Proceedings of the Padang International Conference on Educational Management And Administration (PICEMA 2018)

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The Contribution of Professional Competence and Organizational Climate to The Performance of Kindergarten Teacher in Solok City

Nisya Andifani, Ahmad Sabandi, Sufyarma Marsidin
This research is based on the observations of researchers that show the low performance of kindergarten teachers. Many factors influence teacher performance, such as teacher competency and organizational climate. The purpose of this study was to determine: 1) Contribution of professional competence to...
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Reinforcement of School-based Management in Indonesia

Hadiyanto Hadiyanto
More Experts of management acknowledge that school-based management (SBM) can spur all the potential to become a school that performs better in improving the quality of graduates, increasing the opportunity for local governments to participate in decision making, improving the quality of teachers who...
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Needs Analysis for Tutor Teacher of Extracurricular Programs

Hanif Alkadri, Nellitawati Nellitawati, Yuskal Kusman, Ayu Tia Ningrum
The purpose of this article is to analyze the needs of students, teachers, and parents towards tutor teachers of extracurricular programs. The method uses a mix method between qualitative research and quantitative research. The results are (1) for extracurricular programs, the students need tutor teachers...
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Need Assessment as the First Step to Developing A Model for Enhancing Student’s Emotional Intelligence based on Developmental Counseling Approach (A Study of the Students Development of the Senior High School in Padang City)

Helma, Ahmad Zaini, Fitria Kasih, Yasrial Chandra
The present study is aimed at: (1) profile students’ emotional intelligence of senior high school; (2) composing guideline for the implementation of the model which is acceptable both theoretically and practically as well. The study applies research and development approach, involving senior high school...
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Empowerment of the Right Brain Hemisphere in Developing Students’ High Concept and Touch

Supposed to build creative, empathic, and happy, meaningful thinking because of non linear, intuitive and holistic nature. Nowadays, right brain hemisphere is basic concept to build up students’ high concept and touch. High concept is to develop an artistic ability, emotional intelligence, satisfied...
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The Optimalization School Based Management by Applying Information Technology and Communication (ICT)

Jumira Warlizasusi
This article was supposed to how to optimize “school based management” by applying it into information technology and communication (ICT). According to United Nations, the defiance of education in this sophisticated 21th century is evolving knowledge-based society which has own: 1.ICT and media literacy...
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The Effect of Supervision, Work Culture, and Trust to the Performance of Elementary Public-School Principal of West Jakarta City

Muhammad Fahmi Akbar, Ma'ruf Akbar, Mukhneri Mukhtar
The purpose of this research to determine the effect of supervision, work culture, trust, and attitudes to the performance of public elementary-school principal of West Jakarta city. To describe how much influence the effect of supervision, the culture, and trust to performance of elementary school ...
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Interpersonal Communication Relations with Performance Employees in the Education Office of Padang city

This study was aiming at seeing, 1) the interpersonal communication in Padang Education Authority, 2) employee performance in Padang Education Authority, and 3) the relationship of interpersonal communication and employee performance in Padang Education Authority. This research was correlational, that...
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Supervision Service Practices by School Principals and Impacts towards the Implementation of Teacher Duties in Primary Schools

Rifma, Hanif Alkadri, Ermita
The purpose of this research is to describe supervision services by the principal and impact for teacher in primary school. This study used a qualitative approach. The data was collected using questionnaire techniques, interviews, and observations. Data were analyzed by referring to data analysis proposed...
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Management of Grossmotor Development in Kindergartens in Kuranji, Padang City

Yaswinda, Yulsyofriend
During the kindergarten and early years of elementary school, children need to have plenty of opportunities to engage in physical / gross motor. Early Chidhood spend a lot of time learning to read and count rather than learn through playing and exploring, exercising and using their imagination. This...
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Implementation of Context, Input, Process, and Product (CIIP) Evaluation on Head of Library Candidate in Bengkulu Province

