Proceedings of the 2018 International Conference on Management, Economics, Education, Arts and Humanities (MEEAH 2018)

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A Parachuting Landing Action Capture System with Binocular Camera Based on Computer Vision

Wen-Jing Guo, Yong-Bo Yang, Hong-Tao Jang, Yong-Ren Chen, Lu Wang, Lei Fang
Human motion capture is widely applied in engineering bionics, ergonomics, aerospace, military defense, biomedical, sports competition and other fields. However, the human motion capture equipments are less developed in China. This paper presents a human motion capture system based on computer vision...
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Analysis and Evaluation of the Beijing Metro Project Financing Reforms

Haibin Zhao, Bingjie Ren, Ting Wang
The construction and operation of a metro system are costly, and the sustainable development of a metro system is difficult using government funding alone, particularly for developing countries. The main source for metro system financing in China is, currently, government budget and bank debt. Many cities...
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The Design Representation of Image Modeling Illustrations of the legend of Xibe Nationality

Dong Yan
Relying on image design, illustration, modeling, symbiosis, space and time, system integration, as well as sone other design concepts, the image of the Xibe Nationality legends has been shaped to improve the promotion and dissemination of Xibe's regional visual symbols. Through the analysis of heroic...
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Abscisic Acid Affects Strawberry Fruit Quality

Fan Mo, Cong Ge, Yanling Li, Hao-Ru Tang, Qing Chen, Bo Sun, Yong Zhang, Ya Luo
Strawberry is a popular fruit with high visual appeal and a desirable taste[1].that is also rich in vitamins, anthocyanins, flavonoids, and polyphenolics [2,3]. In China, the strawberry harvest season ranges from October to May. Normally, a cultivar that produced fruit before the Spring Festival is called...
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Research on the manufacturing process oriented customer satisfaction evaluation

Qing Liu, Gang Huang, Shanshan Yu
This paper presents a method to measure the manufacturing process oriented customer satisfaction. The method combines AHP and fuzzy neutral network, firstly, the paper defines the concept of Complete Manufacturing Process as foundation of the method, and constructs customer satisfaction indicator system,...
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Application of Cooperative Learning in College English Classes to Enhance the Students’ Learning Initiative

Chunjie Hou, Chuanmu Li
Nowadays, the concept of cooperative learning is the major trends in education. The instructional methods for improving the quality of classes centered on group learning will be examined through the viewpoint of cooperative learning. First, we will provide a summary of the theory and techniques of cooperative...
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The Research of E-government on Big Data in China

Wei Lu
E-government is a useful way to facilitate the daily administration of government in order to deliver services and engage people in decision-making processes. In this paper, according to the situation of Chinese e-government ,the author analyzes the main role and development of Chinese e-government and...
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Research on the efficiency of Mongolian large and medium commercial banks

Zhanxin Ma, Batbaatar Altantuya
In recent years, Mongolian commercial banks have overcome many difficulties and developed rapidly, the commercial bank’s overall operating efficiency is not high, and their efficiency is decreasing. Therefore, this paper first establishes the evaluation index system of Mongolian commercial banks. Then,...
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Analysis and Reflection on the Relationship Between the Vision of Embodied Cognitive and VR Educational Games

Ling He, Qian Shen, Rui Li
This paper summarizes the research background, research problems and research status of VR educational games and embodied cognition. It also analyzes the relationship between VR educational games and embodied cognition theory -- experiential learning from the perspective of body. The literature analysis...
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Practical Examination and Reasonable Reconstruction of Realizing the Application Fee of Security Interest Cases

Linqi Li
In the realization of security interest cases, the application fee is closely related to the interest of the applicant. There is a lack of explicit stipulations about whether the application fee is charged and how to charge it in law and related judicial interpretations, which leads to the confusion...
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Studies on the evaluation of sustainable competitiveness of listed commercial banks in China

Hong Lei, Tian-Hang Tao, Xiao-Jia Chen
This paper establishes the evaluation index system of commercial bank sustainable competitiveness, Then selects the relevant data and uses factor analysis to evaluate the sustainable competitiveness of listed commercial banks, according to the research results, the suggestions is put forward on improving...
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Warship Combat Mission Profile Model

Lei Wang, Zhansheng Shen, Jia Qian
In view of the ship-borne weapons and equipment carries out the need of combat mission under the condition of high and new technology, in order to clarify the relationship between the factors influencing the weapon equipment operational effectiveness, depict the whole operational process in detail, established...
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On How to Enhance the Integration of the Innovative Spirit in Science and Technology Museum

