for Grassland Region Urban Green-space Systems in Inner Mongolia: A Case Study of Kangbashi, Ordos.

Jianxun Xing, Chaoming Li
Establishing a mechanism of urban green-space planning and setting up an efficient ecological green-space systems for coping with fragile grassland ecological environment are urgently needed in Inner Mongolia region. This study chose Kangbashi as a research object to set to study as follows: identifying...
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Implementing a Demand Response Ready Smart Home Prototype on a System-on-Chip Platform

Hongmei Li, Yanli Chai
To bridge the gap between undergraduate electrical engineering curriculum and the modernizing electric power grid, Smart Home Testbed projects are ideal for undergraduate student design and research programs. Observed the fact that Smart Home Testbed projects are small-scale and short-term, a three-layer...
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Effectiveness Analysis of Emission Reduction Measures in the Huangshui River Watershed Based on MIKE11 Model

Xiaokang Zheng, Shaoming Peng, Hang Yang, Xinlei Zhao
To analyze the effectiveness of pollutant cap control mode towards pollutant reduction and the improvement of water quality in the section, this paper took the Huangshui River Watershed as an example, with main pollutants COD and NH3-N as the main indicators. And established a water quality model based...
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Research on Real-time Monitoring of Urban Air Quality Based on Optimal Scale and Factor Analysis

Chun Chen, Xiang Gao, Qian Mou
In this paper, based on the 190 monitored city data released by the China National Environmental Monitoring Center in 2018, the optimal scale and factor analysis methods were selected to conduct in-depth research and analysis of urban air quality. The study found that: PM2.5 has a serious impact on air...
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A Study on Anechoic Chamber Using Counter-phase Counteract

Ying-li Shao
A conventional muffler of internal combustion engine is mostly constructed as a mixture or combination of perforated ducts, baffle or perforated baffle, expansion chamber, etc., and the noise reduction is limited and backpressure is high hence the fuel efficiency is low. In order to solve the problems...
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Study and Analysis on the Factors of Site Selection in Large Oil Seal Cavern at Home and Abroad

YuXuan Sui, DongFeng Zhao, Li Zhang, JiaWei Chen
as an important form of petroleum reserve, underground water seal cavern has the advantages of safety and low environmental protection cost. So water sealed underground structure of the site selection is a vital step, this article through to the domestic and foreign water seal the location of the underground...
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The Prediction of Aluminum Demand Based on S-shaped Regularity and Research on Supply Proposal of China

Guangyu Jiang
Aluminum has an important position in the economic development of all countries in the world, especially industrial developed countries. Widely used in many sectors of economic and social development. In 2016, the consumption structure of China's aluminum sector is: 35% of buildings, 19% of transportation,...
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A Processing Method to Increase Production of Biomethane from Lignite

Xingcheng Zhao, Bo Wang, Yuhong Xie, Xin Feng
This study evaluated the bioavailability of lignite from Shanxi Province (China) via using domestic anaerobic sludge as the source of exogenous flora. After pretreatment of lignite with hydrogen peroxide at different concentrations, the levels of soluble organic carbon and organic acid were increased...
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Application of a Small Electrostatic Desalination Equipment

Huawei Xu
The principle and characteristics of electrostatic desalination technology has been introduced, a small electrostatic desalination equipment has been made by myself with 10 electrode plates, and the spacing between two plates is 10 mm. The desalination of the equipment is better when the DC voltage of...
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Research Trends and Application Prospects of CO2 Flooding Technology and Sequestration Technology

Tianshu Chu, Dongfeng Zhao, Chen Yuan
CO2 flooding technology and sequestration is one of the main ways to avoid global warming. The existing research both at home and abroad and the experimental results show that as an oil displacement agent,the CO2 injected in the reservoir can greatly improve the recovery efficiency of oil and gas. At...
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Study on Applying Oxidized Poly-silicic-ferric Coagulant to Combined Process of Short-term Coagulation and Filtration

