Proceedings of the 2017 2nd International Conference on Materials Science, Machinery and Energy Engineering (MSMEE 2017)

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Preparation of Graphene Nanopore based on AFM

Siyuan Wei, Zhongxin Qi, Tongyu Ji
With the development of science and technology, graphene as a material has arrested increasing attention from scientists, and there are more experiments and researches on its application. The project is focused on the imaging technology of atomic force microscopy, which manages to conduct the image analysis...
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Research on Pathological Mechanism of Depression and Antidepressant Drug Target

Yu Liu, Bin Wu, Liguo Guo, Yongzhi Li
Depression is a common disease that endangers people's health. The etiology of depression is more complex, and the possible reasons include low immunologic function, neuroendocrine functional disorder and astrocyte cell dysfunction. In this paper, we investigate the role of monoamine oxidase inhibitors,...
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Research on Applications of Cell-Free Protein Synthetic System in the Field of Biopharmaceutical Engineering

Wei Long, Weihua Tang, Chunhui Lv
As one of the techniques of protein synthesis in vitro, the cell-free protein synthetic system has many advantages, such as simple manipulation, good genetic background and so on. In recent years, the technology of cell-free protein synthetic system has made some breakthroughs in the fields of stability...
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Biochemical Pharmacology Research of Rhubarb in Traditional Chinese Medicine

Yanfei Sun
In recent years, the domestic pharmacological research and clinical application of rhubarb are far more breakthroughs the scope of the role of diarrhea can be explained, it is widely used in internal and external women and children and other clinical diseases of acute and chronic diseases. Its medicinal...
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Fluidized bed device processing simulation of industrial Smelting waste water fluoride in experimental study

Qian Guan, Yang Yang, Luyi Yao, Xingzhen Sui
Using fluidized bed under the action of high fluoride on simulation of jiangxi rare rare earth smelting waste water to remove the test. Articles by controlling the F/Ca, change CaF2 (AR) particle size and so on has carried on the related experiment, and the output of the crystal were characterized, and...
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Study on the Time characteristic of Terahertz for Rubber Material

Feng Xu, Qingduo Duanmu
The Terahertz wave interacts with different media. The detector detects the terahertz time domain waveforms carrying the media information at different time nodes, analyzes the flight time difference of the peak points of different time domain waveforms, and establishes the transmission and reflection...
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Synthesis of Zinc - Bismuth Complex Oxide and Experimental Analysis of Its Magnetic and Electrical Characteristics

Shirui Weng, Xianyi Zhang
The effects of reaction material ratio and feed order on the composition of the product are investigated by the reaction of zinc sulfate, bismuth nitrate and sodium hydroxide as raw materials in the ultrasonic system. The product is identified as by X-ray fluorescence and chemical titration, and the...
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Research on Big Data Volume Storage Structure Design and Quick Query Mechanism of Oracle Database

Dingfa Liu
Based on a mobile resource management platform, this paper provides a solution for the effective storage and querying of the massive structured data and unstructured data was generated by research and analysis. In the aspect of structured data, this paper first divides the database vertically according...
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Ignition coil primary bobbin issue analysis

Yuan Ye
Ignition coil is an important component in the engine ignition system, the ignition coil issue may cause engine idling shaking. I present some types of ignition coils used in this article nowadays, and analyze the engine idling shaking, coil secondary voltage lower quality issue caused by the different...
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The Potential of Remaining Oil and Exploration Methods of the Second Class Reservior

LiHua Ma
Based on the analysis of the formation of the residual oil in the area , combined with the fine geological and multidisciplinary research results, summed up the main types of remaining oil, combined with dynamic and static data, used some measures such as cyclic flooding, fracturing, profile control...
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Study on Fracturing Technology of Polymer Flooding in the Second Class Reservoir

Hui Xing
The length, number of layers, plane and longitudinal heterogeneity of injection wells of the second class reservoir are serious. The fractures are used to relieve the contradiction between the plane and the strata, and the channel edge and get the remaining oil potential difference between site type....
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Application of the multi-curve reconstruction technology in seismic inversion

Yun-zeng Wang
Well logs are usually used to constrained inversion during reservoir predicting. However the seismic inversion cannot be accurately guiding because of the logs affected by the various factors, which will affect the accuracy and reliability of prediction. Combined with the actual situation of Saertu areas,...
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Research and Application of Information Technology in Construction Enterprise

