Proceedings of the 1st Annual Conference of Islamic Education (ACIE 2022)

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Peer-Review Statements

Depict Pristine Adi, Setya Chendra Wibawa, Taha Romadhan Zaghloul, Mashudi Mashudi, Rif’an Humaidi
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Analysis of the Role of Teachers in Applying Kato Nan Ampek (Local Wisdom) in Early Childhood

Cici Guspita Murni, Leli Kurniawati
This research is motivated by the lack of understanding of children regarding local wisdom, especially about kato nan amped in the current technological era, Children have started to feel left behind if they still use noble values. This study aims to analyze the teacher’s role in implementing kato nan...
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Religious Moderation of Syafa’ah Darussalam Islamic Boarding School Denpasar Bali in the Midst of the Majority of Hindu Society

Jumari, Sudarsono, Sahrial Ardiansyah
Religious moderation in pesantren can start from the open mindset of kiai as the most influential leader in pesantren. Furthermore, kiai guides students and all pesantren residents to do the same attitude. Evidence of moderate attitudes can be read from the willingness to accept differences in background...
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Relationships Between Domestic Violence and Aqidah the Converted Youth

Reza Fahmi, Danila Muhammad Fahmi, Prima Aswirna, Farah Audi Fahmi
This research departs from the fact that, domestic violence has increased over time. The violent event can occur between husband and wife or vice versa. Then the wife to the husband or vice versa as well as other family members. Furthermore, this article will expose domestic violence against adolescents...
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The Effect of Student Management on Students at Madrasah Aliyah Negeri 1 Jembrana Bali’s Religious Moderation Attitude

Dani Hermawan, Moh. Anwar, Sukamto
The promotion of religious moderation in schools nowadays is a result of the issue of intolerance that has crept into Indonesia’s educational system. In Madrasah Aliyah Negeri 1 Jembrana, this study looked at how student management affected students’ attitudes about religious moderation. This study uses...
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Ethnomathematic Exploration on Cassava Leaf Painting Batik

Ni Ketut Wedastuti
Ethnomathematics is the relationship between culture and mathematics that is found in the habits of society where people have unconsciously applied mathematical concepts in their culture or habits. The habits referred to in this study are what the batik makers do in making one sheet of finished batik...
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Ethnomathematics Exploration in the Tobacco Drying Process

Indah Wahyuni, Mahmudah, Welas Listiani
Ethnomathematics is one of the efforts to learn mathematics contained in a culture. The culture in question is the habits, attitudes or activities carried out by the community to preserve culture. One of the cultural activities in which there is ethnomathematics is the culture carried out by the people...
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Multicultural Education: The Realization of Religious Moderation in the Realm of Education

Indonesia is known as a pluralist and multicultural country. This can be clearly proven from the geographical location and sociocultural conditions that are so complex and diverse. The form of multiculturalism consists of a large number of heterogeneous ethnic, cultural and religious groups. The importance...
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Ethnomathematics Exploration in Woven Bamboo in Pecalongan Village Sukosari Bondowoso

Sumining, Agustin Styaningrum, Suminah, Anang Prayitno, Usfuriyah
Weaving is a technique of connecting two or more objects or materials to weave by crossing each other so that they do not separate from each other. The material used in the making incorporated in Pecalongan Sukosari Bonodowoso Village is bamboo. This study uses a qualitative approach with an ethnographic...
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Teacher Human Resources Development in the Global Era (Case Study at SMA Muhammadiyah 3 Jember in 2022)

Siti Nurchayati, Rusydi Baya’gub
The development of teacher human resources in the global era as it is today is urgently needed, to improve the competence and professionalism of teachers in facing the challenges of globalization developments that touch on aspects of education. This study aims to examine the growth of teacher human resources...
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Principle-Based Leadership All’s Perspective Religious Moderation Muhammad As-Shalabi

Rofiq Hidayat, Riayatul Husnan, Imam Syafi’i, Machfudz, Fikri Haikal Akbar
In the campaign to suppress radicalism, the Indonesian Ministry of Religion conceptualized the principle of religious moderation, which became the reference for all institutions in Indonesia. This has an impact that all leaders of institutions in Indonesia must implement religious moderation. On the...
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Educators’ Courtesy on Future Islamic Education: KH. Hasyim Asy’ari’s Perspective Within Adabul ‘Alim Wal Muta’alim