Adisel, Suryadi, Suparno Eko Widodo
The implementation of Context, Input, Process, and Product (CIIP) model to evaluate the training program of Libary Head Candidate held by the authorized institution for education quality for Bengkulu Province is presented in this study. Several methods such as observations, interviews, and documentations...
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Four Pillar Teaching Factory: A Teaching and Learning Management Model in Technical and Vocational Senior High School

Alexius Dwi Widiatna, Madhakomala, Rugaiyah
The purpose of this study is to explore deeply teaching factory at Technical and Vocational High School. Teaching factory is the best method of teaching and learning to integrate and to bridge the process of achieving competences of the students and required skills needed by the industrial company....
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The Contributions of Follower Styles and Emotional Intelligence to Performance of Teachers Elementary School at Kabupaten Kerinci

Andra Saputra, Kasman Rukun, Yahya
This research was based on a case where the result of observation by researcher in Elementary School at Kecamatan Danau Kerinci Kabupaten Kerinci that showed the low level of teacher performance. The method of this study is quantitative research with sample are 73 teachers at Elementary School Kecamatan...
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The Comparison of Students' Learning Outcome between Class with E-Learning and Conventional Class

Hade Afriansyah
This study aims to determine the comparison of student learning outcomes between class using e learning and conventional classes. This research is experimental research, because researcher conducted a treatment to learning in the experimental classes so it had an effect on student learning outcomes....
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Evaluation of Policy Implementation of Basic Education Minimum Service Standards in Bekasi Municipality, Indonesia

Holong Saor Nababan, Suryadi, Ivan Hanafi
The purpose of this research to evaluate the implementationof the basic education minimum service standards (MSS) policy in Bekasi Municipality.the focus of this research is implementation design, policy installation, measurement process and results of policy implementation. This research was qualitative...
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Principal Leadership, Teacher Competency, Excellent Service and Learning Innovation in The Teaching and Learning Process

Legiman Slamet, Rusdinal, Kasman Rukun
This study aimed to describe: (1) the principal’s leadership at SMK Negeri western Sumatra (2) competence of teachers TKJ SMK Negeri (3) Excellent service teacher in SMK (4) learning innovations teachers of SMK Negeri (5) Teaching and Learning at SMK (6) a significant relationship between the variables...
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The Evaluation of the School Principals Candidates Training Program in LPMP of West Nusa Tenggara Province

M. Ary Irawan, R Madhakomala, Matin
The research is aimed to evaluate the training program candidates of school principals in LPMP West Nusa Tenggara Province. This research uses qualitative approach, evaluative research method with Robert Stake Responsive Evaluation Model. Data collection techniques uses observation, interviews, and documentation...
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Innovation in Learning Indonesian Language and Literature

Learning Media as a Form of Innovation in Indonesian Language and Literature Learning. In essence, learning Indonesian language and literature in schools is intended to foster student awareness of the existence of Indonesian language and literature as a communication tool and as a tool for unifying the...
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E-Consult: Validating of Thesis Advisory Model Based on Management Information System in IAIN Bukittinggi

Supriadi, Syafri Anwar, Kasman Rukun, Khairani
This study aims to determine the level of validity of the thesis advisory model using management information system base called e-Consult. The instruments used were developed and validated by 9 experts in terms of content, construct and language. After being validated, the instruments were distributed...
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Improving Employees' Commitments by Giving Incentives

Work commitment is the calling of the soul that someone has for active involvement both physically and psychologically in carrying out the work that is his responsibility in the organization. People who have work commitments will always strive to carry out tasks that are their responsibility well in...
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Development of School Culture in State High School 1 of Padangpanjang

Wisma Endrimon, Rusdinal, Sufyarma Marsidin, M. Zaim
The success of a school in achieving various leading achievements is no doubt the result of a long process. One of the indicators of such assumed achievement is the success in building school culture, which means by having “good” school culture, the school will produce good students who will become...
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Implementation of Character Education at Junior High School

