Proceedings of the 2018 3rd International Conference on Electrical, Automation and Mechanical Engineering (EAME 2018)

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Design and Implementation of Motorcycle Circuit Based on Flywheel Balance

Jiayong Yang, Huazhang Wang, Sixue Yang, Jiang Yan, Yanqing Dai
This paper designs and implements the hardware circuit of the self-balanced motorcycle with the MK60DN512ZVLQ10 as the control core, and has the capabilities of attitude acquisition, data processing, response and man-machine interface. First building a self-balancing motorcycle overall framework, each...
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Research on Electromagnetic Detection Emission System for Spread Spectrum Code

Shiqiang Li, Guoqiang Liu, Yaning Han, Yanhong Li, Xing Xu
The goaf under the transmission line is prone to natural disasters such as surface subsidence and uneven surface subsidence, which poses a great threat to the surface power facilities. The effective exploration and evaluation of goaf can greatly reduce the probability of occurrence of accidents. The...
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A New Method to Evaluate the Reliability of the Relay Protection System in Intelligent Substation

Yaoliang Yan, Lingjiang Xu, Leiming Ding, Weijie Qian, Shaoxuan Zhu
At present, some studies have been done to evaluate the reliability of the relay protection system in intelligent substation, but all of them ignored a fact that the intelligent substation can effectively utilize redundant information to identify fault components and enhance the reliability of protection,...
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Secondary Information Fault-tolerance Method for Smart Substation Based on Residuals of Measurement Equations

Yutao Qiu, Yimin Ding, Wulue Pan, Chaoli Feng
This paper presented a method of fault-tolerance for secondary-system information in smart substations. It was to solve the problem of information redundancy. This article drew on a method of state estimation on the primary-system and used the calculation of measurement-equation residuals to identify...
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Application of Fuzzy PID Control Based on DSP in DC-DC Boost Circuit

Henghui Zhou, Bin Jiao
In order to improve the quality of power that the phase-shifted full-bridge DC/DC boost circuit supply to the microgrid and the safety and reliability of its operation, fuzzy PID control method is used to achieve phase-shift control of the main circuit in the paper. The output DC voltage is controlled...
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Identification of the Electric Spark Electromagnetic Waveform Based on SVM

Tongtong Li, Ziyuan Tong, Shoufeng Tang, Xia Qin, Mingming Tong, Zhaoliang Xu
Electromagnetic wave of electrical spark is a potential cause to eletrical equipment failure. This research focused on identificating and comparative analyzing the different types of electromagnetic waveform generated by eletrical equipment failure based on SVM. After analyzing and extracting the features...
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The Development of E-government under the Influence of Big Data

Wei Hong, Yilan Zhang, Yiqing Lu
Countries around the world have introduced various new policies to adapt to the development of big data. The Chinese government also attaches great importance to the big data industry. The main purpose of this paper is to explore specific methods and suggestions to improve the management mode of the...
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Research on Planning of PV-integrated Transmission Grid Considering Operation Efficiency

Zifa Liu, Zhidong Wang, Hanxiao Yu, Xiaoyu Cai, Zhe Zhang, Jiaming Wang
With the large-scale application of solar in power system, traditional transmission planning of merely focusing on construction investment and operation cost could not meet the practical demands. Based on the evaluation index of the line operation efficiency and the distribution of the power flow, a...
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Overview of Communication Network Switches Technology Development in Smart Substations

Yongkang Zheng, Xiliu Tan, Dewen Wang, Lei Shi, Zhiyong Chen, Wenbing He
As an important component of the smart grid, smart substations adopt the optical fiber as the main feature to replace the traditional cable communication network. Therefore, it is very important to research the key equipment switch technology of the smart substation network. This article first compares...
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Research on Impedance Adaptive Correction Method for Low Voltage Short Circuit Test System

