Proceedings of the 2019 International Conference on Organizational Innovation (ICOI 2019)

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Synergy, Diversification and Firm Performance in Mergers and Acquisitions

Stanley Septian, Christiana Fara Dharmastuti
Synergy from merger and acquisition (M&A) theoretically increases firm performance. However, diversification leads to coinsurance effect which reduces firm value. This study aims to analyze the relationship between synergy and firm performance measured using return on assets (ROA) and Tobin’s Q, with...
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An Indication of Window Dressing to Increase Stock Prices in Commercial Banking Companies in Indonesia

Namira Ufrida Rahmi, Arie Pratania Putri, Mesrawati
This study aims to analyze an indication of window dressing performed by commercial banking companies listed on the Indonesian stock exchange from 2016 to 2018 as an effort to increase the company’s stock price. Window dressing practices have become common in stock investments and mutual funds. LRRR,...
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Dividend Policy and Compliance of Corporate Social Responsibility in Strengthening Financial Performance of Consumer Goods Industry Companies in Indonesia

Widya Sari, Namira Ufrida Rahmi, Dwita Sakuntala
The study aimed to analyze the financial performance of companies in the consumer goods industry sector in Indonesia which might affect the stock price using Return on Assets (ROA) variable and moderated by compliance with Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities and dividend policy. The sample...
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Sharia Bank Resilience in Facing Macroeconomic Factors

Irma Setyawati, Tri Widyastuti, Adelina Suryati
The purpose of this study is to analyze the resilience of sharia banks in Indonesia in facing macroeconomic factors. This research data was taken from Bank BRI Syariah's publication of quarterly reports, period of 2009 – 2016. Multiple regression equation was used to determine the relationship between...
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Impact of Work Environment on Employee Performance in Local Government of Padang City

Prima Fithri, Putri Ayu Mayasari, Alizar Hasan, Eri Wirdianto
The Personnel Agency and Human Resource Development of Padang City revealed that in 2017, only 3.3% of local government employees were able to achieve the minimum performance target of 100. This study aims to find out the influence of the work environment towards employee performance. The population...
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Analysis of Human Resource Development Programs Through Talent Management in Padjadjaran University

Leni Rohida, Idil Akbar
This research aims to determine the analysis of human resource development programs through talent management at Padjadjaran University. Programs can be used to prepare cadres of future leaders so that when there is a need to fill vacant positions, organizations will be prepared with resources from within...
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Collaborative Marketing Management in Building a Sustainable Karawang City Branding

Puji Isyanto
The long-term goal of this research is to study collaborative marketing management in building a sustainable city branding in Karawang Regency to encourage the achievement of the Karawang Regency's vision and mission. Specific target of research is that Karawang Regency has the right city branding in...
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Egoistic and Altruistic Motives on the Purchasing Behavioral Model of Organic Food in the Indonesian market

Stevia Septiani, Mukhamad Najib, Ujang Sumarwan
Organic food has positive benefits both for environmental balance and for increasing the competitiveness of local farmers. As a country with the second largest population among developing countries, this research can represent the picture of the organic food market in those developing countries. This...
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Quality Improvement on Resort Security Area, Vision of Machinery Technology and VLAN as Consumer Value to Increase Guest Revisit Intention

Igus Rahmat Ginanjar, Ari Purno Wahyu, Ratih Hurriyati, Vanessa Gaffar
The Resort is a tourist area consisting of tourist attractions, such as hotels, entertainment venues, sales outlets, and other recreational facilities. The facilities of a resort will always be enhanced by service and convenience. This service can be direct to customers by adding facilities and infrastructure...
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Product Sales Strategy PT Asuransi Jiwasraya Branch Medan Utara

Ika Mary Pasaribu, Yesica Andriyani
Sales are integrated activities to develop strategic plans that are directed at efforts to satisfy the needs and desires of buyers / consumers, in order to get sales that generate profits or profits. Sales are also one of the sources of income for a person or a company that conducts buy and sell transactions...
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Efforts to Increase Marketing Performance of Small and Medium Enterprises in Central Java, Indonesia

Mudiantono Soekirman, Fajar Ayu Suryani, Harry Soesanto, Suryono Budi Santosa
Business competition in the current era of globalization requires companies to have a strategy to win the market. Management strategy has an important role in the survival of the company. The existence of such competition is also felt by small businesses such as Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs). The...
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Customer Green Awareness and Eco-Label for Organic Products

Doni Purnama Alamsyah, Oda I. B. Hariyanto, Heni Rohaeni
Nowadays, it is important to review about customer behavior in environmentally friendly products that relate to green consumerism; so the aim of this study is reviewing the correlation of eco-label implementation as green product attributes on customer behavior of green awareness. There are 100 customers...
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Exploratory Analysis of Halal Hotel Service (Based on practices of Halal hotels in three countries)

Aam Bastaman
Muslim market has been increasingly an attractive market for tourism industry. With total population of 1.6 Billion or 23% from total world population Muslim market is very lucrative and has to be treated in accordance with Muslim belief and way of life. Halal tourism becomes a must have in the industry...
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The Effect of Capital Structure and Company Growth on the Value of Infrastructure Sectors in the IDX

