Proceedings of the 2016 4th International Conference on Renewable Energy and Environmental Technology (ICREET 2016)

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Coupling and Analysis of 981 Deep Water Semi-submersible Drilling Platform and the Mooring System

Xudong Wang, Chaodong Luo, Xiaomei Zhu, Liqin Qian, Jianwen Sheng, Dayong Wang, Feng Yang, Haotian Bai, Fan Yang
With the increasing water depth, semi-submersible platform mooring system weight has increased rapidly. Because the coupling of the platform and mooring system will directly affect the safety of platform location, the mooring system must use the design of multi-component mooring line. The paper introduces...
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Research on the Sustainable Development of Marine Tourism of Danjia Culture in Qinzhou of South China

Wei Huang, Yanping Dai, Ruwen Liang, Yuanjun Huang, Qiuhua Cheng, Yeling Tan, Daobo Wang, Zhilian Fan
It is one of the important methods to promote the sustainable development of tourism to fully tap the marine culture, enrich the modern leisure tourism. Danjia live in Qinzhou for many years and form a unique cultural. From the clothing, ship, shed of Danjia, this article analyzes its cultural factors...
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Analyzing on Filtering Effect and Energy Saving Mechanism of Dynamic Harmonic Filter

Yifei Wang, Youxin Yuan, Jinming Mao, Yongming Jiang
The harmonic suppression must be applied to the power equipment in distribution system in order to improve the power quality and saving energy. So the author developed the dynamic harmonic filter, and it was successfully applied. Based on the previous research, Firstly, the paper analyzed quantitatively...
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Research on Ancillary Service Compensation Mechanism of Generation Rights Trade between Renewable Energy and Conventional Energy

Tian Xia, Yongxiu He, Dong Song, Qian Chen
In order to promote the consumption of renewable energy and adjust energy structure, it is an effective way to use generation rights trade between renewable energy and conventional energy. Reasonable benefits can promote their enthusiasm to participate in the generation rights trade, so research on ancillary...
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Analysis on risk factors of power grid planning under the background of electric power system reform in China-An Interpretative Structural Modeling

Na Li, Han Shu, Jie Jiao, Chao Ma, Tao Qin
With the deepening of China's electric power system reform, the environment of power grid planning will be more complex. In this paper, the risk factors that may affect the power grid planning are identified by the Delphi method from three aspects: the generation side, the transmission and distribution...
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Study on the Blend of SBS and Polystryrene and Properties of Their Mixture

Jun Zhou, Xihua Du, Wei Yue
Aiming at the defects of polystyrene (PS), PS is modified by blending with thermoplastic elastomer styrene-butadiene-styrene (SBS). The blends of SBS/PS as the object of study, this paper studies the mechanical properties of SBS/PS blends with different proportions and the effect of the content of SBS...
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Study on the Blended Modification of Polystryrene and Low Density Polyethylene

Jun Zhou, Chunling Shi, Wei Yue
In this paper, the main work is to use one of the five general synthetic resin of low density polyethylene (LDPE) on the blending modification of polystyrene (PS) to overcome the faults such as brittle, environmental stress cracking resistance, low impact strength of PS and improve their mechanical properties,...
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Review of Monitoring and Warning Methods for External Damage Protection of Overhead Transmission Lines

Yongling Lu, Chengbo Hu, Jiayuan Xu, Song Gao, Fengbo Tao, Zhicheng Zhou
With the rapid development of economy and power grid, contradictions continue to increase between overhead transmission lines protection and construction, more and more fault trips occur caused by external damage, monitoring and warning methods for external damage become very important to guarantee the...
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Ni/W/SBA-15 catalyst for Carbon dioxide reforming of methane

J. Huang, Jienan Zhang, Yue Zhang
Carbon dioxide reforming of methane over Ni/W/SBA-15 catalyst was studied. The catalyst was characterized by X-ray diffraction, IR analysis, SEM and TD-DTA.The results indicated that Ni/W/SBA-15 catalyst typical mesoporous structure, uniform aperture, and only after the metal into the carrier SBA-15,...
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Intelligent Setting Package Based on Setting Value Graining and Common Library

Ping Zhao, Linling Ding, Xuedond Li, Kang Wang, Wei Meng
In-depth analysis and study of six unified device fixed value and setting principle, combined with the application of the device setting in the relay protection setting calculation software. Intelligent setting package with protection device common libraries and granular fixed value was designed and...
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The Research and Development of New Filling Material with High Water Retention and Dilatation

Chao Yang, Lijie Guo, Jie Wang, Guoquan Hou, Wenyuan Xu
This paper analyzed the mechanism of dilatation and high water retention of the independently researched new cementing material. It was proved by the experiment of dilatation and water retention behavior that the maximum water-solid ratio of this new material are 3:1 and the maximum volume dilatation...
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Parameters Setting of Power System Stabilizer PSS2B

