Proceedings of the International Conference on Health and Well-Being in Modern Society (ICHW 2019)

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The Autonomic Nervous System and the Level of Stress in Schizophrenia

K.S. Akhmedova, Yu.M. Dzhabrailov
The autonomic nervous system of people with mental illness is influenced by the mode of pronounced predominance of sympathy. This mode mostly interferes with a patient's inability to participate in social events. Diagnostic interviews and questionnaires among the patients of the psychoneurological dispensary...
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Cardiovascular and Respiratory Systems of Students Living under Mountain Hypoxia

V.A. Anzorov
The article studies the effect of high-altitude hypoxia on indicators of students' cardiovascular and respiratory systems. The results show that mountain conditions increase the level of blood oxyhemoglobin, duration of excitement to the ventricles, lung ventilation, blood pressure, a heart rate, atrial...
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Effect of 1,2-Dimethylhydrazine on Spleen Immunomorpholog

O.M. Arlashkina, G.Yu. Struchko, L.M. Merkulova, M.N. Mikhailova, O.Yu. Kostrova
The article presents the main morphological and immunohistochemical changes of the spleen in rats in 1 and 4 months after the course injection of 1,2-dimethylhydrazine. The increase in the number of CD68+-cells in the red pulp and S100+-cells in the germinal centers of lymphoid nodules was registered...
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Mathematical Modeling of Dynamics of Gene Expression Levels Circadian Rhythm

Darna Badgaeva
The present study focuses on mathematical modeling of the dynamics of gene expression levels of circadian rhythm. All living organisms exhibit daily (circadian) rhythms. At first glance, there is a feeling that circadian rhythms caused by external reasons, but they exist offline: these processes are...
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Assessment of the Health of the Younger Generation of the Population of the Aral Sea Region

Sh.K. Bakhtiyarova, B.I. Zhaksymov, U.N. Kapysheva
Data were obtained on the somatic health of schoolchildren in Kyzylorda (100 people) and rural schools - Syrdariya district (71 people) and Zhalagash district (114 people) located in the central part of the Aral Sea region. The weight, height, lung capacity, blood pressure, and heart rate were determined...
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Somatic Health and Physical Fitness of 18-20 Year-Old Female Students from Different Fitness Groups

S.N Blinkov, S.V. Syreskina, S.P. Levushkin, V.P. Kosikhin, А.F. Bashmak
This article provides a methodology for examination and assessment of physical health and physical fitness of 18-20 year-old female stu-dents of Samara state agrarian university from different fitness groups. Female students included to the specialized medical group due to the health reasons showed higher...
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Features and Age Dynamics of 10-14 Years Old Schoolgirls in Physical Fitness With Consideration of Individualities' Bodybuild

S.N Blinkov, O.E. Buvashkin, S.P. Levushkin, S.P. Boldyreva, V.P. Kosikhin
The study of the physical fitness of schoolchildren is an actual problem of the theory and practice of physical education as its level largely determines the level of the physical condition of children and adolescents. The work describes the age dynamics of physical fitness of 10-14 year-old schoolgirls...
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Helicobacter Pylori Infection in Children

T.T. Boraeva, O.V. Remizov, A.A. Revazova, F.S. Dzebisova, F.V. Bazrova, A.M. Grigorian
Helicobacter pylori infection is one of the most common chronic human infections, and epidemiological studies indicate a high prevalence of this infection, especially in children. [1, 3, 11]. H. pylori infection varies from 40 to 90 % in the adult population in different regions of the world, in the...
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Arterial Hypertension under Combined Effect of Metals in Experiments on Rats

V.B. Brin, O.T. Kabisov, D.Kh. Oganesyan, K.G. Mittsiev, A.K. Mittsiev
In experiments on 120 Wistar rats, changes in systemic hemodynamics were studied under intragastric daily injections of cadmium sulfate (0.5 mg/kg per metal), cobalt chloride (4 mg/kg per metal), zinc chloride separately and together with cadmium or cobalt at a dose of 20 mg/kg or 1 mg/kg (per metal)....
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Analysis of the Database of Frequencies of Chromosomal Aberrations in the Blood of Residents of the Industrial Region

