Proceedings of the 2021 International Conference on Social Development and Media Communication (SDMC 2021)

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Construction of Urban Commercial Fitness and Leisure Space from the Perspective of Emotional Geography

Baorong Li, Huimin Bao
As people pay more and more attention to the shaping of healthy body, the current gym, a commercial sports place, has developed rapidly and become a new leisure space in modern society. The themes of geographical imagination, local identity and spatial production in fitness and leisure space began to...
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Comparative Analysis of Group Effect and Individual Effect Under Negative Emotion

Zhaoyu Wang
Compared with individuals experiencing emotional events alone when individuals share the same emotional event with others and share the same emotion. When one points to the emotional state of the target, the individual’s emotional experience will be enhanced. We define this phenomenon as group. Amplification...
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The Effect of Closed Environment on Psychological Consciousness in Different Social Groups

Xuanshuo Chen
The purpose of this study is to explore the psychological and behavioral effects in a closed environment. We consider that in an isolated, closed and extreme environment, it provides a valuable opportunity to experience more stressors than ordinary people’s daily life. The increasingly popular psychological...
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Research on the Influence Mechanism of Psychological Safety on Leaders’ Ambidexterity Based on Experimental Analysis

ChaoLong Wu, HongJiang Lv, Lufeng He, Tianxiao Cheng
The rapid development of information technology and the Internet makes it easier for leaders and employees to have more connections. Therefore, it is very important for organizations and leaders to study the impact of the leadership situation on the leaders’ behaviors. The purpose of this paper is to...
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Performance Comparison of Algorithms in Cake Cutting Game

Yensheng Ma, Shiyu Liu
In recent years, games have become a hot field with great commercial value. And artificial intelligence in games became a important part of game design. In order to develop a sophisticated and efficient game AI, the algorithm implemented in the AI will play a role that cannot be ignored. Man-machine...
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The Application of New Media in the Field of Philanthropy

Jing Shang
Philanthropy has long been an important means to maintain social stability and improve people’s welfare, which is based on the wishes of donors to transform wealth between the rich and the poor. With the advent of new communication technology and the rise of mass media, “new media philanthropy” has become...
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How Does Climate Change Cause the Extinction of the Ewenki Language and How to Conserve it

Lanxin Chen
The Ewenki is one of the minority groups located in Genhe, Inner Mongolia of China. Their mother language is facing a big challenge of extinction today under the unpredictable change of climate. By analyzing the change of climate from 1981-2010 in Genhe forest area and some related qualitative problems,...
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The Advantages and Disadvantages of Learning a Second Language Early

Chenxu Zhang
With the accelerating of the worldwide favor of learning a second language, this article illustrates the advantages and disadvantages of learning a second language early by analysing relevant research and articles. The advantages of learning a second language are based on the prefrontal cortex in the...
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Study on Home Buyers’ Preference for Urban Residence Greening Environment Under Different Psychological Pressure States

Shize Zhang
At present, the research on the relationship between urban environmental characteristics and psychological pain has many problems, such as single object, unknown mechanism and unknown causal direction. This paper makes a breakthrough to the limitations of existing research by studying the expectation...
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Importance of Computer Ethics and Morality in Society

Ruobing Wang
Computer ethics emerged in the 1980s as a field that deals with the ethical analysis of privacy and security issues in technology. The field is responsible for analyzing the moral duties of computer users and professionals and ethical issues in public policy. The digital advances in this essay are considered...
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The Going Abroad of Chinese Online Literature to the Western World

Zhang Hanwen
These days, an increasing number of Chinese online novels are being translated and disseminated, gradually entering the Western world, such as Douluo Continent, which thanks to the commonality between Chinese and Western literature, whereas the process also contains certain areas that still need to be...
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Analyzing the International Refugee System for Solving the Problem of Climate Migration

Qingyu Zhang, Shuhan Gao, Yuzhou Li, Yitong Zhang
Climate migration, or climate-induced migration and displacement, is an emerging concept to describe migration caused by climate-related impacts and events, such as the long-term rising of sea level and the instant extreme weather disasters. Although the academic circles and the international community...
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Marketing Strategies for E-commerce Websites Under the New Media Trend

