Proceedings of the 2015 6th International Conference on Manufacturing Science and Engineering

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A small UAV deviation control roll research

Tianxiang Hu
This paper according to the small UAV structure characteristics, the taxiing control structure and control law design are studied and proposed front wheel and rudder deviation control scheme and control structure, analysis, including the front landing gear, pavement condition, brake system, wind and...
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Trajectory Planning for Reentry Maneuverable Ballistic Missiles

Yu Xie, Liang Pan, Tianbao Yuan
A trajectory planning scheme is proposed to satisfy the requirements of maneuver and terminal guidance constraints in the reentry flight for ballistic missiles. The reentry interface circle with the target point as its center is determined according to the range of the reentry phase. Then, a reference...
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Dynamic analysis of nonlocal-gradient elastic nano-beams resting on an elastic foundation

Jianshe Peng, Liu Yang, Fan Lin
Dynamic analysis of nonlocal-gradient elastic nano-beams resting on an elastic foundation is investigated in this paper. The nonlocal-gradient elastic beam model, which has two independent gradient coefficients, based on the classical nonlocal elasticity theory and strain gradient theory, can be interpreted...
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Melamine Medicated by Gastric Acid to Cyanuric Acid Lead to Kidney Damage and its Repair

Zheng Qi, Miao Yu, Guosong Xin, Yubin Ji
This study focused on the melamine-cyanuric acid crystals formation by melamine does alone, and to explore the resource of cyanuric acid and kidney failure repair.
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Research on the Tourism Scenic Spot E-Business Integration Framework

Tao Hu, Yalin Zhang, Shangkui Zheng, Yetong Wang, Yang Cao, Lin Qiao
Although scenic spots make the use of various different technology in mangy business departments such as human resources management, inventory(warehouse) management, sales management, manufacturing workshop, financial department, office automation and so on. However, it is a big problem how to construct...
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Robust optimization for location-routing problem with stochastic demand under facilities failure risk

Huali Sun, Quanyi Cui, Yaofeng Xue
Relief distribution is one of the key steps for emergency response after a major public emergency. Relief commodities requirements of demand node are presented intervals based on robust optimization. The facilities failure risk is processed by stochastic programming. The model of emergency location-routing...
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The permeation action of gases coolant and lubricant in cutting zone

Y. Zhang, L. Han, Q. Li, L.P. Dong, Y.Q. Ma
The gases of nitrogen, oxygen, argon and carbon dioxide were employed as coolant and lubricant in metal cutting. Therefore, the smaller kinetic diameter of gas, leads to the lower cutting forces and deformation coefficient. A conical capillary model is proposed, based on the experimental results and...
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Neural adaptive control for flocking of Agents with unknown nonlinear dynamics

Xiaowei Qi, Guang Ren
This paper is concerned with the leader-follower flocking problem of networked nonholonomic multi-agent systems with non-identical unknown nonlinear dynamics. The leader motion to be synchronized is also non-linear and unknown. By employing the graph theory and a pinning control technique,a distributed...
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Asset Management and Method of Power Grid Projects based on the Life Cycle Theory

Jiang Zhu, Hang Yin, Chaochen Xu, Yang Wei, Guanqing Wang
With the large scale development of the power grid, the refined asset management has become very important in the power grid enterprises. The traditional asset management mode is extensive which can not meet the requirements and needs from the power grid enterprises. In this paper, an improved management...
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Research on Seismic Performance of Reinforced Concrete Shear Wall Structure

Zheng Li, Heng Zhou, Li Qin
The seismic performance of 7-story reinforced concrete shear wall structure is studied, by the shaking table test of the reduced-scaled model. Two test conditions are considered, namely, fixed base and considering soil structure interaction. Under above two conditions, the acceleration time history response...
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Study on the array calibration algorithm based on the minimum mean square error criterion

Huanhui Liang, Chao Tang, Biyuan Jiang, Bin Fang
The antenna array could raise the performance of the wireless communication system. There always exists certain error between the system theoretical output and actual output due to the system error. Based on the minimum mean square error criterion, we introduce an antenna array calibration matrix which...
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Novel Method of Face Feature Extraction and the Realization based on DSP

Jinqing Liu, Yin Liu, Qunzhen Fan
Face recognition is an attractive article in pattern recognition and artifical intelligence field. From the actual requirements, the DSP hardware structure is introduced, two feature extraction algorithms are used; and then a method is proposed. the method is based on combination Discrete Wavelet Transform...
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Novel method of Automatic Recognition for Analog Measuring Instruments