Yingmin You, Wei Qiu, Xiangou Zhu, Jingqin Wang, Ziran Wu
Before going public, low voltage circuit breaker must be tested, the rated operation short circuit breaking capacity and the rated limit short circuit breaking capacity test are particularly key. Therefore, the short circuit test device must be accurate and reliable, and the parameters which meet the...
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Demagnetization Analysis of Line-Start Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motors during Its Starting Process

Peijin Yu, Changqing Zhu, Yiming Shen, Guobin Zhang
This paper deals with the analysis for the irreversible demagnetization characteristics of a NdFeB, ‘W-type’ permanent magnet in the line-start permanent magnet synchronous motors (LSPMSM). By using the finite element method, the influence of different permanent magnets status and the different start...
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The Design of Smart and Multi-channel Sampling Circuits with Pre-correction Function

Zheng Liu, Yuan Zhu
Current sampling is used in the vast majority of auto lamp test system and the testing and controlling system of other products. It can observe and record the current value in the detection process, with the purpose to judge whether the various features of the products can meet the test standard. Based...
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A Novel Multi-level Wavelet Image Coding Algorithm by Full Sub-band Compressed Sensing

Weiping Qiu, Dong Hu, Yongyang He
The performance of wavelet transform based image compressed sensing coding algorithms severely rely on the level of wavelet transform. To this end, this paper investigated the combination of mutil-level wavelet full sub-band in compressed sensing framework. Firstly, we constructed a full sub-band coefficient...
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A Fast Quality Scalable Video Coding Method Based on Compressed Sensing

Min Sun, Dong Hu, Jianyu Ding
This paper presents a fast quality scalable video coding method based on compressed sensing(CS). The proposed method obtained the coding scheme of the enhancement MJU by using the interlayer and spatial correlation and kept the base layer’s coding scheme unchanged. And the part in the enhancement layer...
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Intra/Inter-frame Joint WPP Coding Algorithm on Multicore Platform

Chuanwei Yin, Dong Hu, Tao Gu
Although wavefront parallel processing (WPP) proposed in the HEVC standard and various inter frame WPP algorithms can achieved comparatively high parallelism, their scalability for its parallelism is still very limited due to various dependencies introduced in spatial and temporal prediction in HEVC....
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Motor Side-View Recognition System Based on Wavelet Entropy and Naïve Bayesian Classifier

Yiyang Chen, Маtbеn Suchkov
As the traffic accident becomes a serious problem, we need some more efficient methods to identify the car. Luckily, we can use artificial intelligence to recognize the motors by using side-view images. It will help a lot to solve the traffic accident. We used the wavelet entropy to extract the feature...
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The Void Fabric Study of Sand Based on Image Processing Technology

Yang Guo, Xuefeng Li, Daming Liu
Sand is the discrete particle material in meso level and irregular distribution of sand void space is showed anisotropy. The reasonable description of this feature is important to study on sand strength and deformation mechanism, and the anisotropy of pore space is studied by using the directional distribution...
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Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) Process towards Sustainable Construction Management Development for the Electrical, Automation and Mechanical Engineering Construction Industries-Business excellence achievements

Vijayan Gurumurthy Iyer
Strategic environmental assessment (SEA) process can be broadly defined as a study of the impacts of a proposed project, plan, project, policy or legislative action on the environment and sustainability. In this research, SEA process has been aimed in order to incorporate environmental and sustainability...
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Design and Implementation of a Novel Self-adaptive Fuzzy Logic Controller for a pH Neutralization Process

Walter Nsengiyumva, Xueyong Chen
This paper presents a self-adaptive fuzzy logic controller for a pH neutralization process which has been designed and implemented in real time process. The controller deals with the minimization of both the steady state error and time taken to reach steady state under varying operating conditions. The...
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Research on Safety Communication Technology between Expressway Front-end Equipment and Background Based on PSAM Technology and Private Communication Protocol

Zhanbin Wang, Jie Wu, Haibo Zhang, Yi Xu
When wireless communication technology is applied between Front-end Equipment and Background on expressway, the security is always an important point to be considered. The paper put forward a kind of reliable communication with the PSAM Technology and private communication protocol. The PSAM technology...
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Study of Short Stroke Control Model on Hot Rolling Mill

