Proceedings of the 2017 5th International Education, Economics, Social Science, Arts, Sports and Management Engineering Conference (IEESASM 2017)

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Research on Construction Models of Adult Learning Circle in China

Hefei Li
Soon after the adult learning came out in Sweden, the Swedish government regarded adult learning circle as one of the effective measures to improve the scientific and cultural quality of the majority of workers, and achieved good results. The adult learning circle in China is built late and the pattern...
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Problems and Countermeasures in the System of Life-long Education with Chinese Characteristics

Hefei Li, Shengguang Yan
China is in the period of social transformation. The construction process of new industrialization, informatization, urbanization and agricultural modernization is bound to have a profound impact on the construction of life-long education system and the construction of learning society. Different parts...
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Investigation and Research on the Construction of Basic Education Information Environment

Le Zhang
With the deepening development of education informationization, the monitoring and evaluation of the development level of education informatization is not only the need of education modernization construction and assessment, but also the need of education informationization construction science. Based...
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Empirical Study on the Differences and Influencing Factors of E-commerce Cognitive Behavior of New Type Agricultural Managers

Xian Zhang
The main body of the new type of agriculture is the core force of the development of China's agricultural products e-commerce and the reform of the agricultural supply side. Providing effective policy support and encouragement to different types of new agricultural operators is a top priority for pushing...
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Study on the application of MOOC in the teaching practice of College Physical Education Course

Zhiwen Pi
MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) is a large-scale open online course rising in recent years, and it is a new teaching mode that can promote the transformation of higher education idea and way. Based on the author's study and work experience, this paper discussed the application of MOOC in the teaching...
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Research on Challenges Faced with College English Teachers and Promotion Paths under the Background of Belt and Road

Rong Du
The professional development of college English teachers is closely related to the teaching level and the quality of education. Since the implementation of the strategy of Belt and Road in China, the opening-up degree has been improved a lot. College English teachers are faced with the challenges of...
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Research on Independent College Enrollment Expansion and Teaching Quality Assessment Model Based on PSO Algorithm

Xiuming Yu, Yunfei Yu
Teaching evaluation plays an important role in college teaching activity, and how to ensure high teaching quality while the teaching scale is expanding gradually is a core issue in independent colleges. This paper presents an intelligent optimization model based on PSO algorithm for the scale of enrollment...
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Research on the Reform and Practice of "Three Oriented" Training Mode for International Nursing Specialty

Liqun Yang, Hongmin Liu, Meiling Tang, Qiang Li
Objective: Discussion on the construction and research of "three oriented" international nursing talents training mode. Method: Based on the "three oriented" personnel training model and the international training standards for nursing talents, this paper analyzes and constructs the training plan of...
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Research on Translation Workshop Teaching

Junming Xiao
Combined with practical experience in translation teaching, this paper firstly explains the definition, understanding, inspiration and characteristics of translation workshops, and puts forward the concrete steps of the translation workshop teaching method. At last, we conducted empirical research on...
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Research on Structure Alteration of Rural Population under the Background of New Urbanization

Chongmei Li
The rapid development of urbanization in China has not only greatly changes the population scale and structure of cities and towns, but also dramatically transformed the population structure of rural areas. The change of rural population structure is mainly manifested as surplus labor forces, decreased...
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Study on the Main Obstacles and Countermeasures of the Inheritance and Development of Chinese Minority in Traditional Sports

Yanhong Wang
Minority traditional sports culture is an important part of ethnic culture. As a cultural symbol or cultural activity, it contains the national unique national spirit, value recognition, psychological mode and production and lifestyle. Minority traditional sports culture inheritance exists in the competitive...
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A Tentative Study on the Advantages of Cross-Border E-Commerce Development in Chongqing China

Tianyun Li
This article aims to discuss the significance and advantages of cross-border e-commerce development in Chongqing. The author first introduces the trend of international trade development and the development of cross-border E-commerce in the world and China, and continues to discuss the significance and...
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Research on System Construction of Inclusive Supervision of Rural Finance in China