Mengjing Fan, Kewen Wang, Jianfen Zhang
PSS2B is a kind of dual-input power system stabilizer which takes rotational speed deviation and electrical power deviation as its inputs. The shaft torsion signal introduced by the rotational speed deviation have an effect on the low frequency signal each other. The interactions affect the parameters...
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Optimization of Limestone-gypsum Wet Flue Gas Desulfurization System

Jing Han, Guoyue Zhu
Two 350MW Boilers is operating in Tianjin Junliangcheng Generation Co. Ltd. Limestone - gypsum wet FGD with two towers is adopted.Some optimization of pH and density,slurry and process water are made: the PH and densimeter are placed at the outlet of the recycled pump tube, it could make the discharged...
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Global path planning of Multi-robot Fish based on adaptive ant colony algorithm in dynamic environment

Cai Wen, Yansong Deng
Based on adaptive ant colony algorithm, this paper provides a global path planning for multi-robot fish in dynamic environment, so as to achieve better coordination between the robot fish by means of improving their path planning. The adaptive ant colony algorithm in combination with dynamic self-adapting...
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Research on Renewable Energy in Shandong Province

Hongtao Liu, Yingwei Chi, Li Xue, Dengfeng Xu, Jinxiao Li
Shandong is a major province located in eastern China, which has large population, prosperous economy and great energy consumption. For better development, more information should be gathered for politic making or energy planning. In this paper, a large amount of information was searched on bibliographic...
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Preparation of porous carbon with zinc oxide template

Pengwei Huo, Chongyang Liu, Chunhong Ma
The porous carbon materials were prepared by the following processes of evaporation induction self-assembly (EISA), thermal polymerization process and calcination step at high temperature with the nano-zinc oxide as a hard template and phenol resin as carbon source. The as-prepared porous carbon materials...
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Study on the kinetic and thermodynamic behaviors of adsorption ciprofloxacin on porous carbon

Pengwei Huo, Chongyang Liu, Chunhong Ma
The porous carbon materials were prepared by the following processes of evaporation induction self-assembly (EISA), thermal polymerization process and calcination step at high temperature with the nano-zinc oxide as a hard template and phenol resin as carbon source. The adsorption performance was investigated...
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An Empirical Study on the Mechanism of Financial Support to the Development of Cultural Industry in Guizhou County

Huafeng Chen, Mu Zhang
Based on the data of 88 districts and counties of Guizhou Province, this paper takes the financial scale, financial efficiency, financial structure and the number of cultural industry practitioners to reflect the situation of financial support. A multiple linear regression model was established to analyze...
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A Comparative Study of Deterministic Unit Commitment and Probabilistic Unit Commitment

Gang Zhou, Kaifeng Zhang, Kun Yuan, Dawei Li, Qia Ding, Lirong Xie, Shuomin Wu
According to the influence of wind power integration on the security and stability of power system, deterministic unit commitment is currently used to economic dispatch, which takes reserve capacities to cope with the wind power fluctuation. Compared with the traditional deterministic unit commitment,...
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An Improved Pseudolite Positioning Accuracy Model Based on Centroid Algorithm

Lian Meng, Sun Yi
GPS positioning is increasingly used in various fields. However, the cost of GPS satellites is extremely high and the atmosphere affects the output a lot, so it is not suitable for small-scale precise positioning (less than 100km). Aiming at this problem, this paper proposes an enhanced precision model...
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Synthesis of SAPO-34 membrane using double structure directing agents

Haoyang Li, Xiang Yin, Mengqiu Wan, Guofeng Sun, Shengpeng Liu
SAPO-34 membranes were synthesized using double structure directing agents (tetraethylammoniumhydroxide (TEAOH) and dipropylamine (DPA)). Using the secondary growth method, the seeds synthesized by hydrothermal process provided nucleation for the membrane growth and accelerated the zeolite crystallization....
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An in situ measurement of flow field of river based on four-rotor UAV

Yu Zhang, Qinghui Jiang
An in situ measurement method of flow field by four-rotor unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) is proposed, which is mainly based on the following considerations: (1) Four-rotor UAV is a highly integrated image acquisition tool; (2) The operation is easy and the price is cheap; (3) It has good adaptability...
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Compatibility Test Research on Mine Cementitious Materials And Unclassified Tailings

Guoquan Hou, Lijie Guo, Chao Yang, Wenyuan Xu
This paper does corresponding test research on new type Mine Cementitious Materials from basic performance, strength of cemented tailings backfill and influence factor, fluidity of filly slurry and other aspects of the binding material. It can be seen from the test results that mining cementation power...
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Experimental study on spray and combustion of butanol-diesel blends in a constant volume combustion vessel

Yu Zhang, Ronghua Huang, Sheng Huang, Yinjie Ma, Shijie Xu
Butanol is averypromisingalternativefueland able to be directly used in diesel engines. Visualization studies about spray and combustion of butanol-diesel blends are still scarce. In this work, a constant volume combustion vesselis used to study spray and combustioncharacteristics of butanol-diesel blends.Ambient...
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Size Confirmation and Stability Analysis of Mine Panel Pillars

