Proceedings of the International Conference on Theology, Humanities, and Christian Education (ICONTHCE 2021)

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Anticipatory Christian Education in the Family in Era 4.0

Fredik Melkias Boiliu, Benteng Martua Mahuraja Purba, Dewy Lidya S, Ardianto Lahagu, Desetina Harefa
This article discusses Christian Education in an anticipatory family to develop children’s spirituality and morality in the era of the industrial revolution 4.0. The rapid development of technology in Industrial Revolution 4.0 can affect children’s spirituality and morality. Therefore, parents have a...
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Asphaleia as a Digitruth

Constructing Ethical Virtue of doing Theology in Digital Literacy Era

Harls Evan R. Siahaan, Eben Munthe, Grace M. Clara, Johanes Waldes Hasugian, Alfons R. Tampenawas
Doing theology in the era of information disclosure and freedom of sharing, which is supported by technological advances, has caused a disruption, besides positive benefits for the church. Unfortunately, the negative behavior of sharing information online also affects the way many Christians in doing...
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Bridging Christian and non-Christian Relationships through Dialogue: Church Leaders’ Perspective

J. Siahaya, M. Patora, H. Soegijono, H. L. Setiawan, D. Pujarsono
The Indonesian society is pluralistic in determining the differences related to ideologies, doctrines, religions, and cultures, which are a great wealth capable of disintegrating the nation. According to preliminary studies, identity politics shook the fundamentals of the nation and state life years...
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Christian Andragogy Approach for Independence of Golden Age Church Member in Services

Danik Astuti Lumintang
Christian andragogy in the church is very important to equip believers (golden age), so that they can be effective and efficient. The gap that occurs between the church and the golden age, on the one hand the church considers the golden age to be unable to serve because of obstacles or crises both physically,...
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Competence and Perceived Organizational Support of Christian Religion Teachers in Surabaya

Widi Prasetyo, Thio Donald Sugiarto, Frederich Oscar Lambertus Lontoh, Surja Permana
This research is based on several teacher’s performance problems that arose recently. Some teachers do not have discipline in time; some teachers do not master the technology in teaching; and some of the teachers never make a lesson plan in learning process. This study aims to prove whether there is...
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Creating Harmony in the Dalihan Na Tolu Philosophy for Batak People in Yogyakarta

R. M. Simanjuntak, M Kause, V.H. Siahaan, E Modok, Y Sagala
Harmony is the important thing to do among the pluralistic Indonesian people. A harmony can construct a nation through a civilization. Therefore, the government tries to apply the value of Pancasila to create harmony among the nation. Harmony among the nation has been pursued in many aspects for example...
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Digital Media and Internet-based Communication in Mission Services during the Pandemic

Jannen Ridwan Pangaribuan, Ester Widyaningtyas, Budi Santosa, Pandir Manurung
This study describes the difficulties faced in mission services during the COVID-19 pandemic and the solutions for missions during the pandemic. This case study was conducted at Badan Misi GaTe Surabaya with a descriptive qualitative approach. Data were obtained through written interviews which were...
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Doxological Aspect: Concept of Intercultural Mission in Indonesians Chinese

Linus Baito
Christian mission emphasizes the joyful aspect of God to men because of His presence, which brings salvation. Awareness of the grace aspect has encouraged believers to undertake mission efforts. However, recent studies seek to present the doxological aspect as a motivation for the mission. This writing...
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Evangelism: A Field Study of Preaching and Spirituality Impact

Kasiatin Widianto, Lilis Setyarini, Nina Astrid Karina, Frederich Oscar Lambertus Lontoh
Many factors become the impetus to carry out the great commission of Christ, which is to preach the gospel. Preaching and spirituality are two of them. Jesus Christ used the preaching platform in delivering His first teaching. Preaching becomes a way to spread the gospel and inspires people to do that...
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Gaudium et Spes: Pastoral Reflections - The Church in the World in the Internet of Things Era