Chao Lv
The current financial supervision system has caused serious financial exclusion in rural areas, and restricted the development of rural economy and finance in China. We should rethink the development of rural finance from the perspective of inclusive supervision and promote the innovative development...
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Philosophic Reflections on Professional Development Connation of Preschool Teachers

Yanjin Liu
The life of preschool teachers has the generative, integrated, unique and autonomous characteristics. From the perspective of philosophy, the professional development of preschool teachers should recognize the possibility and development of the life of preschool teachers. We cultivate teachers with personal...
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Exploration of Introducing the Guidance of Innovation and Entrepreneurship in the Education of Ideology and Politics in Colleges

Xiaoni Zhang
From the perspectives of economic and social development, promotion of social harmony and stability, and contemporary college students' practical needs, this article first explores the significance of introducing innovation and entrepreneurship guidance into the ideological and political education in...
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The Pattern Language Construction of Landscape Space of Hani Traditional Settlement in Yuanyang, Yunnan Province

Rongxing Xie
Based on the research method of Christopher Alexander 's "A Pattern Language" theory, the pattern language system of Hani traditional settlement in Yuanyang is constructed. Firstly, macro-level pattern language is settlement is generally located in the concave of hillside. Secondly, meso-level pattern...
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Study on the Characteristics and Techniques of Humorous Language in Fortress Besieged

Xiuli Wang
Fortress Besieged is a novels with a combination of banter, seriousness and absurdity. The novel enjoys a high reputation in the world literary world with its excellent humorous language. In the text, the author flexibly uses various means of expression such as voice, grammar, rhetoric and context to...
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A Contrastive Study of Two Versions of Contract Law of the PRC from the Semantic and Communicative Perspective

Ying Qin
The whole world is considered as being closely connected as a small village and as being economically, socially, and politically interdependent. In this modern world, having an intimate knowledge of international law and introducing Chinese laws to overseas become more and more imperative. Therefore,...
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Study on Apple Marketing Model Based on Modern Aksu Region in Xinjiang

Xuemei Peng
Aksu is located in the southern Xinjiang region of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region. Aksu is a temperate continental arid climate in temperate continental region. It is suitable for the production of apples for more than 2,600 hours, light, temperature and water. However, with the increase of Apple's...
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Study on the Application of New Media Interaction Design on Public Art

Zhao Liu, Yan Liang
With the continuous development of new media technology, the combination of art and technology has become more and more closely. Both are integrated into people's lives with new media through new forms of expression. Since the 21st century, due to the shortage of resources and environmental pollution,...
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Inheritance and Protection of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Folk Music of Wuwei Area in Gansu Province

Qian Guo
The intangible cultural heritage is not only the important carrier of the traditional culture of the nation, but also the root of the people's wisdom and national self-confidence. The existence and inheritance of traditional folk music in Wuwei area of Gansu province are worrying. This paper analyzes...
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Research on Practical Significance and Realization Path of the Cultivation of College Sports Spirit

Bo Yao
The college sport spirit is the spiritual wealth and strength that is created and continued around sports in the environment of the college. The cultivation of college physical education spirit can enhance the physical quality, cultivate the healthy personality and improve the moral cultivation of college...
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Research on the Development of New Agricultural New Industry under the Background of Supply - side Reform

Yu He
Based on the summary of theory, policy combing and field investigation, taking Sichuan Province as an example, this paper analyzes the specific requirements of agricultural supply-side structural reform on the integration of agriculture and the secondary and tertiary industries and the development of...
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Analysis on Problems and its Countermeasures of Accurate Poverty Alleviation

Yu He
Since the 18th CPC National Congress, the precise poverty alleviation has become an important strategic guide for poverty alleviation and development in our country in the new era. However, in actual operation, there are still many deficiencies in precision poverty alleviation. This article focuses on...
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Study on the Path of Integrating Strictly and Ruling Party into Teaching of Introduction Courses

Yu He
The "Introduction to Mao Zedong Thought and the Theoretical System of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics" is the core curriculum of the four compulsory courses of ideological and political theory in universities, which can fully embody the theoretical results of the sinicization of Marxism. General...
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The History and Development of British and American Literature

