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Failure rate analysis for time-sensitive networking

Jinpeng Xu, Feng Luo, Hailun Shao
With the increasing complexity of automotive network, Ethernet is gradually used for internal communication. In order to satisfy the requirements of vehicle communication, the network needs to have the characteristic of seamless redundancy. IEEE P802.1CB is one of the TSN (Time-Sensitive Networking)...
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H∞ Control Technology of the Hydraulic System

Delian Luo, Tingqiang Wu, Juan He
We have designed a high-performance hydraulic controller for the hydraulic servo system with nonlinear characteristics based on the technology, which the high-performance TMS320LF2407 DSP has been adpoted as main processor chip. With the designed controller, we have developed a new set of hydraulic servo...
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Road Traffic Safety Concept Culture Construction Evaluation Methods Based on Fuzzy Analytical Method

Zhongqing Xie
A road traffic safety culture construction concept was proposed which consisted of criterion layer and index layer. The frequency of issues that folks' focused on were analyzed based on the fuzzy analysis method, furthermore, the research results were classified by discrepancy quantification. At last,...
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Driver Fatigue Monitoring System Using Video Images and Steering Grip Force

Jun Zhao, Kuangrong Hao, Yongsheng Ding
Previous research uses eye blink sensor technology to detect driver's fatigue, which has some limitations in the condition of wearing glasses and lighting changes. To overcome those problems, this paper proposes a way to detect fatigue for drivers through video images and grip forces on steering wheel....
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Dynamic Testing and Modal Identification of a Concrete-filled Steel Tubular Arch Bridge under Natural Excitation

Yulin Chen, Huiqin Chen, Liwei Huang
Rapid progresses have been made in design and erection technologies of concrete-filled steel tubular arch bridge in recent years. However, the research on dynamic properties of this type of bridge is far from mature. Generally, the dynamic properties are analyzed using numerical models. This paper presents...
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An Automated Testing Method for UDS Protocol Stack of Vehicles

Jinghua Yu, Feng Luo
An automated testing method for vehicles' UDS (Unified Diagnostic Service) protocol stack [1] based on CAN bus is presented in this article. According to different diagnostic services, which are specified in ISO 14229-1, a strategy of generating test cases is designed by using a comprehensive method,...
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Image Acquistion and Processing system based on USB

Zhang Hui, Siming He, Changli Qiu
We use USB camera and IMAQ vision to program on LabVIEW platform.We process the contionuous acquistion of image,include adjusting the brightness,contrast,gamma value of image, and cut the image with a specified path.the design is low cost,easier implementation and flexible operation ,It's have good prospects...
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A Novel Multi-Frame Color Images Super-Resolution Framework based on Deep Convolutional Neural Network

Zhe Li, Shu Li, Jianmin Wang, Hongyang Wang
With the extensive application of machine learning. Deep convolution neural network (DCNN) learning method is developed on the basis of a multi-layer neural network for image classification and identification of specially designed. It has been improved and applied for single image super-resolution problem...
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Remote sensing image enhance and structural interpretation based on OLI in the Karamay area Xinjiang

Shanshan Wang, Kefa Zhou, Shuguang Zhou
The remote sensing technology has become the important tool for the basic geological study in the strongly dissected topography and high altitude mountain area. Based on analysis of OLI remote sensing data, the optimal band combination of R: G: B is Band 7: Band 5: Band 4 according to the analysis result...
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Grounding Grid Fault Diagnosis Based on Empirical Wavelet Transform

Liang Ding, Minfang Peng, Meie Shen, Juan Yan, Xianbing Ding
A new adaptive signal processing method based on empirical wavelet transform (EWT) is proposed for the fault diagnosis of grounding grid. According to the frequency domain maximum adaptive point is extracted to split Fourier spectrum to separate the different modes. The establishment of a set of wavelet...
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Transformer insulation aging assessment and life prediction based on a variety characteristics

Xun Wan, Kunyu Tan, Yun Liu, Huisheng Ye, Shihua Zhao, Ping Peng, Minfang Peng
In order to make the transformer insulation aging assessment and life prediction more reasonable, we established transformer evaluation model based on the operating load, environmental factors, the electrical characteristics of the experiment and oil chromatographic characteristics. Then we applied the...
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Investigation on the effect of the Secondary Connection mode on the Error Measurement of Voltage Transformer

Qiang Shi, Weiwei Li, Kun Liu, Peng Zhang
Site error measurement of voltage transformer is important content of electric energy metering device administration, relating to accuracy of electric energy measurement and just trade settlement for power plant and power corporation. In this work, the error measurements of voltage transformer in different...
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A Choice of Lower Complexity for Two Filtering Operations Based on F-OFDM

