Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Intelligent Computing and Cognitive Informatics

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MRI Image Segmentation Based on a GPU Shortest Path Algorithm

Jie Wang, Weihao Chen
Abstract—Dijkstra algorithm can be adopted to distinguish different parts of boundaries in medical image segmentation problem, which can be a reference for further segmentation operation. However, classical Dijkstra algorithm can hardly adapt to real time image segmentation problem owing to its exponentially...
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Gaussian Mixture Unscented Particle Filter with Adaptive Residual Resample for Nonlinear Model

Na Zhang, Xinxin Yang
Abstract—To solve nonlinear non-Gaussian filter problems in target tracking, Gaussian mixture unscented particle filter with adaptive residual resample algorithm is proposed. Gaussian mixture unscented particle filter is utilized as importance density to improve the estimation accuracy evidently. By...
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Improved Particle Optimization Algorithm Solving Hadoop Task Scheduling Problem

Jun Xu, Yong Tang
Abstract—Cloud computing to provide service for the user group is huge, so the number of cloud computer’s tasks is enormous, the system handle large tasks all the time so that task scheduling is the key and difficult points in the cloud. This article make research on how to make full use of cloud resources...
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Unsupervised Prediction of Channel State for Cognitive Radio Using Hidden Markov Model

Honghao Wei, Yunfeng Jia, Lin Qiu, Yishuai Zhu
Abstract—The accurate modeling of primary users (Pus) behavior is important and crucial to cognitive radio (CR). The method to detect idle frequencies, not used by primary users’ (Pus’) has been widely investigated recent years. Existing researches need to estimate and select the threshold of the energy...
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Research of High-Speed Circuit Power-Ground Plane Modeling on the Basis of Vector Fitting Algorithm

Lin Qiu, Yunfeng Jia, Honghao Wei, Yishuai Zhu
Abstract—The modeling research is conducted in this thesis, according to the characters of the highway power-ground plane modeling and with the adoption of the vector fitting modeling method. The modeling of a real four-floor PCB power-ground plane is completed, via the comparisons of model time domain,...
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Numerical Modeling of Vehicles Convoy Aerodynamics

Lilia Kataeva, Natalia Loschilova, Dmitry Maslennikov, Anton Tumasov
Abstract–This paper devoted to the development of the coordinate system discontinuous transformation for the simulation of multiple groups periodic motion and their aerodynamic interaction. The proposed approach reduced to the creation a separate local coordinate system for each group of bodies that...
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An Improved Method of Computing Chinese Sentence Similarity

Lu Wang, Zhongshi He
Abstract—The Chinese sentence similarity has been used widely in the field of Chinese information processing. There are many methods proposed to measure the similarity of Chinese sentences, but the accuracy of these methods is still lower. In order to improve this problem, this paper proposes an improved...
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A Zero-watermarking Algorithm of SVG Vector Map Based on Stroke-width Characteristic

Lin Zhou, Ying Huang, Zhanlong Chen, Xin Li
Abstract—This paper proposes a zero-watermarking algorithm of SVG vector map based on stroke-width characteristic. The algorithm takes the stroke-width as an important characteristic. By statistics, calculating and simplifing the stroke-width probability in SVG vector map, building a K-d characteristic...
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A Method to Improve the Availability of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Cluster

RuiBin OuYang, QingZhong Jia
Abstract—Taking unmanned aerial vehicles as background, this paper introduces a design method of a flexible master-slave working mode according to the thoughts of redundancy technology to improve the vehicles’ availability[1] in order to reduce the influence of the breakdown of vehicles caused by terrible...
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A Study of Fuzzy Quantitative Items Based on Weighted Association Rules Mining

Tianqi Yang, Chengjun Li
Abstract—The weighted association rules mining is more significative than traditional association rules mining in practice. Allowing for the impact of the number and weight of property on association rules, this paper presents a new method of mining weighted association rules, which can hold the “downward...
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An ACO-Based Algorithm for Solving Path Planning Problem of Cyclic Goods-Taking