Dong Gao, Ying Fu
The study investigated the effect of coagulant dosage, flocculation time, and precipitation time on the turbidity removal rate of Oxidized Poly-silicic-ferric (OPSF) coagulant compared with the polyferric aluminum (PFA) coagulant. The effect of OPSF on coagulation and filtration under short-time coagulation...
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Study on the Chilling Requirement and Dormant Physiology of Ziziphus jujuba ‘Zhanshanmizao’

Qian Deng, Yang Wang, Wanqiu Zhu, Yan Zhou, Qunxian Deng
Seven-year-old tree of Ziziphus jujuba ‘Zhanshanmizao’ cultivated in field were used to study the degree dormancy, chilling requirement (CR) and dormant physiological indexes such as the content of water, carbohydrates, free amino acid, and soluble protein. The results showed that the Z. jujuba ‘Zhanshanmizao’...
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Analysis on A Case of Marine Hydraulic Steering Gear Failure

Xiaohua Ye
The hydraulic steering gear is an important equipment of the ship and its failure could contribute to navigation unsafely. With regard to the failure of a certain hydraulic steering gear and inspection of the steering mechanism, this article specifies reasons for the failure of the steering gear and...
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A Preliminary Study on the Fruit Drop Mechanism of Zizyphus Jujuba ‘Zhanshanmizao’

Si Ren, Wenjun Yang, Bin Zhou, Tao Tao, Qunxian Deng
In order to solve the problem of high fruit drop rate of Zizyphus Jujuba ‘Zhanshanmizao’, this experiment used Z. Jujuba ‘Zhanshanmizao’ as material, throught measuring the fruit drop rate and organic nutrient changes with different tree vigor, to study the dynamic change and drop mechanism of fruit...
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Study on the Effect of Zizyphus Jujuba ‘Zhanshanmizao’ Dormancy Release by Cover

Lei Li, Qunxian Deng, Yan Zhou, Xuehui Lan
In order to explore the effect of covering on the natural dormancy of jujube, 7-year-old Ziziphus jujuba ‘Zhanshanmizao’ was used to study physiological index such as the content of water, Carbohydrate, soluble protein and free amino acid by different shed time (December 5 th, 2016, December 25 th, 2016,...
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Effects of GA3, NAA and PCPA on the Fruit Drop Rate and Quality of Ziziphus jujuba ‘Zhanshanmizao’

Yang Wang, Tao Tao, Pan Liao, Qunxian Deng
This experiment studied the effects of different concentrations of gibberellius (GA3), naphthalene acetic acid (NAA), and 4-chlorophenoxyacetic acid (PCPA) on the fruit drop rate and quality of Ziziphus jujuba ‘Zhanshanmizao’. The results showed that spraying NAA reduced the fruit drop rate of Z. jujuba...
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Effects of Spraying salicylic acid on Breaking Dormancy and Antioxidant Substances of Ziziphus jujuba ‘Zhanshanmizao’

Shangyu Tao, Jie Zhou, Yan Zhou, Huifen Zhang
Seven-year-old tree of Ziziphus jujuba ‘Zhanshanmizao’ cultivated in field were used to study the breaking dormancy and the dynamic changes of antioxidants (superoxide dismutase, peroxidase, O2-•, and malonyldialdehyde) in jujube shoots under different concentrations (2 mmol/L, 4 mmol/L, and 6 mmol/L)...
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Study of GA3 on Breaking Forced Dormancy of Ziziphus jujuba ‘Zhanshanmizao’ Bud and the Effect on Fruit Quality

Haiyan Wang, Jie Zhou, Yan Zhou, Huifen Zhang
The 7-year-old Ziziphus jujuba ‘Zhanshanmizao’ as experimental material was used to measure the water content and organic nutrients (starch, soluble sugar, soluble protein, and free amino acid) in jujube branches and analyze the fruit quality after spraying jujube trees with different concentrations...
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Research on the Cross Influence of Energy Consumption Structure and Industrial Structure from Perspective of Efficiency

Mingxiang Lu, Heming Xie, Guangcai Zhu
Energy consumption structure and industrial structure are important factors affecting energy efficiency. China's energy consumption structure and industrial structure have not achieved positive interaction, but are mutual obstruction, non-coordination and low synergy. This paper studies the theory of...
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Changes Of Ascorbic Acid Content In Leaves And Fruits Of Jujube At Different Developmental Stages