Hua Yang
British literature and American literature are both inseparable parts of world literature. No matter at what period of the Anglo-American literature, they have had a significant impact on the political, cultural, historical and even the people's lives in the world. Anglo-American literature has a long...
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Research on Innovative Thinking of Ideological and Political Education of Universities in the Era of Micro Media

Yan Bai
In the era of micro media, micro-blog and WeChat have become the main social media for college students, which have brought opportunities and challenges to ideological and political education workers in universities. To ensure the effectiveness of ideological and political education, ideological and...
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Study on Roles of Teachers in Applied Medical Colleges Under the Student-centered Idea

Changhai Yun, Shuang Li, Yanran Fu, Chunmiao Liu, Fu Liu
The construction of the roles of teachers in applied medical college is an important approach to promote the reform of teaching and improve the quality of teaching. This paper mainly aimed at the present situation of teaching construction in applied medical college. Based on the student-centered idea,...
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Research on Chinese Traditional Cultural Elements into Modern Art Design

Pengfei Wang
Chinese traditional art elements are valuable assets of the world culture, which have unique charm and provide rich expression forms and schema languages for modern art design. This paper analyzes the applications of traditional Chinese painting elements, calligraphy elements and pattern elements in...
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Reflections on the Evaluation of Practical Teaching in the NCO Academy

Zhongmin Liu, Zelong Zhou, Xiaojia Gu, Yun Liu, Qiong Zou
The practical teaching link of the NCO is an important part of the sergeant teaching, which is directly related to the realization of the training goal of the sergeant. At present, most of the sergeant colleges and universities have begun to pay attention to the practice teaching, but there are still...
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Research on the Development of Chinese Financial Supervision System

Chao Lv
A very important reason for the outbreak of the subprime mortgage crisis in the United States is that the financial regulatory system has failed to keep up with the pace of financial innovation, resulting in the lack of regulation. "Capital firewall" makes our financial market in the subprime mortgage...
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Analyzing the Transition of Footage and Narrative Logic of Movies and Videos based on Virtual Reality Technology

Yujie Yao
With the gradual maturity of the virtual reality technology and supporting facilities, the film and television art creation has been hit by the new VR technologies. The drafting of film and television art, the pre-shooting and the post-production are all facing great changes. How to shoot, how to edit,...
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Research on the Problem of Legal Supervision of Internet Finance in New Era

Mingwei Xu, Hao Wang
Internet finance is an important driving force to promote the reform of China's financial industry. It has developed many product fields in recent years. Internet finance is a new species produced by the collision of internet industry and finance industry with different culture, making it face many legal...
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Study on the Influence of Homophones in Modern Chinese on Communication

Li Zhang
The existence of a large number of homophones in modern Chinese is bound to exert some influence on the use of Chinese. Of course, the impact is twofold, with both negative and positive effects. This is a linguistic fact. As Huai Qing pointed out in Modern Chinese Vocabulary, on the one hand, he pointed...
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Research on the Impact of Japanese Culture on China

Xiaojiao Li
Based on the perspective of media sociology, this paper analyzes the positive and negative effects of Japanese culture on the socialization of adolescents in China and puts forward some suggestions on how to deal with the negative impact of Japanese culture.
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Evolution and Development Trends of Employment Models of Japanese Females

Ying Zhang
The employment of women is not only an economic problem, but also a social problem. In the current stage, the Japanese women's employment model is the combination of the traditional gender division model and the growth of women's labor demand after the Second World War. This paper analyzes the process...
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Research on the Opium War and Its Influence from the Perspective of Confrontation between Chinese and Western Culture

Bincheng Mao
The struggle between Chinese and Western culture originated in the late Qing Dynasty, and the Opium War was the key point. From the perspective of confrontation between Chinese and western culture, this paper analyzed the origins of the opium war, including the conflict of Chinese sense and world awareness,...
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The Study of Quantifiers in Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language