Yu-Chen Xi, Xin-Xiong Liu, Jie-Qiong Hang
The science and technology museum should give full play to its own advantages and strengthen the cultivation of the innovative spirit of the audience while popularizing scientific knowledge. The paper discusses on how the science and technology museum can enhance the integration of the innovative spirit...
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The Inspiration of Hongqiao Traffic Hub to the Planning of Cruise Ship Home

Wenbai Liu, Qifei Fang, Zhouxiang Wu
The rapid development of the cruise industry, as a new type of vehicle is also a tourism product, its planning and operation and management of the existing system made a huge challenge, and Hongqiao transport hub planning in the country is at the forefront of the same Transportation hub。The same as the...
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An Empirical Analysis of Economic Growth in Hubei Province Promoted by Economic Openness Based on Three-phase DEA Model

Zhaoyang Wang
This paper selected 12 major cities in Hubei as the research object and used the three-stage data envelopment analysis method to study the role of economic opening in promoting the quality of economic growth. The study results show that economic opening has a great impact on the economic growth quality...
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Research on the Efficiency of Universities Technology Transfer in Shaanxi

Jie Duan, Xinwei Fu, Hailin Bai
Shaanxi province is a big province of education in China. It has rich science and technology resources.And its technology output level is very high. However, the efficiency of technology transfer is very low. This paper first studies the present situation of Shaanxi province university technology transfer...
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Constructing Xi’an International Freight Hub of Silk Road Economic Belt

Ling-Bing Han, Guo-Ling Jia
The Xi'an freight hub node and operation status are sorted out. With the purpose of breaking through the existing limitations and adapt to the development needs of the Silk Road Economic Belt, the paper proposes a Xi'an international freight transportation hub with "one center + two carriers + four channels"....
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Study on the System of Smart Education in Universities

Zhifeng Hu
The organic integration of educational communication, teaching and scientific research, learning activities, educational administration and campus infrastructure can be achieved through the smart education system to support the university construction, including holographic network environment, cloud...
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On private data of legal & technological protection in machine intelligence era

Ningxian Zhu
In machine intelligence era, data value is derived from its free and shared. All behaviors of people can be automatically collected, quantified and coded by machines. Data is not only a kind of resource, but also a tool. People can translate them into insight and implementation. But if not used properly,...
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Teaching innovation and exploration of the core course construction for postgraduates of electromechanical system dynamics

Qiao-Yi Wang, Yuan Zhu, Shan Guo
Electromechanical system dynamics is a specialized course for postgraduates with a close combination with basic theory and practice. It is a interdisciplinary subject of mechanism and mechanical engineering, containing the high abstraction and rigorous science of the basic theory and the universality...
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Research and practice of Flipped Classroom based on Rain Classroom under the background of big data

Qunxiang Ren, Jun Zhang, Lili Sui
The purpose is to construct a Flipped Classroom teaching mode based on Rain Classroom and explore the application effect of this model. Firstly, the Flipped Classroom teaching mode based on the Rain Classroom was constructed. Then, 60 undergraduate students of the medical examination technology of a...
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Research on Investment Efficiency of Environmental Protection Resources of Chemical Enterprises Based on Audit Information

En-Zhu Li, Guan-Nan Li, Yu-Jie Xue
There are many environmental pollution factors in the production process of chemical enterprises. Environmental protection is a prerequisite for normal production in the entire chemical industry, and a large amount of resources should be put into environmental protection for preventing environmental...
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Research on the Relationship of China's Regional Credit Expansion, FDI and Environmental Pollution

Lin Sun
Industrial SO2 and industrial wastewater were selected as the main environmental pollution indicators. Based on the spatial correlation of the environmental pollution, the spatial dynamic panel data models were constructed to study the impact of credit expansion and foreign direct investment (FDI) on...
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The Characteristics and Trends of the development of Chinese Freight Transport at the Background of New Normal

Yanhong Li, Xianguang Wang, Dong Yang
Chinese economic development has arrived into the fast lane after the reform, The growth rate has changed from high to medium high. The economic structure has been optimized and upgraded. And the growth pattern has transferred from investment-driven to innovation-driven. This paper, from the perspective...
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The Symmetrical Beauty and Its Cultural Connotation of Lingnan Architecture

Chunjiao Chen, Jingwu Zuo
The symmetry is a remarkable aesthetic characteristic in the traditional Lingnan architecture. The connection between the symmetrical beauty and aesthetical principles like proportion, composition, balance, order, unity, harmony and rhythm is emphasized. Through analyzing the composition, proportion,...
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The Aesthetic Generality between Chinese Architecture and Chinese Opera

