Proceedings of the 2021 International Conference on Financial Management and Economic Transition (FMET 2021)

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The Role of SPEs in the Enron Scandal and Its Implications for China

Shihan Liu, Lingyuan Lu, Yidi Wu
Special purpose entity (SPE) is a type of financial instrument that can legally help companies reduce debt, raise capital, reduce stress, and reduce losses and is widely applied in U.S. companies. However, from Enron Scandal, SPE may also let firms be exposed to certain risks. This paper aims to study...
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The Relationships of Monetary Policy and the Real Estate Stocks Market

Shi-Ying Lao
Currently, with the rapid development of China, the real estate industry as the pillar of the Chinese economy and the scale of investment continues to expand. The rapid rise of real estate prices will cause the real estate bubble appears. The real estate industry is not only influenced by the supply...
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The Investment Valuation of Its a Checkmate Company Based on PEST Analysis and POCD Method Research

Yibing Miao, Yiling Zhu
As more and more food delivery platforms have met the convenience needs of online food ordering and delivery orders and are affected by the epidemic, the food ban has further stimulated the demand for sales and home delivery. ItsaCheckmate has been born. It acts as a link between the restaurant and the...
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Possibility of Sustainable Development of Genki Forest and Investment Decision Based on POCD Framework

Liying Liu, Junyao Mu, Zishi Wang
Genki Forest is a trending Chinese beverage company that is focusing on sugar-free drinks such as soda pops and milk tea. Before investing in Genki Forest, a venture capitalist should carefully analyze the company. However, the traditional methods, including the debt-to-equity ratio, the valuation on...
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Business Model Analysis for Convene Based on POCD and PEST Framework

Angda Shen, Yanxin Wang, Shaojia Zhi
The coworking industry in the US is currently experiencing strong growth because the companies are recovering from the Covid-19 impact. Research has shown that venture capital has a significant impact on economic growth through the financing of startups. We choose the company Convene to argue from the...
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Analysis of Tesla’s Business Model: A Comparison with Toyota

Yuhang Li, Jinru Lin, Shuning Xu
The rise of the electric vehicle industry led by Tesla indicates that the market will also challenge the traditional automobile industry. With the consumption of petroleum fuel and the development of new energy sources, electric vehicle companies like Tesla have attracted the public’s attention and have...
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The Progress of Credit Linked Note Based on Products from Different Regions

Yixiang Sun
Credit Linked Note (CLN) is a kind of structured financial derivative that is booming. Based on analysis and comparisons toward different kinds of CLN products from different countries, the current status of CLN products has been introduced. Specifically, the characteristics (e.g., rates and periods)...
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A Study on the Profitability of China’s E-commerce Platforms in the Post-epidemic Era

Taking, Inc. as an Example

Ruiqi Han, Wenxin Su, Ruqi Xiao
As one of the products of the global economic development in the new era, E-commerce is now tending to the stage of rapid development, and it plays a vital role in the economic development of China and even the whole world. Especially after the COVID-19, the development of online retailing has entered...
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How is the Purchase Intention of Consumers Affected in the Environment of E-commerce Live Streaming?

Bojun Lyu
Recently, live streaming e-commerce becomes an increasingly popular approach among Chinese consumers and also gets attention from several scholars. In this study, we examine how interactivity between streamers and buyers during live streaming influences the purchase intention. We empirically measure...
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Interpretation of Tax and Fee Support Policies for Film Industry Under the New Economic Environment

Dong Chunlong
In May 2020, the Ministry of Finance and the State Administration of Taxation Announcement No. 25 of 2020 issued the announcement on tax support policies for film and other industries. Positive tax policy will promote the development of film industry. This paper analyzes the role of preferential tax...
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Application of SVM, Decision Tree and Logistic Regression Algorithm in Stock Classification and Prediction

Liu Xiaojie, Liao Aihong
This paper uses three data mining algorithms, support vector machine, decision tree and logical regression, to establish the stock classification prediction model. The paper compares and analyzes the prediction effect of the three models, and summarizes the relationship between the financial indicators...
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Research of the Risk and Profitability of Community Group Purchasing in the Context of New Retail Economy

