Proceedings of the 1st International Conference on Language, Literature, and Arts Education (ICLLAE 2019)

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An Intercultural Orientation to Languages Education: Expanding Identity Repertoires

Michelle Kohler
With the rapid and wide reaching movement of people, ideas, products, and practices, we are more interconnected and interdependent than at any other time in history. While there may be some critique of this phenomenon, globalization will remain a pervasive force and education systems around the world...
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Exploring Language Teacher Roles as Teacher Identity

Dewi Rochsantiningsih
The article presents the concepts of teacher identity, how it relates to the particular characteristics of language teaching, and how teacher identity is developed through the teacher roles. In this article, teacher identity refers to the in-service PPG teachers’ perception on the teacher roles as teacher...
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Reconstructing Foreign Language Teaching: Moving Beyond Methods

Raqib Chowdhury
Despite the growing popularity of eclectic and post-method education, and the freedom they have afforded to language teachers, contemporary teaching realities present newer scenarios that require more than appropriate teaching methods, approaches, or techniques. Today’s learners are a new generation...
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Critical Language Awareness Development: A Pedagogical and Identity Engagement

Ruruh Sarasati
This paper aims investigating the engagement of critical language awareness in pedagogical context and how it can develop student’s identity. As every day students contact new-varied language and culture products from social media, these may contain ideologies, values, and cultures that are foreign to...
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Embedding Higher-Order Thinking Skills in the English Classroom to Address to Industrial Revolution 4.0

Anis Ichwati Nur Rohmah, Erna Andriyanti
The advancement of technology due to the Industrial Revolution 4.0 imposes students to prepare themselves with higher-order thinking skills for their professional life in the future. However, they are not familiar with learning activities involving reasonings. Therefore, teachers need to respond to the...
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Students’ Perception on the Implementation of Soft Skill Training Program at University Level

Awaliawati Wahyullah, Erna Andriyanti
At the university level, especially in English Language Education study program, soft skill training called Bridging Course for Soft Skill has been implemented. This study aimed to investigate the strengths and weaknesses of the implementation of Soft Skill Training program. Descriptive qualitative research...
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English Teacher Readiness in the Era of Disruption

Siti Jannatussholihah, Sugirin
The disruption era that raises along with the industrial revolution 4.0 called digitalization has brought many effects for its changing. The era of disruption becomes an era of innovations in various fields, including education. One of the impacts of the era of disruption is the readiness of English...
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Teachers’ Beliefs as Facilitators in Effective English Language Teaching and Learning

Murdani, Erna Andriyanti, Irvan Effendi, Nurfadilah Nadjib
Teachers’ beliefs have a greater role than the teachers’ knowledge of planning lessons. Despite their significant role in teaching and learning, studies of teachers’ beliefs in Indonesian EFL setting are still rare that this paper is to reveal teachers’ beliefs as facilitators in effective English language...
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Bringing Indonesian Local Wisdom Into the English Class

Learning a foreign language may influence the learners’ awareness on local culture. Learning a foreign language is learning its culture. They probably copy or even think that foreign culture is better than theirs. It can threaten their native culture awareness. It is necessary to insert materials with...
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Character Education Values in the Indonesian Instructional Design at Integrated Islamic Senior High School Granada Samarinda

Mustika Suci Yuniar
Character education becomes an important part of education. The integration of character education content in learning is emphasized by the government through the Republic of Indonesia Presidential Regulation Number 87 of 2017 and the Minister of Education and Culture Republic of Indonesia Number 20...
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Character Education for Teenagers Through Motivating Sentences (Character Themes/Values Found in Teenagers’ Motivation Sentences/Writing)

Abdillah Nugroho, Agus Budi Wahyudi, Adyana Sunanda, Atiqa Sabardila, Naimul Faizah
This research aimed at analysing teenagers’ character education through motivating sentences and further identifying the themes of motivating sentences composed by the teenagers. The study belonged to qualitative research. Objects of the study consisted of the texts of motivating sentences written by...
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Development of Mini Ludruk Festival Learning Model to Embed Social Care Values of Class XII Students in SMKN 3 Malang

Astrid Wangsagirindra Pudjastawa, Siti Nur Zumrotun Niswah, Mulyana
Schools become educational institutions that have an active role to instill the values of character education in students. Efforts to instill character education can be done in various ways. This study aims to develop a mini learning model of the ludruk festival to instill the value of social care for...
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Teachers’ Questioning Strategies in Indonesian Language Learning