F.T. Chshieva, T.V. Chshiev
Cytogenetic biomarkers are an important characteristic of mutagenesis and, as practice has shown, carcinogenesis, they are often used in human populations biomonitoring. The uniqueness of genetic tests in the possibility of assessment before morphological, physiological and population changes, the relevance...
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Anthropogenic Causes of Civilian Wounds During Local Armed Conflic

A.Ya. Dadaev, S.B. Ochcharkhadzhiev, A.K. Iakhikhadzhiev, R.U. Bersanov, S.K. Aiskhanov, G.Kh. Saraliev, S.S. Aiskhanov, A.A. Akmerzaev
There is a large number of scientific works devoted to the study of phased treatment of injured soldiers during world wars and local military conflicts in native and world literature. At the same time, data on civilian casualties in the course of local wars is significantly less covered, although the...
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About Active Digital Epidemiological Monitoring Cases of Infections Caused by Catheterizing of the Urinary Tract

M.G. Darina, J.S. Svetlicnaya, K.N. Movchan, K.E. Chernov, B.S. Artyshin, A.V. Zharkov, A.Y. Chernova, K.I. Rusakevich
The authors retrospectively studied the data of 48 hospitals in St. Petersburg on urinary tract infections associated with bladder catheterization. The results of the introduction in medical organizations of an active epidemiological observation of the outcomes of treating patients with identified risks...
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Microhemodynamics Disorders in the Lung Microcirculatory System in Rheumatoid Arthritis Patients Living in the North Caucasus

Z.S. Djikaeva, I.N. Totrov, S.A. Ambalova, R.V. Enaldieva, I.V. Antoniadi, A.A. Medoev, A.M. Kupeeva
Rheumatoid arthritis is a systemic autoimmune disease of unknown etiology, characterized by the development of chronic erosive arthritis and systemic inflammatory lesions of the internal organs. A significant number of patients have interstitial lung damage. 70 patients with rheumatoid arthritis were...
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Psycho-Correction of Conflict Behavior of College Students

V. Dolgova, L. Sencheva, O. Kondratyeva, Yu. Rokitskaya
The student period is an important stage in the development of personality and value relationship with the educational environment in which students are socialized. However, the conflict nature of this environment can cause a prolonged hostility to the teacher, violate their interaction, cause conflicts,...
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Psycho-Correction of Relationship of Middle-Aged Women in Fitness Centers

V. Dolgova, Ju. Arzhilovskaya, O. Kondratyeva, N. Mamylina
The theoretical and methodological basis of the study is the cultural and historical theory, the personality development theory, age psychology, the systematic approach to personality, theoretical studies of gender specificity, theoretical approaches to the concept and structure of I-concept. Theoretical...
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Neurodynamic Features of Elderly Teachers as Indicators of Professional Performance

N.A. Belousova, V.I. Dolgov, V.P. Maltsev
The study of psycho-physiological characteristics of elderly teachers is of great importance. The article aims to study functional indicators of the central nervous system and cognitive performance of elderly teachers. The sample included 21 women at an average age of 56.2). The integral characteristics...
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Dental Status and Specific Immunity of the Oral Cavity in Adolescents Living In Ecologically Unfavorable Areas

M.G. Dzgoeva, A.A. Remizova, G.A. Kotsoeva, Z.G. Dzgoeva, T.A. Beslekoeva
The paper presents the results of a study of the effect of ecotoxicants on the state of dental status and local immunity in the oral cavity in 100 adolescents (14-16 years old) permanently residing in the Industrial District of the city in whose territory there are enterprises of heavy metallurgy. The...
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Gene Polymorphism of DNA Excision Repair in Pathogenesis of Malignancy

P. Dzhambetova, Z. Bisultanova, M. Atsayeva
The interaction towards a risk of breast cancer in the ethnically homogeneous group of the Chechens and the polymorphism of DNA repair genes was studied: XPC (rs2228000, rs2228001) XPA (rs 1800975) ERCC2 (rs13181; rs1799793). DNA samples taken from venous blood of 241 women diagnosed with breast cancer...
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Mutation Frequency in BRCA1 And BRCA2 Genes Among Women with Breast Cancer in Kabardino-Balkaria