Boxiong Li, Bin Lin, Runying Zhu
With the development of e-commerce, several forms of consumption appeared. Group purchasing is one of the forms of online shopping, which defines purchasing grocery in community groups from retail business by e-commerce ways. This paper will illustrate the properties of group purchasing and conclude...
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Analysis on How LVMH Can Be the Leader of the Luxury Industry

Rouxuan Chen
Luxury is a conventional definition, it links pleasure and the gratification of human emotions via more snobby items or experiences than the typical person. As we know, LVMH just acquired Tiffany Inc. in January 2021, which is the biggest acquisition in the luxury industry. What kind of company LVMH...
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The Effect of Opening China-Europe Railway Express on the FDI in China from the Countries Along the Routes

Shiyuan Hu
This paper theoretically explores the mechanism of the influence of opening China-Europe Railway Express on China’s absorption of FDI, then applies the panel data of 128 countries from 2008-2017 in the PSM-DID model to prove a stimulative effect of opening the trains on China’s FDI from the counties...
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A Single Factor Strategy Based on the Announcements of Shareholders Increasing Stakes in Chinese Financial Market

Jiayi Wang, Yibing Chen
In this study, we use the public announcements of shareholders increasing stakes to examine the impact of the events to stock prices. We prove that shareholders increasing stakes have a positive impact on stock prices as the number of stocks with a higher daily return after the release of the announcements...
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Will the Food Delivery Industry Be Monopolized?

Haozhe Lu, Mingyang Sun, Yimin Zeng
Nowadays, new technology is growing fast. Shopping and ordering food via the Internet becomes popular in daily life. Especially during the Covid-19 pandemic, the food delivery market was growing bigger and bigger. This paper aims to study the possibility of the food delivery industry becoming monopolized....
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Research on Fairness of IASB Conceptual Framework in Financial Reporting

Sun Yiting
IASB conceptual framework acts as a practical tool and assistance when developing IFRS. By probing into the degree to which IASB conceptual framework meets the given definition of fairness, it can be concluded that with an adequate recognition of users and their requirements, conceptual framework generally...
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The Correlation of Online Social Cognitive Capital Towards Knowledge Transfer Consumer Willingness to Pay: A Case Study

Jianyu Zhu, Ruiqi Zhu, Zunkai Weng
The research towards the consumer willingness to pay in the knowledge sharing economy has begun for decades. Related research has shown that the social cognitive capital, or the expected gain of consumer, has a significant correlation towards knowledge exchange consumer willingness to pay. But for there...
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Research on Risk Management and Profitability of Bike Sharing Business Model

Xiangyu Tian, Yijie Wang, Yuwen Shi
People’s needs for personal leasing create the explosion of sharing economy systems, bike sharing meets people’s demand for short-distance and eco-friendly travels. Therefore, many bike sharing enterprises emerge as the times require. In the context of bike sharing, risk management and profitability...
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Regulations on Three Big Data Discriminations Inducing Transaction Costs--From the Perspective of Legal Aid

Xiu Ye, Huihui Dong
Individuals in transactions suffer from three types of big data discrimination: biased selection, false association, and malicious recommendation, which could induce additional transaction cost. Through algorithm model, enterprises process and derive the initial data of individuals. In this process,...
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Is Kuaishou an Exceptional Investing Opportunity?

A Comprehensive Analysis of the Fundamentals Using the POCD Framework

Qiyan Wu, Yucheng Qin
The rapid development of the short-video sharing platform and live-streaming business recently brought a lot of attention to one of the industry titans – the Kuaishou company. To evaluate if the firm is a potential investment opportunity and its risk, this paper used the POCD framework from the Harvard...
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Will People with High Assets Be More Pessimistic Towards the Economic Expectations?

