Proceedings of the International Conference on Psychological Studies (ICPSYCHE 2020)

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The Effect Size of Forgiveness in Hope and Life Satisfaction Among Adolescents Living with Imperfect Family Structure: Taking Anxiety Levels and Sex into Consideration

Amalia Rahmandani, Yohanis Franz La Kahija, Lusi Nur Ardhiani
This study aimed to describe the differences in correlation of forgiveness and hope as well as life satisfaction according to anxiety levels and sex among adolescents living with the imperfect family structure. A total of 171 Indonesian teenagers involved were students of a state vocational school in...
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The Relationship Between Self-Harm Behavior, Personality, and Parental Separation: A Systematic Literature Review

Janice Valencia, Frikson Christian Sinambela
Children who are separate from one or both of their parents (parental separation) have a higher tendency to experience stress, mental health problems, and self-harm behavior. Self-harm behavior is the practice of deliberately injuring body tissue generally carried out by oneself without the intention...
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An Initial Development of Smile: A Self-Regulation Based Mobile Mental Health’s Application for Adolescents

Dian Veronika Sakti Kaloeti, Annastasia Ediati, W Syafei, J Ariati, A Prasetijo, A Kurnia, V Tahamata
Adolescents have shown significantly higher rates of mental health problems than the general public. Research has found the self-regulation is vital in preventing psychopathology. Further, the involvement of digital technology as one health support form is recognized as a promising alternative, especially...
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Blood Pressure Control and Heart Rate: Effectiveness Brief Hypnotic Induction Methods on Adults

S Ayu Kurnia, Dian Veronika Sakti Kaloeti, Kwartarini Wahyu Yuniarti, Nanda Erfani Saputri
Hypertension is a major public health problem and the key risk factor for cardiovascular diseases in adults. This study aims to determine the effect of brief hypnotic induction methods on lowering hypertension in adults. The intervention method utilized in this study involved brief hypnotic induction....
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Online Cognitive-Behavioral Group Therapy to Enhance Self-Esteem in Romantic Relationship for Emerging Adult Women

Diajeng Tri Padya, Lathifah Hanum
Emerging adulthood is often linked with the development task to explore an intimate relationship with people around them, including establishing romantic relationships. However, individuals sometimes are hesitant to start a romantic relationship because of various reasons, and one of them is low self-esteem....
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The Effectiveness of Online Group Cognitive and Behavioral Therapy on Self-Esteem and Forgiveness in Young Adult Women after Romantic Relationship Break Up

Prawestri Bayu Utari Krisnamurthi, Lathifah Hanum
The end of a romantic relationship may impact an individual, one of which is low self-esteem that causes the individual to feel difficult, hesitant, and reluctant to start another relationship with a new partner. It also can affect the psychological well-being of the individual. Self-esteem is one crucial...
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The Impact of Self -Affirmation Towards Stress and Anxiety Levels of Pregnant Women

Runjati Runjati, Annisa Septy Nurcahyani
Stress and anxiety during pregnancy has an impact on the risk of pregnancy, baby and birth. There is a need holistic care to cope with psychological adaptation during pregnancy. Self-affirmation by love card and deep breathing sounds to be part of holistic care but none of the study. This research aims...
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Psychological Distress Among Freshmen University Students

Alvin Alfiyan, Ishma Najya Zafira Purnama, Wyke Youlanda, Dian Veronika Sakti Kaloeti, Hastaning Sakti
Psychological distress is negative mental health, which can affect a person directly or indirectly over time. The psychological distress that emerges to the new students was related to the transition period, academic, and non-academic burdens experienced. The sample of this research was 3819 first-year...
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Measuring Acculturative Stress and General Self-Rated Health of Internal Migrant Students in Indonesia: Considering Social Identity Theory

Nugraha Arif Karyanta
Ethnic identity and national identity are aspects of social identity that bring with them pros and cons in relation to acculturative stress and individual health more generally. As a multicultural country made up of various ethnic groups, Indonesia places a high importance on the concepts of ethnic identity...
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Self-efficacy, Emotional Regulation, Communication Competence and Public Speaking Anxiety Towards Students

Zefanya Relita Trisnaningati, Frikson Christian Sinambela
Public speaking anxiety (PSA) is one of the most common forms of anxiety disorder, with about one in five individuals experiencing this level of anxiety. Students undergoing the learning process, especially before the final examination period, can experience this anxiety disorder. The factors mentioned...
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Public Speaking Anxiety Reviewed from Self-Efficacy and Audience Response on Students: Systematic Review

