Proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Innovations in Sports, Tourism and Instructional Science (ICISTIS 2019)

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The Influence of Satellite Television on the Internet and the Development of Tourism Culture (quality of intangible services)

Abdulla Mahmud Abdel Vakhed Essam Abdulla Mahmud, Veronika Mendelson, Mayya Ziganshina, Ildar Ziganshin
The article considers the influence of satellite television on the Internet and on the development of tourism culture (quality of intangible services). The development of modern tourism is closely connected to the fact that today the world community cannot be imagined without a variety of portable technical...
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Injury in sports aerobics

Gulnara Aizyatullova, Tatiana Sakharnova
The purpose of this article is to determine the main causes of injuries in sports aerobics for highly skilled athletes (Russian national team). Materials and methods. The questionnaire for coaches and highly skilled aerobics athletes was used, as well as analysis of video recordings of the Russian, European...
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Development of a model for assessing the potential of health resorts based on landscape-recreational and medical-climatic conditions

Oksana Kotlyarova, Tatiana Bai, Igor Platonov
The article is dedicated to theoretical and methodological research and the development of an effective model for assessing the potential of health resorts in the Chelyabinsk region based on an analysis of landscape-recreational and medical-climatic conditions. The authors’ model for assessing the potential...
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A comparative analysis of the dynamics of carbohydrate metabolism in ski-racers during training with alternating middle altitude hypoxia/normoxia and normoxia

Anastasia Bakhareva, Alexander Isaev, Albert Aminov, Artem Reiter
The purpose of the article is to analyze the dynamics of indicators of carbohydrate metabolism at rest in ski-racers with different training programs. Materials and methods: 17 male ski-racers aged 18–23 years participated in the study. The first group (1) consisted of cross-country skiers with training...
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Digital information technologies and navigation systems in the development of youth sports tourism (on the example of the Tyumen and Chelyabinsk regions)

Natalia Balyuk, Lidia Kuprina, Tatiana Rybalova
The article discusses the concept of digital nomadism, its role and influence on the youth sports tourism market. Based on the analysis of Russian and foreign experience, the introduction of digital technologies into the structure of regional and city agglomerations that contribute to the effective inclusion...
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Determinacy of pre-competitive heart rate regulation processes by personal characteristics of athletes

Evgenia Belova, Natalia Rumiantseva, Natalia Melentieva
The purpose of the article is to study the features of heart rate regulation in the pre-competitive period, depending on personal characteristics. Materials and methods: qualified and highly qualified athletes of various specializations (n ​​= 50) participated in the study. The parameters of autonomic...
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Recreation, relaxation or something else? Exploring the motives for visiting the wellness hotels in Serbia

Ivana Blešić, Sanja Kovačić, Yulia Syromiatnikova, Irina Freinkina
Nowadays, the various forms of health tourism are gaining popularity in the world tourism. In the last decade, health tourism is featuring a growing development primarily in the area of wellness tourism. Wellness services are today a very important criterion for guests when deciding which hotel to choose....
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Experience in developing diagnostic insoles with resistive pressure sensors

Sergey Bronsh, Konstantin Erakhtin, Anna Nenasheva
The purpose of the article is to develop diagnostic insoles for the analysis of motor activity. Materials and methods. The selection and testing of various types of sensors is performed. The key parameters of the selected sensors are studied, and the most suitable sensors are selected. The technique...
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Vegetative support of functional reserves in the post-stress recovery period

Marina Butakova, Andrey Gryaznikh, Maria Kiseleva
The aim of the article is to study the vegetative nervous system of wrestlers in the post-stress period. The analysis of the adaptative abilities and peculiarities of the leading systems of the athletes’ body in reaction to systematic muscular loads in the post-stress period allows physiologists and...
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Integral assessment of the functional status for individualization of sports reserve training