Fatimatus Zahrah, Ahmad Dhiyaa Ul Haqq, Moh.Rofid Fikroni
Bearing in mind that education plays a significant role within society in every aspect of life, one should be educated to overcome their problems. To be educated means being familiar with the dynamic of education itself. In other words, one should cope with the changing elements of education which mainly...
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The Determinants of Indonesian Students’ Mathematics Performance: An Analysis Through PISA Data 2018 Wave

M. Mujiya Ulkhaq
This study investigates the determinants of Indonesian students’ performance in mathematics proxied by plausible value (PV) of mathematics provided by OECD PISA. The recent PISA data of the 2018 wave is used to answer this research question. Using multivariate linear regression, the student’s background...
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Analyzing the Emerging Trends of Digital Literacy Among Muslim Students Zahid Hussain

Zahid Hussain
The purpose of this investigation was to gain a comprehensive understanding of current technologies among Islamic university students so that they could make wise and stable use of their literacy online. We think that students’ ability with ICT is directly related to how well they use digital technology...
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Pattern of PTKIN Ma'had Al-Jami'ah Education Management System in East Java and Its Role in Mainstreaming Religious Moderation in Indonesia

Fathor Rahman, Muhammad Saiful Anam, Ali Sodiq
Ma'had Al-Jami'ah PTKIN (MA PTKIN) is based on the Instruction Letter of the Secretary General of the Ministry of Religion of the Republic of Indonesia concerning the Implementation of PTKIN Islamic Boarding Schools (MA) number Dj. I/Dt.I.IV/PP.00.9/2374/2014 and the Decree of the Director...
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Islamic Education in the Era of Globalization

Kholid Abdul ‘Al
Islam also teaches that studying is required at all times and places because it is the cornerstone for development and reform. The methodology employed is qualitative, with a discussion of Islamic education in the age of globalization, which brings with it a variety of new opportunities and difficulties...
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Islam, Moderation, and Prospects Indonesian Islamic Education for the World

Syamsun Ni’am
The start of the reform era has started a new chapter in the enforcement of human rights and civil liberties in Indonesia. This period has opened the door wide for freedom of opinion and freedom of religion and belief. However, the freedom that was born from this process brought further consequences...
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Reinforcement of Religious Moderation Values in Ibnu Mannan Athlete’s Islamic Boarding School

Fakhriyatus Shofa Alawiyah, Ahmad Dhiyaa Ul Haqq, Depict Pristine Adi, Rif’an Humaidi
Religious moderation has become a policy in all aspects of education in Indonesia, including in Ibnu Mannan Athlete’s Islamic Boarding School. As the first athlete’s Islamic boarding school in Indonesia, it tries to reinforce the religious moderation values through various activities. This article aims...
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Integrating Islamic Values on Math Learning in Welcoming the Society 5.0: How It Works?

Ansita Yunis Triana, Ahmad Supono, Afifah Nur Aini
Education plays important role in encouraging students’ potential to be a person who has Akhlaqul Karima, problem solver, creative, innovative, competitive, and adaptive to changes in the era of society 5.0, where advanced technologies and service platforms integrate with and empower individuals in a...
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Development of Macaroni Fusilli E-Commerce Application Based on Android

Nimas Maulidia, Setya Chendra Wibawa
Sidoarjo is a district located in East Java Province. Various kinds of contemporary snacks, one of which is macaroni, are growing rapidly in this area. However, there are obstacles in access to marketing, namely the difficulty of implementing a marketing system to compete in the digital era. E-commerce...
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Finding a Way Out of Children’s Emotional Development Problems Caused by Working Mothers: A Study in Indonesia

Evi Resti Dianita, Riyas Rahmawati, Ervina Damayanti
The increasing participation of young women who are married in the workforce around the world leaves a problem that invites controversy about the fulfillment of children’s rights. Early childhood care is now plural involving the role of parties other than their biological parents. Then, how exactly is...