Yinlu Li
With the continuous development of information technology in China, it has become an indispensable part in the daily life and production. As an economic model based on extended information technology, E-commerce technology has gradually been accepted by the public, from the traditional passive acceptance...
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The Research on the Comparison of Hanfu Fashion Short Videos on Douyin and Tik Tok

Lian Tang, Chenyi Wang
Hanfu, also called “Han clothing” in Chinese, is the traditional clothing for Han Chinese people. As short videos media, Douyin and Tik Tok provide platforms for Hanfu enthusiasts. Hanfu on these applications illustrates different communication of Hanfu culture as for different audiences in China and...
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Connection Between Civil Public Interest Litigation of Social Organizations and Environmental Administrative Law Enforcement

Ganping Wang
As one of the subjects of environmental civil public interest litigation, social organizations play an important role in the environmental civil public interest litigation system.As the representative organ of China’s environmental public interests or other departments responsible for the supervision...
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A Systematic Literature Review of New Trends in Self-expression Caused by Emojis and Memes

Victor Huang, Yifan Hu, Yaohua Li
Emoji and memes are a new way to present one’s emotion, are popular among young people. It is vital nowadays because almost everyone today largely relies on social networks and sends emojis and memes. Lots of research about emoji and memes have been conducted. Here, this paper summarizes new trends brought...
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Cross-cultural Comparison of Subjective Well-being (SWB) Predictors Among the Elderly: The Difference Between China and the Other Western Countries

YuXuan Zhang
The current study has investigated the similarities and differences in the predictive effects of subjective well-being (SWB) predictors among the elderly in a range of countries, specifically between China and western countries. The results from a total of 12 studies across more than 20 countries have...
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Chinese Character Teaching and Countermeasures in Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language

ShuanJun An, WeiHua Hu
Chinese characters are different from other characters in the structure, and they have become symbols representing the Chinese nation in the long process of development. This requires teachers of Chinese as a foreign language in teaching start from practice, from the characteristics of Chinese characters,...
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Cognitive Map: Universal Code for Learning and Memory

Ran Cheng
Ever since the discovery of place cells, the conception of the cognitive map has revived and the intriguing assumption that spatial navigation system also encodes other cognitive functions has aroused interest among neuroscientists. Though the hypothesis has been viewed with some skepticism, evidence...
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Research on the Influencing Factors of App Selection in College Students ‘ Labor Disputes

Analysis Based on DEMATEL model

Wang Yan, Zhao Ruihan
In today ‘s society, college students are being cheated on vacations. Every holiday, there are always unfamiliar students are attracted by some companies so-called generous treatment, but finally become a black hearted company free labor. However, ‘ Are college students workers?’ According to China’s...
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Marketing Strategy and Consumer Psychology

A Quantitative Study of Chinese Luxury Consumption in the Context of New Media

Yutong Ren, Zhe Yuan
With the steady improvement of China’s international status and the increase of national purchasing power, luxury goods have emerged in the Chinese market, and luxury brands have gradually penetrated and integrated into people’s lives. However, different luxury brands have different marketing strategies,...
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The Analysis of Researches on Food That Reduce Stress: Vitamin C, Probiotics and Fermented foods

Elina Ziyu Jin, Weiyan Zhang, Puer Ding
This work accessed the credibility of the statements made in a media article published by CNN, titled “Food that Reduce Stress”, by examining three clinical trials the media article derives from. Tools such as Cochrane ROB are implemented, and detailed analyses are made in assessing the presence of bias...
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Understanding Cyberculture from Perspective of Intercultural Communication

Xiaoyu Ming
With the widespread use of digital devices and social media, communication happened in digital space has become an important research area. Based on McCluhan’s concept of “global village”, cyberspace gathered people from different countries and also record communication at different times. Furthermore,...
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Behavioral Economics in Epidemic Situation: Why do Some People Hide and Refuse Isolation?

How Can Public Policy Influence Them?