Kristianus Wilpas Bata, Zamzani
This work presents questioning strategies used by teachers, the cognitive realm of teacher questions on the use of questioning strategies in the Indonesian learning process, and the application of teacher questioning strategies in the structure of Indonesian language learning. Data collection techniques...
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Increasing Teachers’ Productivity in Writing Course Book through One Book One Teacher Program

Rudi Hartono, Bambang Purwanto, Seful Bahri
Creative and innovative are the characteristics of 21st century teachers. Teachers are required to actively produce their creativity, so that innovative products of teachers will emerge as works that are useful for themselves, schools, communities, nations, and countries. Increasing the productivity...
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Exploring Pre-Service Teacher’s Perspectives on Teaching Young Children Bilingually

Novi Rahayu Restuningrum, Lara Fridani, Wina Hartaty
This paper discusses how pre-service kindergarten teachers view bilingual teaching. The research is a preliminary study that involved 240 pre-service teachers studying at a university in Jakarta. Data were collected through an online questionnaire and analyzed with descriptive statistics and factor analysis....
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Teaching EFL for Young Learners in Islamic Elementary Boarding School

Yoyok Agus Wahyudi, Suwarsih Madya
this research aims to describe how is teaching-English to young learners in the Islamic Elementary Boarding School in Yogyakarta. In this research, the writer uses descriptive qualitative research. The method used in this research is the descriptive method. The instruments used are an interview with...
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Identifying Students’ Learning Styles and Its Implications for Educators in The EFL Classroom

Lizzani Kurnia Pratiwi, Anita Triastuti
This paper concerns the individual differences between English as a Foreign Language (EFL) learners. Related to the specific area in individual differences research, this article attempts to identify students’ learning styles in the EFL classroom. Respondents were 20 first-semester graduates majoring...
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Local Literature Development Through Fable/Legend in Junior High School

Rahmawati, Ari Kusmiatun
Local literature is a culture that is owned by an area or region and reflects the social conditions in the region. The use of local literature in learning in schools is also an effort to empower culture so that is not displaced by western culture brought by globalization. This study aims to describe...
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How Do International Non-Muslim Students at Islamic University in Indonesia Cope With the Culture Shock During Their Studies?

Nur Jannah Ismi Wakhidah, Hepy Adityarini
Study abroad is regarded as a priority factor of intercultural competence, which encourages learning of foreign cultures, and foreign language skills and obtained intercultural experience, but there are many challenges and difficulties faced by students who study abroad. This study investigates the culture...
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Identities for Enhancing Their Motivation in Learning English: A Case Study at Jendral Soedirman University

Rizki Februansyah, Eni Nur Aeni
Transportable identities may be defined as characteristics which are latent or implicit but can be invoked during the interaction for particular reasons (Richards in Ushioda, 2011:16). Students’ transportable identities can be a member of local sport club, small scale business owner, a member of university...
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The Relationship Between Willingness to Communicate and English Language Proficiency

Fithrotul Khoiriyah, Dyah Setyowati Ciptaningrum
One of the effective aspects assumed in influencing student success in foreign language learning is the Willingness to Communicate (WTC). This correlational study was intended to explore any possible relationship between students’ willingness to communicate and English Language Proficiency. The participants...
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Public Speaking Syllabus Evaluation and Needs Analysis as the Identity of School With Entrepreneurship Profile

Eric Estha Dahana
Among four macro skills of language, speaking is considered as the main measurement of learning language in both first and second language learning contexts. Every day the average person spends about 25 percent of time speaking and listening to other people. Nevertheless, based on the polling, the biggest...
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Enhancing Cultural Identity Through Speaking Class Using Mind Mapping Board to Face Industrial Revolution 4.0

Olyvia Revalita Candraloka, Aliva Rosdiana
Kudus is identified as Kota Santri due to its identity through its Islamic culture. Cultural awareness must be possessed people surroundings. Teachers can foster it in the classroom activity by approaching students’ background knowledge as target culture. Speaking is one way to activate students’ ideas,...
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Application of Readers Theatre Strategy and School Literacy Movement to Improve Speaking Skills

Yeni Primasari, Haryadi
Retelling fiction in Indonesian language lessons is one of the topics which grade 7 students’ do not like very much. The students’ often feel unconfident, reluctant, unenthusiastic when they have retelling activities. This condition affects the teaching and learning process and their learning achievement....
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The Use of Song in Teaching English Pronunciation