Jinqing Liu, Yin Liu, Lichun Yu
Present a novel method of automatic recognition for analog measuring instruments with region growing. The whole algorithm consists of pointer extraction algorithms based on region growing method and pointer recognition algorithms based on hit-miss transform method or least square method. Besides, the...
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Research on the selection mechanism of the agent based on AHP- fuzzy comprehensive evaluation method

Qingguo Hu, Yao Zhong, Zheng Wang, Jianpeng Wu
In view of the problem of the subjectivity and some factors are hard to quantify in the process of selecting the agent for government investment projects. Draw on relevant research results,analysis of the factors affecting the comprehensive ability of the agent and establish a comprehensive ability evaluation...
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Research on medical image retrieval algorithm

Jinguo Wang, Na Wang, Rui Wang
Along with the development of medical imaging technology and the popularization of hospital information network (such as PACS, HIS, RIS), a large number of medical images which contain the physiological, pathological and anatomical information in a modern hospital every day will be produced. These images...
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Research on Medical image retrieval based on HSI color model

Jinguo Wang, Na Wang, Rui Wang
The ideal image retrieval should be both automatic extraction of keywords and the bottom of the content-based retrieval. For medical image retrieval, not only to take into account the content of the image itself, but also related to the image of other medical information, such as the text of the diagnostic...
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Research on medical image segmentation based on FCM algorithm

Jinguo Wang, Na Wang, Rui Wang
This paper summarizes and compares the current medical image segmentation algorithm based on FCM algorithm. Based on the summary of the existing research results, this paper further designs the correlation algorithm, in order to obtain better segmentation results and higher operating efficiency.
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Research on medical ultrasound image processing

Jinguo Wang, Na Wang, Rui Wang
Image processing plays an important role in the quantitative and qualitative analysis of medical ultrasound images. It has a direct impact on the follow-up analysis. The correct processing result is the guarantee for the clinical application of the diagnostic information from the ultrasonic image, and...
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Application of Photovoltaic Power Generation System in Military Systems

Xinrui Wang, Long He, Changbin Ju
Photovoltaic power generation because of the advantages of no noise, no pollution characteristics, but also has wide application in the military field, this paper first reviews the current photovoltaic power generation applications in public military facilities, military soldier equipment, small military...
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Digital Signal Processing System Research and Design Based on FPGA

Xin Zhang
Hardware platform of digital signal processing systems based on FPGA is researched and designed in this paper. Processing and data communication with an external SRIO is the main responsible by the DSP, and FPGA is responsible for modulation and demodulation, encoding and decoding, real-time signal processing...
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Qualitative and Quantitative Study of Gukefuyao Prepartion Using FT-IR and HPLC

Jingbo Sun, Lihua Zhang, Zitong Li, Chunying Qiao, Li Qu
Objective To establish methods for the quantitative and qualitative identify of Gukefuyao preparation. Methods Characteristic absorption peaks of Gukefuyao preparation powder and its different extracts were identified, compared and analyzed according to the peaks’ shape, position and intensity in infrared...
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Laboratory investigation of the Bending properties of Glass Fiber Grid Reinforced Gussasphalt

Bo Gao, Min Wang, Zengheng Hao
In combination with the composite material technology, add the glass fiber grid into gussasphalt deck pavement system to form glass fiber grid reinforced gussasphalt. Analysis shows that adding the grid can increase the bending performance. Three point bending test was did to do verification and results...
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Pharmacological Research of Schisandra Chinensis(Turcz.) Baill.

Zhidong Hou, Guangyu Xu, Xiao Han, Guangxin Yuan, Yu Sheng, Hongyu Li, Jingbo Sun, Manli Wang, Nanxi Zhao, Peige Du, Liping An
Schisanda Chinensis Baill is one of the most commonly used in Chinese folk medicine, it belongs to the magnoliaceae plants, named Chinese prickly ash, its medicinal part is fruit and traditional Chinese medical theory have already implicated that its acid, sweet, warm, lungs, heart, kidney, with fluid...
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A New Pressure Control Method in the System with Separate Control of Actuator Ports

Di Wang, Junzheng Wang, Shoukun Wang
For a valve controlled cylinder speed system with separate control of actuator ports, combining static operation point theory and load sensitivity technology, a new pressure control method is proposed. An optimal pressure based on command speed and load force was the input of pressure controller. At...
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Research on Software Scheduling Technology Base on Multi-Buffered Parallel Encryption

Rong Zeng, Wei Xia, Hongkai Wang, Xiaogang Gong
Multiple buffers parallel-encryption technology uses multiple buffers, takes advantage of the data transfer bus and saves data transmission time. By keeping encryption chip been in working condition, can Improve the efficiency of encryption chip, and effectively improve the performance of cryptographic...
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Model Identification for an Active Vibration Isolator