Weidong Liu
At present, our time is an era of information and this era is a significant feature of information technology in a wide range of industries. The development and improvement of information technology has made great contributions to Chinese economic take-off, but it also brought new development opportunities...
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Research on Separation Variable Method in Mathematical Physics Equation

Xishan Yu
The separation variable method is one of the general methods to solve the boundary value problem of various types of linear partial differential equations. On the one hand, the vibration equation of the first kind of boundary condition is solved by using the separation variable method. On the other hand,...
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The lathe chuck wrench safety device design

Dachuan Chen
Lathe chuck wrench safety device design, can be in the process of lathe operations to better solve the problems of potential safety hazard, thus ensuring lathe application process, can have high security. In the process of lathe chuck wrench safety device design, to safe hidden trouble for lathe, grasp...
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Adding ordinary lathe chuck wrench safety interlock device and the necessity of using effect

Dachuan Chen
With the continuous development of science and technology, people to the security requirement is more and more prominent in mechanical production. There are some problems in the traditional lathe machining operations. Main show is safe with facilities not perfect, the operation personnel check does not...
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Fagopyrum Mill-A Review of Phytochemistry and Pharmacological Effects

Jin-Shuang Zhao, Cheng-Hao Yu, Cheng Peng
OBJECTIVE: The present review is an attempt to update our knowledge about the phytochemistry and diverse pharmacological effects of the three types of Fagopyrum Mill against various pathological targets including cancer, high cholesterol, cardiovascular, inflammation, pain, diabetes and etc, and then...
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Research and implementation of search engine based on Java Technology

Xiaohua Chen, Gang Tian
With the deepening of China's modern construction, innovative computer technology and the modern Internet technology has gradually become an important tool in social production activities has been indispensable in people's daily life. Computers and the Internet have been extensively used in all walks...
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Construction of experiment teaching center of virtual simulation of economic management in application-oriented Colleges ------Study on Shaan Xi Institute of International Trade & Commerce

Ming Feng
With the development of the transformation of higher education in China to accelerate the pace of Applied Undergraduate Colleges and universities in order to reflect the orientation, increasing the intensity of the construction of the experimental teaching platform. Experimental teaching of economic...
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Application of Data Mining Technology in Tourism Information Recommendation

Wanchun Zhu
With the continuous improvement of the economy, the tourism industry has gradually become a trend, rich attractions, service diversification has been loved by the majority of tourists. However, with the rapid development of tourism, it is also faced with many difficulties. It is very important to carry...
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Simulation and research of automobile induction motor drive control system based on MATLAB/Simulink software

Xiaoqing Zhang
At present, the traditional internal combustion engine vehicles caused serious damage to the environment, in this context, people must re dynamic problems for future cars for a full range of research and discussion, in order to make the traffic of our country energy strategy transformation. In this way,...
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A Novel Predictive Current Control For Active Power Filter

Dake Gao, JingRong Yu
The zero-order hold, data-sampling and data-processing of digital controller may cause inevitable control delay in active power filter, which not only affects the harmonic compensation performance, but also causes the instability of active power filter. In order to eliminate the delay effect, a novel...
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Research on the Security Based on Web Database

Hua Ren
The rapid development of information technology in the current era, the continuous improvement of information technology level, based on the Web system database technology applications have also been synchronized development. Database technology for enterprises in terms of an important significance,...
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Research on Intelligent Commercial Data Mining Model Based on Multi - Method Fusion in High - speed Optical Fiber Communication Network

Xiaoxuan Sun, Xiaoming Zha
In the context of the rapid development of Chinese economy and society, the commercial data has been greatly increased in the long run, so that the operation of the enterprise from the relevant data to find the corresponding decision support tools are getting more and more attention. The development...
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Fusion Analysis of Fiber Bragg Grating Sensor and Geotechnical Engineering

Yao Xu, Ping Hu
Optical fiber sensing technology began in the mid-1970s, the earliest applied to the military side. Such as the US Navy with optical fiber sensor technology to monitor the structure of the ship submarine, and research and development of ultra-sensitive fiber Bragg grating sonar system; NASA with optical...
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Clinical Observation on Combined Therapy of Atorvastatin Calcium and Xuezhikang on Lipid-lowering