Lin Tan, Lei Wang, Xibang Zhang, Fengqin Wang
Head and tail width defects have a negative effect on hot strip quality. This paper developed a short stroke control (SSC) model to improve the width accuracy of head and tail. The model established a database to store the data of feature points, according to the steel grade and the working condition....
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Signal Timing for an Isolated Intersection Based on the Two-Stage Fuzzy Logic Controller

Junjie Lu, Fuyang Chen, Lin Ma
This paper proposes a two-stage fuzzy logic controller for signal timing of an isolated intersection. In the first stage, the main phase is determined in advance, and then the controller determines the secondary phase according to the traffic flow and the queue length. In addition, the membership function...
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A Modeling Method of Press-Pack IGBT from Chip-level to Module-level

Shuai Sun, Meiting Cui, Zhongyuan Chen, Xiaodong Luo, Jinyuan Li, Huipeng Ren
In press-pack IGBT the currents flowing through paralleled chips are not consistent due to the packaging structure, chip difference, uneven stress distribution and so on. The maximum current overshoot and maximum junction temperature of the internal paralleled chips determine the limitation of the device's...
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Defect Characteristics of Be-doped GaSb Film Grown on GaAs

Xin Guo, Yan Chen
The defect characteristics of the Be-doped GaSb and no-doped GaSb film grown on GaAs and GaSb substrate respectively were analysed by the method of molecular beam epitaxy (MBE), positron annihilation Doppler broadening spectroscopy (PADBS), X-ray diffraction spectra (XRD) and atomic force microscopy...
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An Under-Frequency Load Shedding Optimization Scheme Based on Power Tracing

Yining Yang, Hai Bao
Under-frequency load shedding (UFLS) is the last line of defense to prevent large-scale blackouts. The conventional UFLS scheme does not distinguish the location of the disturbance, and adopts the equal amount or equal proportion load shedding to distribute the amount of load shedding indistinctively...
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Design and Implementation of High Speed UART Based on DMA

Feng Zang, Honghai Niu
When using DMA to receive messages, it is necessary to specify the number of bytes needed to be sent to the DMA controller. When the DMA controller receives the specified bytes, DMA transmission interruption is generated. But in practical applications, the number of bytes received by UART is often unfixed....
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The Design of Multi Degree of Freedom Manipulator Controller Based on 485 Bus

Bin Jiao, Tongqing Feng
According to the requirement of high efficiency, convenience and accuracy for the robot, this paper presents a system of multi degree of freedom manipulator based on 12 Series MCU. Through the man-machine interface to control the robot joint motion of the motor, the panel shows the actual position of...
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Thermal Mechanical Effects Research Based on Magnetic Thermal Mechanical Coupling Fields for Large Section Cables

Chunning Wang, Mingxing Fu, Fujue Wang, Qiang Chu, Wei Chen, Hongzhong Ma
In order to realize the quantitative calculation of large section cable’s thermal stress and thermal strain, the finite element calculation model of cable’s magnetic thermal mechanical coupling field is established, which takes a large cross-section cable fixed with hoops at both ends as a modeling object....
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Assessment of a Car Hood of Aluminum Foams

Tso-Liang Teng, Cho-Chung Liang, Ching-Yu Hsu, Chien-Jong Shih, Wen-Yen Hsu
In vehicle-pedestrian impacts, the severity of pedestrian injuries are affected by car hood. The structure and material of the hood is believed that strongly effect on pedestrian head injury. Therefore, the improvement design of hood structures has a great help for reducing pedestrian head injuries....
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A Novel Device of True Triaxial Apparatus for Making Layered Sand Specimen

Jinqiao Liu, Xuefeng Li, Hongyan Li
Due to the anisotropy of sand, the sand will inevitably lead to different patterns of failure under principal stress axes rotation condition. It is necessary to research sand with different deposition angles. However, the existing sand sample preparation device of true triaxial apparatus only can prepare...
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Portable Anti-bedsore System

