Proceedings of the 2016 6th International Conference on Advanced Design and Manufacturing Engineering (ICADME 2017)

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Collection of Basic Data on Thorax and Abdomen of Chinese 50th-Percentile Adult Males

Yan Yin, Chunsheng Ma, Yongqin Feng, Xiaorui Zhang, Lingyun Zeng
Nowadays, body data model, as a powerful means for occupant crash protection against impact loads, has been widely used to measure and predict the injury degree of those occupants exposed to the crash or explosion of transportation tools such as cars, airplanes, spacecrafts and ships. The numerical model...
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Bending Stiffness Theoretical and Experimental Analysis of Triangular Prism Mast with Tape-Spring hyperelastic hinges

Hui Yang, Fei Dong, Siliang Lu
This study reports on the design, analysis and testing of a new ten-module triangular prism mast. The triangular prism mast is designed such that it is derived by tape-spring hyperelastic hinges using the stored strain energy. Static bending and theoretical models are established to predict the triangular...
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Research on the Power Line Three-stage Over-current Protection Simulation

Yujie Yang, Liancheng Zhu, Fuyun Li, Zhitao Wu, Changyou Cai
Power line over-current relay protection is an important part of power system, it is an important technical measure to assure the safety and reliable operation of electric power system and electric power line. In this paper, on the basis of the features of the relay protection in the power line, thorough...
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Test-system design for hydraulic solenoid valve of exhaust nozzle exit of a certain aero-engine

Zaiqing Ren, Dan Zhu
Based on the test requirement of hydraulic solenoid valve of exhaust nozzle exit of a certain aero-engine, the test-system ofthe hydraulic solenoid valveis designed. The test-systemconsists of a pneumatic unit,a control measure unit and a software unit. It can be used to perform the performance parameter...
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Improved design of stone cutting machine based on disassembly analysis

Zhizhong Ding, Chao Yu
Introducing stone cutting machine in short, and conducting an analysis through a decomposition and dismantlement of a product labeled Mod.4110B. Then come up with an eventual and ultimate modification concentrated on the additional shell, independent handle grip, more comfortable auxiliary grip, less...
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Early stage hydration properties of calcium aluminosilicate slag

Y.Y. Zhang, Y.H. Qi, Z.S. Zou
The calcium aluminosilicate slag cement clinker was prepared from bauxite-coal composite pellets by high temperature reduction and smelting process. The hydration results show that, after hydration for 28 days, the hydration products of calcium aluminosilicate slag are mainly composed of killalaite (Ca3.2(H0.6Si2O7)(OH)),...
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Research on Cutting Patterns for Cutting Head of Longitudinal Axial Roadheader

Xiaoming Yuan, Peng Yan, Lele Yang, Xuemei Zong, Lijie Zhang
The cutting patterns of cutting process is drawn for cutting head of longitudinal axial roadheader. The changing of cutting groove shape, the coal lumpiness and partial load coefficient can be obtained intuitively by observing the cutting patterns. Cutting performances under different conditions of the...
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Finite element method for rock plate impact test

Hongwei Fan, Le Hu, Yuxun Tang, Guoqin Wang
Base on the test method in EN 12572-1-2007, a finite element model of rock plate impact test have been established. It can solve the maximum stress and strain of the rock plate and the impact test equipment, analysis the structural failure point. By changing impact height, it can be used to solve different...
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Process analysis and optimization of Nd:YAG continuous laser grooving for fracture splitting of a C70S6 connecting rod

Shuqing Kou, Yan Gao, Baojun Lin
Fracture splitting processing, which has board prospects in the precision manufacturing of engine connecting rod, has been widely applied in production so far, and laser pre-processing a fracture splitting notch which is a notch as the fracture initiation source for the subsequent splitting process is...
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The bidirectional improvement of level set method topology optimization

Dongyue Qu, Fanbing Liu, Chunhua Zhao, Xiuming Li
This paper research the Topology optimization based on level set method. Existing level set topology optimization method based on the reaction diffusion equation does not satisfy the volume constraints and convergence of objective function when solve some model optimization. According to this phenomenon,...
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An improved ICM method based on sine-type filter-polish function for topology optimization with frequency constraints

Jun Tie, Youyu Wang, Shuhua Zhang
To prevent the numerical instabilities about checkerboards, mesh-dependency and localized eigenmodes in structural topology optimization with frequency constraints , an improved ICM method based on the new sine-type filter-polish function is presented. Moreover, sensitivity filter of difference of the...
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Research on Maintenance Free Operating Period

Yulian Cui
Since MTBF has several drawbacks, maintenance free operating period (MFOP) is proposed for it is better, cheaper and faster. The paper analyses the basic concept of MFOP, the basic ideas to achieve MFOP, the advantages and benefits that MFOP brings about, the disadvantages and risks that MFOP faces.
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Design of Aircraft Antiskid Braking System Based on BP Neural Network and Genetic Algorithm