Evgeny Bykov, Olga Balberova, Olga Kolomiets, Anton Chipyshev
The purpose of the study was to develop and implement an integrated assessment of the functional fitness of athletes in the training process. Materials and methods. The study was conducted on the premises of the Olympic Sports Research Institute of the Ural State University of Physical Education. Athletes...
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Shaping a healthy lifestyle attitude in adolescents in extra curricular learning

Svetlana Bykova, Natalia Buldakova
The article aims to give a theoretical justification and experimentally evaluate the effectiveness of the program promoting positive attitudes toward a healthy lifestyle in adolescents in the context of extracurricular education. Research methods. The leading research method is a pedagogical experiment...
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Monitoring the psychophysiological status of highly skilled aerobics athletes

Danil Chayun, Irina Manzheley
The purpose of the study is to monitor the psychophysiological status of highly skilled athletes from aerobics in preparation for the main competitions of the season. Materials and methods. The study was conducted in 2017 with the participation of members of the Russian national team in sports aerobics....
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An examination of motives for engagement in active sports tourism

Dunja Demirović, Marko Petrović, Irina Freinkina, Ilyana Dovgalyuk
Organizing and hosting sports events and activities has become one of the priorities of many communities since it can create social cohesion and a healthier population. The aim of this research was to detect potential active sports tourists’ clusters based on their social-psychological motives. These...
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Economic assessment of the costs of developing corporate sports and physical education based on a fuzzy-multiple approach

Svetlana Glazkova, Yulia Babina, Ilyana Dovgaliuk
The aim of the study is to develop the economic assessment of corporate sports and physical education. Materials and methods. Based on the reports of the Contact Plus company (St. Petersburg) on the budget for corporate sports and physical education and indicators of working time losses for 2014-2018,...
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Functional diagnostics in the comparative assessment of physical performance in ski racers to forecast sports performance development

Vitaly Epishev, Yulia Korableva, Tatiana Alferova, Dmitry Yakhin, Alina Episheva
Aim. The article deals with establishing the prognostic features of ergospirometry during the comparative assessment of functional adaptation of the cardiovascular system (CVS) in ski racers. Materials and methods. From the total amount of routine examination in 4 years, the data of two ski racers (Master...
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Chair posture detection with force platform

Vitaliy Epishev, Dmitry Yakhin, Maria Gapicheva
The purpose of the article is to determine the possibility of diagnosing various sitting positions according to the dynamics of WMEAN. Materials and methods: 19 people (10 males and 9 females) aged from 16 to 50 years were examined. The Force platform MBN "Stabilo" was installed on a chair and 8 tests...
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The practice of the implementation by students of tourism studies of their academic rights and ways to improve it

Victoria Erdakova, Marina Maznichenko, Alexander Shashkov
As a result of Russia's entry into the Bologna process, the development of international cooperation, new areas of work with students and educational technologies takes place. One of these areas is increasing the activity of students in exercising their academic rights, which determines the competitiveness...
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The Literary Heritage of Boris Pasternak as a Resource for the Project Management in Tourism

Anastasia Firsova, Svetlana Myshlyavtseva
The literary heritage of the territory is a symbolic resource that requires visualization in the form of literary routes, events, and museums. The literary heritage can change the image and socio-economic functions of the place and become the basis of tourism and recreation development. We observe it...
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Blood pressure and geometry of the left ventricle in power sports athletes of heavyweight categories

Alexander Miroshnikov, Alexander Formenov, Andrey Smolensky
Purpose—To research blood pressure and heart geometry in power sports athletes of heavyweight categories. Material and methods—645 representatives of the power sports (weightlifting, powerlifting, bodybuilding) having sports qualification of CMS, MS, IMS with the average body weight of 102.7±6.4 kg were...
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Significance and frequency of sports and recreational activities in the demographic structure: middle-aged people

Tamara Gajić, Milan Radovanović, Tatiana Tretiakova, Natalia Tarkhanova
An important factor for any person is recreation or physical activity. It is well known that the effects of recreation certainly affect the psychophysical state of man, as well as the social environment, social intelligence, and more specifically, overall health. A groups of people who do not exercise...
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Features of the behavior of children with ADHD in sport

