Proceedings of the 2022 6th International Seminar on Education, Management and Social Sciences (ISEMSS 2022)

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Peer-Review Statements

Ghaffar Ali, Mehmet Cüneyt Birkök, Intakhab Alam Khan
All of the articles in this proceedings volume have been presented at the 2022 6th International Seminar on Education, Management and Social Sciences (ISEMSS 2022) during July 15–17, 2022 in Chongqing, China. These articles have been peer reviewed by the members of the [Scientific Committees and reviewers]...
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The Application of New Energy in Architectural Design Under the Influence of Green Low-carbon Concept

Qiang Chen
In recent years, people’s concept of energy conservation and environmental protection is becoming stronger and stronger. Therefore, in the face of the above problems, we should pay more attention to the green and healthy development of the construction industry. In the context of the new era, new materials,...
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Exploring Different Types of Healthcare Policies Toward COVID_19 Used by China

Jingjing Song, Yizun Wang, Jiyue Zhang
The COVID-19 pandemic has had a profound and lasting impact on the entire world. However, China took quick and effective actions in the face of the epidemic, not only curbing the transmission chain of COVID-19 in Wuhan but also implementing a dynamic zero-clearing policy in the following three years....
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A Preliminary Study on the Methods of Improving Emergency Management Capability by Frontier Information Technology

Musheng Ma
My country is one of the countries with the most serious natural disasters in the world. The characteristics of the disaster chain are increasingly prominent, and the rescue of all disasters is facing unprecedented challenges. Emergency management is an important part of the national governance system...
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Examining Chinese Beauty Behind the Controversy of the Chinese Brand “The Three Squirrels”: Racism, Slanted Eyes, and Beauty

Weining Wang
As a matter of subjective perception, the concept of beauty has been continuously defined and redefined by the times and its people. Along with globalization, beauty standards all over the world are shared under the intense information diffusion through communicative media platforms. While this exchange...
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Comparative Study on the Irrigation Water Quality Standards in China and Australia

Yiwei Bai, Lu Zhang, Yanzheng Liu, Xiaochang Wang
Water quality standards for irrigation are crucial to ensure the safety of cultivated land, groundwater and agricultural products. The comparative study in Sino-Australia was conducted based on the specific requirements of Standards for Irrigation Water Quality (GB 5084-2021) and Guidelines for Irrigation...
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Research Progress of CAR-T Therapy in Tumor Therapy

Jingyu Zhao
New progress is constantly being made in the field of tumor treatment, and new advances are constantly being made. Among them, chimeric antigen receptor T cell (CAR-T) immunotherapy is a gene therapy method that expresses transmembrane chimeric antigen receptors by gene editing and redirects T cells...
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Comparison of SARS-CoV (2003) and SARS-CoV-2 (2019)

Tingyi Cui
This article compares the most well-known outbreaks of coronaviruses in the past twenty years, SARS-CoV and SARS-CoV-2, to illustrate the correlation between them and impact on human society. Pre-existing scholarship has been consulted to compare and analyze the viruses’ known range of symptoms, incubation...
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The Conquest of Britain: Power Dynamics of Rome Julio-Claudian Dynasty

Sijian He
Since transiting from the Roman Republic to Roman Empire, Rome experienced not only changes in the political system but also its expansion in Britain. After Caesar and Augustus, Rome had a short peace period, but then Claudius launched wars against Britain. This paper focuses on the Roman Conquest of...
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Exploring the Causes of “Super High School” in China

Dongzhe Hu
“Super middle schools” are a special phenomenon arising from China's modern education reform. They refer to a group of super-sized middle schools with a high enrollment rate established by a group of schools located in cities that monopolize teacher resources and high-quality students. “Super high...
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What Predicts Intention to Purchase New Energy Vehicles Between Males and Females in China: Using Extended Theory of Planned Behavior

Qinhui Zhan
Drawing on the theory of planned behavior (TPB), the aim of this study is to explore affective attitude, cognitive attitude, subjective norms, and perceived behavioral control that affect the intention to purchase new energy vehicles (NEVs) and the moderating effect of gender on the relationship between...
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A Review of Microchip Implant in Human

Yitong Wang
Implantable devices are devices implanted into human bodies either for a lifetime or for a short period of time. They are mainly used for diagnostic, monitoring, or therapeutic purposes. With their unique responsiveness and rational design in terms of clinical needs, biomedical implants have been the...
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More Knowledge, Less Intention? The Moderating Role of Subjective Health Knowledge and Education Level within a TPB Model in Physical Activity Intentions among Chronic Patients