Rui Jiang
At the end of December 2019, a sudden rare viral pneumonia invaded Wuhan. In order to effectively control the epidemic, isolation and other prevention and control measures have been quickly implemented throughout the country: Wuhan was closed on January 23, 2020; then the whole country began to isolate...
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Re-employment of Ex-offenders in China: Research on Employment Discrimination and the System of Elimination of Criminal Record

Yuting Bu
The research on employment discrimination problems faced by ex-offenders in China is scarce. Due to this situation, this article explores the necessity of solving the stigma faced by ex-offender employment by using subjective evaluation questionnaire. The questionnaire collects ex-offenders’ needs for...
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A Study on the Plight of Women in the Screen Industry

Xuan Luo, Yiting Huang
This article focuses on the issue of gender, which has already become the inevitable trend in the Chinese screen industry as a whole. With the rapid development of the screen industry currently, more and more people pay attention to singers, actors, and there are people who do research about the contemporary...
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Creator, Certainty and Inborn Knowledge

Rethinking Based on the Debate Between Descartes and Locke

Shilong Ai
The nature and source of knowledge has always been a classic topic in the history of philosophy. Descartes’s theory of innate knowledge opened the prelude to this discussion. Descartes believes that most of human knowledge is innate. Knowledge is driven by the characteristics of human thinking, but indirectly...
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Impact of Mood on Cognitive Flexibility in Different Categorisation Tasks

Ming Liu, Jingxi Wu, Boya Xie
Previous research suggested that mood can have an impact on cognitive flexibility. This study investigated how mood affects the cognitive flexibility of 14 healthy participants with an age range of 14-49 in categorisation tasks, in which one half was induced a positive mood and the other half negative....
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On the Survival of Personalized Physical Bookstores Under the Development of Online Economy

Yeran Liu
With the rapid development of the Internet and digital technology, offline physical bookstores are gradually becoming the focus of attention. Traditional and old business models have become “time of the past”, new business models are being explored, and physical bookstores are facing a “painful period”...
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Research on the Rapid Growth of the Chamber Effect on Social Media

ZiPeng Chen
The research is based on the phenomenon of constantly emerging echo chambers on social media that have created significant and huge damage to online communities. The formation of echo chambers seems to be unavoidable. The purpose of this paper is to discuss the development of modern echo chambers, especially...
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Social Media on Racism of African American in USA

Junhan Cai
This article applies ethic identity theory to the existence of racial discrimination towards African American in social media platform. With theory applied, the article highlights the development of ethnic identity during structural suppression history and contemporary epoch of new media in the first...
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The Factors That Influence the Efficacy of Celebrity Endorsement

Qi Chen
With the development of Internet society, more and more celebrities begin to use their traffic to turn to the actual revenue. Many companies are also interested in the influence and the traffic of celebrities and invite them to endorse their products to stimulate their product sales. Many multimedia...
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A Review of Research on the Oppositional Behavior of Brand Fans

Jiada Chen, Simin Ma
Consumers are active in their favourite brand communities and go to competing brands’ communities to express their love for their own brand, mock the competing brands, and so on. This phenomenon is known as brand fan antagonism or oppositional loyalty. In recent years, brand fan antagonism has become...
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Gender, Age and Social Stigma: The Coping strategy Choice on Mental Health and Attitudes Towards Help-seeking

Jiani Zhang
The tendency of many men not to seek help and dilute their physical and mental health symptoms has become a common public image of men. Admitting a problem and asking for help may be seen as a sign of weakness for men, so they associate seeking psychological or emotional help with shame or weakness....
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Analysis of the Combination of AR Technology and Translation System

Yuluo Wang
Human society has entered the 21st century for two decades already. The rapid development of science and technology is obvious to all. A variety of novel products, including VR technology, are also constantly maturing, coupled with the continuous facilitation of transportation, and the increase in the...
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A Systematic Review of New Media Influencing People’s Attitude and Cognition to GMF

Shuran Yuan, Ruojing Zhang
Nowadays, new media plays an important role in people’s life. The idea of media attention proved that media would influence the audiences’ attitude, opinion direction, opinion strength, actual behavior, and cognitive learning. In this review, the readers’ attitude and cognition will be fully analyzed...
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The Role and Influence of Artificial Intelligence on Advertising Industry

Yongqi Yu
Since the industrial revolution, significant advancements in technological innovation have resulted in the transformation of numerous manual tasks and processes that had existed for decades, to the point where artificial intelligence (AI) technologies are widely used in advertising to increase efficiency...
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Inclusion of Young Children with Special Needs in Early Childhood Education in the United States: Advantages and Disadvantages