Min Chen
With the improvement of economic living standards and changes in people's lifestyles and eating habits, in recent years to atherosclerosis-based ischemic cardiovascular disease (including coronary heart disease and ischemic stroke) significantly increased the incidence, Hyperlipidemia is one of the risk...
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Application of LORA Spread Spectrum Technology On Intelligent Water Meter

Wenchang Wu, Weida Sun
Spread spectrum technology is a new technology to make full use of limited spectrum resources and improve the efficiency of wireless information transmission. This paper introduces the working principle and system model of spread spectrum communication, and elaborates two main technologies of spread...
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The Application of Electronic Information Technology in Electric Power Automation System

Ruidong Li
With the development of Chinese economy and the large-scale transformation of power systems, power system automation is getting higher and higher. Power system automation mainly covers three areas, namely, scheduling automation, substation automation and distribution network automation. The development...
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Repair Effect of Mesenchymal Stem Cells on Fracture Model Animals

Jia Liu, Peng Zhou, Xiaoyun Liu
In this paper, we propose the role of mesenchymal stem cells in fracture repair. We investigated the role of bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells in the healing process of fracture and the effect on the migration of endogenous bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells. Experiments show that exogenous bone marrow...
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Line Loss Calculation for Distribution network Based on States Characterization

Junming Huang
A novel real-time line loss calculation method based on state characterization is proposed for calculating the line loss of distribution network in this paper. First, the load currents collected by the measuring terminals during a certain period are characterized, such that the change characteristics...
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Research on Encoding and Decoding Algorithms of LDPC Codes

Yifeng He, Zhemin Duan
The LDPC code, namely low density parity check code, is essentially a linear block code. Its decoding performance is closer to the Shannon limit than the Turbo code. The definition and description of LDPC codes are introduced in this paper. LDPC coding method includes the Algorithm of LU decomposable...
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Research on the Information Resources Integration Based on the Big Data Platform

Yin Lei, Jiahong Zhong
Big data platform can integrate the mass data in some certain ways to unearth products and services of huge values to promote the economic and social change. This paper analyzes the characteristics of the information resources in the era of big data, and explores the integration models of information...
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Research on Reliability Selection and Application Control of Electronic Components

Jiahong Zhong, Yin Lei
Electronic component is an important part of electronic system or electronic circuit. Once it fails, it may lead to the system or circuit failure, and then affect the reliability of electronic equipment. This article analyses the problems of reliability selection and application control of electronic...
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Improvement of ERP Sand Table Simulation Operation Based on Network Platform

Jing Cao, Hanwen Liu, Lin Yi
ERP sand table simulation business offer students through the role-play in the virtual market environment, which experience manufacturing business process. In the ERP sand table simulation business process, students knowledge, individual differences, teaching time and other factors will affect the effect...
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Application of Data Mining Technology in Software Engineering

Jie Ma
Data mining represents a change from validation-driven data analysis to discovery-driven data analysis. In the verification-driven approach, the decision maker must assume the presence of important information, collect information and use it to substantiate such assumptions. Due to the size and complexity...
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Research on Application of Mobile Context-Awareness in Recommendation System

Jie Ma
With the advent of the communications era, mobile devices and other mobile devices becomes the main tool for communication and data access between people. But mobile phones and other mobile devices still exist complicated operation, the service object is not accurate and a series of shortcomings. Context-aware...
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The Evolution of Key Technologies of Mobile Communication Systems for High-speed Railway

Pan Feng
With the rapid economic development, science and technology are gradually progressing, high-speed railway attracts more and more attention. Since the birth of the high-speed railway , along with the demand for mobile communications, part of the demand from the high-speed train train control and scheduling...
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Research on the Applications of 3D Printing Technology in the Field of General Techniques

Guan Huang
3D printing technology is a rapid prototyping technology, which can construct objects by the means of cutting and printing layer by layer based on the digital model files created by 3D modeling software. Starting from the literature research, this paper introduces the research background, teaching advantages...
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On Preparations and Applications of Nano-materials for Batteries

Dingzhu Yang
Nanotechnology is the rapid developing. The nanotechnology in battery materials can enhance the storage capacity of a battery, reduce swelling and loss of the battery and improve use efficiency, which is of positive significance for the electrical equipment. Based on the analysis of current development...
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Studies on preparation of matrine solid dispersion sustained-release tablets

