Proceedings of the 2013 International Workshop on Computer Science in Sports

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The Influence of Motivation on Ego Depletion in College Athletes

Lihong Sun
The negative effects of ego-depletion may cause the reduction of effort and performance of consecutive task, it’s important for college student to develop coping method to counteract ego-depletion and minimize the negative effects. Present research, based on former research, investigate the influence...
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The Research of Relationship Between BMI Classification and Physical Function of Male College Students

Gaohua Li
This paper explored the effects of body mass index classification and college students’ physical function index in a study of the 1364 male students Henan university of agriculture subjects were divided into 4 groups. The result showed that the variation on physical fitness indicators among the different...
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Changes in Body Composition of Students after 16 Weeks Tennis Training

Xiaole Shen
Body composition in 15 healthy students in which participated the 4th Henan university Tennis championships was determined with bioelectrical impedance (BI) method. After 16 weeks training, Results showed that their body composition was improved significantly: reduce their body mass, body fat content,...
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Analysis of Team Construction of Sport Management Talents in the “Twelfth Five-year” Plan

Yangang Liao, Hengchan Yin
Sports management talents play an important supporting role in promoting sport cause achieving new development so as to construct a world sports power during the“Twelfth Five-year”period. The article analyzes the overall situation of current sport management talents construction, discusses the existing...
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The Sport Quality Indicator Weight Research of Taekwondo Athletes Based On Principal Component Analysis

Zhiming Qin, Yuhong Cui, Huahei Jiang
This paper filters out the sport quality evaluation indicators of taekwondo athletes’ special physical stamina through the questionnaire and mathematical statistics method and finally determines the specific evaluation indicator to measure Taekwondo special physical stamina through the process of mathematical...
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Risk Assessment of Hip-Hop Dance and Cheerleading Athlete’s Daily Training Based on FMEA

Yu Liu, Hai Sun, Wei Sun
This paper carried out hip-hop and Cheerleading risk survey, classification and analysis for professional college athletes. Firstly, the risk factors and injuries in daily training are studied statistically based on questionnaire; then according to the former data, the potential risk factors are analyzed,...
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On the Cultivation of Innovative Sports Talents of Diligence and Wisdom——The Speed Evaluation on Laoyi the 100m Champion of 2010 Guangzhou Asian Games

Meifang Zhou, Qilian Cheng
Lao Yi, a student of Jiangxi normal university sports institute, born in hepu county of Guangxi province, is the champions of the events 100 meters and 4 by 100 meters relay in the Asian games held in Guangzhou 2010. In this paper, the human body structure of the elite sprinters in the world and the...
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The Lip Position Analysis of the Main Consonant /w/ in Tibetan Xiahe Dialect

Dongxu Zhang, Hongzhi Yu, Ning Ma
Tibetan belongs to the main branch of Tibetan branch of the sino-tibetan language family .In China,Tibetan can be divided into Weizang Kang and Amdo dialect branch. Xiahe dialect, which belongs to Tibetan Amdo dialect, is a typical language without tones. In its phoneme system,there exists consonant...
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A Comparative Study of Mongolian Folk Songs Based on the Breathing Signals of Physiological Mechanism

Hongzhi Yu, Xuan Liu, Yanhua Duan
Through capturing the speech, chest and belly physiological signals of Mongolian folk short The song of Wining and Mongolian folk long Rich and vast la shan , this article designed and extracted related acoustic and physiological parameters. Taking breath cycle as an unit, this paper has analyzed chest...
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The Research on Mandarin Chinese Consonants from Perspective of EPG

Yanhua Duan, Dongxu Zhang
This paper aims at analyzing the contact between tongue and hard palate during production of Mandarin Chinese consonants by means of Electropalatograph (EPG). Their tongue characteristics of onset are obtained: plosives have tongue-palate contact mainly in anterior, and completely block involve more...
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The Research on Articulation Places of Mandarin Chinese Consonants from Perspective of EPG

Hongzhi Yu, Yanhua Duan, Xuan Liu
This paper aims at drawing and analyzing the Articulation Places during production of Mandarin Chinese consonants by means of Electropalatography (EPG). Their tongue characteristics of onset are obtained: the articulation places of plosives are latter than the same manner of place of affricates, and...
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The Research on Uighur by Means of Electropalatograph