Jia Guo, Nengli Fu, Guoying Song, Qunxian Deng
It takes Zizyphus jujuba 'Zhanshanpinguozao' as the test material. Changes of Ascorbic Acid content in four stages (young leaves, spreading leaves, mature leaves, senescent leaves) of jujube leaf development, jujube flowers and five periods of fruit development (Young fruit period, green mature period,...
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Effect of Seaweed Fertilizer 'SUNRED' on the Fruit Quality of 'Red Globe' Grape

Lu Yuan, Xiulan Lv, Jin Wang, Lijin Lin, Qunxian Deng
The experimental material is ‘Red Globe’ grape that is taking shelter from rain. Use different concentrations of SUNRED on the grapes, when the color of grape is turning. Then study the effect of color and quality of fruit. The results show that, SUNRED 1000 times could promote the grape coloring. The...
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Research on Anti-Seepage Layer Performance of Landfill Site

Xue-jing Sun, Zhan-hua Wang
To reduce the permeability of clay liner, and make it has anti-cracking performance. Permeability and anti-cracking properties were studied on different Silica fume added to clay liner. 0、10%、15%、20%、15%、30% of the clay is replaced by silica fume at optimum water contents. It is shown by test results...
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Adsorption of Cu2+ and Pb2+ By Biological Carbon from Mixed Waste

Shucong Hua, Ying Fu
The sewage sludge and banana peel are typical solid wastes. In this paper, sewage sludge and banana peel blends were used as raw materials for the preparation of mixed waste biological carbon. Adsorption performance of Cu2+ and Pb2+ at different raw material ratios were investigated. The results showed...
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Study on Coagulation Effect of Composite Peel Coagulant in Treating Humic Acid Simulated Water

Hailong Jian, Ying Fu
A composite fruit peel (HFP) coagulant was prepared from banana peel and orange peel, for humic acid simulated water , the effect of dosage and pH on the turbidity and color removal rates were investigated. The results showed that the HFP has 97.14% turbidity removal and 88.7% of color removal under...
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A Review on Organism Regrowth in UV-based Ballast Water Treatment Systems for the Approval of New G8 Guidelines

Jiaxin Chen, Meina Xie, Sen Liang, Ying Yang, Wenting Guan, Cong Zhang, Yong Liang, Tianqi Li, Lixuan Xu, Manxia Zhang
In light of urgent need of approval of ballast water management system against the new G8 guidelines, organism regrowth within treated ballast water should be assessed. However, it’s the first time for mandatory demands on the evaluation of organism regrowth in ballast water. For the existances of DNA...
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Study on accounting methods of ship carbon emission and measures of emission reduction

Guodong Zhao, Wei Li, Chunze Li
In recent years, with the increasing share of shipping volume in total international trade volume, the carbon emission of ships has increased year by year, and the carbon emission of ships has been paid more and more attention. This article is based on CO2 emissions, or tce, vessel operating efficiency...
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Ultrasonic microwave-assisted extraction of antioxidant phenolics from waste jackfruit (Artocarpus heterophyllus Lam.) peels

Zhiguo Jiang, Yanhua Wang
An efficient extraction and purification technique based on ultrasonic microwave-assisted extraction (UMAE) method was established to obtain phenolics-enriched fraction from jackfruit by-products (JPEF). Optimisation of the extraction parameters for maximum extraction yield of JPEF was carried out using...
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Numerical simulation and optimization of CdS/p-Si Heterojunction solar cells

Chunyan Duan, Yingwen Zhao, Shenghao Li, Qun Ban, Yizhan Chen, Hui Shen
In this paper, numerical simulation was made to analyze and optimize the important factors of CdS/p-Si heterojunction solar cell, which include work function of TCO layers and back surface field (BSF), thickness of CdS thin film and silicon substrate. The results of simulation indicated that the TCO...
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Removal of ammonium nitrogen in the subsiding water from cropland in the Yellow River irrigation area of Ningxia by natural zeolite