M. Bittueva, P. Dzhambetova, D. Hashhozheva, Z. Bogotova, T. Handohov
The study was conducted within the individual genotyping of healthy and sick women in the Kabardino-Balkarian Republic to determine the risk-prone groups with increased susceptibility to hereditary form of breast cancer development. Blood samplings were collected and total DNA was taken from 300 people...
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Polymorphic Variants of Genes RAD51B and XRCC1 Influence on Breast Cancer Development

Z. Bisultanova, M. Bittueva, P. Dzhambetova, L. Dzhambetova, E. Machogov
The present work studies the polymorphic variants of XRCC1 (rs1799782) and RAD51B (rs10483813) genes, which are associated with the risk in developing a number of oncology diseases, particularly it relates to women with breast cancer, the place as location of their living we consider the Chechen Republic....
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The Effect of the Course Intake of Hilak Mineral Water on Liver Function in Experimental Toxic Hepatitis and Intrahepatic Cholestasis

I.G. Dzhioev, F.E. Batagova, O.V. Remizov, E.A. Gutsaeva, I.I. Akhmadov
The effect of a two-week intake of bicarbonate carbon dioxide-sodium chloride mineral water of North Ossetia "Hilak" with a total mineralization of 2.1-2.3 g/l on the functional state of the liver of Wistar rats with toxic hepatitis and intrahepatic cholestasis was studied. Toxic hepatitis was modeled...
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Ecologically Determined Violations of the Electrophysiological State of the Myocardium in Children Living in The Industrial District of the City of Vladikavkaz

K.M. Dzilihova, M.G. Dzgoeva, Z.D. Kaloev, Z.G. Dzgoeva, A.A. Cerecova, F.L. Tibilova, T.A. Beslekova
To clarify the effect of chronic eco-toxicity with heavy metals on the state of the cardiovascular system of children, 120 schoolchildren of grades 1-8 living and studying in the Industrial district of the city of Vladikavkaz were examined, close to heavy metallurgy enterprises. The survey included the...
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Mechanisms of Endothelial Dysfunction in Pathologies of Various Genesis

S. G. Dzugkoev, I. V. Mozhaeva, F. S. Dzugkoeva, A. I. Tedtoeva, O. I. Margieva, O.Yu. Garmash, N.M. Karchaidze
Studies in the experiment and the clinic demonstrated the nature of changes in the system of POL - AOC, nitric oxide homeostasis and cholesterol as factors contributing to dysfunction of the vascular endothelium. In metabolic syndrome in pregnant women and in patients with myocardial ischemia, as well...
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Unresolved Cardiovascular Disease Prevention Issues

Е.Y. Esina, A.A. Zuykova, N.V. Strachova, V.V. Lyutov, V.N. Tsigan
The prevalence of risk factors for cardiovascular diseases and the electrophysiological state of the myocardium in male patients with somatoform dysfunction of the vegetative nervous system was studied. Among the risk factors, the leading positions were taken by stress, low physical activity and smoking....
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Prevention of Toxic Coagulopathy to Ensure Life Safety in Industrialized Regions

E.M. Gagloeva, T.V. Moldovan, V.B. Brin, N.V. Botsieva
Researchers of recent years have established a direct relationship between the increase in incidence and the level of anthropogenic pollution of the environment, while emphasizing the increase in the frequency of cardiovascular pathology and thrombohemorrhagic complications among the population living...
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Improving the Efficiency of Diagnosis and Complex Treatment of Inflammatory Periodontal Diseases by Assessing the Immune Status

T.B. Kasohov, A.I. Mazur, A.O. Gatsalova, A.I. Galabueva, Z.Z. Morgoeva, A.V. Eldzharov, D.Z. Kabaloeva
One of the leading places in dental practice is occupied by inflammatory periodontal disease. The causes of this pathology are very diverse. The leading link in the pathogenesis is microbial contamination. In the pathogenesis of the severity of the inflammatory process is largely associated with disorders...
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Ethnic Characteristics of Temperament Types and Properties of the Central Nervous System