Binu Kaili, Yanhua Duan, Yanhua Mei
This paper aims at analyzing the conarticulation in Uyghur VC syllable by means of Electropalatograph (EPG). The economy principle in speech production can be easy to trace by means of EPG. The tongue characteristics of the same consonant after different kinds of vowels are different from each other....
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Ontology-Based Personalized Dietary Recommendation for Weightlifting

Piyaporn Tumnark, Leandro Oliveira, Nonchai Santibutr
As pointed at LIVESTRONG.COM, Olympic weightlifters are quite possibly the strongest and most skilled lifters on earth. The ability to put nearly 300 kg over head or clean and jerk three times their bodyweight is feat of strength unmatched in other sports. While this takes years of dedicated training,...
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The Analysis of Teaching Methods of University

Yanni Zhao
In the current higher education reform, the innovation of teaching methods is essential and the task is very arduous. Teaching methods require changes in teaching philosophy to make the necessary reforms. International teaching philosophy, combined with the actual situation of higher education in our...
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Reflection on Development Process of Chinese Golf

Xueyun Shao
Methods of historical, investigation and literature were used in this paper. Four periods were marked off in the China’s golf development process then followed by positive summary and reflection. It not only enriches the research content of the development history of golf in China, but also has a positive...
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The Path of the Construction of Sports Culture of Higher Vocational Education Characteristics and Vehicle Design

Xiaoyan Yang
Because the campus culture can have a extremely important impact on the whole school education, as an important part of campus culture, campus sports culture can play an important role in cultivating students' quality and development of school sports, corresponding to the higher vocational education...
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Research of the Contextual Interference and Augmented Feedback on Golf Putting Skills

Lifei Han, Jing Rong
This research is to discuss the effect of contextual interference and augmented feedback applied in improving golf putter skills by using literature materials, experimental research method, comparative research method and mathematical statistic, etc. It adopts the practice methods and feedback ways adapted...
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Survey into the Curricular Reform of “Sports and Health” and Its Implementation Status--Citing as an Example Five High Schools in Mianyang city in Sichuan Province of China

Zhihui Jing, Xiaowei Liu
This paper cites as an example five representative schools in Miangyang city in Sichuan province of China, namely, Mianyang Middle School, Mianyang Nanshan Middle School, Mianyang Puming Middle School, Mianyang No.1 Middle School and Mianyang Experimental High School. Literature review, questionnaire...
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The Challenges, Opportunities and Countermeasures of Golf Clubs in China

Jing Rong, Lifei Han, Wei Song
This paper analyzed the challenges and opportunities faced by Chinese golf clubs in their current management and development, presenting countermeasures to take challenges, seize opportunities and seek development. After being researched by literature, analogical reasoning, expert interview and field...
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Several Theoretical Problems about the Traditional Sports Industry of Minority Nationalities in China

Zhihui Jing, Xiaowei Liu
The traditional sports industry of minority nationalities refer to the collection of industries that turn the products and labor service of the traditional sports of minority nationalities into production, exchange, consumption and service so as to develop the culture of the traditional sports of minority...
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The Study on University “Highly Educated High Professional Titles” Teacher Joining Party Way in New Period

Guohua Ge
Pay attention to the development of high education, high titles of intellectuals into the party is the Party Construction in the new century and the new task, it is to carry out the spirit of the 17th Party Congress, implement the scientific outlook on development needs. Play double personnel advantages,...
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The Research of the Application of Pressure Teaching Method in Tennis Serving Teaching

Yuanhai Liu, Gui Guan, Gang Yang, Milan Guo
On the basis of analyzing the influencing factors of tennis serving,we adopt research methods like literature ,questionnaire ,experimental and mathematical statistics and conduct a contrast experiment of pressure teaching method and traditional teaching method .The results from the study found...
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Research on Constraints and Countermeasures for the Development of Outdoor Sports Tourism in Hubei Province

Lun Li, Shisi Zou
This paper analyzes the constraints and countermeasures for the development of outdoor sports tourism industry in Hubei province by using literature method and expert interview method, with the aim to supply guidance for the fast development of outdoor sports tourism in Hubei province. Constraints: unclearness...
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Problems and Countermeasures of China's Sports Industry Research

Baodong Yan, Ying Yu
After years of development, China's sports industry has the potential to become a new economic growth point, in this paper, through the analysis of present situation of the sports industry is facing problems and limiting factors of the sports industry and from the Angle of theory and practice, put forward...
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The Experimental Study of Teaching games for Understanding in College Football Teaching