Burhanudin Rais, Dwiyanto Djoko Pranowo, Rr. Putri Intan Permata Sari
Pronunciation is one of the important aspects of language learning. The bad pronunciation will influence the understanding of the listener to grab the message. Song is one of the media that can be used to teach pronunciation. By using songs, students can learn how the word is pronounced. Thus, this paper...
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Promoting Local Wisdom in Narrative Text: The Role of WebQuest

Johara Indrawati, Widyastuti Purbani
This study is aimed at promoting local wisdom through narrative text with the use of WebQuest. In the 21st century, students are required to master English in order to face the ASEAN Economic Community. However, students have to remember and maintain local wisdom in their country. English must be mastered...
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The Analysis of Use of Official Account in the Application of WeChat to Improve Reading Ability of Learning Indonesian as Second Language for Chinese Students

Nan Wang, Nurhadi
With the speedy science and technology development, it has provided us great convenience in language learning. More and more Chinese students study Indonesian language as a second language under the “ One Belt, One Road ” initiative, but the lack of Indonesian teachers and the students mainly based on...
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The Improvement of Short Story Reading and Writing Skill through Project-Based Learning

Tri Susana, Anwar Efendi
This research is aimed at improving short story reading and writing skills through project-based learning. The research conducted was classroom action research which consisted of four stages: (a) planning, (b) action, (c) observation, (d) reflection. The subject of the research was the students of class...
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The Effectiveness of Short Movies Reflective Technique as Media in Writing Short Stories for Grade XI VHS X

Christina Astrilinda Purnomo, Kastam Syamsi
This article aims to identify the significant difference in the ability of writing short stories between grade XI students of VHS X using reflective technique with short movies as its media to examine the effectiveness of reflective technique with short movies as its media to improve the learning process...
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The Effectiveness of Know, Want to Know, Learned Plus Strategy in Exposition Writing Instruction

Dian Nurvita Sari, Kastam Syamsi
This research aimed to examine (1) there was a significant difference in the ability to write expository texts between students who took learning by implementing the KWL Plus strategy and students who took conventional learning; and (2) the effectiveness of KWL Plus strategy in writing exposition learning....
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Learning Writing Explanatory Text by Using the Process Approach

Fitri Handayani, Ari Kusmiatun
This study aims to describe process and achievement of expository writing skills through the process approach. This study used classroom action research design assigning 31 students in the eleventh graders of SMK Negeri 2 Yogyakarta. The study was conducted in two cycles each of which was staged using...
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Evaluation of Teaching Materials in Writing Literature Text at SMPIT Masjid Syuhada Yogyakarta

Hanifah Nurunnikmah, Tadkiroatun Musfiroh
This study aims to determine the results of evaluation for teaching materials used by teachers to implement literary writing skills learning in the 2013 curriculum at Syuhada Junior High School. This study uses a qualitative approach with a description method. The population in this study were students...
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A Need Analysis in Academic Writing by Using Integrative-Based Approach: The Perspective of University Students

Helaluddin, Hengki Wijaya, Nurmadiah, Susanna Vonny N. Rante, Harmelia Tulak, Muhammad Guntur
This article discusses the needs and interests of the university students in Banten Indonesia for learning to write with an integrative approach as an initial stage in the development of academic writing textbooks. The participants in this study were 60 students in the first semester of the 2018/2019...
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Improving Students’ Writing Skill Using Online Feedback

Musfera Nara Vadia, Dyah Setyowati Ciptaningrum
Writing is a complex process, which requires several stages to produce a good writing product. Improving students’ writing skill can be done in many ways, including providing them with teacher’s feedback as well as peers’ feedback through online learning platform. This study aims to improve students’...
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The Benefits of Culture-Themed Literacy Books on Learning to Write Interviews Text on Elementary School Students

Sefri Rahma Wardani, Andayani, Suyitno
Culture-themed literacy books are one type of literacy books found in elementary schools. The aim of this research is to determine the benefits of culture-themed literacy books in learning to write interview texts in language learning. This research is qualitative. The samples of this research were culture-themed...
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Essay Writing Skill of the Fourth Semester Students of STKIP PGRI Bandar Lampung