Dan Huang, Xiuzhi Shi, Ting Guo
When exploiting large-scale ore-body, stability of panel pillars is the key to stability of structural support mechanical system of ore pillar-surrounding rock. It concerns the mining sequence of the ore-body, parameters of stope structure, and is a problem that must be considered to some mines of safety...
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Experimental and numerical investigations on the combustion and emission characteristics of an ethanol/diesel dual-fuel engine

Shijun Dong, Xiaobei Cheng, Biao Ou
Experiments and simulations were conducted to investigate the combustion and emission characteristics of ethanol/diesel dual-fuel combustion. The experiments were performed on a light-duty diesel engine with direct injection of diesel combined with port injection of ethanol. The results showed that the...
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Sensitivity analysis for shear strength of flat interface between shotcrete and granite in high temperature tunnel

Xinghua Tang, Mingnian Wang, Congyu Dong, Jianjun Tong, Yicheng Wang
For the sensitivity on the shear strength of flat interface between shotcrete and granite in high temperature tunnel, shear experiments were performed with concrete-granite combined specimens. By calculating the sensitivities of temperature, relative humidity, normal stress and concrete strength, the...
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Rolling Bearing Fault Pattern Recognitionÿof Wind Turbine Based on VMD and PNN

Guiji Tang, Shangkun Liu
A novel method based on variational modal decomposition (VMD), improved multiscale permutation entropy (IMPE) and probabilistic neural network (PNN) is proposed to solve the problem of the rolling bearing fault pattern recognition for wind turbine. Firstly, the vibration signal is decomposed into several...
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Physio-chemical treatment technologies for chromium removal

Yuhua Zhang, Li Wei
The article reviews the technical applicability of various physio-chemical treatments for the removal of hexavalent chromium (Cr(VI)) from aqueous solution. A particular focus is given to membrane electrolysis, photocatalytic reduction, adsorption and the application of nanotechnology in Cr(VI) removal....
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Application analysis on the heat recovery technology of heat pump in energy saving of air conditioning in the severe cold regions

Aoxue Chen, Zhao Chen, Chunyu Ran, Chunqing Wang
This article introduces the heat recovery technology of heat pump,the recovery fresh air heat pump units which combined the heat pump units and fresh air units, and used heat pump to realize heating recovery from inside building.Heat recovery performance has been tested.By using the principle of regression...
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A Kind of FEM Dummy Material Parameter Curve Optimization Method Based on Vehicle Collision Simulation

Kai Ma, Lei Yan, Tao Xu, Jidong Gao
Based on full-size vehicle collision test, a new finite element dummy model(FEM dummy) was built in this paper, at the same time the corresponding dummy's material parameter curve optimization method was proposed. For the result of dummy simulation being in keep with that of full scale vehicle collision...
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Multi-objective optimization investigation of natural gas engine operating parameters using model-based methodologies

Yinjie Ma, Ronghua Huang, Wei Cheng
In order to improve the comprehensive performance of a heavy-duty natural gas engine, the paper developed a strategy to efficiently optimize operating parameters. An approximate mathematical model, which the input control variables were air-fuel ratio and ignition advance angle while the output response...
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Pressure Oscillations Generated by Knocking Combustion of C2H2 in a Constant Volume Vessel

Sheng Huang, Ronghua Huang
Onset of super-knock in highly intensified spark ignition engines poses a great threat to the reliability. In this context, An approaching attempt was exerted on the initial condition of C2H2-O2-N2 mixtures ignited within a constant volume vessel, in order to determine the critical condition of knock...
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The Effect of Acid Treatment on the Black Silicon for Solar Cells

Yongtao Li, Bangwu Liu
The HNO3/HF solutions etching has been used to improve the properties of the black silicon for solar cells. The effect of the HNO3/HF ratio and etching time on the black silicon has been investigated by scanning electron microscope, UV-VIS-NIR spectrophotometer, external quantum efficiency and I-V test...
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Co-expression of methyl parathion hydrolase TCP degrading genes in genetically engineered bacterium

Zhiyuan Liu
Organophosphorus compounds are the most widely used insecticides, accounting for an estimated 38% of total pesticides used globally. Chlorpyrifos is known for its significant use in agriculture; although chlorpyrifos is defined as a moderately toxic substance, its residues create detrimental effects...
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Identification of a Degrading-Bacterium SG-2 and Preparating Comple Microbial Community for Degrading Chlorpyrifos

Zhiyuan Liu
A bacterium capable of degrading chlorpyrifos named SG-2 was isolated from the corn soil in Shenyang Institute of Technology, Northeast China. The bacterium SG-2 was identified as Bacillus sp., according to its morphological, physiological characteristics and the phylogenetic analysis of 16S-rRNA. A...
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Self-Synergistic Effect of Ethylene-Heptane Mixture on Soot Formation