Ping Shi, Weimin Wang, Hongliu Yu
The purpose of this paper is to develop a portable anti-bedsore system. This portable anti-bedsore system, which can provide a new way to the prevention and treatment of bedsore. This above way not only suitable for bedridden patients also for long-term wheelchair users. MCS-51 was applied in the hardware...
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Wind Power Cooperative Scheduling Strategy Considering the Life Cycle Carbon Emissions of EV

Fengkun Yang, Liangliang Chen
In order to improve the low-carbon and economic benefits of electric vehicles (EV), this paper proposes a cooperative dispatch model of electric vehicles and wind power. The objectives of the model include the lowest carbon emissions, the lowest cost of thermal power and the lowest equivalent load variance....
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Structure Synthesis of Wheelchair-type Lower Limb Rehabilitation System Based on Exercise Rehabilitation

Qiaoling Meng, Meng Wang, Hongliu Yu
This paper presents a new way of structure composition of wheelchair-style lower limb rehabilitation mechanisms to develop a systematic and modularized structure synthesis methodology of exercise rehabilitation mechanisms based on exercise rehabilitation. First, the movement principle of hip and knee...
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A Novel Method for Fault Diagnosis of Planetary Gearbox

Huiling Liu, Jianguo Zhang
The transmission path of planetary gearbox is complex and the fault signal can easily be submerged in the noise signal, so a novel method for fault diagnosis of planetary gearboxes was proposed in the paper, which combined the simulation modeling with the sensor signal processing. Through the dynamic...
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Design and Realization of a Handheld Terminal of Consumption Data Acquisition

Chuanfei Qiu, Quanzhi Zhou, Jingjing Zhou, Xiaofang Lou, Weiqing Tian
Consumption data not only constitute the basic premise for analysis of, but also provide the basic reference for production, ordering, storage and supply of maintenance materials. This article designs a handheld terminal of consumption data acquisition, which can greatly overcome the disadvantages of...
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Design and Realization of Consumption Data Acquisition and Management System

Chuanfei Qiu, Zhichao Shao, Jianhua Tu, Fuqi Qu, Xianglin Tan
A consumption data acquisition and management system is developed to take statistics of actual situations and consumption data of maintenance materials and provide basis for defining the maintenance material standards. The system is explained from the aspects of system function design, system structure...
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Test Spark Installation on Linux Clusters

Lee-Hur Shing, Lee-Pin Shing, Marn-Ling Shing, Chen-Chi Shing
Apache Spark is an open source big data analytic framework on clusters. It runs on top of Hadoop distributed clusters but faster using in-memory processing. Very often it seems run normally even Hadoop runs abnormally. This paper describes that after install Spark 1.4.0 over Hadoop 2.7.0, how to test...
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A Research of Truck’s Quality Online Estimation Based on CAN Information

Liangkun Yang, Jie Jin, Zhichao Liu, Juanjuan Chen
The quality of trucks has a huge change from empty to fully load; the change of quality highly affects truck’s driving [1]. This paper takes a truck as research object and structured the vehicle quality online estimation model considering LS and vehicle sensor technology; the study set the default value...
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Analysis of Institution Mechanism on Cable-strut-beam

Limei Zhang, Yu Song, Zhigang Huang, Wenhui Cui
The cable-strut-beam belongs to the spatial developable structure, and prestress is an important source of structural stiffness. How to apply prestress depends on the institution's self-stress mode. Firstly, the balance equation of cable-strut-beam is established. Then the self - stress mode of the cable-strut-beam...
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Research and Application of “Harmony and Contrast” in the Moulding Design of Agricultural Equipment

Wei Chen
Harmony and contrast is the rule that the agricultural equipment design have to observe. Harmony and contrast of the linear, harmony and contrast of the surface, harmony and contrast of the volume, harmony and contrast of the color, harmony and contrast of material texture, harmony and contrast of line...
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Study on Cleaning Performance of Small Road Sweeper Vehicle

