Proceedings of the 2016 7th International Conference on Mechatronics, Control and Materials (ICMCM 2016)

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Contour Segment Feature Weighting in Infrared Automatic Target Recognition

ShiWei Chen, ShengXiu Zhang, XiaoGang Yang, NaiXin Qi
We study automatic target recognition (ATR) in infrared (IR) imagery by applying two recent computer vision techniques, Hierarchical description of contour and Bag-of-Words (BoW). We propose the idea of contour segment (CS) features which are extracted from the outer contour of IR target image and we...
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Analysis of SEIMENS Class F Gas Turbine Protection System

Lei Shi, Dayu Chen, Tongyue Qi
Gas Turbine engine is the world's most advanced large equipment, at the same time maintain a very high price. It is the final front of the protection, thus it is very important. JingNenggaoan gas heating pant use Seimens SGT5-4000F gas turbine. As a typical model of Level F gas turbine, continued with...
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Research on moving target tracking technology based on complex background

Xintao Huang, Jun Yang, Mengjiao Wu, Can Zhao
With the needs of social development, video tracking based on the algorithm has gradually been in a hot research in the software.CamShift algorithm is a real-time tracking algorithm, using color histogram model get each image frame color projection, and according to previous frame tracking results to...
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Removal of nitrobenzene from aqueous solution by a novel clay-supported nanoscale zero-valent iron material

Shengrong Jia, Aimin Hao, Qiuling Dang, Xunfeng Xia, Bin Gong, Xiaoguang Li, Rui Li, Ying Zhao
Hangjin 2# clay (HJ) was used as the supporter for nanoscale zero-valent iron (nZVI) to fullfil an affordable and efficient decontamination material HJ-nZVI. In comparison with the kaolinite (K) and montmorillonite (M) supported nZVI materials (K-nZVI and M-nZVI), HJ-nZVI exhibited the best performance....
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Outlier Detection and Processing Technology and Its Application

Yong Wang, Jiahe Cui, Zebao Zhang, Zhigang Li
Faced with the development of information technology and the arrival of the era of big data, data has become the advanced productive forces and strategic resources. However, the existence of outliers often has a negative impact on the storageand analysis of the data, andeven causes disastrous consequences....
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Automatic Composing Based On Pitch Detection of Chinese Poetry Recitation

Rongfeng Li, Xinyun Zhang
The balance between randomization and regularization is a key and contradictory issue in the development of automatic composing. Randomized algorithm focuses on creating innovative and novel melodies but will generate unpleasant result. Regularized algorithm uses the existed music and rules to compose...
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Control Strategy Research of Vehicle Stability Control System

Youbing Zhu
Vehicle stability control system is also called electronic stability program (ESP) via real-time adjustment of the operating state of the vehicle, it can significantly improve the car and the steering stability in extreme conditions of handling performance. ESP as an automotive active safety technology...
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Component Element Analysis of Stressed-skin Effect of Light Steel Structure

Zhifeng Zhang, Zhe Zhang
With the increasing advancement of industrialization, light steel has been used more and more frequently, hence stability and global stiffness of light steel structure has been received more and more attention. In order to find effective ways for enhancing connection strength and stiffness of light steel...
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Design and research of cloud computing resource data monitoring system

Guanghui Wei
This paper designs the monitoring system of cloud computing center resource, and puts forward the data collection, transmission, storage and viewing of the three levels of Terminal Ordinary nodes, Server Management node and Managers Monitoring center, so as to realize the real-time monitoring of cloud...
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Research on Intelligent Monitoring System Design based on Wireless Sensor Networks

Bin Li
Now China is ushering in a "digital city" "Digital Communities" Construction and "low-carbon economy" boom, 3G technology and Internet application development for smart home also play a very important role, and intelligent home can the effective realization of "low-carbon economy," "green economy", smart...
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Research on Hospital Intelligent Monitoring System Based on Internet of Things

Huachun Zhou
Health services are in times with rapid development and ever-changing. With the treatment of an aging population structure, disease prevention and control is gradually transformed into the new medical model, which requires a new generation of digital sound engineering technology to digital, intelligent...
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Detection of Chlorophyll Content of Rice Leaves by Chlorophyll Fluorescence Spectrum Based on PCA-ANN

Lina Zhou, Shuchao Cheng, Haiye Yu
In order to achieve the fast, nondestructive and accurate testing of rice leaves chlorophyll content, the model of detecting rice leaves' chlorophyll content was established by laser-induced chlorophyll fluorescence (LICF)spectroscopy technology and principal components analysis(PCA)combined with artificial...
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Chemical design analysis based on concept establishment