Yuxuan Wu
A high percentage of people with chronic diseases do not experience adequate physical activity. The purpose of this study is to explore the factors regulating physical activity based on the theory of planned behavior (TPB). Additionally, we incorporated subjective health knowledge and education level...
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The Matching Mechanism of Covid-19 Vaccines as the Public Goods

Ze Ouyang
The rapid development of a new Covid-19 vaccine has brought hope to the world to contain the epidemic. Governments and international organizations such as the World Health Organization subsequently started a series of discussions on the distribution of new vaccines after production with the surge of...
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Research on the Pension Problem and Countermeasures of the Empty-Nest Elderly in Rural Areas

It is Based on Rural Field Research in Jingxian County, Hebei Province

Leqian Wang
With the aggravation of the aging phenomenon, the problem of elderly care services for empty-nest elderly in rural areas is increasingly prominent. The younger generation leaves the elderly alone in order to bear the heavy family expenses or their children study and settle down abroad, which has brought...
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Intelligent Revision Application of Similar Collection Method in Strong Wind Forecasting in Complex Terrain Areas of Transmission Channels

PengYou Lai, JingTao Yang, LeXi Liu
With the continuous development of numerical weather prediction technology, the weather forecast mode can provide refined forecasts of meteorological elements such as wind fields and temperatures for the power grid, but there are large errors in the terrain of the power grid transmission channel area....
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Research on the Application of Emotional Design in Daily Ceramics

Xinying Li, Xueliang Ma
With the improvement of living standards, the arrival of the information age, intelligent interaction era, people's spiritual demand for products is also gradually increasing, with tangible material form bearing intangible spiritual pursuit. Due to the modern pursuit of ceramics for daily use products...
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Exploring the Positive Impact of Reducing Present Bias has on People’s Poverty Level in India

Manhua Chen
Saving has always been a problem in India, especially for poor households, and they face many obstacles when it comes to savings, such as a lack of ways to safe, expensive banking account fees, and self-control problems. This paper is going to explore the positive impact of reducing present bias on people’s...
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The Portrayal of Gender Diversity in Reality from ESG Reports—Based on the Top Ten Leading Technology Corporates in China

Tongyu Wu
The Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) metric, which has become a parameter for investors to evaluate sustainability performance, is putting increasing pressure on international technology corporates. As a result, there is an increasing demand for corporate social reporting to address gender...
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Study on the Optimal Path of Solving Social Conflicts and Disputes in Zhejiang Online Court

Meifan Chen, Keyin Jin, Yiren Wang
Zhejiang province takes online court as a new mode and method to solve social conflicts and disputes, but there are still many deficiencies due to the restriction of various conditions. Taking the People’s Court of S City, Zhejiang Province as an example, through in-depth investigation and analysis,...
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Tax System Reform and Its Impacts in the Middle and Late Tang Dynasty. Take Two-Tax System and Commercial Tax System as Examples

Lihua Chen
The taxation system during the Tang Dynasty in China has always been an important part of academic research of Chinese ancient history. The Rebellion of An and Shi (755–763) divided the development of Tang Dynasty into two stages, and the later reform of the tax system had profound impacts on politics,...
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Progress on Noise Reduction in Road Traffic Environment from 2000

Leyan Yu
With the accelerating progress of modernization, road traffic, by means of motor vehicles, has become a common way of getting around. It provides efficient and convenient transportation to the us, at the same time, brings us massive problems. Among which, traffic noise is the most influential one for...
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The Impact of Iceberg Melting on the Climate of the Arctic Circle

Yiran Fang
The main manifestation of iceberg melting is global warming, and the most intuitive manifestation of global warming is the temperature of the Arctic circle. This study discusses the relationship between the total heat released by iceberg melting and the temperature of the Arctic circle. The total heat...
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The Roles of Nutrients in Fruits in the Prevention and Intervention of Obesity

Dongfang Yuan
Obesity is a chronic health-threatening disease caused by many factors, and it has become one of the most prevalent diseases in the world. Fruits are rich in various nutrients and bio-active compounds. So the author aims to discuss the roles of nutrients in fruits in the prevention and intervention of...
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The Characteristic of Theocracy Played in the Qin Political System