Siyu Chen, Qixuan Huang, Zhiyi Liu, Haijing Wang
As the significance of inclusion prevalently predominate in recent years, educators and professionals draw their attention to inclusion of students in educational settings in America. Including students with learning disabilities in general educational setting is a relatively debatable topic in the American...
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The Existing Problems and the Possible Reformation of UK University Admission System

Lidi Fang
This paper shows the current situation and state of UK’s university admission about how it is run generally and points out a few problems related to such matching mechanism between students and universities such as the shortcomings in stability, strategy-proof and Pareto-efficiency. In 2015, the UK government...
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Segregation in the Suburbanization of African Americans Under Exclusionary Zoning Statues

Zhiyu Wang
The two great black migrations and the rapid development of industry resulted in rapid population growth, which quickly exposed the problems in the allocation of housing resources. However, due to the segregation of blacks and whites, the housing problem cannot be solved very well, so there is a more...
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Biases in the Han Dynasty’s View Towards Different Countries Along the Silk Road

Joseph Haoyang Yu
The Han Dynasty, from 206 BCE to 200 CE, could be considered as the origin of the Silk Road. The Silk Road acted as a trading route, connecting countries from the capital of Han, all the way to Rome. During this period, the Han produced many historical books, writing about different countries towards...
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A Systematic Literature Review of Pop Activism in Chinese Visual Culture

Chenyi Wu
The objective of this research was to examine development and effects of Pop Activism in China ranging from dadaism to online expression. To achieve this objective, this paper were divided to three aspects to analyze Pop Activism, the development of Pop Art in China, the communication characteristics...
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Influence and Induction of College Students’ Personality Traits on Self-awareness

Using China College Students as an Example

Shipei Wang
This study aims to explore the influence and induction of five-factor personality traits on self-awareness. 90 participants were recruited as the research subjects and were divided into three groups in this experiment. The results revealed that students’ public and private self-awareness was considerably...
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Research on the Impact of Content Fragmentation Propagation in Short Videos

A Case Study of Douyin

Xinyi Liu, Jiayi Wu, Beina Zhao
In the era of 5G and the rapid development of the Internet, the pace of people’s life is getting faster and faster. Now it is the era of “attention economy”, and it is necessary to disseminate fragmented information. This way can catch the audience’s attention in the shortest time and let people receive...
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Impacts of Celebrity Fan Culture on Chinese Sports Stars in Contemporary China

Nan Wang
As the Tokyo Olympic Games and the 14th National Games of China were successfully held, the discussions about sports stars in the social media and social platforms have emerged in endlessly. It can be learned from the events being discussed that the occurrence and communication of such events show strong...
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The Application of Face Recognition System

Sai Wang
With the rapid development of computers and the internet, information security is particularly important. In the past, identification is mainly used with passwords or ID cards, but it is easy to be stolen or forgotten. However face recognition systems can quickly and simply solve the problem, so currently,...
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Re-release Film Dissemination in the New Media Era

The Lord of the Rings for Example

Yanke Wei
Based on the phenomenon of film rerun in the context of new media era, this paper analyzes the differences between the two film reruns, expounds its function and influence on the film rerun from the perspective of new media communication, and analyzes the changes of the audience to explain the significance...
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The Theoretical Basis and Feasibility of Time Travel

Meining Du
Whether time travel can be achieved in reality is often a matter of debate, and although many scientists have proposed a number of theoretical ways in which it might be possible, their feasibility remains to be studied. This paper firstly contrasts the absolute spacetime view and relative spacetime view...
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Analysis on the Motives Being a Fan or Fandom and the Possible Factor That Some Fans Performed Sasaengpaen/Fanatical Behavior

Yutong Pan
As developments of technology and communication are spreading widely across the world, an increased number of people contacts with brand new objects, trends, and figures by using social media. In this way, people build relationships with figures that they might worship and claim their adoration from...
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Factors Affecting the Accuracy of Witness Memory

Haoge Ma
Witness testimony and its accuracy play a very important role in the process of judicial decision. Therefore, it is particularly important for scholars and law enforcement personnel to study the internal and external factors that can affect the accuracy of testimony and witness memory. It is also necessary...
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How Does Conformity Psychology Affect Online Consumption Behaviors in China?

