Proceedings of the 2017 2nd International Seminar on Education Innovation and Economic Management (SEIEM 2017)

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Research on Causes and Suggestions of the Difficulty of Reimbursement in the Financial Affairs of the Institutions of Higher Learning

Yuanchao Chen
With the increase of state's spending on colleges and universities, the institutional revenue of higher education, especially the scientific research funds, keeps increasing, which makes the source of funds present the trend of diversification and the work of financial accounting in colleges and universities...
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The Function of Aesthetic Education to Medical Students' Professional Aesthetic Literacy

Feng Mi, Yaoxin Song, Ying Sun, Zhiwei Chu
Medical aesthetic education is not only an important link in medical education, but also the aesthetic culture that modern college students should possess. It is that the educators, with certain medical aesthetic thoughts and theoretical guidance, promote the formation of the medical students' aesthetics...
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A Contrastive Analysis of Learners' Behaviors in Different terms of a MOOC Course--Case Study of Management Communication

Erdong Zhao, Shangqi Li, Sichen Dai, Yuehong Miao
The popularity and academic performance of the MOOC course is issuing that many MOOC practitioners highly regarded. This paper analyzes the case of Management Communication, the first course in economic and management specialty, went online in Chinese University MOOC since 2015. By comparing the changing...
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Research on Key Issues in the Development of China's Internet Finance

Youfang Jin
Internet finance has gone through the process from the indulgent free development to the regulations, and the governance and institutional arrangements based on the nature of Internet finance shall be understood authentically. In order to solve the problem of the missing legal system to regulate the...
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Effect and Risk Analysis of New Rural Cooperative Medical System in Guizhou Province under big Data Environment

Yong-mei He, Hong-mei Zhang
In September 2016, Guizhou Province started the full implementation of the new rural cooperative medical insurance policy. The coverage of NRCMS in the future will be more extensive and its development will be more rapid. As a result, the data of the disease insurance will increase in a faster manner,...
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Exploration and Practice of Stratified Teaching in Elementary Courses in Agricultural and Forestry Colleges and Universities--A Case Study of Beijing University of Agriculture

Yuci Wang
Illustrated by the case of Beijing University of Agriculture, this paper explores the necessity and feasibility of stratified teaching in elementary courses in agricultural and forestry colleges and universities. And combining with implementation process and effect analysis of stratified teaching in...
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Analysis of Evolution Dynamics of Chinese Credit Reporting System in the Internet Environment

Yuanxiang Dong, Chenjing Hou, Guiming Liu, Weimei Hu
This paper studied the effectiveness of the Internet for credit reporting system and the applicability of the two credit reporting models, market-oriented model and government-oriented model, in China. Firstly, on the basis of system dynamics modeling, structural models of two credit reporting systems...
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Research on Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education Reform and Construction of College Students

Liang Kang
Innovation and entrepreneurship education has become an inevitable trend of deepening the reform of higher education and the development. Innovation and entrepreneurship education is a major issue faced by the colleges and universities in the new period. Through the timely adjustment of educational ideas,...
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An Analysis of the Unstable Factors of the College Counselors in the New Era

Weiwei Wu
The major contradictions of socialism in the new era have changed and put forward some new requirements on education, so the counselors' work faced significant challenges. Counselors in colleges and universities play an irreplaceable role in strengthening ideological and political education of undergraduate...
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Research on the Standardized Process of Research Data Management in CHINA

Wenjing Chu, Zhaohui Chu, Hongsheng Pang, Shuning Li
In view of intersected management and lack of macro management and coordination in research data management, this paper establishes a standardized and orderly management process for scientific data to make better use of the value of scientific data. This paper develops a corresponding standard management...
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Research on the Operation Mechanism of High Vocational Colleges and Enterprises Cooperation under the Background of Integration of Production and Education

Chen Lu, Zheng Liu, Jianfeng Jiang
Based on the situation that the high vocation Colleges are a one-way relationship with enterprises about cooperating between them, and combined with the trend of economic development in current region, we are researching the operation mechanism of school-enterprise cooperation under the deep integration...
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The Impact of Chongqing Population Size and Structure on Carbon Emissions:A Study base on STIRPAT Model

Yeying Hong
Such old Industrial bases in Chongqing, the aim of this paper to explore the Population change on the influence of Carbon emissions, and on the basis of the adjustment of energy structure is put forward the corresponding strategic measures.On the basis of the Time Series Data from 1996 to 2016 in Chongqing,...
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Traditional Factors of Eclectic Paradigm, Doing Business and Chinese ODI