Qingliang Yang, Yao Zhou, Kaiming Ying, Rongbin Li, Xin Wang
Taking the rubbish in the campus of Shanghai Electric Power University as the test object, the single-factor and three-factor five-level orthogonal test design methods were adopted to conduct an experimental study on the cleaning performance of the road cleaner cleaning system and obtain the optimal...
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Quantitative Evaluation of Reserve Projects Based on the Grid Contribution

Zifa Liu, Dong Peng, Xuyang Wang, Zhe Zhang, Yawei Xue, Hui Li
The comprehensive evaluation of electric construction project is one of the main tasks in the early stage of the project. In order to accurately embody the nature, content, and scale of the reserve projects, a quantitative evaluation method for reserve projects based on the contribution of power grid...
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Small Sugarcane Harvester Conveying Failure Analysis

Xiao Lai, Zhiwen Qin, Peng Yang, Zhonghua Shen
The small sugarcane harvester is the main model that it is fitted for hilly areas, but it is vulnerable to conveying failure. To breakthrough the limitation of individual harvester`s structural improvement traditionally, Traditionally structural improvement to the individual harvester is not generally...
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Design and Test of Universal Super High Efficiency Motor

Hui Su, Hui Wen, Xinhua Zheng, Xueqin Tang, Xunfang Zhao, Jianxin Su
Due to the different power standards around the world, to the motor and construction machinery export enterprises design and production management more difficult, raising the cost. If in accordance with international standards IE3, producing a series of ultra-efficient motors, power supply to meet world...
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Design of Monitoring System Based on LabVIEW Producer/Consumer Model

Chunli Gao, Jialin Zhu, Lusha Zhang
In wireless monitoring systems, the program design mode has a great influence on data upload and processing efficiency. In order to solve the problem that data uploading and processing cannot be synchronized in the system, a LabVIEW system design based on the producer-consumer model is proposed. The...
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Dynamic Characteristics Analysis of the Hydraulic Arm of Mobile Coal Sampling Robot

Yuanfang Li, Haibo Xu, Jun Wang, Rong Deng, Yufeng Lin
Dynamic characteristics of the hydraulic arm affects the mobile coal sampling robot’s accuracy and efficiency. The complex and varied working conditions put many high requirements on the stability of the hydraulic arm. This paper took the hydraulic arm of the MCYY2000 mobile coal sampling robot as the...
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Kinematics Analysis of a Mobile 6-DOF Coal Sampling Robot

Rong Deng, Haibo Xu, Jun Wang, Yuanfang Li, Wenyu Huang, Xing Fan
In order to solve the problem of automatic sampling of coal, this paper introduced the MCYY2000 6-DOF mobile coal sampling robot and analyzed its kinematics. This paper first introduced the mechanical structure of the 6-DOF sampling robot, then the forward kinematics equation of the sampling robot was...
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Application of Machine Learning Method in Simulation Model Validation

Qi Lin, Yong Chen
There exists distrust in simulation validation all the time. A quantitative approach is proposed to obtain measurable, comparable judgments of simulation correctness. The commonality between machine learning and simulation model validation is analyzed. We focus on the idea of applying cross validation...
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Hyperbolic Sliding Mode Trajectory Tracking Control of Mobile Robot

Yaogang Ding, Chongxin Liu, Shengmin Lu, Ziwei Zhu
The trajectory tracking control is performed for the kinematics model of the mobile robot. The switching term of the traditional sliding mode control law function contains the symbolic function. Because of its discontinuity, it is not suitable to use the switching function in the derivation occasion....
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Recognition of Multiple Human Body Postures Based on Six-axis Sensor

Wei Li, Dongxiu Ou
In the existing methods of recognition of multiple human body postures, recognition of human body postures based on wearable sensors has recently become a research hotspot because of its advantages such as simple information acquisition, low cost, and fast transmission. Based on the monitoring data collected...
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Fall Detection System for Monitoring an Elderly Person Based on Six-Axis Gyroscopes