Bawinda Sri Lestari, Joniarto Parung, Frikson C. Sinambela
Students are required to be able to speak publicly. The ability to speak in public will make it easier for students to convey ideas, or suggestions and become a value-added skill for them. Based on literature studies there are several factors that influence public speaking anxiety, including self-efficacy...
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Effects of Neurofeedback Training on Anxiety Symptoms Among University Students

Jasmine Adela Mutang, Chua Bee Seok, Guan Teik Ee
Previous studies reported that university students are a population at risk of that mental health problems. The most common intervention for anxiety disorders are pharmacological and/or nonpharmacological strategies such as psychotherapies. Besides that, there is a growing interest neurofeedback training...
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Character Strengths of Student and College Student Undergoing Learning Activities During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Hetti Sari Ramadhani, Jatie K. Pudjibudojo, Lena N. Panjaitan
Youth character strengths becomes the front line for the nation’s future generations to face future challenges, including during the Covid-19 pandemic. Previous research has shown character strengths in helping people and the nation cope the vicissitudes of Covid-19 pandemic. This research aims to identify...
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Models of Career Maturity in Adolescents

Novi Qonitatin, Erin Ratna Kustanti
Career maturity is individual ability to carry out career developmental tasks according to career developmental stages, in which adolescents should be able to make plans and perform career decision-making. The problems that arise, adolescents are challenged to carry out career-decision making. The aim...
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Surviving Marital Relationship During the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Systematic Review on Marital Conflict

Shinta Wisyaningrum, Ignasia Epifani, Annastasia Ediati
Pandemic COVID-19 brings tremendous impact on families, particularly on marital relationship. We reported finding on systematic review concerning how marriages survive against marital conflict during COVID-19 pandemic. Using the Google Scholar database, we searched articles using the following keywords...
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Marital Distress and Satisfaction During the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Systematic Review

Ignasia Epifani, Shinta Wisyaningrum, Annastasia Ediati
COVID-19 pandemic brings tremendous impact on families, particularly on marital relationship. This paper reported findings on systematic review concerning the stressor and psychological problem encountered by married couples. We search in the Google Scholar database using the following keywords “marital...
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Risk Factors of Domestic Violence Reported Before and During the Covid-19 Pandemic: A Systematic Review

Fawwaz Mishbah Syibulhuda, Annastasia Ediati
The presence of COVID-19 as a global pandemic has triggered the implementation of several policies such as lockdowns to limit public interactions and controlling the spread of the virus. Meanwhile, pandemic also impacts business and jobs resulted in downsizing and reduced income, leading to increased...
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Divorce Decision-Making in Javanese Women: A Review from Social, Cultural, and Gender Perspective

Devi Puspitasari, Jatie. K. Pudjibudojo, Hartanti
Divorce phenomenon all across the globe has shown significant increases, which also happens in Indonesia. Based on records from the Supreme Court, there were 480.618 divorces cases in 2019, with 25% cases filed by the husbands and 75% cases filed by the wives. This study aims to identify divorce decision...
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Marital Satisfaction in Individuals Who Remarry After Divorce

Dewi Widiastuti
Every individual who enters married life certainly expects the presence of happiness in domestic life with the same person from beginning to end, one forever. Due to several different factors, in reality married life has its respective problems, so that family life cannot be compared with one another....
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The Implementation of Life-Review Intervention to Increase the Quality of Life on Elderly Widows

Venty Ratnasari Telaumbanua, Srisiuni Sugoto
Quality of Life is the viewpoint or perspective of individuals regarding how good their currently experienced life is. In later adulthood (old age), there are many changes, such as changes in physical and cognitive abilities, and also changes in social roles and emotional conditions, especially on elderly...
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Engaged Teachers Scale for Special Educational Needs Teachers in Indonesia: A Rasch Model Approach

Ika Febrian Kristiana, Ermida Simanjuntak
Engaged Teachers Scale (ETS) is currently the only scale measuring teacher engagement. Although it has good validity when it was developed by Klassen et al (2013) in the UK, but there were not many have reported its validity when used in different cultural settings. Therefore, the ETS adaptation process...
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Work-family Conflict, Perceived Stress and Intention to Commit Traffic Violations: A Model Guided by The Theory of Planned Behavior