Yali Wang
This research tries to identify the key host country-level factors playing important roles when Chinese firms conduct overseas activities, using a survey of Chinese 284 listed companies between 2001 and 2015. Via Poisson model, three-dimensional analysis (host country's development status, firms' ownership...
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The Trend Analysis of Life Insurance Premium Income Time Series Based on SARIMA Model in Underdeveloped Areas--A Case Study of Guizhou Province

Xin He, Hongmei Zhang
Based on the study of the development of life insurance in Guizhou Province in the underdeveloped areas, this paper analyzes the time series of premium income in Guizhou Province to study the development of life insurance in this area, and the paper mainly focuses on the monthly data of life insurance...
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The Social Support of Left-behind Children's Growth Education

Heting Sun
Based on the existing research at home and abroad, this essay adopts the theory of social support and does a research with the help of questionnaires. It objectively classifies the factors which will affect the growth of Home-parked Children in rural areas into four types: parental support, teacher support,...
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A New Teaching Method of "Introduction to Computer Science" Course Inspired by the Operation Mode of Restaurant

Xiaodan Chen, Siming Li, Hongping Yuan, Junyan Zhang
"Introduction to Computer Science" is the first compulsory course for undergraduates majoring in computer science. This course covers the core knowledge of computer science, and needs to give students the right concept and sufficient interest to lay the foundation for future computer learning. It's important...
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Curriculum Development and Research on Construction Safety Psychology and Behavior

Pei Wu, Xiao Dang
The purpose of the developing on this course is to improve college students' ability on psychological cognition and behavioral cultivation of construction safety on the basis of mastering the basic skills in the construction operation and management methods. The research methods of this paper include...
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Practice of Action Oriented Teaching for Financial Statements Analysis Course

Hongxia Li, Sihong Li, Xiaoning Hu
To cultivate and train students' ability to use statement analysis knowledge to serve their jobs , in the practice of course students complete each task through a four-in-one circulating learning approach featured by "learning knowledge-sharing experience-investigating and solving problems creatively-taking...
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Evaluation of the Economic Development Potential of Harbor Industrial District in Zhejiang Province

Pei-Xiong Chen, Qi Wang, He Zhang, Zhi-Bin Li, Ruo-Zhou Fang
Harbor industrial district has been the key to the development of the world and China's coastal developed regions for a long time. The economic development of harbor industrial district in a city plays a very important role in promoting the economic development of the city. In order to summarize the...
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The Definition of Affordable Luxury Based on Consumer Perception

Lunan Zhao, Shui Jin
In recent years, "Affordable Luxury" often appears in public vision. Due to rapid expansion and rising sales of affordable luxury brands in recent years, people are no longer strangers to affordable luxury goods. Therefore, many experts and scholars began to pay attention to the affordable luxury brand....
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Design Discipline Construction Based on Subliminal Theory

Ping Wu
This paper tries to find the guiding ideology of discipline construction suitable for the design subject. By comparing creative design activity with subconscious activities, it revealed the similarity and the close relationship of the two types of activities. At the same time, it proposed the key role...
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Research and Practice of Digital Signal Processing Based on the Comprehensive Teaching Mode

Xiaojuan Wei
Digital Signal Processing is an important specialized course for undergraduates majoring in electrical information. This course has a mix of very abstruse theory, many abstract concepts, scientific methods and mathematical knowledge, so it is quite difficult for students to master it. In terms of the...
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Predict Physics Achievement in Middle School Education by Big Five Model and Artificial Neural Network

Meng-Meng Yang, Soriya Aok, John Liu
In order to predict physics achievement in middle school, this paper proposed a new method based on big five model. First, we collected 300 samples, in which 150 passed and the other 150 failed the final physics examination. Then, we submitted the five demographic features and five big-five personality...
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Research of Mixed Teaching Reform Model Based on SPOC

Xin Sui
Massive Open Online Courses rapidly grow. SPOC is a small, restrictive online course that combines traditional classroom teaching with MOOC. SPOC can significantly improve the learning effect of MOOC. The mixed teaching model based on SPOC in colleges and universities is conducive to promoting the reform...
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A Study on the Construction of High-Quality IT Majors in Higher Vocational Colleges--Based on the Sydney Agreement