Yunfeng Wang, Baoshan Zhao, Litong Wang
In this article, the process model of an active vibration isolator including the secondary path and the primary path are developed based on state space theory and NR-LMS identification method. The frequency response functions from the identified model and the experiment are compared, The results indicate...
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Sensitivity Analysis on Temperature Influence Factors of Refrigerated Truck

Jin Li, Changzheng Huang
In order to get the influence parameters on the temperature in the refrigerated compartment, the influence of temperature on the temperature of the refrigerated compartment was established, and the influence of the sensitive factors on the temperature of the refrigerated compartment was analyzed. The...
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Direct teaching on industrial robot without force sensor

Wei Gu, Lei Shi, Xincheng Tian
In order to improve the efficiency of robot teach, this paper presents a direct teaching control strategy for industrial robot with no need for multidimensional force/torque sensor. The kinematics and statics of a specific six-DOF robot are analyzed, and the joints’ torque is educed. In the direct teaching...
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The Design and Realization of Users one-stop service platform Based on 3G Network

Zhuyan Li, Guixian Zhou
designed and implemented a set of typical education cloud platform system, the platform adopts the double virtual network architecture, the network is divided into two layers: the underlying real device based on virtual support platform, to build the business layer.
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The Design of Automated Negotiation Framework for SMEs Networking

Zhuyan Li, Guixian Zhou
Small and Medium size Enterprises (SMEs) are considered as the backbone of the manufacturing industry in China, and a breeding ground for business ideas for the knowledge-based economy. Flexible integration of resources and engineering collaboration of self-governed SMEs is expected to facilitate the...
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Improved Design for Full Wave Rectifier Rectification Circuit

Lihua Liu
The paper proposes an improved circuit based on peak value hold and compensation sub-circuit. Simulation proves the circuit is suitable to signal in range from 50hz to 1Mhz while keeping low harmonic distortion. The circuit is lower cost than usual circuit.
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A Kind of Low Cost Design for Detecting Humidity

Lihua Liu
The paper introduces the design using capacitive humidity sensors to detect the humidity. By 555 oscillators, the capacitive humidity sensors can change the output frequency. The microchip controller can account the frequency and then according to the math equation, obtaining the humidity information.
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A Study on the Key Technology of Education Information Cloud Service Platform Integration

Linlin Yuan, Guixian Zhou, Jin Qin
Along With the development of new technology, cloud computation has become a new computing model and new Internet application mode, which is developed based on grid calculation. The concept, definition, features, layer architecture and service mode of cloud computation are described. The problems of...
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The key technology research of higher vocational education cloud platform in guizhou Based on big data

Linlin Yuan, Jin Qin, Ying Huang
designed and implemented a set of typical education cloud platform system, the platform adopts the double virtual network architecture, the network is divided into two layers: the underlying real device based on virtual support platform, to build the business layer.
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Studies on Key Technologies for Purchasing Management System Based on Application Service Provider

Guixian Zhou
This paper studied the base framework of purchasing management system based on application service provider (ASP), presented the system structure for purchasing management system based on application service provider (ASP), built the operation model of purchasing management system based on ASP, based...
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Ontology Integration Research on XML Query and Normalization

Gang Luo, Hongfeng Xu
Nowadays the need for sharing and exchanging information is becoming more and more important. Based on ontology, this paper proposes an integration framework for manufacturing systems. With the XML has been more widely used in many fields, the development of the sophisticated XML-based data management...
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A Design of Wireless Communication Device based on Infrared Light

Bo Zhang, Jianping Xing, Xiaoting Sun, Qingtao Zhao
Infrared light communication is a kind of communication method that uses infrared ray to transmit information including voice, text, data, images and so on. In this paper, a kind of wireless communication device based on infrared light is designed, which uses the near-infrared band of 950nm to transmit...
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Analysis of the Dynamic Characteristics of Seat Headrest During Impact

Tao Jiang, Guilin Zhang, Min Li, Huiming Li
A energy-absorber device with gravity pendulum of car seat headrest is introduced in this paper, and has a analysis at the dynamic characteristics of headrest by use the method of three component-force detection. A force measuring system from the three component-force detection is brought up to reseach...
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Research on Control Method of Turning Plate Based on Image Processing Technology

Chunyu He, Zhijie Jiao, Xiaogang Wu, Jun Wang
In this paper, the image characteristics of rectangular parts like plate analyzed in this paper in view of the demand for automatic truning plate in the rolling process. Image processing technology is used to identify the image, based on the edge detection algorithm, contour tracking algorithm and edge...
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An Improved Feature Weighting Strategy in Chinese Text Categorization