Liang Qiu, Xiao-Bei Cheng, Zhong-Qiu Li
The combustion and soot formation process of ethylene-heptane mixture was numerical calculated in an opposed-flow flame by an improved kinetic mechanism. The mechanism contains 211 species and 1410 reactions, including the pyrolysis reactions of heptane, core reactions of C0-C4, the formation of benzene,...
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Research on the Construction of Advanced Metering Infrastructure for Typical Community

Ting Li, Shiyu Zhang, Xiangyu Kong
In order to construct and promote the intelligent grid demonstration community project, this paper presents two typical modes of networking for Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI). Firstly, two typical communities are analyzed. Secondly, two typical modes of networking are studied and compared. At...
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Research on Competitive Intelligence warning model for enterprise technology innovation risk

Bo Yang, Jiaqi Lu
This paper analyzes the cause and effect relationship and evolution characteristics of enterprise technology innovation risk competitive intelligence early warning, and constructs the dynamic model of enterprise technology innovation risk competitive intelligence warning.Then the model is simulated on...
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Memory test system for piston transient-state temperature measurement

Hui Dai, Ronghua Huang, Jie Tang, Runwu Huang
The piston transient-state temperature measurement is very important for engine design and performance improvement. A memory test system (MTS) was designed for piston transient temperature measurement. Its transient error was inspected by a transient response test. Considering poor working conditions...
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Life Cycle Assessment of a Compressor Rotor with a Hybrid Analysis Model

Liang Wang, Tao Li
Life cycle assessment is a useful tool to analyze the energy consummation and environmental emissions of the entire life cycle of a product. This paper analyzed the environmental impacts of a compressor rotor in its entire life cycle with an improved tiered hybrid analysis model which combines the process...
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The Precise Description of Pumping Rod string and Tubing Movement and Computer Implementation

Mengshi Yang, Wei Xie, Xuefeng Jin, Yun Li, Tingting Liu, Lingbing Zeng, Lvwei Li, Ning Zhang, Jinxiu Wang, Honggang Wei, Song Yang
Discussedseveral common mathematical model on well force research field, and build a rod string motion law simulation system base on the model of finite element, which can directly display the movement rule of the pumping unit, the well trajectory, the axial movement of the rod string, the rule of the...
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Soot Morphology and Size Distribution in Diesel Spray Flame via TEM Observation

Fangqin Yan, Xiaobei Cheng, Bei Liu
For better understanding of soot formation and oxidation processes in diesel spray flame, multi-point synchronous thermophoretic soot sampling was taken to obtain more information about soot morphology and size distribution in diesel spray flame. Soot samples were collected by thermophoretic sampling...
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Properties of Solid Fuel Briquettes Produced from Rejected Material of Tea Waste

Yingchao Lin, Ting Wang, Yuening Li, Hongjun Mao
Tea waste was briquetted at ambient temperature for 5 minutes under barometric pressure. The total moisture, ash content, volatiles content, fixed carbon content, sulfur content and high calorific value of the briquettes were investigated. The tea waste briquettes had a high calorific value of 11.23...
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An Improved Fuzzy Borda Count and its Application to Watershed Management

Jin Zou, Zeyuan Qiu
Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) is a popular approach to obtain the weights of criteria in Multi-criteria Decision Making (MCDM) by pairwise comparison, in which, however, if the consistency check at the final stage could not be passed, another round of judgment has to be made until the requirement...
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Design and Experiment of Online Pesticide Mixing System Based on PWM

Yansheng Du, Chengzhen Li, Zhigang Chen, Xinhua Wei
In order to improve the mixing ratio of online pesticide mixing system, and control the flow of pesticide in the system. Jet-mixing method was adopted, Structure parameters and material of Jet-mixing device were optimal selected, online pesticide mixing system based on PWM variable was designed and built,...
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Research control strategy of hot air blower de-icing system for MW wind turbine blade

Yongshui Luo, Jian Liu, Qi Chen, Yongliang Li, Minqiang Zhou
Aiming at the intelligent control strategy of the hot air blower de-icing technique for wind turbine blades was requirement. A high efficient and energy-economical intelligent control strategy was designed, the control strategy workflow and two intelligent modes were designed, namely pre-heating mode...
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Effect of Haze on Human Health and Prevention

Hao Chen, Shubing Liu, Yingchao Lin
China has witnessed several large-scale fog and haze outbursts in recent years. These phenomena can jeopardize human physical and mental health by causing respiratory diseases or depression. They also aroused extensive social discussion among all levels in the country. This paper briefly reviews the...
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Analysis of Atmospheric Transmission Characteristics in MIR Spectrum of VIIRS

Yanbiao Sun, Xingbang Hu, Liqin He, Shuaiyang Zhao, Lei Yan
The atmospheric transmission is an important parameter affecting the solar radiation and surface thermal radiation. In this paper, MODTRAN radiative transfer model was used to analysis the atmospheric Transmission in middle infrared (MIR) spectrum of VIIRS. We have quantitatively simulated and analyzed...
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Analysis of Mining Subsidence in Yushenfu Mining Area Based on Key Strata Theory

