Proceedings of the 2016 3rd International Conference on Management, Education Technology and Sports Science (METSS 2016)

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The Research on the Online Tutoring Based on the Teaching Team of Public English of the National Open University in China

Li Cao
Online education, as a new form of educational innovation, is spreading rapidly around the world. Based on the research of Public English online tutoring design and practice by the teaching team, the paper discusses the implementation and evaluation of the online tutoring of Public English. It showed...
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Development Tactics for Farmer Specialized Cooperative in New Period

Manlin Zhang
Farmer specialized cooperative is the effective way to realize small farmers docking big market and improve the degree of organization of farmers, which has become the transformation of traditional agriculture to modern agriculture and to solve the problem of "three rural issues". Although farmer specialized...
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Social Pragmatic Failure and Its Enlightenments to the Japanese Teaching

Yajie Zhang
Social pragmatic failure is the main cause of the failure of intercultural communication due to the different perceptions of the different cultures in different cultures. The social system of China and Japan is different, the cultural background is different, and hence the pragmatic failure is unavoidable...
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Improving Strategies on College English Listening Teaching

Yan Liu
Listening is an important skill in language learning. Mastering English listening is not only the purpose of learning English, but also an important means to improve one's own quality and expand foreign exchange. Most students' English listening lags behind the level of reading and writing, and it is...
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Construction of English Learning Portfolio System

Chunhua Cui
Nowadays, English has become an important subject of entrance examination for students, English directly decides the success or failure of the entrance examination. In order to facilitate the students for a long period of time to save English learning materials, notes, test results and other relevant...
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Design of Instant Communication Software based on Socket

Lina Gao
Instant communication refers to the Internet for real-time communication system services, allow multiplayer real-time text message, documentation, such as voice and video information flow. In this paper, based on the Socket technology research, provide solution for enterprise instant communication software...
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Application of Parallel Computing to Obtain all Real Solutions of a High Degree Univariate Polynomial Equation

Liying Wang
The efficient method, which combines the advantages of parallel computing and golden section, is put forward to solve a high degree univariate polynomial equation. This method can be used to overcome the shortcomings of common methods, which need to good initial values and may omit part of real solutions....
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Curriculum Teaching of English and American Literature under the Guidance of Constructivism Theory

Xiuye Zeng
British and American literature teaching core task is to help students master the basic knowledge of English and American literature, and strengthen their understanding and appreciation of British and American literature, improve the students found the problem, the ability to analyze and solve problems,...
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Database Design of Security CT Center After-sales Service System Based on MYSQL

Yongchang Ren, Yongzhe Ma
After-sales service is an important means to assure the quality of products, adopting after-sales service system can enhance service quality and work efficiency, further increase customer satisfaction. In view of the difficult problems in the development of after-sales service system, this paper uses...
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Community Music Education on the Background of Constructing Harmonious Community

Ling Xu
Building a harmonious community is an important part for building a harmonious society, and strives to build social life community that with orderly management, improving service, beautiful environment, good security, convenience, harmonious interpersonal and the harmonious social groups. As a part of...
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Design on Micro Video English Teaching Resources Platform

Peng Zhang, Xiuli Gou
Micro video resources applied in English teaching, English teaching conforms to the development direction of modern education technology. In order to promote the micro video teaching resources in English teaching, the application of resource management platform is designed. Design content includes four...
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Design on Office Automation System based on Domino/Notes

Lijun Wang, Jiahui Wang
The IBM Lotus Domino/Notes is excellent office electronic collaboration platform, and collaborative platforms, industry leading news IM solution integration with industry leading enterprises, to create a collaborative solution. This paper USES the ideas and methods of software engineering, based on Domino/Notes....
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Improving Ways on Japanese Reading Ability

Xiaohong Tang
Reading ability mainly includes reading abilities, comprehension ability, appreciation ability and transfer application ability. Through reading, can expand the students' knowledge, improve language use ability and information acquisition ability. In view of the current problems, the existence of a single...
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Function Design on Educational Administration Management System

Zhe Li, Hui Ma
Educational administration management system, comply with the development of higher education cause, unified teaching resource management, standardize business processes, reduce labor intensity and enhance the level of teaching management. In view of the difficulties in system development, this article...
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College English Listening Teaching based on Schema Theory

Zhengrong Ma
Schema theory is a theory that cognitive psychologists explain human cognitive psychology process. Listening comprehension is the result of the interaction between the existed knowledge and input information in the listeners' mind, which is the interaction mode of "bottom-up" and "top-down". In the process...
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A Study of College Exam Reform Based on Innovative Talents Training

Yingjie Fu
Deepening college exam reform is of great significance for improving college students' learning enthusiasm, promote their personality development and train innovative talents. College exam system plays a guiding role and determines the direction and quality of talent training. We must boost college exam...
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A Study on Curriculum Evaluation Methods in Higher Education

Yingjie Fu
Course evaluation is an important part of the teaching quality monitor and support system in higher learning institutes. This paper analyzes the current problems associated with course evaluation and discusses the role of course evaluation in the cultivation of talents. Finally some suggestions are put...
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Building of an Innovative Talent Development Model for Agricultural Colleges and Universities

Yingjie Fu
Establishment of a new talent development model is an important topic facing agricultural colleges and universities in the 21st century. Based on analysis of the significance of building an innovative talent development model for agricultural colleges and universities and problems with the current innovative...
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Reflection and Practice of Strengthening Undergraduate Specialty Assessment in Colleges and Universities

Yingjie Fu
It is an important means for colleges and universities to carry out professional assessment in order to enhance the quality of undergraduate education and establish internal teaching quality control in colleges and universities. This paper explains the significance of undergraduate education assessment,...
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Research of University Examination Database Construction Under New Information Environment