Jia Song, Sijun Qin, Pengzhou Zhang
In the process of document formalization, feature weight algorithm plays an essential role. It greatly interferes with the performance of the classifier. To improve the classic TF-IDF algorithm on its shortcomings that ignore feature distribution among the classes, we develop a new strategy to weight...
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Analysis of Efficient Terahertz cavity phase matching Difference Frequency Generation in a GaAs Crystal sheet

Huihui Xu, Zhiming Rao, Fangsen Xie
In this paper explore the terahertz (THz) wave generation based on cavity phase matching (CPM) difference frequency generation (DFG) in a GaAs crystal sheet. This scheme applying cavity phase matching (CPM) is proposed. The wave propagation of the higher frequency pump wave is parallel to the wave propagation...
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The comparison analysis on electrostatic field boundary value problem solving in using avariety of algorithms

Yifei Wu, Weigang Zheng
Respectively by use of the finite difference method and based on thePDE Tool finite element method solving the analysis of rectangular metal tank boundary of electrostatic field boundary value problem, the finite difference method using a simple iteration, Gauss Seidel iterative, successive over relaxation...
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Research on harmonic characteristics of electronic instrument transformer

Chunyan Yang, Haoliang Hu, Dengyun Li, Qianzhu Xiong, Qi Nie, Zili Xu, Zhongming Wang
A harmonic error measurement system which can simulate the actual operating conditions of electronic instrument transformer was established for electronic instrument transformer harmonic error measurement. The system consists of High-power current and voltage harmonic source which is used to output fundamental...
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Research on Evaluation Method of Distribution Network State

Shiqi Liu, Yaojia Yang, Hui Peng
In recent years, power grid assessments are more and more important with the continuous development of distribution network. Although much research has been done about evaluation method of medium voltage distribution network, it is hard to establish a united evaluation system of distribution network...
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A deviation transfer vector loop construction method based on assembly constraint

Haitao Liu, Jianjun Tang
Effective build assembly deviation transfer path is the basis for fast and reliable assembly precision prediction, for which proposed a deviation transfer vector loop construction method based on assembly constraint. First datum reference frames, reference path, assembly connection point and other parameters...
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Review of Time Series Analysis Method Research

Fei Li, Danyuan Zhao, Muyang Wang, Xuan Wang, Qiyue Hu, Chao Lv
Theory and method provided by time series analysis are one of the tools for large-scale high-difficulty comprehensive topic research. In recent years, many scholars obtained extremely fruitful results in research on time series. Some scholars developed new methods on the basis of existing time series...
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The Design and Implementation of the Virtual National Costumes Museum Based on VRP

Zichen Meng, Yaxia Liu, Hongyun Xiong
Virtual museum is a virtual display of the traditional physical museum through 3D modeling and virtual reality technology. In this paper, the National Costume Museum of Beijing Institute Of Fashion Technology is used as the background, the Google Corporation SketchUp software is used to model, then the...
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The Schedule Optimization and Control of Nuclear Power Construction Project Prophase Based on Petri Network

Yu Lei, Ruyu Zhang, Yan Ding, Jianfeng Lin, Lirong Liu, Lei Qin
The work content of nuclear power plant project prophase covers a wide range, involves many kinds of professional, which cause the work coordination of the whole stage more difficult, have very strong complexity and uncertainty. On the basis of WBS decomposition in the initial feasibility study phase...
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A post-evaluation Research of Economical Effects for Power Grid Construction Project Based on ANP-Hesitate Linguistics

Liaoyi Ning, Liang Fan, Jinyuan Liu, Ce Xiu, Kaifeng Chen
In electric power system reform environment, grid companies have to estimate the economic performance of power grid construction project completed with a more market-oriented perspective. Therefore, economic efficiency post-appraisal model of the power grid is proposed in this paper. In view of the problem...
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The design and implementation of the environment monitoring system of smart home based on EnOcean technology

Peng Dong, Yunliang Wang
The environment monitoring system is an important component of the smart home system. The real-time collection of data related to the temperature, humidity, luminosity plays a vital role in improving people’s household living environment. To solve the problems of complex routing, low intelligence and...
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A Brief Analysis of the Key Technologies of Power Enterprise Network Perimeter Information Interactive Security Audit

Hao Yang, Nan Lin, Yongcai Xiao, Lingling Zhang
According to the structures of internal and external information networks of power enterprises and the characteristics of enterprise network perimeter information interactions, the paper designs a security audit model and a security assessment framework based on state graph perception, proposes related...
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A Novel Design Method about the Double Spectrum Night Vision System

