Proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Education, Management, Arts, Economics and Social Science (ICEMAESS 2017)

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Research on the Teaching Reform of the Basic Course of Art Design

Nannan Zhang
At present, there is a gap between the traditional basic course teaching of art design specialty and its training target of new era, and there is a lack of necessary links between basic and specialized courses. The basic course of art college is an important part and the foundation of professional teaching....
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The Dilemma and Outlet for the Development of College Students Sport Association

Xin Li, Jingjing Guan
With the national emphasis on university sports, sports associations of university student are increasing. The university sports has played an increasingly important role in the enriching campus culture, promoting the healthy development of university students, creating a harmonious campus and cultivating...
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Research on the Establishment of Competency Model of Teachers in Universities

Fang Wang
The theory and research results related to competency model are becoming more and more important in the field of human resource management of teachers in universities. This paper combs the significance, principles and methods of the construction of competency model of university teachers. At the same...
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Study on the Development of Juvenile Football in Baicheng City

Ming Lu
This paper discusses the main problems of the development of youth soccer in China from the aspects of system, training idea, training practice, cultural quality cultivation, sociological factors, training mode and coaches, and puts forward some suggestions, that juvenile football should turn to market,...
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Research on Directions of Yoga Teaching Reform under the Background of "Internet +"

Xueyan Li
Yoga course not only promotes the students' physical quality, but also trains the students' excellent psychological quality. With the continuous development of mobile internet technology, Yoga teaching mode has produced new changes, which effectively make up for the shortcomings of the traditional teaching...
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Reform of Vocal Music Singing Teaching Mode Based on Musical Performance

Tingting Chen
The musical is a collection of music, dancing, singing, acting and other art forms as one of the stage art. At the same time, because of its strong inclusiveness, art forms are also rich and diverse. In the teaching of vocal music, musical has been the concern of educators as a more complete type of...
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Training Status and Countermeasures of Talents Majoring in Physical Education and Training

Erxia Liu
With the development of cross disciplines and permeability increasing, the social demand for high quality talents is more and more serious. Therefore, the sports colleges and universities should pay more attention to training students majoring in Physical Education and Training. This article used the...
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Analysis of the Countermeasures for Expanding the Education Scale of Foreign Students in Chinese Colleges and Universities in Jilin Province

Xin Cheng, Lin Yang
Jilin Province has attached great importance to the education of foreign students in recent years. The number of students studying in China has increased year by year. After some achievements have been made, we have also seen some problems in the education of students studying in China. In this paper,...
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Research on the Current Situations, Problems and Countermeasures of Smart Library Constructions in China

Hongmei Wang
Smart library is a higher development form of library after the digital library and the compound library, which relies on sensors, cloud computing and other technologies to achieve interoperability among books and readers to provide a full range of smart services. At present, the construction of smart...
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Construction of Curriculum System Based on Arts-and-Engineering Combination in Higher Vocational Education

Chong Feng, Xin Meng, Bo Gan
This paper studied the strategy to construct the curriculum system based on the idea of arts-and-engineering combination and summarized four principles for the construction. Taking building decoration engineering as an example, this paper put forward specific construction strategies, including the strategy...
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A Study on the Application of UI Design in Shaping Product Image

Xin Meng, Chong Feng, YuChuan Ji
In the information age, digital products are increasing, and UI design has received extensive attention and promoted the establishment of enterprise product image, becoming an important part of the implementation of enterprise design strategy. UI design in shaping product image is mainly reflected in...
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Research on Individualized Teaching of College English from the Perspective of Humanism

Dang Li
The introduction of humanistic education into College English teaching in China provides theoretical guidance and practical direction for individualized teaching of College English. This paper explores the necessity of introducing humanism into College English, and points out the characteristics of the...
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Research on Cultivation of Students' Translation Ability under Interactive Teaching Model

Huiqin Ning
Interactive teaching model is a teaching model based on Constructivism Theory. The interactive teaching model emphasizes that teachers should try to make positive interaction between teachers and students as well as students and students. The application of interactive teaching model in English translation...
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Research on Cultivation Model of E-commerce Talents in Higher Vocational Colleges Oriented for "One Belt and One Road"