Tri Riya Anggraini, Hastuti, Frieska Maryova Rachmasisca
The problem raised in this study is about the ability and difficulty in writing essays. Research used a descriptive method. Data obtained from the essay writing task with the topic that has been provided, then the data are analyzed. The subject in this study were 25 students. From the results of the...
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Need Assessment for Material Development in Writing Skill Non-Literature Text Teaching for Indonesian Students of Junior High school in Yogyakarta

Uswatun Hasanah, Kastam Syamsi
Teaching material is one of the supporting fluency of learning in class. Writing skills are skills that are more difficult than other language skills, such as listening, speaking and reading. The teaching material currently has weaknesses in illustrations and more questions so the explanation of the...
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Contextualization to Enhance Students’ Writing Ability

Humaera Silvia Maristy, Margana
This study aims at improving the writing ability of grade seventh through contextualization at a state junior high school in the Special Region of Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Contextualization means to teach language in a context or to provide a context for language teaching to the language teaching and learning...
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From Research and Practices into Journal Papers: Editor’s Insight

Nor Fariza Mohd Nor
This paper provides guidelines of how to write a robust journal paper. It discusses four important points that an editor-in-chief of a journal considers most: 1) identification of a research problem in the introduction section, which is the key to developing the research objectives and questions, as...
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The Indonesian Pronunciation Mistakes of Chinese Students from Yunnan Minzu University

Meilan Xu, Teguh Setiawan
There are several Indonesian pronunciation mistakes of the Chinese students who are majoring in Indonesian. This research is aimed to explain the Indonesian pronunciation mistakes of the students, to solve those mistakes, and to give some useful suggestions about Indonesian pronunciation skills to Chinese...
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The Analysis of Form and Meaning of Written Language in Social Media

Suranto, Septa Aryanika
The objective of this research was to examine the form and meaning of written language used in social media as a means to communicate between users of social media. It was a qualitative research with descriptive qualitative method. The data were collected through observation and document study. The data...
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A Morphosemantic Analysis of Market Names in Bantul Regency Special Region of Yogyakarta

Enggar Ariwardani, Mulyana
This study attempts to examine the market names in Bantul Regency from a morphosemantic perspective with the aim of shedding light on their linguistic nature and background. This is achieved by use of a descriptive qualitative research. The data were collected through observation, documentation, and...
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Indonesian Translation of French Pronominal Verbs: Procedures and Shifts

Alika Salsabila, Myrna Laksman-Huntley
The French version of Tintin en Amérique was translated into its Indonesian language counterpart. In the process of translating, however, it is inevitable that the translator will find difficulties since the languages are different. One of the most distinctive differences is that French has pronominal...
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The Competence of Naming in the Second Language Acquisition of the Preschool-Aged Children

Rahayu Pujiastuti, Luluk Isani Kulup, Dyah Rochmawati
This study aims to describe: (1) how the preschool children’s naming competencies in language acquisition, (2) how the naming competencies in language acquisition of preschool children relate to their cognitive development. It is a qualitative research The data source of this research is ten kindergartners...
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Class Shift of Verbs and Readability in Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

Siti Aisyah, Atiqa Sabardila, Dwi Haryanti, Ainurvely Gehandiastie Maudy
This research is aimed to analyze the class shift of verbs and readability in Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince and its Indonesian version Harry Potter dan Pangeran Berdarah Campuran. This is a descriptive qualitative research. The data were sentences containing verbs in J.K Rowling’s novel entitled...
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Colloquial in the Lyrics of Campursari Song by Cak Diqin

Fitriya Indriyani, Endang Nurhayati
This research attempts to examine the colloquial language in the lyrics of campursari song by Cak Diqin. The objectives are to reveal the unit, characteristics and function of colloquial language in the song. The research was designed with a qualitative method. The data were collected through listening...
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Character Education and Creativity of Ideas in the Speech Acts of the Main Character of the Fantasy Text Based on Local Wisdom

Mira Nuryanti, Riskha Arfiyanti, Memen Durachman, Nurcaya
The study aims to describe the types of illocutionary speech acts that represented reinforcement of character education and idea creativity as one of the learning models of character education in schools. The research method was analytical descriptive with the technique of reading and recording. This...
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Teachers’ Directive Speech Acts in Indonesian Learning Interaction in 10th Grade of SMA Bias Yogyakarta