Khilyatin Ikhsani, Muliana
The Indonesian government is aware of the importance of improving the condition of the infrastructure so that the investment and business climate becomes more attractive. This government effort has created fierce competition among infrastructure companies. Industry competitors are increasingly improving...
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Financial Literacy and Demography Characteristics Among Indonesian Millenials

Ratna Komara, Arie Widyastuti, Layyinaturrobaniyah
Millennials whom we define as aged 22 to 38 in 2018 are expected to be the largest labour force in Indonesia. Despite the fact that the country will reach its productive peak by 2020, the result of national financial literacy survey conducted by OJK show that around 75.69% percent of the population do...
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Divestiture and Company's Financial Performance: An Empirical Study on Companies Listed on Indonesia Stock Exchange

Brigita Suganda, Sumani
In an uncertain business environment, most of the companies will do some actions to optimize their performance such as merger & acquisition, where this action commonly followed by divestiture. Previous studies have shown diverse impacts from divestiture. In this study, the sample used were companies...
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Is there a difference in Perceived Service Quality on Indonesia Low-Cost Carrier Passengers?

Yasintha Soelasih, Sumani
Service quality is important in service companies, one of which is in airlines industry. The development of service quality began in 1984, and has grown to this day. Dimensions occur in existing service quality. This happens because of the emergence of streams in service quality. Therefore service quality...
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Risk in the Supply Chain of Organic Rice: An Example from Mojokerto Regency, Indonesia

Retno Astuti, Ika Atsari Dewi, Nurwinda Levitasari
The aims of this study were determining the priority of risk agents and determining the risk mitigation in the supply chain of organic rice. An empirical study was carried out at “Manajemen Usaha Tani Hasil Organik Seloliman” (MUTHOS) as a business organization of organic rice in Seloliman Sub-district,...
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Learning Organization in Practices: A Study Case of the Indonesian Companies

Andreas Budihardjo Surijah
The globalization has a significant influence on business, therefore, companies have to compete with one another to survive, grow and sustain. To win the fierce competition, a company should innovate appropriately; and this can be achieved by adopting a learning organization. This research aims to describe...
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Behavioural Biases of Overconfidence and Disposition Effect and their Impact on Investment Decision in the Indonesian Capital Market

Ica Rika Candraningrat, A Sakir
The Odean methodology revealed that investors are more susceptible to realizing profits than losses as indicated by disposition effects. This study intended to analyze the effect of overconfidence bias and the disposition effect on investment decisions in Indonesia. The sampling method was purposive...
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The Effect of Innovation on Business Competitiveness of Small and Medium Enterprise in Indonesia

Yayan Hendayana, Suryana, Eeng Ahman, Hari Mulyadi
This study examines the effect of innovation on the competitiveness of the handicraft sector creative industries in Indonesia. The number of samples was taken as many as 205 SMEs spread in West Java in a proportional random manner. The technique of data collection is done by the questionnaire directly...
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Analysis of the Effect of Corporate Governance on Yield to Maturity Through Bond Rating in Indonesian Financial Institution

Sasya Sabrina, Florencia Irena Lawita
This research aims to analyze the effect of corporate governance (CG) towards yield to maturity (YTM) with bond rating as the intervening variable. The data of this research are obtained from the official website of IDX, Bank of Indonesia, and Pefindo. This research uses quantitative method by path analysis...
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Analysis of Information Technology Services Management using the ITIL V3 Domain Service Operation Framework on SIMDA (Case Study: Boyolali Regency Inspectorate)

Agustinus Fritz Wijaya, Melkior N. N. Sitokdana, Punky Hapsari
Boyolali Regency Inspectorate is the Government's Watchdog’s Internal Area. The agency implements IT to make easier in managing of information. The system that is applied in Boyolali Regency Inspectorate in the form of a financial information system area (SIMDA) that serves to help the operational work...
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The Impact of Work Culture, Competence and Motivation on the Performance of Permanent Employees in Telaga Hikmah Palm Oil Mill (Sampoerna Agro Group Business Unit)

Lia Amalia, Ronald Romatua Marpaung
This study aims to identify the influence of work culture, competence and motivation on employee performance of Palm Oil Mill Telaga Hikmah partially or simultaneously. Variables being examined as factors that affect performance of employees (Y) were work culture (X1), competence (X2), and motivation...
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Green Human Resource Management, Green Organizational Culture, and Environmental Performance: An Empirical Study

Muhammad Ichsan Hadjri, Badia Perizade, Zunaidah, Wita Farla
Ethical companies must balance their financial, social and environmental performance. The process of applying HR management objectives to environmental management is called Green Human Resource Management (GHRM). Research on GHRM and environmental performance in Indonesia is still limited in number,...
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The Effect of Organizational Justice and Leader-Member Relation on Job Satisfaction and Nurses Turnover Intentions With Perceived Ease of Movement as Moderator