Yikui Mo, Cheng Gong, Shen Lv
Abstract—Based on the analysis of the path planning under the cyclic goods-taking model, the mathematical model of path planning is established. After comparison and analysis of the commonly-used optimization algorithms, the Ant Colony Optimization (ACO) is adopted to solve the path planning model under...
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A Centralized System for Managing, Archiving and Serving Scientific Data in Ecohydrological Research

Mutao Huang, Yong Tian
Abstract—Transboundary and cross-catchment access to ecohydrological data is the key to designing successful environmental policies and activities. Access to and visual representation of scientific information for the public is essential for attracting greater awareness of ecosystem matters. This requires...
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The Fast Computation Methods for Extreme Learning Machine

Tao Dou, Xu Zhou
Abstract—The extreme learning machine (ELM) that is proposed by Huang is designed based on single-hidden layer feedforward neural networks (SLFNs), which can randomly choose the parameters of hidden nodes and the output weights gotten analytically. So it can get the solution fastly. However, the learning...
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Development and Validation of Aircraft Icing Computational Simulation Code

Chengxiang Zhu, Chunling Zhu, Tao Guo, Lei Liu
Abstract—The purpose of this paper is to present some results on the development and verification of NUAA-ICE2D icing software code, which contains five separate program modules and a graphical user interface. Computational simulation of the ice accretion process on airfoils using multiple time-steps...
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LittleC.js: A Lightweight, Minimal, Extensible, and Embeddable JavaScript Implementation of the C Programming Language

Stefano Federici
Abstract—Visual block languages have introduced new ways of learning computer languages. New Integrated development environments (IDEs) for standard programming languages such as C or SQL have been developed, derived from block languages and based on the metaphor of building blocks. New online IDEs,...
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The Location and Evaluation of Gross Error Based on the Partly Least Square Ridge Estimation

Cheng Zhang, Lihong Jin, Yuting Lv
Abstract—By using the principle of partly least square to locate and value the gross errors in the observational data, the matrix equation of the adjustment model may have ill-posed problems, which results in the locations and evaluations of the gross error unreliable. For the observational data which...
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Kernel Density Estimation Method Basing on Color and Motion Features Frame for Moving Object Detection

Yu Guo, Ziqiang Shen
Abstract—Due to large calculations and complex background updating problems of kernel density estimation, this paper proposes a feature frame building method based on the combination of color feature and motion information, using this method to extract the number of samples N, it can not only reflect...
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Intrusion Perception Technology of the SCADA System of Oil and Gas Gathering and Transporting Based on FNN

Yang Fan, Xiedong Cao
Abstract—The security of the SCADA system has caused widespread concern in the world. This article first introduces the difference between SCADA system and traditional IT system, and the shortcomings of traditional intrusion perception technology. Then combine factors nerve theory, Establish the common...
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Exploration and Research on Oil and Gas SCADA Security Defense Based on Dynamic Fuzzy Neural Network (DFNN)

Menghui Zhao, Xiedong Cao
Abstract—This paper firstly analyses the security vulnerability of oil and gas SCADA systems. Combing the SCADA Security Defense Model (FSDM) based on factor neural network, the method to realize the function of the recognition module(the recognition module is a significant part of the IN neurons as...
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Cloud Detection of Gray Photographs by Cloud Region Detectionand Optimal Region Grow Threshold

Xingying Zhao, Hong Zheng
Abstract—The most cloud detection method depends on various bands such as thermal band. In this paper, we propose an automatic cloud detection algorithm for gray photographs. Based on the properties of cloud derived from gray photographs and the human visual perception, we present a novel scheme for...
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Quantum Structure Model of Judgement in Battlespace

Zhihua Song, Han Zhang, Wanfang Che, Xiaobin Hui
Abstract—A quantum structure model of judgment in battlespace is presented and used to compute the probability of target identification and its evolution with incoming new evidence deprived from the refreshed reconnaissance image. On the one hand, human behavioral factors are hard to model using the...
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The Comparison of Classic Image Resizing Methods

Zijuan Zhang
Abstract—In recent years, with the emergence of different size of the display devices, image is inevitably reduced or enlarged (referred to as resizing) to adapt to different display devices, content-aware image resizing technology is becoming a research hotspot. When resizing the images, this technology...
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The Combination of Color and Depth Information for Importance Map