Cuiling Zhang, Hongfang Wang, Qing Chang, Jiali Zhang
Aimed at the distinguishing features, namely, high salinity, high pH value, unstable water quality and quantity, of the subsiding water from cropland in the Yellow River irrigation area of Ningxia, static adsorption experiments were carried out to remove ammonium nitrogen from the aqueous solution by...
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The Status, Requirements and Suggestions to the Integration of Transportation Network and New Energy Network

Xianguang Wang, Kechao Sun, Jinping Shang, Zhenguo Liu, Wangyihong Oscar
Green development is an inevitable requirement for Traffic Development Strategy. The deep integration of Transportation Network(TN) and New Energy Network(NEN) would become the main trend in the future. This article focused on the analysis of the integration development of Road Network, Water Transportation...
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Effect of Potassium Sulphate on Fruit Quality of ‘Black Baraldo’ Grape

Bin Hou, Yan Huang, Xiaoli Ma, Jin Wang
In order to discuss the effects of applying different proportions of potassium sulfate on grape fruit quality, 10 different potassium sulfate proportions were applied. The result was that the treatment 6 had the best effect, and both the intrinsic and the external quality of the fruit were improved,...
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Study on EEOI Influencing factors of large Bulk Carrier

Changyu Lu, Wei Li
In order to explore how large bulk carriers can reduce the operational energy efficiency index of ships and improve the operational efficiency of ships, in order to respond to the increasingly stringent emission regulations put forward by IMO and reduce the EEOI value of ships. 7,000 tons of Panamax...
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WebGIS design and development of water quality test of rural domestic sewage Dianchi Lake Basin

Pengju Quan, Hong Liang, Xuehui Lu, Ruitao Cui
Rural domestic sewage is an important cause of water pollution in Dianchi. Accurately grasping the spatial distribution of sewage is the basic condition for harnessing Dianchi's water pollution. By collecting water samples from various parts of the Dianchi River Basin and conducting laboratory tests,...
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Evaluation of short-circuit current breaking capacity of circuit breaker

Yongchun Su, Xiaoming Wang, Ning Zhou, Zhan Shu
The development of the power grid makes the X/R value in the network become more and more large, which leads to the attenuation of the short-circuit current DC component becoming more and more slow when the fault occurs. In this situation, the ability of the breaker to break the short-circuit current...
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Dynamic analysis and parameter matching simulation system of DTH Hammer

Xueqing Wang, Xing Li, Xiaozhe Wang, Zhongxiang Wang, Chao Gao, Xiangsheng Guo, Yingqi Wang, Yabo Shang, Yuguo Tian
DTH hammer drilling in rock fragmentation has been widely used, but there is still a lack of effective computer-aided design tools. In this study, the dynamic analysis and parameter matching simulation system for down-the-hole hammer was developed. The dynamic process of down-the-hole drilling was elaborated,...
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Effects of Different Horticultural Substrates Composition and Depth on Runoff Water Quality

Shuai Hao, Yihe Zhu, Shunli Wang, Kefeng Liu, Qiang Zhang
In this research, a new type of roof cultivation substrate with different ratios of six kinds of substrate products and inorganic substrates was laid in a self-made roof model with a thickness of 7.5 cm and 15 cm, and the substrate was sprayed to record the matrix flow production time, the amount of...
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Research on Fuzzy PID Control of Building Hydroelectric Speed Regulating System

Guanlu Yang, Shuyang Wang, Zehong Huang
Under the background of energy shortage and environmental pollution, the development and utilization of building water energy and resource utilization have actively responded to the construction of the national sponge city and are in line with the sustainable development strategy. It can not only solve...
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The total investment recovery cycle for optimal capacity allocation of the Wind-solar-battery micro-grid system

Guanlu Yang, Yang Wang, Minxu Wu
Micro-grid is a new technology approach for the distribution of distributed power generation systems into distribution systems. It can effectively integrate renewable energy (solar energy, wind energy, etc.), energy storage and loads. The issue of optimizing the capacity of the micro-grid is a very important...
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Energy Harvesting for Wireless Electric power Transmission Based on Analysing Inductive coupling