Research Based on the Data of CHFS in 2011

Wang Zhengfen
The study of economic expectation is conducive to understand the potential unstable factors in China’s economic development. This paper discusses the impact of family assets on residents’ economic expectations from the perspective of social structure. Based on the social structure mechanism, this study...
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Research on the Conduction Effect of China’s Corn Futures Price—Analysis Based on International Market Factors

Wan Zhiyi
With the increasing correlation between China’s corn futures and the international market, corn futures price fluctuation is closely related to the international market factors. By constructing VAR model, this paper focuses on the influence of four international trade and financial market factors --...
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Analysis of Enterprise Operation Under the Impact of COVID-19 Epidemic: A Case Study of Nike Inc.

Sihan Meng, Beichen Wei, Gaozhen Xu, Ruimeng Zhang
The outbreak of Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) brought a significant negative impact on the global economic and social development, where many enterprises are generally facing operational difficulties. Among all the corporations, Nike Inc.’s practice in the face of major public safety accidents...
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Analysis of COVID-19’s Investment in Corporate Value

Taking Walmart as an example

Yuxin Jin, Wenlin Xu, Nan Zheng
In 2020, COVLD-19 became a global health problem, which significantly affected the world economy, especially the retailed industry. Walmart is one of the most considerable retailed Corporate globally, which ranked first among the Fortune Global 500 in 2020. This article will analyse the value investment...
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Research on Northeast Sichuan Under the Background of Rural Revitalization

Hanfang Xiao, Wei Wu
If the country wants to revitalize, the countryside must be revitalized. Under the background of the continuous deepening implementation of the national rural revitalization strategy, it is necessary to accelerate the development of rural revitalization industry and drive the rapid improvement of rural...
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Economic Policy Uncertainty and Management

Yian Chen, Shiyi Li
First of all, this paper analyzes the concept of economic policy uncertainty. It then analyzes the connection and influence of economic policy uncertainty on our real-life from the two practical application examples of residents’ consumption and enterprise development. The following paper introduces...
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Research on Investment Decision of Start-up Company Based on POCD Framework – Taking Kindbody as an Example

Wenchong He, Xiuping Li, Yingtong Zhang
The study of a more efficient and more general project investment feasibility evaluation system can effectively reduce the uncertain and unknown investment risks in the process of project investment evaluation and decision-making. We put forward an investment system -- POCD, which is suitable for the...
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The Impact of Land Property Right on China’s Rural-urban Migration

Yunshan Chen
China has a unique land system that has undergone many reforms and typical forms. In this paper, we will study the impacts of the rural land system on rural-urban migration under market (the rent ratio of rural farming land) and government (land security) mechanisms. We will employ the Probit model with...
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Do Firms Benefit From Corporate Alleviation? From the Perspective of Signaling Theory and Information Asymmetry

Tan Shirong
Precision is a national strategy for poverty alleviation, is a key step for a country towards achieving common prosperity and socialist modernization, in which not only is the work of the government and the masses, enterprises should also undertake the social responsibility. On the one hand, enterprises...
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Research on Shanghai’s Economic Influencing Factors Based on Grey Relational Analysis

Wang Lingyi
Affected by the new crown epidemic, the world economy has been in a long-term downturn, but the Chinese economy can achieve positive economic growth under this situation. As an important economic centre in China, studying the influencing factors behind Shanghai’s economy is significant for improving...
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The Application of PEST Analysis and POCD Framework to Skydio’s Venture Capital Investment

Ziyi Jiang, Jiyao Sun, Ke Wei
Successful venture capital assessment needs accurate and efficient analysis models. This paper conducts a comprehensive analysis on Skydio to evaluate the investment value of this enterprise in order to invest in venture capital. We first survey the company’s overall situation, including the enterprise...
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The Impact of Macroeconomic Environment on Cost Stickiness: Evidence from China

Tingting Li, Zhenning Zhang
Macroeconomic factors affect the cost of enterprises. The article uses the data of Chinese listed companies from 2011 to 2019 to verify that Chinese listed companies still have cost stickiness, and at the same time we empirically tests the impact of macroeconomic factors on the cost stickiness of Chinese...
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Analysis on the Disclosure Problems of Accounting Information in Charitable Organizations

Jiayi Chen
Charity is a very important institution in the public domain. Through donation income, funds are distributed to people in need of help in society. However, according to the theory of public goods, information asymmetry and principal-agent theory, it can be seen that charitable organizations access more...
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Ripple’s Market Competitiveness in the Long-term