Jingjing Li
The policy of "One Belt and One Road" puts forward new demands for e-commerce talents training in higher vocational colleges in China. E-commerce talents should possess the language competence, information technology and professional quality. Therefore, we must optimize curriculum system, strengthen...
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Research on the Construction of Teaching System of Tilting Classroom based on Mobile Terminal

Yanrong Liu
Based on the "mobile terminal design and development course" in the traditional teaching mode students can only passive class, unable to implement the problem of personalized teaching, analysis of the flip classroom this new teaching model of the reversal characteristics, demonstrated in the mobile terminal...
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Feasibility Analysis on the Applications of Flipped Classroom in College English Teaching from the Perspective of Second Language Acquisition

Lei Wang
The flipped classroom is attracting worldwide attention. However, the subject adaptation of the flipped classroom, especially whether it is applicable to the humanities and foreign languages, has always been controversial. This paper believes that flipped classroom can effectively enrich curriculum resources,...
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Research on the Reform of Higher Education under the Economic Background of New Normal in China

Jiamin Ni
Yoga course not only promotes the students' physical quality, but also trains the students' excellent psychological quality. With the continuous development of mobile internet technology, Yoga teaching mode has produced new changes, which effectively make up for the shortcomings of the traditional teaching...
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Study on internal control norms of sports institutions of the new COSO framework in Gansu

Xuefeng Li
in order to adapt to China's economic system reform and the reform of institutions of the requirements, we should establish and perfect the management system of institutions, norms of internal control institutions will inevitably become the problems to be solved. According to the requirements of COSO...
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Reform Paths of Art and Design Education from the Perspective of Creative Industry

Jinglei Zhang
Deepening the reform of art and design education to effectively cultivate high-quality creative talents is an urgent task under the background of the vigorous development of China's creative industry economy. This paper discusses the direction of art and design education reform from the perspective of...
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Analysis of the Current Situation of "Campus Credit" Education in Colleges

Guisheng Hu, Binzhan Peng, Qinghua Wang
In order to understand the behavior of college students' campus loans, this paper starts from the process of campus loan operation, analyzes the advantages and disadvantages of the university college students' school loan, and analyzes the current existence of college students' credit in colleges and...
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Analysis on the Coordinated Development of Undergraduate Specialty Setting and Industrial Structure Optimization in Shaanxi Province

Fang Zhou
Knowledge economy era, science and technology and talent to become regional economic development, industrial structure upgrade a huge driving factor. Higher education as the training of talent and scientific research and innovation of the main positions, has increasingly become an important factor affecting...
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Research on the Reform of Moral Education (Aesthetic Education) in Colleges based on Campus Culture Construction

Jun Tao, Yong Liu
College students as the hope of the country, the future of the nation, shoulder the burden of prosperity and prosperity of the country, their ideological and moral quality of the country's development will play a vital role. The level of moral education in colleges and universities will have a direct...
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Research on Innovation and Practice Ability of Computer Major Students in Contemporary Universities

Jun Xi, Wei He
In order to improve the university computer professional students' innovation and practical ability, and puts forward the method of using new technology lectures, project development team, extracurricular skill training is built in accordance with the actual situation of the multi-level practice platform....
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Management Analysis and Research of E-Government Platform Based on Community Development

YueJin Zhang, SuLing Li, HuiLi Zhang
According to the characteristics of the foreign community information development mode, combined with community informationization development in China, analyzes the problems existing in the development of information technology, the paper raised the mode of community development in our country in the...
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Research on the Innovation of League Work in Universities under the Background of Mass Organization Reform

Long Bai
Strengthening the construction of league work in universities is of great significance to improve the quality of students and build a harmonious campus. In July 2015, General secretary Xi Jinping put forward new requirements for the mass organization reform. Under the new situation, the league work in...
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Study on the Mechanism of Selecting Cadres in Colleges under the Background of Strictly Administering the Party