Ari Kuntardina, Dwi Ratmawati, Novi Darmayanti
Nurses have a big role in the success of patient’s care and the survival of a hospital. The nurses’ adequacy in number and quality needs to be maintained. The purpose of this research is to analyze the influence of organizational justice and leader-member relation on job satisfaction and turnover intentions....
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E-Marketplace Acceptance and Use by Millennials for Business Start-Up

Fadli, Yasmin Chairunisa Muchtar, Inneke Qamariah
By the year 2025, Millennials are growing up to 75% of the global workforce, their entrepreneurial mindset will likely shape the workplace in the coming years (Sox et al., 2014). Millennials asses entrepreneurship as an appealing life path. As a digital generation, Millennials are as well as familiar...
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The Determinants of the Business Performance of Bank Muamalat Indonesia in the Sumatera Utara Business Region

Ade Pranajaya, Endang Sulistya Rini, Isfenti Sadalia
Islamic banking is a financial institution that offer the management of transactions and financial needs based on the universival Islamic priciples. Particularly in Indonesia, with predominantly moslem population, Islamic banking is expected to grow rapidly, just like in several neighboring countries,...
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Innovation and Market Orientation: The Effect on Competitive Advantage and Marketing Performance (A Study of Natural-Based Craft Industry in Semarang Regency, Central Java, Indonesia)

Berta Bekti Retnawati, Bernadeta Irmawati, Hironimus Leong
Having the ability to innovate avoids business players from situations of declining competitiveness that are preceded by a comfort zone situation by past successes. Various studies related to the improvemen of marketing performance in general and specifically for competitive advantage in small and medium...
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Determinants of Successful Lending Decision for Ultra-Micro Segment in P2P Lending Platform

Florentina Kurniasari, Johny Natu Prihanto
A new alternative form of loan services, known as Peer-to-Peer Lending (P2P lending), is growing rapidly in Indonesia. The purpose of this research is to analyze all factors that influence lending decision for ultra-micro segment on P2P platform in Indonesia. As a quantitative research, primary data...
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The Concept of Network Marketing Agility and its Implications

Avianita Rachmawati, Noermijati, Sumiati, Wahdiyat Moko
This study aimed to explore the concept of network marketing agility and the underlying parameters to support a more concise explanation. This study is part of a dissertation study applied to the analysis unit of private higher education institutions. The parameters of network marketing agility includes...
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The Resource Immobility, Strategic Capability, and Competitive Performance of State-Owned Enterprise in Indonesia: A Study Case of PT Pelindo III (Persero)

The importance of State-Owned Enterprise (SOE) in Indonesian for the economic development and environment sustainability is evident. This study used PT PELINDO III (Persero), an Indonesian State Owned Enterprice a service provider in port terminals. The previous studies showed that in terms of strategic...
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Understanding Critical Factors and Antecedents in Indonesian Small Dairy Industries

Nur Budi Mulyono, Rizka Tauria Nuryadi, Benny Tjahjono
Small dairy farmers in Indonesia typically join dairy cooperatives in order to overcome the limited resources in maintaining fresh dairy products, especially milk. The higher the quality, the better the price paid by milk processing companies. This research aims to better understand the uncertainties...
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Factors Affecting Post-Adoption in a Music Streaming Application for Young Adults

Purnamaningsih, Nosica Rizkalla, Trihadi Pudiawan Erhan
Indonesia is a potential market for the development of a streaming music application. This is marked by the emergence of various streaming music applications in Indonesia. However, the numbers of paid music streaming application subscribers are still low compared to those who use the free application....
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The Construction of National Police Human Resource Empowerment in Facing the Challenges of Industrial Revolution 4.0 in Regional Police Indonesia, East Java

Vita Mayastinasari, Benyamin Lufpi, Novi Indah Earlyanti
Human resource empowerment is considered as one of leading factors in industrial revolution 4.0 characterized by robotization and digitalization in many aspects of life. The empowerment of National Police human resource is built to give excellent police services in their daily duties, namely: protection,...
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Assessing of Bank Soundness by Risk Profile, Earnings and Capital: Regional Development Bank Case Study in Indonesia

Felisitas Defung, Syarifah Hudayah, Ardi Paminto
As part of the Indonesian banking sector, regional development banks (RDB, known as BPD in Indonesian) have played an important ongoing role in Indonesian economy. This role is channeled through its strong existence in almost each provincial level of Indonesia. This paper aims to investigate the soundness...
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The Effect of Implementing the Graphic Design in Digital Marketing on Sales of Products in Travel Companies

Putri Malum Godiva Situmorang, Rulianda Purnomo Wibowo, Fadli Fauzi
Marketing today has become an indispensable part of every business irrespective of its size and type. With the advancement of superior Internet technologies, new ways to reach the target audience have evolved. The need for digital marketing already feels like never before in the tourism industry, where...
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Sustainable Digital Transformation in the Hospitality Industry: A Study of the Hotel Industry in Indonesia

