Proceedings of the Seminar Nasional Kimia - National Seminar on Chemistry (SNK 2018)

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Organic Polymer Monolith: Synthesis and Applications For bioanalytical

Ahmad Sabarudin
High-speed separation, enrichment, digestion, as well as high-throughput analysis of biomolecules are very important in analytical and bioanalytical chemistry, biosciences, etc. for thesepurposes, currently a single piece of porous material so-called "monolith", Has been rapidly developed for Several...
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High Order Thinking Skills in Chemical Research to Develop Entrepreneurship and Campus Economic Power

Titik Taufikurohmah
Higher-level thinking skills in determining the topic and direction of policy is very important research related to the comprehensive benefit as a result of a study. The study is expected to provide comprehensive solution of social problems of his day so the presence of the results of research studies...
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Profile of The Indonesian Essential Oil from Melaleuca cajuputi

Sutrisno Sutrisno, Rini Retnosari, Henie Poerwandar Asmaningrum
The chemical composition of three cajuput essential oils of Melaleuca cajuputi (M. cajuputi) from different area in Indonesia were analyzed using gas chromatography–mass spectrometry to determine the similarities and differences among their volatile chemical compositions. These cajuput oils come from...
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Degradation of Chicken Feathers by Indigenous Pseudomonas aeruginosa

Suharti Suharti Suharti, Laila Badriyah, Hizkia Putraasa
Our effort in discovering new valuable organism, A newly bacterium was isolated from chicken feathers enriched soil. Microscopic and biochemical study as well as 16S rRNA gene analysis identified the bacterium as Pseuodomonas aeruginosa. Microbial growth study confirmed its capability to use chicken...
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Analysis of the Clinical Volunteer Complaint Relation with Dangerous Substances in Cosmetic Formula Used)

Titik Taufikurohmah, Siti Tjahjani, I Gusti Made Sanjaya, Andika Pramudya Wardana, Hans Lumintang, Tjandrakira Tjandrakira, Afaf Baktir, Achmad Syahrani, Adi Soeprijanto
Dangerous substances in cosmetics have been widely known especially mercury face whitening. Socialization of the impact has also been made by NA-DFC (The National Agency of Drug and Food Control. However, the circulation of cosmetics contain contains mercury still exist on the community society. It needs...
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Glycerin Purification of Biodiesel Production Side Products by Distillation Method

Mohammad Istnaeny Hudha, Dimas Indra Laksmana
Limited reserves of fossil fuels in the world, encouraging each country, the search for alternative energy sources is more urgent. One alternative to renewable energy is biodiesel produced from vegetable oil. Biodiesel is generally produced from the transesterification process of vegetable oils (triglycerides)...
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Study of Packaging Variations on the Quality of Instant Tomato Powder Drinks

Faidliyah Nilna Minah, Siswi Astuti
Instant drinks are already a major requirement to fulfill human consumption in the era of globalization. According to the national health department, more than 5% of Indonesians consume instant drinks from various types. This figure is an opportunity for us to conduct research that produces quality drinks...
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Utilization Activated Carbon from Bagasse in Processed of Laundry Waste

Dwi Putri Handayani, Nining Fitriana, Rusmini Rusmini
Research was carried out on the use of activated carbon from bagasse for processing laundry waste. The method used is the adsorption method with a variation of the length of contact between activated carbon and laundry waste. Laundry waste parameters analyzed included MBAS, phosphate, COD, BOD, TSS and...
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The Development of New Composite Polymer Membrane : Polysulfone (PSf)/polyetherimide (PEI) coated membrane

Pirim Setiarso, Nita Kusumawati, Agus Budi Santoso, Setya Chendra Wibawa
In this research, the effect of coating composition (polyetherimide (PEI)) on the physical and mechanical characteristics as well as pure water flux (PWF) of the PSf/PEI composite membranes. The physical characteristics of membranes were analyzed based on the acquisition of surface and cross section...
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Extraction and Characterization of The Base Halal Gelatin Based on Bovine Bone

Asrul Bahar, Rusijono Rusijono, Nita Kusumawati
In this study bovine bone material was cured with alkaline solution (calcium oxide) for 10, 30 and 50 days and extracted at three temperature levels (60 °C in extraction I, 70 °C in extraction II, and 100 °C in extraction III) each for 4, 5 and 6 hours. The results showed an increase in the percentage...
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Development of Textile Natural Dyeing using Hybrid Dyes from Mango Leaves Turmeric