Wenfu Qu
In this paper, the connotation and characteristics of basic chemistry concept are described, value theory structure, content, shape and other related content, and then on the basis of the theoretical system, construction of basic chemistry concept ideas, are combined to promote the concept of "construction"...
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Grouping and Biological Toxicity Analyzing of Polybrominated Diphenyl Ethers based on Space Conformation and Molecular Symmetry

Long Jiang
In this paper, the quantitative structure-activity relationship (QSAR) model of biological toxicity (-lgRBA) for 209 kinds of polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDEs) was established from view of substituents descriptors and quantum chemical parameters firstly. Then, they were divided into different groups...
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Research on Heat Transfer Characteristics of Impinging Jet on High-Temperature Heating Plate

Zhaohui Wang, Hu Zhang
Turbulent impinging slot jets at three different angles and four different impingement spaces were analyzed numaberically using the SIMPLE alogrithm and an RNG-based k - epsilon turbulence model to investigate the flow field structure and heat transfer characteristics. Under a certain condition, the...
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Study on Dynamic Properties of Alkali-activated Cementing Materials at Different Temperatures

Wujian Long, Changle Fang, Jingjie Wei, Zhekang Xu
In this paper, variations of loss factor and storage modulus of Alkali-Activated Composite cementing materials (AAC) made from slag and fly ash and Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC) were studied at the temperature rising period from 40 to 200 by using Dynamic Mechanical Analyzer (DMA). The study showed...
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Influence of Segregation on Pavement Performance of Asphalt Mixture

Zhi-quan Wei, Qi-fa Lu, Jun Yu
In order to solve the research deficiencies of influence of segregation on the performance of asphalt pavement, the segregation simulation and performance test were conducted. In terms of different grading deviation, the classification standard of segregation was divided into four levels. Subsequently,...
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The Fault Detection of Aero-engine Sensor Based on Deep Belief Networks

Chuang Guo, Xiao-fei Zheng, Bin Yao
Due to its high complexity and accuracy, the faults of aeroengine sensor can not be described with precise mathematical model and it is hard to detect the faults using traditional redundant method. Focus on this problem, a big data-deep learning based model is established to detect the faults of sensor...
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Research on the Application of Rolling Bearing Fault Diagnosis based on Order Cepstrum Analysis

Xing Zhao, Hai-tao Bao, Li Tian, Yu Yuan, Jun Dai
In order to extract the fault characteristic from vibration signal of a rolling bearing with variable rotate speed, the order cepstrum analysis approach is proposed in this paper. In this approach, the rotate speed signal is measured by optical-electricity transducer, the angular domain signal is obtained...
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Numerical Simulation of Interior Fluid For Shock Wave-opening Launching

Aolin Zhang, Yi Jiang, Chengde Wang, Yongyue Li
We report on a simulation of interior flow field in launch box with shock wave-opening technology. A three-dimensional model of the launch box has been established to study the process of shock wave forming and transmitting. The simulation of model was calculated with unsteady standard model. The whole...
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Primary Exploration on Tribological Behavior of Perrhenates as Lubricating Oil Additive in a Wide Temperature Range

Junhai Wang, Lixiu Zhang, Ke Zhang
The perrhenates of Calcium, Copper and Lead used as oil additive were synthesized via aqua-solution method in this study, and their tribological properties were examined by UMT-2M testing machine. In addition, investigations were performed using XRD, SEM-EDS, DTA/TG to explain the possible mechanism...
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Research on vertical launching missile jet flow with jet vane

Yongyue Li, Aolin Zhang, Chengde Wang
In order to research the impact on the surrounding environment of the high temperature and high pressure jet flow produced in the process of missile vertical launching with jet vane, the structured grids was built, and the computational fluid dynamic model was used to simulate the launching vehicle jet...
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The measurement of low impulse from pulsed electromagnetic thrusters by thrust stand

Chenyang Ding, Mousen Cheng
Two types of measurement methods are given to determine the low impulse involved in the working process of pulsed electromagnetic plasma thrusters. Different mechanical devices, including pendulum and critical stress thrust stands, are introduced and compared with others concomitant with respective typical...
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A Vibration Online Measurement System for Car Door

Ping Jiang, Lei He, Yu Zhang, Yuguo Wang
The structural properties of automobile door have important influence on the safety and reliability of the vehicle. In order to obtain the actual working vibration characteristics of vehicle door, firstly, according to the complex condition, sensors arrangement scheme was determined based on the vibration...
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Research Progress of Biodegradable Medical Materials

Guojun Shang
Biodegradable medical materials are widely used in the field of medicine, which mainly include biodegradable polymer materials, biodegradable ceramic materials, biological derivatives, biological hybrid materials etc. In this paper, we discuss the properties and applications of biodegradable medical...
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Design of Intelligent Monitoring and Controlling System for Deer Based on Internet of Things

