Proceedings of the International University Symposium on Humanities and Arts 2020 (INUSHARTS 2020)

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State Repression Towards the Press in the Guided Democracy Era: The Case of Pandji Masjarakat and Gema Islam (1959-1966)

Akmal Akmal
Pandji Masjarakat and Gema Islam are two Islamic cultural magazines published during the Guided Democracy era (1959-1966) in Indonesia. Both magazines were closely related to Hamka, a prominent figure from the opposition party at that time, namely Masyumi. Even though both are strictly cultural magazines,...
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Cultural Identity in Jean Kwok’s Novel Searching for Sylvie Lee

Almas Aprilia Damayanti, Lily Tjahjandari
Searching for Sylvie Lee written by Jean Kwok portrayed a life of Chinese immigrants in America. Sylvie Lee as the main character has the role to experience cultural identity and cultural dislocation since she moved from the Netherlands to the United States of America when she was young without knowing...
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Revealing the Horror of Capitalism Through Monstrous Narratives in Jordan Peele’s Us (2019)

Amira Jati Sari, Shuri Mariasih Gietty Tambunan
Contemporary horror films often incorporate monstrous and chaotic narratives that reflect wider cultural and political conditions. This article examines how elements of monstrosity in the film Us (2019) resonates with working-class anxieties persisting under a capitalistic society. The theory of Marxism...
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Nationalism of Mass Media Advertisements of Independence Funds Supporters Case Study of Kedaulatan Rakjat Newspaper from 1945 to 1949

Anita Anita, Didik Pradjoko
This paper will talk about the role of advertisements in local newspaper, which has emerged during the independence revolution, such as Kedaulatan Rakjat. This newspaper played a main role for independence fundraising. The nationalist leader, like Sutan Syahrir, wanted this new country to stand on the...
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The Lǐ yì 禮義 (Rites and Morality) Aspects in Wángzhì王制 (The Rules of a True King) by Xun Zi 荀子

A Contemporary Interpretation in Xi Jinping’s Policy

Anthea Rinata, Adrianus Laurens Gerung Waworuntu
Xun Zi was a Confucian philosopher who lived during the Warring States Period and contributed to the Hundred Schools of Thought. The famous classical “Xunzi” book was traditionally attributed to Xun Zi. This book consists of thirty two chapters philosophical essays on specific topics ranging from economic...
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Violence as a Response for Illness: Exploring Chuck Palahniuk’s Fight Club and Eka Kurniawan’s Seperti Dendam Rindu Harus Dibayar Tuntas

Anwar B. Arifin, Manneke Budiman
Violence has always been a topic brimming with endless discussions and controversies. The notion of violence itself has always been considered as something irrational to the human mind and animalistic to the human behavior. However, this overgeneralization towards violence ignores the complexity of violence....
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Sustainability of Russian Tourism Industry During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Audreylia Lesmana, Hendra Kaprisma
Russia is a distinguished country with a diverse environment and culture. The term environment refers to the natural resources and infrastructure available to benefit social and economic growth. One way to benefit from these abundantly available environmental factors is to develop the tourism industry,...
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Media Activism: Reinterpretation Digital Sisterhood by, @muslimahfeminis, @cherbonfeminist on Social Media Instagram in Indonesia

Aurora Nurhidayah Rifani, Shuri Mariasih Gietty Tambunan
This article problematizes forms of negotiations and strategies of Islamic feminism in social media activism in three Instagram accounts:, @muslimahfeminis, and @cherbonfeminist. The main focus of this research is Muslim women’s digital contestation over opposing views on polygamy and sexual...
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Portuguese Loan-Words in the Toponymy of Ambon: A Historical-Archaeological Perspective

Daya Negeri Wijaya, Deny Yudo Wahyudi, Siti Zaenatul Umaroh, Ninie Susanti
This study attempts to identify the Portuguese loan-words in the geographical names in Ambon Island. This study also attempts to contextualize the toponymy of Ambon in its historical context. The library research as a research method was used to reveal the Portuguese influence on the toponymy of Ambon....
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The Contribution of Pusgrafin in Developing University Publishing Units (University Press) in Indonesia as an Effort to Develop Publication Media and Dissemination of Written Papers from 1969-2008