Yu He
It is also a hot issue for the people to pay close attention to the reform of the cadre and personnel system in recent years, and it is also a hot issue that has been widely concerned by the masses of the people in recent years. The meaning of the title should be. One of the important links that can...
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Study on the Course System Modular Feasibility of the "Internet + Education" Product Design

Dan Chang
In this paper, the "Internet + Education" curriculum system module concept as the main point of entry, based on product design professional development status, the "Internet + education" curriculum system into the teaching classroom. Product design professional "Internet + education" curriculum system...
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Research on management measures of civil air transportation cost

Guoxia Zhang
In recent years, China's civil aviation industry achieved rapid development, the market scale is expanding constantly, enterprises are facing severe market competition, the civil aviation transportation industry economic benefit in the promotion, but their relatively large fluctuations of the profit....
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Discussion on the role of employee career planning in enterprise human resource management

Lei Tong
with the development of knowledge economy, enterprises are facing more and more pressure of market competition. Human resource, as the key resource of enterprise development, has become the decisive factor of enterprise competition success or failure. Based on this, how to make use of employee's career...
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Research on improving the quality of life of College Teachers

Zehui Jiang, Jun Zhang
This paper introduces the connotation of quality of life, the factors that influence the quality of life, and puts forward some countermeasures to improve the quality of life of teachers so as to stabilize the teachers' emotions and retain talents.
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Path Research on Shaanxi Logistics Enterprises' Internationalized Development that Based on Financial Cost Management under the Background of the Belt and Road Strategy

Jie Cui
As the hottest words this year----"the Belt and Road", this idea is very special and significant to the development of logistics industry of Shaanxi province. The Belt and Road is not a wonderful diplomatic method, but also the important method to connect the economics and cultures of these countries...
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Research on the Dynamic Cost Management of the Construction Project and the Optimization of the Cost Control

Xiaoni Jia
Project cost means the total monetary expenses, which includes the monetary consumption on material resource, on human resource, and on financial resource, during the process of constructing a building from the beginning to the end. The management of the project cost and the cost optimization aim for...
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Investigation and Research on the Construction of Foreigners' Helper Station in the Background of "Internet +"

Sha Wang, Yongjun Wang
Based on the "Internet plus", this paper analyzes the problems foreigners met in Nanjing. At the same time, this article investigates the feasibility of the 'Foreigners Help Station'. According to the results of investigation, foreigners would welcome "Foreigners Help Station"if the station could provide...
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Correlation Research on the Self - Efficacy and Job Alienation of Clinical Nurses

Xuelin Zhang, Jun Xu, Shouxia Chai, Meirong Lei, Violeta Lopez
Objective: To explore the relationship between the general self - efficacy and job alienation among clinical nurses in China. Methods: The Gerneral self - efficacy scale and the Work Alienation of nurse scale was used to investigate the clinical nurses in Shiyan City, Hubei Province. Results: The study...
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Research on Design Innovation of Dormitory Furniture in Colleges and Universities

Huaqing Wang
Personalization is the foundation of design. College bedroom furniture should design from the perspective of student personality needs, in order to create good furniture for students. This paper analyzes the background and problems of the design of bedroom furniture in colleges and universities, summarizes...
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Research on Enterprise Business Model Based on Destructive Innovation

Yuning Wu
In this paper, we use the destructive innovation theory, combined with business model design elements to build several business models taking damage as the driving force to adjust the pace in the fierce competition in the market continue to adapt to unpredictable market variables.
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Research on the Systematization of Financial Management in Colleges

Guanzhuo Wang, Daxu Liu, Yang Mu, Hong Wu
Colleges and universities in the process of expanding the scale of running schools to improve the level of the process, the financial management system cannot meet the requirements of higher education development and do need to establish a set of dynamic operating mechanism. This paper explores the optimization...
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Analysis of the Cooperation Model and Problem of College and Enterprise

Na Zhang
This paper first analyzes the mode of cooperation between schools and enterprises, in the end what kind of cooperation model is interested in enterprises, different industries of different modes of cooperation between the choice of whether there are differences, which are worthy of study. At present,...
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Study on the Deep Development of the Tourist Area of Sanya from the Perspective of Global Tourism