Svetlana Gvozdetskaya, Ludmila Kavun
The article is devoted to the theoretical analysis of some behavioral and socio-psychological features of children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), involved in a sport activity. It was found, that adaptive potential of children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder is studied...
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Comparative analysis of morphometric indicators in skiers

Aleksandr Isaev, Vladimir Zaliapin, Dmitriy h Maleev, Anna Nenasheva, Vadim Erlikh, Yulia Korableva
The purpose of the study was to find indicators that significantly respond to the use of techniques that develop LRME and form hypoxia by changing their dynamics. Materials and methods. Ski-racers (I category and candidates for the Master of Sport) were examined with a sports experience of 5-7 years....
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Postural analysis of body reserves in ski racers

Dmitriy Maleev, Aleksandr Isaev, Anna Nenasheva, Anatoliy Shevtsov, Yulia Korableva, Elena Kharitonova
As a result of the long-term adaptation of the body, the indicators of system-forming parameters (statokinetic stability, spectrum power, stability, stability index, dynamic component of balance) are revealed. The configuration of stabilogram, statokinesiogram, spectrum analysis, ballistic cardiogram...
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The effect of comprehensive classes of health aerobics on women aged 18-25 years

Irina Izarovskaya, Larisa Smirnova, Ekaterina Perelman, Elena Sumak, Olga Izarovskaya
The purpose of the article is to justify the effectiveness of a comprehensive methodology for health aerobics classes in women aged 18-25 years. Materials and methods: the study was conducted on the premises of the South Ural State University training and sports facilities. Thirty women aged from 18...
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The influence of dietary supplements based on fermented wheat bran on the body composition of wrestlers

Natalia Kadochnikova, Viktor Oborin, Marina Morozova
The purpose of the research is to study the influence of dietary supplements based on fermented wheat bran (Rekitsen-RD) on the body composition of wrestlers. Materials and methods. 21 male athletes (Greco-Roman wrestling) took part in the research during the training camp. The average age of the athletes...
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Functional characteristics of the cardiovascular system in Paralympic powerlifters

Victoria Kalsina
The purpose of the study is to assess the functional status of the cardiovascular system in Paralympic powerlifters. Materials and methods. Parameters of central hemodynamics and autonomic regulation of heart rate in Paralympic powerlifters were studied depending on qualification and experience. Assessment...
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Ways to increase tourist flows in the Siberian Federal District

Galina Karpova, Artur Kuchumov, Yana Testina
The article analyzes the dynamics of tourist flows in the Siberian Federal District of the Russian Federation based on the methods of horizontal and trend analysis. The authors constructed a correlation-regression model of the relationship between the number of tourists in the region and the volume of...
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Pre-competitive training of weightlifters based on indicators of the functional status and hemodynamics

Ruslan Khomenko, Elena Antropova, Vladislav Mochernyuk
The purpose of the article is to individualize the pre-competitive training of highly skilled weightlifters based on the indicators of the cardiovascular system and initial functional status. Materials and methods. The hemodynamics indices were determined with the help of impedance rheography using a...
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The phenomenon of hospitality in Russian culture: a study on the materials of Russian classical literature

Irina Kiseleva, Elena Sakharchuk
The article is devoted to the results of the study of the phenomenon of “Russian hospitality” in Russian classical literature. The dichotomous nature of the phenomenon of "hospitality" - as a sociocultural phenomenon, on the one hand, and the practice of hosting guests, on the other hand, is considered...
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Instant grains in sports nutrition: effect of microwave processing on moisture content and moisture-binding capacity

G. Snurnicova, B. Kisimov, V. Mezentcev, N. Shepeleva
The article discusses the effect of microwave processing on the moisture content and moisture-binding capacity of grains. The samples of grains that underwent technological processing were analyzed. Two types of grains common in sports nutrition were studied: pearl barley and buckwheat. The effect of...
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Anaerobic Capabilities of 8-9 Year-old Football Players