Hilma Nurullina Fitriani, Prihadi
This study aimed to describe the types, intentions, and strategies of teacher directive speech acts in Indonesian language learning interactions. This research used a qualitative approach. The object of this study was the teacher’s speech containing directive speech acts in learning interactions. The...
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The Realization of Imperative Politeness of Indonesian Language Teacher in Teaching Learning Process in Krista Citra Parakan Junior High School

Timotius Tri Yogatama, Teguh Setiawan
The objective of this study is to describe the forms, strategies, functions, and meanings of imperative politeness used by a teacher of Bahasa Indonesia of Krista Citra Parakan Junior High School. This is a descriptive qualitative research. The data were collected by using observation method. Two techniques...
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Directive and Commissive Speech Acts in “Kartini” Movie

Ririn Nurul Azizah, Suhardi
The aim of this research is to describe the directive and commisive speech act found in Kartini movie. This is a descriptive qualitative research. The data collection was carried out by observing attentively speeches in Kartini movie in relation to directive and commisive speech act. This research uses...
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Pragmatics Equivalence of Declarative Utterances Found in Aladdin Movie Script (2019)

Vira Cahya Mukti, Dwi Haryanti, Farrah Zakiyah Anwar
This research concerns with declarative speech acts and their translation in Aladdin movie script (2019). The aims of this research are to describe the types of declarative utterances and their translation found in the movie script of Aladdin and to describe the pragmatics equivalence of declarative...
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Language Identity in Maritime Defense Diplomacy

Fransisca Dewi Ratih, Sisilia Setiawati Halimi
There is no doubt that language and identity are interrelated and influencing each other. One function of language is as a nation’s cultural identity. Politeness in language is a form of cultural identity, and culture can be integrated into English teaching to improve communication skills. This is fundamental...
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Hegemony on Candidates President’s Republic of Indonesian Debates

Milda ‘Ulya Rahmah, Zamzani
This study aims to describe forms of hegemony and its values offered in the first round of the debate for candidates for the president of the Republic of Indonesia. Data sources are audio-visual of debate transcripts of the first round of Indonesian presidential candidates in 2019. Data collection was...
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Entity Metaphors About Water in Cerita Rakyat Jawa Timur

Yi Ma, Suhardi
This research used entity metaphor theory to analyze data of entity metaphors about water. Models and the characters of entity metaphors about water in the concept of Eastern Javanese have been found. The object of this research was the words or the phrases which use entity metaphors and have connection...
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A Critical Discourse Analysis on the Instagram Account of @filosofi_jawa Based on Van Dijk Model

Meirika Iin Setyawati, Mulyana
This research discusses about critical discourse analysis based on Van Dijk theory on the instagram account of @filosofi_jawa. It aims to explain the theme and moral lessons embedded in the discourse on the instagram account of @filosofi_jawa. This was a descriptive qualitative research. The data source...
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Exploring Tenor Configuration in Legislative Members’ Discourse

Humaizi, Siti Hazzah Nur R, Muhammad Yusuf
This study aims at discovering the employment of tenor-configuration, how it is realized in linguistic features, and why it is realized as they are in an interaction involving legislative members. This study utilized qualitative content analysis. The data were taken from the interaction among the legislative...
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Cohesion and Coherence in The Short Film Series Bocah Ngapa(k) Ya on Trans7 Official Youtube Account

Lutfi ‘Ami Rosidah, Sutrisna Wibawa
A Short film series Bocah Ngapa(k) Ya uses Javanese Ngapak. This language is used by Javanese people on the north coast such as Banyumas, Kebumen, and Tegal in daily life. Cohesion and coherence are neatly arranged in every dialogue of this comedy-themed short film series. The purpose of this study is...
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Translation Method of English Into Indonesian Used in Movie Scripts and Their Application in Translation Teaching

Dwi Haryanti, Atiqa Sabardila, Aryati Prasetyarini, Farrah Zakiyah Anwar, Mauly Halwat Hikmat, Vira Cahya Mukti
The article discusses the classification of translation methods used in movie scripts and their application in translation teaching. The data were words, phrases, clauses, and sentences written in Aladdin and Harry Potter movie scripts and their translation. The data, both written in source and target...
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Translation Techniques and Readability Levels of Stories of Great Virtue Collection Bilingual Book by Arleen Amidjaja

Dien Afni Ariyati, Sufriati Tanjung
In today’s world, the majority of literary work has been developed into the wider field and translated into different languages. This is evidenced by the proliferation of translated story books which often dominate the sales of children’s story books in Indonesia. In general, the well-known stories from...
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Translation Techniques of Expressive Utterances Used in the Movie Script of Aladdin