L.I. Gubareva, L.M. Halidova, E.V. Agarkova, Z.A. Magomedova, R.S.-A. Zahkieva
Two samples (Russian, n = 155 and Chechen, n = 184) were used to study the differences in the temperament scales using the "Eysenck Personality Questionnaire" and the peculiarities of the central nervous system functioning using the computerized chronoreflexometry method. Ethnic and gender differences...
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Pathogenetical Peculiarities of Arterial Hypertension with Weight Increasing on Psychological Stress Background

S. Salekhov, G. Igimbaeva, M. Salekhova, N. Maksimyuk, A. Smambayeva
The article examines the pathogenetic features of the rearrangement of body functional state, against the background of psychological stress. At the present time the steady increasing of flow of information and emotional stress lead to load increasу of the central nervous system. It is necessary to increase...
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Efficiency Assessment of Biological Samples for Destruction of Phenol Compounds

N.A. Ilina, E.I. Tikhomirova, N.A. Kazakova, T.V. Andronova, O.Yu. Ksenofontova
The issues of soil contamination in production territories, solid waste landfills and urban environment are discussed by scientists of many countries. The problem of rehabilitation of such territories is considered relevant, and thus requires the corresponding technologies. Regarding phenol compounds...
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Level Organization of the Venous Bed of the Human Kidney Depending on the Options and Types of Intraorgan Veins Fusion

E.S. Kafarov, S.V. Fedorov, I.I. Khidiyatov, I.M. Nasibullin, V.Z. Galimzyanov
The article aims to conduct a 3D analysis of links and levels of the intraorgan venous system of the human kidney and build a model of its levels and spatial hierarchy. 46 corrosive preparations of the renal venous system were produced. The preparations were subjected to 3D scanning. Using Mimics-8.1,...
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Quantitative Anatomy of the Intrainganic Arterial Kidney

O.K Zenin, E.S. Kafarov, O.A. Beshulya, L.A. Udochkina, H.M. Bataev
Currently, there is no uniform approach to the organization of the kidney bloodstream. Data about kidney bloodstream links are controversial. Digital methods of intravital visualization of the intraorgan arterial bed of the kidney provide new opportunities for early diagnostics of kidney pathologies....
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Indicators of Immune Status in Children with Respiratory Allergies Living in the Area of Environmental Distress

T.B. Kasohov, E.V. Alborova, L.V. Pavlovskaya, A.I. Mazur, S.K. Karyaeva, I.I. Magaev, A.V. Alborova
Respiratory diseases are an important problem in the structure of morbidity in children at an early age. Environmental factors, in particular air, soil and water pollution, are of great importance in the development of respiratory allergoses. Causes of respiratory allergies in children are very different...
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The Research of Neutrophil Extracellular Traps in the Blood of Women with Malignization of Cervical Epithelium

E. Kayukova, L. Sholokhov, T. Belokrinitskaya
Neutrophil extracellular traps (NETs) are destroyed neutrophils combined with DNA, proteins, and enzymes; they are the destruction mechanisms of a cell attacked by pathogens. Currently its pathophysiological contribution to the neoplastic process remains controversial. The aim is to determine the number...
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Clinical and Functional Features of Arterial Hypertension in the Elderly

V.V. Klimko, A.A. Khashumov, L.Kh. Kurkieva, M.G. Saidullaeva, A-Kh.A. Saidullaev
The article describes the research results and literature data on the diagnostics and treatment of arterial hypertension. More than 600 patients of different age and gender groups were examined. With aging, women and men are more susceptible to this disease. Hypertension can be caused by an improper...
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Osteopenia Leading to Dystrophy of Alveolar Ridges at Persons Suffering from Hypothyroidism

S.K. Khetagurov, E.V. Alborova, G.A. Kotsoeva, Z.R. Dzaraeva, A.O. Gatsalova, A.Ch. Tskhovrebov, D.V. Kabaloeva
The paper presents the study of features of parodentium microhaemodynamics via laser doppler flowmetry at patients with osteopenia caused by hypothyroidism. The study covered patients of 30-57 years old, among which there were 35 women and 20 men. Adequate hormonal therapy was carried out in the main...
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Dental Status of Children With Cerebral Palsy in the Republic of North Ossetia-Alania