Yuanjin Zhang, Huawei Wu, Zhigang Tan
In the research of aircraft anti-skid braking system, this paper proposes a control algorithm based on GA – BP. Aiming at the nonlinearity, time variation and uncertainty of aircraft anti-skid braking system, this paper takes the relative slip ratio as the objective function. Under the condition of the...
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White rot fungi 4222 degrade lignocellulose of corn straw

Shuang Hua, Yanli Guan, Li Li, Yu Li
The laccase of 4222 produced was investigated to the degradation ability of lignin and cellulose in the corn stalk powder solid Medium. The results showed that laccase peak was later than the liquid culture, arrived 1842.9 U/L on 15d. The training period of 30d, weight loss of powder dry straw was 82.48%,...
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Design and experimental study of the four-drum net winch

Liqun Lin, Zhixin Chen, Zhiqiang Xu, Zhiyong Wang
Net winch is a major fishing net equipment for retracting and pulling fishing nets. Currently, the multi-drum net winch is widely used in the ocean going seiners. It is mainly based on the tensile load and velocity to design the net winch drum drive device and drum numbers. The structure includes a main...
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Research On The Implementation Of Online Monitoring SS Series Locomotive Braking And Wheel Ovalization

Jun Yan
This paper studies online monitoring of SS series locomotive braking and wheel ovalization. Two displacement sensors were used to detect real-time displacement amount of brake actuator and tire tread, which were calculated by IPC for real-time monitoring of braking remission, braking, brake shoe wear,...
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Effects of L-Arabinose on Drug Metabolizing and Antioxidant Enzymes in Rat

Ziming Yang, Li Zhang, Yueyuan Chen, Dianpeng Li
This study was conducted to assess the effects of L-arabinose on the antioxidant and drug metabolizing enzymes in rats. Forty-eight rats were equally divided into six groups. The rats in three groups were respectively administered with 500, 1 000 and 2 000 mg/kg L-arabinose for 38 days. In blank control,...
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Study on Temperature Characteristics of Ice-covered Conductors during Ice-melting

Daxing Wang, Bin He, Shoubao Liu, Tianxiang Hu, Wei Zhong, Tingbin Li, Wenhao Li
Ice-melting with short-circuit in transmission line is the most effective methods of de-icing. Conductor would be damaged if rapidly rising conductor temperature exceeds the allowable temperature. Therefore, study on temperature characteristic of conductor in the process of ice-melting ensure effective...
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A Product Conceptual Evaluation Method Combining Interval Fuzzy TOPSIS and AHP

Xiaohua Lin, Wenhua Jia, Guo Li
A product conceptual evaluation method combining analytic hierarchy process (AHP) and interval fuzzy technique for order preference by similarity to ideal solution (TOPSIS) was proposed in this paper. The weights of evaluation criteria were determined by AHP, where nine-level evaluation scales were defined...
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An accelerated life evaluation method under multi – stress based on Eyring model

Zhonghong Shen, Ju Liu
How to obtain parameters of accelerated model is a key point in accelerated life testing under multi-stress. This paper proposed an accelerated life assessment method under multi - stress based on Eyring model by using vibration and temperature stress. The interactions between vibration and temperature...
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Design and Development of Y81-1000 Type Heavy Hydraulic Scrap Baling Press

Mingbo Li, Zhongming Chen, Yihua Sun, Gao Lin, Yijun Tao, Shuiping Li, Zhengrong Liu, Min You
To summarize the main technical features of the international heavy hydraulic scrap baling press, the technical characteristics of Y81-1000 type heavy oil-hydraulic scrap baling press made in China were mainly introduced. At the same time, the new design and development of this technical equipment were...
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Application of stochastic seismic invertion of simulated anneal method in reservoir prediction of Xing'anling Group in Bei14 Block

Shuxin Qiu, Chenfan Liu, Zhandong Li
Jason stochastic seismic invention method of simulated anneal is applied in developing oilfield blocks,improved reservoir description precision and oil-gas identification.In order to understand the spatial changes of Xing'anling group reservoir in Suderte oilfield Bei14 block, according to seismic,logging...
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One neural networks model for Lyapunov matrix inequalities

Shiheng Wang, Jia Sun, Ke Wang
One kind of recurrent neural networks - Zhang neural networks (ZNN) is studied for solving a set of linear matrix inequalities - Lyapunov matrix inequalities.
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Technology maturity mapping and evolutionary potential forecast of cotton picker based on TRIZ evolution theory

Jianhua Sun, Changqing Gao, Yuansong Zheng, Shuxue Yin
Technology forecasting is helpful for enterprises to achieve innovation at a high rate of speed. Forecasting technology maturity and evolution potential of products, developing proper strategies and locking technology development direction in the future are important contents of technology forecasting....
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Studies and Implementation of Data Interface based on Domino Application System

