Proceedings of the 19th International Conference of the Asia Association of Computer-Assisted Language Learning (AsiaCALL 2022)

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Peer-Review Statements

Vu Phi Ho Pham, Andrew Lian, Ania Lian, Ngoc Tue Hoang
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Academic Digital Genre: Schematic Structure of Online Lecture Interaction in English Language Classrooms in Indonesia and Malaysia

Akhyar Rido, Heri Kuswoyo, Putu Nur Ayomi
Digitalization in the education sector has been massive, especially since the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, which has made the digital genre becomes a new norm in academic discourse in higher education institutions. The aim of this study is to shed some light on how online English language lectures...
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Technological Skills Between the Fresh-Man and Outgoing Students of the English Department of Hamdard University Bangladesh

Nujhat Nuari Islam, Md. Monowar Hossain
This study investigates the students’ cognitive approach in terms of learning technical equipment. During the novel Coronavirus in 2019, the education sector all over the world almost collapsed. The government had shut down all kinds of educational institutions. Therefore, online classes have become...
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Teachers’ Perception of Using Technology in a Blended Learning Environment to Facilitate Collaborative Learning in Bangladesh

Fatima Yeasmin Chandha, Md. Amaz Uddin Chowdury
Following the COVID-19 crisis, practically all university instructors decided to incorporate blended learning by adopting interactive technologies to enhance the teaching-learning process. Vygotsky’s socio-cultural theory, which shaped collaborative learning, is encouraged since it strengthens the activity...
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EFL Students’ Perceptions and Challenges of Computer-Mediated Collaborative Writing in Academic Writing Courses at Van Lang University

Pham Manh Tri, Nguyen Thi Thanh Van, Cao Thi Xuan Tu
The aim of the research is to discover the challenges regarding computer-mediated collaborative writing (CMCW) EFL learners encounter in academic writing courses and investigate their perceptions about CMCW activities via online applications. The researchers used qualitative and quantitative methods...
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Motivation and Amotivation of Non-language Major Students Towards Learning English Online: A Qualitative Analysis

Alprince King Biri, Rowena Contillo, Analyn Saavedra, Abigail Antonio, Edison Estigoy, Ericson Alieto
English, being the international medium for communication as well as the language of the academe and commerce, has been inculcated in the curriculum globally for decades. However, the abrupt shift to online learning modality caused by the COVID-19 pandemic has posed several challenges in the delivery...
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The Effects of Video-Based Reflection on Second-Year Non-English Majored Students’ Speaking Skills at Thanh Dong University

Van-Thang Nguyen, Xuan-Khanh Nguyen
This action research investigates the effects of video-based reflection on learners’ speaking skills and attitudes toward this method. Twenty-four second-year non-English major students voluntarily participated in this twelve-week intervention at Thanh Dong University. Each participant recorded one video-based...
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Unpacking Grammatical Metaphors in Native Speaker Online Guest Lectures to Improve Students’ Comprehension

Putu Nur Ayomi, Heri Kuswoyo, Akhyar Rido
Online guest lectures from international educators and experts present great opportunities for university students, especially in developing countries like Indonesia, to be exposed to the most recent development in science. Digitalization allows more guest lectures to be conducted online, which is much...
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Student-Produced Videos: Why not?

Tran Thi Thanh Truc, Nguyen Thi Ngoc Van, Nguyen Thi Thanh Huong
This study aims to explore the students’ perception of student-produced video projects as a form of summative assessment in ESP context. The study was conducted on ESP students who studied English in Public Relations at a university in Vietnam in an online course during COVID-19. Quantitative approach...
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Exploring Learners’ Perceptions of LMS VTVlive Implementation in English Teaching and Learning

Thi Ngoc Le Phan
There have been several changes in education because of the digital revolution in society and the quick advancement of technology. Many technology tools have been developed to help instructors become effective educators. In that situation, employing a learning management system (LMS) is regarded as a...
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Prepared for the Traditional, Trained in the Virtual: Impact of Online Teaching Practicum on Student Teachers’ Readiness

Catherine Jean A. Brillantes, Jovannie M. Sarona, Junette B. Buslon, Ericson O. Alieto
Teaching Practicum (TP) is a crucial component of pre-service teachers’ education, which serves as a training ground to develop their competencies by providing them with opportunities to acquire hands-on experience in a real-life classroom environment. The migration to online learning during the Covid-19...
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A Systematic Review of Asynchronous Online Learning in English Language Classrooms in Indonesia: Teachers’ and Students’ Perspectives

Akhyar Rido, Bagus Hary Prakoso, Analiza Liezl Perez-Amurao
Quite recently, the online learning transformation technology has affected the education sector, especially since the industrial revolution 4.0 and the COVID-19 pandemic. This study examines the use of technological applications as well as the advantages and disadvantages of asynchronous online English...
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The Crucial Roles of E-Learning at Van Lang University During the Corona Virus Epidemic from 2020 to 2021

Hieu Danh
The paper attempted to investigate the roles E-learning plays in teaching and learning at Van Lang University during the Corona Virus epidemic from 2020 to 2021. This paper is conducted using quantitative methods with data drawn from published materials related to this study's subject. Besides,...
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Chinese EFL Students’ Perceptions and Self-reported Practice of Teachers’ Written Feedback in Writing Compositions