Lutian Tao
This paper studies the theocratic elements contained in the Qin Dynasty as a whole based on the sacrificial benefits and the promulgation of decrees of the first emperor of the Qin Dynasty “Qin Shi Huang”. This is to demonstrate the formal logic behind Qin Shi Huang’s promulgation of decrees and activities,...
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Development and Construction of a User Privacy Concern Measurement Scale in Social Media

Runting Li, Yuan Wang
The concept of privacy concerns was first proposed in the research of e-commerce content, so the concept is not native to the social media environment. Therefore, the primary problem to be solved in this study is to explore new issues of privacy concerns in the current social media environment through...
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Buddhism and Political Rule Rethinking on Ashoka’s Attempt to Reshape India

Hang Jin
In the 3rd century BC, facing the problems of caste system caused by Brahmanism, emperor Ashoka who was the most famous ruler of ancient India tried to use Buddhism and tolerance to reshape Indian society. However, his attempt failed because of fragile politics and immature agricultural economic, thus...
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Research on the Application of Signage Free Design of Guide System Based on Sustainable Theory

Wu Wei Fang, Zi Li
This paper discusses the signage free design of the guide system based on the sustainable theory, which is combined with the current situation to provide a basis for solving the problems of environmental pollution and resource waste. Through the analysis of successful cases of visual guidance at home...
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Research on the Transition of National Identity for Hong Kong People

Boyang Zhang
Since 2019, Hong Kong has experienced another wave of social movements against the intervention of extradition policy of mainland China, which caused devastating effects to Hong Kong society meanwhile made people start to consider the origin of Hong Kong social movements. The dramatic changes of national...
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Review on the Causes of Eutrophication in Water

Chunxiao Yang
In recent years, eutrophication in river water bodies has become one of the main water environment problems. However, the factors that contribute to eutrophication of river water bodies are complex. Eutrophication assessment methods are diverse, and contaminated water bodies have many sources of pollutants....
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Food Price, Local Market and Nutrient Intake of Farmer Households of Different Income Categories in Rural China

Ying Sun, Yang Liu, Hongyun Zhou
Food price and market development are important factors affecting farmers' rights to food. Through The quantile regression, this paper investigated and compared the effects of food price on nutrient intake of farmers of different income categories in rural China. The paper also looked into the impact...
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Public Affairs Management and Innovation from Big Data

Lio Chong In
Public affairs management concerns the citizens and people’s livelihoods, and is also one of the main management responsibilities of the government. In recent years, with the increase in the content of public affairs management tasks and the improvement of citizen’s quality of public affairs management...
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Effect of Ginkgo Biloba Extract (EGb761) on Cerebral Nervous System in Patients with ALzheimer’s Disease

Yanlei Gu
Alzheimer's disease (AD) is a common neurodegenerative disease and a kind of dementia in the elderly. More and more studies have shown that using the standardized extract of Ginkgo biloba leaves (labeled EGb761) to intervene in the clinical treatment of AD patients can effectively improve their...
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Comparative Studies on Pension Funds: A Global Perspective

Ran Ren
In this paper, the examination revolves around pension fund governance and investment specifically asset allocation strategy with current academic publications and reviews to investigate ways to preserve and grow the value of pension portfolios. These articles cover current policy impact on pension fund’s...
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Research on the Effects of Natural Meditation on College Students’ Emotions and Attention

Xiaojin Huang, Xingxin Zhan, Jiahui Zhang, Shujun Wu, Liangying Li
The objective of this paper is to explore the effect of natural meditation training on college students’ psychological emotions. Through the literature review, questionnaire survey, and data investigation, a total of 135 students majoring in Health Services and Management in the 20th and 19th grades...
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The Effects of Three-Child Policy on Women in Workplaces

Hanyu Cai, Xingyao Wang, Zhile Wang
On May 31, 2021, the Three-child Policy was put forward officially in China. It is obvious that it will impose some effects on women. The aim of this paper is to find out these effects, especially in the workplace, and the ways to solve them. This research can help provide some helpful supporting measures...
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The Value of Low Glycemic Index Diet for the Treatment of Gestational Diabetes and Its Complications

Zelei Cheng
From the current domestic and foreign major medicine, health research journals on the “hypoglycemic dietary index treatment of gestational diabetes and its complications” research literature, through statistical sorting, inductive analysis of the medical field of hypoglycemic dietary index for diabetes...
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How “Green” Is the Green Electric Vehicle