Zhihong Ruan, Junfeng Zhang, Yi Jin
For solving the shortages of the existing methods of data exchange among the various enterprise information systems, in this paper, the XML documents were used as the carrier of structured data to design and implement a new type of data interface based on Donimo application system. By using FTP service...
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Selection of Macroporous Resins for the Separation and Detection of Tomato Saponins

Jinlei Liu, Ziming Yang, Fenglai Lu, Sicheng Chen, Dianpeng Li
This study was conducted to select a type of macroporous resin most suitable for the separation and purification of tomato saponins. The content of esculeoside A which is the major part of total tomato saponins was detected by colorimetry, and extraction rate of esculeoside A was used as an indicator...
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Research on the Protection Level Transformation and Upgrading Technology of the W-beam Barrier on Highway

Bao Deng, Yonggang Tai, Huixue Liu, Xiangyang Pan, Shufang Ge, Wenxuan Cai
After 20 years of rapid development of highway in China, the w-beam barrier is the most widely used form of barrier. Recycling and reusing of old barrier are often involved in daily maintenance and expansion project. This paper established the actual protection grade calculation model of the old W-beam...
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Simulation of dynamic and economic performance of pure electric vehicle based on two speed automatic transmission

Zhigang Tan, Huawei Wu, He Li, Yuanjin Zhang
In order to study the influence of transmission matching on the power and economy of pure electric vehicle , The establishment of EQ5038XXYL pure electric van car model and simulate its power and mileage by using AVL cruise platform. On the basis of the original vehicle power transmission system, the...
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Design and Performance of A Packer Fluid in H2S/CO2 Environments

Shuang Cheng, Lei Wang, Shengxiang Wang, Mingbiao Xu
Corrosion can remain a huge obstacle to the rehabilitation project of Missan Oilfields in Iraq, which is detected with high corrosive H2S/CO2 contents. To minimize corrosion risks in the annulus, a packer fluid has been set between the tubing and the casing above the production interval, and to fill...
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Ocean energy technology innovation development and application demonstration

Detang Li, Shukun Chen
It is hard to imagine for people when they face the difficulty in Ocean energy development. how to access to abundant reserves of wave under harsh environmental conditions review of sea conditions, ancient China In flood control and management in the process of water, ancient China weren't fear of floods...
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Synthesis and Electrochemical Properties of LiNi1/3Co1/3Mn1/3O2/C composite

Lin Li, Qing Liu, Ting Wang, Jinsong Cheng, Rongfei Zhao, Hao Zheng
LiNi1/3Co1/3Mn1/3O2/C composite material was prepared by a rheological phase reaction method and successive annealing procedure. In the synthesis procedure, citric acid was selected as carbon source. The electrochemical tests showed that the LiNi1/3Co1/3Mn1/3O2/C could greatly improve the discharge capacity,...
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Porous Co3O4 irregular Micro-cubes with lithium storage performances

Ting Wang, Hao Zheng, Jinsong Cheng, Qing Liu, Rongfei Zhao, Lin Li
Porous Co3O4 irregular structure are fabricated by a facile hydrothermal process. The microstructures and morphologies of the porous Co3O4 irregular micro-cubes was characterized using powder X-ray diffraction (XRD) and scanning electron microscopy (SEM). The discharge capacity of porous Co3O4 irregular...
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Development of a Precise Broken End Positioning and Indicating System

Shuai Xu, Xiaofang Yang, Ting Zhu, Guixiang Yao, Chunmo Wang
Modern looms can usually detect a broken warp yarn by using a warp break detector, but they cannot locate the broken end precisely and automatically. High-count and high-density fabrics with a broad width usually have a warp consisting of up to ten thousand of ends that are closely packed. This makes...
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Analysis of Ceramic Pattern Primitives Transform Operation

Busheng Li, Jingfang Hu
This paper analyzes the entity atomic operations include translation, scaling, rotation, mirror, waveform transform and vortex transformation mainly six geometric transformation, and according to the characteristics of ceramic pattern, has carried on the experiment to verify the analysis.
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Research on Transfer Function of Electric Actuator

Qingsi Zhang, Fuyun Li, Zhitao Wu
The innovation to obtain the transfer function of the electric actuator is introduced. By this innovation, analyzing each part of the electric actuator, open-loop transfer function is obtained with voltage of power supply as the input and the feedback voltage as the output. With the solution of differential...
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Research on Optical Glasses Single-Grit Low Speed Scribing and Linear Impact Based on Sub-surface Crack