Maojie Tang, Dongxiu Ou
Accidental falls are crucial causes of death due to injury among the elderly. Many researches about fall detection applied complex algorithms and required heavy equipment. However, these approaches can hardly apply to the elderly’s daily life. In this paper, we employ a six-axis gyroscope that integrated...
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Method of Top-level Design for Automated Test Systems

Zhenjie Zeng, Xiaofei Zhu, Shiju Qi, Kai Wu, Xiaowei Shen
When designing an automatic test system, it is necessary to make each electronic test device conform to different test requirements. The most important issue is the system top-level design. The article starts with the three steps of the top-level design: system requirements analysis, architecture selection...
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Fault Diagnosis of Wind Turbines’ Bearing Based on PSO-AdaBoostSVM

Hao Gan, Bin Jiao
Bearing is an important part of wind turbine. In the past few years, there have been many intelligent fault diagnosis algorithms for it. Support vector machine is one of them. But it also has many shortcomings for fault diagnosis. For example, how to select kernel and parameters makes the classifier...
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Dynamic and Elastic Response of Aircraft in Gust Loads

Yi Zhang, Lei Deng, Gang Sun, Xiangzheng Tu
Aeroelastic response of gust is always an important problem in flight quality assessment. In this study, structure and aerodynamic solvers based on Lagrange equation and Euler equation are coupled with loose coupling method. Elastic general-purpose airplane and a high-aspect-ratio transport airplane...
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Hybrid-chain: An Innovative and Efficient Mixed Blockchain Architecture

Yunpeng Wang, Hui Zhao, Tao Li, Fan Zhang, Zhiyong Li
The blockchain architecture with distributed and decentralized as the main features often face problems such as long transaction confirmation time, low system throughput, and waste of computing resources. These problems are exactly what the traditional centralized architecture can solve. At the same...
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A Study for Improving Accuracy of Overhead Con-ductor Temperature Model under Large Discrete Steps

Xiong Chen, Renzhi Hu, Yujuan Hong, Zhanfeng Ying
The accuracy of overhead conductor temperature model is easily affected by the sampling frequency of current and weather condi-tions. Due to the cost limitation and communication difficulty of the monitoring systems, the current and weather conditions is commonly sampled with the large sampling steps...
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Finite Element Modeling of Correlating Mechanical Properties with Erosion Wear Rate

Bing Wu, Fengfang Wu, Jinjie Li
A finite element display dynamic model was developed to study mechanical properties of single layer coatings under single solid particle impact, simulating particulate erosion conditions. Four coatings on the same material substrate material were analyzed to determine reduction in additional factors...
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Research on Time Synchronization Method in WSN

Lusha Zhang, Jialin Zhu, Chunli Gao
WSN is a typical distributed system. Data fusion, energy management, transmission scheduling, target tracking and positioning, and network security all require monitoring nodes in the wireless sensor network to maintain time synchronization. The application of synchronization technology at this stage...
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A Low Power Fast Locking PLL Frequency Synthesizer with Temperature Compensation

Zhiqing Geng, Xiaojin Ma, Zuopeng Li
A temperature compensated phase-locked loop (PLL) frequency synthesizer with small locking time is presented. The locking speed is improved by combining the methods of direct frequency presetting and dynamic loop bandwidth. A new technique of temperature compensation combining the static temperature...
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Design on Dropsonde Meteorological Detection System Based on UAV

Hong Wang, Xuhui Chen, Xiaorong Zhou
Aims to the defect of using pilot balloon theodolite to track and detect the rising balloon and get meteorological data, the project is put forward that using intermediate, long-range, long-endurance unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) as a platform, mounting dropsonde to implement meteorological detection...
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Direction of Arrival Estimation for Uniform Circular Array Based on Monte Carlo Importance Sampling

Peng Ma, Shiquan Wang
A new method of estimating direction of arrival for uniform circular array is presented in this paper. Based on Monte Carlo importance sampling, the proposed method employs a global optimization to maximize the compressed likelihood function at low angular separation to boast relatively improved performance,...
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Structural Analysis and Optimization of Liquid Nitrogen Fire Monitor Based on FLUENT

