Proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Education, Management, Arts, Economics and Social Science (ICEMAESS 2017)

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Discussion on the Curriculum Reform of Electromechanical Drive Control

Yao Wang, Hongzhou Li, Miao Xu, Yan Bai
The curriculum of electromechanical drive control has the characteristics of theory and practice. This paper analyzes the background of curriculum reform, and puts forward the reform measures and concrete measures from the aspects of curriculum system, teaching content, teaching material compiling and...
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Construction of Innovative Practice Teaching System Guided by Project + Competition

Yan Bai
The single chip microcomputer principle and application of the professional courses as an example to discuss how the professional course teaching method is applied to implement, let the student's own potential can be brought into full play, and make full use of the hardware resources of the various channels...
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Research on Evolution of Sensitive Events Involving Troop

Jia Liu
Sensitive event involving troop is the hot topic causing the attention easily, which will impact on the social harmony and the image of troops, if not to be aware sufficiently or deal appropriately. The evolution of sensitive event involving troop is analyzed adopting the dissipative structure theory,...
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Exploration of Engineering Education Method in Electrical Specialty

Jian Xue, Yan Bai, He Zhu
According to CDIO's two most important documents "CDIO syllabus" and "CDIO standards" and CDIO's three general objectives, Combined with our school electrical students learning situation, This paper puts forward the CDIO project education program which is suitable for the current situation of students...
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Study on the Development of E-Commerce of Agricultural Products in Jilin

Yan Bai
Jilin province is a big agricultural province in China, and it is an important commodity grain base of our country. The agricultural production conditions are unique, and the agricultural resources are abundant. Grain production occupies an important position in the country. With the advent of Internet...
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Research on Curriculum Development of School-enterprise Cooperation in Mechanical Major

Le Wang
Mechanical major is a very practical subject and in its teaching practice that is of great practical significance to actively carry out cooperation between schools and enterprises. The in-depth and effective promotion of school-enterprise cooperation can enhance the practical ability of students majoring...
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The Application of Digital Storytelling to Higher Vocational College English Teaching Based on "Three-multi" Learning

Lin-lin Zhang
In light of learning theory, teaching taxonomy and education policy, this paper aims to establish a teaching framework based on "three-multi" learning to apply digital storytelling to higher vocational college English teaching.
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Analysis of the influence of university network culture construction on campus cultural life

Rui Ma, Yue Wang, Peng Lv
the construction of campus culture has become an active pursuit of the management and development of many schools. "The power of culture" is becoming a great impetus to the progress of education. Campus network culture, as a new carrier of school culture, can have a significant impact on school culture...
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Reflection on the Deep Integration of Information Technology and Higher Education

Wenbin Liu, Jing Li, Gen Fan
Teaching informatization is a profound change in the field of education. Information technology is changing and even subverting the traditional educational teaching model,with the arrival of the era of internet. Firstly, there analyzes the characteristics of big data era and big data changes in education...
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Square dancing for middle-aged and old reaction, balance and coordination

Jing Li, Wenbin Liu
Adoptsquestionnaire survey, literature, experimental research methods, such as older women groups of wuchang district in wuhan sports participation after the body's reaction effect, balance and coordination of related research. The main conclusion is that the elderly sports population in wuhan has further...
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Under Moodle Stage Apply Constructivist "3B" Reading Teaching Methods to Chinese High School Students

Lei Shi, Zhanyi He
with the development of internet technology, Moodle stage is more convenient to teach English. Under this effective facility, constructivist "3B" teaching theory is going to be more efficient to improve Chinese students'English learning level. The passage states several methods to improve their reading...
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Training Strategy of the International Talents in Chinese Medicine Under the Background of "The Belt and Road"

Qun Xie, Aning Jin
Traditional Chinese medicine has made great contributions to the development and prosperity of Chinese nation for thousands of years, which is the treasure of the Chinese nation and the essence of Chinese traditional culture. Under the strategy background of the implementation of "The Belt and Road"...
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Analysis on the Development Strategy of Xi'an Land Port Logistics Based on the Fourth Party Logistics

Weixia Yang
Under the strategy of "One Belt and One Road" and western development, Xi'an's geographical advantages and basic functional advantages as well as its dominance in the nation's "Belt and Road" strategy have brought a great The advantages and opportunities to Xi'an land port logistics. However, the multimodal...
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Research on the Construction of the Quality Assurance System of Undergraduate Teaching in Chinese Medicine Universities

Yan Bi, Donghui Yue
after the continuous expansion of the educationscale in China and the full full implementation of the undergraduate teaching reform project, the teaching quality of higher education is more and more concerned by the society, and the higher education is gradually developing towards the connotation construction...
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The Exploration Of Flipped Classroom In College Chinese Teaching

Xu Yang
There are many shortcomings in the traditional teaching of College Chinese, which need to be reformed. As a new classroom teaching mode, the Flipped Classroom has become an important part of the innovation of university classroom teaching in the aspects of teaching ideas, learning process and learning...
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Construction of Internet Financial Personal Credit Investigation System under the Condition of Big Data

Xiangli Zuo
This paper analyzes the current development status and problems of the existing credit investigation system in China, which based on the research methods of literature review and case study. And this paper subsequently sums up available experience of Chinese personal credit investigation system construction...
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Research on Enterprise's Comprehensive Budget Management System in the View of Big Data and Cloud Accounting

Xiangli Zuo
Comprehensive budget management is an advanced enterprise management model, and a way for enterprises to obtain optimal productivity and profitability of their resources. It plays an important role in the operation and management of enterprises. Big data technology, as a methodological leap forward for...
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Opportunities and Challenges Faced by Management Accounting in the Era of "Internet Plus" and Big Accounting

