Proceedings of the 2022 International Conference on Artificial Intelligence, Internet and Digital Economy (ICAID 2022)

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Nebojša Radojević, Gang Xu, Datuk Dr Hj Kasim Hj Md Mansur
All of the articles in this proceedings volume have been presented at the 2022 International Conference on Artificial Intelligence, Internet and Digital Economy (ICAID 2022) during April 15–17, 2022 in Shenzhen, China. These articles have been peer reviewed by the members of the [Scientific Committees...
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Research on Digital Transformation and Upgrading of Fashion Industry Under the Background of Big Data

Ruoan Ren, Lei Shen, Han Xu
With the advent of the 5G era, the digital application of big data technology has become the future development direction of various industries. The integration of digital and fashion has changed all aspects of the fashion industry from design, manufacturing to sales, and brought revolutionary changes....
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Research on the Influence of Disclosure Cues on Advertising Marketing Effect Based on SPSS

Sijia Zhao
With the development of mass media, the themes and forms of emotional advertising have been enriched. In order to expand publicity and enhance competitiveness, many advertisers have carried out a series of “flow wars” and “topic wars”, using the “star effect” of spokespersons to improve advertising revenue....
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A Study on the Impact Mechanism of Social Mobility and Economic Conditions on Income Inequality of the United States

Zheng Jiang, Hongsheng Yan, Yutong Zhong, Hanxi Que, Anqi Shu
Based on the panel data of income inequality in each state provided by us official institutions, this paper studies the factors of social mobility and the economic status of people in each state on income inequality in the US. This paper further make a clear distinction between social mobility and income...
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Knowledge Based Chinese Invoice Audit in Intelligent Financial Reimbursement System

Rui Xin, Xi Chen, Sisi Sun, Dan Jiang, Bo Zhang
Chinese invoice is one of the important types of commercial receipts for Chinese organizations. The audit of Chinese invoice guarantees the correctness and compliance for project management. To automatically finish the audit in intelligent financial reimbursement system, in this paper, we propose a knowledge...
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LDA Topic Mining of Customer Text Sentiment Analysis on the E-Commerce Platform

Jiahao Duan
Collect the reviews left by users on the e-commerce platform for processing and analysis to understand users’ needs, opinions, and product strengths and weaknesses. The text review data on the Jingdong platform was collected through a Python crawler, which was pre-processed by word separation, lexical...
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An AI Planning Approach to Emergency Material Scheduling Using Numerical PDDL

Liping Yang, Ruishi Liang
Emergency material planning and scheduling aims to schedule emergency material to destination efficiently to reduce property losses and personal casualties caused by material shortage. Existing researches usually rely on optimization of transportation routes. They ignore the rich scenarios in which human...
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A Comparative Study on the Development of Advanced Manufacturing Industry Between the West Bank of Pearl River and Northeast China

Taking Harbin, Dalian, Zhuhai and Foshan as Examples

Kangsheng Du, Xiang Huang, Yanping Hong, Xiaoyue Zheng, Yingying Meng
Since China’s reform and opening up, the Pearl River region has developed into an urban functional network of advanced manufacturing zones in the West Bank, and has become an important equipment manufacturing production base in Guangdong. As one of the most important industrial bases in China, the northeast...
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Research and Prospect of China, Japan and South Korea Trade Under RCEP Background via Gravity Model

Zeyuan Zhu, Yuze Wang
China, Japan and South Korea are the most important economies in Asia. Trade liberalization among the three countries can bring regional economic synergy and rapid development. After the signing of the RCEP agreement in November 2020, China, Japan and South Korea entered a closer stage of trade cooperation,...
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A Study on the Impact of High-Speed Rail Opening on the Development of Tourism in Chengdu Based on the Gray Prediction Model

Guanghong Li, Yuan Hu
High-speed rail is an important catalyst for urban development and has a huge impact on the realization of urban tourism benefits and economic development. Through the establishment of regression analysis equation and grey prediction model, combined with the comparison with and without, this paper empirically...
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The Impact of Covid-19 on Chinese Insurance Market

Lingxi Huang
In 2020, the Covid-19 spreads around the world, this research focuses on the influences of Covid on the Chinese insurance market. By using theoretical and data analysis, this study finds that this pandemic has negative impact on the market in the short term. There is a sharp decrease in the total premium...
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The Moderating Effect of Proprietary Assets on International Performance in the Context of Digital Economy

Hai Tan, Shih-Yung Wei
China’s 14th Five-Year Plan calls for the development of China’s strategic emerging industries to promote high-quality development of the country’s digital economy and artificial intelligence. At present, China’s strategic emerging industry compared with Europe and the United States and other developed...
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Research on Informatization Construction of Enterprise Performance Management Based on “Internet+” Management Information System

Na Guo, Xiaoxian Gong
Under the background of the current “Internet+” era, the traditional enterprise performance management model has problems such as insufficient overall planning, poor departmental coordination, and single service function, which can no longer meet the needs of enterprise development in the new era. With...
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The Influence of Digital Economy Development Level on China’s Export Trade

Yuexian Tang, Liang Liang
At present, the global digital economy is developing rapidly. How to develop digital economy and enhance the digital competitiveness of Chinese export enterprises is of strategic significance to promoting China’s economic development. General Secretary Jinping Xi pointed out that it is necessary to speed...
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Research on Remote Sensing Image Classification Based on Lightweight Convolutional Neural Network