Shi-Jun Li, Ji Li, He Gong, Jian Li, Hong-Jun Gu
There exist issues of fast environmental degradation, poor intelligence, and low management efficiency with the expansion of breeding deer scale. This paper presents the intelligent monitoring and controlling system for deer based on internet of things (IOT). This system includes multiple wireless sensor...
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Design of Intelligent Irrigation System for Greenhouses Based on Internet of Things

Hong-Jun Gu, Ji Li, Shi-Jun Li, He Gong, Jian Li, Li-Xin Hou
This paper designs a new irrigation system for greenhouse based on Internet of things (IOT) which realizes intelligent control to the water pump. This system consists of ZigBee module, soil moisture sensor, controlled circuit, remote control unit, mobile, computer, AC contactor, pump, display circuit...
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Human Red Blood Cells Microscope Morphology Analysis in High Glucose Condition

Bohua Feng, Liufen Peng
Microscope images analysis of red blood cells (RBCs) was well used for medical. Manual analysis of the images were subject to time-consuming and instability. Combined with computer image processing techniques in this research, a measuring and analysis system for microscope images(MIAS) of RBCs was developed....
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Influence of heat treatment on the microstructure, ultrasonic attenuation and ultrasonic velocity of GH4169 alloy

Xi Chen, Zhenggan Zhou, Guanhua Wu
Microstructural changes in GH4169 alloy due to changes in annealing temperature are characterized by ultrasonic pulse-echo technique and optical microscopy. According to differential thermal analysis, the phase-transition temperature of GH4169 is 1022 . GH4169 alloy are heat treated at different temperature...
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Observation of Overlying Strata Failure Height in Fully Mechanized caving in Tongxin mine

Yansen Huai, Wenyong Liu, Pengshuai Fang
The deformation and failure of overlying strata in mined out aera was produced by the traditional caving mining, and the distribution pattern of "three zones" was formed. In which the height of water flowing fractured zone is an important parameter for safe and efficient mining of "three down" coal seam....
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The Role of NOMs in Stabilizing and Destabilizing Clay Particles in Aquatic Environment

Qianyue Guo, Jin Guo, Ni Liang
Clay minerals are an important constituent of soils and it could disperse in aquatic environment which indicates they would have interaction with natural organic matters (NOMs). Although there is some researchers work on the aggregation kinetic process of clay particles in the presence of NOMs [1, 2],...
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Multi-walled carbon nanotube dispersion by dispersants with different chemical structures

Binglin Guo, Xiuqi Jin, Ni Liang
Carbon Nanotubes(CNTs) are inevitably released into environment due to their wide production and application, their environmental behavior and risks are greatly controlled by their dispersion and aggregation. Polymers and surfactants were found dispersing CNTs well, however their dispersion mechanism...
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Assessment of seismic resistance of the reinforced concrete building by nonlinear dynamic method

Oleg Vartanovich Mkrtychev, Marina Sergeevna Busalova
The article studies the reaction of the 5-storey reinforced concrete building of the cross-sectional wall structural scheme to the seismic impact. Bearing structures of the building were simulated by the three-dimensional finite elements, connecting concrete and reinforcement, in the software application...
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Deduction and modification of experimental similarity criteria for rheological model of soft rock under temperature

Yongyan Wang, Xiyan Fan, Yang Wu, Xiaonan Gan, Na Qin
With the increasing of mining depth, the temperature has become one of the main factors influencing the deep mining engineering. As the surrounding rock of deep soft rock has the characteristics of strong rheology and large deformation under the complex environment of high temperature and high pressure,...
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FCB Composite Panel Thermal Insulation Performance of Finite Element Analysis

Taiyu Liu
Through the study of the thermal insulation performance of FCB composite panel of finite element simulation,the wall heat transfer coefficient K is determined.By changing different keel spacing and the hole size, studies the influence of different parameters on the wall heat preservation performance.Finite...
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Influence of Urban Buildings Layout on Contaminant Dispersion of Heating Exhaust

Yongxin Liu, Changhong Zhan, Hong Jin
China has a vast territory of severe cold zones, occupying a quarter of the total land. Heating exhaust from coal heating boilers is an important influence factor of air quality in the winter. This situation will be relieved by some urban planning methods. There is no research about air pollution caused...
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Rock physical and Digital Simulation with Verification

Tong Zhu, Wenpeng Liao, Chao Wang
In recent years, with the development of earth science, the position of rock physics is improving in oil and gas exploration and rock analysis, meanwhile rock assay is necessary means to know the oil and gas geological features. This paper designs nine rock physics models, these models are divided into...
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Oil-water separation efficiency and fluid mechanics of a hydrocyclone