Yuan Qi
This paper focuses on the development and protection of tourism resources in Sanya. Its main contents are six parts: international tourism island, resource status, resource development, resource protection, system security and resource industry. The international tourism island expatiates on the connotation...
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Research on Consumers' Online Purchase Decision based on Psychological Distance

Tiantian Tang, Pei Hu
Online consumers make online shopping decisions that are a complex process that can be influenced by a variety of factors, which factors affect and how they affect purchasing decisions. For example, online consumers to browse the site on the product information, online reviews and other information,...
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Research on the Formation and Promotion Mechanism of Science and Technology Intermediary Service System

Xiansheng Liu
Based on a brief overview of the technology intermediary service industry and its constituent system, this paper expounds the formation process of Chinese science and technology intermediary service system, and analyzes the factors that hinder the development of science and technology intermediary service...
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Management of Petroleum Transportation Vehicles from the Perspective of Safety

Hongying Liu
With continuous low-speed growth of petroleum consumption in China, safety problem caused by petroleum transportation has been increasingly prominent. Taking one of the ten major typical cases published by Traffic Management Bureau of the Ministry of Public Security - Overload Transportation of Gasoline...
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Study on the professional level of nursing staff under the background of medical and nursing integration

Mingyang Ruan, Wenwen Tian
Through the study found that the academic circles generally believe that, in terms of China's aging situation, family changes, the actual needs of the elderly, medical and nursing combination is imperative. Based on this, medical support combined with the connotation and the nursing staff demand and...
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Application of Dartfish software in the 110 meter hurdle movement

Kun Tian, Qian Zhao
Through literature, video observation, mathematical statistics, three research methods for sports technical analysis of the Rio Olympic men's 110 meter hurdles final video, collected the data of 8 players in the Olympic Games in Rio with Dartfish software. Results: winning cards starting from the first...
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Causes and breakthroughs in the lack of motivation for technological innovation in private enterprises

Zhongwei Chen, Lilong He
The paper thinks that the protection of intellectual property rights system is not perfect, the technology innovation itself is a risk activity, technological innovation of private enterprise talent shortage as a result of technological innovation of private enterprise lack of motivation, by increasing...
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Study on Logistics Distribution Route of Fresh Agricultural Products in Chain Market with O2O Mode

Wei Wang
With the rapid development of Internet technology, e-commerce shopping convenience and wide selection of features such as gradually accepted by consumers, and to bring a new shopping experience. Online shopping more and more common, so as to seek a high efficiency, low cost, high efficiency logistics...
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Research on Dilemma and Avoidance of Engineering Bidding

Xiaotian Yu
The purpose of the bidding mechanism is to give full play to the competitive system of the market, So that market participants in the equal and fair conditions of the survival, and the resources are most appropriately allocated. The evaluation of bidding is the most important part of the bidding mechanism,...
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Exploration and Practice of the School-Enterprise Cooperation in Local Undergraduate Colleges and Universities to Cultivate Applied Talents

Li Wang, Xiaoxing Shi, Chunyang Zhang, Ping Lv
Cultivating applied talents through the school-enterprise cooperation not only help improve the quality of teaching in local colleges and promote the students' occupation growth, but also can comprehensively improve the training mechanism of talents in the new century and take the optimization of the...
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Research on Scenario Simulation Teaching Method of Social Etiquette Course

Cuicui Zhao
Since ancient times, our country is called a state of ceremonies. In modern society, with people or work, a person in the ceremonial performance will directly affect the actual work efficiency or exchange results. In this situation, some universities have carried out a social etiquette course to cultivate...
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Research on Strategies of Promoting the Deep Integration of Information Technology and Higher Education

Wenbin Liu, Ying Shi, Gen Fan
The deep integration of information technology and higher education has always been a hot issue in the field of education. And there is a close connection and inheritance with subject teaching . At the same time, it is also a new type of teaching structure with relative independence . The deep integration...
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Study on the Accumulation and Utilization of the Employment Social Capital of Poor Medical Students