M.D. Kabisova, E.V. Alborova, Z.F. Khumarov, Z.K. Sotieva, S.K. Khetagurov, M.G. Dzgoeva, D.K. Dzgoeva
The infantile cerebral palsy (ICP) is one of the most critical pathologies resulting in disability. Considering that the Republic of North Ossetia-Alania is industrially developed mountain territory with high pollution level in some locations and a region with insufficient content of iodine in its biosphere,...
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Comparative Assessment of Adhesion to Dental Enamel and Friction Forces of Bracers

M.A. Khastsaeva, F.A. Dzutseva, Z.A. Shaova, I.V. Baroeva, S.K. Khetagurov, O.A. Farnieva, L.S. Kanukova
The study is devoted to comparative analysis of some technical aspects of braces. According to some reports, the prevalence of dentofacial anomalies in the Republic of North Ossetia-Alania reaches nearly 40 %, which is slightly higher than the level across the Russian Federation in general. Undue detection...
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Change of Microhardness of Zirconium Dioxide During Mechanical and Heat Treatmen

M.A. Tomaeva, S.K. Khetagurov, M.R. Albegova, A.Ch. Tskhovrebov, A.I. Kasaeva, D.V. Kabaloeva, Vazieva A.K. Vazieva
The paper studies the hardness of zirconium dioxide used in dentistry for the production of dental implants. The purpose of the study was to analyze the change of material microhardness after mechanical treatment and machining with subsequent firing. In total 30 zirconium dioxide samples were made, which...
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Impact of Environmental Factors on Health and Population Dynamics

N.I. Khosroeva, V.P. Kudzieva, L.G. Mamsurova, Z.T. Mamsurova, O.T. Khosroeva
The article presents the problems of environmental management and the quality of the environment to achieve the goals of sustainable development of the region. This study develops the idea of the need to conduct an environmental policy on the territory of the Russian Federation and RNO-Alania to improve...
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Cartilage Glycoprotein-39 in Patients with Osteoarthritis in Combination with Cardiovascular Pathology

A.A. Ktsoeva, A.S. Medoeva, I.N. Totrov, M.S. Khestanova, M.M. Tebloev, A.B. Kusova, Z.T. Tsabolova
The article studies lipid parameters and inflammatory markers of OA without comorbidity, OA in combination with IHD, AH in conjunction with clinical symptoms of the disease. 110 patients with OA combined with IHD, AH, 30 patients with OA without comorbidity treated at the rheumatology department of the...
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Non-Medications in the Health Care System of Student Youth

O. Kuzmina, O. Shvachun, V. Lebedinskiy, A. Akhmatgatin, N. Kazantseva
Human health determines the breadth of the range of social activities. The realization of the psychophysical potential of the young generation depends on the state of health, which determines the basis for the future economic and demographic development of the state, which ultimately affects the national...
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Alcoholic Behaviour and Assessment of the Quality of Life of Reproductive Age Women in Eastern Siberia

A. Marianian, M. Kuzmin, A. Atalyan, D. Markova, L. Suturina
The article analyzes the problem of alcohol behavior of women of reproductive age in Eastern Siberia and assessment of their quality of life. The authors analyze the current research of this problem and make a conclusion about the ambiguity of the solution of the problem of alcohol behavior in women...
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The Interdependency of Elemental and Amino Acid Composition of Blood Serum Among the Physically Challenged Athletes

О. V. Marshinskaia, E. V. Kiyaeva, S. V. Notova, T. V. Kazakova, N. S. Gedulianova
The aim of research was to study the interdependency between the elemental and amino acid composition of blood serum among the sledge hockey athletes. Determination of the elemental and amino acid composition of blood was performed using an Elan 9000 mass spectrometer and an Optima 2000 V atomic emission...
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Psychotherapy for Rehabilitation of Patients Suffering from Gambling Addiction