Kunhu Wu
The application of quantifiers is a distinctive feature of Chinese and one of the most important and difficult points for foreign students in learning Chinese as a foreign language. For the teaching of quantifier in teaching Chinese as a foreign language, it is to help learners to construct the structure...
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Research on "Difficulty in seeking a doctor" and Scalpers

Sheng Cui
When the issue "Difficulty in seeking a doctor" has been increasingly concerned in China, one intractable trouble is the scalpers in medical sector. Based on existing documents and data, by contrastive analysis, this study analyses the relation between "Difficulty in Seeking a doctor" and scalpers, and...
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Study on Urban Family Consumption of Minor Children in Weihai Based on ELES Model

Yuqing Shen
In order to investigate the impact of baby boom on urban family consumption in Weihai, the questionnaire survey was carried out to obtain the family consumption data of food, clothing, health care, household articles, cultural and educational entertainment. Using the ELES model to process the data, the...
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The Quality of Exports based on China-India and Its Comparative Research---- From the perspective of trade in value added

Guangtong Wang, Guoqiang Sun, Wei Cao
This paper compares the export quality of China and India based on the perspective of trade in value added. First, we calculate the volume of value added of exports in China and India from the aspect on total number, industrial number and bilateral number. Then comparing the quality of exports between...
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Research on Japanese Cognition of the New Silk Road and the Countermeasures

Yu Wu, Danyu Wu
The proposal of New Silk Road of China has attracted worldwide attention and is considered to be "the longest and most potential economic corridor in the world." Japan, the powerful rival of China's East Asian region, views it as a major challenge and has introduced many countermeasures.
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Research on Intonation Teaching for Students of Japanese Major in Jingdezhen Ceramic Institute

Yu Wu, Danyu Wu
With the increasing exchanges between China and Japan, the Japanese language in colleges and universities is heating up. The scale gap between Japanese teaching and the first foreign language teaching in colleges and universities has gradually narrowed. After several decades of development, the number...
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Study on Mao Zedong's Methods and Art of Ideological and Political Work

Zhimin Lei
Ideological and political work "is the lifeline of economic work and all other work." Today we are decisive in building a well-off society in an all-round way and reviewing "serving the people". We are deeply impressed by Mao Zedong's superb ideological and political work methods and art. He insists...
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Interpersonal Function Analysis of Discourse from the Perspective of Critical Discourse Analysis

Menghe Fan, Chenglian Bao
his paper tries to combine Fairclough's three-dimensional analysis model of critical discourse analysis with Halliday's interpersonal function in the system functional grammar. Taking the speech of Trump's election as an example, this paper reveals the differences between Western political discourse...
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The Supply-Side Reform Perspective is a Fusion of the Development and Protection of Ancient Towns

Xiaoqin Quan
the economic take-off to bring the vigorous development of mass culture, gradually improve the people's cultural demand, and the effective supply of cultural industry is seriously insufficient, particularly prominent contradiction between supply and demand, supply side reform is imminent. Randomly implanted...
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Explore the Opportunities and Challenges of Marketing in the Era of Big Data

Jing Zhang
since the reform and opening up, China's economy with the social development and progress has made great leap forward, the continuous upgrading of science and technology plays a very important role in the development. In today's information age, the development of Internet technology has been very mature,...
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Tax Planning to "Contract for Labor Only" in the Construction Industry after VAT Comprehensive Expansion

Shuyu Peng
With the comprehensive expansion of value-added tax, China's construction industry, real estate industry, living services, financial industry has ended the payment of business tax since May 1 2016. The construction industry is undoubtedly the most changeable and far-reaching industry in the process of...
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Current Situation and Countermeasures of Hypertension Health Management in Community

Zehui Jiang, Jun Zhang
Although the community health standard management of hypertension has been implemented for many years in China, it has achieved good results in reducing the incidence and mortality of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, but the implementation of specific methods and measures is not in place....
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Linguistic and Cultural Analysis of Network Buzzwords in 2017