Xueping Xu
The labour market is not perfect enough in our country. Cultivating the consciousness of social capital and laying emphasis on effective use of social capital accumulation plays a very important role to promote the smooth employment of college students. This paper introduces social capital theory into...
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Document Management in Project Development

Xin Xu
This paper firstly introduces the importance of document management, the composition of the document is classified, then introduces the theory of document management, analyses all stages of document management in our country, and further introduces the function of enterprise document management, finally,...
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Research on Marketing Strategy of Electronic Components

Tao Cheng
This article first introduces the development status of electronic components in China, then introduces the theory of marketing, and analyzes and compares the differences and relations between 4P and 4C theories. Finally, the marketing strategy of electronic Components are analyzed and put forward the...
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Research on the promotion of Vocational College Students' vocational quality through the integration of school enterprise culture

Jing Tian, Liping Zhang, Pijuan Gong
The enterprise culture stereoscopic fusion have a positive significance for important occupation quality of college students, how will the enterprise and school culture organically, Stereoscopic fusion, and better in higher vocational college students occupation accomplishment, The current school, parents,...
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Research on the ways of cultivating students' professional quality in Higher Vocational Education

Jing Tian, Pijuan Gong, Liping Zhang
The essence of occupation literacy refers to the sum of human occupation occupation skills and ethics, including occupation consciousness, occupation morals, some aspects of occupation habits and occupation skills. Higher occupation education is carried out in China has been very extensive, vocational...
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Research on the ecological environment in the process of industrialization

Xian Guo
Since the reform and opening up, China's economic development has made great achievements in the process of industrialization, more and more quickly, but the problem of ecological environment has become more and more prominent. The main position of China's industrial development is the city, while the...
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Brief thinking about the "Aesthetics" for the character poster design of "The Wasted Times"

Yuzhen Cao
On August 18th 2016, the producers of movie "The Wasted Times" released 26 pieces of role posters to expose the modeling of the starring. No mention about the storyline, the poster design could be concluded by only one word "Aesthetics". Poster is print ad which belongs to the practical art. As a paid...
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Study on the Current Situation, Problems and Solutions of College Student Network Anchors

Yongzhen Shen
In recent years, with the industry of college student anchors entering the public view as an emerging industry, the number of college student anchors in commercial applications shows a blowout development. This paper first gives brief description of the current situation of the development of college...
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Empirical Analysis of Use and Gratifications to Government Affairs of new media

Jinli Jia
Government Affairs Microblog and WeChat are the main carriers of government new media. Based on the theory of "use and gratifications", this paper conducts statistical research on the use of government affairs microblog and WeChat, to analysis the basic situation of these new media and the satisfaction...
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Research on the Cultivation of College Students' Innovative Ability

Jian Huang
This paper probes into the cultivation methods of College Students' innovative ability, and proposes to arouse students' interest by means of "interest groups" or "second classes". Guide teachers to carry out theoretical training and project training, and improve students' practical ability. When students...
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Research on the mode of competition education

Jian Huang
This paper studies and probes into the mode of competition education. Competition is very common among students of all levels, especially among college students. The purpose of the competition is to train students' ability to analyze and solve problems. It is very beneficial to cultivate students' interest...
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Three Key Issues on Contemporary Chinese Children Literature's Value Position

Manli Wang
The logical starting point and aesthetic core of children literature is childhood, it should point to the inner spiritual world of children, but the paradox is that adult writer who has already separated from the physical and emotional characteristics of children. Adult are dissolving children literature's...
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The cultural literacy curriculum system optimizing research of communication and media major at colleges in network era

Jie Cai
In network era, the communication and media industry is facing a new ecological media integration. It has put forward plenty of new requirements on its business philosophy, media products, personnel literacy and other aspects. Facing the fast media development, the colleges and universities as the main...
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Construction of Training Mechanism for Young Teachers' Practical Teaching Ability in Colleges and Universities

Zhiwei Sun
The study starts from the college young teachers teaching ability and presents situation of deeply comprehensively analysis from the influence factors of the college young teachers practical teaching abilities. It puts forward to change the traditional teaching concept, strengthen self -management and...
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The Development of Higher Education in the Era of "Internet Plus"