Donglai Wang
In a time of climatic crisis, an electric car may be the best option for a customer living in urban area. There are many more benefits of owning an electric car in this thriving age of technology. For example, “Green” credential is the most beneficial feature of an electric car. These cars are eco-friendly...
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A Review of the Effect Evaluation of Aspirin in the Prevention and Treatment of Cardiovascular Disease

Keyu Chen
The background of this research is reasonable treatment and prevention of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. Cardiovascular disease is a disease with a high incidence of human death. This article studies the prevention and treatment effects of aspirin on cardiovascular disease. Whether the...
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Analysis of the Follow-up Audit of the Implementation of Policies and Measures

Yanping Li, Min Xu, Yue Chen, Yundan Ma
For national economic development and social construction, different types of policy implementation are needed to promote the development of different tasks, and for the implementation of policy measures, in order to reflect the effectiveness of policy measures, it is necessary to implement them. Conduct...
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A Study on the Influential Factors of Medical Service Satisfaction

Yiwen Tang
The people’s expectations and requirements for medical and health public services have gradually increased as the economy has progressed. Only by meeting the expectations of citizens to the greatest extent can health services obtain higher satisfaction. This study will help to deepen the academic research...
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Exploration of the “Four-micro” Model of Corporate Culture Communication Based on Convergence Media Technology

With the Practice of Corporate Culture Communication in SGCC New Staff Training as an Example

Xiuhua Li, Fei Ye, Chao Zhang, Guangling Gao, Huiyan Yin, Yuan Chen
To promote the corporate culture embedded in the new staff training of SGCC, we apply the media convergence technology to corporate culture communication with the “Four-micro” micro-work competitions as the carrier. With the practice of Corporate Culture Communication in SGCC new staff training as an...
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Group Work on the Digital Divide in Rural Elderly People

Takes the X Community of Ruijin City as an Example

Xiaolan Zhong
The development of the Internet has brought us great convenience, but the elderly have become the vulnerable groups in the digital age, and it is difficult for them to quickly integrate into the changing society. The results of the survey of the elderly in X village, Ruijin city show that the elderly...
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Research on the Ways to Improve COVID-19 Detection—Based on Divide and Conquer Philosophy

Weibo Sun
The study is based on the shortcomings of prevention and treatment methods for COVID-19, the current challenge facing the world. The topic of this study is how to use the divide-and-conquer philosophy of computer science to improve the efficiency of NUCLEIC acid testing for COVID-19. To complete this...
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On the Roots of Current Discontent

Leilong Ma
It means that the scientific grasp of the great changes in the world unseen in a century needs marxist philosophy to provide the theoretical framework of the world outlook and the guidance of methodology. At the same time, the core of this unprecedented change in the world is based on the continuous...
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Explore the Development of Constitutionalism from the Change of French Constitution

Jing Zhao
From the first constitutional document in 1789 to the present, the French constitutional system has been continuously inherited and developed, thus exploring a more complete constitutional system. This paper will explore the laws and inspirations of the establishment of the constitutional system from...
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Intelligent Standard is Just in Time

Hai Wang, Dapeng Zhang, Yu Yang, Qianwen Chen, Xiao Wang
China has built a huge standard system with symbiotic development of national standards, industry standards, local standards, group standards and enterprise standards. The role of standards in supporting various fields is becoming more and more obvious. In this paper, we introduce the background of standard...
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CAR-NK Cell Therapy: A Promising Alternative to CAR-T Cell Therapy

Jinqiao Hu
Cancer is one of the deadliest diseases and has long been a leading cause of death. Although the newly introduced chimeric antigen receptors-engineered T cell (CAR-T cell) therapy has been an efficient method to kill cancer cells and inhibit metastasis, its high cytotoxicity, long time to develop, and...
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The Universe of Dreams: An Aesthetic Exploration of the Wholeness of Gitanjali

Shuaizhi Zhao
Rabindranath Tagore’s glorification of God and his straightforward approach to life in Gitanjali reveal his holistic aesthetic thought. His aesthetics of wholeness is strongly colored by Eastern culture and the philosophical concept of life, and differs markedly from the Western pursuit of totality in...
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Policy Analysis on the Reform of “Green Card Institution” in China from the Perspective of Multiple-Streams Theory

