Proceedings of the 2017 2nd International Conference on Automatic Control and Information Engineering (ICACIE 2017)

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Research and Implementation of Data Synchronization for Wireless Data Acquisition System

Tao Huang
A wireless data acquisition system will continue to carry out data collection, which will face the problem of data redundancy. Therefore, how to manage the database is particularly important. This paper mainly studies and designs the database synchronization module of the wireless data acquisition system....
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Adaptive Fuzzy Kalman Filter Based on INS/RADAR Integrated Navigation System

Pengzhan Cheng, Shuwen Dang, Fajiang He, Kangle Wang
This paper presents a novel INS/RADAR integrated navigation algorithm based on Fuzzy Adaptive Kalman Filtering. The method is mainly used in INS/RADAR integrated navigation system to deal with time varied statistic of measurement noise in different working conditions. By monitoring the relation between...
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Extended State Observer (ESO) Based Control Strategy with Parameter Optimization for Brushless Doubly-fed Machine

Hai-yu Guo, Xiao-guang Zhang
This work is concerned with an extended state observer (ESO) based controller with parameter optimization for brushless doubly-fed machine (BDFM). An ESO based controller is proposed to deal with the complex inner coupling effect and external disturbance, which are hardly obtained in the practice. To...
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Natural Scene Text Detection Based on Multi-Channel FASText

Chenfeng Guo, Juhua Liu
In view of the complexity of background and the variety of text in natural scene images, a multi-channel FASText based text detection method for natural scene images is proposed. To detect more texts as much as possible, the character candidates are extracted by proposed multi-channel FASText algorithm...
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A Novel Contactless Rotary Position Micro-Sensing System Based on Electromagnetism

Bohan Lv, Guangshang Zeng, Shan Liu, Xiyan Qu
Based on the law of electromagnetic induction, a novel contactless absolute angular position micro-sensor has been designed in the literature. It is mainly composed of three parts: a magnet having two portions shaped as circle segments with different center points, a Hall effect sensor and a signal processing...
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Design and Development of Circuit Board for Serial Interface Technology

Maosheng Wu, Huizhang Zhang
In order to help students learn and master SCM serial interface technology, one self teaching circuit board on serial interface technology has been designed. This paper mainly discusses the design method of the circuit board. First of all, the on-system programming module, I2C module, SPI module, 1-Wire...
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Research on "Load- Grid - Source" Collaborative Optimization Operation Considering Incremental Flexible Load Caused by Electric Power Substitution

Yahui Wu, Bingqing Guo, Limin Jiang, Guixiong He, Kaicheng Liu
Randomness and volatility of the output of the renewable energy, renewable energy consumptive become the world difficult problem. The incremental load capacity of the grid due to the implementation of the "double alternative" strategy becomes another available load side resource in the grid dispatching,...
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Derivation of Rotational Transformation Matrices via Rotational Invariant

Xiao-Ping Qin, Peng Li, Gang Su, Ling-Mei Cong
We derive the space rotational transformation matrices under two assumptions: the invariance of vector length and the allowance of infinitesimal rotation. The derivation is simple and concise by using trigonometric functions and the result is compared with previous studies. The method can be further...
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Derivation of Lorentz Transformation via Lorentz Invariant

Xiao-Ping Qin, Peng Li, Gang Su, Ling-Mei Cong
We derive the Lorentz transformation matrix via the invariance of spacetime interval. The derivation is greatly simplified by using hyperbolic functions. The Lorentz scalar and the 4-vector are explained via the concept of relativistic covariance and the results are applied to relativistic mechanics....
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Personalization Recommendation Framework in Mobile Computing

Wonseok Kim, Euiin Choi
Recently, with the development of IT technology, the transition to the ubiquitous environment has been made so that various devices can be used to access information anytime and anywhere, and the computer can decide to provide useful services to the user. In this context aware mobile environment, context...
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A Mathematical Indexing Method Based on the Hierarchical Features of Operators in Formulae