J. Johny Natu Prihanto, Florentina Kurniasari
This study presents and examines an integrated model that investigates the ability of the hospitality industry leaders in Indonesia to reconfigure resources such as digital market capabilities, digital leadership capabilities, and digital technology capabilities, to conduct sustainable digital transformation...
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The Effect of Raw Material Supply, Service Quality, Product Quality to Outlet Performance

Agustinus Hariadi Djoko Purwanto, Ryani D. Parashakti, Muhammad Nashar
This study aims to see the effect of raw material, service quality, product quality to outlet performance from one of largest restaurant chains in Indonesia. The resulting raw material inventory has a significant influence on service quality, because it has a t-statistic value above 1.96 which is equal...
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Evaluation of the Information Quality of E-Government Websites of the Provincial Governments of Eastern Indonesia (Case Study: NTT Province, Maluku, North Maluku, West Papua and Papua)

Melkior Nikolar Ngalumsine Sitokdana
Provincial Governments in Eastern Indonesia have long had e-Government Websites, but in their implementation there are still various problems, one of which is the lack of information quality presented in e-Government Websites, although the quality of information is one of the important indicators in...
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Examining the Young Consumer Purchase Intention of Eco-Friendly Home: Insight from Indonesian

Maranatha Wijayaningtyas, Togi H. Nainggolan, Ni Nyoman Suarniki, Kukuh Lukiyanto
The main target of eco-friendly homes is reducing and eliminating its negative environmental impact by improving the design and construction. Among young consumers, eco-friendly homes are the best solution to preventing continuous environmental damage. However, young consumers have many background factors...
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The Effect of Service Quality and Product Innovation toward Competitive Advantage and Implications on Interest in Reference Customers "BRI" Bank in Bengkulu Province: Case Study in "BRI" Bank Bandar Bintuhan Branch

Panji Tri Wahyu, Murwanto Sigit
As one of the banking institutions in Indonesia which is one of the largest state-owned banks in Indonesia, BRI Bank has various service strategies that are intended for benefit of its customers. Especially the BRI Bank Bandar Bintuhan Branch in Bengkulu Province which is located at Jln. Merdeka Bintuhan...
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Using Smartphone in Batik and Traditional Textile: Intention Measurement and TAM Approach

Yohan Wismantoro, Heribertus Himawan, Karis Widiyatmoko
The development of mobile internet services allows more and more consumers to adopt smartphones as their main communication device. This study focuses on the application of TAM to determine the level of willingness of batik and textile craftsmen to use smartphones and the variables in TAM that influenced...
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Sustainable Consumption Behavior Among University Students in Indonesia: The Role of Values and Norms

Nosica Rizkalla, Purnamaningsih, Trihadi Pudiawan Erhan
It is believed that consumers play a major role in environmental preservation. Therefore, it is fundamental to explore what factors can encourage consumers to engage in environmental preservation, or, in other words, to encourage consumers to conduct sustainable consumption behavior. One of the factors...
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Factors Influencing Consumer Affection and Consumer Engagement in Mobile Application

Novi Purnama Sari, Yeshika Alversia
The need for internet technology is growing rapidly, leading many companies to develop services that can make it easier for consumers to access even when they are mobile. Mobile application is one of the solutions for consumers to connect with the internet anywhere through their gadget. PT. Telekomunikasi...
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Holding Restructuring Analysis towards the Solvability and Profitability of PT INALUM (Persero)

Tengku Amrizal Azwin, Isfenti Sadalia, Nisrul Irawati
This study aims to examine the effect of corporate restructuring of the parent of the Mining Industry Holding towards the solvability and profitability of PT Indonesia Asahan Alumunium (Persero). The method used in this study is descriptive analysis, which aims to explain the results of the calculation...
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Eradicating Poverty in Samosir Regency

Hendry Dolly Simbolon
Based on data from the Central Bureau of Statistics in 2018, the poverty rate in Samosir Regency is at 13.38%. The main strategy of poverty reduction efforts in Samosir Regency is directed to reduce the poverty rate or the number of poor people. The agricultural sector continues to absorb the highest...
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Analysis of Financial Performance in Restructuring of PT Indonesia Asahan Aluminium (PERSERO) to Mining Industry Holding Company Using the Economic Added Value Approach

Akhmad Fahmi Ridwan, Isfenti Sadalia, Yeni Absah
In order to increase the value of the company of the State-Owned Enterprises (BUMN) in the mining sector, one of the strategies undertaken by the company is to restructure through the establishment of a holding company. Several state-owned companies consisting of PT Indonesia Asahan Aluminum (Persero),...
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Toward a Model of the Linkages Between Safety Culture and Employee Performance in Gold Mining Companies

Winda Widyanty, Arief Bowo Prayoga Kasmo
One way to obtain company performance is to get a value from an approach using EVA. EVA can be used to asses company health by showing how the value is created by the company. EVA can also find out whether the company has used its capital well or not.
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A Mixed Marketing Strategy using an Information System to Build Customer Relationships in the Logistics Sector