Dayu Sri Herti, I Ketut Suryajaya, Abdurakhman, Didik Pradjoko
Pusat Grafika Indonesia, or Pusgrafin, was the government in the printing sector in 1969. By the Regulation of the Minister of Education No. 23/2005, the Organization and Administration of the Center in the Ministry of National Education, the Indonesian Graphic Center charge of carrying out technology...
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Denazification in Netflix Series Dogs of Berlin (2018)

Deni Ahmad Ghifari, Maria Regina Widhiasti
Denazification is a government initiative implemented in post-war Germany. The program was operative until 1951, yet, arguably, its consequential proportion of political propaganda against Nazism has turned into a considerable legacy. This research focuses on proving that the propaganda is still imperative...
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Human Disconnectedness in a Posthuman Science Fiction film, Zoe

Dhita Hapsarani, Devi Nurhayati
Posthumanism becomes a central issue featured in the science fiction film Zoe that illustrates a human/robot love story. This article will analyze the condition of posthuman displayed in the film through human relations with advanced technology. This study aims to look at the use of artificial intelligence...
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Semiotic Analysis on Keine Wildtiere Im Zirkus Advertisement Posters

Diva Azura Wardana, Raden Muhammad Arie Andhiko Ajie
This study discusses the relation between text and picture elements and analyzes the semiotic signs that appears in anti-exploitation of wild animals in the circus advertisements. The methodology used in this study is a descriptive analysis methodology with a corpus of three poster adverts of Keine Wildtiere...
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The Role of Medical Schools in Handling the Outbreaks in the Dutch East Indies

Djoko Marihandono
The current pandemic is not the first for Indonesia. Indonesia had dealt with several outbreaks during colonial times. To cope with the emerging plague and the limited budget to bring medical personnel from the Netherlands, the colonial government sent all Javanese doctors throughout the Dutch East Indies...
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Transculturality, Cultural Broker, and Colonial Space in Jürgen Leskien’s Einsam in Südwest (1991)

Dudy Syafruddin, Lilawati Kurnia
Transculturality believes that cultural encounters are not always contrasting two poles. However, there are always processes of permeation among the differences, even in radically asymmetrical relations, such as in the colonial era. This paper aims to analyze the transcultural processes in the former...
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Effectiveness of Video Series Tendances in Teaching French Speaking Skills

Ersy Veronita, Sonya Puspasari Suganda
This article discusses the effectiveness of video series media in textbooks Tendances in teaching French speaking skills. The research questions and the purposes of this study are to analyze the effectiveness of video series media in teaching French speaking skills and to gain understanding of the perceptions...
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Laku Concepts in The Prau Gethek Nyabrang Jaladri Novel by Soekirman

Fahrizki Dwo Ramadhan, Turita Indah Setyani
The thing that becomes a consideration in conducting this research is the synthesis of daily human actions on the lack of laku aspects and tends to pursue results rather than processes. The main problem in this research is that the aspect of laku has an important role in living a “perfect” life purpose...
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Hybridity and the Meaning of Space in the Catholic Church Santa Maria De Fatima in Jakarta

Gabriella Ananta Pratama, Irmawati Marwoto
This study discusses about the role of hybridity and the meaning of space in Santa Maria De Fatima Catholic Church associated with six of seven Catholicism Sacraments. The hybridity of this church is shown from three aspects; (1) its history that explain the changing from house of chinese kapitan to...
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Self-acceptance in Udan ing Wanci Ketiga Novel by Tulus Setiyadi

Hanan Haura, Turita Indah Setyani
Mental disorders are one of the health problems in the world that causes self-injury even suicide. Psychology has discussed self-injury that is related to self-acceptance. Javanese culture has an intangible cultural heritage, one of them is nrima ing pandum as which means being able to understand and...
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Punden Dorowati Revitalization as the Ancestor’s Heritage of Rejosari Village, Bantur, Malang Society

Cultural Study based on Phenomenology Perspective

Hasan Basri, Ifi Erwhintiana, Abdul Muntaqim Al Anshory
Fanatic behavior in religiosity has driven society to behave strictly in current days by ruling out religious interpretations. Meanwhile, it is needed in reality. Our social life has more important things than religious rhetoric. It is the culture that creates a feeling of God present in every movement....
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Ethnic Chinese in Colonial Bureaucracy: An Overview of the History of the Institutionalization of Vreemde Oosterlingen Palembang 1906-1942