Xiaojun Liu
With the rapid development of the Internet, the Internet buzzword has become a unique cultural landscape and has become an indispensable seasoner for people's daily life. In 2017, buzzwords of the Internet have shown diversified and multi-level characteristics. This article selects six 2017 online buzzwords,...
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The Influence of Short-term Overseas Exchange on College English Teachers' Multicultural Sensitivity

Yani Zong
To cultivate the multicultural sensitivity is an important goal of college English curricular reform, and is also the inevitable requirement of quality education. Language and culture are closely tied, so are language teaching and the teaching of culture. Nowadays, with the development of globalization,...
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A Counter Cyclical Adjustment on the Economic Capital Measurement of Listed Commercial Banks

Lingyao Pan
With the implementation of the "Basel III", banks need more capital to cover comprehensive risks. The changing statutes of capital will be different from the previous. Taking Morgan as an example, a method of economic capital measurement from top to bottom is used to calculate Morgan's economic capital....
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Zhou Zuoren' Translation of Japanese and Ancient Greek Poetry and Forming of the Literary Thought of Chinese Vernacular Prose

Li Sun
The modernity construction of Zhou Zuoren's literary thought of Chinese vernacular prose has many different sources, Zhou's translation of Japanese and ancient Greek poetry should be one of them as it shows important mutual-authentication connection to the construction. His poetry translation, though...
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Analysis and Optimization Strategy of Aerobics Teaching Curriculum Setting in Colleges and Universities under the Background of Media Development

Gong Yan
Under the background of the development of the media age, the Aerobics Curriculum in Colleges and Universities under the impetus of the needs of the times, and then enter the trend of innovation and optimization, specifically for curriculum optimization. Aerobics curriculum education is inseparable from...
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Construction and Practice of Integrated Teaching Mode of Yoga Course in Colleges and Universities under Big Data

Min Li
In recent years, yoga has springing up all over the world, and yoga courses have been set up in Colleges and universities in China. Yoga is a system of promoting the full potential of human beings by promoting consciousness. Based on the current situation of yoga teaching in the era of big data, this...
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Study on Medical English Writing with the Automatic Essay Scoring through Translation

Junling Wang
Through application of an Automated Essay Scoring in medical English writing class? the purpose of this paper is to research the students' attitude towards using the online formative assessment evaluation tool "Juku Correcting network" and the relationship between the writing practice and attitude. The...
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Research on the Development of Sports Tourism Resources from the Perspective of Industrial Convergence

Mu Feng
The development of tourism urges consumers to enjoy more and more high-level experiences in tourism projects, and the combination of sports and tourism projects has become an inevitable trend. The existing large-scale sports events such as the World Cup, the Olympic Games and the Asian Games as well...
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Research on the Relationship between Human Capital and Regional Economic Growth

Fang Yang
Since the reform and opening up, China's economy has undergone rapid growth in the past 30 years. As the demographic dividend has receded and the capital output rate has dropped, the Chinese economy has entered a relatively stable new normal. In this environment, we must improve the quality of the dynamical...
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Exploring the Influence of Western Culture on Chinese Culture

Fengyun Nie
Chinese culture pays more attention to the self-cultivation and self-cultivation of the perceptual people, and the interaction with nature and nature, while the western culture is more focused on the maximization of the rational aspects of efficiency. Therefore, in terms of the measurement of Western...
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Analysis of Fitness Value of Yoga and Its Marketization in the New Era

Min Li
This paper explores the introduction of the value of yoga and the existing problems of the Yoga market, finding that the effect of yoga is not understood by the market. The main problem is that the marketing and management system have hindered the development of yoga. We put forward some measures to...
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Impact and Shock of Network Economy on Business Administration

Jiangfan Ma
The rapid development of the network economy has brought no small impact and impact to the administrative departments for Industry and commerce. This paper analyzes the influence of network economy on the industry and commerce administration, pointed out that the development of the network economy can...
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The Application Strategy of Schema Theory in College English Reading Teaching