Hechun Gao, Yuyang Lu, Yiling Wei, Jiayue Yu
Although there is a “green card” system, it has some defects such as the approval threshold being high, and the approval time being long. The research question is the reasons the 2020 draft was proposed. This paper analyzes the policy-making process of the 2020 draft opinion from the perspective of multiple-streams...
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Research on Emotional Governance of Social Organizations

Based on L Organization

Juanjuan Chen
In the process of social governance, the role of social organizations must be based on the two-way benign interaction between technical governance and emotional governance. Then, through the case of L organization, this paper analyzes the field of L organization and the emotional interaction between...
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Introduction to Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASDs): Genetic and Environmental Risk Factors, Treatments

Jingran Ye
Nowadays, autism has received extensive attention from society. The aim of this review is to summarize some common genetic and environmental risk factors that lead to autism, as well as the following effective psychotherapy for autism. Autism is a heterogeneous disorder with high heritability. Vitamin...
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What Predicts Chinese Winter Sports Participation Intention Based on an Extended TPB Model: Exploring the Moderating Effects of Traditional Media and Social Media Attention

Mingxia Li
This study extends the theory of planned behaviour (TPB) by taking media factors into account. Specifically, this study examines the moderating effects of traditional media and social media attention on the relationship between subjective norms, injunctive norms and winter sports participation intention....
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Investigation on Disease Prevention, Control System Under Public Health Emergencies

Nan Wang, Tong Kang
The COVID-19 outbreak in 2020 has highlighted the need to investigate the current disease control system to ensure the health and safety of the Chinese people. The practice of epidemic prevention and control has shown the advantages of organization, command and emergency mobilization, as well as the...
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Assessment Ameliorating Global Warming Though Direct Air Capture

Haoyu Lei
DAC as a solution to negatively increase carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. People are paying more and more attention to this scheme. Despite technological breakthroughs in the past decade, the current principles, limitations and effects of DAC are poorly understood. This paper through collation, literature...
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A Review of the Factors for the Elimination of Poliomyelitis and the Remain of Hepatitis B

Xin Ran Tian
Both poliomyelitis and hepatitis B are preventable through vaccination but cannot be treated once infected. Poliomyelitis was eliminated in China in 2000, while hepatitis B remains an epidemiological problem. The objective of this research is to understand what factors aside from medical treatment caused...
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South Korean Entertainment Industry’s Marketing Management on Chinese Market

Michelle Zhou
In today’s international trading environment, developing the foreign market according to different political contexts became extremely important for each country. Shortly after the established formal diplomatic relations between Seoul and Beijing in the 1990s, South Korean industries opened up the uncultivated...
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How Can the Chinese Government Promote the Return of Talent?

Yixuan Ma
Nowadays, talent is one of the most important resources in the competition between countries. China, as a developing country, is at a relative disadvantage position in the international talent competition. This paper explores policy options for attracting Chinese students to return home. The research...
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Analysis and Countermeasures of Online Public Opinion on Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia

Xue Wang
At the end of 2019, the outbreak of the novel coronavirus pneumonia occurred in my country, which quickly attracted the attention of netizens. Under the multiple effects of the epidemic, the Internet, the media, netizens and the government, the network public opinion was complex and changeable. Online...
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The Effect of Temperature on Mental Health: Evidence from China

Meng Wang, Cheng Huang
The health impact of climate change has become an important public health issue. This paper examines the effects of extreme temperature on mental health status, using a nationally representative survey data from China Family Panel Studies (CFPS) database. This analysis finds that exposure to heat waves...
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Effects of Excess or Insufficient Energy on Immune System of Mice

Yunfei Ji
Nowadays, people have found that excessive or too little energy intake has a great impact on the immune system. Excess energy may lead to weakened immunity, making obese patients more prone to chronic inflammation and tumors. However, the specific molecular mechanism of excess energy acting on the immune...
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Analysis of Anti-monopoly Issues in the Digital Platform Economy. Take China’s Anti-monopoly Supervision—Concentration Review of Business Operators as an Example

Chunyu Wu
While the digital economy has developed vigorously recently, many internet platforms have monopolized platforms using “choosing one from two”, variable interest entities(VIE) structure, and self-preferential treatment. Such vicious competition has disrupted the market order. The article first summarizes...
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The Impact of Fiscal Spending, Innovation Output on Economic Growth—Empirical Analysis Based on Mediating Effects Model

Longming Shen
Based on panel data of 29 provinces from 2007 to 2016, this paper constructs an intermediary effect model to study the direct effect of fiscal expenditure on economic growth and the intermediary effect of fiscal expenditure on economic growth by promoting innovative output. The results show that fiscal...
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Research Progress of Drug Therapy for Systemic Lupus Erythematosus