Anisah, Tia Ayu Ningrum, Sania Vand Siska
The aim of this papaer is to know the implementation of character education.through learning activities, school cultures and Extracurricular activities. The study was conducted in junior high school with informants Several principals, vice-principals, teachers, school administration staff and some students....
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Utilization of Information and Communication Technology for Learning in the Implementation of Curriculum 2013

Eldarni, Mutiara Felicia Amsal
This study aims to: 1) to describe the learning plan in English-speaking skills by using cloud computing, 2) determine the implementation of English speaking skill by using cloud computing cloud computing, 3) know the assessment in learning activities on the skills of speaking English using cloud computing....
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Teachers' Work Motivation in Public Senior High School (A study in Bungo City, Jambi Province, Indonesia)

Elizar Ramli, Hade Afriansyah
This research aims to describe teachers' work motivation in the State Senior High School in Bungo. The population in this study were all senior high school teachers who are civil servants at the Senior High School in Bungo. Total population of 104 people. The sample of this study selected 54 people who...
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Teachers' Non Verbal Communication in Instructional at School

Ermita, Mella
This research aims to describe the student’s perception of teachers' non verbal communication in the learning process in public vocational high schools 2 cities Pariaman. The total of population is 846 students with the sample total of 91 students is selected by using stratified random sampling technique....
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The Influence of the Big Five of Personality Dimensions towards Principal’s Normative Commitment

Hegar Harini, Unifah Rosyidi, Neti Karnati
The main purpose of this study is to examine the effect of personality dimensions on principal’s normative commitment of state senior high school in DKI Jakarta. The method adopted descriptive survey research design through questionnaire data. The sample consisted of 90 principals from 116 populations...
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Group Guidance Model with Cinema Counseling Technique as A Prevention of Gay Influence for Students

Neviyarni, Hidayani Syam, A. Muri Yusuf
This article begins with a number of questions from students who live in Mahad who have never received counseling services, especially group guidance. What is counseling, what types of services included in counseling guidance, and what services are appropriate to prevent the existence of gays at IAIN...
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Building the Environmental Care Culture in the Paperless Society Trend: Case Study at SMK Negeri 1 Suak Tapeh Banyuasin District, South Sumatra

Lisa Nopilda, Andi Arif Setiawan
This study aims to reveal how to build a culture of environmental care in the paperless society trend through activities at the school of SMKN 1 SuakTapeh. This research is a qualitative research, wherein this paper the researcher looks at the steps and efforts made by the teacher and students in order...
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Mathematics Learning Devices Development based on Character Education through PBL Integrated Scientific Approach for Grade V

Megawati, Nelwandi Nelson, Lusi Diharneli
This study aims to produce educational learning based on character and mathematics through PBL. Integrated scientific approach that is valid, practical and effective. This development research uses Mc Kenney's model which consists of 3 stages, namely preliminary, prototyping and assessment. The results...
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Personal Competence based on Student’s Perception

Nelfia Adi, Heisna Wahyuni
The background of this research is because less of teacher’s behavior competence in SMPN 4 Payakumbuh. The purpose of this research is to get the information of student’s perception about teacher’s behavior competence in SMPN 4 Payakumbuh. It can be look teacher’s behavior is steady and stable, teacher’s...
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Professional Competency of Certification Teachers at Senior High School in Pariaman City

Nikmah Hayati
The goal of the research were to get information about professional competency of teachers. The type of research is descriptive research. The population was all of the teachers who got certification at Senior High School in Pariaman City as much 182 people and the sample was 61 people. Sampling technique...
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Developing PAUD Learning Management Based on Child Development

Nini Aryani
Early childhood education (PAUD) is one of the exact step to develop potential and interest of a child that soon become a responsible, independent, and creative individual in the future trough the studying model with beyond centers and circle time (BCCT) approach or we may also call center learning model....
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Contribution of Leader Control to Civil Servants Performance at Badan Kepegawaian Daerah in Bukittinggi