Xiangzhong Fan
Hydrocyclone separation technology as a kind of effective oil water separation technology, has been applied in the oil industry. The paper proposes numerical simulation of computational fluid dynamics which combine Reynolds stress model and Euler multi-phase model together, and discusses the operating...
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Two-step etch method to improve the filtering performance of nuclear track membrane

Yang Wang, Hua Qu, Dan Mo
A method for the fabrication of double-cone shape pores in polyethylene terephthalate (PET)-based nuclear track membranes (NTMs) is presented here. PET films of 25 æm thickness were irradiated with Bi ions (kinetic energy 9.5 MeV/u, fluence 5ž107 ions/cm2) at room temperature under vacuum at the Heavy...
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Design of Intelligent Water-Supply and Temperature Control System Based on Hot Water Box

Hong-Jun Gu, Ji Li, Shi-Jun Li, He Gong, Jian Li, Yong-Chen Luo
This paper uses SCM as the control core to design an intelligent water-supply and temperature control system based on hot water box, which is suitable for the countryside and the edge of the town in summer. This system can solve the problems of water supply and controlling the water temperature for the...
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An improved waveform for multi-target detection in FMCW vehicle radar

Jian Li, Wenquan Che, Tao Shen, Wenjie Feng, Xuyang Li, Kuan Deng
Frequency Modulation Continuous Wave (FMCW) radar has been widely used in vehicle safety systems now. Many kinds of waveform have been designed to solve the coupling of distance and velocity in multi-target detection. This paper proposes a novel FMCW waveform which contains three sections with same duration...
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Gloved Finger Recognition by Curve Matching

Guangqiang Shu, Tao Lin
Finger recognition is an important basis of natural human-computer interaction, but existing researches are mainly on bare-hand finger recognition. Due to the fact that people need to wear gloves because of cold weather, working environment, etc, this paper presents a method to recognize gloved fingers...
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Command and Control System and Fire Control System Overview of an Engineering Protection System

Peichao Zhang, Zhi Yi, Ning Cai, Wenxuan Xu
In the field of engineering protection, ultra-short-range interceptor weapon system is a new protection technology, as a last line of defense air defense network of fire, it is possible for the penetration of precision-guided munitions to intercept important protection to ensure the safety objectives....
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Design and Application of Industrial Engineering Experimental Platform Based on IOT

Jianhua Cao, Xuhui Xia, Lei Wang, Xiang Liu, Yuan Gong, Youqin Zhou, Changsheng Liu
As the lack of advanced technology, experimental content inherent relevance, systematic and comprehensive innovation of the Industrial Engineering Experiment at present, Internet of Things technology, information technology, service-oriented architecture technology are used to integrate various existing...
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The Clinical Infection Trend, Drug Resistance and Nursing Intervention Measures of Acinetobacter Baumannii in Pediatric Intensive Care Unit

Weili Li, Wenwen Liu
Objective to explore the clinical infection trend, drug resistance and nursing intervention measures of Acinetobacter baumannii (Acinetobacter baumannii, ABA) in the pediatric intensive care unit (pediatric intensive care unit, PICU). Methods the separation rate and drug resistance of ABA in various...
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Design and Construction of an Energy-saving Sunlight Greenhouse with Underground Drip Irrigation and Heat Storage System

Tiance Zhang
A kind of energy-saving sunlight greenhouse with underground drip irrigation and heat storage system was designed and a greenhouse heat balance model was established in order to create the best artificial climate for plant growth and meets the requirement in energy conservation, environmental protection...
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Open Corner Window Shear Wall Structure Stress Influence of Local Component

Taiyu Liu, Yanchao Liu, Yue Yang
In order to satisfy people to the requirement of ventilated daylighting, building shape and vision, residential high-rise shear wall structure are often open corner window in the corner building. But after corner position opening, angle of window will greatly weaken the torsional rigidity of the structure,...
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Exploration of Application and Practice of Numerical Control Technology in Machine Manufacturing

Chunfang Gao, Chunxia Shi
With improvement of computer technology and digital technology level, the superiority of numerical control technology application in machine manufacturing gradually stands out. Numerical control technology optimizes equipment effect and quality, promotes market competitiveness of enterprises and drives...
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Influence of Polydatin on the Blood Lipid of Rat with Hyperlipemia

Enhong Ouyang, Junhua Liu, Hailiang Wei, Gengxi Li
Objective: Discuss the regulating effect of polydatin on the blood lipid of rat with with hyperlipemia. Method: rats were fed with the high-fat feeding method; the early atherosclerosis (AS) model of rat was established; after successful modeling, rats were given by gavage high-dose, medium-dose and...
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Application and Development Trend of Marine Biotechnology

Aihwa Wang
In China, marine biotechnology industry has become a key field of national economic development during the 12th Five-Year Plan. China has to enhance the development of marine biotechnology due to its large population and constant increase of grain price. As mariculture develops rapidly in the economic...
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Analysis of Composition Design and Construction Technology in Graded Broken Stone Base of Bituminous Pavement