Yuhui He
Abstract—In order to extract important map, a lot of image resizing algorithms only apply color map(such as gradient or salience information, etc.) to settle this question. On the analysis of depth map, this article thinks about depth information and combines with color map in order to put forward a...
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Feature Vector Extraction in HSV with Bandlet Transform

Ming Yang
Abstract—Handwritten Signature Verification (HSV) is a discipline which aims to validate the identity of writers according to the handwriting styles. Off-line HSVs compared with on-line ones are more adaptive in equipment involvement and can be applied in more fields, but more difficult to manipulate...
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Limits of Geometrical Distortions Based on Subjective Assessment of Stereoscopic Images

Xiangdong Deng, Guanwen Zheng, Xun Cao
Abstract—The limits of geometrical distortions for stereoscopic images are presented. We experimentally determined the limits of geometrical distortions, including vertical shift, rotation error, and size inconsistency, between left and right images. The experiment result shows that vertical shift should...
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A Research on Customer Loyalty Based on the Network Marketing

Wenhua Qiu
Abstract—For a long time, the formation and maintenance of customer loyalty have always been one of the key points of the traditional marketing and network marketing. With the rapid development of market economy in China, the domestic market is also more open and international. The network marketing...
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Analyses on Strategies of Enhancing Brand Competitiveness of HUAWEI Company

Jianchun Ke
Abstract—This article analysis and evaluates the current brand competitiveness of Huawei company through combing the theory of brand competitiveness combined with the company brand growth process of Huawei. Then it specifically analysis the origin of its competitiveness and explores how to build a well-known...
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Revelation of Self-organizing Theory on the Construction of E-Training Systems

Xin Huang
Abstract—A good quality e-training system could provide powerful support and assurance to the development of e-training. From the perspective of self-organizing theory, e-training with its appearing characteristics of openness, non-equilibrium, non-linear, and random fluctuation provides revelation to...
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The Research on Internet-Based Practice Teaching of E-Commerce Applied Undergraduate Talents

Xianyong Meng, Yiqi Xiong, Xiangyu Meng, Zhengbo Wang
Abstract—Education management platform based on Internet and informatization to carry out education and teaching research has always been the focus of modern pedagogy research, which is also one of the important research topics of higher education in the "twelfth five-year" development plan among China...
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How to Use E-Commerce Strategy to Add Value for Hotel Industry: A Case Study of 7 Days Inn

Yiqi Xiong
Abstract—A continuing stream of innovation in technology and Internet are keeping transforming the world and business into a new stage. It is not surprising that e-commerce become the critical part in modern commercial society and it enables a lot of new products, services, and develop new business models,...
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Relationship among Brand Image, Service Quality and Customer Satisfaction – Using China Airline as an Example

Feishuo Hung
Abstract—Despite the fact that the aviation market has been noticeably hit by the recession, there has been a sign of increase in the ratio of tourist coming to Taiwan. Up until now, most researches of brand marketing have been focusing on the relation between brand image and customer perception or customer...
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Dimensions Construction of Institutional Norms for Place Branding

Weihong Zhao, Fan Zhang
Abstract—The rapid development of economic globalization makes place branding become the strategic choice of place economic development, but modern enterprises in pursuit of economic interests ignores the collective interests, violate the institutional norms, and thus hinder the development of place...
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The Research on Collaboration Cultivation Mechanism of E-commerce Applied Undergraduate Talents

Xianyong Meng, Yiqi Xiong, Xiangyu Meng, Zhengbo Wang
Abstract—Through the research on collaboration cultivation mechanism of e-commerce applied talents, this paper is to develop cultivation mechanism of opening, sharing, evaluating for electronic commerce talents, to establish collaboration mechanism of education innovation among SMEs, government agencies,...
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A Study on Customer Relationship Quality and Customer Citizenship Behavior — Evidence from Online Shopping Behavior of College Students

Xiangyu Meng, Guicheng Shi, Meng Xianyong, Zhengbo Wang
Abstract—The authors propose a conceptual model that links online vendors’ attributes, online relationship quality, and customer citizenship behavior. They estimate this model on data from 288 consumers across 15 sites, using structural equation analysis. The results show that order fulfillment is the...
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An Empirical Study of Supply Chain Collaborative Knowledge Innovation