Huizhong Tan
Systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) is a complex disease with variable presentations, course and prognosis. The incidence varies worldwide, and the current global prevalence of SLE is approximately 10 cases per 2.41 million. [1] Among all these patients, women who are in their childbearing age make up...
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A Study on the Relationship Between Sleep, Anxiety and Academic Performance of Applied Psychology Major in a University in Tianjin

Haoran Chen, Ruishan Sun
To understand the sleep status of college students, study the connection between sleep status, fatigue and academic performance, and analyze the main factors affecting academic performance in sleep status. Using the method of random sampling, 54 undergraduate students in applied psychology were selected...
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Does Population Aging Affect the Rebound of Fertility?

Lei Miao, Cheng Huang
This paper provides empirical evidence to confirm the links between population aging and fertility. On the one hand, persistently low fertility rates have led to a gradual reduction in the size of birth cohorts, accelerating the aging process over time through the “denominator effect” and challenging...
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Research on the Ways of Integrating Centennial Party History Education into College Students’ Ideological and Political Education

Long Yang, Fan Yang
The hundred-year struggle of the Communist Party of China (CPC) contains rich ideological essence, experience and wisdom, shows rich historical details, and is an important treasure-house for the whole Party and the whole society to study and learn from. Ideological and political work, as the party’s...
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The Contribution and Function of Germanic Culture in the Construction of European Cultural Traits

Jixiang Hu
Ancient Greece has long been regarded as the ancestor of European civilization, but the Germanic people are often despised in the formation of modern European culture. Their contribution to modern European culture is no less than that of ancient Greece. In their native land, the Germanic people developed...
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The Mechanism of Ecological and Cultural Collaborative Construction of the Beijing Hangzhou Grand Canal Cultural Belt

Dong Tong
A prominent problem in the construction of the Beijing Hangzhou Grand Canal cultural belt is the weakness of the overall construction and coordination mechanism. Ecology and culture are two concomitant elements of the construction of the Grand Canal cultural belt. Promoting the coordinated construction...
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Effects of E-cigarettes and Traditional Cigarettes on Lungs and Bronchi

Shujin Tian
E-cigarettes, considered healthier substitutes for traditional cigarettes, are being used more and more frequently, especially among adolescents. However, there are not many studies that support this claim. Moreover, recent studies have suggested that e-cigarettes are actually as harmful as traditional...
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Social Media Opinion Leaders Who Cater to the Male Gaze and Their Influence on Beauty Standards: A Case Study on Kim Kardashian’s Posts on Instagram

Shiyun Yang, Yiran Dang, Yuhan Ma
As the product of the long-lasting patriarchal social system, the male gaze is not only directing the gender performances on social media but also affecting females’ behaviors in the display of beauty in real life. Social media and opinion leaders are shaping active online users’ perceptions of the current...
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On the Development of Inclusive Education in Hainan Province Under the Background of Educational Equity

Yifan Ding
With the development of society, economy and culture, China’s inclusive education are in a critical period of vigorous development. Educational equity is the basic project of constructing a socialist harmonious society and is representative of constructing a harmonious civilized society. Inclusive education...
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Thoughts on the Strategy of Traditional Chinese Medicine in the Post-pandemic Era

Xia Yang, Jialing Mao, Ji Chen
In 2020, COVID-19 spreads fast around the world and threatens people’s lives. In this special time, traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) has shown its advantages in curing the disease and gradually grown into the main force in the fight against the epidemic. TCM has shown its excellent clinical effects...
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Discussion on the Construction of Multi-element Geoscience Service System in Future New Urban Areas-A Case Study of Xiongan

Hao Yan, Lamei Li, Yuan Yao, Fangfang Liu, Junjie Yi
With the continuous acceleration of urbanization in China, the requirements for new district planning in urban construction are getting higher and higher, which requires the establishment of a more perfect, more integrated and more systematic multi-element urban geoscience service system to support urban...
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Patriotism Education for the Teenagers from Chinese Villages. A Case Study in Huayuan No.3 Middle School, Xiangxi, Hunan

Jingjing Pu
Patriotism education plays an important role in cultivating teenager’s national pride and identification. It lays a foundation for teenagers to achieve the establishment of Chinese national rejuvenation and promotion of socialism core values. Since there is a disparity between urban education and rural...
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Administrative Problems and Management in Basic-Level Government Management