Jiang Chen, Feihu Zhang
The wear particle impact action on specimen is directly related to the shape and depth of sub-surface crack in the grinding process of optical glasses. Thus, the research on the optical glasses grinding wear particle dynamic impact effect is an important fundamental task to the field of optical manufacture....
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The Application of Value Analysis in the Product Redesign

Fei He
The redesign of the exiting products and the value analysis are powerful tools for the enterprises to participate in the market competition. For consumers, they are more willing to purchase satisfying products at low prices, so in the process of product redesign, people will be more likely to buy them...
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The Green Design Concept in New Product Development

Fei He
Currently, green design is discussed just as a concept in industrial design area. With the spread of green knowledge, the consumption concepts such as reasonable and rational consumption and emphasis on ecological effect in consumption have gradually affected people's consumption behaviors. More and...
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On the Artistic Beauty of the Product Design

Fei He
This article discusses the issues of the art and innovation of the products from it's artistic form of " artistic mood". It has been showed that "artistic beauty" appears not only in the literature, but in the design of architecture, garden and products, also, the expression of the "artistic mood" plays...
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A Camera Distortion Model Calibration Method Based on Fixed Points

Q.M. Liu, L. Zhang, X. Wu, X. Li
A camera distortion model calibration method based on orientation points was proposed. This method needs to fix calibration plate on the measuring platform, and image sequences were obtained applying a calibration plate with five orientation points. The ellipse detection criteria are applied to eliminate...
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Research on Algebraic Configuration Description Method and kinematical modeling for Modular Robot

Xiao Li, Hanxu Sun, Linjing Liao, Jingzhou Song
We propose a new algebraic configuration description method (ACDM) for the modular robot. The ACDM can describe each mechanical configuration in the robotic configuration parameters, and make up for the inadequacy of D-H method in multiple configuration. The algebraic configuration description method...
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Rationalizing Job Satisfaction: A Empirical Study among College Teachers in Private Sector of Pakistan

Nasir Mahmood, Jianfeng Cai, Hina Munir, Farhan Jamil
The profession of teaching is one of most stressful profession all over the world. The current study intends to examine the job satisfaction among the Private college teachers (Male and Female) in Pakistan. A questionnaire based descriptive type research design was adopted in the current study. The current...
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Development of Wall Jib Crane Design System Based on Visual Basic.NET

Zhuli Liu, Zhuxin Wang, Wei Li
This paper introduces the basic principle and method of module division. Based on the structure analysis method. Module division of the wall jib crane is done. The product design system of wall jib crane is established by the Autodesk Inventor software. The data base system depends on Excel. The secondary...
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Research on Multi-punch Incremental Sheet Metal Bending Process

Wei Li, Kai He, Jianyi Chen, Qingyin Liu, Wei Feng, Ruxu Du
In the process of incremental sheet metal forming, the number of punches has a significant impact on the machining results. Compared with the single-punch forming processing technology, multi-punch processing technology is combined with the advantages of better forming efficiency and higher forming precision....
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Accuracy analysis of teeth 3D model based on RE Technology

Dan Ma, Deqiang Zhang, Xin Li
At present, the silicone rubber material is the best material to turn over the plaster model. This paper was aimed to explore the error and error magnitude between the plaster model and the original one. The silicone rubber materials were used to turn over the the standard resin dental model into plaster...
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Research on the Flat Design of Mobile Terminal

Hui Huang, Junjian Liu, Jianchun Shao
Flattening refers to the visual effects which can cause illusion and stimulation after abandoning those gradients, shadows, highlights and so on, so as to create the graphics and shapes which look flat and simple. Through analyzing the inevitability of the return of flattening, such as the psychological...
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Numerical Simulation of Gas-solid Flow and Pulverized Coal Combustion in a Swirl Chamber Precalciner

Xiaolin Chen, Junlin Xie, Shuxia Mei, Shasha Shen
Efficient mixing of pulverized coal and calcium carbonate particles inside precalciner is important due to the reason that the mix process directly affects the final coal burn-out ratio and calcium carbonate decomposition ratio. The focus of this paper is on the gas-solid flow and pulverized coal combustion...
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The analysis of "people oriented" in the merchandise display design

Juan Zhao, Minglei Zheng
The modern commercial display design is a design form which integrates display space, exhibition environment, and visual elements. The purpose is to design space environment and visual image to meet the requirements of goods display which can create environment of information exchange and transmission...
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Moving Characteristics of Coal and RDF in a Swirl-type Precalciner by Numerical Simulation

Shuxia Mei, Junlin Xie, Xiaolin Chen, Feng He
The moving characteristics of coal and RDF in a actual swirl-type precalciner were studied by numerical simulation. The gas phase is expressed with k- two-equation model and the solid phase is expressed with discrete phase model (DPM). The results show that the coal, carried by the gas flow which rises...
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Research on Biological Snapshot Technology Based on Telemedicine Architecture