Nita Kusumawati, Samik Samik, Agus Budi Santoso, Asri Wijiastuti
In this study, natural staining procedures have been evaluated using hybrid dyes of mango and turmeric leaves. To get rich color shades with high strength and color fastness, coloring is done by involving a number of preparation stages which include washing using Turkish Red Oil (TRO), mordanting using...
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The Prouction and Characterization of Kaempferia Galanga L. –Based Herb Powder: Blanching and Drying Procedure Influence on Proximate, Metal, and Microbial Contamination

Pirim Setiarso, Rusijono Rusijono, Samik Samik, Nita Kususmawati
This research was conducted to obtain the procedure for the production of herb powder based on Indonesian local Kaempferia galanga commodities which have proximate as well as metals and microbes contamination level that meet the requirements in the Indonesian National Standard (SNI) 01-3709-1995. Blanching...
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Toxicity Test Toward Dichloromethane Fraction from White Frangipani Leaves (Plumeria alba)

Nurul Hidajati, Qodriyah Qodriyah
White frangipani (Plumeria alba) is a plan that is widely grown in Indonesia especially in Java and Bali. It has been conducted a research to know the chemical content of the plan leaf. The leaves of plant are extracted with dichloromethane solvent and then separated by using chromatographic techniques...
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Toxicity Assay of Phenolic Compound Isolated from the Dichloromethane Extract of Silver Fern (Pityrogramma calomelanos)

Najihah Najihah, Suyatno Sutoyo, Ismono Ismono
Pityrogramma calomelanos is fern in the Polipodiaceae family that grows in tropical Asia including Indonesia. This research aims to determine the molecular structure of phenolic compound isolated from the dichloromethane extract of the silver fern’s aerial part and toxicity activity test. The extraction,...
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Synthesis of Hydroxyapatite from Crab Shell (Scylla serrata) Waste With Different Methods Added Phosphate

Sari Cahyaningrum, Nuniek Herdyastuty, Fenty Wiana, Bella Devina, Dicky Supangat
Hydroxyapatite (HAp) is the main material of bone structure which has chemical formula Ca10(PO4)6(OH)2. In this research, HAp synthesis use precursor calcium from crab shells and phosphate from H3PO4. Phosphate addition is done in single drop and wise drop. The calcinations of crab shell were done at...
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Usage Of Chitosan-Silica with Crosslinking Agent As A Matrix For Slow Release Fertilizer

Raisza Savana, Dina Kartika Maharani
Research with the title of the use of silica chitosan with glutaraldehyde crosslinking agents as a matrix in the making of slow release urea fertilizer has been done. The purpose of this research was to determine the physical and chemical properties of slow release fertilizer coated with chitosan-silica...
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Isolation and Cytotoxicity Test of Dichloromethane Extract of Syzygium malaccense

Novirlin Daely, Tukiran Tukiran
Syzygium malaccense or also known as Malay Apple is one of Myrtaceous plants. It is originally found in India and Malaysia. This plant has strong potential which can be traditional medicine. In the present study, it has been done an isolation the chemical components from dichloromethane extract of the...
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Cytotoxicity Test of Isolated Compound from Syzygium malaccense Stem Bark on Fibroblast BHK 21 Cells

Mahdania Ratri Paramitha, Tukiran Tukiran
Medicinal plants are one of the traditional medicines that are now often used by the community. One plant that can be used as a medicinal plant is guava (Syzygium malaccense). The plant is a Syzygium genus that grows a lot in Java. Several studies have shown that stem bark of the plant contain sapiens,...
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Phytochemical Properties of Skin Care Cream Containing Essential Oil of Galangal

I Gusti Made Sanjaya, Ismono Ismono, Titik Taufikurohmah, Andika Pramudya Wardana
A research has been conducted on development and physicochemical characterization of skin care cream containing essential oils of galangal. The skin care cream containing essential oils of galangal developed consists of a red galangal cream that utilizes the essential oil ingredients extracted from red...
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Immunostimulant Activity of Flavonoid Isolated from The Acetone Extract of Silver Fern (Pityrogramma calomelanos)

Suyatno Sutoyo, Ismono Ismono, Mitarlis Mitarlis
A flavonoid compound namely kaemferol had been separated from the acetone extract of the silver fern (Pityrogramma calomelanos). It was obtained as yellow needles crystal with m.p. of 271-273 oC. Determination of its structure was conducted by the spectroscopic method and by comparison with reported...
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Chromium in Fermented Rice Flour with Bakery’s Yeast