Li Liu, Deqiang Zhong
Abstract—This paper, based on a survey of manufacturing firms in South and Southeast China, examines the relationship among supply chain factors and collaborative knowledge innovative performance. By factor analysis, the measurements of the firm’s innovativeness, internal and external integrations and...
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Active Equalization for Lithium Batteries Combined Cell Voltage with State of Charge

Qinghe Liu, Tao Yang, Qingyang Xu, Lijun Zhao
Abstract—The equalization strategy simply based on cell voltage or state of charge is used in pure electric racing car. However, there is deviation in estimating state of charge or detecting cell voltage, which causes switches to open and close frequently or improperly, lowing equalization efficiency....
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Research of the Relationship between Partial Discharge and Gas Decomposition Products in SF6 Insulated Equipment

Gang Lu, Yang Liu
Abstract—In order to analyze the gas decomposition products under partial discharge by quality and by quantity, designed a 126kV AC industrial frequency power supply, a GIS partial discharge testing platform and a gas detection system, simulated the fault model of ground discharge, used pulse current...
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Single Phase D-Q Theory Based Control of DER Inverters for Power Quality Improvement

Lavina Shilpa Stanly, Anu P, Divya R, Manjula G
Abstract—This paper presents a controller for DER inverters in the distribution side to act as shunt active filters and mitigate the power quality issues in the grid without the installation of additional FACTS devices. The inverter is able to inject the real power available at the DC link from renewable...
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Research on Power Supply Service Under New Urbanization and Beautiful Countriside Construction

Si Liu, Minxiang Huang, Xuhua Fu, Lei Wang, Chengjin Ye
Abstract—With the promotion of the new urbanization and beautiful countryside macro policy in China, the development of the rural power grid is driven fast. Rural customers have higher expectations of power supply service, and they pay more attention to service experience and efficiency. Under the new...
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An AGC Allocation Parameter Optimization Method Considering the Characteristics of Generator Valve Controllers

Lu Li, Qiang Zhang, Chunyu Chen, Kun Yuan, Li Hao, Kaifeng Zhang, Qiang Guo, Xiaojiang Guo
Abstract—Performances of AGC and generators’ valve controllers, connected through AGC allocation strategy, both influence active power balance in power systems. In this paper, authors consider that when distributing the whole regulation demand, AGC should give consideration to the bottom-level generator...
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Research on Transformer Winding Fault Detection Method Based on the Voltage and Current Characteristics of LISSAJOUS

Hui Xu, Guanchen Lu, Zhangqi Wang, Hong Yu, Guochao Qian, Zhongxi Lu
Abstract—Transformer power system is one of the most important electrical equipment, winding transformer failure is an important cause of damage and threaten the safe operation of the power grid. Through theoretical analysis, we propose a Lissajous analysis of transformer voltage / current characteristic...
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Research on Complex Multi-window HMI Construction Technology in Dispatching Automation System

Lin Zhao, Lingtao Zhang, Pai Sun, Bo Zhuang, Guopeng Wang, Yan Geng
Abstract—The integrated intelligent multi-window alarm interactive interface has been widely used in dispatching automation system in recent years. Integrated intelligent alarm picture is a multi-window interface which is composed of power-flow diagram, station maps, tables, text and other elements....
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Impacts of Electric Vehicles on the Residential Distribution Network Based on the Time-of-use Power Price and Intelligent Charging

Zhihua Zang, Yunpeng Liu, Ziqiang Xu, Lingming Meng, Yue Wang
Abstract—The popularity of electric vehicle (EV) will greatly impact on the distribution network. An intelligent charging mode based on the current peak-valley time-of-use (TOU) power price is presented. Charging models of private EV under three charging modes in residential districts are established....
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Research of Portable Insulation Detecting Device which Based on for Electric Equipment

Weizheng Zhang, Yujiang Wang, Guojian Ji, Yongbo Yang, Dengfeng Ju, Aihui Yin
Abstract—The insulating state detection of capacitive equipment has been a long time, but the actual effect is not satisfactory. It mainly because low-precision measurement and cannot overcome the location interference which can cause mutation of measured data. The reliability of the device is low. This...
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Design and Simulation of Optical Current Transformer Based on Mixed Programming of Ansoft and VB

