Proceedings of the Third International Conference on Social Science, Public Health and Education (SSPHE 2019)

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Beyond Neuroscience Cognitivism: Criticism of Substance and Structural Dualisms

Joni Fischer Gerson
The Cartesian dualism of body and soul no longer finds resonance in the means of scientific research. Recent discovery in the brain functioning have rekindled the debate. Neuroscientists and philosophers propose to overcome the puzzle that represents the person, in the midst of a culture in which it...
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Translating China’s Public Signs into Good English: A Perspective of Linguistic Landscape

Guonian Wang, Min Jiang
As part of linguistic landscape, English public signs play a significant role in promoting international communication for a city and boosting its overall image to tourists from home and abroad. Various monolingual (English) and bilingual (Chinese and English) signs in China, however, are found to be...
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Comparison of Dissonance Distributions Between Timbres of Different Instruments

Jiaqi Yuan
The definition of consonance is the level of pleasant and stable people feel when two tones played simultaneously. For example, octave pitches are considered as consonant and adjacent pitches are considered as dissonant. The prevalent theory to explain this phenomenon is Pythagoras’s theory that the...
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Students’ Perceptions of Teachers’ Motivational Strategies in English Classes

Xiaolin Xue
This study aims to examine what students perceived most frequently used motivational strategies are in English freshman’s core courses at Xi’an Jiaotong University and how English major freshmen students felt about the motivational strategies in their program’s core courses. The study used a questionnaire...
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Diversification and Unification Thoughts on the Development of Dialects

Quanhong Jiang, Haoyuan Zhang, Mei Sun
Dialect is a differentiated language produced in the development of human society. It has diversified pronunciation patterns and carries the cultural memory of residents in a region. In the era of globalization, with the increasingly frequent communication between human in different regions, the voice...
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Cultural Transfer in Political Publicity Interpreting

Lei Dai
Chinese Premier’s Press Conference (CPPC), as an epitome of China’s publicity interpreting practice, deserves probes into its cultural transfers using descriptive corpus-based methods. Based on an English-Chinese parallel corpus for the 2018 CPPC, such typical cultural forms as idioms, proverbs, colloquial,...
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Research on the Association Relationship Between Type-of-Words of Monosyllabic Word in the Modern Chinese

Dongjie Zhou, Zezhi Zheng
In order to further enrich the related research work of monosyllabic words, the type-of-words issue of monosyllabic word in the modern Chinese was investigated. Firstly, the monosyllabic words which were marked with the type-of-word in Modern Chinese Dictionary (the 7th edition), were statistically analyzed....
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The Influence of Breathing Function in Speech on Mastering English Pronunciation by Chinese Students

Irina Yu. Pavlovskaya, Lan Hao
The relevance of the topic is due to the need to search for effective methods of teaching English pronunciation skills to speakers of ideographic languages. Thus, the Chinese language belongs to the group of «syllabic» (logographic, ideographic) languages, each syllable being represented with a certain...
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Historical Review and Prospect of College Students’ Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education

Jiaming Zhang, Jiawen Lan, Mingdan Han
China’s development has entered a new era, and college students shoulder the new mission of the era’s development. With the development of economic globalization, the forms of employment are increasingly diversified. Under the strong call of national policy, college students’ entrepreneurship has become...
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Teaching Research-Based on Case Scenario for Multi-Mode Assessment Program Design Course

Tao Gao, Zhaoyun Sun, Ting Chen, Xingle Feng
Program design has been increasing significantly due to the rapid development of artificial intelligence and big data, which renders our need for highly qualified programmers extremely urgent. The traditional teaching mode is rigid, in which teachers mainly teach and students only use the examples given...
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Application of Online-and-Offline Blended Teaching Mode in Teaching Aviation Meteorology

Ting Xu, Bo Zhang, Xiaojing Li
Online-and-offline blended teaching mode is popular in universities for recent years, and it is applied in aviation meteorology course. The characteristics of application are discussed in this paper including audience objectives, teaching aims, teaching implementation and teaching evaluation methods....
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Reflections on College English Reform in China

Quanhong Jiang, Ziang Chen, Mei Sun
In recent years, the integration of global economy and culture is gradually accelerating, and the market demands on the English proficiency of graduates are constantly improving, which requires the English education in universities to keep up with the pace. This paper will investigate the English teaching...
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Research on Family Education in China’s Rural Area

Quanhong Jiang, Mingrui Ding
Family education is the starting point and foundation of education. It has profound and lasting influence on children’s life. But in rural China, due to the fact that many parents go to work outside, most parents’ education background is low, their knowledge is poor or their attention to the education...
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Research on Modular Teaching of College Physics Based on SPOC Platform in Application-Oriented University

Dongmei Bi, Liang Qiao, Lijun Zhao, Yupeng Li, Shujie Liu, Xiaoying Hu
The modular teaching of college physics is introduced in this paper, which is based on Small Private Online Course (SPOC) and classification teaching according to the requirements of different majors. The application of SPOC to college physics teaching will realize the optimization of the teaching contents,...
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Exploration of Practical Education Pattern From Multiple Approaches