Farrah Zakiyah Anwar, Dwi Haryanti, Vira Cahya Mukti
Understanding an intended meaning of the expressive utterances becomes an important part in capturing text messages. This study focuses on classifying types of expressive, analyzing translation techniques of expressive utterances, and describing the subtitling accuracy in Aladdin movie script. The data...
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Literature as a Field of Identity Construction

Suminto A. Sayuti
Literary texts can also be a field of identity construction allowing the subjects involved in it - writers and audiences - to become inseparable because of their reciprocal relations. Such texts are the centre through which certain values and knowledge are ignited and becoming a source of pleasure for...
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Screening Literacy in Education: Enhancing Cultural Understanding Through Film

Sukarni Suryaningsih
As a tool to enhance the understanding about society and culture, using films in classroom activity is interesting and challenging. Visual elements become the advantegous point as learners can easily understand what is being reflected on the screen. Teaching topics about culture somehow has drawbacks...
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Deconstruction-Critical Thinking: Alternative Learning Model of Literature Appreciation in Industrial Revolution 4.0

Sri Sulistiani, Setya Yuwana Sudikan
Deconstruction-critical thinking is an effort to develop a creative Literature Appreciation learning model. All deconstruction is critical, but everyone’s critical is different and not all perfect. This model is the result of Derrida’s deconstruction fiction with critical thinking of the Facione Model....
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Deconstruction of Heroism Short Story Dongeng Rama dan Sinta by Sapardi Djoko Damono

Siti Ulfa Miana, Suroso
Deconstruction research on the short story “Dongeng Rama and Sita” by Sapardi Djoko Damono (SDD) is intuitive on the Ramayana romance hipogram which was modified by C. Rajagopalachari. Rahwana, known as an antagonist, is portrayed by SDD as a hero and even her figure is the dream of every woman. This...
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Deconstruction of the Sengkuni Figure in the Drama Sengkuni 2019 by Emha Ainun Nadjib

Fitriatunnisa, Suroso
The research aimed to describe the forms of thought of Sengkuni and the reversal of the binary opposition hierarchy using Jacques Derrida’s deconstruction theory in the drama Sengkuni 2019 by Emha Ainun Nadjib. This research was descriptive qualitative. The data in this study were texts contained in...
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Traditional Historiography in the Manuscript of Nitik Kangjeng Ratu Pambayun

Agatia Mega Rianda, Endang Nurhayati
Manuscript of Nitik Kangjeng Ratu Pambayun is one of the collections in Yogyakarta Sonobudoyo Library with the code of PB C.71. The copy of the Nitik Kangjeng Ratu Pambayun manuscript was done on 27 March 1935. The copy of the manuscript consists of 27 pages. That manuscript contains a history of Kanjeng...
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Religiosity Values in Entrok Novel by Okky Madasari

Ahmad Wahyudi, Anwar Efendi
This study aims to describe the values of religiosity in the novel entitled Entrok by Okky Madasari. The data source is the novel Entrok, Madasari published by Gramedia Pustaka Utama Jakarta in 2010. Entrok tells about the life of someone named Marni, set in the 1950s in a village called Singget. who...
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The Muslim Women Figure in the Sibel Eraslan’s Khadijah: Ketika Rahasia Mim Tersingkap

Inden Swastika, Wiyatmi
Moslem women’s live is not proportionally pictured in mainstream media. They are said to have a very limited access to so many things and can’t do their activities freely. Literary works can contribute in providing different angles to open up society’s point of view. This study, aims at describing the...
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Attitude of Adolescent Religiosity in Sepertiga Malam Poetry Anthology by MA and SMK Students in Sleman Regency

Nur Aziz, Anwar Efendi
This study was aimed to describe: 1) how the structure that built the Sepertiga Malam poetry anthology by MA and SMK students in Sleman Regency, 2) how the attitude of adolescent religiosity was found in Sepertiga Malam poetry anthology by MA and SMK students in Sleman Regency. This research used descriptive...
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Educating True Muslim Men Through Habiburrahman El Shirazy’s Literary Works

M. Oktavia Vidiyanti
Each identity of an individual has three inseparable dimensions, such as personal identity, social identity and overall identity. The present study aims to describe the individual identity of male characters in Habiburahman’s literary works by using the archetype of masculinity. The data are words, phrases,...
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Efforts to Preserve Nature in Tere Liye’s Novel Eliana: The Study of Literary Ecology