Mayilamu Musideke, Shentong Mo, Qiang Zou, Dong Jia, Luanyu Song
Cancer has always been possessing the highest mortality rate among major diseases, therefore, it is necessary and revolutionary for the research of the prevention of cancer. World Health Organization tells us that at least 30% of cancer is preventable and can be found in advance, so how to detect the...
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Optimization of conditions for preparation of poly (vinyl alcohol)-water glass adhesive by response surface methodology

Xinli Zhang, Qi Chen, Ji Wang
Water glass (WG) has potential applications in many fields, but the poor water-resistance limits its further development. In the article, a kind of modified WG adhesive was designed from WG and poly (vinyl alcohol) (PVA), in order to improve the bonding properties between WG adhesive and poplar veneer....
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Research on Entrepreneurial Management Mode of New High-Tech Enterprise

Shunhong Ji
Enterprise management mode shows brand-new changes with constant deepening of reform and opening up in China and rapid development of market economy. Enterprise management mode has certain particularity itself especially for new high-tech enterprises. It faces many risks and potential risks in the management...
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Analysis on Low-carbon Designing Orientation of Solving and Improve Living Environment for Low-income People

Junyan Dong, Wen Cheng, Kechao Li, Yuenan Xing, Tenglong Tan
In recent years, the environmental problems have been ceaselessly springing up and the low-carbon orientation has become the inevitable choice to tackle the environmental problems in the field of architecture. Under these circumstances, the construction of low-carbon salving architectures for low-income...
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Revealed Comparative Advantage Analysis Based on VEC models in Chinese Capital-technology-intensive Industry

Jiping Wang
We investigate the relationships among revealed comparative advantages of Capital-technology-intensive industry, GDP per capita and households deposits in China. With the non-stationary sequences of global Capital-technology-intensive products' exports, we constructed the vector error correction model...
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Research on the Interactive Design of Electronic Magazine in the New Media Era

Hui Huang, Junjian Liu, Jianchun Shao
The interactivity is a major characteristic of interactive design of electronic magazine in the new media era. The electronic magazine includes seven interactive elements: icon, navigation, switching, rolling, link, index, comment and interaction. Besides, it has three interactive design methods: interactive...
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Status and Development Trend of Measurement Technology about Aircraft Weight and Gravity Center

Wenqiang Li, Zhenyun Duan, Zewei Yuan
The measurement about aircraft weight and gravity center will be used to verify theoretical weight and center of gravity. It is the most important parameters of the aircraft design and use process. There are various methods to measure the aircraft weight and gravity center. This work discusses different...
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Hydroacoustic field in sonar cavity under mechanical excitations

Weike Wang, Rui Huo, Zhidong Wang
In view of the destructive influence of mechanical self-noise on sonar's detection capability at lower frequencies, a parametric model composed of panels and a water filled rectangular cavity is established for investigation of characteristics of hydroacoustic field caused by mechanical excitation loaded...
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Synthesis and Electrochemical Properties of MoO3

Jinsong Cheng, Ting Wang, Lin Li, Qing Liu, Rongfei Zhao
The MoO3 samples were synthesized by rheological phase-hydrothermal method, and annealed at 450-650°C for 4h. The efforts of different annealed temperatures on the morphologies and electrochemical properties of the final products were systematically investigated. The MoO3 samples annealed at 550 °C exhibit...
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Research on the present development status of micro-nano manufacturing in Jiangsu

Zaigui Lu, Ye Liu
This paper introduces thel distribution, development status and trend of micro-nano manufacturing, the main technical characteristics ,the domestic and international status of the core technology, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of industrialization and so on in Jiangsu. The countermeasures...
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Research on the Development of the Resources of Folk Arts and Crafts of Northeastern Jiangxi Province in the Course of Environmental Design in Colleges and Universities

Dong Cui
The resources of traditional folk arts and crafts have distinct regional and essential features, which are defined as a treasure house of visual art in modern design. A case study of folk arts and crafts in the northeast of Jiangxi province is made in this paper, which has sorted out the present situation...
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Five-axis CNC Programming and Machining Simulation of the Integral Impeller

Yaoman Zhang, Lili Li, Fengjuan Dong
Five-axis CNC machining has been widely used in complex parts with free-form surfaces. An integral impeller is taken as the research object of the paper. First, the NC machining process and cutter path planning of the integral impeller are studied; Second, the post-processing algorithm of the five-axis...
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Effects of dense phase carbon dioxide treatments on color and texture of fresh-cut bitter gourd

Chao Zhang, Xin Sun, Yue Ma, Xiaoyan Zhao
The effect of the dense phase carbon dioxide (DPCD), sodium hypochlorite and blanching treatments on the color and texture of the fresh-cut bitter gourd was compared. The DPCD hold the shape and microstructure of the fresh-cut bitter gourd, and reduced their bitterness. The time of the DPCD treatment...
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Size Optimization of Microsatellite Primary Structure