Xianru Li, Wei Huang, Yixin Zhao
This paper introduces a choice of lower complexity for two different filtering operations based on Filtered OFDM (F-OFDM). The first filtering operation is implemented by linear convolution in time domain, and the second one is realized by multiplication in frequency domain (fast convolution). They are...
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Star image identification uninfluenced by rotation

Di Jiang, Ke Zhang, Meibo Lv
All-sky autonomous star map identification has come up with higher requirement on calculating speed and storage space. Error caused by rotation and location noise influences the performance of star image identification algorithms. So various algorithms include procedure of rotating star image to the...
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Credit Risk Evaluation Using ES Based SVM-MK

Liwei Wei, Ying Zhang, Mochen Liu, Qiang Xiao
Under the background of big data recent studies have revealed that emerging modern machine learning techniques are advantageous to statistical models for credit risk evaluation, such as SVM. In this study, we discuss the applications of the evolution strategies based support vector machine with mixture...
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A wireless sensor network location approach based on the characteristics of electromagnetic wave symmetry

Chunming Wen, Chaoqun Zhang, Wei Zhou, Huajuan Huang, Jing Yang, Xiao Qin
Positioning plays an important role in wireless sensor networks. As a low-cost and low-power location approach, the RSSI (Received Signal Strength Indication) algorithm is widely used in wireless sensor networks location. However, the RSSI value is usually affected by environment conditions, easily leading...
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Application of Improved Empirical Mode Decomposition in Defect Detection Using Vibro-Ultrasonic Modulation Excitation-Fiber Bragg Grating Sensing

Xiao Huang, Yuegang Tan, Li Cai
The advantage of nonlinear ultrasonic method in micro defect detection has been widely recognized. It has higher sensitivity than linear ultrasonic. Vibro-ultrasonic modulation(VUM) method was adopted in the paper, and fiber Bragg grating(FBG) was used to sense nonlinear signal instead of piezoelectric...
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Design Circuit for the single-lens high-definition imaging system

Xiang Ren, Yule Huang, Chijun Li, Kai Yang, Jiebin Zou, Jiayong Kong, Jing Cai
We proposed a method to resolve the problem of optical system defocus phenomenon by using the chromatic aberration of the single lens optical imaging system through reverse thinking. Furthermore, we designed and built the production which use SDRAM to collect data for CMOS image information literacy...
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A High-Definition Imaging System Utilizing Single Lens And Double Monochromatic Light Sources

Yule Huang, Xiang Ren, Mengchan Luo, Chijun Li, Kai Yang, Jiebin Zou, Jiayong Kong, Peiying Liang, Hui Cao
With reverse thinking, based on the phenomenon of chromatic dispersion, double monochromatic light sources scheme was used to solve the phenomenon of defocus in large-depth-field single lens digital imaging system. Two specific narrow bandpass filter was employed to filter the LEDs into two monochromatic...
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Multi-software-hybrid-programming digital image processing for high definition single lens digital imaging system

Chijun Li, Xiang Ren, Yule Huang, Kai Yang, Peiying Liang, Hui Cao
We designed a multi-software-hybrid-programming digital image processing software for high definition single lens digital imaging system. In this digital image processing software system, LabVIEW ,MATLAB,Quartus ii and C++ are all employed to call DLL library to invoke the CMOS, read data, process image...
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Binary imaging medium single lens imaging system

Kai Yang, Jiebin Zou, Jiayong Kong, Hui Cao
Photography is becoming more and more common in civil and military, and it also occupies an important position. Macro photography due to the shallow depth of field (a clear picture of small range).
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Design of Intelligent Temperature and Humidity Controller for Tobacco Bulk Curing Barn

Fengzhong Hu, Jinding Gao, Tianxiao Li
Aimed at the temperature and humidity nonlinear variation and coupling phenomena in tobacco bulk curing barn, an intelligent temperature and humidity controller is proposed. The controller using a microcomputer and fuzzy decoupling control technique can meet the requirements of temperature and humidity...
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Wind Tunnel Flow Induced Vibration Characteristic Analysis

Zongzheng Liu, Yan Shi, Zhenhua Chen, Xiqiang Yan, Yisheng Yang
Analysis of wind tunnel flow induced vibration characteristic is to understand the high-speed airflow caused mechanism of flow induced vibration, take appropriate to restrain vibration reducing body piercing vibration circuit. This paper introduces the characteristics of flow induced vibration source,...
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The Research on One Feasible Test Strategy for Temperature Rising Limits of Low-Voltage Metering Cabinets

Hua Shen, Sheng Chen, Penghe Zhang, Feng Wang, Haohan Zhen
The consumption of electric power is increasing with the continuous development of China's economy. The temperature rising limits testing is the important performance for low-voltage metering cabinets and circuit breakers. The strategy for temperature rising testing usually had many questions such as...
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The Reliability Model on the Burned Failure of Molded Case Circuit

