Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Advances in Mechanical Engineering and Industrial Informatics (AMEII 2016)

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Trafficability of rigid wheel with bionic lug on sand by 3D DEM

Guifen Zhou, Songsong Ma, Dianlei Han, Gang Luo, Fang Liu, Rui Zhang
Numerical simulation has significant advantage in analyzing the interaction between rigid wheel and lunar soil simulants and designing the lunar vehicle wheel under complex circumstances. The computer aided design software CATIA and 3D Discrete Element Method simulation software PFC3D were combined by...
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Research on Systems Engineering of Recycling EV Battery

Ying-hao Xie, Hai-jun YU, Chang-Dong LI
Since the flash point of the electrolyte's organic solvent is very low, the use of improper dismantling way can easily cause the battery to ignite or even explode. Additionally, the residual voltage of the discard EV battery is very high, far exceeding human safety voltage. Improper dismantling way is...
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A Method Based on Statistical Characteristics for Image Denoising

Lihua Sun, Enliang ZHAO
The median filter will cause fuzzy problems on edge details of the image when it is used to remove noise of an image. In this paper we discuss an improved median filtering method. Firstly according to the arithmetic mean we preliminarily detect signal points and suspicious noise points in the image,...
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PID Control Parameters Design Analysis for First Order System

Junsheng Wang, Yingdi Hu, Haibo Liu, Hong Wang, Junwei Lei
The PID controller design and parameter choosing problem are analyzed in detail. Especially, seven good conclusions are proposed for the choosing of coefficient of PID controller design for a first order system. Also single P control and PD control effect and the reason of steady state error are studied...
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Research On Sun Shadow Positioning Genetic Algorithm Based On BP Neural Network

Ying Xu
In this paper, the model of the solar shadow end plane coordinates and the measurement of the latitude and longitude, and the measuring time are established. The solution of the video shooting location and date is given by the change of the length of the shadow in the video. And the application of genetic...
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Research On The Evaluation For Employees' Safety Quality Of Electric Power Enterprises Based On AHP

Yi-Ming Zhao
By studying the concepts of safety quality and the safety condition of electric power enterprise, an evaluation index system for employees' safety quality of electric power enterprises is established, which includes 4 first-level indexes, 11 second-level indexes, and 47 third-level indexes. Then, the...
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Analysis And 0ptimization Of Car Interior Abnormal Noise

Wei Zhang, Shuhuai Liao, Li Liu
This paper introduces the noise transfer function theory overview, After improvement proposed by the suspension of dynamic stiffness to reduce interior noise opinions, In an example of a compact car, We found the front peak problem by Accelerated conditions experimental test , Using the noise transfer...
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Designing AM PDU and Analyzing Protocol for GEO Satellite LTE

XiaoLing Xu, Weijia Cui, Yankui Zhang
Considering the urgency of integrated development between the satellite and ground, the integration of terrestrial LTE technology and satellite becomes a research hotspot. The transmission delay for GEO satellite communication is long, the SN length of existing AM PDU can't meet the requirements of satellite...
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TV Guided Missile Target Image Processing Improvement

Jingfeng He, Ming Ji, Ruliang Xiao
In using the TV-guided missiles to attack targets process, the target image segmentation process directly affects the attack effect. So, choose a suitable image segmentation methods to ensure high quality target image processing speed, real-time, is particularly important. This paper introduces a method...
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An Identity Authentication Scheme Based on Node Behaviors for Wireless Sensor Networks

Guanghui Chang, Shaofei Liang, Guangxia Xu
Identity authentication is a crucial security issue in wireless sensor networks, because wireless sensor nodes are typically deployed in an unattended environment, leaving them open to possible hostile network attacks. We propose a new identity authentication scheme based on the behaviors of node in...
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The gait and face image processing

Hongli Liu, LiYing Ye
Dealt with the deficiency of single creature feature classification, classification methods of gait and facial side integrating at the feature layers are brought forth to improve the identify classification rate with long distance. This paper respectively has feature extraction and dimension reduction...
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Design of Controller for Metal Linear Expansion Coefficient Tester

Yufei Fu
An intelligent metal linear expansion experimental instrument scheme brings for the existed problems aimed at measurement equipment of metal linear expansion coefficient. System by the processing core STC89C52RC adopts Holzer displacement sensor SS495A to measure displacement of metal bar expansion....
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A Research on the Protective Measures of the Electrical Hazards in Electrical Designs