Ning Wang, Yong Zhao, Wen Yao, Yi Zhang
This paper focuses on structural size optimization. The optimization problem of "TianTuo-3" microsatellite, which is successfully launched in September 20, 2016, is formulated mathematically. The most character of the problem is that outcomes under certain inputs are analyzed by commercial software,...
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An Overview of the SOS High Temperature Pressure Sensor

Xin Li, Defeng Liu, Manguo Huang, Wei Liu
SOS (Silicon on Sapphire) high temperature pressure sensor is a kind of strain pressure sensor with high performance. Since the sapphire has excellent properties in chemical stability, corrosion resistance, radiation resistance etc., the SOS high temperature pressure sensors are widely used in the industries...
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A Rectangular Cuboid Satellite Module Layouts Method Based on Integer Optimization

Junjie Yang, Xiaoqian Chen, Wen Yao
According to the module layout design properties problem of rectangular cuboid satellite, a new layout optimization strategy of satellite module with constraints is proposed. Firstly, taking the module layout design of rectangular cuboid satellite as background, the mathematical model of satellite module...
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Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of 18Ni-300 Maraging Steel Fabricated by Selective Laser Melting

Chaolin Tan, Kesong Zhou, Xin Tong, Yushan Huang, Jing Li, Wenyou Ma, Fuhai Li, Tongchun Kuang
High-strength 18Ni-300 maraging steel parts were fabricated by selective laser melting (SLM) additive manufacturing. Aging treatment at 490 ºC for 6 hours was applied for improving the mechanical properties of SLM fabricated parts. The microstructure and properties of the as-fabricated SLM 18Ni-300 parts...
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A reform of communication principle for communication engineering specialty in application-oriented universities

Qiaoyun Sun, Jiang Zhou, Min Wang, Shuguang Zhang, Yu Zhang
The characteristics of communication principle course and the teaching status are analyzed in this paper. Aiming at problems in the teaching process, the reform is performed about the curriculum content, practical teaching and examination mode, etc. Some teaching reform suggestions are put forward for...
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Comparative Analysis of Numerical Sorting Algorithms in Java Language

Lingling Zhao, Xuemei Liu, Xiufeng Shao
Sorting is one of the important algorithms in computer programming. The ordinary 6 sorting algorithms are analyzed and compare from the algorithmic time complexity and stability. The executive efficiency of 6 sorting algorithms is verified by Java program. The costing time and stability of 6 sorting...
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Flexible application of Lean Thinking in Mass Customization Technological Innovation system

Tianming Xiao, Aihua Wu
It is important to research on how to improve the technological innovation system of the enterprises for Mass Customization by scientific theory. Based on the analysis of Lean Thinking, the advantage of the flexible application of Lean Thinking in Mass Customization enterprises' technological innovation...
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"Last mile" delivery problem in Chinese electronic commerce logistics and improvement method research

Han Lie
In recent years, the rapid development of e-commerce not only benefited the whole Chinese economic, but also changed consumers' attitudes and approaches. As e-commerce developed, the last mile delivery problem has become a key factor in the electronic commerce logistics. The last mile delivery is the...
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Application of speech technology in the translation system

Run Zhou, Wei Xiang
The speech is always the most convenient, most natural way of communication. In this paper, the application of speech technology in the translation system is studied. First,brief the developments and basic theories of speech technology. Then make a deep research for application of Speech Recognition(SR),...
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Managing System of Coal Mine Safety Monitoring Information Based on Real-Time Requirements

Xiucai Guo, Zhen Wu, Renjun Wang
The traditional relations database cannot satisfy the management system of coal mine safety monitoring information which needs the real-time data fast response, but the real-time database can realize well to monitoring system's data management, exchange and sharing. According to the coal mine safety...
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Research and Application of WebGIS in Coal Mine Information Management System

Xiucai Guo, Renjun Wang, Zhen Wu
The efficient coal mine dispatching graphics digital system not only t can realize the unified management of information resources, but also can make efficient and accurate policy decision through the feedback of information, which effectively solve the problem of information of insular islands in coal...
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Potato Plant Image Detection Based on Deep Learning

Qiuyu Xia, Jingwen Xu, Junfang Zhao, Ning Li, Juncheng Wu
Potato is one of the most important food crops in the world. The information which extraction from high resolution remote sensing image is a new way to study the potato planting distribution and growth condition. For remote sensing target detection, a lot of people were used AdaBoost algorithm, SIFT...
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The Development and Application of Intelligent Testing System for Relay Protection Based on IEC61850