Chengwei Yang, Peng Lu
In order to deepen the reform of physical education courses in colleges and universities, improve the teaching quality and effect of ball course in college, and introduce the "understanding teaching method" into football teaching. It has indicated that understanding method of teaching theory is accord...
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Research on Emotional Adjustment Effect of Sports Game on the Primary and Middle School Students

Hong Zhang, Jianrong Zhang
Objectives: To discuss on the effects of emotion regulation on primary and middle school students with sports games. Methods: 12 schools' test Action Emotional Stability Test in the detection result is emotionally unstable 98 middle school students as research subjects, which were intervened for 60 days...
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Research on How 24 Weeks of Taijiquan Exercises Affect the Elderly People's Peripheral Blood T Lymphocyte Subgroups and NK Cells

Yanqun Wang
Aims: The research discusses how Taijiquan exercises affect human peripheral Blood T lymphocyte subgroups and NK cells. Methods: Firstly, select 100 elderly citizens, excluding those who have a long exercise history and those who suffer serious organic diseases. Among these 100 subjects, 30 are males...
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Athlete’s Psychological Barriers in Competition Cause Analysis and Countermeasures Research

Yang Li
During competition athlete's mental state play an important role in the normal level of play. Comprehensive analysis of psychological obstacle phenomena and the causes according to actual situation of athletes psychological barriers in competition. Summary and conclusion the subjective and objective...
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Research on Training Status and Countermeasure of Strength and Conditioning Coaches in China

Yan Li, Huanbin Zhao
In this paper, the present situation of strength and conditioning coaches in China and the training status of domestic and overseas strength and conditioning coaches are analyzed, it is found that there are many problems about the training for strength and conditioning coaches, such as the insufficient...
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Overall Optimization Research on Curriculum System and Teaching Contents Oriented with Competence-based Golf Management

Yan Li
The access of Golf to the Olympic Games provides an opportunity for the development of Golf in China, how to distinguish the curriculum setting and contents oriented with Golf management with the directions of other majors and fully reflect the occupation, application and technical characteristics is...
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Necessity of Professional Access to Strength and Conditioning Coaches in China

Yan Li
From the emergence, development and demand situation of the strength and conditioning coaches at home and abroad, the necessity of professional access to strength and conditioning coaches is analyzed from five aspects as below: it can solve the specialized and professional training of the strength and...
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Research on Current Situation of Rural Sports Public Service in Hebei Province

Yan Li
This paper starts from the development and existing problems of the rural sports public system in our province, and analyzes the construction of the rural public service system in our province, summarizes the existing problems and deficiencies of the rural public service system construction in our province,...
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Research on Building Physical Education Evaluation Mechanism in Independent Colleges

Yang Cheng
Physical education evaluation mechanism is an important component of physical education and teaching in independent colleges. By applying literatures, expert interviews and other methods, the author conducted an analytical research on the physical education evaluation mechanism in independent colleges,...
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Strategic Research on Staff Sports in Hebei Province and the Powerful Province in Sports as Well as Development of National Fitness-North China Pharmaceutical Group is Taken as an Example for The Large State-Owned Pharmaceutical Corporation

Yan Li, Rong He
Through the documentation method, interview method and questionnaire survey, the staff-sport current situation of North China Pharmaceutical Group is investigated; the management system, current situation and the existing shortcomings can be found; according to the current situation and the existing...
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Research on the Immediate Effect of “Health Qigong •Baduanjin”

Hai’ou Wang
Aims: This research discusses the immediate effect of Health Qigong • Baduanjin. Methods: 60 citizens in middle and old age, who have a good master of the way doing Baduanjin exercises will receive immediate physiological index tests after taking exercises. Results: Immediate systolic pressure and pulse...
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Research on the Index System of Specific Physical Fitness of College Women’s 5000m Athletes in Hebei Province

Jingtao Du
This article commences from the point of view of physical training, it determines the typical specific physical fitness index which affects Hebei Province’s College Women’s 5000m athletes’ athletic performance through the integrated use of literature, survey method, factor analysis, gray correlation...
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Innovating the Launch Mode of Sunshine Sports & Improving Students’ Practice Abilities on PE—— A Case Study of Yan’an University

You zhi Zong, Shan wu Mou
In order to launch intensively the nationwide movement of Sunshine Sports among millions of students, drawing teenage students to play on the playground, in the nature and under sunshine, this research is set with the background of three-combination mode of “integration of the class inside and outside”...
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Brief Investigation on Inheritance of Sports Intangible Cultural Heritage about the New Curriculum Reform in Physical Education