Andri Albert Hakim, Sukaria Sinulingga, Endang S. Rini
Abstract—It is essential for a firm to build a good and strong relationship with their customers. Information and Communication Technology, with its digital transformation, plays a big role in connecting a firm with its customers. A good and strong customer relationship can be initiated by the exchange...
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Analysis of Development Strategy of Oil Palm Seeds Market

Eben Haeser Sembiring, Amrin Fauzi, Isfenti Sadalia
The objective of this study was to analyze the marketing strategy of oil palm seeds based on the seeds’ quality, assessing the factors that affect consumers’ decision in choosing oil palm seeds and recommend alternatives of superior oil palm seeds. Samples consist of 50 respondents who represents 50...
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Strategy for Diversifying Typical Snacks of Trenggalek Products to Increase Competitiveness in the Era of SDGs by Using Business Model Canvas

Dyah Sawitri, Endang Suswati
There are so many strategies that must be explained in a business model because these strategies relate to many aspects of a business. Business models include managing the purpose of our relationship with suppliers, with distributors or with customers directly. The Model Canvas business is a business...
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Liquidity, Firm Size and Dividend Policy to the Value of the Firm (Study in Manufacturing Sector Companies Listed on Indonesia Stock Exchange)

Nendi Juhandi, Mochammad Fahlevi, Muhammad Nur Abdi, Rinto Noviantoro
The purpose of this study is to measure, measure, and measure corporate values based on companies Bursa Efek Indonesia (BEI), sampling technique with purposive sampling method based on sample selection criteria obtained by 31 companies. The observation period was conducted for 5 years (2010 - 2014) with...
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Risk Management in Construction Service Industries

Dwi Wahyuningsih, Sukaria Sinulingga, Nazaruddin Matondang
The construction service industry is one of the most risk-prone industries and is facing very diverse and high-impact risks, but the conditions of the risks faced are not offset by a high profit margin. These various risks are also faced by the construction industry with the implementation of intuition...
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The Effect of the Effectiveness of Third Party Funds, BOPO, Financing and Capital Adequacy Ratio on Profit Distribution Management

Siti Nur Azizah, Tri Astuti
This study aims to examine the effect of third-party fund effectivity, BOPO (operational expenses to operational revenue), capital adequacy and financing risk towards profit distribution management. The population in this research was Islamic banks registered in Bank Indonesia during the 2013-2017 period....
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Enhancing the Tourism MSME's Performance Based on SOAR Analysis

MG. Westri Kekalih Susilowati, Retno Yustini Wahyuningdyah, Widuri Kurniasari
Since its ability to survive in any condition of the economy, and employment, MSMEs has become the strategic sector in the economy. Along with the rapid development of the tourism sector, MSMEs have also emerged that support tourism activities, such as culinary, souvenirs, entertainment and guide services....
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Effective Employee Engagement Using SWOT Analysis

Suyanti, Harmein Nasution, Yeni Absah
Facing various challenges and very tight business competition, a company has to provide the best services possible to their customers. One of the ways to compete in terms of performance and available services is having exceptional employees and a good team. This results in higher productivity and better...
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The Role of the Board of Commissioners in Improving the Financial Performance of Sharia Insurance Industries in Indonesia

Irman Firmansyah, Adil Ridlo Fadillah
This study analyzed the factors that influence financial performance and further analyzed the role of the board of commissioners in improving the financial performance of Sharia insurance companies in Indonesia. Financial performance is measured by the surplus related to its contributions, while the...
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Design of Circular Supply Chain Agent-Based Model: Case of Organic Fertilizer Producer

Ruth Nattassha, Togar M. Simatupang, Yuanita Handayati
One of the most important issues in agri-food industry and its supply chain is the existence of by-products, treated as wastes and discarded immediately to the waste disposal. This treatment might lead to loss of possibility in gaining economy value from them. Implementation of circular economy concepts...
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Financial Literacy, Financial Attitude, and Financial Behavior of Young Pioneering Business Entrepreneurs

Totok Sugiyanto, Wirawan ED. Radianto, Tommy Christian Efrata, Liliana Dewi
This study aims to determine the level of financial literacy and the effect of financial literacy and financial attitude on the financial behavior of young entrepreneurs. This study uses a survey method and a combination of data analysis that uses descriptive analysis to calculate the level of financial...
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Strengthening Marketing Mix Performance to Enhance the Competitiveness of Tourism MSMEs Using Importance Performance Analysis Approach

Retno Yustini Wahyuningdyah, MG. Westri Kekalih Susilowati, Widuri Kurniasari
In terms of globalization, turbulent and highly complex environment, competition is stronger and more ruthless. MSMEs are faced with the need to find new ways, paths, and methods for achieving sustainable competitive advantage. Tourism market is determined primarily by tourism demand and tourism offers....
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The Influences of Website Design on Formation of E-Trust, E-Satisfaction and E-Loyalty of Consumers: Relationship Marketing Revisited