Huizhuo Li, Quanzhou Xu, Bin Song
With the continuous development of the internet era, the integration of internet and higher education has become the theme of our times. Under such a background, this paper has introduced the concepts of "Internet plus" and higher education at first, and then analyzed the bottleneck and its causes of...
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On the Semantic and Non-semantic Nature of Music

Shanshan Liu
Is music semantic or non-semantic? For a long time, there have been different opinions, but most people hold the bias that music is non-semantic and neglect research on the semantic nature of music. This paper made an attempt to discuss the semantic and non-semantic nature of music. Music not only means...
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Application and Exploration of Blending Learning in Course of Sales and Negotiating

Chongmei Wang
The development of Internet technology has changed classroom instructions pattern. It has supported advantages. Under the New Era Background, Blending learning ,is a new model that consists of traditional teaching and E-learning, is used by some education comprises. Blending learning not only plays a...
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Analysis of Electric Bionic Stimulation(EBS)'s Effect on Insomnia of Quinquagenarian

Zhilei He, Xiuxian Yang, Yujia Zhang, Jinling Qi, Guochao Han
This article aims to study EBS's effect on clinical treatment of insomnia. Choose 80 patients who accord with insomnia diagnostic criteria of ICT-10 and divide them into experimental group and matched group at random. Experimental group take a routine way of medicine and matched group take EBS therapy...
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A Personalized Music Recommendation Algorithm Based on User Implicit Feedback and Weighted Socialized Tag Content Filtering

Yang Yang, Qiang Wang
The popularity of the Internet and the electronization of music resources make it easier for people to get music what they like. However, facing abundant resources, it is difficult for people to find their favorite music accurately and timely. Personalized music recommendation algorithms play an increasingly...
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How to motivate public security police effectively?

Shanshan Zhou, Jingtao Mao, Yutong Peng
Through the investigation of public security organs in HaiNan Province, 798 valid samples are extracted. Firstly, the research framework is briefly introduced, then the questionnaire is designed, and the data are analyzed descriptive and reliability. Then the principal component analysis is carried out...
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College English Multimedia Teaching Problems and Countermeasures

Lina Zhao, Xichun Han
Multimedia Teaching accounted for the dominant position in modern teaching, for college English classroom, the multimedia of English teaching has its advantages, but there are some drawbacks. In order to make the English Teaching achieve good result. It will lay the foundation of the use of multimedia...
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The Study on the Important Role of Foreign Language Economy for the Development of Shaanxi Foreign Tourism Industry

Xiaoni Li
Foreign tourism is a leading industry in the development of tourist industry. Foreign language economy is an important part of foreign tourism. Shaanxi has the rich tourism resources, and the tourism cooperation between Shaanxi and other countries is highly correlated, and there are a lot of cooperation...
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A Study on the Effect of Visual Feedback Training Combined with Orthodox Training on the Balancing Function in Hemiplegic Patients Caused by Stroke

Yang Yu, Haijun Wang, Yongjian Wang, Yan Ling, Liang Sun
Theÿpurpose of this study is to explore the effect of psychological training on the daily life ability of stroke patients with hemiplegia, and to provide a guiding method for the rehabilitation of these patients. A total of 72 patients with stroke were randomly divided into experimental group (n = 36)...
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Study on Educational Patterns and Values of Children'sÿMusical Practice Activities

Weishuang Tang
In this paper, based on the understanding of children's psychological activities such asÿmusical perception, musical talent, musical thinkingÿand musical consciousness,ÿtheÿmusical practice activities are designed in these aspects: goal setting, content selection and organizationalÿpattern. In addition,...
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Thinking on Construction of Ecological Old-age Care Community in Xi'an in the Process of New Urbanization

Ai Jian
The new urbanization is an important carrier of ecological civilization construction, and ecological old-age care is the concrete manifestation of the perfect combination of the two, the proper meaning of the new urbanization connotation and an inevitable trend of its development. Based on the analysis...
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Study on the Improvement of Execution Ability of Ideological and Political Education for College Students