Yanjie Sun, Shijie Song, Xiaoguang Zhao, Wenjie Nie
Taking Yushenfu mining coal area in northern Shaanxi as the research area, the geological structure of the whole coal-bearing strata was selected as the research object. In this paper, 80 structural models of overburden strata were constructed according to the main geological structure of the mining...
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Preparation of Cu2ZnSn(1-x)GexS4 Single Crystals by Molten Salt Method

Xiaojie Yuan, Jun Liao, Jun Zhang, Lexi Shao
Cu2ZnSn(1-x)GexS4 (CZTGS) Single crystals have been produced within a sealed quartz ampoule via molten salttechnique using CsCl as the molten flux. The synthesized crystals have been analyzed with X-ray diffraction (XRD), Raman, scanning electron microscope (SEM), energy-dispersive X-ray spectroscopy...
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Cultivation of microalgae in wastewater: A review

Jiani Zhu, Jian Du, Xuanyuan Pei, Xiaolei Qin, Bingfeng Liu
Microalgae have great potential as the feedstock of renewable energy. Nevertheless, the high cost of microalgae cultivation hinders its development economically, so inexpensive cultural mediums are supposed to be found for the large-scale application of microalgae. Wastewater contains large amount of...
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Research on Short-Circuit Control in the Receiving-End Power System with Multi-Infeed DC Transmission

Xuan Fan, Yuhong Zhang, Lining Su, Qinyong Zhou, Yantao Zhang, Huayong Liu, Rong Cui, Yichi Zhang, Yilang Jiang
The short-circuit current level is an important index to evaluate power system strength. With increasing transmission capacity between different zonal power systems, the receiving-end grid is gradually confronting with the network structure with multi-infeed DC transmission.The status quo requires better...
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Based on the topographic factors NDVI spatial distribution characteristics in Nanchong city, Sichuan province, China

Jun Zhang, Chunrong Jia, Quan Liu, Zehong Zhang
Vegetation coverage is the main body of terrestrial ecosystem. Detecting the spatial distribution pattern of vegetation will benefit the regional ecological environment protection and soil erosion control. This study, taking the Nanchong city as the research area, MODIS NDVI (resolution 500 m) date and...
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Administration Performance Evaluation System of Water Environment Protection

Zhiyi Lei, Liling Chen
Based on the study on the water environment management system and operation mechanism of Qinhuai river, for the water quality improvement and sustainable function to enhance the public management demand, the long-term plan to improve the water quality of the Qinhuai River is put forward, in which the...
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Research on the method of MPPT of photovoltal systems based on PWM control

Yingbei Feng, Jian Zhang, Nawei Lv
In order to make PV systems more efficient and maximize the output power, this paper proposed a new MPPT algorithm for photovoltaic power generation, which combined PWM control and Newton quadratic interpolation, based on the analysis of the traditional maximum power point tracking (MPPT) control algorithm....
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Reconfiguration of distribution network with DG based on Double perturbation mutation particle swarm optimization

Lan Zhang, Jian Zhang
Due to the rise of distributed generation, it is very important to consider the impact of distributed generation in distribution network reconfiguration. To solve the problem, this paper uses the double perturbation mutation particle swarm optimization algorithm, which is to introduce the Gauss white...
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Decision Support System to Analyze the Cause of Special Equipment Accident

Jinwei Shi, Weiping Ouyang, Jun Qiu
The development and application of Decision Support System (DSS) promote the development of related industries, special equipment accident analysis also need the support of decision support system due to variety kinds of special equipment and changeable accident cause. It was expounded definition, development...
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A New Type of Energy Saving Construction Elevator

Weiping Ouyang, Guohua Yuan, Jun Qiu
A new type of energy saving construction elevator which has optimized connecting form and adopted a new type of energy saving reducer employed the Niemann gear and new machining technology is introduced in the paper. The energy consumption test shows the efficiency of the new elevator is obviously better...
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Simulation and Experimental Research on Vibration and Noise of Transmission

Yulong Lei, Bo Yan, Yao Fu, Zongsheng Liu, Wei Chen, Liguo Hou
To solve the problem of vibration and noise of transmission, the finite element model and boundary element model of transmission case were established to modal analysis, vibration response analysis and radiated noise analysis and prediction. The characteristics of vibration and radiation noise of transmission...
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Considerations of Public Security Traffic Big Data Platform Integrated Application under the Coordinated Region Development

Xu Xu, Ying Wang, Jin Deng
Under the coordinated development of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei, accurately grasping of the feature, conception and method of big data is important to improve traffic service in the new height and starting point. By experienced and theoretically analyzing, the enhanced reliability is considered to be the...
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Stopping Sequence Optimization Analysis of the Combination of Caving Method and Filling Method Based on the Stability of the Contact Zone

Mingxu Wang, Mengguo Xu
Non-pillar sublevel caving mining method is in advancing deep, shallow left lots of safety pillars. It needs to adopt the filling method to improve the recovery for reasonable use of these mineral resources. So, there are two methods of mining occurring together. To ensure the stability of the contact...
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Optimization of SCR Denitration Reactors' Flow Field Uniformity and Design of Its Splitters