Madihah Shukri
Despite the importance of traffic violations in relation to road safety, little is known, however, about the link between stress particularly work-family conflict and violations behaviors. This study assessed the predictive effect of the theory of planned behavior (TPB) constructs and additional predictors...
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Family Support on Working Mother’s Work-Family Conflict: Role of Communal Sharing Social Relations

T N E D Soeharto, M W Kuncoro, S A Prahara
This study aims to determine the effect of family support on work-family conflict in mothers who work through communal sharing social relations. The formulation of the problem in this study is whether the effect of family support on work-family conflict in mothers who work through communal sharing social...
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The Role of Psychological Capital in predicting Work-Family Conflict

Rusmalia Dewi, Joniarto Parung, Artiawati
Research on psychological capital and work-family conflict has shown mixed results. Several studies have shown a high correlation between results and a low one. In theory, psychological capital should be able to become an individual’s psychological resource in reducing work-family conflicts. Research...
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The Role of Hindrance Stressor and Distress in Teachers’ Work-Life Balance

Pan Lee Ching, Chua Bee Seok, Rosnah Ismail
Excessive workload is appraised as hindrance stressor because it obstructs teachers’ achievement in the workplace and then to a negative response like distress, the response would harm the work-life balance. Hence, this study aims to examine the relationship between hindrance stressor and work-life balance...
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The Influence of Work-Family Interface and Emotional Exhaustion on Turnover Intention Among Doctors in Malaysian Public Hospitals: Applying Affective Commitment as the Moderator

Ifrah Harun, Rosli Mahmood
Drawing from a Job-Demand and Resource (J-DR) model and Conservation of Resources theory (COR), this study aims to examine the moderating role of affective commitment in relation to work-family interface (WFI), emotional exhaustion(EE), and turnover intention. Particularly, this study examines how the...
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Exploring Subjective Career Success

Tri Muji Ingarianti, Fendy Suhariadi, Fajrianthi
This exploratory qualitative study attempted to investigate and explore Indonesian employees’ subjective career success. Twenty employees from governmental, banking and private sectors were interviewed. The findings showed that there are six themes related to subjective career success. Subjective career...
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The Role of Parents in Teaching Community Engagement to the Children: An Exploration Study Among Balinese Family

Wyke Youlanda, Dian Veronika Sakti Kaloeti, S Ayu Kurnia
Parents are required to introduce traditions to their children and effectively instill local wisdom values in the next generation according to the culture of the area where they live. The role of Balinese parents as the first promotional agent to teach Balinese culture to their children, which involves...
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Emerging Issues in Education and Family the Effect of Parental Social Support on Career Decision Making Self-Efficacy

Ferdi Sapan Alextian, Sri Muliati Abdullah
Every year senior high school students are confronted with the career decision associated with college majors. Many senior students are unsure of the selected college choices because of the lack of social support from parents. This study aims to determine the effect of parental support on career decision...
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Does Hovering Matter? The Effect of Helicopter Parenting on Adolescents’ Suicidal Ideation

Samita Karunaharan, Charles Ganaprakasam, Tinagaran Selvarajah
Since parents are the prime source of a child’s mental health development, the practice of inappropriate and impertinent parenting can lead to various psychological problems. Very few studies have been conducted to investigate the relationship between parenting styles and suicidal ideation among Malaysian...
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The Influence of Personal Growth Initiative and Self-Regulated Learning on Victims of Bullying and the Differences in Terms of Parental Educational Background

Putri Saraswati
Bullying victims have greater desire to develop themselves into a better person than the bully. In psychological terms, efforts to become a better person are called Personal Growth Initiatives (PGI). Individuals with good PGI will continue to strive to develop themselves. In this context, the PGI is...
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Family and Social Environmental Factors in the Effects on Family Resilience: A Systematic Literature Review

Yosika Pramangara Admadeli, Pascalis Muritegar Embu-Worho
Families often face extremely challenging experiences or crises caused by various factors. It is important to understand how family members give each other support when problems occur in the family, how one solve the problems, and how one rebuild their lives after the transition. Therefore it is crucial...
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Unearthing the Role of Female Breadwinners in Family Resilience During a Crisis:

A Case Study in Artisanal and Small-Scale Gold Mining Community in Tewang Pajangan, Central Kalimantan, Indonesia