Wenying Lu
The popularization of Internet information technology makes students exposed to mixed multiple information, thus affecting the effectiveness of ideological and political education, together with the lack of connection mechanism of the ideological and political education in college, which weakens the...
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Giving Reluctant Students a Chance to Speak in Oral Classes

Bin Wang
Speaking plays a significant role in communicative language teaching, and is of vital importance to oral communicative ability for students studying English language. This paper aims at helping oral English teachers solve the problems in TEFL class.
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Transformation of China's Food Supervision System from the Non-traditional Security Perspective

Chantong Wang
In this paper, a non-traditional perspective is used to analyze the transformation of China's food supervision system. Theory of endogenous non-traditional security threats is analyzed and some developed countries are compared so that common characteristics and successful experiences can be summarized...
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Research on the Reform of Higher Mathematics Teaching in the Transition from Independent College to Applied Undergraduate College

Hui Xu, Na Xu
Higher mathematics is the basic course in the education of colleges and universities, which is closely related to the quality of teachers and the quality of students. At present, the reform of teaching mode of higher mathematics in independent colleges in China is striving for improving students' autonomous...
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An Analysis of Influencing Factors of Listed Companies'Investment Decision-making

Mengyu Wang
Analyzing the influencing factors of investment decision-making is expected to ensure the optimal effects of listed companies' investment decisions, so as to promote the development of companies. Recently, the analysis of influencing factors of listed companies' investment decisions has been far from...
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Research on the Applied Talents Training of Radio and Television Directing Major Under the Employment Orientation

Qinghong Qu, Chunxu Jiang, Feng Gao
With the continuous development of new media technology, the market demand for employment increases gradually, but market competition also becomes increasingly fierce. The development of radio and television major in China, need more talents of radio and television major, and skill and quality requirements...
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The Inquiry on the Necessity of Cultivating the Craftsman' spirit and the Cultivation Mode in Marine Vocational Education

Guili Ren
"Craftsman's spirit" was formally put forward by Premier Li Keqiang in the government work report of 2016, which shows that our country is desperate for "craftsman spirit". The connotation of the "craftsman's spirit" is introduced and then the necessity of cultivating the "craftsman's spirit" is illustrated...
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Research on the Teaching Reform of Probability Theory and Mathematical Statistics Based on Professional Application

Xiaowen Chong
When teaching reform in the discipline of probability and mathematical statistics, teachers should fully combine the characteristics of the subject. Teachers need to take professional applications as the guidance of reform, explore the main problems existing in the current teaching situation, actively...
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Perspective of Innovative Changes in Classroom Teaching from the Satisfaction of Students' classroom Teaching in Colleges and Universities

Jingran Liu
At present, college students play skipping lessons and play mobile phones in class. The phenomenon of sleeping is very serious. Collective classroom teaching can not meet the students' interest and learning needs. Under the background of college education reform, teachers must innovate classroom patterns...
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The study of Physics History Teaching in High School Physic

Feng Gao, Qingling Qiu
The teaching of history of physics is a concept changing with the continuous development of the times. In the current new curriculum reform, the school has put forward new requirements for the teaching of physics history in physics. In many foreign countries, the history of physics has been used as a...
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On the Characteristics and Translation of Business Texts

Zheng Wang
Ever since we entered the age of economic globalization, we have witnessed incredible changes brought about by the rapid development of business cooperation. As the most useful pragmatic text, business text plays an even more important role in this era of business globalization. It is against this background...
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The Unified Identity Authentication Platform of University Information System Based on CAS

Haibo Zhang, Peifa Lin, Xiaomeng Zhang, Xiaoyan Li, Zekun Zhang
With the rapid development of informationization in colleges and universities, colleges and universities had established a lot of information systems. In order to use these systems to achieve single sign-on and unified authorization and certification, a unified information system platform for identity...
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Research on the Development and Application of the Teaching Management System about Geodesy Basis

Xin Liu
With the accelerating pace of information technology, networking, digital and intelligent as the representative of modern information technology is changing people's work, learning and life, but also to the cause of education has brought new development space. This paper is according to the geodesy course...
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The Study on the Application Mode of Plant Therapy in Landscape Architecture Construction