Yi Qin
With the rapid development of the automotive market and growing sense of security, the requirement of people to automotive safety higher and higher. If used auto infrared night vision system, it can improve the view definition and reduce the occurrence of traffic accidents at night. The infrared night...
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Researches about the MTBF evaluation method and the reliability improvement technologies of typical power adapter

Zhong-Hong Shen, Lin Yang, Chun-Xu Jiang
This paper researched about the MTBF evaluation method and the reliability improvement technologies of typical power adapter. Firstly, the basic structure of a typical power adapter was introduced; secondly, the reliability model was built, and the reliability parameter MTBF was evaluated; thirdly, some...
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Control of Brushless DC Motor with Ant Colony Optimization

Yong-Wang Fang, Hong-Wei Fang, Mu-Feng Xiong
A novel speed servo control approach for the elevator door driving system is proposed to improve the performance. The control approach includes a current loop and a speed loop. The fuzzy logic controller is utilized in the speed loop, where the logic rules are designed and parameters are adjusted based...
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The study of comparisons of three crossover operators in genetic algorithm for solving single machine scheduling problem

Ouyang Quan, Hongyun Xu
genetic algorithm is a common method for solving combinatorial optimization problems and the selection of crossover operators in genetic algorithm will directly affect the performance of the algorithm. In this paper, we compare the performance of three crossover operators, partially mapped crossover...
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Principle and kinematic model analysis of a new type of crane telescopic sleeve for marine crane

Guangdong Han, Hang Li, Haiquan Chen, Yuqing Sun, Jinnan Zhang, Shanghai Wang
For offshore crane in the operation process, due to the suspension of lifting wire rope belongs to the flexible parts and wind, wave and ocean environment .These cause the load swing .A new type of offshore crane telescopic sleeve stabilizer was proposed .It uses the casing of the rigid constraints to...
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Design and implementation of the noise sensor signal conditioning

Guangdong Han, Hang Li, Haiquan Chen, Yuqing Sun, Jinnan Zhang, Shanghai Wang, Zhuanzhao Liu
the design of signal conditioning circuit module is mainly used for weak signal sensor noise amplification and regulation, the module uses LM386 integrated audio amplifier for signal preamplifier, using precision rectifier converts the amplified signal to the DC output, at the same time using differential...
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Research on Lightning Over-voltage and Lightning Protection of 500kV HGIS Substation

Tong Wang, Youping Fan
To ensure safe and reliable operation of the substation, avoid the equipment damage caused by lightning wave invasion, which threats the safe operation of power system, it is necessary to research the influence factors of the substation lightning overvoltage and lightning protection measures. Taking...
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Design of Satellite Telemetry Based on PUS under Limited Downlink Channel

Yang Liu, Zongde Li, Xuejing Ding, Yuanyuan Dai
A design scheme of satellite telemetry based on PUS was introduced. Five types of packet were classified and the downloading strategy was elaborated to make full of the downlink resource under limited downlink channel. The application of it shows the feasibility and efficiency of it in satellite development.
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Study of multiscale detection in near distance image for numbers of people in elevator car

Bin Xu, Jing Yang, Feng Xu, Mangmang Guo
It is necessary to have a video surveillance of the quantity of people in construction elevator to take down the emergence of casualty like death in group. Considering the relatively tiny spacing in the car and complex background, the results of existing people counting algorithm are not satisfactory....
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Optimization of Coal-fired Boiler on LS-SVM Model and PSO Algorithms

Yizhuo Zhang, Hongjin Zhang, Weidong Zhang
With the deterioration of dust storm in recent years, environmental protection has become a topic for everyone. The most important problem of environmental protection comes from coal combustion which can be improved by combustion optimization. And combustion optimization has been proved to be an effective...
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Human-computer interaction system for hand recognition based on depth information from Kinect sensor

Yangtai Shen, Qing Ye
Over the past few years, people demands human-computer interaction system with more intelligent function, such as gesture recognition and motion recognition. This paper acquires color and depth information from Kinect sensor in order to capture hand motion and interact with the computer game. By using...
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Freight Volume Forecast of Wuhan City Circle Based on Wavelet Neural Network

Zhengxiang Yang, Guimin Xu
Freight system is a complex system with multi factors coupling. The relationship among the factors of freight is staggered, showing strong randomness, uncertainty and nonlinearity. The wavelet neural network combines the self-learning ability of the neural network with the powerful detail feature of...
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Pedestrian Detection in Infrared Video Images

Di Wu, Wei Liu
This paper introduces a method to detect pedestrians in infrared video images and studies its application into intelligent video surveillance. As part of a far infrared thermometric system in public places, our algorithm is aimed at the detection of human bodies in fixed area. According to the characteristics...
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A New Approach of Image denosie Based on The Steerable Pyramid Wavelet