Safura Intan Herlusia, Tannia Paramita, Vovia Witni, Budi Susilorini
COVID-19 can negatively impact family resilience as the pandemic causes social disruptions and mental distress, whether due to financial insecurity, physical distancing or confinement. Based on previous studies, such impacts were disproportionately felt by vulnerable families, including those with female...
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Understanding the Step-sibling Relationship Through Bibliometric-visualization and Narrative Analysis

Devina Ratna Anggita, Costrie Ganes Widayanti, Kartika Sari Dewi
The study aims to reveal the dynamics of step-sibling relationship and its acceptance in families whose parents remarried after divorce. The study implemented qualitative systematic review research method to study on step-siblings from 2000 to 2020 (n =19 corpus; range of participants =11-33 years old)....
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“We Consider Him as a Menace to Our Family”: Extended Family Variances in Attitudes Towards People with Schizophrenia

Ni Luh Kade Nadia Rastafary, Marselius Sampe Tondok
Schizophrenia is a psychotic mental disorder that causes psychiatric symptoms, such as confusion in thinking, emotions, perceptions, and deviant behaviour. The prevalence of schizophrenia/ psychosis in Indonesia was 6.7 per 1000 households. The highest prevalence distribution was in Bali and Yogyakarta...
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Family Relationship in the Era of Disruption: Communication Strategy of Parents-Millennial Children

Afifah Chusna Az Zahra, Jainul Mukhaimin Nurofik, Mochammad Sa’id
The relationship between parents and millennial children is an example of inter-generational interaction that can raise communication problems in-between. One of its factors is the development of technology. The relentless globalization, along with the rapid technology innovation, creates something called...
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Caregivers Feeding Styles for Children 6-20 Months of Age in Rural Areas Wonosobo District Central Java Indonesia

Hadi Ashar, Ina Kusrini, Leny Latifah, Dyah Yunitawati
Caregivers feeding style is one of the efforts in preventing malnutrition. It not only fills the nutrition needs to grow but also, psychologically, fills the affection that will support the child’s growth and development. The purpose of this study is to know the feeding style to the children and the...
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The Effectiveness of Al-Quran Surah Ar-Rahman Murottal Listening Therapy for Improving Positive Emotions on Informal Caregivers of Schizophrenia

Abdi Winarni Wahid, Fuad Nashori
The objective of this study was to examine the effectiveness of the listening training on Al-Qurán Surah Ar-Rahman murottal in increasing positive emotions in informal caregivers of schizophrenia. There were 10 participants in this study who were divided into two groups. The first group was given treatment...
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Husband’s Social Support, Emotional Competence and Compassionate Love in Mother of Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Dinie Ratri Desiningrum, Dewi Retno Suminar, Endang Retno Surjaningrum
Parents of children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) experience greater levels of stress, anxiety, and depression than parents of children with other developmental disorders. Mothers experience stress in caring, while loving care is needed, which in this study defined as compassionate love, to optimize...
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External and Internal Factors Affecting Subjective Well Being Parents of Children With Special Needs

Sri Asih Andayani, Jatie K. Pudjibudojo, Evy Tjahjono
Subjective well-being (SWB) is a key to a prosperous life. All married couples expect to deliver physically-normal babies. Unfortunately, some families have special need children. In general, the number SWB parents of children with special needs are lower than SWB parents with typical children. Factors...
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Relationship Between Husband Social Support and the Resilience of Mother of Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

Sarah Aurelia Saragih, Marisa Fransiska Moeliono
Mothers with ASD children face daily adversity that translates into a high level of stress due to the symptoms the child has. Mothers must overcome all the challenges and adversity by having resilience. Resilience held by mothers is formed from external factors, namely social support from their spouse....
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Roles of Family in Introducing Early Sexual Education to Children

Ellya Rakhmawati, Noor Rochman Hadjam, Dita Permata Aditya, Adhitya Riska Yunita
Sexual education in Indonesia is remained Taboo, so many parents and schools do not have the awareness to provide sexual education to the children. However, some families tried to educate their children about sexuality. This study answers questions raised which how parents are involved in providing sexual...
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Psychological States of Rural Area’s Children During Covid-19 Pandemic

Hon Kai Yee, Ezzah Nurhazimah Husin, Norafifah Bali, Wanda Kiyah Albert George
As the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic sweeps across the world, it has a profound effect on human psychological and daily life. However, fewer studies are focusing on children’s psychological states. The purpose of the present study aimed to examine the children’s psychological state and their emotions...
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Family Resilience: Prisoner’s Perspective (A Phenomenology Study in Kedungpane Correctional Institution Semarang)