Linyang Chen, Qifeng Xu
Abstract—In order to optimize the design of optical current transformer and cut down the development cycle, the electromagnetic design software with Ansoft and VB is developed in this paper. The interface technology between Ansoft and VB is proposed to achieve the mixed programming, obtain the visualization...
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Auto-Tuned Passive Filter using Isin Controller

Vinod krishnan P.P, Jishnu sankar V C, Manjula G. Nair
Abstract—Power quality improvement can be done effectively by adding passive or active filters in series or parallel with the line. Active filters perform efficiently but it is not cost effective. Traditional passive filters are cost effective but they are permanently connected to the system and draw...
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Matching Analysis of Output Power and Electricity Load of Typical PV System

Rui Hu, Xudong Xu, Yingjie Tian, Yifang Li
Abstract—The major content of this paper is to study the operation data of a demonstration program in Shanghai to match the system’s output power curves with power load in practical through its different installed capacity. Efforts was made to find out a more optimized scheme for PV system’s capacity...
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Summary on Reactive Power Compensation Technology and Application

Hong Hu, Wenmei Wu, Shaohua Xiao, Min Tan, Chuanjia Han
Abstract—This paper, firstly, pointed out the reactive power compensation concepts, principles and importance for safe and economic operation of the grid. It had a detailed description of the technical principles of several major reactive power compensation devices and illustrated the application of...
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Correlated Equilibrium Q-learning for Multi-objective Reactive Power Optimization Considering Grid Side Carbon Emissions

Hong Hu, Wenmei Wu, Min Tan, Shaohua Xiao, Chuanjia Han
Abstract—In order to meet the development trend of smart grid, the correlated equilibrium Q-learning (CEQ) algorithm is proposed for multi-regional reactive power optimization. Meanwhile, in response to the national strategy of low carbon environmental protection, CO2 emission is considered as one of...
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Three Models to Analyze the Uncertainty of Boiler Emission Flue Gas Heat Loss

Jingxue An, Lei Wang, Jinwu Cheng, Youxin Li, Xuejiao Luo
Abstract—Uncertainty assessment is a quantitative method about accuracy grade. This essay mainly focused on the principle of uncertainty analysis, including establish the uncertainty analysis model, assess the uncertainty components of type A and type B, and calculate the sensitivity coefficient and...
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The Spatial-temporal Statistical Analysis of Lightning Behavior over Hainan Island

Wensheng Gao, Ruixu Zhou, Bowen Zhang, Xianggan Fu, Qinzhu Chen, Song Huang, Yafeng Liang
Abstract—By study on lightning data in 2010~2013 from lightning location system of Hainan Power Grid Corporation, the spatial-temporal distribution of flashes on Hainan island were achieved. The results showed that Hainan thunderstorm activity was very frequent, where a high number of lightning occurred...
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Factors of Distributed Photovoltaic Power Generation

Chunyan Ma, Shiying Jiang, Ying Gong
Abstract—Distributed photovoltaic power generation system can better alleviate the problems of energy shortage and environmental pollution. To save the photovoltaic industry, the state introduced continuous policiesy since 2012, strongly supported the development of distributed photovoltaic power generation...
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Study on Comprehensive Evaluation of Energy Saving Index System in Pumped Storage Power Station Based on Vertical Scatter Degree Method

Haiying Huang, Xi Hu, Haoping Chen, Xinghua Wang
Abstract—The paper establishes an energy efficiency index system of pumped storage power station, and designs a dynamic comprehensive evaluation algorithm of energy efficiency levels for pumped storage power station based on comprehensive objective and subjective weighting method, which uses the historical...
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The Research on the Power Emergency Data Exchange Technology

Weimei Zhao, Xiaofeng Qu, Yu Zhen
Abstract—The power emergency data transmission and collection need to grasp the overall data and the inter-departmental data. Research on emergency data exchange technology is important for electricity emergency projects. This paper in-depth studies the power emergency data exchange technology. The author...