Xuedong Tian
Full text search engines widely used today still have no math searching function, which brings inconvenience for people finding their scientific documents with mathematical query words. It is necessary to research and develop the theory and technology of mathematical expression retrieval. This paper...
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Detecting Unknown Malware on Android by Machine Learning Using the Feature of Dalvik Operation Code

Quanmin Wang, Zhenguo Li, Shuang Zheng, Shi Gu, Yanfeng Sun, Kaiyang Wang
The recent growth in network usage has motivated the creation of new malicious code for various purposes, including economic ones. Today's signature-based anti-viruses are very accurate, but cannot detect new malicious code. Recently, classification algorithms were employed successfully for the detection...
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Product Module Partition Methodology Based on Function-Principle-Structure

Jing Chen, Wen-bo Wang
In this paper we analyzed the product design process model based on function-principle-structure. Regarding the existing products as an object for module partition, we researched the related principles and quantitative method based on the function, principle, structure between the two parts. In the research...
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Differential Inclusion Neural Network for Compressed Sensing

Zixin Liu, Yuanan Liu
The issue on neural network method to solve compressed sensing problem is concerned. Combined with optimization technique, nonsmooth analysis theory, differential inclusion theory, and set-valued analysis method, a classical approximate compressed sensing model with dense noise is transformed into a...
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Control Strategy and Simulation of Vehicle Leveling for Heavy Transporter Plane

Ping Tao, Gang Zhao
Heavy transporter plane is the carrier for segmented hull in modern shipbuilding. Its positioning accuracy directly affects the installation accuracy of hull, therefore it is necessary for the heavy transporter plane to improve the accuracy of leveling control by hydraulic automation. The leveling strategy...
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Requirements for Application of China's Vertical Takeoff and Landing UAV in Maritime Supervision

Jing Zhu, Qun Gu, Li Liu
Unmanned vertical take-off and landing aircraft (VTOL UAV) will become an important maritime supervision platform in the future. The aim of this research was to give out basic requirements of using VTOL UAV in the field of maritime management. We studied duties of China's Maritime Safety Administration...
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Ultra-Low-Power Multi-function Data Collection System Based on MSP430 and uC/OS-II

Song Chen, Zi-heng Wu, Zhong-cheng Wu, Hong Lv
This data collection system is based on MSP430, which is an ultra-low power 16-bit micro-controller. Multi-task application program is designed in uC/OSII, which is real-time operating system. It can handle a variety of meter signal and communicate with concentrators. This system has a good real-time...
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Improving the Quantum Efficiency of Photocathode CsI

Xuanni Zhang, Fan Lu
CsI is a great photoelectric emission material in the field of photon imaging detectors owing to its high quantum efficiency in the ultraviolet range. But quantum efficiency depends on the electron emission mode deeply. With specific structure of photocathode, the photoelectron can operate in both semitransparent...
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A Simplified LuGre Model

Jing-hao Guo, Quan-lin Dong
In the modern control system, especially the mechanical servo system, a suitable mechanical friction model is very important for the simulation verification of the control system or algorithm. At present, the traditional Dahl model has many defects in fitting the real friction and the simulation of the...
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Satellite Integrated Electronic System Design from Cloud Computing View

Ye Zhu, Ya Dai, Rui Cheng, Xiaojie Zhang
As system integration becomes an increasingly important challenge for satellite electronic systems, there has been a significant demand for system-level optimizing. Cloud computing is suitable for this case. Proposal a satellite integrated electronic system architecture which using the cloud computing...
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Research on Aerodynamic Performance of Ram-air Parafoil's Trailing Edge Deflection

Yanhong Li, Mingjun Wang, Xuexia Hua
According to the requirement on load and glide slope of parafoil in practical engineering, the parameters of aspect ratio, span and anti-arcangle are computed and designed based on the known two-dimensional airfoil cross-section of parafoil. Firstly, with finite volume method to solve the Navier-Stokes...
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The Application of Mobile Big Data in City Planning Area