Ory Adisky Pani, Hadiyanto, Syahril
The background of this research was writer observation when she did PLMP at Badan Kepegawaian Daerah in Bukittinggi. The result of observation showed that: there still low leader controlling and civil servants performance at there.The aim of this research was get information about the contribution of...
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Sustainability Challenges: An Analysis of the Effectiveness of the Assistance Program for Vocational Schools

Siti Nabilah, R Madhakomala, Matin
Vocational school has play important roles in providing skillful employer for business and industry in most region of the world. Therefore, most of government had specific attention and budget allocated to ensure that the quality of the graduates will meets the requirements of the business and industry....
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Needs Analysis; Leadership Competence of Administrative Leaders in Higher Education

Sulastri, Nurhizrah Gistituati, Neviyarni S., Hasdi Aimon
The purpose of this study was to describe the problems encountered by administrative leaders in universities in terms of change management, conflict management, decision making, communication, team building, and the ability to improve performance. The type of data in this study is qualitative. The results...
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Strategic Planning of Pembangunan High School Laboratory of Universitas Negeri Padang towards Adiwiyata Mandiri Management Program

Sulfitri Dewina, Rusdinal
This research was conducted at the UNP Pembangunan Laboratory high school with descriptive qualitative methods. this study shows that the school passed the adiwiyata national selection in 2017, and then will go to the adiwiyata mandiri school assessment. strategies that must be done by the school, especially...
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Homeroom Teacher Management based Technology Information in Improving the Service Quality to Students

Syofianti Engreini
Homeroom teacher is a teacher who gets the additional task of school to become a manager at a grade class. Homeroom teacher is also said to be a manager in the class passed off. As their homeroom has several tasks that must be done. In No. 15 of 2018 Permendikbud attachment 1 mentioned homeroom assignments....
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The Management of Students Character Building in Senior High School

Sufyarma, Nori Basyiana Guntama, Tia Ayu Ningrum
This article discusses about the management of student character building program in senior high school. This research is a qualitative descriptive study. Informants in this study include principals, vice-principals, teachers and students. The Methods of data collection are through interview, observation...
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Development of the Pedagogic Competency Coaching Model for Teachers in Elementary School in PKG

Yeni Deswita, Rusdinal
The professional coaching Model of elementary school teachers in the city of Solok has not existed in particular, the author's knowledge there are only educational supervision programs and education and training programs. With the program professionalism of PRIMARY school teachers Solok has not increased...
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Relationship of Work Motivation with Employee Performance in The Office of Education and Youth Education Department of Solok District

Yeni Permata Sari
This study aims to find out how the relationship between work motivation and employee performance. The hypothesis of this study is that there is a significant relationship between work motivation and employee performance at 95% confidence level. The study population was all employees totaling 62 people....
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Stimulation of Ability to Speak Mother Language by Using Gadget

Yulsyofriend, Vivi Anggraini
This study aims to describe the learning process and results regarding the activities of play and song through the media gadget to stimulate mother language speaking skills in kindergartens aged 5-6 years. This study uses reseach action research on group B in NurulHidayah Kindergarten in West Sumatra....
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Analyzing Cultural Trust in Higher Education Organization: A Study at Universitas Negeri Padang (UNP)

Nurhizrah Gistituati, Lusi Susanti, Hijriyantomi Suyuthie
The purpose of this research is to analyze how strong the cultural trust embedded among lecturer at Universitas Negeri Padang (UNP). There are 8 (eight) dimensions of cultural trust that are measured in this research, namely trust in ability to do the tasks and to achieve formulated vision; willingness...
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Teamwork Climate of Teacher in Public Senior High School

Rusdinal, Hade Afriansyah
This research aims to describe teamwork climate of techer in the State Senior High School in Bungo. The population in this study were all senior high school teachers who are civil servants at the Senior High School in Bungo. Total population of 104 people. The sample of this study selected 54 people...
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Analysis of The Children's Intellectual Development: A Study at Mawar Kindergarten