Yafeng Luo
Reading ability in College English is an important part of English teaching. It can help students accumulate vocabulary, acquire information and promote English listening, speaking and writing effectively. The goal of College English reading teaching is to improve the students' ability to acquire and...
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A Study on the Translator's Subjectivity

Lin Tang
Translator serves as the conductor in the process of translation. The translator's subjectivity, an objectivity existence in the process of translation, has a direct impact on the process and the result of translation. In literary translation, the translator renders the original text. Though limited...
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Analysis of the Optimization and Upgrading of Agricultural Industry in Weinan under the View of the Supply Side Reform

Suying Ma
This paper uses the idea of the structural reform of the supply side to analyze the problems existing in the industrial structure of Weinan. With the theory of economics analysis of construction industry optimization, it is recommended to Weinan natural conditions, agricultural history as the starting...
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Relevance Study of Translation Process

Bowang Chen, Minhua Dong
With the development of society, more and more cultural exchanges between East and West have taken place. More and more excellent cultures have gone abroad and become the spiritual food for the people of all countries and the prosperity of the diversity of world cultures. In the process of cultural communication,...
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Research on E - commerce Personalization Recommendation Strategy

Yi Zheng
With the development of e-commerce, personalized product recommendation has become an indispensable part. According to the characteristics of products and clients, the corresponding recommendation strategies are proposed. The construction and working methods of all kinds of recommendation systems are...
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Research on Financial Internal Control of Supply Chain Financial Service

Nan Liu
The financial internal control of supply chain finance is an important guarantee for the smooth development of the supply chain financial business and an important tool to improve the economic efficiency of the financial enterprises. The paper analyzes the problem existing and makes specific recommendations...
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The Research on the Complementarity and Competitiveness of Yunnan and India Trade under the Belt and Road (B&R)

Yingdong Geng
In recent years, with the development strategy of Belt and Road, the study of regional economic cooperation between China and South Asia has become a new focus for the study of international and regional economic cooperation. Under the proposal of "Building Yunnan Province into a radiation-oriented center...
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The Consumer Behavior Analysis under Large Data Environment

Zhe Luo
Big data has a large amount of information, various type, value the characteristics of low density, high speed and aging. With the development of the Internet, big data more and more showed an important role in the commercial competition, many companies use large data storage, calculation, analysis and...
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Translation Studies Analysis under the Perspective of Intercultural Communication

Wei Lu
This article expounds the relationship between culture and translation, and discusses the specific methods of translation in cross-cultural communication. In the process of translation, we should have a profound understanding of the cultural meaning of the original text, and adopt different methods of...
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Inheritance and Development of Ceramic Culture under the Translatology Perspective

Wei Lu
This paper analyzes the origin of the development of ceramic culture, analyzes the three major challenges faced by the ceramic culture branding, synthesis of the development of ceramic culture at home and abroad, puts forward the study and practice of ceramic culture development from the perspective...
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An Integrational Linguistic Approach to the Interpretive Theory

Xu Wei
The Interpretive Theory is a descriptive system established on a daily working experience, which has not been thoroughly investigated as much as other hypotheses which can be supported by research findings of prescriptive linguistic studies. Interpreters work in a dilemma of "Never add, reduce or omit"...
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Research on the Standard Effectiveness of Administrative Discretion

Xin Xu
The criterion of discretion has always been the common concern of both theorists and practitioners in administrative law. Along with the growing prominence of the welfare society and the administrative countries, administrative discretion, as the "essence" of administrative law, has become an important...
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The Study on the Influence of Highway Transportation on Regional Economic Development

Jun Chen, Yamei Chen
Transportation industry is an important element for realizing the quality, efficiency and sustainable development of the national economy. Transportation is an important infrastructure to promote the national economy growth.. Compared with the railway transportation, waterway transportation, air transportation,...
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Thought on Supply Chain Management of Chain Stores

Chao Liu
Chain enterprises face some bottlenecks in the development of our country. Due to the scarcity of scientific management ideas, unscientific management methods and management tools have become the limiting factors. In the development of modern information network, providing management strategies for its...
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Dialect Protection from the Perspective of Natural Characteristics Loss of Dialects