Nailul Fauziah, Endang Sri Indrawati, Adi Dinardinata, Achmad Mujab Masykur
Incarceration is an experience that is torturous, severe, full of suffering, frightening, worrying and full of pressure for both the prisoner and the whole family. Good adaptability is needed to face the dynamic changes that are stressful and challenging so that they can recover quickly and can maintain...
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Maintaining Marriage Behind the Prison: A Qualitative Study Through Incarcerated Husband Perception

Kholifah Umi Sholihah, Dian Veronika Sakti Kaloeti, Adi Dinardinata, Rahmadian S Laksmi
The relationship between husband and wife is an essential thing in marriage. However, there is a special circumstances that have significant effect in marriage, such as imprisonment. The relationship will face many quandaries. This study explores the perception of prisoners toward their marriage and...
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The Effect of Resilience on the Quality of Life and Psychological Symptoms on Incarcerated Women

Talitha Lintang Pertiwi, Dian Veronika Sakti Kaloeti
It is known that incarcerated women have problems that affect their psychological condition, such as experiencing depression and anxiety. Based on previous studies, the resilience and quality of life can minimize the depression and anxiety experience of the inmates in correctional institutions. This...
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Qualitative Study of Subjective Well-being Phenomenology of the Assisted Citizens of Kedungpane Prison Semarang

Achmad Mujab Masykur, Adi Dinardinata
Being a prisoner in prison is certainly not everyone’s dream. Imprisonment is an experience that is torturous, severe, full of suffering, frightening, worrying, and full of pressure for the prisoner. Good adaptability is needed to face the dynamic changes that are full of pressure and difficulties so...
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Cultural Norms and Practices in Resilience of Indonesians’ Natural Disaster Survivors

Julia Suleeman
As a country located between two rings of fire, Indonesia experiences lots of natural disaster: earthquake, tsunami and eruption. It is expected that people in areas often affected have an ability to live with disasters that can happen anytime. This article reports a series of study aiming to identify...
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The Risk and Protective Factor in the Resilience Development of Indonesian Navy Soldier’s Wives

Wiwik Triwidiyanti, R Yusti Probowati, Andrian Pramadi
One of the stressors for soldier’s wife that potentially affect their mental health is the deployment or assignment of their husband for 3-12 months apart from his wife and children. Wives of soldiers must have resilience, the ability to survive or bounce back from the stresses of life. The aim of this...
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Leadership Style & Management System in Family Business for Z Generation Workers

Aulia Risky
In Indonesia, family businesses still dominate the industrial world, based on the results of a survey by Price Waterhouse Cooper (PwC) in 2014, more than 95% of businesses in Indonesia are family owned. Family businesses usually adopt and maintain the initial values set by the owner who acts as the founder...
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Perceptions of Communication Organizational - Family and Authentic Leadership

Paulus Eddy Suhartanto, Markus Hartono, Frikson Sinambela
Research on authentic leadership antecedents is still limited. Several studies have shown that the role of psychological capital, self-knowledge and self-consistency is not consistent as antecedents of authentic leadership. Likewise related to the role perceptions of organizational and family communication...
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Phenomenological Study Regarding the Consequences of Job Relocations

Mirwan Surya Perdhana, Dian Ratna Sawitri, Danang Edmirendy Surya Permana
The aim of this study is to investigate employee’s perceptions of job relocation in Alpha Corp, a government organization with representative office located in all provinces in Indonesia. Despite the utilization of job relocation to improve employee’s work quality and achieving organizational goals,...
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Work Engagement and Innovative Work Behavior: Meta-Analysis Study

Devietha Kurnia Sari, Ananta Yudiarso, Frikson Christian Sinambela
Work Engagement is referred to as the motivation employees have in involving and being enthusiastic about their work. An engaged employee will positively involve and strive to contribute to the organization through higher productivity, efficiency, and vast innovation. A motivational condition such as...
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Employee’s Perception of Voicing: Does the Organization Really Provide Voice Channels?

Unika Prihatsanti, Seger Handoyo, Rahkman Ardi
This study aims to explore the employee voice in organizations based on the channel chosen. 151 employees from various companies in Indonesia who volunteered to be involved in this research (43,7% Male, 56,3% Female; 17,9% secondary-diploma, 59.6% Bachelor, 22,5% Master; Mean age=30,41, SD=7,68) answered...