Evgenii Kolunin
Aim - to examine the functional status of 8-9 years old football players' cardiovascular system and their maximum alactic capacity. Materials and methods: the study was implemented at the Futsal club “Tyumen” (sport reserve training center) with the participation of 30 athletes of 8-9 years old. To assess...
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The effectiveness of additional classes in physical education among young males in an educational institution

Valeriy Kokin, Victor Bykov, Svetlana Korneeva
The purpose of the article is to develop and practically implement the pedagogical technology of additional classes in physical education on the basis of a free and informed choice of forms and types of motor activity. The formation of a healthy lifestyle, a conscious attitude to one’s own health and...
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Technique for the development of strength abilities in boys aged 10-11 years engaged in hand-to-hand combat at the initial training stage

Elena Kostsova, Elena Repnikova, Irina Izarovskaya
The purpose of the article is to increase the efficiency of training children with the help of dynamic and static exercises. Materials and methods: boys aged 10-11 years engaged in hand-to-hand combat were divided into two groups at the initial training stage: experimental and control (15 people each)....
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The use of fins in initial training of swimmers aged 8-9 years

Alexey Kotlyarov
The purpose of the article is to find effective means in the initial swimming training for children 8-9 years old. The article aims to justify the effectiveness of the use of fins in swimming training for children 8-9 years old. Materials and methods. The experiment involved 30 children aged 8-9 years...
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Compatibility and the ability to work together in tourist sports teams

Evgenia Kulagina, Svetlana Esipova, Igor Karasev
Compatibility is determined by researchers as a significant phenomenon of team activity that affect the effectiveness of the educational, training, and competitive process. However, the combination of the individual characteristics of athletes is not universal and is determined by the specifics of the...
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An Educational Technology of Using Physical Training and Sports to Prepare Children for School

Maria Leontyeva, Tatiana Levchenkova
The purpose of this study is to develop and demonstrate the merits of an educational technology that involves using physical training and sports as means for preparing children of different social groups to attend school. We have analyzed the metrics of school readiness among pre-school age children...
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Neural network analysis of the development of physical education and sports in Russia as an economic factor of country security

Elena Letiagina, Valentina Perova, Elena Orlova
The neural network analysis of physical education and sports in the regions of Russia is carried out with the help of multidimensional statistical data of the Ministry of Sports of the Russian Federation. The research tool for data clustering was neural networks implemented in the analytical package...
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Assessment of specific agility in volleyball: reliability and validity of modified X running test

Nikola Majstorović, Goran Nešić, Vladimir Grbić, Zoran Savić, Milivoj Dopsaj
It is very important to develope, as a part of training technologies, appropriate tools, or tests to validly and objectively control the level of specific skills development. This study aims to determine reliability and validity of the test for evaluation of specific running agility development level...
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Analysis of morphological and functional status of children with spastic tetraparesis in the process of physical recreation and hydrorehabilitation

Marina Morozova, Natalia Kadochnikova, Maria Sazanova
The purpose of this research is to prove the need for scientific and methodological support for children with spastic tetraparesis in the process of physical recreation. The study involved 15 children of both sexes of 7-12 years old, who had the process of recreation with elements of hydrorehabilitation...
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The use of fitness trackers in the training process for increasing physical and functional abilities in athletes

Roman Nagovitsyn, Aleksander Osipov, Mikhail Kudryavtsev
The purpose of the study was to identify and justify the use of fitness trackers in the training process for increasing the level of physical and functional development in athletes of various ages. Materials and methods: athletes from aerobic sports (running and Nordic walking) aged from 18 to 65 years...
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The system of daily self-monitoring of physical activity of youth in various move and energy modes