Chuqi Wang
This paper analyzes the importance of dialect protection from the perspective of social and cultural construction in our country. It is found that in today's society, the dialect is on the verge of extinction, which has a serious impact on the inheritance and development of national folk culture, which...
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A Study on the Qiangdi Music Culture and Its Inheritance Problem from the Perspective of Intangible Cultural Heritage

Jin Wang
The Qiangdi music culture is an excellent culture in the minority culture and art of our country. It is included in the list of intangible cultural heritage in our country and is a cultural gem with unique characteristics and history. The main content of this essay is centered on the inheritance and...
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Impact of Shelter Forest Construction on Ecological and Economic Benefits in Horqin Region--Taking Horqin Left Wing Middle Banner As an Example

Changbao Yang, Xiuqing Wu
Vigorously building shelterbelts is an inevitable demand for improving ecological and economic benefits and realizing sustainable development. Combining with the special natural environment of Horqin Left Wing Middle Banner and the status quo of development of shelterbelt, it is necessary to take effective...
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Strategies for Dealing with Cultural Differences in the Translation of English Literature

Hongyan Guan
There is a great cultural difference between Chinese culture and Western culture, which makes it necessary to completely eliminate this cultural difference that exists in the course of translating English literary works. Only in this way can we translate higher quality English literatures. Therefore,...
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Exploration of Improving Students' Ability to Use English by the Application of English Literature

Hongyan Guan
College English teaching places great emphasis on building students' ability of application. In accordance with the requirements of English teaching reform in colleges and universities, following the rules of English teaching and the needs of learners' own emotions, improve students' English proficiency...
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Research on Accurate Identification of Tourism Poverty Alleviation Based on Industrial Chain Perspective

Bing Wu
As the tourism industry matures, it plays an increasingly significant role in promoting regional economic development and increasing employment opportunities. Therefore, it has also become an important way for the country to help the poor. However, in many areas, the poor population has not been the...
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Research on the Categorization Prototype Theory Based on the Cognitive Linguistics

Huiyan Zhao
As all we know, Cognitive linguistics is a new discipline and it is attracting the various linguists' attention in recent years. It is based on the cognitive method of psychology and brings the problems in linguistics into new explanation. In this paper, the typical theory of categorization of cognitive...
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New Thinking on Cultivation of English Language Talents in Colleges and Universities Based on "The Belt and the Road" Strategy

Baiping Huang
With the increasing influence of China's political and economic power and the deepening of "The Belt and The Road" strategy, China has a global vision and skilled use of foreign language professionals in the context of the continuous improvement of China's participation in global governance. The development...
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Research on the Strategic Position of Service Industry in the Development of National Economy

Xiaohua Tie
Since the policy of economic reform and opening up more than 20 years ago, China has made remarkable achievements in economic development and poverty alleviation. However, past successes do not guarantee the same success in the future. Each stage of economic development has its own unique opportunities...
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Analysis of How to Improve the Effectiveness of Ideological and Political Courses Teaching in Higher Schools in the New Period

Zan Qian
In the new era, with the constant deepening of the new curriculum reform, the ideological and political courses in higher schools have undergone corresponding reform, in particular, the effectiveness of the ideological and political courses should be improved. However, most of the higher schools still...
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Principal-agent Theory and Its Application to Administrative Management

Xueqing Chen
The principal-agent theory plays an important role in standardizing government behaviors and ensuring proper exercise of the administrative power. Recent years have witnessed increasing application of the principal-agent theory to fields, notably politics and society, and the connection between the principal-agent...
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Re-examination of the Theme of Cross-century Literature in "Doll's House"

Hongyan Guan
The literature theme of Ibsen's A Doll's House is of trans-century. The creative intent and dramatic conflicts essentially show the confrontation and conflict between two different personalities. Using this conflict, the writer Ibsen portrays his own ideal for real people, strongly criticizes those already...
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Study on the training mode for foreign railway talents under China's high-speed railway "going out"

