Proceedings of the International Conference, Integrated Microfinance Management for Sustainable Community Development (IMM 2016)

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Determinants Analysis The Importance of Accounting, Quality of Financial Statements, and Implementation of "Financial accounting standards for entities without public accountability (SAK ETAP)" on SME Fostered by PT. Telkom TBK

M. Afif, Sri Mulyani
Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) sector is the shaft revival of the national economy, but SME sector still has problems. One of the problems faced and also become a weakness of SMEs is the implementation of accounting in accordance with SAK ETAP which has an important role in providing information...
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Islamic and Conventional Banks Stability: A Comparative Analysis

Teguh Santoso, Irlan Rum, Kinanti Z Patria
This paper will attempt to measure the financial stability for Islamic and conventional banks and compare the result of finansial stability between two kinds of banks. In this study, financial stability will be measured using z-scores. The data sample used in this study include 4 Indonesian Islamic bank...
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Poverty and Child Labor: Are Children as the Economic Resource of the Household?

M. Sasongko, Febry Wijayanti
Income (or expenditure) is the most common poverty indicator which it measures at the household level, however poverty is an individual concept. Poor household have always thought that all household members share fortunes and misfortunes equally, which is particularly problematic in the case of children....
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Marketing of Cilembu Sweet Potato Seeds in the Cybernetics Era through the Content of Dongeng Hui Cilembu

Susanti Agustina, Wina Erwina
This study is aimed to describe the role of folktale as indigenous knowledge that are communicated from generation to generation from the older to the younger in building Cilembu sweet potato cultivation system based on local wisdom. The spoken culture of Dongeng Hui Cilembu (Tale of Cilembu Sweet Potato)...
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Pension Program for Informal Workers: Finding out Indigenous Knowledge based Alternative Model of Pension

Ruly Wiliandri
In 2015, the Indonesian Government enacted the regulation concerning the pension system. This pension system was adopted from national social security system (SJSN). However, pension reform has focused mainly on the formal sector. The National Administering Body of Social Security for Employment (BPJS...
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Waduk Jatigede: Microfinance, Rich And Poor, Poverty And Local Wisdom

Junardi Harahap
Development is a necessity that brings many benefits to the community. And that indeed is the purpose of development is to provide welfare and benefits to the people and our society. As the construction Waduk Jatigede which has a very good purpose, to provide welfare to the community, especially for...
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The Riches in Various Data Banks on Poverty: A Comparative Study on the Assessment of Poverty Measurements around the Globe

J.C.M de Bekker
In the context of Integrated Microfinance Management and Sustainable Development, establishing the impact of such interventions is a challenging endeavour. Such an approach is substantiated by the degree to which the poverty-related phenomena are measurable, or whether they can be measured at all. In...
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Microfinance Practice In Bataknese Traditional Wedding Party

Niko Simamora, Estro Sihaloho
Indonesia is a multiethnic country. Batak is one of ethnic that lives in North Sumatera Province. As an ethnic, Bataknese's life implements the culture as the way of life. Those cultures come from the ancestors who had been practicing the culture based on their need at the time. As the time going through...
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Competitive Strategy Based on Transformation and Dynamic Capabilities in Resulting Business Performance of Islamic Microfinance Institutions

Harry Sutanto
Since there is 100 million people with an income less than USD2.00 per day, poverty considered as a major problem in Indonesia. Microfinance as an important solution in poverty alleviation program, could not yet meet the needs of 500 million poor people to small business credit to improve their business...
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Community Local Wisdom of Kasepuhan Community at Mount Halimun in Conserving Natural Resources and Environment

Henly Yulina, M. Kramadibrata, N. Airinda
Indigenous system as a form of traditional wisdom for generations proven effective in maintaining and ensuring the sustainability of public life of Kasepuhan Community at Mount Halimun needs to be adopted and synergized in regional development related to conservation of natural resources and the environment....
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Indigenous Knowledge, World View and Institution for Sustainable Community at Mappi Regency of West Papua

Taslim Dawan, Sjafril Darana, M. Kramadibrata
Efforts to preserve the culture and the environment in indigenous communities followed the increase in the standard of living of course requires a relatively long time. The value of each ethnic cultural roots, however very worth keeping, at stake, given than there actually human beings need to realize...
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Industrial Concentration and Price-cost Margin of the Micro and Small Enterprises In the Indonesian Food and Beverages Industry

Maman Setiawan, Muhammad Purnagunawan, Nury Effendi, Rina Indiastuti
This research investigates the relationship between industrial concentration and price-cost margin of the micro and small enterprises (MSEs) in the Indonesian food and beverages industry. This research uses the survey data of the MSEs from the Bureau of Central Statistic during the period from 2011 to...
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Analysis of Integrated Microfinance Management E-Information based Search Engine

Wina Erwina, Yulianti, Sri Rakhmiyati
Technology communication and information provides convenience in searching information matters. Internet has become a necessity anyone. Every day thousands or millions of information uploaded to the internet and at the same time perhaps, hundreds, thousands or tens of thousands of people search and accessing...
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Rurukan Hajat Golong: An Economic Model of Community Resilience in Rancakalong Sumedang, West Java - Indonesia

M. Prijana, Wina Erwina
Knowing the symbolic meanings behind Tradition of Hajat Golong village districts Ciledug Rancakalong Sumedang district, West Java Indonesia. Knowing the role of traditional authorities, which led Rurukan, and explain the relevance Tradition of Hajat Golong the economic resilience of the community. Methods:...
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BMT Al-Ishlah Cirebon as Model of Islamic Financing for Poverty Reduction and Development