Shanshan Chen, Ninghui Wang, Yuxin Zhong
With Ripple becoming the first cross-border payment system open to global financial institutions globally, faster, safer, and cheaper cross-border payment by bypassing expensive intermediaries has been realized. This paper aims to explain how Ripple’s long-term competitiveness can make such an efficient...
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Analysis and Research on Risk Control and Profitability of Sharing Economy Business Model

Chunxiang Li, Yang Liu, Wenyi Peng, Ziqi Zhang
With the development of the Internet and big data technology, traditional production and consumption models have been challenged, and the “sharing economy” has become a new trend. The sharing of goods, services and information through the network platform using the business model of the sharing economy...
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The Impact of Market Sentiment on Fund Flow

Taoyu Wen, Boyuan Zhang, Xijue Zhang
This paper studies the impact of market sentiment on fund flow. We collect fund data from 2010 to 2020 and relevant data to measure investor sentiment. At the same time, the fund is divided into six different types and analyzed respectively. We find that the open-ended fund, LOF fund, the open-ended...
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Economics During the Pandemic: U.S. vs. China

Yukai Zhang
At the end of 2019, COVID-19 outbroke that had a crucial impact on global economics. Containment is slowly becoming the antithesis of economic development. To study what aspects of our economy have been affected by the COVID-19 outbreak, and how to analyze and try to study and solve these problems from...
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The Research on the Medium-term Lending Facility of PBOC

Zicheng Zhao, Jie Lin, Bolin Wang, Zihao Qiu
At present, China’s economy is facing a stage of reform, in which the changes in the social financing structure are the most significant. In order to improve the liquidity and stability of traditional monetary policy, the People’s Bank of China has proposed the Medium-term Lending Facility. The research...
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Digital Marketing Transition for Luxury Industry Under the New Coronavirus Epidemic - The Case of Burberry

Xinhao Chen, Siyi Cheng, Ruijie Shu, Yang Yang
With the prevalence of digital marketing, the luxury industry no longer serves a small group of people as it did in the previous hundred years but is gradually moving into the lives of more ordinary people. However, the sudden epidemic has put a damper on the luxury industry’s growth by limiting travel...
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Study on Value Portfolio from the Perspective of COVID-19: A Case Study of Aviation, E-commerce and Retail Industry

Xinyue Guo, Yixuan Liu, Zheheng Liu
Diversified portfolio is a classic investment strategy which was put forward in the 1950s. However, due to the outbreak of COVID-19 in 2019, the traditional portfolio theory cannot be completely directly applied to the investment. Based on the literature review, this paper sorts out the modern portfolio...
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Investment Analysis of PDD

Yishan Huang, Guanhua Xu, Xikai Yang
The research aims to determine the possibility of investing in PDD by evaluating the trend of financial performance over the last five years. The evaluation of the total revenues and the profitability will show the investors the possibility to gain investment returns. However, other factors such as the...
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Research on Development and Future Potential of Healthy Food in China

Yixiao Chen, Qijian Lai, Yuxuan Li, Hanxin Zhang
With the development of society and economy, people pay more attention to the eating style, and healthy diet has become one of the hottest topics at present. This article mainly studies the Chinese health fast food market and analyzes the development trend of the market from different aspects. First...
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Construction and Analysis of Three Types of Portfolio

Yu Huang
This paper constructs three portfolios with different risk preferences and return levels, namely, aggressive, balanced and defensive, for the investment capital of 10 million yuan. Based on the related principles of portfolio theory and the calculation formula of variance and covariance of Markowitz...
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Losing ¥9 Billion! —— The Tragedy of Personal Account Crude Oil Product of the Bank of China

Chenfeng Su, Jiaqi Huang, Siyue Ni, Yanshan Wang
The price of WTI crude oil futures contract in May dropped to a negative value on April 20, 2020 EST, with the settlement price of -37.63 USD / barrel on that day. The “negative oil price” makes the bank of China’s crude oil product customers lose money, leading to risk events. This paper comprehensively...
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Venture Capital Decision Based on POC Framework