Xingzhi Hu, Jianguo Luo
Since electric fires and induction hazards have a great influence on the safety of human life, in the process of electrical design we should take the causes of electrical hazards into consideration and give the corresponding treatment. This article involves the classifications and characteristics of...
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One Kind of Semi-automatic Loading Mope by Stair Climbing

Kaixin Meng
with the quick development of express industry, the courier needs to safely and quickly send things to customer house. As for customers living in the high building without elevators, it is very dangerous for courier carry large-scale things such as refrigerator, TV sets to upstairs and downstairs, which...
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An algorithm based on ViBe for detecting moving objects in industrial field

Rui-guang Luo, Jiang-hua Yang
In many industrial fields, there always exists mechanical regular movements, for example, the movements of reciprocating pumps in an oil field, which brings limitation for the detection. The tranditional methods including background subtraction cannot be used directly. In order to fit the scene with...
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Structural Design Of Driving System For Anti-Terrorism Robot

Yong Wang, Jin-Peng Xing, Yan Xu, Bin Hu
The mobile drive system is an very important part of the robot, and the structural design of drive system for anti-terrorism robot will be discussed in this paper. The structural design of drive system mainly include: mechanical structure design, explosion proof technology design and power calculation....
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Radar Plane Position Indicator Fast Debugging Equipment Based on USB Data Acquisition Technique

Qiang Wang, Xuezhi Zhang, Xiaokang Tang, Cun Xie, Yongshan Ma
This paper introduces the design of a radar plane position indicator (PPI) fast debugging equipment based on USB. Hardware platform is a high-speed 16 channel date acquisition card -USB4716,which is based on USB. Its internal actual is 8 parallel 16AD module. The sampling length and sampling frequency...
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M-ary Double-layer Optical Camera Communication For Intelligent Transport System

XiangDong Li, Luokun Liu
An M-ary double-layer optical camera communication (OCC) system for intelligent transport system (ITS) is proposed. According to the importance of information, the message is split into different priorities. The low-priority data is transmitted with high data rate at the upper layer in high multiplexing...
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Design of Buick V6 Electronic-controlled Engine Simulation Experiment Bench

Wenzi Gong
A simulated electronic-controlled engine experiment bench was introduced. The experiment bench is on the basis of Buick V6 electronic controlled engine, which mechanical system is removed, electrical components are kept and a set of systematically complete automobile engine electronic control system...
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Research on Suitable Matching Area in Geomagnetic Navigation

Jing Xiao, Xiusheng Duan, Xiaohui Qi, Jiwei Zhong
In geomagnetic navigation, the precision and matching efficiency are highly depended on performance of matching area's suitability. The paper summarizes the status and shortages of some main problems in choosing a suitable area, including feature extraction, building of matching feature system, analyzing...
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Optical flows Clustering Used for Counting Pedestrians

Ping Pan, Yujiang Fu, Fangming Liu
Traditionally ,pedestrian counting is a manual process. It requires a lot of manpower and material resources, and also generates the possible human error. Therefore, the reality in many cases are in urgent need of automatic pedestrian counting. The most widely deployed methods utilize laser sensors and...
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Design and Research of HMI Based on the Qt for CNC System

Ruirui Sun, Guanghe Cheng, Xiang Sun
Development of NC system HMI requirements, construction and development of the numerical control system human-machine interface system based on the AM3352. WinCE system, introduced in Qt language design and development method of embedded numerical control system human-machine interface. Design of human-machine...
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Handwritten Digits Recognition Technology Based on SAE-SVM Classifier

Xiaoting Du
For the purpose of this article, there is a huge amount of work in feature extraction, selection and other aspects using traditional supervised machine learning methods, and features for different applications often required different scenarios which need to manually design, but with the final result...
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Application of hydraulic model in optimal operation of water supply pumping station

Hao Fu, Jianjun Wang, Weining Yuan, Chunsheng Zhang, Hang Li, Yang Feng, Ming Zhao, Tong Wang, PanPan Huang
Through the J City water supply network hydraulic model, QF pumping station optimization scheduling scheme is designed by genetic algorithm. And analyzing the working days and weekends in different working conditions. After the implementation of the optimal scheduling scheme, the power consumption of...
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The Application of Rich Media Technology in Digital Learning Terminal

Yafen Wu, Chunhua Liao, Bin Nie, Qin Yang
At present, digital learning terminal has larger impact on people's lives and students learning, and is likely to become more mature in a short period of time in the future. New digital terminal is built on the basis of reading. It is a dedicated terminal which is interactive, relevance, openness and...
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Simulated Analysis Of Heavy Duty Car Cab Vibration