Huakui Yang
The highway construction develops at top speed in our country. The monolithic architecture and building materials become better and approach perfection day by day. It also makes breakthrough in the technological process of graded broken stone base of bituminous pavement, to promote carrying capacity...
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A Study on Computer-aided Psychological Measurement

Huajie Sui, Xunbing Shen
The development of computer technology provides necessary technical support to the development and reform of psychological measurement. Analyzing the features and contents of computer-aided psychological measurement will push forward the research, development and innovation of computer-aided functions,...
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Quantitative Analysis of Psychological Endurance Capability in Basketball Sport

Huan Chu
Basketball is a charming sport. Countless fans in the world are crazy about it. It is also one of main events of the largest sport contest - Olympic Games. The research shows in large-scale basketball competition, strength and technical level of each high-level team do not differ a lot. Competition result...
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Kinematics and Statics Analysis of Dexterous Hand

Jin Guo, Jiangnan Ni
This study is based on the "Shadow" dexterous hand, whose mechanical structure are studied, and the displacement, velocity, acceleration and static force of dexterous hand joints are researched. Then the kinematics model is established by using D-H parameter method, and the forward and inverse kinematics...
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Study on CuS recycling from the waste of AMD bio-treatment

Xiaoye Liu, Shanzhi Xin, Zhen Lu
AMD pollution was considered as the world wide problem, Nowadays many technology (especially biotechnology) was researched to purified the waste water. However, the solid waste produced by the procedure was seldom payed attention to. In this research, 4 flocculants were applied to recycle the Cu in the...
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The Analysis of Face Recognition Based on BP Artificial Neural Network

Yang Du, Fei Guo
Today, with the constant development of science and technology, computer technology is improved gradually as well. But in today's computer technology development, the part of face recognition became a hot research point in pattern recognition of computer with the vast development prospect and application....
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A Stochastic Optimal Control Method of Home Energy Based on Adaptive Dynamic Programming

Yi Liu, Yun Zhang, Sizhe Chen
Home energy optimization (HEO) is an infinite horizon optimization problem, only adaptive dynamic programming (ADP) can solve infinite horizon optimization problem. But due to the existence of time-varying parameters, ADP can not converge to the optimal and can not be applied directly to the optimal...
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A Fast Fault Diagnosis Method for Electric Energy Metering Device Based on Spark Streaming

Zeyuan Duan, Dewen Wang
We present a fast fault diagnosis framework based on Spark Streaming for real-time online monitoring and fault diagnosis of electric energy metering device. In this framework, data collected by the power consumption information collection system is used as experimental in put data, which is simulated...
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Modeling and Simulation of Big Bus Equipped with Autonomous Emergency Braking System

Wuhua Jiang, Bolin Liu
Autonomous emergency braking system (AEBS) is important active safety technology, which aims to avoid collision or reduce collisions by automatic braking, has become a hot research topic in recent years. However, Modeling and simulation research on big bus is relatively limited, not systematic introduction....
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Research on Hydraulic Support Selection of Unmanned Fully-mechanized Coal Mining Face

Yongsheng Yang, Xuewen Li, Lizhi Zhang
The article introduced the knowledge about how to select the hydraulic support type. Aiming at the characteristics of thin coal seam in Huang Ling No.1 Coal Mine, by the use of empirical estimation method and numerical modeling method, the hydraulic support with large mining height was studied and selected....
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A Study on the Interfacial Adhesion Strength of Different Types of Calcium Carbonate Filled Poly (vinyl chloride) Composites

Chuansheng Liu, Chengbao Wu, Lieshu Lin
The Polyvinyl-chloride (PVC) composites filled with micro-Calcium Carbonate (CaCO3), submicro-CaCO3, nano-CaCO3 and nano-coating micron CaCO3 powder were prepared by the method of melt blending process. The tensile properties of the PVC/CaCO3 composites were tested at the room temperature. The interfacial...
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The Morphological Characteristics of the Particles of Woody Biomass Pulverized by Three Kinds of Mills

Chengbao Wu, Guosheng Gai, Yufen Yang, Lieshu Lin, Zhenghua Chen
The wood biomass with certain moisture content prepared by spraying artificially was pulverized by universal mill, cutting mill and the cage mill with the drying and transporting gas. The morphological characteristics of powder of the wood biomass with different moisture content were investigated by...
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Research On The Regional Division Of Free Surface Machining Based On K-Means Clustering Algorithm

Xianlong Han
For automobile covering parts of the die size and surface between adjacent points are frequent change of curvature and variation amplitude is bigger, the K-means clustering algorithm, to sub surface boundary region data parameterization, and ultimately realize the surface area. It is at this time, complex...
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Analysis and Development of Intelligent Tracking System for Whereabouts of the Elder