Anida, Nenny Wahiddin
Children's development is very important to note, especially their intellectual development. Parents would be proud if their child could grow up to be a smart kid. This study aims to determine the intellectual development of toddlers in TK Mawar. The type of research used is quantitative method with...
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Improving Children's Mathematical Ability through Random Geometry Games at TK Kartika Jaya Pariaman Tengah

Mayang Belia Sameto, Nenny Wahiddin
Children's mathematical ability in understanding geometry at TK Kartika Jaya Pariaman Tengah are still low. The purpose of this study is to improve children's mathematical ability towards their understanding about geometric forms. The type of research that is used in this study is classroom action research...
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Certified Teachers' Discipline in Implementing Their Duties in Senior High School at Pauh Padang District

Adek Febriyanti, Alwen Bentri, Hadiyanto
The goal of this research is to see information about teacher's discipline in doing his duty. The population is 110 people and the sample is 86 people that taken by Krejcie. This is a question with Likert scale models that have been tested for validity and reliability. Data were analyzed using mean score....
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Preliminary Research of Media Literacy Development

Elfia Sukma, Ritawati Mahjuddin, M. Habibi
This research is motivated by the low quality of media literacy used by teachers in reading learning in the early grades of elementary school. This study aims to produce valid media literacy used in reading learning in the early grades of elementary school. This type of research is research and development...
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Management of Human Resources in Community Learning Center to Achieve the Objectives of Social Development Goals

Alim Pamungkas
Management of non-formal education organization resources was observed from the situation that occurred at PKBM(Community Learning Center), Widya Dharma Nagari, South Solok Regency, West Sumatra Province. This research specifically investigate (1) the characteristics of financial management of the PKBM,...
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Contribution of Principal Situational Leadership and School Climate to the Implementation of Teacher Task at Public Elementary School

Refsanjani, Sufyarma Marsidin, Hadiyanto
This research is based on the problems that researchers encountered during the observation at Elementary School in Sub-District Sitinjau Laut, District Kerinci which indicating the lowness teachers job performance. Many factors influence performance of teachers between situational leadership style and...
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Effectiveness of Puppet Ice Stack Puzzle on Ability to Calculate in Habibi Kindergarten Pariaman

Nelly Erlinda
This study originated from the fact in Habibi Pariaman Kindergarten, that learning activities used to develop children's numeracy skills are still not varied. This can be seen in counting activities, teachers only use magazines as media. So that it has an impact on the numeracy ability of children who...
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Increasing Cognitive Development of Children through Science Games in PAUD Permata Bunda B2 Group Subdistrict Lembah Gumanti, Solok Regency

This study was motivated by the low cognitive abilities of the B2 BUD group Permata Bunda children in Lembah Gumanti Subdistrict, Solok Regency . The aim of the study was to improve cognitive development of children through science games. The type of research used is classroom action research (CAR) with...
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The Effect of Gardening Project Activities on Children's Science Ability of 5-6 at Aisyiyah II Kindergarten Sukajadi

Swandra Rahayu, Farida Mayar, Dadan Suryana
The purpose of this study was to find out how much influence gardening project activities have on the scientific ability of children beginning 5-6 years of age at Kindegarden Aisyiyah II, Sukajadi District, Pekanbaru. This study uses a quantitative approach and this type of research is an experiment....
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Implementation of TPR (Total Physical Response) Method in Learning English in Barunawati Kindergarten

Sari Fitriana Khairma, Dadan Suryana
English is one of the programs that supports the quality of school education which is an additional learning for children in introducing English from an early age. Although as additional learning, English language is still introduced through picture books or magazines for children. Therefore in introducing...
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The Ability of Lecturers to Use Online Learning Approach Based on LMS Moodle

Yulianto Santoso, Hadiyanto
This paper aims to reveal information regarding the results of research on the ability of lecturers to use the online learning approach based on LMS Moodle that is reviewed from the stages of learning, namely: (1) pre-instructional or preliminary stages, (2) instructional stages, (3) evaluation and...