Ming Yin, Liwei Wang
In this paper, we proposed a new method which exploit the generalized Gaussian distribution (GCD) as the modeling of the sub-band coefficients and estimate the parameter corresponding. We use the generalized non-local means expression and propose an generalized non-local means algorithm based on the...
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Study on Fuzzy Self-adaptive PID for Galvanometer Control System

Shengnan Li, Jianzhong Cao, Zuofeng Zhou
A new method based on fuzzy self-adaptive PID for the galvanometer control system is presented. This method overcomes some defects of the traditional PID control, such as lower control precision and worse anti-jamming performance. At first, this paper analyzed the theory of galvanometer control system...
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The amendatory method of three dimensional rotary mechanisms

Yan Shi, Zongzheng Liu, Xinmin Liu, Hongwei Han
First, the author measures the pose of the aircraft model under the help of Laser Tracker System; then, the author creates the amendatory equation on the bases of measuring; At last, the compensation value is input into the control system, a enhanced result can be got. The paper affirms the Captive Trajectory...
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Enhanced the adsorption of cadmium by modified orange peel with sodium hydroxide and ethyl alcohol

Jing Gao, Shiyu Jiang, Yunxu Zhu, Shanglong Chen
The aim of this work was to modify orange peel with sodium hydroxide and ethyl alcohol, and optimize the modified conditions and the adsorption parameters. The effects of various parameters including NaOH solution volume, NaOH solution concentration, ethyl alcohol volume, reaction time, reaction temperature,...
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Design and implementation of OFDM-MFSK IF modulator based on FPGA

Yuelei Xie, Deqian Zeng, Xiaofu Xia
OFDM-MFSK is a hybrid modulation scheme which is resistant to multipath fading and frequency shift. So it is more suitable for high speed mobile communication scenarios where the channels are distorted by multipath propagation and Doppler shift. In this paper, an OFDM-MFSK modulator is designed and implemented...
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Underwater Target Multi-feature Fusion Recognition Technology Based on D-S Evidence Reasoning

Yuan Peng, Chen Hu, Lin Mu, Fengzhen Zhang
Underwater target recognition is a key technique in military command system. Decision recognition is the last key step. It fully makes several sensor several kinds of feature and classifier to be combined to form the uniform description to the target according to the optimizing criterion. The paper mainly...
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Studies on the Dynamics of a Supercavitating Vehicle

Fu-Qiang Ma, Yan-Sen Liu, Yang Wang
Due to imperfect water entry, a high speed supercavitating vehicle, while moving in the forward direction, rotatesinside the cavity. This rotation leads to a series of impacts between the vehicle body and the cavity wall. The impacts affect the trajectory as well as the stability of motion of the vehicle....
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A Key Point Extraction Method of Lip Contours Based on Jumping Snake

Yuanyao Lu, Song Geng
Lip segmentation and key point extraction from human mouth image are essential steps in lip-reading applications. In this paper, a method is proposed to improve key point extraction. First, mouth is detected according to the structure and proportion of the face. Second, two corners of the mouth are detected...
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Effect of Anthocyanins from Purple Corn (Zea mays L.) on DF-1 Cells

Ziteng Huang, Dan Wang, Yue Ma, Chao Zhang, Yubin Wang, Xiaoyan Zhao
This study investigates the composition and content of anthocyanins, which are from the purple corn (Zea mays L.) bracts. The content of purple corn anthocyanins (PCA) is 17.13%. Results of the identification of PCA showed that the most prominent of the all components was cyanidin type. DF-1 cells were...
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The Design of Multi-function Household Wiring Board Based on Single Chip Microcomputer

Ting-Qiang Wu, De-Lian Luo, Zhong-Gang Xiong
In order to study the automatic control of multi - functional home wiring board, and can achieve real-time measurement of power consumption function, this paper uses the microcontroller to control the design of a human infrared inductive electronic multi-function home wiring board. It is mainly composed...
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Network Design and Performance Analysis of Wearable Wireless Sensor Network

Lincong Zhang, Wenbo Zhang
Wearable devices have got rapidly development in recent years, and the information transmission of them becomes an international research focus. To meet the requirement of reliability, real time and high throughput, ZigBee protocol plays an important role with its own inherent advantages and reasonable...
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Discrimination of black onion flavor using the electronic nose

Dan Wang, Panpan Liu, Yue Ma, Yubin Wang, Xiaoyan Zhao
The flavor of onions at different processing times (0, 6, 14 20 days) were monitored by electronic nose. Different sensors were sensitive to different compounds. The results showed that the sulfur compounds were the major components in the onions, which decreased significantly with the increasing of...
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Wireless sensor network data fusion based on GSO improved BP algorithm