Rudiana Agustini, Filla Qodaria N, I Gusti Made Sanjaya
Research is conducted to determine the chromium content in rice flour which is fermented with bakery’s yeast. The procedure involves several steps including sample preparation, fermentation, making crude bromelain enzymes, making YHE (Yeast Hydrolysate Enzymatic), and determining the chromium content....
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The Potential of Yacon Root (Smalanthus sonchifolius ( Endl.) H.Robinson) as Prebiotics to Stimulate Growth of Lactobacillus plantarum B1765

Prima Retno Wikandari, Ega Rocky Rafsanjani, Kharisma Nur Puspitasari
Yacon (Smalanthus sonchifolius Poep p. Endl.) root is a source of inulin and fructooligosacharide (FOS) which potent as a prebiotic. Inulin and FOS hydrolyzed to glucose and fructans by inulinase which is secreted by probiotics bacteria and further metabolized to short chain fatty acids (SCFA) that were...
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Synthesis and Characterization of Electrolyte Membrane Based Biopolymer Chitosan and Fly Ash Combinations for Fuel Cell Application

Gugus Handika, Achmad Ilham Ghozali, Bias Hilal Saga, Mochammad Purwanto
A composite membrane biopolymer chitosan filled fly ash was fabricated as alternative membrane electrolyte for fuel cell application. The membrane was synthesized from chitosan from deacetylation of shrimp shells and then cross-linked with sulfonic acid network by introducing fly ash. The aim was to...
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Mechanical Properties Characterization of The Biodegradable Plastic Made from Composite of HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) and Gembolo (Dioscorea bulbifera L.) Starch

Yolanda Harnike Putri Wardani, Suyatno Sutoyo
It had been conducted research on characterization the mechanical properties of biodegradable plastic composites from HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) and gembolo starch. This study aims to determine the mechanical characteristics of biodegradable plastic made from a mixture of HDPE and gembolo starch....
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Steroid Isolated from the Dichlorometane Extract of Matoa’s Stem Bark (Pometia pinnata) and Toxicity Tests Against Artemia salina Leach

Dian Rohmawati, Suyatno Sutoyo
This study is conducted to determine a steroid compound from the dichloromethane extract of matoa’s stem bark (Pometia pinnata) and toxicity assay against Artemia salina Leach. In this reseacrh, extraction was carried out by maceration, separation by chromatography, purification by recrystallization,...
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Synthesizing Graphene Oxide as a Working Electrode Using Cyclic Voltammetry

Aldwin Amireza, Setiarso Setiarso
This research has been done by synthesizing graphene oxide as a working electrode using Hummer method. Aim of this study is comparing capability of electron transfer within electrode. This can be done with using composition of working electrode by mixing synthesized product and organic glue paraffin,...
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Characteristics Of Adhesive Firmness Of Tannin Resorcinol Formaldehyde From Johar Sawdust Extract As Adhesive On Lamina Wood

Agestya Hernawati, Suyatno Sutoyo
This research has been done by testing the adhesive firmness of resorcinol formaldehyde from Johar sawdust extract. This study aims to determine the best adhesive characteristic made of the mixture of Johar sawdust extract with resorcinol and copolymerized with formaldehyde. The composition comparison...
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The Influence of PDEODE Learning Model and 5M Scientific with High Order Thinking Skills against Students Chemical Literacy

Sukro Sukro, Rika Afritasari
The purpose of this research are to know the influence of learning models (PDEODE and 5M) and critical thinking skills on students’ chemical literacy. The population of the research were students of State Senior High School 5 Jakarta. The research instrument used are critical thinking test and chemical...
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Implementation Problem-Based Learning Model to Enhance Self-Regulated Learning on Material of Colloidal System

Ferdianti Fidya Aprillia, Utiya Azizah
This study aims to describe the learning process and the students’ self-regulated learning through the implementation of the problem-based learning model. The obtained data were analyzed using quantitative descriptive approach. Results showed that: (1) The implementation of problem-based learning model...
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Scientific Literacy Skill Of Junior High School Student Using Ethnoscience Based Learning

Nindy Silvia Melyasari, Suyatno Sutoyo, Wahono Widodo
The challenge of education in Indonesia today is to guide students into a literate generation, a generation that is sensitive and concerned about the environment and issues that are happening. To be a human who has good information literacy, all we needs to be done is reading habits. Permendikbud No...
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Design and Validation of Teaching Instruments Oriented Problem Solving to Train Students’ Metacognitive Skills

Dian Avina Turja Soffa, Sri Poedjiastoeti, Pirim Setoarso
This research aims to develop a valid teaching instrument. The developed teaching instruments oriented problem solving to train students’ metacognitive skills at acid base titration topic. The specifications of instruments included the syllabus, lesson plans, student worksheets, and tests. The problem-solving...
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Innovation of Chemical Learning through The Application of Chemical Supplement Book Based on Asmat Tribe Papua Local Wisdom