Guo Zhu Zhao, Zheng Quan Li, You Jun Chen
With parameter values chosen to obtain good calculate, the experimental results show that the load will receive the maximum voltage and maximum electric power at resonant frequent 22kHz when Tesla coils are 4mm away. The maximum electric power transfered by two Tesla coils of diameter 30mm with 13 loops...
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Research on the High-power Directional Acoustic Transducer

Guo Zhu Zhao, You Jun Chen
Through studying how to affect acoustic directivity with MATLAB software, it show that selection of a relatively larger surface of the transducer and a relatively closer transducer interval will be more preferable for directivity. While an array which possess more array element number and whose frequency...
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The Box-counting Dimension of Spatial Patterns of Population Distribution of Lilium regale

Zi-song Yang, Yi Li
The studied results of correlation dimension of spatial patterns of population distribution of L. regale by box-counting dimension show that: 1) in most sample plots the fractal properties of box-counting dimension are significant; 2) in most sample plots the box-counting dimension is small, indicating...
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A Method Based on Fiber Raman Scattering Cable for Testing Temperature and Reducing Noise

Chunbo LIU, Liangyi Huang, Rui LI, Zhidong GU, Jiawei XU
According to the characteristics of Raman fiber signal, combined with the advantages of wavelet threshold denoising and empirical mode method, the two methods are combined for removing noise. This method improves the signal-to-noise ratio by 15% in simulation experiments. This will get more accurate...
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Assessment of Ecological Sustainability of Resource-based City—A Case Study of Hancheng City, China

Yan Zhu, Lihui Zhou, Xuan Zhang, Jun Zhang, Hongxia Du, Lanzhou Xu, Pengkang Jin, Bizhou Ge
To assessment the sustainability of resource-based city development from the perspective of ecology, this paper evaluates the sustainable development level and ecological security of HanCheng City with combined method of ecological footprint and the sustainable development index. The results show that...
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Synthesis and Photophysical Properties of a Copper(I) Complex Emitting Material Containing 5-(9H-fluoren-2-yl)-2-(1H-imidazol-2-yl)Pyridine Ligand

Chaoyang Chai, Qingzhi Su, Feng Zhao
A new copper(I) complex of [Cu(Flu-im-Py)(POP)]PF6 supported by Flu-im-Py =5-(9H-fluoren-2-yl)-2-(1H-imidazol-2-yl)pyridine, POP=bis(2-diphenylphosphanyl)ether, was synthesized and characterized. The corresponding photophysical properties were investigated using UV-vis and emission spectrometry. The...
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Synthesis and Photophysical Properties of Four-Coordinate N-heterocyclic Carbene Copper(Ⅰ) Complex Emitting Material with Brightly Luminescence

Qingzhi Su, Chaoyang Chai, Feng Zhao
A four-coordinate copper(I) complex containing N-heterocyclic carbene (NHC) ligand and bis([2-diphenylphosphino]-phenyl)ether) (POP) ligand were successfully reported and characterized. The corresponding photophysical properties were investigated using UV-vis and emission spectrometry. The lowest-energy...
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Analysis of Nutrient Substance Contents in Blueberry Pulp

Zhaofang Chen, Liancong Yang, Jin Wang, Xun Wang
The processing of blueberry pulp has great significance on its quality and nutrient. In this experiment, based on the optimized hot dipping method, we compared the nutrient of blueberry pulps adding two food flavor additives, citric acid and cocktails. The blueberry fruits of verity ‘O’Neal’ with different...
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Energy efficiency management of virtual power plants considering temperature control load

Guanlu Yang, Xiaofeng Chen, Yajing Lv
This thesis takes the virtual power plant theory as the research background, designs and builds the dispatch management system based on the virtual power plant.The dissertation completed the software and hardware design of FPGA-based power monitoring device and realized the wireless transmission function...
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Effect of Spraying Calcium Fertilizer on the Fruit Quality of ‘summer black’ grape

Yan Huang, Jin Wang, Qiong Zhou, Xiulan Lv
Three-year-old ‘summer black’ grapes were used for trial material to study the effects of spraying with the different concentrations of calcium fertilizer on grape fruit external quality and intrinsic quality. Fruits were sprayed 1000,1200,1400 times amino acids chelate calcium during the fruit color-changed...
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Effect of Spraying Calcium Fertilizer on the Fruit Quality of ‘Ruby Seedless’ grape