Yang Xue, Yangchun Cheng, Penghe Zhang, Yinghui Xu, Baoliang Zhang, Dezhi Xiong, Zhengzhou Dou, Wenwen Li
Low voltage molded case circuit breaker is widely used in the low voltage distribution system of customers. Along with the revolution of the electric power grid, Low voltage molded case circuit breaker in resident house takes more important intelligent function except of its traditional function. In...
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Design of portable near-infrared spectrum analyzer based on ARM-Linux

Saifu Deng, Shuangbao Wang, Linyue Wang
Traditional near-infrared spectrum analyzer need to be operated in assistant of PC, therefore, they are usual expensive and larger size. Here a portable near-infrared spectrum analyzer based on ARM-Linux was designed to accelerate the process of measurement automation. The measurement setup was composed...
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Multi-agent-based Cooperative Control for Hybrid Renewable Energy Generation System

Qiang Wang, Jun Chen
A multi-agent-based cooperative control strategy (MACCS) is proposed for hybrid renewable energy generation system with large-scale wind–photovoltaic energy storage units (WPSUs). The proposed system adopts the negotiation model of the contract net protocol with the non-fixed client–server cooperative...
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A Novel Particle Swarm Algorithm Based Multi-agent for Coordinated Volt/Var Optimization

Qiang Wang, Jun Chen
Coordinated volt/var optimization is fundamental to power dispatch and stability of power system, a novel particle swarm algorithm based multi-agent(MAPSO) is presented. The algorithm combines particle swarm optimization algorithm(PSO) with multi-agent system(MAS). The PSO-MAS utilize an agent as a particle...
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Aerial target recognition based on Zernike moments of information fusion

Tai Fu, Xiangyi Sun, Dan Fu
Based on OpenGL and Google library we established the target model library and the canny operator is used for edge detection. Combined with D-S evidence theory and Pseudo-Zernike moments, the air target recognition algorithm based on information fusion is proposed. Pseudo-Zernike moments are invariant...
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Signal Analysis of a Three Axis Aircraft Stabilized Platform

Tailong Jing, Shengli Qu, Haibing Wang, Dong Wei
When an aircraft is on a steady flight, there exists a series of jamming signals, which are detected and recorded by the airborne equipment. By analyzing those signals, the design of a stable platform controller of the aircraft in feed-forward form will be improved. During the analysis of stable flight...
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Design of the Motion Control System for a Long Endurance AUV

Jian Cao, Shiqi Zhao, Lei Zhang, Jiayuan Zhuang, Xiaosheng Bi
The long endurance Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV) could finish autonomous mission process without any human aids in a long time. As an artificial intelligence system, AUV has high independence, reliability and adaptability to ocean environment. An efficient architecture of AUV plays an important...
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Quality Prediction Model Based on Variable-Learning-Rate Neural Networks in Tobacco Redrying Process

Jiankang Yin, Changhua Chen
This paper presents an innovative method with the variable-learning-rate-based back propagation neural network (BPNN) for establishing a quality prediction model of tobacco redrying process. First, characteristics of the process and correlation of the process variables are analyzed, and eight input parameters...
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Hilbert Type Inequality for Finite Series

Baoju Sun
In this paper, by using Cauchy inequality, monotonicity of functions, Hilbert type inequality with finite series version is established.
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A Compensation Algorithnm For Zero Drifting Error of MEMS Gyroscope

Jin Du, Jie Li
The undesirable accuracy of MEMS sensor limits the range of its application. The compensating method for MEMS gyroscope random drift error is discussed. According to actual test data of gyroscope, the equation of fitting curve was deduced and compensating effect of different kinds of fitting methods...
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Study of Naval Ship Target Detection Probability of Skywave Radar based on Simplified Signal Processing Model

Shihua Liu, Jiantao Xiang
The suppression ability of sea clutter suppression methods based on AR model, phase space reconstruction and are analyzed. The simulation analysis method of naval ship target detection performance based on sea clutter simulation data - sea clutter suppression method – simplified signal processing] model...
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Object Integrated Recognition of X Band Ground-based Multi-function Radar Based on GRG

Shihua Liu, Lei Zhang
According to the integrated recognition problem of the object recognition in the X band ground-based multi-function radar, an object integrated recognition scheme based on GRG is presented. In this method, the multi-factor statistics and analysis method in the radar effectiveness evaluation. This method...
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Methods for Measuring and Compensating Ball Screw Error on Multi-mode Industrial CT Scanning Platform

Yujie Zhang, Shangfeng Pan, Jian Deng
Precision of ball screw had a great impact on the positioning accuracy of NC positioning platform. The lead error and backlash of ball screw, which could be accurately measured by laser interferometer, were two key factors affecting the positioning accuracy of NC positioning platform. By setting the...
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Workload Balancing in Parallel Machines based on Semi-matching Theory