Zerong Chen, Xiangbo Ze, Chang Jiang Xu, Wenzhen Zhong, Tao Deng
Based on CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics), the internal flow of SCR(Selective Catalytic Reduction) denitrification column is simulated. With the application of standard k- two equation model and porous media model, the velocity field of smoke movement is represented. The influence rules deflector put...
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Dynamic Monitoring of Vegetation Coverage by Remote Sensing in Longnan City of Gansu Province based on VBSI

Songlin Zhang, Jinxiu Wang, Shuzhi Ji
Vegetation coverage is an important index to measure ecological environment. In this paper, the composite vegetation index (VBSI), which can weaken the interference of mountain shadow, soil background, rocks and buildings, was constructed. Combined with mixed pixel decomposition model, the dynamic monitoring...
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Effects of Melatonin on the Growth of Radish Seedlings under Salt Stress

Yuting Jiang, Dong Liang, Ming'An Liao, Lijin Lin
A pot experiment was conducted to study the effects of melatonin (MT) on the growth of radish seedlings under salt stress. MT increased the biomass, chlorophyll content and antioxidant enzyme activity of radish seedlings under salt stress. When the concentrations of MT were 50, 100, 150 and 200 mol/L,...
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Effects of Melatonin Treated Radish on the Growth of Following Stubble Lettuce under Salt Stress

Huan Yao, Xun Wang, Ming'An Liao, Lijin Lin
The effects of melatonin (MT) treated the previous stubble radish seedlings on the growth of following stubble lettuce seedlings under salt stress were studied by pot experiment. The results showed that MT increased the biomass, root volume, root length, plant height, chlorophyll content and carotenoid...
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Application of clustering analysis in oil wells corrosion and scaling management

Xuanqi Yan, Gang Xie, Qingzhen Du, Weiqi Jiang, Yingrui Wang, Zhonghai Qin, Yanping Miao, Yanjun Wang, Gang Yuan
This article demonstrates a method to make classification and dosing control for oil wells. To find the main factors that caused the corrosion and scaling in oil wells, water quality data of one oil production plant were made principal component analysis. Then the oil wells were divided into four types...
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On the Environmental Responsibility of Coal Enterprises in Mongolia

Purevsuren Azzaya, Xinkai Hu, Sichang Wang
The coal industry has always been an important supporting and safeguarding industry for Mongolia's economic development. Driven by the global economic integration, the economic benefit of coal enterprises has greatly improved, and Mongolia's domestic economy, the coal industry, coal enterprises are ushered...
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The Threshold of Anaerobic Biodegradation and Decolorization of Acid Dyes

Li'An Ding, Fang Li, Qing Tian
Acid dyes were more difficult to be removed by chemical coagulation method due to their solubility. The threshold of anaerobic of acid dyes as model dyes was investigated in this paper by the analysis of the degradation products were detected by GC-MS. High COD removal and low decolorization of the acid...
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Research Progress of High-Temperature-Resistant Fiber Grating and Application in the Field of Sensing

Dequan Feng, Ruiying Shang, Lu Yang, Xing Zhang
The application of high-temperature-resistant fiber grating in the field of sensing is introduced in the paper. The basic sensing principle of fiber grating as the sensor is expounded. Fabricating method, high temperature characteristics, advantages and disadvantages of the main high-temperature-resistant...
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Food consumption changes and responses to price in the urban areas of Chinese Loess Plateau

Zhiyuan Xu, Changhe Lu
This paper applied the AIDS model, using parameter estimation method to estimate the expenditure elasticity, self-price elasticity and cross-price elasticity of the food consumption of urban residents in the Loess Plateau, China. The results showed: the expenditure elasticity of eggs is 3.0268, which...
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Effects of PLD deposited ZnO seed layer on the structure and morphology of ZnO nanowires prepared by CBD method

Shan-Shan Lu, Ying Huang, Jia-Yuan Qin, Zu-Kang Mo, Wu-Lin Xie, Yue-Chun Fu, Huan He, Li-Feng Bian, Shu-Long Lu, Xiao-Ming Shen
ZnO seed layers have been deposited on ITO substrates by pulsed laser deposition (PLD) at different substrate temperatures. The crystalline structure, morphology of ZnO nanowires were characterized by X-ray diffraction (XRD), atomic force microscopy (AFM) and scanning electron microscopy (SEM). The effects...
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Bilayer Graphene Membrane for Hydrogen Separation: Insights from Molecular Dynamics

Lei Zhu
In this paper, we study the hydrogen separation performance of bilayer graphene by molecular dynamics simulations. When the interlayer spacing between two grapheme sheets is larger than 5 , the impurities gas molecules can pass through the membrane. When the interlayer spacing is 5 , the permeance...
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Compensating method of the height anomalies for ultra-high Earth's gravity field model