Zhengming Chen, Bing Cui, Zhenjun Zhang
We have developed the IED device's Intelligent Testing System for the lack of existing field-testing techniques. The system can automatic access to the tested IED's configuration parameters by simulating the MMS service. It can use the parameters to set the test parameters of the process layer and tests...
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TMR-Based Soft Error Tolerance Techniques in ASIC Design

Xin He, Xu Huang, Yujing Li
With the evolution of process and innovation of design technology, it makes soft errors on the reliability of the integrated circuit to bring more and more serious threat. Space radiation environment caused by high-energy particles Single Event Upset (SEU) event seriously affected the reliability of...
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Technology of Intelligent Distribution Terminal with the Ability of Updating Distribution Circuit Topology

Jun Mei, Yong Wang, Wenlu Ji, Ming Zhang, Xun Xu, Zhihua Zhang, Mingxiang Liu
With the increasing requirement of the self-adaptation topology change of distribution line, not only should FA realize distribution automation terminal plug and play, but also be able to adapt to changes in the topology of distribution lines. Distribution circuit topology model can reflect the connection...
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Flux-Weakening Control Research for Interior Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor in Electric Vehicle

Li Lin, Yong-Kuang Li, Hai-Yan Zhao, Shu-Qi Shi
In order to improve the vehicle speed range of the interior permanent magnet synchronous motor, the flux weakening control strategy is studied in this article. The interior permanent magnet synchronous motor field weakening control system simulation model is established based on the platform of MATLAB/Simulink,...
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Study on Spring Wheat Yield Change of Inner Mongolia in Time and Space Based on APSIM Model

Yidan Yanyang, Jingwen Xu, Junfang Zhao, Ning Li, Yue He
The yield system of spring wheat in Inner Mongolia was investigated in this study. Based on the meteorological data, crop data and soil data between 1961 and 2010. And analyze the influence to the yield of spring wheat caused by climate change with the APSIM-Wheat model and mathematical Statistics mode....
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Feature Analysis on Auto Recalls Caused by Braking System Defects in China

Yongqin Feng, Yan Yin, Xiaorui Zhang, Lingyun Zeng
The features of auto recalls caused by braking system defects in China are analyzed on the basis of official authority statistical data on auto recalls in China. This study shows that the braking system defects attributable to hydraulic service brake secondary assembly take the highest proportion among...
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Shipboard Waste Incineration Online Accuracy Monitoring

Xin'En Chen, Shijun Guo, Haofeng Qing
Focused on uneasy monitoring of shipboard incineration, we employ the latest achievements of automation and information technology as well as PLC to successfully realize intelligent and ship-shore monitoring. In terms of combustion monitoring, various system parameters are under strict and real-time...
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Design of a new type of variable magnetic excitation sensor

Xinyuan Cao, Xuanyi Gao, Weimin Zhang, Zhongchao Qiu
An integrated non destructive testing system using AMR magnetic sensor is manufactured which contains detection technology of metal magnetic memory(MMM), magnetic flux leakage(MFL) and Barkhausen(MBN) in order to detect the defects of ferromagnetic materials rapidly. The test of 45 steel specimens with...
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Advances in Internet technology IPv6

Yi Fan, Jiajia Li, Fei Li, Jie Wan
IPv6 integrates and covers a variety of advanced network technologies and has good extensibility. It has become the main Network Layer protocol in the next-generation Internet. In general it takes a long period for a new protocol to be invented and then to be applied in a wide range. Now there is a wide...
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New Splitting Iterative Method for Fuzzy Linear Systems

Shiheng Wang, Deqi Lian
In this paper, a new splitting iterative method is discussed for solving fuzzy linear systems of equations, where the coefficient matrix is crisp and the right-hand side is fuzzy vector. The convergence theorem is provided with numerical examples to illustrate the method.
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Control of the Response Speed of the Hydraulic Pressure for Hydraulic Brake System

Zhiwei Cao, Shun Peng, Kaijun Du
To study the response speed of the hydraulic pressure of hydraulic brake system, a hydraulic unit was taken as an example, and the structural principle of the key components was analyzed. Then the model of the hydraulic unit was established by AMESim for simulation and analysis, and variable-controlling...
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"Multi-Split VVVF" System for Electric Submersible Pump on Extraction Flat Roof on the Sea

Wei Xie, Lei Chen, Honggang Wei, Lei Guo, Shengli Zhang, Tairan Liang, Jian Chen, Yaming Li
This Paper introduces the usage of an automatic system which uses one VVVF controls many electric submersible pumps. "Multi-Split VVVF" system means that only use one (or a few) frequency converter using multiple PLC components network control system. The system can start and stop control of multiple...
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Robust synchronization control of multiple vessels with communication delays

Yuanwei Zhou, Yanqin Ma
With the communication delays in the communication topology, the synchronization motion of multiple marine vessels is discussed. A novel synchronization control method that is based on distributed control strategy and graph theory is presented. The synchronization error and the trajectory tracking error...
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Investigation of a Linear Optical Fiber Sensing and Monitoring System