Xiaotang Xia
With the development of the city, transportation becomes an important factor in the development of a city. Starting from the drawbacks of the traditional means of solving the traffic information collection, using mobile phones as the signal collection of traffic information means the emerging mining...
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Tile Laying Problem Solving Based on Java Object-Oriented

Chengshi Lin, Binwen Huang
Unlike the general tile laying problem, the tiles, in this case, have a variety of different shapes and can be rotated when placed, thus increasing the difficulty of solving the problem. Through the object-oriented analysis method, the article analyses the characteristics of the tiles and flooring, constructs...
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Multi-Source Data Accordance and Database Construction for City Planning

Xiaotang Xia
Urban planning information assembles multiple source data. According to different criterion, urban planning data have different classification. With the computer technology, 3S, OA and workflow, urban planning multiple source date accordance on different coordinate system, data format, data structure,...
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Research on the Current Situation, Problems and Development Trend of Software Reuse Technology

Lei Shi, Yi Su
Software reuse is an important technology in the world since 1980s. It is considered as a technology that can increase software productivity and provide important support for software development industrialization. Software reuse is involved in a very broad field of technology research, the research...
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Small Snow Sweeper Design Based on Man-Machine Engineering

Xingyu Li, Lili Liu, Lijuan Yang
Based on the current development of small snow sweeper on the market, the paper takes man-machine engineering and the shortcomings and problems of current small snow sweeper as the starting point to design a small snow sweeper, which not only can make multi-function conversion, but also add more humanized...
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The Innovation of The Small Reconnaissance UAV Based on the Man-machine Engineering Machine Design

Weiqun Cao, Lili Liu, Jiaming Xue
With the development of science and technology, the science and technology used in military investigation and surveying and mapping are becoming more and more advanced, and small reconnaissance UAV gradually walked into people's lives. This paper mainly aimed at the improved design of the existing reconnaissance...
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Design and Implementation Method of a High Performance Web Image Browsing Server

Genyuan Zhang, Yongjie Pan, Yuebo Ying
It is an important how to provide effective cost, high performance image block query and image block analysis for the design of WEB image server. To solve the above problems, this paper proposes a novel method to design and implement WEB image server. Like most modern WEB image server, the server stores...
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Research on Combat Operation of Airborne Jamming Pods

Yulin Yang, Lijuan Qiu
The aim of this study was to evaluate the jamming efficacy of the airborne jamming pods, so we analyzed the combat operation requirements of them, simulated the jamming ability of the pods to jam the ground-to-air defense radar when the airborne fighting at different tactical backgrounds. The simulation...
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The Design and Realization of Automatic Test and Diagnosis System for Airborne Electronic Equipment

Zhi-bin Zou, Ming Ma
The purpose of this study is to achieve the problem of automatic testing of airborne electronic equipment, so we use the computer control technology, VXI/GPIB multi-bus technology and automatic test technology to build the ATDS with VXI module instrument and GPIB desktop instrument as the main hardware...
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Edge Detection Based on Canny-Oscillation Algorithm

Jun Jin, Luyin Fu
Based on Canny, a typical edge detection method, a generalized Canny-Oscillation algorithm of edge detection method is proposed. However, the traditional Canny algorithm bears a defect in the edge-detection of details and it is futile when noise signals are involved. To solve these problems, the group...
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Artificial Intelligence Design of Public Transportation

Xiaolu Wang, Yading Sun
This paper mainly focus on the optimization of Jinan city. In order to improve the public transportation issues of Jinan, we have designed a more intelligent, greener transportation than ever before, including the public transportation facilities and public transportation data sharing systems. In the...
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An Investigation on Engine Condition Monitoring Based on EEMD and Morphological Fractal Dimension

Fengli Wang, Sihong Li, Yuchao Song
In respect to the nonlinear and low signal-to-noise ratio characteristics of the vibration signals measured from diesel engine, This paper conducts an investigation on diesel engine condition monitoring based on ensemble empirical mode decomposition(EEMD) and morphological fractal dimension. Firstly,...
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Research on Tibetan-Chinese Cross-language Information Retrieval System Base on E-commerce Platform