Xiangdong Liu, Xueda Yang
Sports intangible cultural heritage is not only the foundation of modern national sports culture, but also to enrich and contribute every nation to the world culture. Accelerating the protection of intangible culture helps to enrich sports intangible cultural heritage further. School physical education...
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Try to Talk about the School Sports Teaching Research on the Effects of Environment on the Quality of Teaching

Xueda Yang
With the advancement of China's school education reform, the teaching quality has once again become a hot topic of modern teaching. As part of the lifelong education system of school physical education is to promote students' physical constitution also enhance and improve the further reform. Physical...
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The Development Trend of School Sports in China from the Teaching Goal of the Previous Primary and Middle School Sports

Youzhi Zong, Shanwu Mou
Physical education (PE for short) is a basic organization form of school sports, and one of the important ways to realize the teaching goal of school sports. Therefore, the establishment of the teaching goal of school sports restricts directly the success or failure of PE, and also influences the realization...
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The Design of Disturbances Rejection Controller for Decoupling Internal Model Control System of Non-Square Processes

Guanfei Shan, Qi Wang
disturbances rejection controller for non-square processes is proposed in this paper. The method design different disturbance controllers by choosing different forms of external input/output disturbance, such as step disturbance, dynamic disturbance. Especially when it comes to input disturbance controller...
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The Business Model Discussion of Shopping Rebate Network

Chunpeng Li
This article delve into the shopping rebate network business model from three aspects, including mode of operation, trends and profit model. Shopping rebate network build Taobao Open Platform B2C and third-party shopping guide website Affiliate rebate site. Users can go through the shopping rebate network...
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The Micro-Blog Marketing Application Research in Taobao Shop

Chunpeng Li, Danjing Lin
Since 2010, the micro-blog as a new interactive platform is being more and more people of all ages. Many Taobao businesses use microblogging marketing to interact with consumers, promote their Taobao shop, selling their Taobao commodity. This paper describes the definition and a characteristic of microblogging...
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Construction of China's Agricultural Virtual Logistics Information Service Platform

Hanbin Wang, Meiqin Liu
Most of the agricultural products in China logistics enterprises still adopt the traditional business model. The efficiency of Logistics operation is low and agricultural loss is large. It is difficult to adapt to the need of modern market economy. So logistics enterprises urgently need to implement...
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Internet of Things Technology-Based Manufacturing Inventory Management

Hanbin Wang, Xiaoxia Chen
As the emerging information network, more and more attention are paid to the internet of Things technology. For the application in the field of logistics, tracking of goods and information traceability provides advanced technical support. In recent years, China's manufacturing industry rise rapidly,...
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The Construction of Quanzhou Textile and Garment Detection Public Services Platform

Yinyin Wang
This paper focuses on Quanzhou textile and garment industry development requirements. Integration of talent, technology and other resources, the establishment of textile and garment inspection of public services-based, extend to the FCL, AATCC, ASTM, SCD, such as training services, laboratory construction...
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Quanzhou Agricultural E-Commerce Platform Based on O2O Modes

Wenchang Hong
The agricultural O2O core business model is agricultural products manufacturing enterprises through the use of modern computer IT and e-commerce technology for partners. It can provide a convenient business collaboration e-commerce platform to complete complex business collaboration. So that the upstream...
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Extracting Accident Event Aviso Rules by Soft Computing Techniques in the Healthcare Industry

You Shyang Chen
The hospitalized safety environment of patients is a priority-concerned by the healthcare services for ensuring patient safety and healthcare quality during inpatient admission in hospitals. Particularly, the applications of accident event aviso system (AEAS) and knowledge discovery for identifying accident...
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Research on CCD Image Feature Extraction Algorithm Based on MATLAB

Haixia Li
Based on the combination of 2D mobile platforms and CCD, an automatic control procedure is developed in the programming environment of VC+ + 6.0 system, which can accurately control the location of the collection each time, realizing two modes of functions of saving the image of light intensity distribution...
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Feature Analysis of the Social Media

Hua Hu, Ding Lin
This paper studied the history of social media and the development of social media features. Then it discovered the significant features of social media by applying the information science theory. After that the paper found the relationship between social media features change and technology development....
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A Study on Eye Movement in Reading English and Uyghur Exposition by Uyghur College Students