Ling-ling Wei, Wei Yang
Duo to occurrence missing frequently of the elder, it is designing a tracking system with the software design tools to show the system function, it will be real time rendering the elder tracking in a dynamic map, and set up a virtual area for the elder with the geo-fencing technology, and dynamic map...
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Laboratory Experiment Research on Multi-slug Alternative Injection Method of Polymer Flooding

Bin Huang, Cheng Fu
On simulation of reservoir conditions in Daqing Oilfield, the effect of different method of multi-slug alternative injection, concentration gradually decreased injection, and concentration increasing injection on oil displacement efficiency are studied by laboratory experiment. The experimental results...
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The Similarity Theory of the Whole Flow Field Inside the Cylinder Piston Engine Simulation Method a Preliminary Study

Guangxu Ren, Xiujuan Liu, Chunguang Wang
This paper illustrates the basic characteristics of the fluid flow inside the piston engine, the condition of clear piston engine full flow field research premise, puts forward a available for study of the turbulent flow field model, and based on this model, this paper expounds the basic methods of the...
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Unmanned Aircraft Preliminary Design and Pneumatic Gauge

Xiujuan Liu, Guangxu Ren, Chunguang Wang
The UAV found rapidly, it has the characteristics of manned aircraft do not have, such as cost, no risk of human life, and increasing people's attention. Unmanned aerial vehicle aerodynamic design, it affects the entire airplane aerodynamic characteristics and flight performance, aircraft preliminary...
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Air Quality Monitoring Network Localization Algorithm Based on RSSI Ranging

Bo Chang, Xin-rong Zhang, Bao-guo Xv
To keep abreast of the situation of environmental air quality, improve the quality of life, based on the actual needs of the air quality safety monitoring, a location method of the air quality monitoring network is proposed based on ranging correction and recursive LS estimation. This method mainly includes...
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TDOA Ranging Based Cooperative Localization for Wireless Sensor Network

Xin-rong Zhang, Bo Chang, Bao-guo Xv
Measurement error is known to degrade remarkably the target localization accuracy. Cooperative localization using time difference of arrival (TDOA) measurements is a major research subject for positioning applications which is concerned by this paper to reduce the loss in localization accuracy owing...
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Study on Feasibility of Sulfuric Acid Flooding in Pore-type Carbonate Reservoir

Bin Huang, Wei Zhang, Cheng Fu, Rui Xu, Zhenzhong Shi, You Lv
The content of carbonate in natural core was determined, the exothermic effect of sulfuric acid and water were analyzed and the increasement of core permeability due to the injection of sulfuric acid was determined. Finally, through the laboratory oil flooding test, the effect of sulfuric acid flooding...
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Document Structure Identification Method Based on Conditional Random Field

Yang Lei, Yingai Tian, Ning Li, Xiaolong Gao
On the basis of deep analysis on the structural features and heading features of documents, it has researched the classification method based on templates and the classification method based on statistics as well as the sequence labeling method based on CRF (Conditional Random Field), then proposed to...
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Research on Fault Location Method of VSWR for GSM-R System Leaky Cable

Jinxi Guo, Yang Liu, Duan Li, Xiucao Han
The security and stability of GSM-R wireless communication system plays an important role in the maintenance of railway operation. According to the GSM-R system, this paper gives the system composition of GSM-R, calculates the transmission loss of leaky coaxial cable and analyzes the common faults of...
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Design of Motion Control System for Quadruped Robot

Caixia Wang, Zhiwen Zhou, Ling Guo
Quadruped robots process lower control complexity and structural redundancy compared with 6 or 8 feet robots. Quadruped robots can adapt to all kinds of known or unknown complex environment, such as in disaster rescue, aerospace, space exploration, pipeline surveying and exploration. It can meet all...
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Segments Assembly Process Analysis and Quality Control Measures

Yuncai Xia
In continuous casting, continuous casting lines constitute a single continuous casting machine is generally referred segment, In general, it is divided into actuate segment (or curved section), straightening section, horizontal section and so on. According to different billet can be divided into plate...
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Analysis and Research of Composite Materials Machining

Rong Zhang
This paper summarizes the classifications features and basic properties of the composite materials, The characteristics and the problems of the composite cutting are analyzed, Especially for metal-based composite materials, drawn the relationship between cutting speed and tool wear is plotted, the feed...
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Research on Detectivity of Air-to-ground Missile Dual-mode Seeker

Jian Hu, Fanjun Hu
According to research on centralized detection theory of air-to-ground missile dual-mode seeker, the theory detecting threshold value is got by the method of likelihood ratio function. Based on quantitative analysis of air-to-ground missile dual-mode seeker detectivity, the relationship between S/N and...
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Design of Automatic Test System for a Missile Radar Signals Receiver Based on PC104 Computer