Meng Li
Chinese architecture and Chinese opera both enjoy a long history and reveal the Chinese cultural spirit. This study aims to investigate the generality between Chinese architecture and Chinese opera and therefore to enrich the architectural theory as well as to improve the architectural practice. Chinese...
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Urban Public Space Design Emotional Expression Based on Landscape Archetypes Theory

Qiyan Xing, Lichao Chen
City public space is the window to demonstrate the characteristics of cities. There is much public space in people’s daily life because of the increasing need of living and communication. However, the rapid construction of urbanization results in the inaccurate transmission of city culture and spirit...
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Correlation of Attributes in Random Decision Information Systems and Its Application to Attributes Reduction

Xia Wu, Jialu Zhang, Jiming Zhong
The conditional information entropy of a condition attributes set with respect to another condition attributes set is defined in a random decision information system, by using the conditional information entropy the correlation of a conditional attributes set relative to another condition attributes...
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Development of Homework Evaluation Assistant System for PHP Programming Teaching

Buye Lou
This paper introduces the development of the homework evaluation assistant system for PHP programming teaching. The role of the system is to facilitate teachers to evaluate the homework (i.e. some web pages or websites) done by students. The system consists of supporting subsystem, homework stub subsystem...
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New Operational Types of the Transportation Industry and the Countermeasures for Regulating them

Yan-Xia Li, Zhi-Hua Ding
At present, it is urgent to study how to regulate new operational types of the transportation industry such as “Internet+Transportation”, autonomous driving and UAVs well in China, with the application of new technologies such as “Internet+”, artificial intelligence and big data. The development of such...
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Research and Development of University Physical Education Cloud Platform Management System Based on Big Data Analysis

Bin Zhang, Bin Fang, Jianwei Yin, Xiangyang Yu
Traditional university physical education (P.E.) will face new challenges and get new development opportunities in the context of the Internet and big data. In this way, it is necessary to establish practical and effective countermeasures. Therefore, we develop a cloud platform management system for...
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Research Review and Prospect on Management Innovation Performance

Libo Liu, Qiang Sun
Based on the literature review on the research progress of management innovation (MI) theory, the study concludes the existing literatures into four interrelated perspectives, including organizational learning (OL), knowledge management (KM), dynamic capabilities (DC) and external environment (EE) of...
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A Research Evaluating Family Farm Development in Guangdong

Guoming Du, Shanshan Li, Renjie Zheng, Jinpei Du
The degree of development of agricultural modernization in Guangdong Province is in the front row in China. The relatively developed agricultural economy of the province has resulted in management styles similar to running a family farm. These management styles have already existed for a long time. Some...
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Comparative Analysis of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education Curriculum System in Chinese and American Universities

Dan Zhang
In term of university innovation and entrepreneurship education, China started late, the curriculum system is not complete yet, while the United States has developed into a world leading position, and its successful experience is worth learning.This paper summarizes its characteristics by studying the...
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Risk management analysis of network loan platform

Dan Zhang
Network loan platform has become the main mode of Internet finance, it provides its capital suppliers and demanders with convenient and efficient financing channels, but also advances the vigorous development of the financial industry. In this paper, there is analysis of risk of network loan platform...
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The impact of the heterogeneity of the learning goal orientation between technology leaders and subordinates on feedback environment

Zhenxing Gong, Di Xin, Xia Song
For analyzing the interaction of technology leader and subordinate’ s learning goal-orientation on supervisor feedback environment, hierarchical regression analysis of a sample of 305 supervisor-employee dyads. The results indicate that feedback environment is moderated by subordinate learning goal orientation....
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The interactive platform of Xiaozhi robot for college students' innovative skills training

Gen-Yong Huang
This paper mainly discusses how to use the self-developed Xiaozhi robot platform to improve the innovation consciousness and innovative skills of engineering students . Mainly including how to study into practice, intuitive graphical interface software of C language application to robot control, and...
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Analysis and Consideration of Construction Project Management Course

Yunxia Jiang
Improving the teaching effect of construction project management course and ensuring students to master more project management knowledge in limited time is an important thing in the teaching reform of engineering management specialty.In this paper, the characteristics of construction project management...
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Research on the Investment Operation Mode of Garden Energy Internet

Jin Xu
As a breakthrough in the energy industry revolution, energy internet has received much attention from the state. Studying and formulating the energy internet operation and management model is an important means to accelerate the development of energy internet. Combined with the characteristics of the...
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Fintech, Green Finance and Sustainable Development

Tao Cen, Renke He
Implementing sustainable development face serious challenges. Bond issuance is insufficient for developing environmentally friendly industry. Fintech promotes both green finance and sustainable development, and has redefined financial service and the ways of pricing. Fintech itself is green, and supports...