Roman Nagovitsyn, Aleksander Osipov, Mikhail Kudryavtsev
Objective of the study was develop a system for daily self-monitoring of the physical activity of young people in various move and energy modes and experimentally prove its effectiveness by increasing the level of physical health and body mass index of participants in the experiment. Organization and...
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Spirulina as a protein ingredient in a sports nutrition drink

Galina Gubanenko, Liliya Naimushina, Irina Zykova
The purpose of the article is to justify the possibility of using spirulina as a protein ingredient in the drink for students playing volleyball. A growing organism of students with high physical activity requires a protein of balanced composition. Materials and methods. Spirulina powder from the manufacturer...
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Economic research of the Southern Urals recreational potential on the criteria of synergy and real option

Viktor Nemtsev, Sergey Zakсharov, Andrey Deryabin
Research of prospects and innovative aspects of strengthening of health of the population and rehabilitation of athletes in the tourist and recreational complex of the southern Urals had been carried out. Organization and methods of research: from the regions of the Southern Urals, the Chelyabinsk region...
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Formation of the coordination abilities in children with hearing impairments based on exercises with the force platform

Ivan Novikov, Vladislav Novikov, Evgeniy Cherepov
The purpose of the article is to show the effectiveness of the formation of coordination abilities in children with hearing impairments using a force platform. This article discusses the problem of the formation of coordination abilities in physical education classes using exercises developed for a force...
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Congress tourism in Russia: global experience, current situation, and development prospects

Larisa Nyurenberger, Natalia Shchetinina, Sergey Kiselev
Congress tourism is a real growth driver of the world's largest economies, which intensifies economic cross-industry ties. The priority task, solved by congress events, is to create a free communication space, within which all business participants can effectively exchange information. About 60% of all...
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Phototherapy in the blue range of visible spectrum: the possibilities of optimization of the functional state of the cardiorespiratory system in humans under extreme conditions

Nataliya Pankova, Vladimir Karandashov, Mikhail Karganov
It was recently shown that perception of the blue part of visible spectrum is mediated by melanopsins localized not only in the retina, but also in cells of the vascular wall. We have studied changes in the human cardiorespiratory system under the influence of light with a wavelength of 470 ± 10 nm in...
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The importance of ecological tourism in the formation of ecological culture in children and adolescents

Elena Pecheritsa, Artur Kuchumov, Yulia Dolmatenia
The aim of the study is to develop recommendations on the formation of an ecological culture for children and youth within the framework of ecological tourism. Materials and methods: the components, types, principles and distinctive features of ecotourism were examined; the legal framework of environmental...
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Dynamics of functional status in young boxers after the means of recovery

Ekaterina Perelman, Elena Sumak, Larisa Smirnova
The purpose of the article is to substantiate changes in the functional status (FS) of young boxers aged from 12 to 13 and from 14 to 15 years under the effect of means of recovery (RM) during their preparation for competitions. Materials and methods. Two groups of boxers of the 1st and 2nd categories...
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The use of XSens 3D motion tracking system for gait feature extraction

Alexey Petrov, Lina Petrova, Maria Petrova, Alina Urazbakhtina, Kristina Lobastova
The purpose of the article is to show the possibilities of using the XSens system to assess gait features in people without gait disorders. Materials and methods. The XSens motion tracking system was tested by a man who did not have disorders of the musculoskeletal system. The MBN force platform was...
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The use of karate for the correction of mental processes in children of primary school age with hearing impairment

Yana Platonova, Galina Deriabina, Victoria Lerner, Alexey Filatkin
Movement training is one of the most important tasks in adaptive physical education. Movement training in children with hearing impairment is determined by the specifics of this nosological group, age characteristics, and functional abilities of the body. A number of researchers confirm that hearing...
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The Eidetic of Motor Action: Eidolon Maturity and Correctness Estimation

Andrey Pomerantsev
the aim of paper is to design an estimation methodology of motion eidolon maturity and correctness. Organization and research methods: to actual track and field coaches were proposed to draw skeletons (sticks models) of the ideal sprint running step. Skeleton was relied on three key frames: 1) the moment...
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Adaptation responses of the body to mental and local physical load in students athletes