Hermansyah Andi Wibowo, Fathul Wahid, Nafiudin
The development of online business has encouraged companies to interact intensively with their customers. The website represents a frontline employee who is considered to influence consumer loyalty by its design. Unfortunately, researchers who investigate how the actual role of website design shapes...
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Performance Management Analysis: A Study of Measuring Business Performance of Small and Medium Enterprises in Jember Regency, Indonesia

Dewi Prihatini, Wiji Utami, Agus Priyono
This study aims to describe the business performance assessment using the application of a tool known as Performance Management Analysis (PMA) for small and medium-sized enterprises in Jember Regency. With this tool, the SMEs can evaluate their business performance based on subjective performance measures....
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Organizational Citizenship Behavior Towards the Environment Between Employees of Service and Manufacturing Firms in Semarang

Bernadeta Irmawati, Berta Bekti Retnawati, Ch. Triharjanti
Green business applied inthe operations of firms will influence policies in their human resources management, one of which is the human behavior. OCBE is an employee voluntary behavior that is not followed by rewards or awards from the firm that leads to environment. OCBE is categorized into three; namely...
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The Performance Design of Higher Educations Based On QS Stars and ICT Web

Rini Juni Astuti, Suryo Pratolo, Misbahul Anwar
This study aims to identify indicators of higher educations performance based on QS Stars, to design the higher educations performance based on QS-Stars Method, and to prove the trial and error of the application of higher education performance based on QS Stars and ICT Web. As one of the national education...
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Corporate Social Responsibility Disclosure, Opportunistic or Ethical Behavior?

Eko Budi Santoso
This study is based on the paradox where companies that are active in carrying out social responsibility turn out to be involved in financial scandals. The aim of this study is to examine the association of corporate social responsibility (CSR) disclosure with earnings management. This study also investigates...
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Determining Partnership Models According to the Expectations of Culinary SMEs Entrepreneurs

Wa Ode Zusnita Muizu, Umi Kaltum
The object of this research is the culinary SMEs studied. The population of the culinary SMEs in the city of Bandung consists of the Bandung area, Bogor, Cirebon, Sukabumi, and Sumedang. The data used in this study are primary data and secondary data. The source of primary data derived from the results...
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The Impact of Innovation, Competitive Advantage, and Market Orientation on Firm's Marketing Performance in the Garment Industry in Indonesia

T.C. Efrata, W.E.D. Radianto, M.A.E. Marlina, S.C. Budiono
The aim of this study is to identify the influence of marketing and product innovation, competitive advantage and market orientation on marketing performance. The objects of this research are small and medium enterprises in the garment industry in Indonesia. 107 firms were selected as samples in this...
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Analysis of the impact of Leverage, Value Added and Size on Earning Management and Financial Performance of Indonesian Shariah Banking

Nisrul Irawati, Lisa Marlina, Friska Sipayung
The main issues of researches about earnings management have been conducted extensively. Nowadays, the scope of research on earning management is extended to business fields based on Islamic finance. So this research objective is to determine the influence of value added, leverage and size on Shariah...
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Entrepreneur Success in Micro and Small Enterprises (MSEs): Evidence from Indonesia

Elsye Tandelilin, Dwi Ratmawati, Tri Siwi Agustina, Idfi Setyaningrum
In the present era of globalization where business competition between countries is getting tighter, the Indonesian government seeks to encourage micro and small businesses to take part and strengthen business people to be ready to compete with other countries. In addition to providing a large contribution...
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An Analysis on Management Improvement and Fiscal Support for Vocational Education Development in Indonesia

Abdul Aziz
Vocational education in Indonesia is at both vocational high school (senior high school) and academy level, which is managed by universities. Vocational education seeks to prepare students to fit the competencies demanded by the subsequent workforce and, as such, its methods of education, training and...
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Personal Value as the Reason to Switching from Workers to Entrepreneur as a Next Career

Tri Siwi Agustina, IBG Adi Permana, Rahmi Wijayanti
A job is an important component in an individual’s life. Switching has been done by an individual by making a move from his old workplace to a new workplace. An individual might switch his job when he feels uncomfortable with his previous job. This study aims to find out the reasons underlying the desire...
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Bounded Rationality Under Sharia Norms: Evidence from Indonesia

Budi Purwanto, Nanda Karunia Amanah
In Indonesia, the application of Islamic norms in finance, commonly referred to as sharia finance, has recently begun to be studied from a behavioral economics perspective, especially under the hypothesis of agency problems and bounded rationality. By clustering, profiling, and portfolio analysis using...
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MSEs – Large Industry Partnerships Based on Technology Innovation in Indonesia

Idfi Setyaningrum, Dyah Wulan Sari, Rossanto Dwi Handoyo, Elsye Tandelilin
This study focuses on technological partnerships between Micro and Small Enterprises (MSE’s) and large industry. It is argued that such technological partnerships can be beneficial for both types of partnership, but MSE’s often are confronted by the risks of partnerships as these relationships are non-symmetric....
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The Influence of Factors Affecting Dividend Payout Ratio to Stock Price of Firms Listed in Indonesia Stock Exchange