Qingwu Meng, Jianguang Qu, Xiuhai Li, Weicheng Zhang, Xianglai Meng, Hongwen Zhang
An ultra-high order Earth's gravity field model,such as EIGEN-6C4 and EGM2008, the order and degree of its expansion are limited, there will be a certain truncation error. RTM residual height anomaly can by high-resolution SRTM data and DTM2006.0 data using prism integral method is calculated. The experiment...
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The Resource Effect of Political Connections

Caifen Zou, Rong Ge, Qian Yu
With the transformation and social structure of relationship-oriented in China, political connections widely exist in various. Each year many businesses spent huge amounts of time and money on establishing political connections. Taking GEM Listing Corporations as samples, This paper studied what kind...
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The influence of the early operation intervention on the prognosis of neonatal necrotizing enterocolitis

Ji-Xue Zhao, Xin Fu
Objective: To investigate the treatment effect of the early operation on the NEC disease. Methods: A retrospective analysis of our Hospital in recent 8 years, neonatal and pediatric surgery in the diagnosis and treatment of neonatal necrotizing enterocolitis cases. According to the modified Bell stage,...
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Scattering Of SH Waves By a Circular Inclusion Under a Variable Circular-Arc Hill

Ling Gao, Qifang Liu
An inclusion under a hill would amplify the ground motion tremendously. However, Few analytic solutions achieved for this problem have limitations on a special semi-cylindrical hill or a underground cavity. Here we derive one for a new model with the wave functions expansion and auxiliary functions technique....
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Research on BIM Technology Modeling Method in Construction of Bridge Engineering

Shaoxiong Ma, Cunli Chen, Qin Zhao
BIM technology covers a large number of information related to project which is serviced in the design of the construction project, construction installation, operation and the whole lifecycle by establishing the digital design of BIM model and plays a huge role in improving production efficiency, ensuring...
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Effect of Strain Rate on Reinforced Concrete Columns

Debin Wang, Guoxi Fan
In order to study the effect of strain rate on reinforced concrete columns under earthquake action, two group reinforced concrete columns with constant axial load were subjected to cyclic uniaxial and biaxial tests with different loading rates. The experimental program is described. Then, tests results...
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The Application of green construction in the Universities in South China

Lin Xiong
This paper combines the architectural characteristics, in summer hot and winter cold area building energy efficiency design specification analysis proposed measures and application of a series of green building technology. In campus planning, architectural design, detail processing on, provide ideas...
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Analysis on the seismic performance of improved design on FRC diagonally reinforced coupling beams

Jialing Che, Quanwei Li, Shujuan Yang, Guansheng Han
Uniaxial tensile strain of FRC is 100-300 times of that of the ordinary concrete, with tensile strain hardening behavior. The experiment study showed that if FRC was used to replace ordinary concrete as the diagonal reinforcement small span-depth ratio coupling beam matrix, it can improve the ductility...
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Analysis of Regional Differences of Chinese Star Hotels Based on GIS

Hui Chen, Shuguang Zhu, Kuan He, Zhimin Zhou
This paper combines the attribute data and spatial distribution data of star hotels in different provinces and cities in China, and uses the methods of correlation analysis and location entropy to quantitatively analyze the spatial and temporal distribution of star hotels in China, and explore the dynamic...
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Preliminary Study on Furniture Innovative Design Based on the Technical Contradiction Matrix of TRIZ

Wenying Dong, Xiangdong Dai, Jiamin Huang, You Zhou
To improve the innovative design system of Chinese furniture constantly, the article introduced advanced foreign theory of the solution of inventive problems (TRIZ), and discussed the feasibility and the main way to apply the theory to the innovative design of furniture, which provide a theoretical basis...
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Numerical simulation of posture in 3-DOF parallel mechanism based on VB

Xuzhuo Guo, Yanbin Shi, Jingang Liu, Tinggui Fu, Chunxiang Pan
In this paper, a forward displacement solution of 3 degree of freedom (3-DOF) parallel mechanism is primarily resolved. The close loop equation is adopted for the positional posture analysis of the output displacement of spatial 3-RPS parallel mechanism, the forward displacement of the mechanism is educed,...
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Calculation method of main cable saddle of suspension bridge based on energy method

Juan Luan, Xianwu Hao, Ruifang Duan
In order to ensure that the main tower of the suspension bridge is always in a safe state during the lifting process of the stiffening girder, the reasonable determination of the main cable saddle push and push stage is very important. Based on the energy principle, the Rayleigh-Ritz method is used to...
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Compaction Property Of Integrated Backfilling Materials

Fan Xiang, Facheng Yi, Defu Du, Xuemei Zhang
Nuclear industry production would produce large amounts of nuclear waste.How to safely dispose of the nuclear waste especially high level radioactive waste (HLW) became increasingly serious problem at present. This article turned out that compaction energy was an important factor of the impact compaction...
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Modeling Method of FLAC3D Based on RHINO-KUBRIX and Deformation Analysis of Tunnel Lining Structure