Huddy Husin, M.I. Djoko Marihandono
The establishment of the colonial government impacted on the political and economic life of the Palembang people. In this situation, all Palembang society groups, including the ethnic Chinese, had to adapt to the colonial Dutch East Indies’ policies. This historical study aims to understand the dynamics...
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Teaching Integrated English Productive Skills Using British Parliamentary Debate

Ira Atika Zahra, Sonya Puspasari Suganda
Media in teaching and learning languages keeps evolving for years. Parliamentary debate is a student-centered activity that integrates the four language skills and it promotes Communicative Language Teaching (CLT). Most parliamentary debate activity has been done in informal learning context, therefore...
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Teachers’ and Students’ Perception on Technology: Tool Literacy in Education of Two Senior High Schools in Bogor

Jordy Satria Widodo, Novia Budi Parwanto, Safendrri Komara Ragamustari
Inasmuch as today’s education system needs to adapt with the global trend of technology, teachers and students have to put forward the embrace of technology by having deeper understanding in information literacy, specifically in tool literacy. The research focuses on elucidation of tool literacy of actors...
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The Paradoxicality of Urban Society in Wahyu Menulis Puisi

Lailatus Sholihah, M. Yoesoef
The transition from the traditional to the modern creates class inequality, as in Wahyu Menulis Puisi by Wahyu Prasetya. In these verses, urban society is a paradoxical subject whose position is in social change. Therefore, this study aims to analyze urban society’s paradoxicalities in positioning middle...
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Sri Asih

A Heroine Between Cosmopolitan and Tradition

Lilawati Kurnia
According to Boneff, Sri Asih is the first superhero comic in Indonesia. Sri Asih is depicted as a female superhero in Javanese traditional dress and make-up, similar to heroic female characters in wayang kulit epics. Sri Asih has superpower and optimal intelligence. The depiction of Sri Asih is in contrast...
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Memayu hayuning bawana in Serat Cemporet as Javanese Natural Unity Principle

Meilisa Arismaya Wanti, Turita Indah Setyani
Javanese humans have the concept of spiritualism to perpetuate a life related to self, nature, and God, summarized in Memayu hayuning bawana. This concept existed to reserve Javanese life to be peaceful. Javanese knows that man, God, and nature have a unity that can affect the balance of life. It comes...
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The Interrelationship of Architecture and Fashion

Representation of Aesthetic Values

Mishael Stefan Haolongan, Yulia Nurliani Lukito
The work of architecture and fashion represent an aesthetic value according to time and place where it belongs. Though it is different in its scale, architecture and fashion complement on the way humans perceive their society in a certain time and place. The developed values embody the applied norms...
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Critics Against Arranged Marriage Destiny in Kumandhanging Katresnan Novel by Any Asmara

Muhammad Fadly, Turita Indah Setyani
Arranged marriage is still warm to be discussed because it can make one of the couples suffer, especially women. Cases of arranged marriage were still a discussion in the news in Indonesia. One of the Javanese literary works that discussed the arranged marriage was Kumandhanging Katresnan (KK) by Any...
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A Discourse on Sexuality and Power in Two Indonesian Contemporary Movies

Nella Putri Giriani, Dhita Hapsarani
The restrictive discourse of sexuality; which is the result of the construction of knowledge and power regarding norms in Indonesian society, has made parents discipline the body/sexuality of their children. Sexuality is regulated by parents because it is feared that it can cause physical and moral damage...
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Integrated Historical Learning at Senior High School: Alternative Learning in COVID-19 Pandemic

Nur’aeni Marta, Djoko Marihandono
The curriculum in Indonesia is top-down and does not anticipate crisis conditions, so that during this COVID-19 pandemic, learning activities show weaknesses. So far, learning has emphasized each subject matter, not on learning objectives, so that it seems as if there is no relationship between one another....
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On-Screen Inclusivity: Analyzing the Concepts of Family in Three German Advertisements