Xia Feng
Comfort is an important performance index of modern cars, and thus car production enterprises are making every effort to improve the comfort level of cabs. The cab suspension system plays a key role in obstructing the vibration passed from the chassis to the cab. A simulated analysis on the car cab suspension...
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Analysis of PID Control Effect for Nonlinear Systems with Related High Order Bounded Unknown Functions

Yafei Li, Dingxiong Zhang, YiDong Wang, Hong Wang, Junwei Lei
According to the nonlinear function of relative power function order, the uncertainty function is classified as one order relatively bounded and two order relative bounded and higher relative bounded situation. Then in view of the above three categories of uncertain nonlinear system, PID control law...
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Difference between Numerical Derivative and Physical Derivative Realization and Its Affection to Stability Analysis

Haibo Liu, Jinhuang Wu, Dingxiong Zhang, Hong Wang, Junwei Lei
A kind derivative algorithm is discussed and the difference of numerical derivative and physical derivative is analyzed. What is more important is that the first step error problem is proposed and its bad affection to the system stability is shown by using a first order system as an example. Also the...
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Analysis on the Impact Factors of Information Distortion in Accounting Computerization (paper withdrawn)

Huihui Liu
This paper takes listed companies as objects of study, building recognition the model of accounting information distortion in listed companies and putting forward selective methods of sample indexes of accounting information distortion recognition research; and on the basis of factor analysis, this paper...
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A Self-adaptive Bat Algorithm for Camera Calibration

Xiaozhi Liu, Didi Qi
To obtain more accurate results of optimization calibration, an improved self-adaptive bat algorithm of camera calibration was proposed. Firstly, step parameters were set adaptively so that the objective function could avoid local minima. Secondly, the improved bat algorithms used in non-linear camera...
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Comprehensive Evaluation Model on the Value of Investment in Colleges and Universities

Yutian Liu, Siyi Wu, Chao Han
The paper conducted a comprehensive scoring and ranking on the public welfare investment value of all the universities and colleges in America through establishing the comprehensive evaluation model. Firstly, those universities and colleges with insufficient information disclosure were removed from the...
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Perceptron-based AOW Clustering Algorithms

Huozhu Wang, Jianguo Yu
Clustering Algorithms has been widely used in Ad hoc network with its ability to construct network quickly, conveniently and flexibly and without the need of default network infrastructure. In this paper, Firstly, some shortcomings of the typical algorithm AOW (adaptive on-demand weighted algorithm)...
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Fuzzy Comprehensive Evaluation of Search Engine Model for Online

Xiaohui Li, Jianqiao Yu, Yifeng Dou
With the rapid development of Internet, the search engine becomes an important tool for searching information gradually. In order to choose an appropriate and reliable search engine, a research on search engine evaluation has been a hot topic. In this paper, we adopt a fuzzy comprehensive evaluation...
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Research on Electrical and Electronic Laboratory Management System of Application-oriented University

Lirong Shen
The traditional management methods of electrical and electronic laboratory have not satisfied the development of application-oriented university. To educate student comprehensive quality and creation ability, improve the quality of experiment teaching and increase the working efficiency for lab managers,...
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Design and Implementation of Simulation Maintenance Training System for Aircraft Engine Electrical System

Zheng Wang, XingDong Zhu, Jiali Fan, Jianhua Song
Since the theory of aircraft engine electrical system was more complicated and difficult to master for maintenance support personnel, a novel scheme of simulation system design for maintenance training was proposed. The mechanical frame of the system was based on the original aircraft engine and electrical...
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Functional Design on Purchase Quotation System for Machine Element

Ling Tong, LinLin Li, Rui Zhang, Lei Liu
There are many different kinds of machine element, with professional development of industrial production, only a few machine elements needed by factories are for their own production, most are needed to be purchased. Using purchase quotation system for machine element is an effective mean to ensure...
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Infrared imaging simulation through anisotropic atmosphere turbulence

Dongjie Tan
Atmosphere turbulence often degrades image quality in long range infrared imaging system due to intensity fluctuations, distortion, and blur effects. In this work, long range infrared imaging through anisotropic turbulence is simulated, which combines the theoretical turbulence effects models of optical...
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Fuzzy Control for Dual-stator Toroidal Motor with Hybrid Excitation

Xin Liu, Yang Yang Wang
Dual-stator toroidal motor with hybrid excitation is a new-style motor, it integrates power and drive function. The mathematic model of the motor system was derived based on the operating principle of the motor. In order to improve the response characteristic of toroidal motor, a fuzzy self-tuning PID...
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Study on the Heat Dissipation of the Bathtub