Zao-hui Li, Jiao Wang
Objective: Matrine was made into solid dispersion sustained-release tablets. Methods: Ingredients are screened by single factor test and orthogonal ,forming ingredient of sustained-release tablets was determined by appearance,formability, dissolution and d hardness of tablets. Results: The result showed...
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Improvement of Bra Cleaning Technology Based on Mechanical Structure and Electronic Control Technology

Liangcheng Cheng, Yali Ruan, Zongye Chang
With the improvement of living standards, the requirements ofwomen's daily-wearing bra in the respect of comfort, appearance and cleanliness are also increasing. Traditional machine washing will destroy the bra shape, and cause the infection of mixed bacteria.Moreover, hand washing will occupy most of...
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Theory of Star Privacy Protection

Xiaoxuan Cui
The privacy of stars, freedom speech of the press and the public's right to know has been conflicting. The contradiction caused by the influence of the star identity and the push of the society. Star privacy protection is not only beneficial to realize the star of their own rights and interests, is more...
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Aerobic Denitrifiers: Characteristics and Recent Research

Huiying Li, Wenxiang Wang, Shaobin Huang
The presence of nitrogenous substances in wastewater discharges has attracted attention because of the role of nitrogen in eutrophication of receiving waters. Nitrogen removal is an important aspect of present day wastewater treatment processes. However, conventional nitrification–denitrification treatment...
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Research on Design and Implementation of Display System of Intelligent Bus Board Based on GPRS

Xue Zeng
In recent years, China's urbanization process is accelerating. The rapid growth of urban population has brought tremendous pressure on urban transportation system. In order to improve the informatization level of urban public traffic management and relieve the pressure of urban traffic, this paper develops...
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Library's Smart Bookshelf and Book Positioning System Based on ultra-high frequency RFID Technology

Xiaoyang Wang, Hui Pan, Ruixiang Ou
The application of the smart shelves is the comprehensive application of RFID technology. The library of ultra-high frequency RFID technology is a set of high-performance real-time management system. This paper discusses the purpose, working principle, system function and use method of intelligent frame...
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Research on Intelligent Library Document Navigation System Based on GIS

Ruixiang Ou, Hui Pan, Yao Huang
The intelligent navigation mode based on GIS technology uses the visualization positioning technology to locate the specific collection information of the literature to each layer of the bookshelf, and to display the information of the library by the way of the GIS . The readers do not need to master...
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Design and Implementation of Library Resource Sharing System Database Based on GIS

Hui Pan, Ruixiang Ou, Yao Huang
A GIS-based library resource sharing system is designed on account of insufficient resource of individual library and the difficulty of collecting library resources. In the design process of GIS system, the design of database is the core component. This paper takes the library association of universities...
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Technical Index Analysis and Structure Design Research of Modular Manipulators

Yu Bu
With the increasing demand of the human space mission, the manipulator plays an important role in the various tasks of space. In this paper, the technical indexes of modular manipulator, including joint torque index and joint accuracy index are given. According to the technical indexes of modular manipulator,...
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Research on Key Technology of Computer Security Monitoring System

Hui Jin
The development of information technology has brought new challenges to information security. Computer security monitoring system is an effective mechanism to ensure information security. It protects and monitors all kinds of information and user operation in local or remote computer through data acquisition,...
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Research on the Application of Computer Network Storage Technology

Hui Jin
With the continuous increase of network data, the application of computer network storage technology is more and more important. For the traditional computer network storage technology, it has been unable to adapt to the needs of society, it is necessary to study the new technology. The article will...
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Study on preferred method of optimizing polymer molecular weight

Yongying Zeng
In this paper, a new method is proposed to optimize the molecular weight of polymer based on the analysis of the influence of polymer molecular weight on oil displacement, which is by using the method of the pore volume, the parameters of polymer flooding and permeability, the numerical simulation. Not...
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The era "Internet +" taxi resources configuration research Based on the multiple regression model

Xiaocheng Gao, Yingbing Fan, Guoxian Wang, Ye Wang, Xichun Jiang, Yannan Mu
As taxi software increasingly hot, more and more people use a taxi booking taxi software. Based on the mobile Internet software has formed certain taxi with taxi process, showed a lot of convenient advantage, a taxi passengers every time use software taxi booking, used software company will give the...
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The differential equation research on design control of mooring system