Hongzhi Yu, Yaqin Zhang, Dongxu Zhang
By the eye movement technique, we use the Eyelink- tracker to record the eye movements of 10 Uyghur college students with different English level. They are asked to read English and Uyghur Exposition. The results showed eye movement indexes in reading Uyghur and English expositions by the Uyghur college...
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An Intelligent Management System for Aquaculture’s Environmental Monitoring and Energy Conservation

Wen Pen Chen, Luke K. Wang, Tsai Ting Wang, Yu Ting Chen
The objective of the proposed system is to construct a highly profitable aqua-farming system, capable of processing the jobs of monitoring, intelligent control of the Internet of thing (IoT), abnormality awareness, and carbon emission reduction as well as energy conservation. While the aqua-farming environments...
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Quality Management of Building Electric Engineering

Xiang Feng, Yanli Guo
In view of the analysis on the common quality problems of building in electrical engineering, this paper describes the reasons which lead to these quality problems. Based on this, from three aspects of technology, personnel and material, this paper put forward to corresponding management measures, in...
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Thinking of High-Rise Buildings Design

Xiang Feng, Yanli Guo
Based on the architectural modeling and technology, this paper use the design principle of high-rise buildings, describes the structure system problen of the high-rise building structure, the structure idea of plane design in high-rise building, and the structure idea of profile design in high-rise building....
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Discussion on Development of Three-Dimensional Cross Fast Break On the Basis of Cross Offense

Wensheng Shi, Shuan Zhang
The often used partial cross tactic has been widely understood by foreign powers at present. The phenomenon frequently occurs when stopped back in the attack, we should say that cross offense is aging. In recent years, some experts advocate new ideas of fast break from the back, therefore, in order to...
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Research and Application of Computer Multimedia Technology in Soccer Pass Tactics Theory Teaching

Wenzhong Li, Yunhua Cao, Changdai Wang
starting from the sports theory course---football theory teaching, this paper studies the application of multi-media, which will pose challenges for the traditional single football teaching and training mode, and become the inevitable trend of future teaching as well as the training reform and development....
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The Transformation of Media Reporters in the Perspective of New Media: from Traditional to Versatile

Jinhui Wu, Jinyong Lee
With the rapid development of information technology and network technology, the quantities and the types of new media have expanded all the time. In addition, the boundary of these media is getting more and more ambiguous, the speed of their integration gets faster and faster and the traditional media...
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The Integration of GPS and GIS in Orienteering Training Monitoring and Control System Based on MapX

Lan Qing
This paper introduced Visual Basic as development platform, integrated GPS and GIS technology to develop the Orienteering training Monitoring and control system based on MapX control component and MSComm control component. This system mainly realizes the athletic field environment parameters setting,...
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The Framework of Chinese Intangible Cultural Heritages Metadata Standards

Peng Ye, Yaolin Zhou
the paper analyzes the requirement of digital protection practices of Chinese intangible cultural heritages. The research bases on the comparative study about metadata standards and semantic analysis to put forward the framework and metadata standards of Chinese intangible cultural heritages. The paper...
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Research on the Evaluation Index System of Sports Information of Colleges and Universities in Beijing

Yuan Zhang, Wenge Yang
Some research shows that there exist problems on the development of sports information of colleges and universities in Beijing. Therefore, it becomes a mission for educational management departments and physical educators of colleges and universities in Beijing on how to scientifically develop and utilize...
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Research on the Construction of China Capital College Sports Network Information Platform

Yuan Zhang, Wenge Yang
This paper adopts expert interview and computer networking login statistical investigation method. Depended on the analysis of the status of network information of capital college, this paper discusses construction of the capital university sports network the information, and puts forward the strategy...
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Research of Mathematical Modeling about Maximal Oxygen Uptake (VO max) Speculation through 3000m Run

Ting Chen, Yimin Zhang, Jingjing Yu
Nowadays, sports sector seldom mentions the method of speculating VO max by 3000m run. In this text, we gather VO max by Metabolic gas analyzer when conducting3000m run and Treadmill exercise, and conduct correlation analysis, difference detection according to relevant indexes. Then, we take VO max as...
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Production and Application about TENNIS FLAT SERVE TEACHING SOFTWARE-Based on the High-Quality Goods Curriculum Platform