Jing Jin, Dong Li, Shuai Liu
Under the background of high-speed railway "going out", education and training play a crucial role in promoting international railway projects and advocating China railway standard and technical system. However, there is no existent systematic training mode for foreign railway talents and this paper...
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Teaching reform and exploration of hospital information equipment assembly and system maintenance

Xin Jiang, ZeGuo Shao
"Hospital information equipment assembly and system maintenance" is a highly practical course, focusing on the cultivation of students ' practical ability. At present, there are still some drawbacks in this course, such as outdated textbook content, inflexible teaching methods and relatively weak practical...
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Empirical Analysis of the Influence Factors of China's Current Account Surplus

Siyuan Hou, Yipeng Li
The non-equalizing of the current balance has become a prominent problem in the operation of the world economy. The disequilibrium of current account balance has caused many negative effects on China's economy. In this paper, firstly, by analyzing the current account surplus from 1994 to 2016, choosing...
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A Comparative Study of Entrepreneurial Supporting Policies in China's Various Regions

Min Qian, Tingting Wang
In today's public innovation, entrepreneurship atmosphere, college students set off an upsurge of entrepreneurship. Local governments are also actively responding to the policies of the Central Government and formulating their local policies on starting a business, taking into consideration only the...
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A Review of the Impact of Market Orientation on Organizational Performance

RongJun Ni, Min Qian
Market orientation is one of the major research areas for the development of strategic marketing in the past two decades. Since the early 1990s, the main goal of market-oriented research has been the relationship between market orientation and organizational performance. This paper reviews the domestic...
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Research on Foreign Exchange Risk Management under the background of RMB Internationalization

Lan Dong
With the development of international trade and the progress of the RMB internationalization process, the exchange rate fluctuation and exchange rate elasticity of the RMB increased, which caused the foreign exchange exposure of our enterprises to further increase. The Foreign exchange risk not only...
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Studies on Optimization of E-commerce Network Accounting and Finance

Wen-chao Yang, Qing-hua Meng
This paper studies the development of network finance and accounting from the aspects of the diversified development risk dynamic timing point and humanistic internal control, the paper built the idea of electronic commerce network accounting; aimed at the issue of accounting internationalization facing...
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Analysis of Hanting Hotel Service Marketing Strategy

Min Qian, Taixiang Ding
This study explores the service marketing of Hanting Hotel on the background of current tourism economy development. First of all, we analyze the market environment from the perspective of macro economy and industry competition. Secondly, we make use of the service marketing 7p theory to put forward...
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A Choice among Love, Money and Marriage: An Analysis on Values in Vanity Fair

Gaixia Wang
Thackeray's novel Vanity Fair represents profoundly and vividly the society of London in the Victorian Age. The two girls in the novel, Amelia and Becky, make different value choices among love, money and marriage. This paper probes into the their difference in the value choice of love, money and marriage,...
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Research on college students' entrepreneurship under the influence of internet

Xiaoliang Wu, Yunyun Liang
Under the background of the internet application, how will entrepreneurship education develop? It can use the internet new information technology to provide information platform for college students, and according to the students' interest in the internet trends to design entrepreneurial platform and...
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Construction of the Financial Market System under the New Consumer Concept

Dan Cui
In order to have a thorough understanding of financial market system and better promote its development, first of all, the marketing key points of new concept consumers are analyzed. Based on this, the current situation of financial market is discussed, and the problems existing in the financial system...
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The Analysis and Countermeasures toward the Inbound Tourist Market of the Silk Road on Land

Huize Chen
The development of tourism in a district is affected by many factors. This paper analyzes the inbound tourist market of the Silk Road on land and points out the difficulties of the development of inbound tourist market this area are facing. At last, the paper puts forward some countermeasures from the...
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A Study on Space Fitting between the Spatial Links of Services and Economic Openness in Guangdong Province

Dawei Huang
Spatial gravity model has been used and indicators, namely, potential development capacity and acceleration, agglomeration force and acceleration, ability of receiving radiation and traction acceleration of Service Industry have been created, based on the Services' data of 21 prefecture-level city from...