Xiaoyu Zhang, Guifang Cai
Radar signals receiver is the important signals processor of a missile, it is important for the missile to transform and process the missile's signals. In order to assure the stability of the radar signals receiver, a kind of automatic test system for a missile radar signals receiver based on PC104 is...
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Design of a Sprout Layer-rack Aeroponic Cultivation Device

Yi Guo, Lanfen Chen, Guiqin Zhang
a sprout layer-rack aeroponic cultivation device has been designed to solve the problems of low space utilization rate, large consumption of irrigation water, unbalanced growth amount and low automaticity in sprout production. SolidWorks has been employed to build 3D models for spare parts and the overall...
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A Design of Monitor Terminal for Real-time State of Electric Vehicle Based on Dual Buses

Yu-lin Yan, Chun-guang Liu, Zi-li Liao, Jie-yin Huang
Aiming at the numbers of system state parameters and high real-time requirements of real vehicle test, in order to monitor and record various status indicators in actual operation of Multi-Wheel-Independent-Drive(M-WID) Electric Vehicle with in-wheel motor, a real-time monitor recording terminal equipment...
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Effectiveness Analysis of Missile System Support Ability

Ning Ma, Tao Zhang
An efficacy evaluation model of a certain missile technical support system is established by adopting ADC method. Both important influencing factors and evaluation index of system effectiveness are determined via analyzing the missile technical support process. Simulation results show that the proposed...
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Application of hospital information security based on Intelligent Intrusion Detection System

Xingshan Li, Yifan Zhang, Min Xu
The intelligent improved NPRIM algorithm is applied to the new hospital in intrusion detection system, and has done a lot of experiments on simulation data sets, design a high detection rate and low false detection rate based on clustering and the boundary point detection of intelligent intrusion detection...
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One-stop Service for Multi-Source Heterogeneous Remote Sensing Data

ZhenChun Huang, AnRun Zhong, GuoQing Li
The increasing growth of remote sensing data and geoscience research poses great challenges to remote sensing data services. One of them is integrate heterogeneous data provided by multi space agencies and provide a one-stop data service. In this paper, a 3-layerd architecture is proposed and two different...
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Recognition and Judgment of Electromagnetic Disturbance of Telemetry Equipment Based on Machine Learning

Luolan Yang, Jiaqi Sun, Linqiao Jia
The complex electromagnetic environment will interfere with the performance of telemetry equipment, and the interference can not be directly observed and identified. The state of the data mining equipment is subject to the problem of electromagnetic interference, the use of support vector machine method...
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State Parameter Test Research of the Automatic Ramming Organ System

Guobao Ding, Rui Zhu, He Cui
Through analysis related signal ADMAS simulation during exercise of the feed mechanism,shell transfer arm,rammer of the automatic ramming organ system,set up an automatic ramming organ system state parameters test system,which is made up of a set of laser displacement sensor,encoder,angular velocity...
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Adsorption properties of methylene blue on hectorite: kinetic and Thermodynamics studies

Jun Ma, Su-yan Tian, Shan-liang Mu, Shao-lei Xie, Rong-jian Ying
Hectorite has been designed and synthesized by hydrothermal way, which is used for removal of methylene blue (MB) from aqueous solution. The experiment data was analyzed using pseudo-second-order kinetics, intra-particle diffusion and film diffusion. The characteristic parameters for each model have...
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Corrosion behaviour of Ni-P-SiO2 electroless composite coating

Su-Yan Tian, Jun Ma, Rong-Jian Ying, Shan-Liang Mu
In this paper, the protective electroless Ni-P/SiO2 on iron substrate were successfully prepared. The prepared Ni-P/SiO2 electroless composite coating were characterized for morphology, microstructure. The anticorrosion properties of the Ni-P/SiO2 coating in 10wt.% HCl solution were evaluated by immersion...
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Progresses on Thermodynamic Properties of the Systems Containing Lithium and Borate Ions by Isopiestic Method

Yujuan Cao, Long Li, Shangqing Chen, Yafei Guo, Lingzong Meng, Tianlong Deng
Isopiestic method is a common experimental method used in the field of the thermodynamic property of electrolyte solutions. The principle of isopiestic method, the development of isopiestic equipment and the application of isopiestic method in the field of thermodynamic properties of aqueous solutions...
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Effect of fog-haze on the hydrophobicity of Silicone Rubber in winter