Isti Nurhidayah, Hartono
The study of Eliana novel aimed at comprehending the literary works in supporting sustainability and shaping children’s morals towards environmental balance. This study also reflected the relationship between humans and the environment to preserve their homes from environmental damage caused by the rivers...
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Characters’ Attitude Towards the Environment in Bunga Rampai Ceritera Rakyat Daerah Kalimantan Barat by Darwis Saramat

Marwah Ulwatunnisa, Wiyatmi
This study aims to describe the attitudes of the characters towards the environment in Indonesian folklore, which is a folk story, entitled Bunga Rampai Ceritera Rakyat of West Kalimantan Region retold by Darwis Saramat. This research used an ecocriticism study. The data source used was the book entitled...
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Principles of Environmental Ethics in Indonesian Newspaper Short Stories: An Ecocriticism Study

Pradita Widyaningtyas, Else Liliani
This study aims to describe the forms of environmental problems and determine the principles of environmental ethics contained in four online short stories published in Jawa Pos in 2017. The data of the research are in the form of words and paragraphs containing the environmental problems and ethics...
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Subalternity of Hindia Women in Racun untuk Tuan Short Story by Iksaka Banu: Postcolonial Studies

Ainur Rahman, Burhan Nurgiyantoro
This research aimes to reveal the description of the subalternity of Hindian women in the “Racun untuk Tuan” short story by Iksaka Banu. This study applied a qualitatve content analysis method to obtain details of the picture of subalternity which occurred in Hindian women. The results of this study...
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Feminist Ideology in Pramoedya Ananta Toer’s Novel Entitled Bumi Manusia

Sanusi Sunawar Hery Murti, Suminto A. Sayuti
“Bumi Manusia” novel talks about women who are enthusiastic and passionate. Pramoedya Ananta Toer delivers feminist ideology and also past inequalities between women and men. This novel also impresses the upheaval related to the society and colonization state. The type of this research is a qualitative...
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The Values of Leadership in the Puppet Show: Bisma Gugur by Ki Manteb Soedarsono

Dyah Hanggraheni Purnamawati, Sri Harti Widyastuti
This is a content analysis research explaining the values of leadership in a puppet show entitled Bisma Gugur by Ki Manteb Soedarsono. The data of the research are taken from 8 recording cassettes containing conversation and ada-ada from the performance. There are three steps for collecting the research...
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The Variants of Raden Kamandaka Story in Some Areas in Banyumas District

Fitri Nur Rakhmawati, Suwardi Endraswara
Raden Kamandaka story is folklore that spread across severals districts in Banyumas regency which has many versions and variants. This story has various variants that evolved in accordance with region of speakers, both of oral and written tradition. This research is centered on the oral tradition of...
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Social Conflicts on Crazy Rich Asians by Kevin Kwan

Meidina Asmara Dewi, Maman Suryaman
The objective of this research is to describe the social conflict form and discover some of causative factors in Crazy Rich Asians Novel. The subject of this research is social conflict, moreover the object of this research is Crazy Rich Asians Novel by Kevin Kwan. Data is analysed using descriptive...
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Folktales Hegemony in the Culture of Osing Tribe in Banyuwangi - East Java

Pradibta Mega Ninda, Burhan Nurgiyantoro
This research describes the relationship between folktales in Banyuwangi with social views of the life of society. Secondly, the hegemony controls through folktales to create mindset related to moral values that grow in the society. The qualitative research used documentation technique with the theory...
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Text Reproduction of Folklore with Character Education as Enrichment of Sanggar Sastra

Nyayu Lulu Nadya
This study aimed to determine the form of folklore containing character education and to find out how to produce folklore texts containing character education in form of synopsis. This research used descriptive method. The population and sample used were 14 students of the Indonesian Language and Literature...
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Madura Locality in Muna Masyari’s Short Stories

Ridwan, Suminto A. Sayuti
Madura citizen has specific locality as local region signature, for example in their ways of life. It is interesting to discuss locality of a literature work. One of Madura litterateurs, Muna Masyari instilled Madura locality in her works in a detail manner. It could be said as effort to introduce local...
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The Representation of 30 September 1965 Tragedy’s Violence in Leontin Dewangga, Ode untuk Selembar KTP, and Dendang Perempuan Pendendam Short Stories: A New Historicism Study