Jinling You, Xiaocheng Gao, Ye Wang, Yingbing Fan, Qi Shen, Yannan Mu
In this paper, through research and analysis of mooring system composition, advantages and disadvantages and single point mooring compared to the limitations of multi-point mooring system, etc. Mainly used the finite element model and combining with the method of integral control of the cable equation...
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Discussion on Backup and Recovery Technology of Computer Database

Xiangrong Zhou
In the process of social and economic development in our country, China's science and technology is also constantly improved, including computer network technology. The emergence of network technology provides convenience for people's work and life, but there are many problems in the use of network technology....
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Analysis and design of computer aided 3D physical training system

Baocong Sun
The motion simulation is helpful to sports training, which is based on the human method and the change of traditional video acquisition and analysis method of human HD based on analysis method of training methods; from the experience of stylized sports science based on the transfer, thus faster and more...
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Huge Data Analysis and Processing Platform based on Hadoop

Yuanbin Li, Rong Chen
SGC puts forward the major initiatives of the construction of strong smart grid and three integrates and five big systems, requiring the informationlization further improves to a level on the basis of the inheritance for fruit and deepening application, having even higher requirements especially for...
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The Application of Super hydrophobic Surface Technology in the Corrosion Protection Field

Tao Yao
In recent years, with the continuous development of science and technology, the super hydrophobic materials have wide range of application in people's daily life and various production departments. Therefore, the preparation and application of super hydrophobic materials cause the great attention of...
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Research on Applications of Graphene Composites in Electrochemical Detection

Xiaoyu Min
Graphene has rich and unique physical and chemical properties due to its single atomic layer structure. Graphene and its composites have been widely used in the field of materials science for a short period of ten years after the discovery. This paper will explore the preparation and applications in...
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Analysis about Risk Changes before and After Inspection of 23 Storage Tanks and Research on the Inspection Strategy

Zhou Fang, Shu Xing, Qi Chen, Gongtian Shen, Yanxiu Zhao
Inspection of storage tanks has been taken less seriously over past years, as not required by laws. Therefore, projects adopting risk evaluation technology of atmospheric-pressure storage tanks are rarely seen. Characterized by large volume and high risks, hazardous chemicals often lead to serious accidents....
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Inspection Case and Its Failure Cause Analysis of Leaked Storage Tank

Shu Xing, Zhou Fang, Gongtian Shen, Guanghai Li, Yanxiu Zhao
Leakage is a frequently occurred failure mode during the operation of atmospheric storage tanks with large probability of occurrence. According to different design and operation conditions, there are various different causes for the leakage of storage tank. The inspection of a storage tank of certain...
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Research on Application of Risk Assessment Technology to 100,000-cubic-meter Crude Oil Storage Tanks

Zhou Fang, Shu Xing, Gongtian Shen, Guanghai Li, Yilin Yuan
Due to the large volume of storage tank at the national oil reserve base and its critical consequence of failure, its security issues are particularly prominent and are taken seriously by the government and the community. In this paper, the risk assessment technology is applied to 23 crude oil storage...
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Size-dependent and shape-dependent algal toxicity of Aluminum oxide nanoparticles

Wenting Ren, Ruifeng Hou, Shuang Yin, Huan Yao, Xuesong Cao
In this work, we investigated the toxicity of Al2O3 particles with different size and shape to algae (Chlorella pyenoidosa). It was indicated that the toxicity of Al2O3 nanoparticles (NPs) was the strongest and the toxicity caused by bulk particles (BPs) was weaker than that of Al2O3 NPs. Al2O3 Fiber...
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The Research of Removing Elemental Mercury in Flue Gas by Peroxidase-like catalyst

Bohua Sun
In this paper,peroxidase-like catalyst was prepared by organic synthesis. The removal of elemental mercury in flue gas and the effect of single factor experiments were carried out in a simulated flue gas system. The result shows that mercury removal efficiency could reach 70.6% when 30% hydrogen peroxide...
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Phosphorus in Surface Sediments of Bohai Sea And Adjacent Area

Xiang-li LV, Hong Hu, Long-Qiang Li
We study the content of Phosphorus, spatial distribution, influencing factors and the ecotoxicity in the sediment of the Bohai Sea and its adjacent area the north Yellow Sea .The results indicate that the content of total phosphorus in the study area ranges from 0.2962mg/g to 0.5422mg/g, and its spatial...
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Identification of Viruses from Potato Planted in Winter in Guangxi by Small RNA Deep Sequencing