Hongshe Dang
Practical education is an important part in the undergraduate level college education and a vital step to enhance the professional knowledge and innovation spirits of students, which is irreplaceable in the training of students’ practice skills and social service awareness Based on analyses of status...
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Opportunities and Challenges in Developing All-English Teaching of Materials Major in Chinese Universities

Lei Li, Shengjuan Li
The purpose of this study is to analyze the problems in all-English teaching in Chinese universities and to propose promising viewpoints to contribute to improvement in this field. Correspondingly, this paper introduces the general situation in the development of all-English teaching courses specifically...
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Combination of Course Teaching and Practical Teaching in Mathematical Analysis

Chengfeng Sun, Qianqian Huang
The mathematical analysis course is a basic course offered by mathematics and applied mathematics in colleges and universities. This paper explores the reform of the traditional teaching model of “Mathematical Analysis”. The ideas of mathematical modeling and mathematical experiments are infiltrated...
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The Value Implication and Practice Path of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education in Universities of Science and Engineering

Jiaming Zhang, Wenjing Wang, Lu Han
This paper analyzes the significance of researching innovation and entrepreneurship in science and engineering colleges and universities entrepreneurship education, points out the value implication and practice path of innovation and entrepreneurship education in science and engineering colleges, aimed...
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On the Design Strategy and Value of Cultivating Integrity Behavior in Characterized Moral Education Games

Yuehua Chen, Qiuhong Fan
This paper mainly discusses the strategy design of the combination of role-playing games and integrity education from three perspectives: role attributes, situation triggers and feedback. Integrating integrity elements with roles and situations, and providing more behavioral stimuli to players by external...
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Exploration and Practice of a New Way of Practical Education for College Students—Taking “Five-One Homework in Winter Vacation” as an Example

Xuyi Guo, Xiaolan Luo, Xinzhu Xiang, Liang Li, Qiangwei Yan
By carrying out the “five-one” winter vacation homework as a grasp of the winter vacation theme education practice activities, it makes up for the weaknesses of students’ comprehensive ability effectively, and has a positive impact on College Students’ skills to solve problems and adapt to professional...
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Research on the Penetration of Ideological and Political Theory Courses and the Strengthening of College Students’ Life Education

Han Lu, Lijuan Chen, Jiaming Zhang
Ideological and political theory course in colleges and universities is the main channel and position for ideological and political education and moral education for college students. In the course of “ideological and moral cultivation and legal basis”, the idea of life education runs through. To penetrate...
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Considerations in the Preparation for Teaching Tunnel Engineering

Jianqin Ma
Teachers, who are in the field of civil engineering at a university in China, are increasingly confronting new challenges in teaching, mainly due to the modernization and globalization, which require the college students being well qualified with problem solving capacity. Of the problem-solving capacity...
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Comparative Study on the Cultivation of Innovation Ability Between Chinese and American Undergraduates

Quanhong Jiang, Yuran Jiang, Mei Sun
Innovation is the soul of a nation’s progress, and is also a person’s lifeblood in study and work. Competition in today’s society is the competition of creativity, but the mainstream of today’s China’s education mode is still taking exams, the university is no exception. But American colleges and universities...
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Research on the Reform of Chinese College Entrance Examination System

Quanhong Jiang, Xuyang Guo
Chinese examination system can be traced to one thousand years ago. Its first purpose was to select the talent. Due to unfair distribution of educational resources, social hierarchy and other reasons, though it plays a critical role in social stability over the course of history, there still exist inevitable...
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The Role of Cystatin C and Albumin in the Differential Diagnosis of Primary Chronic Glomerulonephritis and Hypertension-Induced Renal Injury

Shen Li, Changle Zhang, Ke Zhang, Jumin Song
Background: It was difficult to differentiate diseases in patients of Primary chronic glomerulonephritis (PCG) and Hypertension-induced renal injury (HRI). This study aimed to investigate the role of serum Cystatin C and Albumin in differential diagnosis of PCG and HRI. Materials and Methods: A total...
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Reappealing the Case of Unjust Enrichment and Its Dilemma and Resolution

Wei Lin
In judicial practice, re-appealing unjust enrichment cases is characterized by unfair profit and private lending, unjust enrichment and debt default, unjust enrichment and investment relationship. In the case of re-indictment of unjust enrichment, whether there is legality in the act of subpoena; whether...
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Constructing the Exclusionary Rule of Illegal Evidence in China

Yue Zhao
In recent years, extorting confessions by torture or other illegal acts of non-compliance with judicial proceedings have led to the frequent occurrence of miscarriage of justice, and the public and law scholars have gradually turned their attention on the rule of exclusion of illegal evidence. Many countries...
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U.S. State Tax Policies: What Happens After the Great Depression?