Xin Liu
Botanical garden is the application mode of plant therapy in landscape architecture, and the implementation of high quality plant therapy is the basis of plant therapy. Well-designed botanical garden stimulates a variety of sensory organs and causes deeper feelings. Analysis of the implementation of...
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Research on the Role of Modern Mentoring System in Promoting the Transformation and Development of Cuisine Major

Lin Li
In order to adapt to the modern education, the traditional apprenticeship has evolved into a "modern apprenticeship", although the word, its emphasis on "cooperation", "dual culture", "Alternation", "job" is the core content to meet the needs of contemporary professional transformation and development....
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Research on the Construction of Modern Teachers' System in Practical Cooking Specialty

Lin Li
At present, the role of "modern mentoring system" in promoting professional transformation and development has been widely recognized. And various professions are studying the "modern mentoring system" which is suitable for the specialty. Since the birth of the specialty, the application of "modern mentoring...
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Research on the Cultivation of Students Practical Ability Majoring in Electronic Information Engineering under the Background of the Transformation and Development of Local Undergraduate Universities

Fang Liu
With the rapid development of social economy, in order to better meet the market demand for talent, many local colleges and universities began the transformation and development, to the long-term development of all walks of life. Through training a lot not only mastered the theoretical knowledge, talents...
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Study on Creative Features of Liu Degong's Poems of the Memory Ancient of Twenty-one Capitals

Qingtao Liu
Poems of the memory ancient of twenty-one capitals are the Liu Degong's representative, who is representative personage of Korean Northern School. Forty-three poems mainly describe the Korean ancient capital, the king, generals and ministers, which also involve many North Korean ancient legends and folk...
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Problems and Countermeasures in the Application of Network Teaching Platform for Ideological and Political Courses in Colleges and Universities

Yulan Song
With the continuous development of computer technology, the application of network teaching platform in colleges and universities is more and more widely, compared with the traditional teaching method, network teaching platform in time and the specific teaching mode are more flexible. The application...
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Research on the Construction of Practical Teaching Model of Radio and Television Directing Specialty in Local Universities

Chunxu Jiang, Qinghong Qu
With the continuous development of film and television industry, the social demand for talent is increasing. The media for media personnel training in colleges and universities is an important content. The director of professional radio and television should strengthen practice teaching, broaden the...
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Exploration of Ideological and Political Theory Course Teaching in Sports Colleges Based on Mobile Internet

Qingbao Wang, Ming Lu, Ke Wang, Jiabao Li
Information technology has become a form of science that people can not be divorced from, and it can be said that we are in the era of information coverage with mobile Internet as information media, which greatly improves the convenience we receive and disseminate information. With the help of information...
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Research on Hand Discrimination for Doudizhu Game

Yipeng Zhang, Zipeng Chen, Lanzhou Zheng, Zhangfei Zhang, Meng Ding, Kun Meng, Shuqin Li
The concept of coequal hand quality is proposed in this paper to judge the fairness while dealing cards in compound Doudizhu competitions, along with two coequal quality hand cassifiying solutions. The first one is to classify the hands according to mean values and standard deviation among scores of...
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Research on Teaching Construction of the Special Practical Training Course of Computerized Numerical Control(CNC) Processing

Kui Jin
Based on the purpose of professional personnel cultivation, the status of profession cultivation pattern and the feedback from corporations, this research had a feasible and validating reform on profession cultivation pattern and obtained certain exploratory results through resource integration and utilization.
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Research on Improving Engineering Quality of College Students

Xianlong Han
In domestic higher education, especially the non engineering students in the face of the engineering problems of lack of knowledge, has been unable to meet the social demand for talents, confined to the engineering majors cannot raise the engineering quality, engineering quality education into science,...
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Reform and Innovation of Mechanical Practice Teaching

Chenggong Jin
Mechanical courses can not only teach students of theoretical knowledge, only the experimental teaching fully integrated into the mechanical class teaching model, will be better to play the value of mechanical courses teaching. In this paper, the experimental construction of mechanical courses for a...