Fucheng Wan, Lin Zhu
Based on the research of the information retrieval system of Tibetan and Chinese, this paper uses the bilingual dictionary and query extension method to extend the semantic aspect of the query word, and establishes the document Index model. The test system is built on the basis of this model, and the...
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Key Point Recognition Method of Bacterial Image in Water Based on Complex Network

Qingyu Zou, Tao Wang, Yun Qian
Water is the material basis of human life. In recent years, water pollution has received more and more attention. The degree of water contamination by bacteria can make a correct assessment by detecting microbes in water. In this paper, an image recognition technique based on complex network is proposed,...
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WSN Architecture Design Based on Software Defined Networks

He Tian, Hai Zhao, Shi-liang Shao
In order to improve the performance of wireless sensor networks and adapt the development of network technology, proposed a software defined wireless sensor network model which had hierarchy architecture and based on OpenFlow protocol under the software defined network architecture. Added the information...
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Fast Associative Attentive Memory Network

Xiaomin Wang, Samuel Cheng
To solve the Cloze-style reading comprehension task, a challenging task to test the understanding and reasoning abilities of model, we propose a general and novel model called Fast Associative with Attention Memory Network in this paper. Unlike regular language model, we use fast weights to store associative...
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Numerical Model of Cathodic Protection and Its Application in Submarine Pipeline Corrosion

Rongrong Xu, Beifu Wang, Lihong Nie, Jianxiong Lv, Yongjie Hao, Jingye Zhou
This paper is analyzed the numerical model of cathodic protection, and its application in the damage of submarine pipeline coating. On the basis of the Laplace equation, combined with the boundary conditions required for the damage of the submarine pipeline coating, construct the numerical model that...
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Design of Complex Network Theory Experiment Platform Based on Matlab

Qingyu Zou, Haitao Ruan, Tao Wang
Complex network as a new research direction has gradually become a hot topic in the various fields of science, and the relevant research results continue to emerge. In order to analyze the structural characteristics of complex networks more efficiently, all kinds of analysis software, package and experimental...
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Communication and Scheduling Model Design of Distributed Workflow Management System

Jing Zhao, Bin Wei
The traditional OA system cannot meet the requirements of modern enterprise. Currently the widely used distributed workflow management system (DWFMS) has the problem of load balancing, which makes the enterprise efficiency unimproved. In this paper, on the study of the DWFMS, the model design of common...
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Design of Mobile Robot Hand-Held Wireless Control Terminal System

Chong Zhao, Ning Wang, Min Ji
To meet the demand of wireless remote control to intelligent vehicles and mobile robots, a hand-held wireless control terminal system based on touch is proposed in this paper. The system hardware uses ATmega64A Single-chip Microcomputer(SCM) as the main controller, integrating with high-speed wireless...
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A Nail Box Machine Manipulator Design

Changzhong Wu, Xiuguo Wei, Mingqing Wu
In the present paper, we carry out the automatic modification of a semi-automatic nail case machine with a manipulator as the main body, in order to meet the needs of the market. In particular, the design of the main parts of the manipulator and the pneumatic system are described in detail. The designed...
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Soft Fuzzy Incline

Yanwei Shi, Chunhui Ma
The main purpose of this paper is to study the theory of soft fuzzy incline. At first, as generalization of soft sets initiated by Molodtsov, the concepts of soft fuzzy set and its extension are defined. Then three kinds of operations, complement, intersection and union, with soft fuzzy sets are studied....
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Numerical Simulation of Scavenging Process of Large 2-Stroke Marine Diesel Engine

Faming He, Jin Wei
Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) is of great importance for R&D of Large 2-Stroke Marine Diesel Engine. The CFD software ANSYS FLUENT was adopted to calculate the scavenging process of a large 2-stroke marine diesel engine MAN B&W S60MC-C6 and the obtained pressure trace was compared with the shop...