Fanjin Mai, Huajian Huang
In order to improve the efficiency of data fusion in wireless sensor networks and reduce the energy consumption of the system, a new method of data fusion based on GSO algorithm for optimizing BP neural network is proposed. Sensor nodes sensing data, and then use the GSO algorithm to optimize the BP...
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An Improved Canny Algorithm Based on Median Filtering and Adaptive Threshold in Robot Training System

Yidong Bao, Dongmei Wu
The system of robot virtual operation training requires effective soft-tissue organ models, of which the shape and size shall be obtained according to patients’ medical image. The way of cutting required organ image from CT scans with noise background is essentially important. This paper proposes a kind...
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Study on Stress Analysis and Experimental Measurement of Isolated Switch Porcelain Insulator

Peng Wang, Qiaodi Zeng, Weixing Liao, Cheng Ma, Hui Peng
The post porcelain insulator is pulled by bus, which will produce stress in post porcelain insulator, and stress concentration is in the root of the umbrella. Therefore, there will be break accident if it is not installed properly. Firstly, the fracture theory of porcelain insulator is summarized from...
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Research on the microenvironment intelligent control system of cultural relics protection

Ying Zhong, Yang Zhang, Hui Zhang
The microenvironment control in museum is the most important part in the protection of cultural relics. Aimed at the control of the microenvironment of cultural relics, in this paper, a new microenvironment control system is established which achieves the unified regulation of the microenvironment of...
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Calculation method of carbon emission flow in power system based on the theory of power flow calculation

Songsong Chen, Beibei Sun, Ziheng He, Zhou Wu
Carbon emissions' measure and share is basis of many low carbon electric technologies, only the carbon emissions of every participant is specific can the enthusiasm of taking part in electric system emission reduction be motivated. In this article, a calculate method of electric system carbon flow is...
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Performance Evaluation of Naval Minesweeping and Estimation of the Number of Remaining Mines based on Bayesian Estimation Theory

Xinqin Chen, Huidong Lu, Longteng Li, Chang Shu, Xuanmin Li, Chengwen Zhu, Xianyu Meng, Zhang Tian
It is very difficult to get exact accurate estimated value When the Markov process theory is used to calculate the number of remaining mines, because the prior knowledge has not been fully utilized. For solving the above problems, this paper establishes posterior distribution model of Estimation of the...
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Research and implementation of educational management system based on role access control technology

Qingsheng Li, Lijun Zhao
In this paper based on the role access control model has the characteristics of network security, and the adaptive data access control model is proposed to realize the authorization mechanism of educational management system in universities. Adaptive data access control model is mainly used for the effective...
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Research of Using Laser Direct Marking Two-Dimensional Car Code Technology on wood

Zhen Wang, Aiqun Wang, Zhuo Ma
With the demand and prices for wood products has increased steadily, such as solid wood furniture, wood products material traceability becomes the new requirements. Currently, advanced timber market and the lack of clear and effective regulation of industry standards, the consumer is often misleading...
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An Intelligent Control for Prosthetic Hand

Huan-Xin Luo, Xiao-Gang Duan, Hua Deng
Most of the upper limb amputees apply myoelectric control the prosthetic hand to make it move and grasp objects. Restricted by decoding technology of electromyography(EMG) signals, prosthetic hands only have limited grasp patterns and limited levels of grasping force . So it is difficult for prosthetic...
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Multivariable Fuzzy Control for Prosthetic Hands

Xiao-Gang Duan, Huan-Xin Luo, Hua Deng
Multi-freedom prosthetic hand is multivariable system which has many inputs and outputs. The design of fuzzy logic controller is very complex because so many fuzzy control systems have to be designed based on conventional idea. Thus, a multivariable fuzzy control is proposed. An effective strategy is...
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The analysis and research of simulation test in Voltage Controlled Oscillator circuit

Weizhou Hou
The Voltage Controlled Oscillator circuit had been analyzed in virtual test via NI Multisim 10.1 software. By changing the input DC voltage, the changing rule of the output waveform was observed, has read the cycle and calculate the frequency of the output waveform in conformity with the theoretical...
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Comparison of some mask protections of DES against power analysis

Kai Cao, Dawu Gu, Zheng Guo, Junrong Liu
Power analysis, proposed by Paul Kocher in 1998, is now a common kind of side channel attack on cryptographic devices. Mask technology protects devices by randomizing the intermediate values that are processed by cryptographic devices which makes the power consumption independent of the intermediate...
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Developing an AR-Based Upper Limb Rehabilitation System with Sensors