Yiming Guo
The grassroots government, as the main executive agency of the decrees of the State Council and orders of higher-level governments, has very important responsibilities. There are a series of problems in the management of grass-roots governments, such as mechanical compliance, distorted understanding,...
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Research on the Talent Training Mode of Multi-dimensional Training, Multi-specialty Integration and Multi-layer Cooperation in Finance and Economic Majors

Qing Jiang, Chunshang Wu
With the development of information technology and economic transformation and upgrading, the demand for talents of enterprises has changed from a single skill requirement to a composite and innovative technical skill talent. However, the current finance and economics majors of higher vocational colleges...
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A Study of Perceptual Errors of Liquids /r/ and /l/—Evidence from a Diction Task by Chinese Learners of English

Wenyu Zhang
The Chinese language consists of a variety of dialects, and they can be generally divided into northern dialects and southern dialects. A significant difference between these two kinds of dialects is that whether there are rhoticities. This study focuses on the second-language learners’ perception of...
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A Comparative Study of the Production of 3rd Tone Sandhi in Disyllabic Words Produced by Native Speakers of Bayannur and Haikou Chinese Dialects

Mila Zhao
Tone sandhi has always been a popular topic in phonology and phonetics. The most studied type of tone sandhi is the 3rd tone sandhi. Previous researchers showed that tone sandhi patterns are different in different dialects, and dialects in the same region share similar patterns. However, few comparative...
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New Perspectives of Persistent Depressive Disorder

Junyi Duan
This paper is a general review of persistent depressive disorder. By reviewing pertinent literature, this paper focuses on etiology, impacts, treatments, and recommendations for future improvement. Persistent depressive disorder affects all ages people. Young people with persistent depressive disorder...
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Application of Sustainable Development Theory in Furniture Industry Development—A Case Study of IKEA

Xiangyi Li, Yuanfang Lin, Tiansheng Zhu
In recent years, more and more enterprises are required to disclose their sustainability reports, which means that sustainability plays an important role in the expansion and operation of global enterprises. Sustainability is also used to measure the development status and cultural orientation of the...
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The LSTM Based Trend Prediction Model: A Case Study of Beijing COVID-19 Epidemic Data

Ruiling Zhao, Linchao Yang
The paper tries to build a COVID-19 trend prediction model with data mining methods and deep learning algorithm by taking Beijing COVID-19 epidemic data as an example. Currently, the Corona Virus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) is spreading around the world, posing a huge threat to the human society. By studying...
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Research on Nonlinear Influencing Factors of University Innovation Based on Semi-parametric Model

YongGang Xue
In order to analyse the non-linear characteristics and heterogeneity of influencing factors of university innovation, this paper empirically analyses the non-linear impact of R&D investment on University Innovation by using semi-parametric model based on the University Innovation samples of Guangdong...
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The Phenomenon of Rural “Overthinning” and Its Influence on Rural Governance

Shu Jiang
In the process of urbanization, rural areas, especially in remote mountainous areas, are declining. The loss of labor force caused by “excessive thinning”, the unreasonable utilization of rural resources, the hollowing of left-behind villages shake the stability of grass-roots governance and further...
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The Trend of Grid-Based Urban Grassroots Governance: Influencing Factors, Operational Mechanisms, and Path Choices—A Qualitative Comparative Analysis Based on 15 District-Level Units Across the Country

Longming Shen
Urban grassroots governance, as an important part of the national governance system, has shown different degrees of grid-based trends in China. The promotion of the grid-based management model is driven by traditional administrative forces but also reflects the important influence of regional resource...
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The Interest-Based Communities on Xiaohongshu Recreate the Era of “Tribalization”

Xingjian Hu, Tiannan Jin, Yunjing Lu, Shuyu Zhong
This paper aims to explore how the online interest-based communities on Xiaohongshu reflect the development of the new “tribe” form predicted by McLuhan and how this tribalization contributes to the vitality of the online interest-based communities and the maintenance of healthy content production. Within...
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Research on the Influence Mechanism of Employee Workship Identification Difference on Their Proactive Behavior