A Case Study of Singles’ Day Shopping Festival

Zixuan Zhang
Nowadays, as the development of science and technology and the popularization of the Internet, more and more people buy commodities online on Singles’ Day. There must be some reasons that why consumers pay so much attention to Singles’ Day and it has such large sales. Therefore, this article aims to...
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A Systematic Literature Review of Art Photography on Social Media in the Age of Digital Culture

Peizhi Qian
Social media have achieved a prominent role in people’s daily life. Several art photographers and institutions have created social media accounts in response to the trend nowadays. The development of art photography on social media should be looked into, and the background of digital culture is also...
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The British Concession in Tianjin from the Perspective of Colonialism

Linan Zhang
The British colonial policy was forcibly implemented in the British Concession in Tianjin, and a set of ruling institutions were set up which were independent of China’s administrative power, which seriously violated China’s sovereignty. Britain also colonized China economically by setting up foreign...
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The Revival of Civic Nationalism Depended on the Great Depression

Zizhe Wang
The ideal beliefs of United States which comprise the fundamental right of everyone to pursue freedom, equality and to chase happiness have been talked and analyzed proverbially. These values embodied in Declaration of Independence and the Constitution have such an incredible and powerful charm to attract...
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Analysis on Regional Difference of Inclusive Green Development in China

Shen Yang
At present, China’s economic aggregate is constantly increasing. Social and environmental issues are receiving more and more attention. Economic sustainable development, social equity and environmental protection have become the tings which the development should contain. Inclusive Green development...
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Analysis on Bot—A New Type of Community in the Chinese Internet Environment

Yilin Liu
The Chinese Internet differs from the Internet environment of other languages in that it has a communication behavior that is related to social bot but fundamentally different. It is a carefully categorized, original community where the manager sits behind an avatar and posts information to followers...
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Comparative Study of Social Organizations’ Support During Coronavirus Crisis

Anqi Yu
Since the outbreak of the coronavirus, countless people have been infected, diagnosed as severely ill, and even lost their lives as a result. Various countries have also adopted different epidemic prevention measures. This article compares the epidemic prevention measures and effects of China and the...
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The Role of Parents in Their Children’s Gender Identity

Guo Chen
In this article,we describe the role that parents in different families may play in the gender identity of their children. Gender identity is a consciousness and an important formative process for children, requiring family education and the influence of social goodwill. It is well known that the family...
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Racial Ideology Development in Children: A Cause, Implication and Strategy Study

Jianing Wang
This paper examines whether children can materialize racial ideologies. The central idea in this discussion is on racial ideologies and the aim is to find out whether children can possess racial ideologies. There is particularly more focus on the ages when the children are likely to develop the racial...
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The Application of Data Science in Public Health

Dingwei Zhan
Since the eruption of COVID-19 pandemic at the end of Dec. 2019, China has relied heavily on health QR code to monitor the movement of people at various locales and regions. Technically, health QR code is a micro-program embedded in Alipay or Wechat that integrates big data and complicated algorithm...
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Bureaucracy, Meritocracy, and Inequality: A Critical Examination of Singapore’s Streaming System

Jiarui Wu
Once dubbed a great social leveller, Singapore’s education system became the centre of parliamentary debates in 2019. Upon voting, the current streaming system will be replaced by subject-based banding(SBB) in 2024[1]. This subject-based banding means that students can take different levels (G1, G2,...
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The Influence of Social Media on Women’s Objectified Body Consciousness and Body Dissatisfaction

Jing Pan
The widespread use of social media has exposed idealized body images in people’s lives, which has a negative impact on women’s mental health. This study applies objectification theory to examine the influence of advertisements and social networking sites on their objectified body consciousness. Social...
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Sex Difference in Confidence on Conformity patterns in Female-dominate Stereotyped Task

Zixin Gu, Yuyao Liu, Yueyao Yang
Background: The manifestation of gender differences in different aspects has always been a social phenomenon that researchers are interested in and mainly focus on. In Catharine P. Cross’s previous research, researchers’ study results have proposed there are gender differences in confidence level on...
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Implicit Gender-biased Speeches in Workplace: Embedded Stereotypes and Effects on Women’s Career Development

Yijia Chai
Women’s career path still meets with many challenges because of sexism, which is regarded as a special case of ethnic prejudice. Based on the nature and sources of sexism, it is worth highlighting that the root of sexism is underpinned by a set of traditional gender stereotypes toward women. Stereotypes...
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Evolution of Distribution Channels in Entertainment Industry