Mingjing Wu
The rapid development of Internet has created a new information era. As the product of information technology development, the Internet is a new information transfer mechanism, which solves the problem of asymmetric information by means of technology and therefore solves the problem in essence. In traditional...
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Research on Classroom Teaching Model Innovation of Statistics Course under the Background of Blended Learning

Yulan Li
In the era of big data, mass data is springing up, whose cleaning and optimization extraction require rigorous statistical thinking and solid statistical theory. Statistics is a methodological science which solves the problems of screening, organizing and analyzing the data. Nowadays, the traditional...
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Research on the Construction of Multiple Development Pattern of Green Economy in China

Yingyuan Liu
Nowadays, promoting the green economy is essential to fight against the current financial crisis and global climate change because of the increasingly role in employment, economy development, environmental protection and sustainable development. Meanwhile, it can adjust the global economic structure...
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The "Red" Finery System in the Sui and Tang Dynasties

Qing Lang
Chen Yinke holds that though the Sui Dynasty only lasted several decades in China's history, most of its laws and regulations were inherited by the Tang Dynasty without much change, so the two dynasties can be regarded as one. The greatest significance of the Sui and Tang Dynasties for China at that...
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Application of On-board Data in Simulation Training Teaching of Vocational College: Taking the Major of Railway Communication Signals as an Example

Li Zhang
With the deepening reform of the modern vocational education, the proportion of simulation training in vocational education practice is increasing day by day. Taking the major of railway communication signal as an example, this paper studies the application of the on-board train control data in the simulation...
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China Crisis and the "Open Door" Policy of the United States

Xin Wen, Wenhui Wang
"Open Door" policy of the United States was put forward at the time of the divided crisis in China. It contained two principles: "maintaining the territorial integrity and administrative integrity of China" and "safeguarding the fair trade of all countries in various parts of China", which is the United...
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Problems and Path Exploration on Full-time Primary Education Specialty Master Training

Haiyue Qu, Jun Yang
The goal of full-time primary education master degree in our country is cultivating primary school teachers with professional competence. However, there are still many problems in the process of training: imbalanced curriculum module structure, single teaching methods, practical teaching link is 'anemia',...
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College English Teaching based on Mobile Learning

Lu Zhang
The development of modern science and technology has provided technical support for the reform of college English teaching and has also brought opportunities and challenges to college English teaching. As a new learning mode, mobile learning expands the space-time and geographical boundaries of college...
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The Solution and Numerical Simulation of Several Three Dimensional Convection Diffusion Equations

Zhengwei Dong, Ji,ang Zhang
In this paper, the instantaneous point source diffusion model, the continuous time source diffusion time-varying model and the continuous time arbitrary shape source diffusion time-varying model in convection-diffusion equation are studied. First, by establishing the appropriate model assumptions, under...
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Research on Reward and Punishment System of Soldiers in Jinzhou Regiment District

Wenhui Wang, Xin Wen
Reward and punishment system of soldiers is a mean of managing soldiers in the military, and their ultimate goal is to motivate soldiers to ensure combat and discipline. After the study, in the period of Chinese civil war, Jinzhou regiment district has more stringent management to the reward and punishment...
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Creative Thinking Training in Elementary School Fine Arts Teaching on the Background of Innovative Education

Hui Liu
The traditional teaching mode dominates the art classroom in primary school, and does not meet the requirements of quality education. Under the background of innovative education, new requirements are put forward for elementary school fine arts teaching. In view of the existing problems in elementary...
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Research on Primary Chinese Classics Reading Strategies based on Students Basic Accomplishment

Nanshuo Sun, Jun Yang
The basic accomplishment of primary school students guided by core accomplishment is the requirement of reflecting the value of Chinese curriculum in the new period. Chinese teachers explore to build various forms to implement classic reading curriculum in the teaching practice: drawing and copying,...
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Employment Guidance by Ideological and Political Course in Colleges and Universities

Ping Ni
This paper argues that the employment problem in the thought political lesson teaching activities, the creep cut to undertake to the student employment problems of correct guidance and guidance, to help students establish a correct concept of career, employment, with a positive and healthy attitude to...
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Analysis of the Main Causes of the Successful Development of German Football and Its Enlightenment to China

Ming Lu
This paper explores the factors of the rise of German football from the perspectives of culture, system, talent and media. It is pointed out that the rise of German football lies in the influence of Germanic culture on football style and shaping, the German Football Association (DFB) and the German Football...
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Research on the Innovative Design of Bedroom Furniture for physically Handicapped Students

Huaqing Wang
Disability groups are a particularly difficult group that requires special care and attention. In this paper, the design of the bedroom furniture for the physically handicapped students is taken as the research core. From the behavior and psychological characteristics of the special group of the disabled,...
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Research on the Financial Management of Colleges under the Treasury Centralized Payment System

Guanzhuo Wang, Daxu Liu, Wenqi Qiao, Yang Mu
Since the beginning of this century, the centralized payment system has been implemented in China's colleges and universities. After years of promotion, it has been a kind of rigid system arrangement of our country's finance. Although it has been for many years, the financial management system of colleges...
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Study on the Sustainable Development of China's Cultural Industry From the Perspective of Culture-Technology Fusion

Cuicui Zhao
This paper introduces the connotation of the sustainable development of China's cultural industry from the perspective of Culture-Technology fusion, and expounds the impetus for the sustainable development of China's cultural industry from the perspective of Culture-Technology fusion. According to this...
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Study on the Curriculum Construction of Applied Civil Engineering Specialty in Local Universities

Li Wang, Xiaoxing Shi, Chunyang Zhang, Ping Lv
In order to obtain good results in the construction of geotechnical engineering courses, it requires local universities to conduct in-depth analysis of the characteristics in colleges and universities, and it needs to carry out the construction of applied civil engineering courses. In the concrete construction...