YiYing Li
Through the establishment of water on the surface of the heat loss and the bathtub wall heat loss of the two models to analysis heat bath total loss, as the foundation to find a most suitable strategy the person in the bathtub can adopt. Model of heat loss through water surface discuss the heat loss...
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Bagging-Based Logistic Regression With Spark: A Medical Data Mining Method

Jian Pan, Yiang Hua, Xingtian Liu, Zhiqiang Chen, Zhaofeng Yan
Medical data in various organizational forms is voluminous and heterogeneous, it is significant to utilize efficient data mining techniques to explore the development rules of diverse diseases. However, many single-node data analysis tools lack enough memory and computing power, therefore, distributed...
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Research on User-based Normalization Collaborative Filtering Recommendation Algorithm

Jie Dong, Jin Li, Gui Li, Liming Du
Under the circumstance of the big data, because of the low efficiency and low performance of analysis and calculation in stand-alone mode, the traditional recommendation algorithm is limited greatly, recommended time and recommended precision is difficult to guarantee. This thesis makes a improvement...
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Chaos Synchronization of a Class of Chaotic Systems via Linear State Error Feedback Control

Liming Du, Fengying Wang, Ziyang Han, Jie Dong
This paper studies the synchronization problem of a class of chaotic systems. The mentioned synchronization scheme consists of identical master and slave chaotic systems. By analyzing structural characteristics of nonlinear vector field of the error system, a new approach is presented to synchronize...
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Study On The Barycenter Position Of Measurement And Data Processing For Dura-Axle Vehicle

Bo Wang, Yu-ming Nie, Zezhong Yang, Chengqiang Zong, LanXin Geng
Base on measuring principle of barycenter, the authors analyzed influencing factors of barycenter and measured barycenter of one Dura-axle vehicle according to GB/T 12538-2003. The result showed that the height value of barycenter is different when lifting vehicle for smaller angle, so when measuring...
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Shift Control of Power Split Continuously Variable Transmission

Xin Fan, Lanchun Zhang, Jingbo Zhao
In order to study the shift control of power split continuously variable transmission (PSCVT), the integrated shift dynamic models for the set of engine, magnetic powder clutch and transmission are established based on the analysis of its configuration and working principle. The shift simulation shows...
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Research and Deployment on Smart Home System based on Middle-ware Technology and Cross-Platform Communication

Zhipeng Xu, Zisu Meng, Xiaoxiao Fang, Harry Wang
With the rapid development of electronic technology, household devices have been developed to automatically sense environmental changes by automatic sensing system. Smart home, the trend of future lifestyle, has been payed specially attention both in academia and industry. Smart home system covers the...
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The Analysis of Music Therapy in Children with Autism Treatment based on Computer Technology

Yan Liu, Li-li Wan, Ya-fen Wu
Music therapy based on computer technology has now become a popular way of psychological disease treatment. The treatment's main medium is music signal. Send music signals through computer, and then pass it to psychological consultant to make him get some energy to change his state of body and mind....
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Proposed Active-Standby Switch of the Digital Output for the Redundant ATO System

Jianming Zhang, Qingwen Luan, Zengwei Yan
By taking into account the hot standby structure of the redundant ATO system, the paper discusses the key technologies (including self-inspection feedback and fault clearing) for the digital output in the system and proposes a new method of the digital output in the redundant ATO system to discover any...
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Design and Implementation of Interference-Aware Channel Assignment Algorithm

XiaoLiang Feng
This paper aims at maximizing system throughput by making use of multiple radios and multiple channels. This paper designs and implements a centralized channel assignment algorithm (IACA algorithm) in our Wireless Mesh Network test bed. This paper finds that IACA can improve system throughput by 5 to...
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Entropy Method based Evaluation for Spectrum Usage Efficiency of International Mobile Telecommunication Systems

Liqin Wang, Tan Wang, Zhaojun Qian, Wei Li
Currently the radio spectrum resource has become increasingly scarce. Evaluating the usage of frequency bands with existing radio services, strengthening management of allocated resource and improving the spectrum utilization have been becoming an important way of improving spectrum management level....
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Design Research of the Insurance Business Management System Facing Mobile Terminals

Wei Su
Insurance plays a very important means of economic compensation in the path of economic development and construction in our country. In the aspect of the comprehensive development of society it has played a positive effect. At the same time, the insurance industry itself also made great development....