Jingjing Song
[Objective] The objective of this study is to identify viruses infecting potato planted in winter in Guangxi for establishing a future healthy potato seed program and better disease control in the field. [Method] One hundred and nine samples with viral disease-like symptoms were collected from potato...
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Construction of a Plant Binary Expression Vector for the Potato Host Factor Genes StTOM1 and StTOM3

Jingjing Song
In this article, we designed PCR primers according to the cDNA sequence of potato host factor genes StTOM1 and StTOM3 and the restriction enzyme sites of the intermediate vector pUCCRNAi to gain two RNA interference segments, which length were 272bp and 182bp, and then connected to the vector pUCCRNAi...
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Optimization for Time-limited Intermodal Transportation Route Selection Considering Carbon Emission Costs

Nan Yu, Zhehui Zhang, Shuhui Zhang
This study considers an optimization problem of intermodal transportation route selection that takes carbon emissions and intermodal transfers into account. An integer linear programming model is built to formulate the problem. The activity-based approach is adopted to estimate the carbon emissions....
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Study on The Stability of Fiber Reinforced Thermoplastic Vessel Liner

Liang Wu, Chenghong Duan, Jinhao Huang
Due to the particularity of the properties of the plastic liner material, the stability of the liner must be taken into account in the manufacture and inspection of the liner, especially the fiber winding. In this paper, the finite element buckling method is used to analyze the stability of the high...
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The effect of osteogenic differentiation of Periodontal Ligament Stem Cells isolated from the periodontium of healthy teeth and periodontitis-affected teeth induced by SDF-1

Fengzhi Wang, Jianmin He
Stem cell therapy is currently a hot topic in tissue regeneration. This study aimed to compare the the effect of osteogenic differentiation and proliferation ability of health Periodontal ligament stem cells (hPDLSCs) and inflammatory periodontal ligament stem cells (iPDLSCs) with SDF-1 that isolated...
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An Identity Authentication Scheme Based on OTP for Mobile Payment

Keqiang Xie, Shizhun Jia, Limei Fu
With the development of intelligent terminal and Mobile Internet technology, Mobile payment has become one of the important means of commerce. However, security problems are still challenging mobile payment. Identity authentication is the basic security issue in mobile payment. In this paper, a mobile...
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Design and Optimization of the Lighting Environment for the Brand Clothing Stores Based on DIALUX Software

Xiao-cong Hu
Lighting design is an important means of creating a space atmosphere of clothing stores, good lighting effects can effectively enhance the brand image value. In order to achieve the balance of economy and art of space lighting, clothing store lighting environment often need to consider different design...
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Dynamic Sensitivity Analyses of Projectile Muzzle Velocities

Zhong-feng Luo, Xiao-rong Guan, Cheng Xu
To decrease uncertainties of projectile muzzle velocities is one of important ways to improve gun firing accuracy. In order to solve the problem above, the influences on the uncertainties of projectile muzzle velocities should be calculated, which are caused by the variations of artillery structure parameters,...
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Numerical simulation of the mixing process of the continuous mixer using the discrete element method

Tao Wang, Qiang Xu, Kaijie Zhang
This paper used the discrete element method to simulate the continuous mixing process and defined the time that the particles participated in mixing in the mixer was defined as the effective mixing time. The effects of different structures and rotational speeds on the mixing efficiency were studied by...
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Design of Information Accessible Website Friendly to Screen Reading Software

Fei Li, Maojang Yao
The status quo of design of information accessible education website and screen reader software is described. Standard of information accessible website is briefly presented. The problems that are encountered when the screen reader software is used to read the website are analyzed. A solution to these...
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Design and Implementation of Parallel Pipeline Processor

Hongyu Fan, Hui Zhang, Nan Jiang, Dongwei Guo
In order to further improve the speed of instructions' execution on the basis of the current multi-cycle processor and pipeline processor which is commonly used by MIPS processors, we implemented a simple dual-pipeline processor. To show its superiority, we followed the implementation of this three processors,...
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Design of Ant Colony Optimization Simulation Platform Based On MATLAB GUI

Mengxin Li, Hongshuang Hu, Yong Jiang, Guanhua Feng
In this paper, a novel ant colony optimization (ACO) simulation platform is developed by MATLAB/GUI toolbox to solve traveling salesman problem (TSP). The modular design concept is applied to divide platform into four main modules. The function modules are designed by using MATLAB/GUI toolbox. The development,...
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A performance testing platform of ECG electrodes based on an active skin-stimulation model