Yan Huang, Xiaoli Ma, Wenjie HU, Jin Wang
Three-year-old ‘ruby seedless’ grapes were used for trial material to study the effects of spraying with the different concentrations of calcium fertilizer on grape fruit external quality and intrinsic quality. Fruits were sprayed 0.1%, 0.2%, 0.3% Calcium nitrate solution during the fruit color-changed...
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An innovative system for online evaluation of denitration catalyst activity and automatic adjustment of AIG spray distribution

Ruifeng Dong, Yang Guo, Xueying Zhang
In order to detect the performance of SCR denitration catalyst activity online, and optimize the AIG spray distribution automatically, an innovative system is proposed. The system could monitor the NOx concentration distributions of SCR inlet and outlet flues simultaneously. According to the distributions...
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Investigation on growth of 15 blueberry varieties/strains in Qionglai

Yuxin Wang, Ke Xu, Jin Wang, Changjiang Yi, Xun Wang
Blueberry is a kind of economic fruit with high nutritional value, good economic benefit and broad market prospect. In this experiment, the growth of 15 blueberry varieties/strains in Qionglai in Chengdu city was investigated. The results showed that the growth rate of ‘Brigitta’ and ‘NBS2’ was the best,...
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Study on collection of the particles in waste gasification gas by wet electrostatic precipitator

Lichun Xiao, Meng Zhang, Yuchuan Wang
Thermal pyrolysis of city life garbage gas is an effective means to achieve waste reduction, harmless treatment and resource utilization. However, the particles in the fuel gas has a detrimental effect on its recycling. It must be purified before recycling. The waste gasification gas purification process...
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Color Research in Urban Planning

Jing Yan
Urban color design is a concern of many cities in China in recent years. Since the 1980s, Chinese cities have generally lacked of aesthetic cultivation and attention to the urban color in the process of rapid development. The colors of various new materials and coatings, the random posting of urban advertisements...
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The effect of Different degree of Fruit thinning on the Quality of ‘Summer Black’ Grape

Bin Hou, Yan Huang, Qiong Zhou, Jin Wang
In order to study the effect of the number of grape fruit retained on the fruit quality of fruit, different degree of fruit thinning were carried out (keep 80, 90, 100, and 110 grapes) on the ‘Summer Black’ grape, and the fruit quality was analyzed. 100 grapes per bunch was the most significant for improving...
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Study on Main Pollutants and Water Quality of Landscape Waterbody in Suzhou Ancient City

Guosheng Ma, Juan Chen
The water system of Suzhou ancient city is vertical and horizontal. There are many water networks composed of large and small rivers, which have the functions of production, life and landscape. Taking the landscape water body of Suzhou ancient city as the research object, the national standard analysis...
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Study on Environmental Pollution and Control Countermeasures of Agricultural and Rural Areas in Jiangsu Province

Juan Chen, Guosheng Ma
Based on the combination of typical research and literature, this paper analyzes the current situation of agricultural and rural environmental pollution in Jiangsu Province in the past decade and the causes of environmental pollution in agricultural and rural areas of this province. Then it puts forward...
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Discussion on Misclassification of Ultrasonic Cross-hole Detection Method in Bored Piles

Likui Huang, Enkuan Tang, Ganming Yi, Wenbin Wu, Qing Shen
Ultrasonic cross-hole detection method is widely used for the quality detection of bored piles due to its comprehensive, detailed and accurate results, and no restrictions on the lengths and ratios of length to diameter of piles. However, because of the quality problems of the instrument or operation...
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Treatment Plans of Settlement Deformation at Expressway Tunnel Portal Area

Tang Enkuan, Likui Huang, Daiguang Chen, Qing Shen, Wenbin Wu
This paper presents the cause analysis, treatment plans and treatment results of a settlement deformation accident at tunnel portal area of left line T1 tunnel in Algeria North-South Expressway. The engineering practice demonstrated the feasibility, timeliness, and safety of the treatment plans. The...
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Analysis of Car Travel Characteristics Based on Vehicle OBD Data