Henie Poerwandar Asmaningrum, Okto Irianto, Yus Witdarko
This research is a classroom action research that aims to improve the learning outcomes of chemistry of the eleventh grade students of SMA Negeri 1 Tanah Miring and SMK Negeri 1 Tanah Miring on the of colloid topic through the application of chemical supplement books based on Asmat Tribe's local wisdom....
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The Validity of Teaching Materials used Guided Inquiry Model Integrated with STEM to Train Student’s Critical Thinking Skills On Thermochemistry Topic

Sophia Allamin, Suyatno Sutoyo, Utiyah Azizah
this research aims to produce a valid teaching material. The developed teaching materials used inquiry learning model integrated with STEM to trill students' critical thinking skills on Thermochemistry topic. The specifications of product included the syllabus, lesson plan, Student Worksheet, Student...
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The Effect of Problem Based Learning Model by Animation Media on Student Learning Outcomes in Senior High School on Chemical Bonding Top

Faderina Komisia, Maria Aloisia Uron Leba
The purpose of this research are (1) to know the differences of students learning outcome who are taught using problem based learning model with animation media with problem based learning model without animation media and conventional learning on chemical bonding topic (2) to know the differences of...
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Development of Student Worksheet Based Guided Inquiry to Practice Scientific Literacy in Thermochemical Chapter of XI Grade in Senior High School

Filayati Ma’ruf Nur, Rusly Hidayah
The purpose of this study is development the Student Worksheet based on theoretical and empirical feasibility. The theoretical feasibility of the Student Worksheet is based on the feasibility of the content, language, presentation and graphics. The empirical feasibility of the Student Worksheet is reviewed...
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Shifting Patterns of Pre-Service Teachers’ Conceptions on Material of Colligative Properties of Solutions

Harun Nasrudin, Utiya Azizah
This study aims to describe the shifting patterns of pre-service teachers’ conceptions on the material of colligative properties of solutions. The occurred misconceptions were then overcome using metacognitive learning strategy. The pre-service teachers’ conception status was determined by the results...
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The Use of interactive multimedia in balancing redox reactions for facilitating learning style differences

Sukarmin Sukarmin, Suyono Suyono
This study aims to determine, students' learning styles, the improvement of learning outcomes, and student responses to interactive multimedia. The Interactive multimedia “ChemTutor” in balancing redox reactions to be applied in research class. The results of this research showed that from 15 students...
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Alternative Lesson Design of Basic Chemistry Learning to Integrate Green Chemistry Principles as View of Scientific Character Values

Mitarlis Mitarlis, Utiya Azizah, Bertha Yonata
This Actual global problem in this time is decreasing of environment quality. Some effort had been done to solve this problem as well as through education by designing lesson as an alternative to implement green chemistry principles. The aims of this study that discussed in this article were; 1) analyze...
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Application Sorogan-Bandongan Model in Lectures Reaction Mechanism

Rinaningsih Rinaningsih, Suyatno Sutoyo, Asep Kadarohman, Harry Firman
Sorogan-Bandongan is an integrated lecture model coming from the traditional learning that are implemented at Islamic boarding school in Indonesia. It starts with Sorogan and ends with Bandogan. The implementation of integrated lecture model of Sorogan-Bandongan with stages of students reading and doing...
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Development of Student Activity Sheet Scientific Literacy Oriented in Acid-Base Matter

Pipit Soleka Listyaningrum, Bertha Yonata
The aims of the research is to describe the feasibility of student worksheet science literacy oriented in acid-base matter assessed from criteria the validity, practicality, and effectiveness. The type of research uses 4D development method that limited until development stage (Develop). The instrument...
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Development Of The Adventure Of Element Based On Role Playing Game As A Learning Media On Element Chemistry Matter

Aprianto Aprianto, Achmad Lutfi
The aim’s of this research was to develop The Adventure of Element based on Role Playing Game as a learning media on element chemistry matter. The feasibility of a game that developed assessed from criteria the validity, practicality, and effectiveness. This research used Research and development (R&D)...
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Development of Virtual Laboratory Inorganic Chemistry of Main Elements Based on Blended Learning Using Pogil Strategy

Kusumawati Dwiningsih, Sukarmin Sukarmin, Muchlis Muchlis, Dina Kartika Maharani
This research has the objective to determine the feasibility of virtual laboratory-based blended learning developed in the materials of inorganic chemistry of main group elements in terms of the validity of the   quality of the content and purpose, construct, instructional, and technical. The type of...
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The Development of Learning Model of Map Concept with Inquiry Strategy