Ping Wang, Deyong Zhu, Midru Kidist Amdu, Meng Huang
Based on the Social Cognition Theory, it examined the influence of employee workship identification difference on their proactive behavior under the background of team leadership changed, discussing the mediating effect of face- pressure and the moderating effect of benevolent leadership by collecting...
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Reflection on Multifaceted Inequalities Manifested in Chinese Contemporary Education —A Comparative Analysis from Four Aspects of Policy, Social Class, Region, and Gender

Yuqi Dou
National development and social harmony are inseparable from the progress of education. Every country has attached attention to education because of its irreplaceable importance, all countries, including China, try their best to pursue equality in education. Therefore, educational inequality is one of...
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Silver Influencers on the Rise: How Source Influences and Parasocial Interaction Affect Consumer Purchase Intention

Chuyao Huang, Fei Qiao
Using social media to disseminate audio-visual information, silver influencers have gained a big number of youthful audiences. Live streaming with commodities and advertising placement of videos are the primary commercial channel used by silver influencers while the effect of which has not been studied...
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Research on the Secret of Anti-social Personality Disorder

Yinuo Qiu
Antisocial personality is also known as “moral personality”, “sociopathic personality”, which is a type of personality disorder. In addition to the characteristics of a personality disorder, its most distinctive feature is that the patient frequently engages in behavior that violates social norms. Because...
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The Associated Factors with Chinese Secondary Students’ Educational Expectation: An Explorative Study Based on CEPS (2013–2014)

Hu Teng
Using data from the China Education Panel Survey (CEPS) during the 2013–2014 academic year, this study investigates personal and family-related factors that influence educational expectations. Multiple regression analysis was used to analyze the data in this study. The study found that students’ educational...
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Changes of Anxiety of Middle School Students in Beijing Under the Double Reduction Policy and Countermeasures

Zi Guo
The double reduction policy is an education policy promulgated by the National Institute of Education of China on July 4, 2021, aiming at the reform of schools and extra-curricular classes in order to reduce the pressure on students. The purpose of the research is to understand the specific impact of...
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Research on the Effects of Plurality on Minds

HouKa Chan, Hao Tan, Ruiqi Xiao
According to the study by Fausey et al., language patterns can reflect one facet of cultural diversity across numerous countries. His group’s research focuses on the impact of language in molding individuals’ attentiveness to and recollection of words and phrases that are attributed to a particular meaning....
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Social Media and Teenagers: A Narrative Review in the School Context

Jingyan Song
With the progression of technological era, the development of globalized software become attractive to the majority. In a word, no one could really live without their technological products. This paper examines the relationship between social media and teenagers by analyzing the four implications social...
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The Impact of Distorted Perception on Social Anxiety Disorder and Relevant Cultural Factors

Tongzhou Bai, Wanjing Ding, Huachen Jia
Social anxiety disorder (SAD) is an anxiety disorder that occurs in social situations. Patients with SAD often have trouble with social contact. For example, they may have an extreme fear of talking with others and worry about being noticed. The symptoms of SAD usually last for a long period. Specifically,...
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Research on New Fuel Vehicles and Its Development Status in China

Yuxuan Chen
In recent years, the new fuel vehicle industry has become the focus of the world, and hybrid electric vehicle, as one of the most important directions of the development of the new automobile industry, has received unprecedented attention. China’s industrial development is also very rapid. This paper...
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Development and Application of Roof Support of Roadways in Mines

Ke Xu
Underground mining is always the most dangerous industry. The mines’ inside support structures are always the most critical part of studying in order to increase safety. The inside roof support has three main categories: frame stand support, anchor rock bolt support and reserved column support. Each...
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Impact of Expectation on Food Waste

Yue Guan, Bolin Wang
This research believes culture plays a minimum role in contributing to it as we have observed similar behavior across countries. Multiple pieces of research showed that educational campaigns hardly reduce food waste. This paper aims to study individual behavior and expectations as determinants of food...
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Analysis of Difficulties in the Development of China General and Vocational Education—Comparison with Singapore Education Streaming System Diversion Policy

Xi Lu
Singapore is generally regarded as a leader in the practice of the education Streaming System and has achieved a balance between elite education and mass education in its education strategy. Moreover, according to the conditions and characteristics of Singapore, a distinctive and mature education Streaming...
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Policy Transformation of Illegal Use of Information Networks Under the Covid-19 Epidemic

Yixuan Bai
The outbreak of the novel coronavirus epidemic and the measures of last resort confinement had direct and indirect effects on various areas of society, including opportunities for crime in the field and cybercrime, such as whether crime shifted from the physical to the cyber environment as a result of...