Riko Silaen, Timotius Tan, Andries Yosua, Daniel Budiantoro, Erastus Sabdono
The presence of IoT will undoubtedly have a significant impact on human civilization, both positive and negative. This impact is not only felt by the world market but penetrated the ecclesiastical sphere. In the IoT era, churches are present in every home through virtual technology with its challenges....
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Internalization of Christian Religious Values in Facing Disruption of Student Character

Sadrakh Sugiono, Yogi Mahendra, Priskila Issak Benyamin, Frans Pantan, Heru Cahyono
The Covid-19 pandemic is a challenge for Christian Religious Education teachers to instill Christian religious values, which can now influence the emergence of student character disruption. It is feared that the state of the Covid-19 pandemic will change student behavior in the wrong direction. The purpose...
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Transformation of Christian Mission in the Covid-19 Pandemic

Fransiskus Irwan Widjaja
Before Covid-19 came and affected pastoral life, the world was busy with the millennials, which would turn off many activities that did not adapt to the world of 4G technology; even the world was heading for 5G. The church must think about its mission. The church must rethink its mission and begin to...
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Using Google Trends to Analyze Keywords ‘Ibadah Online’ and ‘Gereja Online’ in Indonesia

Sonny Eli Zaluchu, Halim Wiryadinata, Robinson Rimun, Joseph Christ Santo, Martina Novalina
There has not been any research to observe the trend of Christian users in Indonesia in searching for YouTube content in carrying out their spiritual activities during the pandemic era. This research uses the data from Google trends to observe the use of the phrases ‘ibadah online’ (online spiritual...
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Christianity and Plurality in Indonesia

Theological and Ideological Synergy for Religious and National Moderation

Thomas Pentury, Stevri Penti Novri Indra Lumintang
The purpose of this research was to determine the essence of the synergy between theology and the Pancasila ideology and strengthen religious moderation from a Christian perspective. It was qualitatively achieved based on the naturalism research paradigmthe content analysis method. Subsequently, the...
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Learning Strategy for Christian Education Based on Local Wisdom in Disruption Era

Herman Poroe, Hengki B. Tompo, Esther Idayanti
Globalization and the advancement of Internet technology positively impact education by providing vast resources and opportunities. However, it also brings a global culture that threatens local culture and Christian faith. Ethno-pedagogy, or learning that emphasizes local wisdom and culture, provides...
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Level of Loyalty of The Tabernacle Pentecostal Church (GPT) in Surabaya During Pandemic

Kasieli Zebua, Dony Wijaya, Urbanus Sukri, Anthony Yedidyah Kairupan
The COVID-19 pandemic has had a tremendous impact on church service activities. The government’s policy is to implement large-scale social restrictions (PSBB) where churches are conditioned to carry out worship services online. Therefore, this study was carried out quantitatively to determine whether...
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Literacy with Information and Communication Technology to Optimize Services for Persons with Disabilities in the Church

Karnawati, Anang Sukamto, Lisye Bakara, Sionari, Nixon Dixon Siathen
Digital era shall be employed by the church in holistic ministry. This ministry includes reaching persons with disabilities. Like Jesus who paid attention to those who were weak (deaf, blind, lame). This study uses a qualitative study of literature. The sources used the Bible, RI Law No. 8 of 2016 on...
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Mission Ministry Through Social Media During Pandemic

Evendy Tobing, Samuel Sirait, Sri Ayu Dyah Utami, Yakup Hariyanto
The article is about the mission ministry that can still be done in pandemic era due to the limitation determined by the government of Indonesia. The social media has the facilities that could still connect people to one another. Although the mission is done through the social media, the essence of mission...
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Narrative Critical Analysis of Genesis 37:12-36 as a Theological Reflection Towards Human Trafficking

Mark Phillips Eliasaputra, Lidya Rundupadang, Natanael Henokh Tuwoliu, Marta Regina Silvi Simanungkalit, Sugata Salim
The survey shows the existence of human trafficking practices that are unwittingly happening to this day. This article intends to contribute theological thinking to the practice of human trafficking that is still happening today. This theological thinking is built through a critical analysis of the narrative...
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Online Sermon: Challenges and Opportunities for Christian Preachers in the Industrial Revolution 4.0