Yuhua Qiao
This paper examines U.S. state tax actions in the post-Great Recession years and explains the impact on state fiscal sustainability. State legislators in many states have taken tax actions, making an effort to reform their tax systems. Yet the major tax changes came from a handful of states, and overall...
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The More, the Merrier? on the Relationships of Democracy and Happiness in China

Ling Xu
Happiness is associated with and precedes numerous successful outcomes. According to the research conducted by United Nations Development Program, the subjective feeling of happiness, or more formally subjective well-being (SWB), serves as a critical indicator for quality of life - health, longevity,...
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Research on Legislation of Homosexuality in China

Quanhong Jiang, Longyan Tan, Mei Sun
Homosexual culture has existed for a long time in human history, which can be traced back to the ancient Babylonians and the ancient Greeks, and was respected by people at that time. Since the 4th century, homosexuality was considered a sin with the establishment of Christianity. It wasn’t until the...
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Industry-University Synergy From the Perspective of Knowledge Complementation: Drives and Roles

Wei’e Wu
Industry-university synergy originates from the knowledge distance between universities and industrial enterprises, and meanwhile become feasible because of the complementarity of knowledge. In the process of industry-university collaboration, universities take the role of the source and supplier of...
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Research on Dynamic Business Process Modeling of E-Government System Based on Extended ECA Rules

Xin Wang, Guang Yu, You Peng
In order to solve the problem that current e-government system business process modeling can’t adapt to changes of requirement and environment, this paper extends original ECA (Event-Condition-Action) rules and puts forward the corresponding ECATRTE (Event-Condition-Action-Temporal constraint- times...
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On the Construction of Cloud Warehousing in Grain Distribution

Dongmei Li, Xinyue Xiang
Overviewing the globalization environment, the future grain distribution will outperform two important elements - price and mobility (reducing lead time), which requires us to keep up with the pace of the times, constantly accept new things, and develop new things. Apply new thing to optimize the price...
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Research on the Causes of Re-Poverty Based on the Data Analysis of S County

Xiaodie Dong, Zhiqing Guo, Jiayu Shi, Xingru Lu, Chenyang Zhang, Xiaodan Tang
Eliminating poverty is one of the UN’s Millennium Development Goals and the goal that Chinese government has been pursuing. However, with the efforts government has done for years, there are still many residents living in poverty and a considerable part is the group who had gotten out of the poverty...
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Differentiation and Conflict of the Network Absence Space

Jia Li, Qingshuai Liu, Honghong He, Ruiqi Li
With the development of information technology, the Network Society has gradually infiltrated the traditional social structure, and the social space has been divided. The presence space and the absent space are gradually rooted in people’s lives with different forms of existence and operational content....
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Modeling and Analysis on the Popularity Accumulation Process of Corporate Emergencies on Social Media

Ning Ma, Yongtian Yu, Guang Yu, Dan Shang, Xiao Yu
The rapid development of social networks has greatly inspected the ability of enterprises to cope with emergencies. The existing researches are difficult to be applied to the analysis of the popularity accumulation law about corporate emergencies, and the corresponding countermeasures cannot be developed...
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A Novel Platform for Controlling Outsourcing Quality of a Complex Product

Zhuozhuo Yang, Yuan Liu
A complex product (Cop) is structurally complicated and highly integrated. It usually needs to order the global suppliers’ components and realize final assembly. Therefore, quality management of outsourcing components plays an important role in improving the comprehensive quality level of complex products....
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The Essence of Brand-Relationship Based on Innovation

Tiantian Zhang, Huabin Wang
The essence of corporate competition is to compete for brand control. By analyzing the connotation, meaning, and several influential theories of the brand, the paper reveals the internal and external relations and the construction principles of the essential elements of the brand. It shows that the basis...
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Evaluation on Tourism Developing Potential and Modes of Revolutionary Base Area in Jiangxi

Quanen Guo, Danli Luo, Jiami Zhou
Tourism development has been recognized as an important way to bring up economic growth of revolutionary base area. This paper builds index system from four aspects, including city base, economic growth, transportation accessibility and tourism resources, and then makes an evaluation on the tourism developing...
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Abell’s “Fair Development Model” and Its Enlightenment

Junfeng Xu
Peter Abell, a British sociology professor at Surrey university, the representative figure of market socialism, who put forward “Fair Development Model” with efficiency, freedom, justice as the future society’s important factor from “freedom” concept. Namely, the model must be in a competitive market...
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Plato and Gender Equality in The Republic

Chen Ling, Yiheng Ding
Plato’s The Republic is commonly perceived to be a foe of gender equality, but this perception is ill-founded. Many lines involving, from a modern view, contempt for women’s physical strength, mental capacity and potential for virtue are taken as evidence of Plato’s opposition to the ideal of gender...
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Research on the Influence of Internet Development Level on Community Education in China based on the Panel Data Analysis of Beijing and Shanghai From 2009 to 2016

Peng Wang, Bin Lu, Chuhan Yu, Shiqing Zhang
The rapid development of information technology has a far-reaching impact on China’s education industry. This paper attempts to clarify the impact of informatization on China’s community education, so as to further analyze the impact of Internet development on the development of education industry characterized...
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Study on the Development of Modern Animal Husbandry in Xinjin County

Ge He
This paper aims at studying on the development of modern animal husbandry in Xinjin county. To achieve it, we conducted a field survey on the development of modern animal husbandry in Xinjin County. The result show that the last decades saw Xinjing has made great achievements in modern animal development....