Hongyu Duan
The entertainment industry’s distribution channels have now progressed through four stages. People spread through word of mouth in the first stage, books and magazines in the second stage, television in the third stage, and now, in the fourth stage, various mobile phone applications. The ability to receive...
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The View on Language in Lu Xun’s “Stiff Translation” Strategy

Yuxuan MAO
Lu Xun creatively adopted the strategy of ‘hard translation’ in his literary translation work. Central to this strategy was, as he claimed, the preservation of the grammatical features and pragmatic conventions of the source language to the greatest extent possible. This article applied Wilhelm von Humboldt’s...
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Gender Stereotype in School: Using Implicit Association Test (IAT) to Investigate Gender-Major Stereotype in Chinese Community

Keying Chen, Kunpeng Shao, Fangtong Wang
Gender stereotype is a phenomenon happening on an everyday basis. Influenced by this biased belief, the common expectation in gender and major is that men are associated with STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) majors and women are associated with liberal arts majors. Nevertheless,...
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Exploring the Impact of Celebrity Endorsement of Food Advertising on Brand Sales

Taking Teenagers as the Survey Object

Chang Nie, Wutong Liu
It is elaborated that teenagers are overly star-crossed, which has led to a lot of negative behaviors such as impulsive spending. In this article, we investigate what benefits celebrity endorsements have on increasing brand sales. We will appeal to the idea that youth should have financial management...
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Bra in the New Era: A Study from the Perspective of Feminism

Zihan Li
The type of underwear, known as the ‘bra’, is particularly invested with meanings of femininity, sexuality, and pleasure. There is a clear connection between bra and feminism that arouses a lot of attention in academic researches. This paper examines the latest trend of bra and young women’s attitudes...
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New Media Communication of Fashion Consumer Goods in the Context of Visual Culture

A Case Study of Bralette Advertising

Dongyuan Zhu, Sijia Chen
Contemporarily, the relationship between new media and fashion has become a hot spot. Taking bralette as an example, this paper continues to explore this topic in the context of visual culture. Bralette is a lightweight bra without an underwire, designed primarily for comfort. Bralettes trend has occupied...
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See the Responsibilities of Professional News Agencies and NGOs in The Networked Digital Age Through the Xinjiang Cotton Campaign of China

Yun Wang
With the dramatic development of networked digital technologies, miscellaneous applications, especially social media, have permeated all aspects of human life. The most prominent feature of social media is that the public is exploited as free labor for generating information in the emotional-oriented...
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Research on Reducing the Extremes of Special Enrollment in the College Entrance Examination (High-level Sports Team) Under the Bilateral Matching Model

Zihan Liu
As the number of college entrance examinations continues to increase, competition is becoming more and more fierce. Among them, the special type is also the multitude of troops crossing the single-plank bridge. As one of the high-level sports teams, the number of participants each year is also increasing,...
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Comparative Research of feminist content on Tiktok and Weibo

Yurong Cui
As educational equality becomes more accepted, females have gained a prominent on more societal responsibilities and get some chance to voice. However, females suffer difficulty in ensuring the same advantages as males and achieving a vital role in the courts and public administration. Particularly in...
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Analysis on News Images of the Tokyo Olympic Games Athletes in Chinese Sina Weibo from the Perspective of the Male Gaze

Yushi Luo
The male gaze is a high-profile and crucial research topic in visual culture field. However, few studies pay attention to Chinese sports context and authoritative media. This research applied the male gaze theory to analyse the frame in news images of Chinese athletes of the Tokyo Olympic Games on Chinese...
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Impacts of Afghanistan Refugee Crisis and Solutions for European Union

Yang Shen
Since the Taliban took control of Afghanistan on the 15th of August, it is worried that a new refugee crisis similar to the situation in 2015 is generating. This essay aims to explore how the refugee crisis poses threats on countries European Union and possible solutions for this situation. To begin,...
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The Classed Nature of Queer Nightclubs in Shanghai