Jiangnan Mao, Guorong Zuo
Numerical simulation is more and more widely applied in the field of engineering construction and it is proved effective. But if geologic conditions of the construction are complex and the model is large, the conventional modeling method is difficult, time-consuming and inefficient. For that purpose,...
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Nonlinear Analytical Model for Wire Strands

Chunlei Yu, Wenguang Jiang, Lijuan Yan, Jianying Cui, Liping Zhu
A nonlinear analytical wire strand model under axial tensile load has been developed in this paper. The model extends Costello's elastic strand model by taking into account of the effect of contact deformation between contacting wires. Hertz contact theory is adopted to establish the relationship between...
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Research on Agro-forestry compound ecological industry patterns in Beijing mountainous areas

Chunyan Zhong, Jinhua Wang, Jinghua Wang
Building a multi-level, multi-functional, highly effective forest compound ecological system is the important measure of developing the limited land resources and revitalizing the valley economy in mountainous areas. It is also a main development direction of mountain forestry. This paper summarizes...
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Acoustic Performance of Pre-Finished Steel Buildings

Hanyu Leng, Jian Guo, Fanchang Kong
The sound that travels into and out of an enclosure space is one of the most important considerations for buildings. Generally, some forms of acoustic control are needed to meet the specifications for different types of buildings. As for pre-finished steel buildings, great efforts are made on the details...
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Remodeling and Reflection Historic District - Taking Qianmen Street as an example

Zhi Wang
Qianmen area is no longer in those years of prosperity spectacular, there is a historical reason, a more important reason is its commercial positioning fuzzy, overall positioning error caused. This paper studies the Qianmen Street commercial development context, to extract the elements of Qianmen Street...
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Real-time stability evaluation of landslide based on the comparison of sliding surface and shear plane in triaxial test

Shunkai Liu, Wei Hu
The deformation characteristics of soil element depend on it's stress state, so theoretically, if the soil sampling from sliding surface of landslide was triaxial tested under the same stress state, the mechanic deformation behavior of shearing plane in test sample would have correspondence with that...
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The Influence of Regenerate Styrene Acrylic Emulsion on Thin Layer of Toughening Cement Mortar used on an Expandable Polystyrene Panel

Haibo Yin, Wenkang Guo, Shuyin Wang, Zhengguo Shi
Studied the waste expandable polystyrene (EPS) foam to reproduce styrene-acrylate emulsion (SAE) latex and applied in cement mortar. The results showed that the increase content with regenerate SAE, the amount of water used in mortar was decreased and the water reducing rate was increased gradually,...
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Research on the Fast Condition Assessment Method of Bridge Based on the Simple Monitoring System

Yichao Xu, Cuili Wang, Xuerong Yu, Kang Rao, Chongde Zhao
In this paper, after the establishment of a simple monitoring system, a multithread wireless acquisition system is developed to facilitate the acquirement, in a quasi-static loading test, of the displacement influence line of the control points in the girder of a bridge. Loading test outcomes are then...
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Research on BIM Technology in Construction Safety & Emergency Management

Xiong Gao, Yonghong Chen
Building information modeling (BIM) is one of the most promising recent developments in the architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) industry. With BIM technology, an accurate virtual model of a building is digitally constructed. This model, known as a building information model and BIM plays...
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Numerical Simulation on the Mean Wind Pressure Distribution on Roofs of Low-rise Gable-Roofed Buildings

Yinkun Wang, Linsheng Hou, Gang Li
In this paper, numerical simulation method was applied to study the wind-induced pressure distribution on the roofs of low-rise gable roofed buildings. First, the numerical simulation was performed based on Fluent 14.5 software platform, and the results were compared with wind tunnel test results to...
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Discussion on Teaching Method of Landscape architecture Design Course -----Written as a Visiting Scholar at South China University of Technology

Jun Xue
Combined with the studying experience gained in the workroom of Dean He of South China University of Technology (SCUT) as a visiting scholar, this paper recount how Dean He lead the design group to design Xiang'an campus of Xiamen University and Zhuhai opera house and how he run through his creation...
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Analysis of the application of virtual reality in sports building

Tianjiao Li, Bin Li, Guowei Liu
With the maturity and development of virtual reality technology, more and more people use virtual reality technology to expand the life in different areas, the major manufacturers also produced a corresponding different equipment to promote and improve the virtual reality technology to bring people different...
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Study on the Equivalent Fire Load of Axially Loaded Concrete Columns

Lin Li, Hui Li
Building fire is dangerous to structures. It is important to accurately compute the equivalent fire load. First, temperature fields of a reinforced concrete column with four face exposed to fire were simulated using finite element method. Then, two step simplified model was applied to compute the transformed...
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A Study on the Adaptability to the Elders of Nursery for the Aged in Indiscrete Space

Wei Xu, Yajun Li
Discussions on community & multi-function-based aged care in China are mostly converged on and manifested as follows, (1) The "software" level as in policies, models, industry and even management instead of the "hardware" studies as in the living space of the elders where a hierarchy system and well-thought-out...