Risda Nur Widia, Else Liliani
This research is conducted to describe the representation of (1) direct (physical) violence committed by the New Order government Indonesia in the Leontin Dewangga, Ode Untuk Selembar KTP, and Dendang Perempuan Pendendam short stories; (2) indirect violence (structural) committed by the New Order government...
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Opposition Buginese Society in Novel Silariang Cinta Yang (Tak) Direstui: An Intertextuality Study

Saharul Hariyono, Nurhadi
The author does not make texts from their original thoughts, but rather compiles from preexisting texts, so, the text is “a permutation” of intertextuality in the space of a given text from other text, intersect, and neutralize one another. Kristeva asserted that studying text (literature) as intertextuality...
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Metaphors in Tunjuk Ajar Melayu by Tenas Effendy

Lisniarti, Suminto A Sayuti
This research aims to describe metaphors based on human perceptions space by Halley and the most dominant distribution of human perceptions space in the book of Tunjuk Ajar Melayu by Tenas Effendy. This research was a library research using descriptive qualitative method. Data resources were traditional...
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Memory of The Past in Ahmad Tohari’s Ronggeng Dukuh Paruk

Tengsoe Tjahjono
This study aims to describe the crisis of the identity of a character that is built by the memory, identity and the narrative framework in Indonesian novels. This study uses a qualitative method with Vieda Skultans post-memory theory approach. The data source of this research is Ahmad Tohari’s Ronggeng...
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Self and Identity as A Drive for the Love of the Master to Her Servant: A Literary Study

Titik Wahyuningsih
This study aims to describe the characteristics of the main characters in “Legenda Baturaden” as well as to examine whether self identity or social identity could win ones’ love. It is a qualitative descriptive method using the lenses of identity and social identity theories. The source of the research...
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Fairy Tale Form Spoken to Written in the Perspective of Readingless Teenager

Wicahyanti Rejeki, Suminto A. Sayuti
Fairy tales are imaginary stories that are not bound by place and time told for generations. This research aims to describe of teenager aged 13-15 years in Magelang on the elements of plot, character, style, and theme fairy tale “Burung-burung Memilih Raja” and the affecting factors that influence their...
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Analysis of Necessity of Writing Poetry in Senior High School

Wijil Rachmadhani, Maman Suryaman
This research aims to find out teacher and students’ needs on poetry writing learning development at Senior High School level. The sample consisted of 20 Indonesian language teachers at 10 Senior High Schools and 20 X graders at 5 Senior High Schools. The techniques of collecting data were preliminary...
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Identity Through Culture and Arts Education

Supyan Hussin
Formal education may continually provide examples of social acts and cultural practices that embed the identity in the young learners at schools. Cultural and traditional identity is important in any community as it reflects the social values and social norms of the respective society. In a broader scale,...
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Promoting Cultural Identity Through Arts Education: The Indonesian Context

Sofyan Salam
Cultural identity is a challenging issue faced by developing countries today. Globalization which presents a strong and aggressive culture, called “Global Culture,” is considered by many cultural observers a threat to the existence of local cultures in developing countries. This unfortunate because these...
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Message on Slogan Material Published Through Instagram Class VIII Tolerance Junior High School Joannes Bosco Yogyakarta 2018/2019

Angela Reni Suryoresmi, Kastam Syamsi
This study contains the use of smart phone applications in the learning process at Joannes Bosco Middle School. The author has conducted a survey of Joannes Bosco Middle School students by using a questionnaire and observation of students, the authors see that students use smart ponsel to communicate,...
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Character Education Requirement of Special Batik Works Surakarta

Dyna Prastiwi, Zulfi Hendri
Batik is Indonesian cultural inheritance which has become highly valued identity. This research aims to describe the materialization of character education of a Surakarta signature batik. This research was conducted through a qualitative methodology. Surakarta Batik has specific feature both in its stamping...
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The Preservation of Lesong Dayak Mualang Dance In Belitang Sekadau Regency

Hesty Pangestu, A.M. Susilo Pradoko
Lesong dance is a welcoming dance for the harvesting of new paddy. New paddy is the first paddy (Berkat Pam) that is just harvested. The uniqueness of Lesong dance is performed by biting Lesong weighing twenty Kilograms. This study aimed to describe how Lesong Dayak Mualang dance in Belitang, Sekadau,...