Jinzhong Song, Hao Liu, Ming Wei, Zhi Xu, Peng Li, Jinsong Li
With the continuous development of wearable health monitoring technology, new types of Electrocardiogram (ECG) electrodes become the focus of attention, such as textile electrode, non-contact electrode, and micro-needle electrode. However, there are not yet unified performance testing methods for different...
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Research on the Application of Fuzzy Petri Net in Personalized Education

Yu Nie, Guiping Su, Junyi Dai, Yi Sun, Pan Liao
It's important to control students' learning path and to know students' learning knowledge levels in individualized education systems. Based on knowledge space theory, we studied learning state space and built a learning state model through Petri net. Since all possible learning paths can be found by...
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Research on On-line Temperature Monitoring System of Power Cable

Dawei Cheng, Dongxu Zhao, Miao Yu
Power cable temperature monitoring system is based on the cable installation, cable surface temperature and load current and cable thermal characteristics of the environment, the use of real-time calculation program to calculate the operating temperature of the conductor to ensure that the power cable...
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Dongxu Zhao, Dawei Cheng, Shouye Xin
According to the construction requirements of State Grid Corporation substation condition monitoring system, the on-site monitoring data of the station is connected to the main station system of the state evaluation center, and the evaluation of the primary equipment is completed. However, the early...
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Kinematics Simulation of 4 DOF Manipulator

Guangbing Bao, Shizhao Liu, Hong Zhao
For a 4-DOF manipulator, The Kinematic Model of Manipulator is built by the method of D-H, Analysis the solution of forward and inverse kinematics of manipulator, The method that algebraic method combined with the geometric method is used to solve forward and inverse kinematics. MATLAB software is used...
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Research on Virtual Network Remapping of Demand Change

Yiqiu Fang, Hongjian Wu
Virtual network request resources are dynamically changing, and there are fewer studies in this area.In view of this situation, in this paper the virtual network mapping model is improved, the model of minimizing the cost of resource request change and improving the access rate of virtual network is...
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Research on power electronics teaching case based on the simulation of frequency converter

Zhilin Ding, Shuling Feng, Wenping Bu
Based on the course of power electronics technology, the principle and results of the AC-DC-AC circuit of the inverter structure are analyzed via experiment and simulation. Through the comparison of designing and MATLAB/SIMULINK simulation, we can improve comprehensive ability of practice and the ability...
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The analysis and optimization of passenger security process of terminal based on Monte Carlo model

Tantai Xinyue
Nowadays, passengers waiting in line in the security checkpoint always causes a high degree of congestion. In our paper, we find the bottleneck that interferes with passenger throughput, and propose solutions accordingly.First, the Monte Carlo model is established. And according to the Monte Carlo model,...
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Supercritical carbon dioxide paper artifacts cleaning

Shi-wei Su
This paper mainly introduces the current paper artifacts cleaning technology, pointing out the drawbacks and damage of traditional craft. Introduction of supercritical carbon dioxide (SCCO2) and its application. The use of SCCO2 between the gas and the special nature of the liquid, SCCO2 for the cleaning...
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Analysis of Wind Heating System to Solve Winter Heating in Northeast China

Shi-wei Su
Combined with the winter wind conditions in northeast China, three schemes are proposed to solve the problem of winter heating in the region. The three schemes of wind energy conversion directly into heat energy, wind energy compressed air heating and wind power heating are described, and the performance...
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Design and Implementation of Video Monitoring System for Deer Shed Based on Embedded Technology

Min Zhang, Yuhua Wu, Ji Li, Shijun Li
This paper designs the deer shed video monitoring system based on embedded. By using the embedded technology and video coding technology, applying the real-time camera to collect deer shed on-site information, and then via the video coding technology, analysing and displaying the received video data,...
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Improvements in Operation Units of Car Welding Workshop

Qiqi He
In order to resolve the imbalance between station and process in the car welding workshop, we use the industrial engineering methods to improve operation units of welding workshop in the X car factory. Firstly, we collect the data by observing the employee's job and shooting video and recording the state...
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Research of Tool Nose Radius in Ultrasonic Vibration Cutting for Difficult-to-cut Materials