Erika Damayanti, Yusuf Slamet Handoko, Wahyu Wijiati, Widjanadi, Yosua Sibarani
The church is facing a momentum of change known as the digital era or the Internet of Things (IoT) era, known as the Industrial Revolution 4.0. The changing times have also affected ecclesiastical ministry, especially the ministry of preaching God’s Word. Preachers uploaded their sermons in online media...
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Phenomenology Study of Millennial Influencers in Herding the Digital Community

Joni Manumpak Parulian Gultom, Candra Gunawan Marisi, Didimus S B Prasetya, Go Heeng, Daniel Ginting
Technology is an integral part of today’s life. To give birth to a digital generation who are familiar with the digital world, where they can access the internet for up to 8 hours per day and 3 hours access social media. The digital native generation is young people who are familiar with the digital...
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Reaching Digital Natives People

A Phenomenology Study

Didimus Sutanto B. Prasetya, Stella Lady Prang, Ervi Johan Lo, Gunawan, Otieli Harefa
In the digital era, technology has influenced the way society develops. This disruption has phenomenally transformed a new group of people known as digital natives. In terms of digital technology, natives are very tech-savvy, but they are also experiencing a spiritual shift. The world is changing towards...
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Reduction of Horizontal Conflicts between Religions in Christian Ethical Review

Yonatan Alex Arifianto, Sari Saptorini, Tenny, Reni Triposa
Religion can trigger various problems and conflicts that can divide the nation’s society who live in harmony for a long time. Through a descriptive qualitative method with a literature study approach, this research concluded that to reduce horizontal conflicts between religious communities, the role...
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Reimagining Presence and Absence: Luke 24 as a Model for Christophanic Multipresent Church

David Alinurdin
The blending phenomenon of offline-online religious practices is considered a solution for today’s churches strug­gling to reconsider their identity and expression in communicating the faith during the pandemic. However, this hybrid approach still cannot provide theological conviction for the churches...
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Resilience of Local Religion Amid a Covid-19 Pandemic

Fibry Jati Nugroho, Stephanus Karnadhi, Dwi Novita Sari, Efa Femmy Tumiwa, Yonathan Yakup Mononimbar
This study provides factual conditions regarding the dimensions of religiosity of Local Religion, namely followers of the teachings of Ki Ageng Suryomentaram in responding to and dealing with the Covid-19 Pandemic. Using an analytical from Glock and Stark related to the dimension of religiosity well...
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Sermon on the Mount and Christian Leadership in the Era of the Internet of Things

Daniel E. Runtuwene, David Kristanto
The Sermon on the Mount (SOM) is prominently known as an ethical foundation for the Church. That fact seems to imply that there is no direct implication of the SOM to Christian leadership. Using the perspective of the emerging ethical leadership theory, this article argues that the ethical values of...
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Social Media and Christian Identity in the Age of Internet

Brury Eko Saputra
Recent advancements in the application of the social-scientific approach, especially the gossip theory in identifying the early Christian identity, have provided us tools for assessing modern Christian identity constructed by social media in the age of the internet. This article will first highlight...
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Social Media and Contextual Evangelism for Millennial Generation

Gernaida Krisna R. Pakpahan, Donny Charles Chandra, Ibnu Salman, Apin Militia Christi, Junifrius Gultom
Preaching the Good News is the duty of every believer of all ages as been mandated in the Bible. This Great Commission has to be carried out faithfully by followers of Jesus Christ. In this era of disruption, which is closely related to fundamental changes in all aspects of human life, the mandate is...
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Sovereignty of God and Religious Tolerance