Yunxing Hou, Xiaowei Yang, Fangyan Ren, Yanjun Liu
The nozzle is the key component to transform the fluid potential energy into kinetic energy. It is of great significance to the operation the fire protection system. A simple two-dimensional structure of the nozzle is developed. The outlet velocity of the nozzle model is calculated according to hydrodynamics...
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Study on Ballistic Missile Infrared Hyperspectral Endmember Extraction Algorithm Based on Non-negative Matrix Factorization--Feasibility Analysis

Shihua Liu, Jiangtao Xiang, Wei Qi
According to the ballistic missile infrared hyperspectral endmember extraction problem, a hyperspectral endmember extraction algorithm based on the non-negative matrix factorization is studied. This algorithm is solved based on the alternating least square. The signal separation and extraction ability...
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Age Estimation Based on a Deep Model

Liming Chen
In this paper, we propose a new age classification method based on a deep model. In our method, the fine-tuned deep facial age (FTDFA) model is used to extract facial age features. Age features output from the activations of the penultimate layer are classified by the Maximum joint probability classifier(MJPCCR).Three...
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Improvement of Several Classical Matching Algorithms for Underground Positioning

Jie Huang, Ziyuan Tong, Shoufeng Tang, Qingyong Liu, Minming Tong, Mingyu Ji
It is an urgent task for the coal industry in China and even the world to realize the position of the injured and the excavation equipment under the mine. Due to its advantages of high efficiency, low cost, and suitable accuracy, binocular stereo vision measurement methods have become a popular trend...
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Anti-interference Tracking Algorithm Based on Structural Random Jump System Theory

Xuchao Kang, Guangjun He, Feng Chen, Qifang He
In the process of tracking a maneuvering target, when there is interference, the system parameters and structure will randomly jump. The previous algorithms have less consideration. The thesis applies the structural random jump system theory to the anti-jamming tracking problem of the two sensors, establishes...
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Improved NSGA-II Algorithm for Optimization of Constrained Functions

Yun Zhang, Bin Jiao
In order to solve the constrained multi-objective optimization problem, an improved NSGA-II algorithm is proposed. On the basis of NSGA, the cross operation of the feasible and unfeasible solution is implemented in order to give full play to the role of the infeasible solution in the optimization process....
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A Slicing Algorithm Based on Virtual Edge for 3D Printing

Yifei Hu, Jiang Xin, Guanying Huo, Danlei Ye, Zehong Lu, Bolun Wang, Zhiming Zheng
Virtual edge method for point cloud slicing in 3D printing is a very common algorithm due to the advantage of low computational complexity. However, this approach is not robust to density variations. To overcome this shortcoming, in this paper, a concept of column neighborhood is introduced to estimate...
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Solving Highly-dimensional Fractional Oscillators via an Efficient Scheme Based on Adams and Newmark-β Algorithms

Yuxiang Chen, Yanmao Chen, Qixian Liu
In this paper, we employed an efficient numerical scheme by combining Adams and Newmark-β algorithms to solve highly-dimensional nonlinear oscillators containing fractional derivatives (FDs). The method solves the original equations directly by incorporating the Adams and Newmark-β algorithms to handle...
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Research on Emergency Logistics Management by Employing Uncertain Case-Based Reasoning

Xuedou Yu, Xiulian Gao
A new solution strategy about emergency logistics by employing uncertain case-based reasoning was provided for the management of emergency logistics. A scientific case-based reasoning rule and model reasoning algorithm were established. According to expert opinions, the membership function of each attribute...
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Optimal PMU Configuration Based on Improving Teaching-learning-based Optimization Algorithm

Xiaodong Li, Mingyu Jing
Taking the full network observability of power system operation state and the least number of phasor measurement units(PMU) as objective, this paper proposes an optimal PMU placement algorithm based on an improving teaching-learning-based optimization algorithm(ITLBO). Phasor measurement units can measure...
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A Low Speed Control Algorithm Based on Fuzzy-PI