Yuze Gao, Ziqian Weng, Menghan Yu
Venture capital investment is considered a high-risk, high-return asset class. It helps enterprises, especially start-ups, to broaden the business and increase company value. In this article, we research to evaluate the investment valuation of Trans Tech, a state-owned company working in the ETC industry....
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Analysis on China’s Economic Development Evaluation Based on AHM-CVM Algorithm

Xiangding Hou, Jiongcheng Lu
When the economy is shifting from high-speed development to high-quality development, China needs to explore a new evaluation system to make a more scientific evaluation of the quality of economic development. After in-depth research on China’s economic development characteristics, this paper selects...
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How Should Zara Optimize Its Marketing Strategies to Cater to the Needs of New Generations – Gen Z and Millennials

Yue Li
Zara has long been an established brand and obtained leadership in fast fashion industries across the world. In 2002, Zara opened up its first store in Shanghai, China. Since then, the Spanish brand has come into rapid expansion with more than 200 physical stores across China by 2021. The paper compared...
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Research on the Model and Dynamic Mechanism of Chinese Sports Town Based on European and American Experience

Ze Zhang
Based on the methods of summarization, deductive logic and literature research, the study firstly analyzes the construction model of typical small towns with sports characteristics in Europe and America. Secondly, based on the experience of Europe and the United States and the actual situation of Chinese...
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The Digital Transformation Strategy of Hilton During COVID-19

Xu Linxi
With the impact of the COVID-19 epidemic, the world economy is in recession and the hotel industry is in a worrying situation. According to the financial and business environment analysis (SWOT model) of Hilton, we find that its operating conditions are poor with a great external threatening. Although...
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A Study of IPO Underpricing Using Regression Model Based on Information Asymmetry, Media, and Institution

Liangda Liu, Zixuan Zhang, Kexin Lyu
This paper reviews the empirical studies of IPO underpricing, with an emphasis on Chinese stock market. It surveys the driving factors of IPO underpricing using the fitting regression analysis and disaggregate model. The studies have been sorted into three categories: information asymmetry, media coverage,...
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Evaluation of Genius for Investing Venture Capital

Shuqiao Zhang
Venture capital is crucial to startup businesses. This paper evaluates whether the startup business Genius is worth investing in by venture capitalists by employing PEST analysis and the POCD framework. The PEST analysis indicates that Genius can be more profitable in the future by examining the effects...
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A Systematical Method to Evaluate Omnipork’s Market Competitiveness Ability

Suye Zhang, Junchao Xia, Ming Yang, Xiaoxiao Shi, Kejie Zhu
Traditional livestock farming generates a huge amount of greenhouse gas that will harm our environment. With the improvement of the technology, plant-based meat has become a reality. Plant-based meat is considered a perfect substitute for traditional meat since it will not generate greenhouse gas during...
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The Impact of Housing Economy on China’s Economic Development During the COVID-19: Based on the Perspective of Data Analysis

Yifei Song, Zile Wang, Xinyu Zhu
Contemporarily, the COVID-19 has greatly affected the China’s economic development. Based on the perspective of data analysis, this paper impacts of housing economy during COVID-19 discussions about the effects on daily life and economic situation. Specifically, the descriptive research method is utilized...
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The States Quo of Walmart and Challenges and Opportunities of Their Online Transformation in China Based on SWOT Analysis

Ziqi He, Yi Ding, Wenxuan Liu
This study aims to analyze the opportunities and challenges that Wal-Mart has encountered in its online transformation in China and propose some practical suggestions based on Walmart’s current situation and our results. Questionnaires and comment analysis are the main methods used for data collection....
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How Alcohol Consumption Affects Labor Supply?