Taoxian Huang, Min Xiao
Ultrasonic vibration cutting (UVC) as an advanced technique has been widely used in order to increase productivity and stabilities in machining of difficult-to-cut materials. The authors presented a chatter monitoring and signal processing system for turning a slender workpiece. A suitable tool nose...
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Construction of On-line Oil Monitoring System for Large Machinery

Yongliang Li, Xiaohu Chen, Junkang Chen
Through the analysis of the mechanical characteristics of large machinery, complex structure, complex operation conditions and high reliability requirements, once the failure will cause serious economic losses, and even lead to serious casualties of the accident. Fault diagnosis of construction application...
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Preventive Maintenance Decision Based on Data Envelopment Analysis and Technique for Order Preference by Similarity To ideal Solution

Fen Cheng, Wanxin Hu
In order to improve the effectiveness of multi-objective and multi-attribute decision of road preventive maintenance, the paper considers the characteristics of preventive maintenance decision-making, establishes a preventive maintenance decision-making model based on Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA)...
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Reversible Lane Scheme Selection Model Based on the BPR Function and Environmental Benefits

Jiarong Wei, Liying Wei, Yufeng Cui
By considering the problem of unbalanced tidal traffic flow on the road, reversible lane schemes were given. A reversible lane scheme selection model, which based on the BPR function, was formulated with decision variable of the number of reversible lanes and based on smallest energy consumption and...
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Model of Hydraulic Project Design Scheme Assessment Based on Information Entropy TOPSIS Model

Xiaoyu Han, Yingkui Guo, Saige Li
It is vital to build the assessment of scientific rational mathematical model which is key to optimally select the design schemes of hydraulic project. In particular, the model can analysis the weight of evaluation indexes and data mining. The paper put forth the Information entropy coupled TOPSIS model...
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Parametric Analysis of Laminated Rubber Bearings with Frictional Sliding

Yue Li, Qiqi Wu
The behavior of laminated rubber bearings with frictional sliding was studied by finite element method. The results showed that by using the coulomb friction model better reflect the sliding bearing energy dissipation effect, but it cannot consider the static and dynamic friction transition relationship...
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Influence and Analysis of Road Width on Modeling of Expressway Sound Source

Xintan Ma, Shichang Feng
At present, most of the traffic noise forecasting models in the domestic and international expressway are concentrated on a line source for noise prediction, and the influence of road width on sound source modeling is rarely considered, which is different from the actual situation. And the noise prediction...
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Research on key management scheme for military internet of things

Haopeng Li, Liyun Chen, Jie Yan, Wenxin Qiao
Aiming at the problem of insufficient security protection in military internet of things under mobile state, a scheme of node key management on navigation system is proposed. By comparing the node-related data with the set strategy, it can complete the node's Key distribution, renewal and destruction....
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Analysis on Penetration of Ballistic Missile and Detection in Reentry Phase

Jun-chao Yuan, Xiao-kuan Zhang, Mao Liu
Ballistic missile is becoming secret weapon of modern warfare because of its long distance attacks, low radar cross section, high speed and high accuracy with flexibility with nuclear warheads. In order to reduce its penetration, impact factor of ballistic missile characteristics of targets detected...
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Research on Initial Alignment of All-Attitude Inertial Platform on Static Base

Hongjie Zhang, Shifeng Zhang
In view of the current problem that long alignment time and low alignment accuracy in traditional alignment methods, a new two-step alignment method is proposed in this paper. This method consists of the coarse and accurate alignment. The feature of gravity vector is used to carry out the analytic coarse...
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Analysis on the security threat of caisson gravity wharf

Qi Dong, Ting TanG, Zhuo-bin Wei
The wharf is an important part of the national security system and economic development. The caisson gravity wharf is one of the main structural forms of the wharf in China. The security threat analysis of the system is of great significance to the safe and efficient operation of the wharf. Based on...
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Edge Detection Algorithm of Daliushu River Based on Adaptive Weighted Morphology

Lingxiao Huang, Chunguang Li, Lanxiang Zheng, Hefang Jing, Xuande Zhang, Hailong Ma
This paper proposes a method of river edge detection based on adaptive weighted mathematical morphology. Firstly, a multi-shape and multi-scale structural element is constructed, and the edge of Daliushu river is detected by structural elements of five shapes and four scales. Secondly, the information...