Weisong Bu, Kaiqiang Guo
Using CAI technologies to product the tennis flat serve teaching software. It relies on High-quality goods curriculum platform of Jiangxi normal university. It combines with tennis teaching and training theory to solve the key difficult problem in process of the tennis flat serve teaching. Main conclusions:...
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Survey and Analysis of Wushu Sanda Development Status Based on SPSS Statistics

Huabei Jiang, Songshan Zhou, Zhiming Qin
By means of the literature data, interview, questionnaire, mathematical statistics and logic analysis method, this paper gets a comprehensive understanding of the health clubs in Nanjing downtown, including the venue status analysis, operation mode analysis, charge situation analysis, situation analysis...
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Study on the Issues of the Integration of Computer and Networks into College English Teaching

Honggai Cai, Zhe Guo
The paper summarizes the current college English teaching mode researches and practices, that is the integration of computer and networks into college English teaching, in the wake of Ministry of Education issuing college English curriculum, which proposes computer & network and classroom based English...
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Analysis of Knee Joint Motion in Tennis Flat Serve Using Low-Cost Technological Approach

Sgrò F., Mango P., Nicolosi S., Schembri R., Lipoma M.
Tennis serve is a closed-skill motion influenced by the kinematic chain concept. An important role on the final performance is surely linked to the knee joint motion, although only few studies addressed lower-limb influence. In this work we propose a study about the proprioceptive angle size of knee...
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Quantitative Training of American Football Kickers Using Real-Time Sensing and Prediction

Stout Aaron, Biglari Ehren, Kantor Jacob, Meyers Cole, Schaefbauer Alyssa, Yusheng Feng
American football plays a large part in the American culture. During the season, football fans bleed the colors of their favorite team and are extremely enthusiastic about every game. Kicking is a very fundamental and vital part of the game. This paper presents a training system that integrates wireless...
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The Experimental Study on Computer Video Feedback in Tennis Serve Teaching Effect

Zhenkun Zheng
Through the experimental comparison of 33% computer video feedback and 33% language feedback in the effect of tennis serve teaching , we found that 33% computer video feedback group was better than 33% language feedback group and the control group without feedback.. The analysis shows that computer video...
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Grey Correlation Analysis of Decathlon Achievement of the World Elite Athletes Ashton James Eaton

Changmei Huang, Yang He
Using the methods of mathematical statistics and correlation analysis and grey correlation analysis, the paper studied on multi-level grey correlation analysis of Olympic champion Ashton James Eaton achievement. The results reveal the relationship of total result and event-groups, event-group and individual...
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Application of Vibration Testing Technology in Table Tennis Ball Land Point Location

Meiling Cui, Jian Zhang
Statistics is very important for table tennis (TT) players, coaches, referees, even TT fans. But now it is an extravagant hope because there hadn't been any statistics for a TT match. The basic elements of TT is strength, speed, spinning and landing point. In order to implement the TT landing point location,...
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Construction of the Olympic Games Visual System Model

Dong Yu
Nowadays, the Olympic Games is the most charming social cultural phenomena, one mainly reason is that it creates the distinctive and unique Olympic visual effectiveness. The Olympic visual effectiveness is the representation of the content of the Olympic Games, the inheritance and development of the...
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Risk Analysis and Research on Early-Warning System of Sport under High Temperature and High Humidity Environment

Dongqing Gao
High temperature and high humidity is an unavoidable environmental condition of sports training and exercise. Recognizing the risk under high temperature and high humidity environment will help avoid the risk of sports injury accident under such environment. This paper through the literature analysis,...
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Multi-dimensional Characteristics Analysis of Decathlon Champion Achievement of Modern Olympic Game

Changmei Huang, Weihua Shen
Using the methods of literature material, expert interview, quantity statistics and grey correlation analysis, the paper has carried on the multiple perspectives and multi-level grey correlation analysis of Olympic men's decathlon champion achievement. The results reveal the relationship of total result...
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Analysis of IT Applications in Sport

Caifeng Hu, Dan Li
This paper mainly through the literature material and on-the-spot investigation method brought by information technology in sports use effect. In this study, we mainly from the school sports, competitive sports and leisure sports three aspects analyze the beneficial effects of information technology....
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Research and Implementation of Virtual Building Roamming System Based on VRML

Lin Zhang
Research and implementation of virtual building roaming is a new technology rised recently.It can use 3D modeling tools, VRML tools and X3D browser software to complete the roamming system.This paper introduces the development method,technology and process,and takes the Fragrant Hill Park for example,...