Xingyu Wang
This research proposal is inspired by one of the author’s field trips to an LGBTQ+ friendly bar and the observation of its classed nature. This study aims to explore the classed nature of queer nightclubs in Shanghai, which are social venues for the stigmatized group to foster resilience against oppression...
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On Marine Spirit in William Golding’s * To the Ends of the Earth

Kanshuai Jiang, Yalun Hao
William Golding is one of the most influential contemporary British writers. Under the influence of maritime civilization, he has an indissoluble bond with the ocean. In To the Ends of the Earth, the ship is regarded as a state and the voyage compared with life, demonstrating a profound picture of life...
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Overseas Transmission of Hainan Opera

Shimin Yang, Linyu Zhang
Hainan Opera is one type of traditional Chinese Opera in Hainan Island, and the performers play in Hainanese dialect. Although Hainan Opera has a long history of overseas transmission, it attracts limited audience in foreign countries and regions. This paper aims to examine the existing problems of overseas...
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Cooking Video Development and Everyday Cultural Politics in China

Bilu Guan
One of the most popular online chefs in China, Wang Gang, has been an iconic figure in the digitization of Chinese cooking. He was called a “hardcore chef” because he showed the entire process of cooking from the very beginning (raw meat or a live duck) to the prepared dish with no fancy presentation,...
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Implementation of English Language Education Policy in Hong Kong Kindergartens: Perspectives of Stakeholders

Xun Lu
After Hong Kong’s handover in 1997 and under the “one country two systems” model, education in Hong Kong underwent tremendous changes. Since then, there has been a heated debate about how English language education policy ought to be designed and promoted in Hong Kong. This paper chooses Hong Kong kindergartens...
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The Influence of New Media on Feminist Movement: An Analysis of Feminist Images on Weibo

Wanjing Gu, Jiaxi Jiang, Zi Ye
Weibo has been the most commonly used platform for Chinese people to speak out in the feminist movement in recent years. Therefore, our group plans to conduct a more in-depth analysis and research on the images of feminist activities on Weibo to reflect the influence of media. This paper mainly discusses...
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Presentation of China’s Stories in Sino-foreign Joint Documentaries

A Case Study of Two Typical Documentaries

Zhiyu Zhang
Under the background of continuous international communication, documentary as a popular form of video communication, has increasingly become an important way to promote cultural exchange from nation to nation. As representative documentaries about the story of China’s change, How China Works and How...
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Explaining Modern Chinese Women’s Views on BM Style Clothes: From Personal Aesthetics and Social Gender

Shijie Wang
In recent years (approximately from 2019-2021), BM-style clothes have become very popular among young Chinese women. BM is the acronym of Brandy Melville. It is a European clothing and fashion accessories brand, which markets its products to young women. The company was established in Italy by Silvio...
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The Effect of Language Proficiency and Automatic Linguistic Correcting on Interfering Intensity

Dan Geng, Yixiang Liu, Jingkang Wang
The Stroop Color-Word Test (SCWT) is a psychological test used to assess the semantic interference that is manifested as the difference in reaction time between processing congruent (color-meaning matched) and incongruent (color-meaning mismatched) word conditions, and has been well studied in the cognitive...
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Beyond “Non-linear Narrative” to a Kind of “Sensory Film”

On the New Characteristics and Trends of Art Film Aesthetics and Art in the New Era

Bo Zhe
In the era of economic development, the audience’s demand for consumption is changing. This paper aims to discover the “change of consumption” in current film and television works, discover the turn of current film and television creation, and sort out the changes of film and television culture. This...
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The Principles and Influence of Negative Stereotypes

Analysis with Examples

Peige Wang
For a long time, stereotypes have been the focus of attention of the public and psychologists, and different scientists have put forward different theories about this phenomenon. The purpose of this article is to sort out the research objects that have always been focused on, from one-dimensional negative...
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The Effect of Background Music on Young People (10-24)’ Task Performance

Yuxuan Chen
Current studies on the effects of background music are controversial and lack consensus. This paper analyzes a large number of previous studies on the relationship between background music and task performance. The purpose of this paper is to explore the best ways for young people to play background...
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Current Situation Analysis and Countermeasure Research of Party History Study and Education of College Students in the New Era