A Kuyperian Perspective

David Kristanto
Abraham Kuyper is well-known for his assertion on equal freedom for people of all worldviews or religions. This article argues that Kuyper has successfully reconciled these seemingly contradicting notions by developing a concept of civil liberty from a Calvinistic tradition. Attempting to apply a Kuyperian...
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Spiritual Development of Human Resource Management (HRM) in 5G Technology Era

Dessy Handayani, Nurnilam Sarumaha, Eduward Purba, Maria Magdalena, Musa Pangkey
The development of information technology has reached the 5th generation known as 5G (Fifth Generation). The need for information technology and industry in all fields is becoming more advanced with 5G. The speed possessed by this information technology is possible for the elimination of human resources...
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STT KADESI’S Disrupting the Teaching and Learning Process during Covid-19

Muner Daliman, Hana Suparti, Jonathan D James, Eudia Anggelia Ika Agustin, Hengky Wijaya
In this paper we report on a pilot study of the teaching and learning at Sekolah Tinggi Teologi KADESI (STTK), a tertiary theological institution in Yogyakarta, during the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020. Our methods for collecting data were to survey the 40 students and conduct one-to-one interviews with...
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Survey of Conditions of Church Responsibitily in Tanjungpinang

A Case study of Church Responses to Great Commission

Selvyen Sophia, Fransiskus Irwan Widjaja, Rosnita Temba Kagu, Joni Manumpak Parulian Gultom, Freddy Siagian
This research begins with author’s search on the history of the entry of the Bible in Tanjungpinang since 1983. The increase and development of churches in Tanjungpinang does not necessarily have a significant impact on the increase in the number of new believers. Therefore, this research aims to assess...
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The Active Role of Churches in Evangelism-related Missionaries in Indonesia

Yanto Paulus Hermanto, Juliana Hindradjat, Rubin Adi Abraham, Josep Tatang, Tjahyadi Chandra
Evangelism in Indonesia is inseparable from the active role of missionaries, especially those sent by the church to various regions. However, the results achieved after a prolonged period were insignificant. Therefore, another approach is needed to streamline the role of the church in carrying out evangelism...
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The Anatomy of Online Learning and Its Implications in Christian Religious Education

Eudia Anggelia Ika Agustin, Yudhi Kawangung, Hana Suparti, Sri Wahyuni, Hendrix Dani Sanjaya
The PAK teaching and learning process significantly changed from conventional patterns to online learning during the pandemic. This method is more difficult than face-to-face learning due to the absence of direct interaction between students and teachers, thereby leading to doubts in the formation of...
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The Challenges of Optimizing Early Childhood Learning Process in the Era of Internet of Things

Edwin Goklas Silalahi, Ruth Judica Siahaan, Sabrina Ritonga, Helen Lidiawati, Herman Pakiding
The general problem of early childhood education in Indonesia usually lies in the low acceptance of parents towards the implementation of Early Childhood Education, the problem of educator professionalism, the problem of financing the implementation of minimal education, and the low quality of Early...
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The Church and Humanity: Efforts to Overcome Poverty Problems in Kupang City, NTT

Junifrius Gultom, Andreas Christanto, Dio Angga Pradipta, Ivonne Sandra Sumual, Gernaida Krisna R. Pakpahan
Poverty is a problem shared by all countries, including Indonesia. The causes and effects are varied. They are starting from health problems economics to security. After all, there can be looting because there is a gap between the poor and the rich. This fact calls on all parties to minimize the gap,...
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The Church’s Readiness for the Industrial Revolution 4.0

Asih Rachmani Endang Sumiwi, Yusak Sigit Prabowo, Joko Sembodo, Agustin Soewitomo Putri, Erik Prasetyo
The church is a community of people who believe in Jesus Christ, and this community is inextricably linked to a rapidly changing world civilization. The transition towards a new era known as Industrial Revolution 4.0 is taking place and must be properly addressed. The church cannot remain unaffected...
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The Effect of Emotional Intelligence on Music Art Learning Performance Mediated by Motivation