Ika Yanuarti, Helena Dewi
An investor expects returns from their investment activity in the form of dividend and capital gains. Distribution of this dividend will not only improve the welfare of the shareholder, but also signal the capital market or potential future investors for the company’s growth performance. This signal...
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Management Succession: A Case Study of a Chemical Industry in Indonesia

Liliana Dewi, Eko Budi Santoso, Kazia Laturette
This study aims to determine whether conducting a succession management is crucial in improving the performance of family businesses. The type of research used in this study is a qualitative descriptive research. The method used by reviewing a case study. The data are collected via interviews, observations,...
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Small Industry Growth Resolution through the Readiness for Using Android Technology in Industrial Revolution 4.0 Challenge

Anis Eliyana, A. R. Sridadi, M. Mashud
Industrial Revolution 4.0 as the stage of technology influences many sectors include financial sector like small medium enterprises. This study aims to discuss some significant SMEs’ variables and explore the readiness of small industry sellers to the new way of marketing such as the use of android phone....
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Testing Financial Information in Forming Investor Confidence

Eka Bertuah, RA. Nurlinda
This study aims to see how markets react in their investments of information content of corporate financial performance in the capital market. This research has a decomposition attitude for investors to react in response to information of the financial performance of corporations. It begins with evaluating...
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The Effect of “Knowledge Management” Training to Improve Employee Performance in PT Semen Indonesia (Persero) Tbk

Tri Cicik Wijayanti
This study aims to reveals the influence of Knowledge Management training on the performance of PT. Semen Indonesia (Persero) Tbk. The hypothesis proposed is (1) there are differences in employee performance after training between the experimental group and the control group, (2) there are differences...
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The Influence of In-service training and Position Levels on the Performance of the Working Group on the Procurement of Goods and Services with Variable Mediation Productivity in the Procurement Service Section of the Regional Secretariat in Probolinggo Regency

Dyah Sawitri, Enni Sustiyatik, Heni Setiyawati, Djuni Farhan
Legislation concerning regional government has logical consequences for the governance process, this is followed by the issuance of Government Regulation Number 38 of 2007 concerning Division of Government Affairs between Provincial Regional Governments and Regency / City Regional Governments followed...
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The Effect of Amnesty Tax Policy and Tax Sanction on Taxpayer Compliance through Motivation (Study on Primary Tax Office in Malang Raya Area)

Dyah Sawitri, Titis Shinta Dhewi, Candra Hastiwibowo, Ahmad Ridwan
Continuous and aggressive national development by the government requires substantial costs. One of the biggest sources of state financing is taxes. In order to maximize taxes, the government reformed by applying the policy for a breakthrough in the field of taxation by issuing tax amnesty program. Expected...
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Successful Information Communication Technology System on Enterprise Resources Planning Implementation: A Case Study of Metal-work Industries in Indonesia

Kristian Harianja, Rosiwarna Anwar
This article aims to determine whether tthe support, participation and commitment of top management; change management; and user satisfaction influence the success in information communication technology system via enterprise resource planning (ERP) implementation in Indonesian-based metal-work industries....
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Barriers to Use E-Learning Platform in Indonesia Higher Education: Factors Related to People and Organization

Meika Kurnia Puji Rahayu
The advancement of Information and Communication Technology (ICT), especially in the current industrial era 4.0 has forced organizations in almost all fields, including Higher Education institutions, to change. The Indonesian government through the Directorate General of Higher Education responds to...
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Green Product Differentiation and Green Product Launch Success. Does Impact on Green Product Innovation Performance ?

Nuryakin, Tri Maryati
This study aim is to investigate and evidence empirically analyze the mediating role of green product launch success on green product innovation performance on SMEs industry. This study was collected with 200 managers or owner of SMEs of handmade batik in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. The unit analysis of this...
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Work Life Balance of Generation-Y in Indonesia

Nuri Herachwati, Fendy Suhariadi, Sri Gunawan, Dian Ekowati
This research aims to investigate how generation Y in Indonesia values work-life balance. Various previous research shows potentials for further investigation to explore whether there will be similar findings. Existing research has employed one of the three perspetives in understanding work life balance....
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The Effects of Customer Value, Customer Experience and Utilitarian Value toward Repurchase Interest

Deasy Wulandari, Intan Aprillia Nudin
On the other hand, there are still limited numbers of worklife balance related to Gen Y. Various research note that Gen Y dominates workforce and Gen Y has differet value compared to other generations. Furthermore, there are different patterns on the ways Gen Y works. These differences are intrigued...
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The Effect of Destination Image on Destination Branding and Revisit Intention

Tourism destinations based on local wisdom currently receive a lot of attention from tourists. Pujon Kidul tourist village is one of the tourist destinations in East Java Indonesia that uses restaurant in the rice fields as an attraction. The objectives of this research are (1) to analyze direct effect...
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Intention to Export of Small Firms in The Processed Foods Industry

Roos Kities Andadari, Diyanto
In terms of numbers, the Indonesian economy is dominated by micro and small sized firms (MSEs), but their contributions to exporting are not significant. The government expects the contributions of MSEs towards exporting to improve in the future. The majority of Indonesian MSEs operate in the processed...
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The Role of Transferors in Improving SMEs’ Technology Capability in Developing Countries

Fourry Handoko, Sutanto Hidayat, Endah Kusuma Rastini, Maranatha Wijayaningtyas
Technology transfer has widely been considered as a means of improving technology capability. Organisations across the world have been involved in technology transfer programs. In developing countries, small to medium enterprises (SMEs) are regarded as a valuable source of economic growth. However, SMEs...
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Can Community Empowerment Leverage People's Income? Does Business Capability Play a Role?