Ying Ma, Bin Yan, Sheng Lu, Congying Deng, Xiang Chen, Yang Zhao
In order to implement high control performance at low speed (2~5 Km/h) for automatic parking system, a speed control algorithm is proposed based on Fuzzy-PI in this paper. First, the desired speed curve is programmed by taking advantage of Laplace-Gaussian curve. In order to avoid fuzzy blind areas,...
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The Feasibility Research of Organizing Dragon-and-lion Dance in the Ordinary Universities of Wuhan

Dunfeng Zhou
By adopting the literature review, expert interview and logical analysis, this paper has made a detailed analysis and research into the feasibility of organizing dragon-and-lion dance in the ordinary universities of Wuhan. The research results show that the organization of dragon-and-lion dance which...
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Grey Statistical Decision-making for Estimate of the Regional Wheat Trials Yield

Wuheng Gao
The regional wheat trials are used to objectively, fairly, and scientifically evaluate the yield and other characteristics of new wheat varieties grown in different wheat regions, and provide important scientific basis for the validation, ecological zoning, species distribution, and rational use of wheat...
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Fast Hardware Implementation of Sub-pixel Search Algorithm for Digital Speckle Correlation Method

Zejie Kuang, Guohe Zhang, Feng Liang
Digital speckle correlation measurement method is an important way in the areas of three-dimensional deformation and morphology measurement. It carries the advantages of non-contact, high precision and strong stability. The sub-pixel search algorithm which is used to improve the accuracy of displacement...
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Discussion on Machine Learning Data Processing Methods in Raman Spectrum

Wei He
In this paper, exploiting mixed machine learning data processing methods in Raman spectrum, such as data organization, data preprocessing, data analysis, sample classification is discussed. Data experiments showed that the mixed machine learning data processing methods in Raman spectrum had good performance.
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Fault Detection and Diagnosis for Industry Process Based on Support Vector Data Description

Shuning Zhang, Hongyong Yang, Guanlong Deng
A new approach for fault detection and diagnosis based on Support Vector Data Description (SVDD) has been proposed in this paper. Similar to the T2 and SPE statistic in principal components analysis (PCA), an appropriate nonlinear distance metric measured in feature space and threshold have been developed...
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Research on Artificial Intelligence Basic Platform and its Application in Educational Robot

Zhicheng Chen, Jichun Zhao, Duoli Wang
The foundation of artificial intelligence is an important research content. This paper introduces the "Artificial Intelligence Basic Platform" project of independent research and development. The paper draws up the development contents of the artificial intelligence computing platform, formulates the...
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Study on How to Improve Engineering Student’s Ability to Solve Complex Engineering Problems

Xianming Li, Hongru Li
New approaches to improve engineering student’s ability to solve complex engineering problems have been studied. The student’s ability of “practice combine with theory” is very necessary for them to solve complex engineering problems. Taking the automation specialty of Shandong University as an example,...
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Identification Method of Task Community Based on Bayesian Belief Network

Xuezhi Lv, Changjiang Liu
With the increaseing of the combat capability of the weapon platform, the striking range of the weapon platform is expanding, and it is necessary to classify the weapon platform according to the target that the weapon platform may hit. It can distinguish the task community, enhancing the cognition and...
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Microbial Synthesis and Flocculation Performance of Poly (γ-glutamic Acid)

Yanli Zhang
Monosodium glutamate wastewater (MSGW) is a nutrient cultivation medium for microorganism cultivation because it contains abundant nutrient. The research focused on the cultivation of B. subtilis 168 with MSGW to produce poly (γ-glutamic acid). The optimal cultivation conditions for the production of...
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The Dispersion of Nanometer SiC on Electroless Ni-P-nano SiC Composite Plating

Hong Wang, Yubao Cao, Wenqing Wei
In recent years, along with the development of nanometer material and technology, it is raising the upsurge of researching the craft of electroless composite plating with nanometer particles in domestic and foreign. However the nanometer material because its big relative surface proportion, the increase...