Ismono Ismono, Sri Poedjiastoeti, Suyatno Suyoto
Higher order thinking skills (HOTs) are needed by the students of chemistry education, because they will become teachers who will be teach HOTs for students. This research is research and development. this study has the aim to examine the feasibility of developing concept map learning models with inquiry...
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Developing Student Worksheet Oriented to Science Literacy in Chemical Bonding Matter to Train Student’s Science Literacy Ability in Senior High School

Puput Fuzi Adytia, Kusumawati Dwiningsih
This study aims to describe the validity and practicality of developed scientific literacy worksheets. The validity of worksheets is reviewed based on contents and concepts, while the practicality of the worksheet is reviewed based on student responses supported by observations of student activities. This...
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Training Multiple Intelligences (Visual-spatial and Linguistic Intelligence) of Students Through Guided Inquiry Model Lesson on Reaction Rate Chapter

Muhammad Andi Tanri Prasetyo, Dian Novita
This study aims to describe the learning outcomes of multiple intelligences (visual-spatial and linguistic intelligence) of students who are raised with inquiry learning model that is guided on the reaction rate material at SMAN 1 Krian Sidoarjo. This type of research is pre-experimental with One group...
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The Validity Of The Guided Inquiry Learning Model Tool to Train Students' Scientific Literacy Skills

Riza Dwi Puspitasari, Sri Poedjiastoeti, Pirim Setiarso
This study aims to produce learning tools that are feasible to be used in the learning process. Learning tools developed are oriented towards guided inquiry models that aim to train students' scientific literacy skills. Learning tools consist of syllabus, lesson plans, student worksheets, and assessment...
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Effectivity of Interactive Multimedia and Student Activity Sheets with Writing-To-Learn (WTL) Strategy in Science Learning for Hearing Impairment Students

Sukarmin Sukarmin, Sri Poedjiastoeti, Dian Novita, Achmad Lutfi
This study aims to describe the implementation of interactive multimedia and student activity sheets with writing-to-learn (WTL) strategy for hearing impairment students in chemistry subjects in the household. Multimedia interactive were implemented to 9 students Jember Senior high School of hearing...
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Development Of Anti Miskim Software To Reduce Misconception With Conceptual Change Text Strategy Students Of Class X In Chemical Bonding Material

Galuh Eka Wulandari, Sukarmin Sukarmin, Rusly Hidayah
This study aims to determine the feasibility of developing Anti Miskim software to reduce misconceptions of students of class X in chemical bonding material. This type of research is a development research that develop Anti Miskim software on chemical bonding material and research design used is R &...
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Development Of Wind’s Maze Chemistry Game Based On Android As A Learning Media On Hydrocarbon Matter For Eleventh Grade Senior High School

Winda Dwi Fitria, Achmad Lutfi
This study aims to obtain a game of Wind's Maze Chemistry based on android which is suitable to be used as learning media on main Hydrocarbon subject for eleventh grade of Senior High School’s based on the validity, practicality, and effectiveness of the game. The type of this study uses research and...
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How are students’ ability and perception in using media through synthesis organic chemistry learning?

Lusia Lusia Narsia Amsad, Liliasari S, Asep Kadarohman, Sardjono R E
Lecturer usually uses media in order to help students’ understanding about organic chemistry. In this research, the aim is to find out the ability and perception of students in learning by using media in the form of online and offline. The offline media we used was namely Spartan Student V6, and ChemAxon...
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Build Ecopreneurship College Student Through Design Game As Learning Media of Chemistry On Media Lecture Game of Chemistry

Achmad Lutfi, Rusly Hidayah, Dian Novita
This research aim for measured success train ecopreneurship college student through design game as a learning medium chemistry on game media course chemistry. On media courses game of chemistry, college student divided in groups given task project for compile plan ICT game as a learning media of chemistry....
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Improving students' HOTS through the disconnection stages of learning synthesis organic compounds

Liliasari Liliasari, Lusia Narsia Amsad, Asep Kadarohman, Ratnaningsih Ratnaningsih E. Sardjono
Learning synthetic organic chemistry has several stages of the learning material that should be followed by students. One of the importance stages in learning organic synthesis is the disconnection stages. This study aims to be able to find out the improvement of students’HOTS through learning stages...
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Misconception Analysis Based On Students Mental Model In Atom Structure Materials

Abdul Majid, Suyono Suyono
One of the causes of misconception in chemical studies is mental models. Mental models are students' initial abilities which consist of perception, understanding discourse, and imagination ability. This study aims: (1) to determine the level of student understanding in understanding the concept of atomic...