Based on a Survey of College Students in Sichuan Province

Yang Long, Yang Fan
A history of the development of the Chinese Communist Party is also a history of the Chinese Communist Party’s own construction and the history of party history learning, education and exploration. Based on the questionnaire survey and interview with some college students in Sichuan province, this paper...
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Analysis of the Temple Economy in the Tang Dynasty and the Thinking of the “Commercialization” of Buddhist Temples

Yuying Jiang
After Buddhism introduced into China from the Eastern Han Dynasty, through the development of successive dynasties, its unique temple economy is also in the process of constant development and change. This paper mainly introduces the development course and business model of the temple economy in the...
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The Application of Artificial Emotions in Artificial Intelligence

Yunze Gu
The current research effort on AI is mainly focused on how to more efficiently completing specific tasks. Some incredible achievements can already be seen in navigation, data prediction, personalized advertisement and more. However, researchers seem less motivated to study how AI behaviour can be made...
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How the Needs of Self-presentation are Related to the Social Media Fatigue of Chinese College Students on WeChat Moments

Xinhao Liu
The needs of self-presentation have been confirmed by past studies as one of the factors leading to social media fatigue. Based on semi-structured interviews with twenty Chinese college students, this paper investigated how social activities on their WeChat Moments have changed, and explored how the...
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The Current Situation of Double Standards on Domestic Violence of Heterosexual Partners

Yirou Jiang
For most of the male victims of domestic violence, the public’s double standard and unequal support make most of them dare not speak or are not aware of the harm they have suffered. This includes two reasons: the stereotype formed by historical evolution and the pressure imposed by contemporary social...
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Research on the Factors of Gender Stereotype of Senior High School Students

Xiwen Liu
The word of “Gender Stereotype” has always been a heated topic these years. To find out how much it actually exists in our lives and what are its major causes and influences, the paper gathers information by sending out questionnaire to the high-school students in Wuxi. There are total 134 samples(students)....
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Research on the Changes in the Choice of Outdoor Activities for Residents in Urban Parks Under the Background of the COVID-19

Yuxuan Zhao, Shuning Feng
As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to transform lives and ways of living across the globe, as one of the types of urban green space with high contact frequency, green space near residential areas has a positive effect on residents’ physical and mental health. Cities are at the forefront of these adaptive...
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Initiative or Passive: Self-Identity’s Change of Chinese American Females in Interracial Marriage

Yuquan Liu, Ruixian Sheng, Xiaoli Xiong
The racial topic is always the hot spot among the American public. As the significant minority group with special background in America, Chinese American females in interracial marriage are worthwhile to be focused on. In this research, we contribute to figuring out the reasons behind the self-identity...
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Trade Law Needs to Be Better Incorporated into the UN Sustainable Development Goals

Shuyue Gu, Cheng-Rui Chi, Zihang Gao, Wenxuan Tang, Yumeng Duan
With the development of economic globalization, the current world trade is developing quite rapidly. At the same time, however, various problems that need to be resolved have emerged. The climate problems caused by trade pollution to the environment are global, and the energy depletion and pollution...
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Bra Purchase Choice Influenced by Feminism

An Empirical Study Based on Survey

Qianyuan Sheng, Xiruo Wang
Bra gained popularity during World War I as the lack of metal supply caused the popularity of corset to subside. Indeed, before 20th century, the women undergarment was dominated by corset which helped women squeeze themselves to shape their slender waist and to demonstrate their curvaceous bosom. Some...
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The Grand Budapest Hotel: An Uncommon Adaptation of the World of Yesterday

Ziyan Li
Wes Anderson’s film The Grand Budapest Hotel is an unconventional adaptation of writer Zweig’s memoir The World of Yesterday and his personal experiences. The film has its own original story but retains the central thrust of the memoir. This thesis will discuss how Wes Anderson represents three important...
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The Enhances Effect of VR on Awareness of Environmental Protection

Yinan Xu
The development of science and technology makes people begin to use more advanced technologies to alleviate environmental problems. However, research and technology applications for establishing and enhancing environmental awareness require huge costs and technical support. Even though there are eco-themed...
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Analysis of Dissociative Identity Disorder Presented in Popular Movies and the Possible Impacts on Public Stereotypes

Suqi Chen
Dissociative identity disorder (DID) is often presented in movies with the impression of danger, and its patients constantly acted as madness and crazy. With the rise of the internet, movies have become an essential communication channel, exerting a significant impact on people’s understanding of the...