Oon Konaah
Although in fact the conventional financial system has manifestly failed in the fair distribution of wealth, but Islamic financial system in Indonesia is not a strong alternative financial system. Market share of Islamic financial institutions are still low below 5% with growth of 34% in 2015. The data...
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Poor Women Empowerment Service Through Microfinance Grameen Bank System (Case Study of Koperasi Mitra Dhuafa /Komida)

Slamet Riyadi, Sulaeman Nidar
Poverty is a complex problem that is faced by all governments in the world. It was influenced by several factors that are interrelated with each other. These factors include the level of income, education, health, access to goods and services, geographic location, gender and environmental conditions....
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Crowd Funding: Financial Service for Unserved Crowds in Indonesia

Taofik Hidajat, Ina Primiana, Sulaeman Nidar, Erie Febrian
The low level of financial inclusion or limited access to capital is one of most significant constraint faced by micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Indonesia. To solve the problem, this study proposed a model of financing for SMEs through crowd funding mechanism that is currently emerging...
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Increasing the Health of the Disadvantaged Indonesians through the Dana Sehat (Health Funding) Program as a Contribution to Integrated Microfinance Management

Raini Susanti
Such socio-demographic change has largely been attributed to a situation in which poor people have become more prone to any type of ailment. By consequence, it is necessary for the government to address the specific health needs of the disadvantaged population in the country. This literature review seeks...
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Poverty And Sustainable Community Development in Indonesia

Ayu Swaningrum
Global poverty reduction has become an important issue nowadays, where according to United Nations, 836 Million people still live in extreme poverty. Poverty is acknowledged to be a major contributor to hunger and malnutrition, lack of health and education, increasing crime, diminishing socio-economic...
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Agroforestry and Mobile Local 'Bank' System (Bank Kuriling) in Cianjur, West Java

Dede Wiyanti
Tunagan, is a small hamlet in Wangunjaya Village, Cianjur, West Java, Indonesia. Tunagan Hamlet is isolated in a slope of Gunung Geulis in Cianjur. As in many other Indonesian village landscapes, Tunagan is dominated by agricultural and forest cover. This study is about the local banking system related...
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Microfinance Communication for Group Saving and Loan Sustainability. A case study of Tabur Puja Scheme in Posdaya, Jakarta

Andika Witono, Antar Venus
Tabur Puja Scheme was founded in 2012, the intention is to provide loan for micro enterpreuner in Posdaya (Pos Pemberdayaan Keluarga) Community which was funded by Damandiri Foundation. The community consist of maximum 100 members, under the supervision of 4 to 6 Coordinators in one Rukun Warga (Citizen...
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Indigenous Medical Knowledge for Integrated Public Health Development: A New Way to Reduce Poverty in West Java

Maya Febriyanti
Poverty and economic development in Indonesia are directly linked to the access to public health care. Globalisation changes socio-cultural contexts of the communitythe top-down approach rather than the bottom-up approach of primary health care development by ignoring traditional medical systems. Traditional...
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Rural Tourism Development using Ecotourism as a Model of Community Empowerment in Cireundeu Indigenous Village, Cimahi, West Java

Deru Indika, Nike Vonika
Ecotourism, as a concept of sustainable tourism, is used in the development of rural tourism. Ecotourism concerns about the conservation of nature and culture, the participation of local residents, the transfer of knowledge to visitors, and the small scale of tourism to preserve the environment capability....
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Spiritual Intermediation in Islamic Microfinance: Evidence from Indonesia

Besse Wediawati, Rike Setiawati
Islamic microfinance is the integration of the two forces are growing rapidly, namely Islamic finance and microfinance. Therefore, not only has the dual mission as conventional microfinance (financial intermediation and social), Islamic microfinance also has a spiritual mission (spiritual intermediation)...
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Pendamping Desa (Village Mentor) as A Community Manager: A Case Study of the Role of Pendamping Desa in Empowering Community and Local Institution Through Communication Approach in the Province of Riau-Indonesia

Antar Venus, Adiatma Siregar
Statistic shows that until 2015 around 25 % of the Riau people are still living in poverty. Two possible causes are the poor's lack of local access to financial institutions and low capability to solve poverty. Riau provincial government has introduced a community-based microfinance institution called...
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Using OVOP Concept to Achieve Economic Sustainability in the Creative Industry

Rora Sari
Creative industry nowadays is considered to be one of the promising industries that can contribute significantly to one country's economics. Creative industry is very potential to be developed because the main resource of the industry is unlimited, since the main resource of the industry is the intellectual...
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Development Models and Strategy of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) in South Sulawesi

Muhammad Ardiansyah
The objective of this research was to understand the purpose of the authorities, banking, and abuser of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs). Business organizations, community leaders, in the building of SMEs development strategy. The research used Phenomenology method by understanding the perspectives...
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Islamic Banks Concern with the Poor and Micro Businesses: An Evaluation on their Al Qard Hasan (Beautiful Loan)

Egi Firmansyah
Islamic Banks came up with one of the notions as stated in the Quran (59:7) , wealth must not be a perpetual distribution among the rich. This can be manifested in the form of distributing credit to the real business sector through a financing product, namely Al qard hasan (beautiful or benevolent loan)....