Tatiana Popova, Elena Zadorina, Olga Kourova, Ramilya Fayzrakhmanova
The functional status of the heart and central nervous system in athletes and untrained students aged 18-20 years was studied after local physical exertion and cognitive tests. The results revealed an increase in heart rate and blood pressure, as well as the amplitude of the mode and stress index in...
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All-in-one approach to the formation of tourism, sports and other clusters in the Russian Federation

Arkadii Simdiankin, Pavel Probin, Egor Khludnev, Natalia Ostankova
This study is devoted to the analysis of economic and legal aspects of clustering in Russia. The model is proposed to assess the floating index of the impact of stress factor on the development of clusters and the need to take it into account during the formation of relevant projects. The development...
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Researching the sports nutrition segment to develop a high-protein product

L Prokhasko, N Zhuravleva, G Khamraeva, R Fazlitdinov
The aim of the study was to determine the demand for foods enriched with a protein component in the consumer market as a whole and, in particular, in the sports nutrition sector, with the aim of further developing protein biscuit recipes with a high protein content. To accomplish this goal, online testing...
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Labour of professional female athletes

Elena Protchenko
The aim is to study the peculiarities of legal regulation of the work of women athletes. To answer the question to what extent the current labour legislation can effectively influence the relations between the parties of labour legal relations with the participation of female athletes. To disclose the...
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Analysis of tourism seasonality: regional aspect

Alexander Redkin, Olga Otto
Effective management of the tourism industry requires a thorough analysis of such an important feature of the tourism market as seasonality. This is especially important for a country as large as the Russian Federation. Analysis of seasonality in tourism allows identifying the influence of natural and...
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Corporate travel as a mean for improving personnel performance

Irina Rezanovich, Evgeny Rezanovich, Alexander Shavaliev
The purpose of the article is to identify the role of corporate travel in improving the efficiency of industrial enterprise personnel. Materials and methods: employees actively participating in corporate travel events and agreeing to undergo diagnostic procedures were taken from the enterprise’s team....
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Tourism is in the focus of the Russian media

Elena Sakharchuk, Natalya Pisarevskaya
The article is devoted to the results of a comparative study of the most authoritative media (magazines and newspapers) in Russia on the subject of tourism. The study was conducted jointly by the scientific school of humanitarian research in tourism (Moscow State Institute of Culture) and the school...
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Gluten Free Food in the diet of athletes

Aleksey Salomatov, Elena Shcherbakova, Vladimir Mezentcev
The market for gluten-free food products (BPP) is expanding rapidly. The reasons for this reflect a growing public interest in the gluten-free diet. This is partly due to an increase in the number of people diagnosed with Celiac disease, as well as the trend of healthy eating habits. However, gluten-free...
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A comprehensive training program for orienteering athletes aged 18–20 years

Elena Savinykh, Elena Zadorina, Elvira Baimukhametova
The purpose of the article was to experimentally evaluate the effectiveness of using a comprehensive strength training program for orienteering athletes 18–20 years old based on the CrossFit system. Competitive activity in orienteering is characterized by intense physical activity associated with movement...
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Differences in activation patterns between eccentric and concentric muscle contractions

Ksenia Sergeeva, Ritta Tambovtseva
The purpose of the article is is to compare the frequency of the power spectrum and the amplitude of the surface electromyographic (EMG) signal of the biceps during eccentric and concentric contractions of different intensity to indirectly evaluate possible differences in movement recruitment. Materials...
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Prerequisites for the effective implementation of the system of professional applied physical training in military training centers at federal state institutions of higher education

Rashit Shaikhetdinov, Evgeniy Cherepov
The paper discusses the conditions for the effective implementation of the professional applied physical training (PAPP) system at the university by students who have chosen to study at a military training center (MTC). The authors showed that the current "Physical Education and Sports" program does...
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Selection criteria for service sports based on the indicators of cadets of the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs

Daria Shibkova, Maxim Kislitsyn, Victor Maltsev
The development of service sports that are significant for the professional growth of employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs necessitates the selection of cadets with essential qualities. The purpose of this article is to find the model characteristics of cadets that determine the effectiveness...
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Creative tourism for dealing with seasonality to ensure sustained development of the tourism industry

Zhanna Shnorr, Sergey Filatov, Ivan Sewruikov
Modern tourism is a complicated diversified industry, and its development is a source of competitive advantages for building on territorial, social and economic systems. However, it also drains the natural and climatic resources of territories, therefore provoking a harmful effect. To deal with problems...
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Rehabilitation potential of inclusive sailing

Yulia Shumova, Alexander Shumov, Konstantin Barannikov
The purpose of the article is to reveal the rehabilitation potential of inclusive sailing and to justify the need to include this sport in the list of basic sports according to the Federal Law of the Russian Federation dated 04.12.2007 No 329-ФЗ “On Physical Culture and Sport in the Russian Federation”...
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Comparative analysis of the training programs of female skiers in the preparatory period of the annual training cycle

Irina Stovba, Natalya Stolyarova, Olga Petrozhak
Continuous improvement of the training process in various groups and sports disciplines determines the current status of sports training. Research in sports plays an important role. Such research is aimed at establishing the relationship between the dynamics of the athlete’s status and training loads...
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Typological features of heart rate variability in hockey players aged 15-16 years in the annual training macrocycle

Elena Surina-Marysheva, Vadim Erlikh, Elena Ermolaeva, Ksenia Marchenko
The purpose of the study is to identify typological features of the dynamics of heart rate variability in elite hockey players in the annual training macrocycle. Materials and methods: during July, December and February, 15-16-year-old elite hockey players were examined. Heart rate variability was evaluated...
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Psychophysiological features of hockey players aged 15-16 years in the annual training macrocycle

Elena Surina-Marysheva, Vadim Erlikh, Salavat Kantyukov, Ksenia Marchenko
The purpose of the article is to study the dynamics of psychophysiological indicators of elite hockey players aged from 15 to 16 years in an annual training macrocycle. Materials and methods: during July, December and February, elite hockey players aged 15-16 were examined. We studied the speed and accuracy...
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Methods for ensuring the quality and safety of raw materials used in food for athletes

T Tolmacheva, A Toshev, N Androsova
The aim of the study is the scientific justification of new concepts for ensuring the safety of raw materials of plant origin for subsequent use in food for athletes. As a result of studies of dried fruits, they were found to contain fungi of the genus Penicillium, Mucor, Phomopsis. For disinfection,...
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Hygienic aspects of classes with children of primary school age in sports and health improvement groups for cross-country skiing

Zhana Toma, O Grigorieva, E Mironova
The article is devoted to the training of children involved in cross-country skiing in sports and health improvement groups. Result-oriented training without due attention to load in accordance with hygienic standards does not provide the necessary effect. Hygienic requirements in the physical education...
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The use of plant raw materials in the production of healthy food

Abduvali Toshev, Elena Shcherbakova, Anastasia Rushchitc
The purpose of this article is to analyze the use of barley malt flour in flour products from yeast dough on the example of homemade buns. To provide the reliability of the data obtained, all analyzes were performed at least three to five times, with two parallel assessments being performed in each experiment....
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The effect of ecological tourism on the psycho-emotional status of a person

Tatiana Tretiakova, Jovana Brankov, Yulia Syromiatnikova
The issues of recreational potential of ecological tourism are becoming more and more popular due to the effect of nature tourism on human well-being. The aim of nature trip is to improve the emotional status and relieve psychological stress. The mechanisms of attracting urban population to nature and...
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Immunological aspects of the use of L-carnitine in sports nutrition