Siti Hafsah Budi Argiati, Henny Welsa, Ari Astuti, Nonik Kusuma Ningrum
Until today, there have been so many community empowerment programs to achieve prosperity, but most of which cannot meet the expected outcome. On this basis, this study is aimed to seek for the possibility whether business cability can be a good mediator on mediating the effect of community empowerment...
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Challenges in Application the Efficient of Capital Market in Indonesia

Rico Nur Ilham, Erlina, Khaira Amalia Fachrudin, Amlys Syahputra Silalahi
Capital market is an indicator of a country’s economic progress. The existence of the Indonesian capital market has experienced ups and downs that can be seen from the fluctuating IHSG indicator. It is a result of globalization and economic integration that leads to the performance of the capital market...
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Leverage, Financial Distress and Profit Growth: The Role of Tax Shield

Tigor Sitorus, Jeremia Ade Christian
The purpose of this study is to develop an empirical research model of the relationship between Leverage, Financial Distress and Growth of profit By Proposing Tax Shield as a mediator variable and trying to understand the influence of financial distress and leverage towards tax shield and profit growth,...
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Determinant of Corporate Turnaround: A Review Study

Novi Andrani Butar-Butar, Isfenti Sadalia, Nisrul Irawati
The aim of this research is to discuss about factors that affect corporate turnaround with literature study. Corporate turnaround become a treasure to a company that had financial distress which can cause a company have bankruptcy. This literature study discusses some past research about factors can...
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Village Tourism: The Implementation of Community-Based Tourism

Mira Maulani Utami, H.E.R. Taufik, Widya Nur Bhakti
The purpose of this study is to (1). analyze the tourism potential of Banyuresmi Tourism Village, Jiput Pandeglang Regency based on supporting and inhibitors factors and (2). Analyze community-based tourism development strategies in Banyuresmi Tourism Village, Jiput Pandeglang Regency. Descriptive qualitative...
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Financial Inclusion and Financial Self-Efficacy in Indonesia

Richy Wijaya, Hartini, Farah Margaretha Leon
Financial inclusion is a strategy used by the Indonesian government to reduce financial exclusion. A person's inability to access formal financial services is an obstacle to the realization of the financial inclusion. Financial inclusion can be realized if the community is able to understand formal financial...
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Positive Effect in Efficient Application of Corporate Social Responsibility in PT.Indonesia Asahan Aluminium as an Indicator Enhancement Efforts Public Welfare North Sumatra

Rico Nur Ilham, Erlina, Khaira Amalia Fachrudin, Amlys Syahputra Silalahi
One of the commodities that can increase the source of foreign exchange, especially in North Sumatra, is Aluminium ingots. The largest company producing Aluminium ingot in North Sumatra is PT. Inalum. It is a joint venture between the Indonesian government and Japanese private company, under the name...
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Company Profitability Before and After Employee Stock Ownership Program in 2011-2014

Nurhayati, Ahmad Maulid Hamdani, Tatang Ary Gumanti
This study aims to determine the differences in the company's financial performance before and after the Employee Stock Ownership Program (ESOP). The population in this study are all companies listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) that implement ESOP from 2011-2014. The sample consists of 12 companies....
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Influence of Emotional Attachment, Trust, Political Engagement in 2019 Indonesian Presidential Election

Susilia, Ramadania, Juniwati
The purpose of this research is to analyze the effects of emotional attachment of candidate on voter decisions through mediation of trust and political engagement. The study used a survey method in the 2019 Indonesian presidential election. The questionnaire was distributed to 100 respondents in Pontianak....
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Strategic Information System, Supply Chain Performance and Operational Performance in the Fishing Industry: A Conceptual Model

Rahmat Mubaraq, Elimawaty Rombe, Suryadi Hadi, Rizka Ardiansyah
Information system plays an important role in improving supply chain performance and operational performance. This article reviews several articles related to information system, supply chain and operational performance in the fishing industry. This article proposes a preliminary model which can be used...
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The Influence of Mass Control Trainings on the Competency of Mass Control Members of Sabhara in Handling Demonstration

Chairul Muriman Setyabudi, Rahmadsyah Lubis, Setiadi
Police professionalism can be seen, measured, and perceived significantly by the community in the forms of security guarantee and community’s secured feeling when they carry out their activities. The Indonesian National Police, called Polri as a law enforcement apparatus that handles a lot of public...