Zheng Liu, Yuan Zhu, Shufeng Zhang
The Sydney agreement is an international certification in terms of engineering and technical education designed for those who accept three years' higher education. Although China has not yet joined the agreement, by studying the international standards of engineering and technical talents and the paradigm...
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Research on the Status and Role of Party Construction in the Construction of Campus Sports Culture in Colleges and Universities

Jing Shi
This paper expounds the connotation and characteristics of university culture and campus sports culture, and the interaction and development ways and methods of grass roots party construction and campus sports culture construction. Research holds that, set up the post of Party members' sunshine sports...
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Practice and Exploration of School Emergency Injury Education System

Lihong Dong, Lin Tian
In the view of school education system, how to solve and deal with all kinds of emergency injury incidents inside and outside the school, students' understanding is still in the "blind spot" situation. This paper discusses the advantages of emergency injury education and ability training into the school...
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Research on the Innovation of China Tourism Industry and Sports Industry

Liang Ma
In the industrial value chain, Internet development of tourism industry and sports industry has leapt the sports tourism circle, through theoretical analysis of domestic and international sports and tourism industry development of the Internet, explore the development process of the two rigid problem...
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Visual Analysis of Current Research Situation of Campus Football at Home and Abroad Based on Knowledge Map

Yuzhang Han, Shufan Guo, Xing Wang
By using Cite Metrics and Information Visual Citation Analysis software (CitespaceIII) to analyze 728research papers on campus football from CNKI database and 507papers from WOS database ranged from 1994 to 2014, the study tries to demonstrate the similarities and the differences of the hot spots of...
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An Analysis of Functional Shifting of Word Classes

Changqing Pang, Huimin Liu, Di Pang, Shanshan Gao
Global integration calls for more efficient language translation techniques, where English-Chinese translation enjoys a higher priority. Practically, the mastery of vocabulary is of great challenge to translators, and this paper focuses on the important translation skill of functional shifting of word...
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Engineering Education Certification From the Perspective of Project Management - A Systematic Analysis of Graduation Requirements and Accomplishment

Cheng Xiang, Yunjun Li, Lianbing Lin, Xueshan Xia
Engineering undergraduate education can be regarded as a four-five-year education project. Engineering education certification is the qualification quality evaluation of the project implementation results. In this paper, from the project management perspective, graduation requirements of certification...
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Engineering Education Professional Certification from a Project Management Perspective--Team and Stakeholder Analysis

Cheng Xiang, Lianbing Lin, Chuanzhu Gao, Xi Song
Pharmaceutical engineering in Kunming University of Science and Technology was certified by the International Engineering Education Certification and re-certification in 2014 and 2017. In the certification process, we analyzed the pharmaceutical engineering teaching process from the perspective of project...
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Social Responsibility Education of Business Schools: Theoretical Connotation, Driving Mechanism and Path of Ascension

Pengfei Jiang
Business schools are the cradle of business talent. Business school's social responsibility education is the starting point for corporate social responsibility education. At present, the social responsibility education of business schools still faces many problems. Therefore, breaking the social responsibility...
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Social Work Intervention in the Education of Special Children

Jiaxu Wu
Social work is a kind of professional work guided by the values of altruism, based on scientific knowledge and aimed at social justice. In recent years, it has played an important role in the field of the education of special children abroad. Through the analysis of the current situation and theoretical...
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A study on the Source of Competitive Advantage in Uncertainty Environment: From the View of Dynamic Capability and Path Dependent

Xiyuan Wang, Hao Shi, Qingyang Zhang
This study is going to reveal the real source of enterprise competitive advantage under moderate changed environments and high-velocity environments. Based on the literature review, the factor of environmental dynamism is drawn into the study structure, and a system dynamics analysis was made on the...
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Analysis of Psychological Assistance for Orphans and Disabled Children--Take Wuhan Textile University "Love comforts the soul" as an Example

Qiuwei Jiang, Qiangwei Yan
This research takes our school's project--"love comforts the soul"--psychological assistance activities as an example, which is for the welfare house's orphans and disabled children. Then we discuss the purpose of psychological support activity, the implementing ways and significance. At last, we combine...
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Research on Promoting the Integration and Innovation of Culture and Technology

Yali Liang
By using the methods of literature research and case analysis; discusses the necessity of culture and technology of integration and innovation; from the theoretical point of view to analyze mainly several aspects of the integration development of culture and technology; constructs the mechanism model...
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Study on the Exit Mechanism of the Coastline Resources of the Yangtze River