Yong Zhan
This paper addresses the problem of scheduling jobs on parallel machines with machine eligibility restrictions so as to balance the workload among machines. A weighted bipartite graph model G=[J M,E,W] is used to formulate the studied problem. We propose a two-phase algorithm to find the optimal solution....
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A Summary of Content-Based Image Retrieval Methods

Zhongmin Li, Haochen Wu
This paper mainly focuses on the content-based image search system. First introduces the research status of CBIR in China and abroad, and then proposes and illustrates two key problems affecting the accuracy of the system, summarizes commonly used methods to solve these two problems.
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A Weighted Filtering Algorithm Based on Virtual Center Of Sub-window

Dehai Shen, Jian Hou, E Xu, Longchang Zhang, Qi Yan
In order to remove the mixed noise in an image, proposed a new weighted filtering algorithm. The algorithm used 5x5 filtering window, divided the window into sixteen 2x2 sub-windows, took these median pixel of every sub-window as their virtual center, then calculated the weights of these virtual center...
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The modal analysis of crack fault gear based on FEM

Ye Sun, Xiao Feng, Fenglong Yin, Silin Chen, Dan Yang
The finite element analysis model of the crack fault gear with different crack depth is established by the modeling method, and the modal analysis is carried out by the finite element analysis method. In the modal analysis, the results show that the crack will have a certain effect on the stiffness of...
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Image-based Fast 3D Reconstruction

Jianjun Xia, Fei Wang, Xiaocui Zheng
Image-based 3D reconstruction has many applications, but the reconstruction process is really time-consuming. In this paper, we have discussed several existing methods which can speed up the reconstruction, but many of them have their own limitations. After the analysis of image-based 3D reconstruction...
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Design and Test of Grain Moisture Online Measuring System Based on Floating Ground Capacitance

Zhiwei Mai, Changyou Li, Biying Wang
A new type of capacitive grain moisture on line measuring device was designed based on the measuring principle of non-contact parallel plate floating capacitor, which was suitable to continuous dryer under severe environment. The static batching measurement was used to improve the repeated accuracy of...
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Coordinated control of H Bridge Power Conversion System for Photovoltaic integration

Jian Sun, Qiang Wang
According to the requirement of grid connected photovoltaic power station and analysis of the topology structure and features of H bridge power conversion system(HB-PCS), a coordinated control method was presented in this paper. The method set current reference of HB-PCS to compensate reactive and active...
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Optimization design of downsize engine structure based on dynamic knock excitation

Bo Yang, Wenrui Wang, Zhiyong Li
The small size of the city vehicle gasoline engine is the key point of the current energy saving and emission reduction. The application of multi stage turbocharger technology has become a research hotspot, which leads to a higher compression ratio, the average effective pressure in the combustion chamber...
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Performance Analysis of Built-in Load Switch in Intelligent Electric Meters

Li Ding, Li Li, Fan Li, Wenjia Cai
It is found that some operating faults of the intelligent electric meters are caused by the performance of the built-in load switches. In order to determine the characteristics of the built-in load switches, the performance of the switches are tested and analyzed. The factors, including the complicate...
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Research on Zero-crossing Operation Scheme of Single-phase Fee Control Smart Meter

Wenwen Li, Ruiming Yuan, Zhengzhou Du, Guanna Lu, Dezhi Xiong, Zhenyu Jiang, Yanguo Lv
Arc ablation is directly related to the arc energy, which is proportional to the arc current and arc voltage. Existing fee control scheme of smart meter is that when power consumers delay the payment of electrical bills, the load switches trip; and when power consumers recharge successfully, the load...
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Research on the Degree of Confidence of the Commodity Based on Fuzzy Comprehensive Evaluation

Mingshan Xie, Yanfang Deng
In order to enhance the accuracy of precision marketing of goods and improve the precision of the intelligent search engine, we build the confidence model of commodity by means of using the fuzzy comprehensive evaluation method, to calculate the commercial confidence, which can be used as the foundation...
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Home damage estimation after disasters using crowdsourcing ideas and Convolutional Neural Networks

Zhanghua Li, Kun Tian, Fushan Wang, Xiaocui Zheng, Fei Wang
Recently, natural disasters like earthquake, flooding, and landslides evoke our intensive awareness. The first priority to be concerned is the home status left by people, because from which can we largely estimate the damage level of the catastrophe and manage the rescue action better. However, to investigate...
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3D Magnetostatic Field Computation Based on Hybrid Mesh Integral Equation Method

Wubing Zhu, Wenchun Zhao, Jinwu Zhuang, Shengdao Liu
Accurate magnetostatic field computation for complex 3D ferromagnetic objects can be widely used to solve various engineering problems, while mesh quality is a key factor that can greatly affect the calculation precision. For complex shaped 3D objects, their mesh quality can be improved greatly by using...