Panji Pramono Aji, Lisda Liyanti
Cultural and social changes in an increasingly tolerant and progressive German society allow minority families to emerge in the community. Companies use the relatively new family diversity issue to create advertisements with this theme to create an original advertisement. Besides, many companies wish...
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Collaboration Between LKAAM and Sekbergolkar

Raising the Voice of the People of West Sumatra in the 1971 Election

Abdurakhman, Pradisamia Dwi Putri
This article discusses the history of the Minangkabau Nature Adat Density Institute (LKAAM) and the history of the West Sumatra Karya Group in the victory of Sekbergolkar in the 1971 Election in West Sumatra. LKAAM was founded in 1966 and the West Sumatra Sekbergolkar was established in 1965. Basically,...
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Negotiating Space in Kampung Urug

Prita Setya Maharani, Tommy Christomy
Kampung Urug, a traditional village having rich heritage and cultural sites, is in Bogor, West Java. This village is divided into three parts: Urug Lebak, Urug Tengah, and Urug Tonggoh. Kampung Urug has a cultural identity that triggered distinctive socio-cultural awareness. This identity is created...
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Measuring Effectiveness of Bring Program to Online: Case Study of Museum Listrik dan Energi Baru Programs during Covid-19 Outbreak

Prita Permatadinata, Danang Aryo Nugroho
Museums were forced to shut down on account of preventing Covid-19 spread from March 2020. During that shutdown, the museum’s public programs were held online, including Museum Listrik dan Energi Baru (MLEB). MLEB is one of the museums in Taman Mini Indonesia Indah. This museum is operated by Perusahaan...
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The Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on the Ritual of Marapu in West Sumba: Funeral Ceremony

Revinda Syahniza Renata, Diah Kartini Lasman
Marapu is an original belief of Sumbanese in East Nusa Tenggara, who believes in a connection between ancestors and reality. Marapu Funeral ceremonies involve Kedde, that is when family come to the funeral and bring buffalo or pig, as a form to honour the deceased. Those animals will be slaughtered as...
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Framing of Humanitarian Mission of Zending and Freemasonry in Sumatra in De Sumatra Post and Het Nieuwsblad voor Sumatra (1940-1949)

Rianti Manullang, Christina T. Suprihatin
The Dutch colonial rulers assigned the Missionary (zending/missie) in Sumatra to spread religious belief and accomplish civilization missions. The financial support for the Missionary quest in the Karo and Batak from a tobacco company in North Sumatra, Deli Maatschappij, emphasizes the concept of ‘two...
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Numerical Literacy Among Senior High School Students at Alumni Course Institution in Jakarta Branch: Critical Literacy in Numeral Data Interpretation

Rizky Aryan Selvi Utami, Jordy Satria Widodo, Tiodora Hadumaon Siagian, Safendri Komara Ragamustari
This article analyses the factors of numerical literacy in critical numeral data interpretation among senior high school students in Jakarta. Moreover, the aim of this article is to identify the factors, the most factor, and the least factor for improvement of the numerical literacy towards critical...
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The Use of Quizlet as a Vocabulary Acquisition Learning Media for Eleventh Grade Students

Rofika Tiara Avisteva, Sisilia Setiawati Halimi
Language learners tend to have a limited amount of vocabulary. This problem limits them from using and understanding a broad coverage of speech or text in a foreign language. One of the reasons causing this matter is the lack of teachers’ awareness of how to teach vocabulary for language learners. Quizlet...
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Legal Politics of Gender Inequality in Determining Legal Capability in Indonesian Legislation

Shidarta, Imelda Martinelli
The issue of gender equality in legislation has become a timeless theme that has emerged throughout history. Most of the statements related to this issue usually do not come from a strong theoretical basis because they do not analyze the political and legal aspects of this gender inequality. This issue...
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Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn: Persistence of Patriarchal Motherhood and the Nascence “Odd” Monstrous-Feminine

Siti Alifah Tamir, Mina Elfira
The patriarchal motherhood values and the monstrous femininity are reflected in literary works and can be seen in the novel Sharp Object published by Gillian Flynn in 2006. Flynn provided to show a new perspective of monstrous femininity. This article analyze the continuity of motherhood tasks through...
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Kiai and Politician