N.R. Mollaeva, M.S. Khatsieva, A.S. Damadaeva, Kh.Kh. Aptaeva, Z.V. Masaeva
The article analyzes psychological mechanisms of gambling addiction development (a psychopathological disorder characterized as pathological gambling) and complex treatment of gambling addiction using non-drug psychotherapy methods. Positive effects of physical exercises were identified. Features of...
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Effect of Hypobaria on Cardiorespiratory Parameters in Students

S.V. Moryakina, V.A. Anzorov
The paper presents the comparative analysis of hemodynamic parameters in students of 1-5 years of study living in the plain, low altitude and mid altitude zones. The survey was performed in the Laboratory of Human Physiology, Biology and Chemistry Faculty, Chechen State University. 284 male and female...
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Hair Trace Elements, Hematological and Psychological Parameters of Students with Different Diets

S. V. Notova, E. V. Kiyaeva, I. E. Laryushina, A. Kh. Duskaeva, N. S. Gedulianova
The effects of fast food, instant food and semi-finished products on trace element status, hematological and psychological parameters of students were studied. Students who consumed fast food, instant and convenience foods (the 1st group), as well as students who consumed nutrient-enriched health food...
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Zinc Properties in Weakening the Pathogenic Effects of Excess Cobalt Intake

D.Kh. Oganesyan, V.B. Brin, O.T. Kabisov
The high level of anthropogenic environmental pollution in urban areas leads to the accumulation of the body and the development of diseases. In connection with the foregoing, the study focuses on the features of changing the parameters of systemic hemodynamics in conditions of combined and isolated...
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Efficacy of Neurodynamic Method Complex Rehabilitation of Patients with Acute Cerebral Blood Circulation Disorder

A.V. Rechkalov, O.L. Rechkalova, N.R. Halliulina
The article presents the results of the proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation in patients who have suffered a stroke. The use of the 4-week PNF course contributed to a significant increase in the motor index, which was accompanied by an increase in the volume of motion in the joints of the paretic...
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Clinical Case of 11-Year-Old Child with Thrombotic Thrombocytopenic Purpura

А.А. Revazova, Т.Т. Boraeva, F.V. Bazrova, F.S. Dzebisova, М.V. Burnatseva, А.М. Grigorian
Thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura - TTP (Moschcowitz's disease) is one of the most severe forms of microangiopathy, which is characterized by intense platelet aggregation, thrombocytopenia consumption, microangiopathic hemolytic anemia, and ischemic damage to various organs. TTP is extremely rare for...
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The Effect of Different Doses of Molybdenum on the Functional State of the Digestive System

Z.Kh. Sherkhov, T.Kh. Khandokhov, V.B. Voynov, А.А. Molov, L.K. Sherkhova, F.V. Shavaeva, К.Yu. Shkhagumov
The effect of molybdenum production wastes on the structure and functions of the digestive organs of forest mice (Apodemus silvaticus) was studied. The small intestine, liver, and pancreas were studied. In intestines, the signs of chronic enteritis are predominant, adhesions of the apical portions of...
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Morphofunctional Changes in the Kidneys Affected by Increased Concentration of Molybdenum in the Environment

L.K. Sherkhova, T.Kh. Goguzokov, Z.Kh. Sherkhov, F.V. Shavaeva, T.Kh. Khandokhov, Z.I. Bogotova, А.Z. Sherkhova
The morphological and physiological state of the kidneys in experimental rats treated with molybdenum in the amounts of 0.0255 mg/kg, 0.425 mg/kg and 1.125 mg/kg was studied. Experiments were conducted on white laboratory rats of the Wistar line. The studies were conducted using histological, polarographic...
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Planning of Trauma Orthopedist Population

A.L. Lindenbraten, V.M. Shipova, Z.B. Kindarov, N.K. Grishina, L.D. Gordova
The paper presents the analysis of modern regulatory labor framework in traumatology orthopedics, calculations of staffing number of trauma orthopedists. This task requires the definition of the required number of health workers of any profile and compa
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Variability of Toxic Action of Carbon Tetrachloride in Rats of Different Ages

S.V. Skupnevskii, F.E. Batagova, E.G. Pukhaeva, F.K. Rurua, Zh.G. Farnieva, A.K. Badtiev
Age-specific changes define the difference in thresholds of sensitivity to the effect of poison and drug substances. The disclosure of features of mechanisms forming the basis of an observed phenomenon will allow increasing the efficiency of health risks management under the negative influence of chemical...
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Medical and Social Consumer Profile for Paid Medical Services in State-Owned Medical Organizations