Qiang Wang, Xiao Li, Lu Zeng, Qinghao Cao
The upper-limb rehabilitation and training process with virtual reality-based systems makes patients anxious to some extent. Augmented reality (AR) technology works by enhancing one’s current perception of reality, overlaying the computer-generated coaching information on the real exercise environment,...
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Simulation of Effect of Knife Rollers Rotation Modes on Wind Field

Zhenhua Xu, Yuxing Wang, Yanqin Tang, Feng Zhao
In order to study the influence of different knife rollers rotation modes for the wind field inside the diversion cover of the sugarcane leaf cutting and returning to field machine equipped with flexible cutters, the ALE method of finite element software LS-DYNA was applied to operate the simulation...
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Present situation of research and Application of High Intensity Focusing Ultrasonic Therapy

Li Liu, Song Zhang
High intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) is the fourth brand-new and efficient means to cure tumour acknowledged by the medical field. China is regarded as one of countries applying HIFU to clinical oncotherapy earliest in the world. However, a considerable part of HIFU equipments which have been put...
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A new Technology for Incremental Launching the Small Curvature Radius Variable Cross-Section Steel Box Girder

Hong Zhang, Qiang Guo, Wenxia Wang
This paper mainly introduces a new technology for incremental launching the small curvature radius variable cross-section steel box girder. To solve the difficulties traditional construction method encountered, new incremental launching method, girder curvature adaptation technology and intelligent surveillance...
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Valve spool and valve sleeve annular gap value simulation analysis and optimization in hydraulic rotary self servo valve

Xiaolei Liu, Lin Jiang, Qi Hu, Ruolin Wu, Yanhui Xiang
The internal flow field model of valve spool and valve sleeve annular gap was established. The model was called oil film. The fluid motion state space was laminar flow by calculating of Reynolds number. The formulas about resistance torque and leakage of the valve spool and the valve sleeve annular gap...
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Surface Modification of Tungsten Tailings

Youyu Li, Ying Zhang
The tungsten tailings include amount of SiO2,CaO, Al2O3.Tungsten tailings were modified by aluminate as modifier.The activation index of tungsten tailings powder was 64.5%,when aluminate dosage was 1.2%.FT-IR results showed that there were two new peaks which were vibration characteristic absorption...
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Discussion on Water Vapor Source Based on Hysplit Model and Characteristics of the Isotopes in Precipitation in Yinchuan

Fei Xie, Yan-Ling Yu, Xiang-Nan Qin
Base on Hysplit model with Backwards Trajectory showed Yinchuan was dominated by westerly continental vapor throughout the year, and also was influenced by the maritime vapor in spring and summer. Owing to the high temperature, Yinchuan was remarkably effected by local evaporation of water vapor in spring...
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NCEP Reanalysis and Precipitation Isotopes to Discuss Water Vapor Source in Baotou

Fei Xie, Yan-Ling Yu, Xiang-Nan Qin
By dint of isotope data of the atmospheric precipitation and NCEP reanalysis data, the changes characteristics of precipitation in Baotou were analyzed. It showed a positive correlation between the weighted average of 18O and precipitation, which was related to the semi-arid climate of Baotou. The slope...
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Application Performance and Numerical Analysis of Phase Change Diving Suit

Ting Wei, Zhilin Ye, Baicun Zheng
The aim of this study was to analyze the heat transform models of phase change diving suit on the basis of the steady-heat transform theory, and determined the suitable melting temperature and latent heat of phase change materials impregnated in different suits. An insulation performance test was conducted...
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The Establishment for The Buildings Energy-efficiency Large System in Sanjiangyuan Area with Analytic Hierarchy Process

Lianxin Liu, Ningshan Jiang, Hui Zhong, Wei Wang, Xuan Zhao, Ya Liu
It is found that a theoretical system for energy-efficient solutions of buildings in Sanjiangyuan area is difficult to establish due to the complexity in quantitative analysis on some factors. Therefore, based on a preliminary analysis on the complex nature of the decision making process of building...
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Effects of Joints Inclination Angle on Failure Properties of Rock Masses Under Directly Tensile

Lie-Xian Tang
Usually joints will produce decisive effects to failure properties of rock masses. This paper finished numerical tests of failure process on jointed rock masses with different inclined angles in directly tensile, found that the location and direction of main crack on rock masses without joint were uncertain...
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Application of Material Balance Equations of Multicompartment Gas Reservoirs in YC Gas Reservoir

Quan-Hua Huang, Chong Chen, Lang Yin, Tong Liu, Tao Fang
A compartmented gas reservoir is defined as a reservoir involving two or more distinct blocks in hydraulic communication. A common one is a fault block gas reservoir separated into different fault blocks by partially sealing faults. The fault plane in fault block gas reservoir works as the migration...