K.M. Siahaya, N. Rinukti, N. D. Nababan, S.A. Budiyanto, S.H. Nugroho
Studies show that Intelligence Quotient (IQ) does not guarantee success in life. The discovery of Emotional Intelligence (EQ) addresses the issues related to people with high IQ, while motivation is an intrinsic factor that helps a person achieve optimal learning performance. This research aims to determine...
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Religiosity and Spirituality on Evangelism Readiness in Indonesian Evangelical Millennial

Frederich Oscar Lambertus Lontoh
The concept of religiosity and spirituality in this study was tested in conjunction with the concept of evangelism for millennial evangelicals in Surabaya, Indonesia. The purpose of this study is to find out if there is an influence of religiosity and spirituality on evangelism readiness in today’s millennial...
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The Metamorphosis of Church Spirituality during the Covid-19 Pandemic

Fredy Simanjuntak, Johannes Tarigan, Talizaro Tafonao, Alexander Djuang Papay, Vicky Baldwin Goldsmith Dotulong Paat
Since the outbreak of the Covid-19 outbreak, the practice of worship has transitioned online to the use of virtual worship. Likewise, the direction of church spirituality, in general, has more immigrated to cyberspace. The church is on the verge of a spiritual metamorphosis of social formation in the...
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The Pastoral Care of Congregations during the Covid-19 Pandemic

Rubin Adi Abraham, Jessica Elizabeth Abraham, Yanto Paulus Hermanto, Christopher Santoso, Rivosa
Pastoral care during the Covid-19 pandemic is not easy, as the thinking paradigm that has been ingrained in pastors and congregations is an inherent obstacle. Therefore, face-to-face practices in the ministry and pastoral care in church buildings need to immediately change to methods that can be implemented...
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Analysis of Number 27:12-23 for Christian Organization

Yohanes Parapat, Esther Natasaputra, Andri Pasaribu, Stephen Erastus, Hasiholan Sihaloho
The Setbacks, divisions, and even destruction threaten the sustainability of the state or nation and religious organizations such as the church after the leadership succession, especially at the highest level. The study aims to study the succession management of Moses’ leadership as the highest leader...
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The Role of Christian Religious Education as a Mission Development in 4.0 Era

Fransiskus Irwan Widjaja, Maria P. Tjasmadi, Gernaida K.R. Pakpahan, Haposan Simanjuntak, Fredik Melkias Boiliu
This study reviews the role of Christian religious education in the industrial revolution 4.0 era as a developer of God’s mission. The mission is God’s initiative to bring peace to save humans. In this era, parents and teachers have an essential role in developing this mission. Therefore, the task must...
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The Role of Christian Religious Education Teachers in Building Student’s 6C Skills in The Era 4.0

Rita Evimalinda, Ester Lina Situmorang, Rikardo Dayanto Butarbutar, Agiana Her Visnhu Ditakristi, Josanti
The era of disruption with digital technology has changed the education system which resulted in a shift in learning patterns towards digital-based. Therefore, teachers and students must be technology literate. This study aims to provide solutions about the role of Christian religious education teachers...
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The Role of Religious Behavior and Christian Religious Education on Economic Behavior

Joseph Syauta, Wahyu Y. Nugraha, Jos Sudarman, Alvin Koswanto, Johnson Sitorus
In principle, economic behavior is a rational action taken by individuals in economic activities to achieve profit and welfare. However, this understanding undergoes a change in the meaning of the getting worse phenomenon of social change. Economic behavior becomes a social act for satisfaction and profit...
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The Smart Church, a New Normal Church in Digital Era

Jimmy Oentoro, Esther Idayanti
COVID-19 has become the trigger to speed up churches’ move to digital platform. While the world is gathering big data and operating in artificial intelligence, churches are limited in its approach to digital Sunday services. More than just an online church that airs services to replace indoor services,...
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The Spirit of Christian Education in the Pandemic Era in Religious Institutions