Junming Hu, Dian Sheng, Yao Zhang, Ning Ding
The purpose of this research is to understand the impact of drinking on the labor market. The data set comes from the National Longitudinal Survey of Youth 1989 and 1994 (NLSY89, NLSY94), which includes information about 12,686 individuals restricted to young adults with the age between 24 and 32 in...
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The Change of Trends of Client-based Games Market and Mobile Games Market and Their Analysis

Chen Qiyan, Chen Pinmo, Zheng Ziling
Since 2016, Chinese client games have stopped growing while Chinese mobile games have taken the place of Chinese client games and increased dramatically. The reason behind this is worthy of exploration. It can be predicted that the thriving of mobile games would closely correlate to the declining Chinese...
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Research on Emotional Interaction Problems and Countermeasures of Intelligent Products based on Consumer Behaviours Analysis

Ning Yang
Intelligent products should not only pay attention to their mechanical function, but also give users emotional and spiritual pleasure, have higher personification degree and improve the use experience. Intelligent products should interact with users naturally, perceive the different moods, environments...
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Research on the Inheritance of National Culture in the Process of Urbanization -- Take Yunnan Minority Areas as an Example

Zhengbiao-Li, Shuzhi-Wang
This article takes the urbanization of ethnic minority areas in Yunnan in the context of cultural heritage as the research object, study the influence mechanism of ethnic culture on the urbanization of ethnic regions, put forward the development path of ethnic culture to promote urbanization in ethnic...
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Factors that Impact Consumers’ Expenditure on Electric Vehicles: A Case Study from China

Chenxuan Zhou, Jialiang Yang
Development of electric vehicles is dynamic all around the world, and so does in China. This is because of the characteristics of electric vehicles, such as powered by green energy, no pollution in functioning, and more convenient in driving. However, the stock of electric vehicles is still relatively...
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Stock Prices and DCF valuation – Evidence from China

Dongmei Chen, Xinru Ma, Runzhi Yan
The DCF model is a valuation model that we often use in our daily life. It is a common model for company valuation. Although the DCF model is the best choice of most companies’ valuation models, there are still many inaccuracies in this valuation compared with the actual value. To verify the accuracy...
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Is There Moral Hazard in China’s Basic Endowment Insurance Market?

An Empirical Study on the Influence of Basic Endowment Insurance on Fertility Decision-making

Jiaxi Xu, Ruoying Han
Under the influence of the birth control carried out for years, the growth rate of newborn baby in China has been on a low state. The consequently sharp increase in proportion of elderly population has aggravated the expenditure of China’s social security and the dearth of labourer, impeding the economic...
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The Enhanced Capability Building Method and Practice of Enterprise in the Age of Digital Economy Based on AHP

Take the Electronic Manufacturing Industry as an Example

Yang heng, Zhao cancan, Qiu junjiang
In the context of the state supporting for digital and intelligent upgrading, the proportion of China’s digital economy GDP has been increasing year by year. The application of new generation information technology and the acceleration of digital transformation are the necessary choice of enterprises...
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Research on the Influence of Higher Education on Economic Growth

Ziqian Wang
In the current society, the relationship between education and the economy is more and more inseparable. Under the dual pressure of economic development and the cultivation of high-level innovative talents, measuring the relationship between China’s higher education and economic growth and making it...
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Research on the Local Construction of Innovative Lingnan Cultural Tourism Town From the Perspective of Cultural Gene

JingYang Lin, QingKun Du, Wei Bi
Nowadays, cultural tourism town faces the problems of culture conceptualization, industry homogenization and unitary industrial structure. In response to this, the thesis aims to bring forward an innovative approach to build the Lingnan Cultural Tourism Town. Taking the Lingnan region as an example and...
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Comparative Analysis and Path Study of Global Value Chains Between China and International Countries -- Based on CiteSpace Knowledge Graph Analysis

Na Xu, Hongyan Liang, Junchen Mu
This paper uses CiteSpace V software to sort out and analyze the research literature on GVCs published in CSSCI and Web of Science database from 1998 to 2019 and compares the international research with the Chinese research. The similarities and differences are deeply explored between the two sides in...
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What Are the Potential Factors That Will Affect the Value of Bitcoin in the U.S.?