Jianping Sun, Jifu Guo, Huimin Wen, Xiang Zhao, Fangshu Lei
Car travel characteristics is one of the important factors affecting of the urban road network operation. To provide support for traffic refinement management and policy making, collecting car travel data and having in depth analysis of its travel behavior characteristics, is the key aspect in encouraging...
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Mapping the Mined-Out Area Saturated by Water with Transient Electromagnetic Method

Chuantao Yu, Xinyue Liu, En-guo Li
Mined-Out Area Saturated by Water is a serious threat to the safety coal-mining practices. This research focuses on detecting mined-out area saturated by water with transient electromagnetic method. Data acquisition system was arranged along 65 survey lines, and the total of 4830 survey points were recorded....
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Tolerance Characteristics of Sonchus arvensis L. on Cadmium

Qianxin Wang, Zhanbiao Yang, Yuanxiang Yang, Bowen Sun, Zhang Cheng, Xuemei Zhu
In this paper, using artificial controlled pot experiment to treat Sonchus arvensis L. with different concentrations of cadmium (Cd), the tolerance of Cd in S. arvensis was studied, and the results showed that with the increase of Cd concentration, biomass rises first and then falls, the chlorophyll...
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Exploration and Detection of Quantitative Analysis Method of OPEs in Urine

Jun Chen, Hongling Yin, Lin Luo, Fei Peng, Yi Luo, Xu Deng
The quantitative determination method of seven organic phosphate esters (OPEs) in urine by gas chromatography-mass spectrometry was established and optimized by changing the derivative reaction procedure, the different sample doses and the different extraction reagents. The results showed that the best...
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Importance of Pollution Controlling by Grey Correlation Analysis

Li-na Wang, Yi-tong Wang
Pollution controlling’s incentive and monitoring are important issues in environmental management. However, in the mechanism of pollution controlling, the importance of pollution controlling indexes determine the selection of controlling order and efficiency of pollution controlling, management authorities,...
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Effects of water stress on the growth status of five species of shrubs

Pingwei Xiang, Xiaoli Ma, Xuefeng Liu, Xiangcheng Yuan, Zhihua Fu
A pot experiments were conducted to study the effects of water stress on plant Blade retention, leaf relative moisture content (LRWC), Morphology and growth status, five drought-resistant plants (Pyracantha angustifolia, Pyracantha fortuneana, Pyracantha fortuneana ‘Harlequin’, Ligustrum japonicum ‘Howardii’,...
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Study on Combustion Characteristics of Glyphosate Waste Liquor

Jianmin Zhu, Tao Wang, Guangming Shen, Rui Zhang, Shuzhong Wang, Jun Zhao
With the continuous development of the economy, the requirements for glyphosate production and environmental protection policies published by the country are becoming stricter. The glyphosate waste liquid has high viscosity and low calorific value, and the conventional waste liquid is difficult to burn....
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Attractive effect of different colored sticky traps on Cotarina sp. in mulberry field

Jiequn Ren, Li Chen, Zhinan Li, Minghai Zhang, Yi Yang, Zhangyun Zheng
The trapping effect of eight different kinds sticky traps on adult Cotarina sp. were studied in different suspension heights to provide the basis for monitoring and integrated controlling. The results showed that the suspension height and the color of the sticky traps had significant impacts (P
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Cadmium Accumulation Characteristics of Cyphomandra betacea Seedlings

Mei Qing, Lijin Lin, Ming’an Liao
A pot experiment was conducted to study the accumulation characteristics of cadmium (Cd) in Cyphomandra betacea Seedlings. The annual C. betacea seedlings were treated with Cd of different concentration gradients (0 - 20 mg/kg). The results showed that with the increase of soil Cd concentration, the...
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Effects of Cadmium Stress on Photosynthesis of Cyphomandra betacea Seedlings

Mei Qing, Lijin Lin, Ming’an Liao
A pot experiment was conducted to study the effects of cadmium (Cd) stress on photosynthetic characteristics of Cyphomandra betace seedlings. The annual C. betacea seedlings were treated with Cd of different concentration gradients (0 - 20 mg/kg). The results showed that with the increase of soil Cd...