Chen Cao
The exit mechanism of the coastline resources of the Yangtze River is an indispensable system for the use and management of coastline resources along the Yangtze River. In order to promote the intensive use of coastline resources in the Yangtze River and standardize the management of the exit system...
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New Exploration on the Educational Mode Reform of Humanistic Quality of Medical Students

Feng Mi, Yaoxin Song
In this paper, combined with the requirements of education reform and the student's actual situation and proposed to reform and explore problems in the educational mode of humanistic quality of the medical students, feasible countermeasures and suggestions of the improvement of humanities education quality...
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Unity or Variety: the Curriculum Construction of Undergraduate Business English Major in Shandong Province

Shuai Wang
This essay is designed to explore similarities and differences of Curriculums of undergraduate Business English major of five universities/colleges in Shandong Province. A descriptive study is used to illustrate the current situation of undergraduate Business English education based on field trips, internet...
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Research on the Key Problems and Methods of Building Mobile Teaching Platform Based on WeChat Subscription Account

Xiaodan Chen, Siming Li, Junyan Zhang, Hongping Yuan
The WeChat subscription account was registered on WeChat public platform, which was most often used for teaching than other account types. Learner could pay attention to subscription account conveniently by the "scanning and scanning" function of mobile client App, and realized information interaction...
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Construction of Enterprise Credit System against the Backdrop of Big Data

Siqi Li, Mu Zhang
In order to improve the level of enterprise credit information service, promote the enterprise credit system construction process and realize the enterprise credit information sharing, this paper, based on the construction practice of existing enterprise credit information database, tentatively puts...
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Research on Influence Factors of Creativity Development of Applied Undergraduate

Xiangmin Ren, Kechao Wang, Dexun Jiang, Qi Ran
Creativity is one of the most core characteristics of talent, creativity development of students are top priorities for higher education. First, we introduce the importance of creativity development and definition briefly, investigate and study the current situation of applied undergraduate about creativity...
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Research on Establishment of Procuratorial Supervision Organization under Judicial Reform

Zixin Wang
As an organ of legal supervision set up according to the Constitution of China, the People's Procuratorate does not completely make people satisfy its supervision in practice. The reasons are from two aspects; one is that the definition of procuratorial supervision is not clear; the other is that mechanism...
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Exploration of Teaching Reform of Water Engineering Construction Courses Based on BIM Technology in China

Chao Liu, Liyuan Wang, Binjie Qian, Zhiqiang Liu
Water engineering construction course is a comprehensively and practically compulsory course for student majored in Water Supply and Sewerage Engineering. It is a subject worth exploring and researching how to improve the teaching effect and efficiency of water engineering construction course. This article...
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Brief Discussion of the Teaching Reform Research in Application-Oriented Colleges--A Case Study of Introduction Class of Structural Mechanics

Chuanteng Huang, Shuang Pu
In order to respond to the strategy of "Industry Strengthen Province" in Guizhou Province, to achieve the goal of transformation and upgrading of the college and training applied talents for local economy and society, teaching reform is imperative. According to the requirement of application-oriented...
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A Survey Study on the Needs of Left-behind Children in China

Fei Xie
This paper is to study the life situation and demand of the so-called left-behind children based on a questionnaire survey of 401 respondents in Hubei province, China. The result indicated that most of the left-behind children had no tutoring help in study, received normal level of care from their guardians,...
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A Case Study on the Left-behind Children Care Service with Social Organizations Involved in China

Yueqi Lu, Yanping Yu
This paper studies how social organizations in China participate in the care service of left-behind children and how to take advantage of social organization's resource to enhance the care and protection of left-behind children. Through a case study of a social organization in Hubei province, it revealed...
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Research on the Construction of Practical Teaching System with Testing Features

Guiqin Xu
In order to meet the social requirements of the practical ability of graduates, it is especially important for colleges and universities to establish a distinctive practice teaching system. This article analyzes the function of the practice teaching system and the common problems existing in practice...
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Research on Financing Predicament and Breakthrough Countermeasures of China's Affordable Housing

Chunjiao Liu
Promoting the construction of affordable housing is a key livelihood project for the state to ensure the well-being of people, safeguard social fairness and justice. However, because of the shortage of funds, the coverage and construction progress of this project are far from the expected targets. Hence,...