N.K. Grishina, O.V. Perepelova, Z.B. Kindarov, O.V. Mirgorodskaya, N.B. Solovieva
As the purpose of the research is to give scientific grounds for the patient awareness principle while providing paid medical services for the population, the authors create medical and social image for consumers of paid ambulant and hospital medical help from the point of view of age and place of residence...
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Effect of Ecopathogenic Factors on the Course of Pregnancy, the State of Fetuses and Newborns

L.V. Tsallagova, L.S. Popova, L.V. Maisuradze, I.V. Kabulova, D.K. Alborov, M D Baroeva, I A Zoloeva
It has been established that, under the conditions of technogenic risk, the risk of the pathology of the gestation period increases, leading to the suffering of the fetus as a result of the development of placental insufficiency, an increase in perinatal losses and infant morbidity. The article presents...
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Seasonal Fluctuations of Microcirculation at Medical Students with Successful Adaptation and Desynchronosis

E.A. Takoeva, F.S. Datieva
Chronic psychoemotional stress, high mental workload, labor noncompliance, food and many other factors that a modern student is facing every day contribute to incidence rate and increase in the number of persons with preclinical deterioration of health. The above factors may cause desynchronosis of internal...
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Prevention of Preterm Labor at Women with Multifetal Pregnancy

Z.Kh. Uzdenova, F.R. Shavaeva, Z.M. Gatagazheva, M.S. Khatsieva, M.Kh. Tlakadugova
The paper analyzes the efficiency and safety of obstetric pessary among 78 pregnant women and 78 pregnant women with vaginal progesterone (Utrogectan) with cervical incompetence. It is found that obstetric pessary significantly improves the quality of life of patients at threatened miscarriage, preterm...
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The Effect of Exercise Therapy on the Quality of Life of Pregnant Women with Dorsopathies

Y.A. Vaganova, G.A. Suslova, S.N. Gaidukov, S.A Salekhov, K.M. Kerimaly
70 pregnant patients were examined with a diagnosis of dorsopathy, which were divided into 2 groups: group 1 performed the course of therapeutic gymnastics procedures (n = 35), group 2 was control (n = 35). If dorsopathy was diagnosed before pregnancy, patients gave Rg-, CT- or MRI-conclusion to their...
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Traditional Chinese Medicine Cupping and Health

Hangling Wang, Yuxin Hu
Cupping is a precious heritage of traditional Chinese medicine?TCM), which originated in ancient China. After a long clinical application, Cupping obtained an excellent therapeutic effect. With the development of TCM, Cupping can be used to treat many diseases. In addition?the modern science and technology...
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Towards the Study of the Outpatient Psychiatric Module Based on the Survey of Doctors and Patients

A.V. Belostotsky, A.Yu. Ter-Israelyan, N.K. Grishina, A.A. Zagoruychenko, T.E. Evdokimova
The paper presents the results of sociological survey among doctors and patients concerning the introduction of a new outpatient psychiatric module at one of the medical mental health facilities of Moscow - Mental Hospital No. 13 of the Moscow Healthcare Department. The study utilized the following methods:...
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Ultrasound Diagnostics of Hemodynamic Changes in Arteriovenous Fistula for Hemodialysis: Review

V.S. Koen, T.V. Zakhmatova
The socio-economic significance of chronic kidney disease in the terminal stage is due to the fact that expensive methods of treatment are required, the number of patients on hemodialysis increases annually and most of them are of working age. The most preferred vascular access for hemodialysis treatment...
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Problems and Development Options of the Health Care System in the Republic of Dagestan

A.M. Abdugalimov, G.A. Arsakhanova, Z.A. Arsakhanova, Kh.M. Bataev, Kafarov E.S. Kafarov
The article is dedicated to revealing the organizational issues that are present in health care system of the Republic of Dagestan. The purpose of the article is linked to its contemporary nature - resolving the problem of demographic situation in the country as a whole and in its individual regions....