Frans Pantan, Johni Hardori, Priskila Issak Benyamin, Sadrakh Sugiono, Yuel Sumarno
The change in the learning system from attractive to bold because of the covid-19 pandemic impacts learning Christian religious education. The Director-General of Christian Guidance issues an appeal for the curriculum used in religious education institutions and gives freedom to regulate it. This research...
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Theology of Reformed Spirituality in Disruption Era

Shendy Carolina Lumintang
The current disruption era affects all aspects of human life, including the spiritual experience of believers. The influence is the tendency of believers to understand and practice with an anthropological spirit, not with truth (dogma), and not for the kingdom of God. Therefore, this study aims to restore...
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Tolerance Discourse among Religions in Indonesia

Yudhi Kawangung, Eudia Anggelia Ika Agustin, Muner Daliman, Daniel Suharto, Novid Firman Prasetyo
The intolerant attitude developing in the contemporary Indonesia becomes a problem that must be immediately solved because this can threaten the religious life and the unity of the nation and the state. This paper aims to discuss the problematic concept of tolerance-intolerance by applying the sociological...
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Using the Internet of Things to Improve Christian Ministry in the Present Era

Setio Dharma Kusuma, Sion Saputra, Edi Sugianto, Stevanus Parinussa
The rapid increase in the development of technology has penetrated various sectors of life, including the field of Christian ministry, where it provides an orderly service system in accordance with the use of the Internet of Things (IoT) in the millennium era. IoT supports smooth access to information...
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Virtual Pastoral Care for Missionaries of Union of Indonesian Baptist Churches in The Digital Era

Sari Saptorini, Mariani Harmadi, Tomson Saut Parulian Lumbantobing, Eko Wahyu Suryaningsih, Debora Nugrahenny Christimoty
Union of Indonesian Baptist Churches (UIBC) has missionaries who serve in the mission fields in Indonesia and abroad. UIBC cooperates with Indonesian Baptist churches to support the missionaries in finance, supervising, and mentoring. However, specific situations, like the COVID-19 pandemic, cause pastoral...
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Wadon Sing Mendhem Rasa: A Feminist Reinterpretation of Woman Who Commits Adultery

Hanry Caesar Chandra, Sindy Randan, Grant Nixon, Davin Giovanni, Junius Michael Najoan
This article aims to reflect the narrative of John 7:53-8:11 as a theological response to gender-based violence in cyberspace that appears in the Internet of Things (IoT) era. The patriarchal interpretation of John 7:53-8:11 results in the title “The Woman Who Commits Adultery” for this narrative which...
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We are God’s Social Media

Doing Missions using Social Media in Digital World

Fredy Simanjuntak, Noh Ibrahim Boiliu, Mangiring Tua Togatorop, Efvi Noyita, Susilo Susanto
Modern media continues to grow and have an impact on global changes in industrial, cultural, social, religious paradigms and the lives of people. New communication trends such as social media have implications for the disruption of the alienation of the functional role of religion which will most likely...
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Web 2.0 Technologies Use in ARCS Motivational Model-Based Online Learning on Student Performance in STIPAK Malang

Lidia Susanti
Online learning which capitalizes on Web 2.0 technologies combined with ARCS Motivational model-based learning strategies (Attention, Relevance, Confidence, and Satisfaction) has effects on students’ performance in STIPAK Malang. Web 2.0 technologies offer lots of advantages such as facilitating students...
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Church Ministry in the Covid-19 Pandemic Era in the City of Medan-North Sumatra-Indonesia

Suardin Gaurifa, Robert Siahaan, Ferry Yoshua Ginting, Aldrian Eko Artoso Sunjaya, Darsono Ambarita
The church has been one of the most affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. In this study, we want to see opportunities as a church strategy in serving as its main task even in the midst of the pandemic. The method used in this research is through observation of the overall impact of the COVID-19 pandemic...
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Fostering Interreligious Love through Reflecting upon the Dual Metaphor of Christ in Revelation 5:5-6