Eleonora Trushina, Oksana Mustafina, Nikolay Riger
The purpose of the work is to study the immunomodulating activity of L-carnitine in junior athletes during the training period. Materials and methods. 20 junior athletes (masters of sports and candidates for masters of sports in swimming) aged 14-18 years participated in the study. Athletes were divided...
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Water aerobics as a means of increasing the psycho-emotional status of women

Olga Vedernikova, Alexander Ushakov
The article aims to assess the impact of water aerobics on the psycho-emotional status in women. Materials and methods: the study involved 20 women aged 25–35 years. All women were divided into 2 groups, 10 people each. Group A was engaged in water aerobics according to our methodology. A comparative...
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Swimming lessons for boys aged 7-9 years in swimming pools of various depth

Olga Vedernikova, Alexander Ushakov, Olga Melnikova, Larisa Smirnova
The purpose of the article is to consider the effect of swimming on the functional changes in the boys of primary school age. Materials and methods: 7–9-year-old boys from the Aquamarine Swimming Center of the Youth Sports School No. 7 in Chelyabinsk participated in the study, 13 people in each group....
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Applied physical education students based on the assessment of stabilometric indicators

Dmitriy Viktorov, Valery Kokin, Vladimir Leshukov, Yuriy Yarushev
Practice shows that in educational institutions of higher education, students with temporary or permanent disabilities require a significant reduction in physical activity, taking into account their working capacity and functional abilities. Many of them are not fully prepared for standard physical training....
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Extreme mountain race as a tourist event

Konstantin Vinogradov, Olga Shapovalova, Alexey Irshin
The purpose of the article is to show the real result of attracting tourists to one of the most remote municipalities in the Chelyabinsk region. For several years, the regional authorities of the Chelyabinsk region have been addressing the problem of tourism development. This problem was most actively...
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Effect of the pulmonary resistance training device “Elevation training mask 2.0” on physiological parameters and aerobic capacity during a maximal incremental cycling test

Vasiliy Volkov, Alexander Miroshnikov, Alexander Formenov
The pulmonary resistance training device "Elevation Training Mask 2.0" (ETM) is widely used in various sports to help athletes gain a competitive edge. It is assumed that ETM simulates hypoxic conditions by creating pulmonary resistance, which can potentially result in arterial hypoxemia and as a result...
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Physical education and sports training of students of non-athletic specialization in the conditions of the northern university

Boris Yakovlev, Roman Kuchin, Alexandr Banshchikov
The relevance of the scientific work is caused by its usefulness and significance in the following aspects: firstly, the popularization of educational classes, sports training, physical condition of students of non-athletic specialization is growing; secondly, the number of students leading an active...
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A new direction in solving the problem of speed-strength and technique in dolphin style swimmers

Ekaterina Yashchenko, Irina Izarovskaya, Sergey Komelkov
The purpose of the article is to give an accurate assessment of speed-strength and technique in dolphin style swimmers. Materials and methods: When searching for more advanced technical options that correspond to the age and physical fitness of an athlete, it is necessary to apply methods that would...
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The use of information technologies for improving the effectiveness of the training process

Svetlana Yatsun, Yana Kiperman
The article is devoted to the issues of increasing the efficiency of the training process by introducing modern information technologies into it. The tools proposed in the work (a software product based on the C # programming language and the SQL Server Express database management system) allow creating...
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The effect of fatty acids on athletes’ health

Natalya D. Zhuravleva, Abduvali D. Toshev, Lyubov S. Prokhasko
The development of products with resource-saving technologies, increased nutritional value, expanded range and balanced composition remains relevant. In this research, the chemical composition of red sauce with rapeseed cake of different weights was studied for the presence of fatty acids and the energy...
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The prospects for the development of golf tourism in Russian regions

Mayya Ziganshina, Veronika Mendelson, Ramil Kadyrov
This paper describes the perspectives and opportunities for the development of golf tourism in Russian regions. Having examined current global trends and the Programme for the development of golf in Russia by 2020, the authors of the study have analysed the evolution of this sport in the country, revealed...