Jian Chen, Wei Li Bai
In this paper, monitoring software based on principle and structure of distributed optical fiber fire detection used to observe the temperature of the cable laying and realize the real-time alarm is designed. It was written in Qt Programming language with cooperation of optimization design of the signal...
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The application of RPCA on reconstruction of dynamic magnetic resonance image

Yonghong Liu, Jian Jiao, Jicheng Chen
The model of robust principal component analysis(RPCA) is built for dynamic magnetic resonance image(DMRI) reconstruction in order to better extract the dynamic part of the cine cardiac tissue. This model decomposes the cardiac magnetic resonance image into sparse part and low-rank part by solving a...
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On the Cultivation of Customer Loyalty under the E-Commerce Environment

Ying Meng, Mengfei Liu
With the development of the electronic commerce and information technology, the network commercial activities have become a stream of tide. More and more people are keen on shopping online. Customer loyalty is an important factor that affect customers' future continuous interaction with enterprises....
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An Improved Design of Dipole Antenna Array for Base Station Applications

He Wang, Hu Yang, Lei Gu, Fei Zhao
To meet the high requirements of base station antennas, such as broadband, wide beamwidth and high gain, an improved dipole antenna array is proposed. Generally, the working frequency range of the conventional unidirectional dipole element cannot cover the 2G, 3G and 4G band (1.71-2.69GHz) at the same...
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Fault Analysis of Distribution Network with Flexible Ring Network Control Device

Kuo Tan, Chenghong Tang, Jingtao Zhao, Shu Zheng
With the rapid development of the power electronic technology and control technology, the use of the IGBT, IGCT full controlled devices consisting of a voltage source converter (voltage source converter, VSC) in the DC transmission system has been widely used. However, rapid response of power electronic...
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Improve Innovation Ability of College Students through Interdisciplinary Education and Practice

Haoming Lai, Jianfei Lu, Fei Sun
Interdisciplinary has interdisciplinary, integration, creativity, complementarity and other characteristics, has an important position and role in innovative training college students, this paper analyzes the interdisciplinary dilemma nurturing creative talents among college students, and to strengthen...
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Design of English Remote Education System Based on GPRS Network

Yan Xiao, Ying Li
Along with economic development, English has been playing an increasingly important role in each industry. The remote education relies on the Internet, so, communication in areas can't be achieved without network coverage. Not only the English teaching ability and its flexibility can be improved effectively...
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Asymmetric watermarking technique based on Fourier Transform

Junpeng Wu, Shouzheng Li, Ye Yuan, Yuanyuan Wang, Chao Liu, Weimiao Feng, Min Yu
In this paper an asymmetric digital watermarking technique based on the Fourier transform. The technique utilizes phase and magnitude component and their one-way combination methods of both components in order to protect the watermark sign being reconstructed with detection signal. A method that using...
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Research of a Spam Filter based on Improved Naive Bayes

Ye Yuan, Shouzheng Li, Yuanyuan Wang, Chao Liu, Weimiao Feng, Min Yu
In spam filtering filed, Naive Bayes algorithm is one of the most popular algorithms, but its conditional independent assumption makes its reliance on training sets of sample space distribution. In order to improve the accuracy rate, sample space became so complex, resulting in the algorithm of time...
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Research on Virus Detection Technology Based on Heuristic Model

Yuanyuan Wang, Shouzheng Li, Ye Yuan, Chao Liu, Weimiao Feng, Min Yu
First, the article introduces the definition and characteristics of computer virus, and the classification of computer virus. Then, it introduces the mainstream of virus detection technology, such as signature detection technology, checksum method, behavior detection technology and artificial immune...
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Research on Accounting Internal Control in Listed Company under ERP Environment

Xin Cheng, Yinxing Li
With the enterprise network management and accounting information construction applying deeply, as well as domestic enterprise risk management system construction work step by step. It is urgent hope in accounting theory circles to study under the environment of ERP listed company accounting internal...
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A Wideband Omnidirectional Dielectric Resonator Antenna Array

Taolin Liu, Hu Yang, Lei Gu, Fei Zhao
A wideband omnidirectional dielectric resonator antenna (DRA) array has been proposed. The simulated results show that the return loss of the DRA array is less than -10dB in the frequency band of 1.61dB-2.92dB (57.8%), which can cover the 2G/3G/LTE bands simultaneously. In order to reduce the deterioration...
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Two models of Cd uptake by common plants and Hyperaccumulators

Siquan Hu, Yuling Zhao, Haiou Wang
The Nramp family plays an important role in the absorption of cadmium in plants. Combining with biological process of cadmium uptake by plants, we are going to build a network which represents the system and then establish two multi-level dynamic models according to the different expression of Nramp...