Yingjie Fu
The traditional method for university examination database construction can hardly satisfy university teaching reforms and the development of network educational technology. Specific to the current situation of university examination database construction, the paper expounded the necessity of university...
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Influence of Brexit on Economy and Revenue

Zhaozhang Shen, Yijun Bai
Brexit has given rise to the sharp reaction in the financial market, substantial depreciation of the pounds, and the lowering of the British sovereign credit by the major global credit rating agencies. Aiming at the "Black Swan Event" of Brexit, this paper applies comparative analysis, induction, and...
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Study on Departure Tax Refund Scheme for Overseas Tourists in China-- Take Hainan Province as an Example

Yijun Bai, Zhaozhang Shen
With the development of our economy, tourism has become the important pillar of the tertiary industry in our country, overseas tourists shopping drawback system as an important innovation of tax system. For Hainan tourism international popularity, give full play to Hainan's geographical and resource...
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Narrative Strategies of Documentary in New Media Era

Weiliang Zhao
Documentary is a kind of based on the life, has the unique art form of literature value. In the record social change and heritage human civilization plays an irreplaceable role. The emergence of new media, increase the spread of documentary channel. Makes the transmission speed faster, broader and more...
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Research on the development method of course arranging management software based on UML

Guoliang Wang, Xiaoming Huang
Courses arranging management system is designed and developed to solve the school complex courses scheduling, its basic requirement is to realize the semi-automatic or automatic course arrangement, the courses arranged must be reasonable and practical. This article combines RRUP process to introduce...
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A kind of high precision synchronization algorithm for TR - UWB system

Xiaoming Huang, Guoliang Wang
The synchronization is the key problem of UWB system, because the non related systems of TR - UWB (Transmitted Reference Ultra - wide - band) evaded the problem of channel estimation, become a kind of hot technology. This paper put forward a kind of high precision synchronization algorithm, made the...
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Research and practice on the cultivation of innovative and entrepreneurial talents in the applied Undergraduate Electronic Commerce Specialty

Bo Yang
After put forward the call of "public entrepreneurship and mass innovation", set off a new wave of "public entrepreneurship, grassroots entrepreneurship", formed the new situation of "mass innovation, everyone innovation ". This is a new engine of China's economic growth, ushered the golden opportunity...
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A Discussion on Integration of Academic Competence and Ideological Morality of Postgraduates

Yanhui Chen
As China and graduate academic strength and force the military to prepare, have their academic and moral level of direct importance to improve the impact of academic ability, but also is an important part of their sound moral character. It is an issue worthy of attention in cultivation of postgraduates...
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An Exploration and Practice on Improvement of Thesis Quality for Postgraduates in Provincial Agricultural Universities

Yanhui Chen
Dissertation designing is the last and important link for university teaching. How to improve the quality of undergraduates' dissertations is not only a problem that many instructors are making great effort to resolve but also an important content of enhancing the quality of higher education. This paper...
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Graduate Teaching Mode Exploration Based on the Teaching Concept of Flipped Classroom

Yanhui Chen
Flipped classroom is a kind of brand-new teaching organization form generated under the ever-maturing education informatization background. The paper applies it to the teaching process of graduates, and it introduces the feasibility and significance of introducing flipped classroom teaching mode in the...
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Ximeng Wa Muguwu Evolution of Function Analysis

Yuting E
The wa wooden drum dance is one of the most representative types of dance in the Wa, with Ximeng VA historical and cultural development and change, Ximeng wa wooden drum by past the wooden drum worship sacrificial dance in evolution for exhibitions and activities of the performing dance, the function...
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Study on the Influence and Its Role of Online Music Spread on Musical Culture

Rui Pan, Yan Jiang
Online music spread belongs to a new form of musical communication, it refers to the use of computer network information system, to achieve further spread of music. Online music spread to spread music opened up a new channel to make way for the expansion of music spread so that more people enjoy music...
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Study of University Ideological and Political Education under the New Media Background

Linwang Zhou
With the growing development of science and technology, particularly computer and information technology is getting more advanced, to carry out ideological and political education is facing many challenges, but also to the development of college students have created new conditions for university education...
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The Challenges and Selection of Comparative Education Research under the Era of New Media

Xia Yan
With the deepening of the reform era of new media, in a significant widening of comparative education research team to enhance the research subject, but gradually due to cultural homogenization and similar enhancements, resulting in education comparability between various countries also present gradually...
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Study on the Risk and Prevention of Accounting Files Computer Management

Biao Liu
With the current social science and technology innovation and in-depth technology, computer technology in various industries gradually been widely used, accounting computer file management are also beginning to become an important development direction of contemporary society in accounting work. However,...
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Study on the Role of Computers in Teaching Reform of Clothing Performance

Yuemei Gao, Weiwei Li
In the course of performing professional clothing reform, more and more attention to students' comprehensive ability. However, the traditional teaching fashion show there are some limitations, but will use the computer in the teaching can make up for its shortcomings, lively and dynamic, characterized...
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Review of Traditional Economic History Research Methods

Jiawen Zhang
For decades, this young discipline Economic History has experienced the difficult founding phase, and gradually has its flourished prospect. Although the political history of Ancient China is still slightly inferior compared with ideological or cultural history, China society seems to have encountered...
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Flipped classroom teaching mode in college English education based on constructivism

Huimin Zhao
Currently, college English teaching still stays in the traditional teaching mode. The English learning ability as well as the comprehensive application ability of students is very poor. The teaching mode remains still teacher-centered. Based on the constructivism teaching theory, the author investigated...