Dharm Dev Bhatta, Yang Lian
Teachers’ Written Feedback (WTF) is a term work that serves a range of roles and purposes in teaching writing compositions. In contrast, knowing about the students’ responses and perceptions of it is crucial to make it work. This paper navigates the 300 Chinese Non–major ESL students’ attitudinal, cognitive,...
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The Use of Padlet in EFL Writing Classes in Vietnam: From Teachers’ Perspective

Ngoc Diep Do, Hoang Minh Nguyen, Tuan Anh Chu, Ha Trang Nguyen
Padlet has been widely deployed in teaching and learning writing skills. A growing body of literature recognizes this tool’s virtues, such as increasing students’ motivation and involvement in learning, alleviating their anxiety, and improving their language use and idea organization. However, few studies...
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Using CLIL in ESP Teaching to Enhance Students’ Specialized Knowledge

Tran Uyen Nhi Nguyen, Vu Mai Yen Tran
The significance of language knowledge and specialized knowledge in ESP teaching has been recognized by many scholars, particularly in light of the rapid development of globalization and integration. The aim of teaching ESP is to facilitate ESP learners’ communication skills in a range of professional...
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Dichotomy in English Language Learning Motivation: An Empirical Investigation Among Non-English Language Major Students

Patricia Mae T. Flores, Richard M. Rillo, Jomil Juanito, Marianet R. Delos Santos, Crisjame C. Toribio, Ericson O. Alieto
Language motivation is deemed to be an indicator of success in language learning and acquisition. Gardner identified two motivational constructs, namely instrumental and integrative, which categorize every person’s intention for language learning. This study aimed to determine the motivational orientations...
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Due Monday, Do Monday: A Qualitative Study of Academic Procrastination Among Undergraduate Students During the Pandemic

Helengrace Lao, Katreena Gayle Lao, Kent Adnil Lao, Marianet Delos Santos, Ericson Alieto
Academic Procrastination (AP) has become even more widespread in today’s society, especially in the higher education sector. Considering that it has been reported as a detriment to success and productivity, the need for a more in-depth analysis of AP that extends beyond the horizons of quantitative methods...
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Teaching Interactive Vietnamese Listening for Foreigners

Hoang Phuong Nguyen
Research has shown that a remarkable percentage of reality listening activities are interactive. Except for media listening, speech listening, eavesdropping, and listening activities are all geared towards two-way listening and speaking in face-to-face conversations. Suppose the listening...
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Investigating the Effects of Extensive Listening on Non-English Majors’ Vocabulary Learning and Their Attitudes Towards Extensive Listening

Ngoc Ly Nguyen
In the process of learning English, every student has been taught vocabulary at their earliest stage due to its priority. Most previous research found that extensive listening could help students enhance their vocabulary. However, most studies lack an evaluation of the student’s receptive vocabulary...
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An Overview of Integrated Skills and Non-english-Major Students’ Communicative Competence

Nguyen Tan Loi, Bui Hong
Teaching English to non-majored students to foster communicative competence and to meet learning outcomes standards is the most considerable concern of lecturers, managers, and universities. Currently, students’ ability to use listening, speaking, writing, and speaking to communicate to serve their studies...
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Applying Spencer Kagan’s Cooperative Learning Approach to Enhance Non-English Majored Students’ Engagement in English Classroom

Yen Tran, Huong Nguyen
The study is conducted to pilot the application of Spencer Kagan's cooperative learning model in non-English majored classrooms and to demonstrate the effectiveness of the model in increasing students’ engagement. This mixed method study was implemented with the collection of quantitative data expanded...
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Enhancing English Language Proficiency for Non-majored University Learners: A Proposal for Integrated Skills Approach Implementation

Nguyen Tan Loi, Bui Van Hong
Despite more efforts from educational institutions to improve the teaching quality for non-English majors, learners’ language proficiency in Vietnam is still problematic. Thus, finding a solution for teaching to upgrade their language proficiency is now an urgent action. Connecting four skills in an...
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Exploring the Effectiveness of Applying Project- Based- Learning in Teaching English Speaking Skills in Remote Learning Setting

Nguyen Chau Bich Tuyen
Many remote learners yearly participate in online English courses at Ho Chi Minh City Open University to improve their English language skills for better English communication, job opportunity, and higher education. However, most of them seemed to be problematic in natural and fluent speaking skills...
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Authorial Neologisms in Bernardine Evaristo’s Novels: A Sociolinguistic Perspective

Dubovitskaya Maria
The purpose of this study is to look into the language of the renowned British author Bernardine Evaristo to find examples of authorial neologisms and writerly words. In the course of the analysis that was carried out, a list of 40 authorial neologisms was compiled out of three novels: “Mr. Loverman”,...
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Men in a Women’s World: Motivations and Perceptions on the Teaching Profession of Male Early Childhood Pre-service Teachers

Daniel J. Cabugsa, Joel M. Torres, Leomar S. Galicia, Aprillette C. Devanadera, Ericson O. Alieto
Crucial in shaping future generations, the teaching profession is a nation- building career. Thus, motivations and perceptions in choosing this vocation become crucial as they play key roles in the development of pre-service teachers’ identity as teachers. Despite some professions’ gender balances appearing...
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Culture Shock Experiences: A Case Study of a Canadian in Vietnam

Ngoc Gia Han Nguyen, Thi Hong Van Le
Culture shock has always been an important issue. Previous studies on the cultural adaptation process have only focused on the general nature of culture shock. Yet, little attention has been drawn to how expatriates from English-speaking countries have undergone culture shock in Vietnam. This paper presents...