Kaibing Yang, Ziyan Zhang
As a representation of Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin may have the potential to become a reliable currency due to its characteristics of decentralization and built-in scarcity. The evolution of Bitcoin shows some similarities with gold, that is an inflation hedge with a stable price. The purpose of this study...
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Analyze the Relationship Between CO2 Emissions and GDP from the Global Perspective

Zhilin Huang
Over the centuries, the effect of CO2 emissions has attracted attention both at the national and international levels. The rapid economic growth in past years causes the increase of CO2 emission, being an essential factor that increases global warming. However, what is the relationship between CO2 emission...
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The Influencing Factors of Chinese Household Consumption and the Sources of Urban and Rural Consumption Differences – Based on the Registration Form the Dataset of CHIP

Jingran Feng, Zonghan Li, Xinyi Wang, Youyu Zhang
To accelerate the transformation of economic growth mode and promote high-quality economic development, it is necessary to clarify the specific impact of population aging on consumption expenditure and the differences between urban and rural areas. This paper selects chip2013 panel data as samples to...
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The Comprehensive Competitiveness of Tesla Based on Financial Analysis: A Case Study

Yujie Qin, Yuqing Xiao, Jiawei Yuan
Contemporarily, the new energy automobile industry has developed rapidly, which has attracted plenty of investors due to the great market potential. The increasing listed companies lead to fierce competition in this industry, i.e., it is crucial to analyse the comprehensive competitiveness of these companies...
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Research on the Construction of Chinese Hotel Experiential Marketing Model Under the Background of AI

Chengsong Jiang, Xiaoqi Xv, Ziyan Zhu
As the hotel industry wants to occupy a certain market in the fierce competition, it is necessary to implement an experiential marketing strategy to provide corresponding products and services to enhance customer experience and realize customer experience value. In order to stand out in the fierce competition...
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Research for the Development of Digital Inclusive Finance in Rural Areas of Sichuan Province

Haoran Gu
In document No.1 of the Central Committee, the application of digital inclusive finance in rural areas has become a bright spot. This paper analyzes the development of digital inclusive finance in some rural areas of Sichuan Province. The study found that, in terms of service breadth, rural areas differ...
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Research on Problems and Countermeasures of Financial Supply Chain Management in Chinese Retail Enterprises

Jielu Li, Wenni Lin, Boshen Zhang
In the face of fierce competition in the market, Chinese retail enterprises can take the initiative to adapt to economic development, constantly transform for market demand, and form a mixed business model of “online + offline”. Payment and settlement are becoming electronic, and the supply of goods...
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The Limitations of Traditional Retail Enterprises’ Self-built Logistics System——A Case Study of Walmart

Yi Yuan, Dongxue Song, Yinwei Huang
With the rapid development of the mobile Internet and changes in consumer concepts, the current domestic consumer market and consumer behaviors show a significant trend of upgrading and upgrading, and consumers are more enjoying a convenient, fast, high-quality, and personalized shopping experience....
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Study on the Development of Rural Complex Under the Background of Rural Revitalization Strategy

Hong Chen, Jianming Tan, Jiajia Wu, Jinxian Huang, Ximei Chen
This paper studies the development of rural complex under the background of rural revitalization strategy, and analyzes the development bottleneck in the comprehensive embodiment stage of rural revitalization based on the general requirements of the rural revitalization strategy, so as to improve agricultural...
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Inequality and Optimal Top Income Tax in Australia

Haibin Lin, Chang Tian
Inequality is a widely discussed topic and common phenomenon all over the world. This report provides a board view of inequality in Australia, which has top rank equality among 35 OECD countries. Although inequality has been upward trending for all over the world include Australia. For various inequality...
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The Influence of Covid-19 on the Development of Financial Industry Based on Statistic Analysis

Hengyuan Zhang
This paper investigated the impact of the COVID-19 on the Chinese financial industry, which has not been thoroughly researched. This paper analyzed data from three main specific departments in the financial industry, including banking, insurance, and securities. At the same time, some comparisons between...
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The Economic Effect of Urban Innovation Capacity on Employment in China

Wang Runchen, Yang Jinglin
The level of urban employment is one of the important evaluating factors for urban economic development, investigating the influencing factors of urban employment level is of great policy value. Contemporarily, economic development has entered a new stage, which has gradually changed from factor-driven...
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The Impact of Financial Fraud on Financial Risks: A Case Study of Luckin Coffee