Moses Wibowo, Malik, Mozes Lawalata, Hasahatan Hutahaean, Stenly R. Paparang
Religion always teaches about love, however, violence in the name of religion is keep occuring, in which Christianity is not exempted. Jesus Christ is the center of the Christian faith, and love is the centre of his teachings. Unfortunately, many religious people committed violence, even those who confessed...
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Implementation of Life Skills-Based Education

Mindo Judica Pangaribuan, Anton Samsi Purba, Sintaria, Indra Iyus Sihole, Ramot Frans Edy Apul Sidabalok
This study aims to increase teacher awareness about the importance of life skills education. The method used is descriptive analysis through documentation study. The results of the study indicate that the teacher must act as subject matter. In addition, the teacher functions as a facilitator who focuses...
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The Dynamics of Church Life in the Global Era Towards Theological Equilibrium

Otieli Harefa, Eli Berkat Zebua, Go Heeng, Hendra Aritonang, Sylvia Natalia
The digital industrial revolution in the era of globalization where the church lives today is a challenge for church services, especially in implementing their theological views that must be adapted to the times. The essence of theology will never be rewarded. Still, the way and opinions of the church’s...
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The Effect of Pandemic Covid-19 on Christianity in Durian Lingga Village Indonesia

Jimmy Agustin Siregar, Marini Stannie Anggairah, Messy Armayanti Bancin
The purpose of this study was to find out the views of Christians about Covid-19 and its effect on Christianity according to 1 Peter 4:12-19 in this village. The research method is quantitative by first making a theoretical study for the source of the instrument distributed in the sample. Calculations...
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The P-5 Integrity System for Christian Parents Build Children’s Mental Health

Stefanus, Yan J.B. Parrangan, Robert Benedictus, Perlin Zebua, Kusman Sudibjo
Parents have a crucial role in constructing children’s mental health, because children are individuals in the developmental phase from infancy to adolescence. The development processes involve physical, mental, self-concept and imitating patterns in its environment. According to WHO reports, 450 million...
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The Restoration of Christian Families

Evelyna Sianturi, Dewi Dharma Hardi, G.M. Effendi Sihotang, Leonardo Berutu, Shinta Dharma Hardi
Families are the institutions which are based on God’s initiation. It has been reflected since God created Adam and Eve. We have dreamed of having happy families which can be God’s witnesses in the society. Families are God’s image on earth but sins have destroyed the good image. Divorces and family’s...
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The Supremacy of Jesus in Hebrews 1-7

Hasanema Wau, Malik, Eni Lestari, Supriadi
The superiority and uniqueness of Jesus Christ is described in detail in the letter to the Hebrews. Deep observation will uncover truths that will enrich faith. The very essence part is learning about the person of Jesus. Chapters 1 to 7, the writer of Hebrews discusses the superiority of Christ over...
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Tolerance Through “DAI” (Dialog Antar Iman) Services in Local Church GBKP Bekasi

Martina Novalina, Tinny Mayliasari, Juli Edi Sebayang, Yohana Natassha, Sugeng Santoso
Tolerance is a basic element needed to develop an attitude of mutual understanding and respect for existing differences as well as being an entry point for the realization of an atmosphere of dialogue and religious harmony. This study wants to see the possible relationship between DAI (Dialog Antar Iman...
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Understanding the Roles of Christian Counselor

Putra Hendra S. Sitompul, Budi Parlindungan Parama Hutagalung, Benjamin F. Sihotang, Thuan
Christian counselors play an important role in the life of the congregation because they are the central figure to provide views and problems solving The experience of a Christian counselor is certainly very different from congregation’s in general, the talent possessed by a counselor becomes a differentiator...
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Generation Z’s Attitude towards Bible Study in the Disruption Era

Dwi Ariefin, Ardi Yusuf Wiriadinata, Daniel Tatang Effendi, Untari Prihatiningsih, Genti Turnip
The Disruption Era calls for the emergence of innovations in various fields, including in Christian Education. Generation Z (Gen-Z), the largest population in Indonesia today, is well-adapted generation to digital technology. Gen-Z Christians (GZC) who live in this disruptive era consider digital technology...