Jianhui Wang, Yueju Zhao, Jilin Teng, Wenhua Miao, Guogang Wang, Mingjun Sun
Recently, fog-haze weather has become very frequent, and have a great impact on human life and production, especially for power transmission lines. In this paper, silicone rubber samples were contaminated in simulated winter fog-haze chamber for certain time. It was found that winter fog-haze environment...
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Amphiphilic Graphene Composite Based on Nanoscale ionic Materials

Liusuo Wu, Yueju Zhao, Jilin Teng, Wenhua Miao, Huiyu Li, Mingjun Sun
Sufficient solubility of graphene composite in different solvents is a prerequisite for their further practical applications. In this study, the amphiphilic graphene composite was prepared based on Nanoscale ionic materials (NIMs). The graphene composite showes even dispersion and moths-long stability...
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Preparation of SO42-/ZrO2 solid superacid and its efficient catalytic properties on the liquefaction of rapeseed straw

Xiaowei Han, Runping Jia
SO42-/ZrO2 solid superacid were prepared by the method of precipitation impregnation and the samples were characterized by SEM, XRD, and FT-IR. Then the samples were applied into the liquefied reaction of the waste rapeseed straw to prepare the biomass polyols and found it possessed efficient catalytic...
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Research Progress on Synchronous Control of Mechanical System

Hui Chen, Zhimin Qiu
With the continuous development of economic and society, there is a new momentum in the development of modern manufacturing, marked by more complicated production tasks and high accuracy production requirements. Many times in order to complete the complex production task, we need to put multiple mechanical...
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Research Progress on Strengthen Mechanism and Technology of Mechanical Processing

Miao He, Yi Jiang
Along with the ongoing society development, people gradually gets a higher demand for daily life quality, which means a vital function for mechanical processing industry in its mechanism and technology development. This paper mainly talks about the development research on mechanism and technology in...
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Research on Real-time Visual Surveillance Technology of High Speed Mechanical System Movement Features

Jie Zhang, Dong Xu
Movement features in high speed mechanical system are showing up quickly aside with the rapid society development. It can not only improve the mechanical movement efficiency, but also determines the whole real-time visual surveillance outcomes. This paper aims at analyzing these features and coming up...
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Study on Effects of Polymer for SP Binary Flooding on Emulsion Flowing Rules in Porous Medium

Jianlong Xiu, Weiyao Zhu, Ying Guo, Li Yu
In surfactant-polymer binary flooding, to study the effects of polymer in emulsion seepage flow rules in porous medium, artificial sandstone cores were established to carry out the experimental analysis. Biology microscope and sample analytic control methods were employed for all samples. Results displayed...
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SimMechanics Simulation Analysis and Experiments Research on Orchard Vehicle Stability Control

Xin Wang, Dong Wang, Bo Xing, Yuding Bai, Jingkai Zhang, Peng Qiu, Shumao Wang
This paper presents a dynamic orchard vehicle model in the SimMechanics simulation environment of Matlab. The model's function is to replace physical vehicles during different experiments in rollover and pitch research. Two simplified linear dynamic models are developed to analyze the force situation...
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Dynamics Modeling and Evaluation of Deterministic Dynamics in Advanced Avionics Networks

Guoquan Zhang, Qifeng Ren, Qiming Yang, Jiandong Zhang, Yan Zhang
In recent years, the development of avionics system is rapid, and many advanced technologies have been adopted, that improve the performance of avionics system and increase the complexity of system structure.Therefore, it is urgent to optimize the avionics system by studying the avionics network topology...
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Facial expression recognition research based on blocked local feature

Erdong Zhang, Shuo Xu, Peng Zhang
Focus on the key feature extraction and selection of facial expression recognition, this paper firstly extracts the global Gabor features and facial key expression as local features. Then centering, rotating and scaling every feature block with Procrustes analysis to reduce the effect of position and...
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On Switched Control of Networked System with Limited Communication and Handoff Delay

Zhiwen Wang, Yewei Yu, Xuan Li
In this paper, the issues of stability analysis and controller design of networked switched control system are discussed by considering the communication limitation and handoff delay simultaneously. Based on Lyapunov stability theory and linear matrix inequality, the minimum average dwell time and the...
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Design of Environment Monitoring System Based on GPRS and ARM

Cui Zhao, Zhi Gong
For the problems of our country's environment monitoring system, an environment monitoring system based on GPRS and ARM techniques is designed in this paper. The monitor uses LPC2220 as its control core which is an ARM7 microcontroller, sensors collect data of SO2, temperature and humidity, and then...
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Determination of the amorphous phase in titania and its influence on photocatalytic properties

Guang Hu, Sainan Chen, Qinfang Shi, Xiang He, Pengcheng Chen
In the present work, we compare the photocatalytic activity of titania samples normalized to the sample weight and specific surface area (SSA), and show a correlation between the PCA of titania catalysts with similar phase compositions and amorphous phase contents. Catalysts with a significant amorphous...