Yingxiao Feng, Changhao Chen
On April 2, 2020, Luckin coffee issued a public statement acknowledging financial fraud which caused their stock price to collapse. This paper studies the cases of Luckin coffee’s fraud, focusing on the analysis of the impact of financial fraud on the financial risks of enterprises. This paper uses the...
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Co-relations Between US Firms with Their Chinese “Supplier” Firms and the Co-movement of Their Stock Returns

Huiyan Xiao
The paper investigated whether synchronised movements of stock returns happen between US “customer” firms with their Chinese “supplier” firms. Using stock return data of related US and Chinese firms between 2000 to 2019, through OLS regression and Fama-MacBeth regression, I found that there is a prove...
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Exploring How the Drinking Frequency Influence the Work Intensity Among the Youth: Evidence from National Longitudinal Survey of Youth (NLSY)

Yixuan Yan, Sizhe Liu, Yuanmei Cao, Ao Wang
In the past research, many scholars have been studying the harm of drinking. In this paper, through the method of establishing econometric model, by comparing the test statistics of each variable in the stepwise regression model, the stepwise regression analysis method is used to find out the most statistically...
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How Does Alcohol Consumption Affect People’s Income

Zechen Ye, Yantong Zhu, Hang Liu, Yukun Bai
With the development of society and technology, it has seen a dramatic rise in people’s living standards. Wine as a high level of consumer goods in people’s daily lives accounts for an increasing proportion. Therefore, the relationship between people’s per capita income needs to be studied further. The...
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The Empirical Analysis of the Influence of Urban Innovation Ability on the Economic growth Based on the Least Square Regression Model (OLS)

Deng Yining, Niu Mandi, Zhang Qingyu
At present, economic development has entered the stage of “new normal”, which has been gradually transformed from the factor-driven development to the innovation-driven development. Then, will the improvement of the urban innovation level have an impact on the urban economic development? In this paper,...
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Effect of COVID-19 on US TV Stocks Based on Fama-French Model Analysis

Long Long, Weichao Wu, Yuxiang Weng, Chaobang Zhang
The COVID-19 has become a global crisis since it broke out at the beginning of 2020, which has led to a global economic recession and a deep influence on the stock market. This research adopted the Fama-French model to analyze the impact of the epidemic on the listed TV companies’ stock in the US stock...
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How Firms Go Digital? The Digital Transformation Path Analysis—— Evidence from Nike

Jiaying Liu, Yiran Liu, Qimao Zhang
The digital transformation allows firms to break up traditional constraints and add value to firms in multiple ways. Many firms are using digital technologies to transform their way of doing business and further enhance their core competitiveness. Among them, Nike is an excellent digital transformer....
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Study on the Profitability of Fenjiu Group Based on the Financial Index System

Yifan Niu, Zhaoqi Zhou, Zhuoran Wan
In recent years, the Baijiu industry develops rapidly and contributes to China’s GDP. However, with the market competition becoming more and more fierce, the Baijiu industry may be impacted. Facing the potential risk, the Baijiu industry has to improve the profitability to fit the changeable market....
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The Function Mechanism and Paths of Accountability Audit of Natural Resource Assets to Promote Ecological Civilization Construction

Zhaohua Li, Danhe Liu
The construction of ecological civilization is related to the sustainable development of the Chinese nation, to the mission and purpose of the Party, to the high-quality development of China’s economy and the modernization drive and to the ecological responsibility of China as a big country. Deepening...
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Analysis of Relationship Between Alcohol Consumption and People’s Unemployment

Qiyu Chen, Zidong Ji, Lan Chen, Qi Huang
This paper examines the correlation between unemployment in the labor market and individual consumption of alcohol. It uses the data from the National Longitudinal Survey of Youth (NLSY). It includes information on labor market results, alcohol consumption, and assorted individuals’ demographics every...
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International Experience and Policy Suggestions for Expanding China’s Marine Economic Development Space

Hu Xu-nan, Gao Wei-long
It is an important strategic deployment for China to expand the development space of China’s Marine economy and speed up the construction of a maritime power. Use the literature survey method,The connotation of Marine economy should be clarified, the scientific understanding of Marine economy should...