K.H. As’ad Ummar’s Efforts and Thoughts in Developing Pondok Pesantren Darul Ulum Jombang, 1985-2001

Soraya Soraya, Abdurakhman Abdurakhman, Yon Machmudi
This study aims to analyzes the life background and thoughts of K.H. As’ad Umar, how was his role in politics, and how his efforts and policies were in developing the Pesantren Darul Ulum in Jombang, East Jawa in 1985-2010. Thematically, this research is historical research of thought, and it is based...
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Tracking State Involvement in Rice Trade: The Case of Parepare Port in the Makassar Strait Area, 1933−1942

Syafaat Rahman Musyaqqat, Didik Pradjoko
The global economic depression of the 1930s prompted the state to intervene in various aspects of the economy in the Dutch East Indies, including the rice trade. The fall in international rice prices made domestic production rice even more incapable of competing with imported rice. This situation inspired...
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Criminal, King, and Rebels: A Re-examination of Bandits Alliances in Polombangkeng, South Sulawesi (1905-42)

Taufik, Djoko Marihandono
Bandits as a social category generally tend to have a negative connotation, because they are identical to criminals, robbers, or people who often carry out physically violent acts. In fact, the social history of bandits cannot be regarded as simple criminals by public opinion. This article aims to examine...
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The Efforts of President Emmanuel Macron in Making Islam de France

Thahirah, Djoko Marihandono, Danny Susanto
This article discusses the efforts made by Emmanuel Macron to integrate French Muslims to French society. Each European government, including French, has tried to integrate Muslim population to their respective country’s society. Islam is the second biggest religion in France in terms of its followers....
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Phonetic Analysis of German Songs

Tiara Annisa Adhi Moulidhanty, Julia Wulandari
In learning German listening skills through songs, difficulties may arise due to singers’ diverse pronunciation, referred to as a phonetic phenomenon. This study discusses phonetic phenomena in German songs using phonological processes theory of Assimilation (assimilation), vokalische Auslӧsung des [r]...
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Gondang Hybridization and Identity Politics of Toba Batak Society

Vita Pasaribu, Tommy Christomy
The absence of customary rules regarding music in Toba Batak society causes the ensemble to be very dynamic, and it becomes more complex when gondang is subject to hybridization with Western instruments. Contemporary gondang is generally in two streams of discourse, either modern or traditional, and...
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Black Children’s Resistance Against Discrimination in Renee Watson’s Piecing Me Together (2017)

Wanda Rifani Astuti Nst, Dhita Hapsarani
The practice of racial discrimination in America is still taking place today. Until now, Black still has to fight for justice in America. The awful fact is that the scourge of racism is so deeply entrenched in society; and it is not only experienced by adult black men and women, but also by black children....
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Social Criticism in Okky Madasari’s Children Novel

Wikan Satriati, Dhita Hapsarani
Indonesian children’s fantasy stories are not used to critically address social issues. They are treated as a parable of the moral values and viewed as a legacy that needs to be preserved. A new phenomenon appeared with Okky Madasari’s first children’s novel, Mata di Tanah Melus (2018). As a novelist...
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The Meaning of takut ‘fear’ by Indonesian-speaking School-age Children

Wuri Prihantini, Bernadette Kushartanti
This study examines the use of the Indonesian emotion word of fear, takut, by Indonesian-speaking children. The question to be addressed in this study is: how do Indonesian-speaking school-age children give meaning and define takut ‘fear’? This study aims is to explain children’s meaning and language...
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Acquiring the Identity of a Third Culture Kid

An Analysis of Sabine in the Film Dschungelkind

Yang Zafirah Yuliani, Lisda Liyanti
Third Culture Kids (TCKs) is a term for individuals who have spent their developmental years outside their passport country and are raised in a culture other than that of their parents. Spending a significant part of their developmental years outside, TCKs tend to face some problems, including identity...
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Cultural and Religious Identities of Bawean Societies Overseas

Yon Machmudi
The tradition of the diaspora of the Bawean community is closely related to cultural identity and socio-economic activities in the past. The connection of Bawean Island with maritime and trade movement has created the tradition of diaspora following seafaring routes toward economic centers. Bawean people...