Zhengwu Yuan, Xinjie Liu
There is an increasing demand for remote sensing image classification in many civilian applications. Inputting the feature map into the convolutional neural network can obtain more abstract features of the input feature map, and this ability can be applied to remote sensing image classification. The...
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Research on the Path of Digital Transformation of Chinese Manufacturing Enterprises Under the Backdrop of High-Quality Development

Xiaohui Wang, Fumin Wang
The development of the digital economy has given Chinese companies great opportunities to achieve high-quality development. At the same time, due to the weak foundation of digital transformation in Chinese enterprises, the degree of industrialization and information integration needs to be deepened,...
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Develop the International Trade Business Information Management System Based on Computer Technology

Wei Du
This paper uses B/S mode to build an international trade business information system. International trade enterprises will generate a lot of data and information in the process of conducting transactions. In order to smooth the transaction process and ensure that there are no errors in the transaction,...
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Research on the Global Patent Trend of Artificial Intelligence Medical Device

Xingyan Ma, Yinxue Jin, Hongshen Pang, Hailan Zheng, Qi Feng, Chen Guo
With the accelerated integration and innovation of artificial intelligence technology in the field of medical devices, medical devices continue to develop in the direction of automation and intelligence, and artificial intelligence medical devices have gradually become an important subdivision of the...
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Research on the Impact of Digital Currency on Cross-Border E-Commerce Under RCEP: Based on Entropy Method and Regression Model

Linwei Ye, Fei Wang
The development of digital technology has changed the socio-economic mode and spawned new forms of foreign trade such as cross-border e-commerce. As the world's largest free trade agreement, the regional comprehensive economic partnership agreement (RCEP) has made many provisions on e-commerce and...
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A Method of Trading Strategies for Bitcoin and Gold

Kelei Wu, Yiyi Zhu, Die Shao, Xuan Wang, Chenyuan Ye
The price of Bitcoin has soared from $10,000 in 2021 to an all-time high of $60,000 in 2022, with a total market capitalization of more than $1 trillion, and gold has been used as the ultimate asset to protect the economy and protect against inflation. Therefore, it is predicted that gold and Bitcoin...
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Participation of Employees in New Business Forms in Social Insurance: Development Dilemma and Breakthrough Path

Minghui You, Yifan Yang
The rise of the Internet platform economy originated from the development of the “digital revolution”, and the resulting new industries are promoting the development of contemporary employment while changing the traditional employment methods. The flexibility of the new industry workers developed from...
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Optimal Allocation Model of Human Resource Redistribution on Account of Decision Tree Algorithm

Xian Jiang, Xuebin Liu
The process of human resource redistribution is often very complicated, the recommendation accuracy is not high, and it cannot meet the current application requirements of human resources. In view of the typical problems existing in human resources, it is an important problem to improve the accuracy...
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The Impact Mechanism of Consumers’ Online Channel Transfer Intention in Omni-channel Retail

Yumeng Zhao, Yuchun Wu
As a new and cheaper market tool, online channels allow brands to connect more deeply with consumers, breaking the constraints of time and space. Nowadays, the proportion of revenue from online channels is increasing, and brands are willing to invest more and more in online channels. Besides, entrepreneurs...
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Ideological and Political Early Warning Mechanism for Emergencies in University Campus Based on Artificial Intelligence

Yuting Wang
In recent years, campus crises have occurred frequently, which has greatly affected the stability and development of colleges and universities. With the rapid development of information technology, the application of artificial intelligence technology in the field of Ideological and political early warning...
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Fitting of Russell 2000 Index for the First 20 Years in the 21st Century with Random Walk – Application in Big Data and Digital Economy

Shaomin Yan, Guang Wu
Without any question, the stock markets are the engine to generate the big data, which become an active part of digital economy. The big data provide rich opportunities through internet to combine various technologies with the issues raised in the economic developments in modern society. Whether a stock...
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The Role of Artificial Intelligence in the Accounting Industry

Huiquan Jin, Lei Jin, Chongxiao Qu, Wei Xiao, Changjun Fan
Until now, China’s financial accounting has experienced three stages, manual accounting, accounting computerization, and intelligent accounting. Recently, with the development of artificial intelligence (AI), various kinds of intelligent financial software and tools are introduced into the accounting...
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Machine Learning in Finance: A Brief Review

Ziyu Shang, Zhongyuan Wang
In the era of AI, machine learning theory has developed rapidly, and its application in the financial field has become a hot topic. Machine learning methods can effectively reduce operating costs, monitor risks and expand services. This paper summarizes the application of machine learning in the field...
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Research on the Spatial Distribution of China’s Foreign Direct Investment Based on the Geographic Detector Model

Jiaxiang Han
Foreign direct investment enterprises have become an important part of China’s economy, and it is an important medium for China to participate in world economic activities. This article uses the Getis-Ord General G index, Getis-Ord Gi* index and geographic detector model to analyze the evolution of the...
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LSTM Time Series Price Prediction - Deterministic Strategy Gradient Dynamic Programming

Yuxiao Duan, Yuzhuo Dang, Honghui Chen
With its unique challenge and excitement, the stock market has attracted many scholars and investors to study it, especially in the new field of investment transaction and computer technology, and has made a series of achievements. Using the time-series price data of gold and bitcoin, our team builds...
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Stock Price Predictions Using Machine Learning Models

Zebin Guo
Stock predicting is one of the most common topics nowadays. For decades, the stock has been one of the most significant problems in people's life. Many people wish to obtain a higher opportunity to profit by pouring their fortune into the economic market. Consequently, the stock price prediction...
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Research on the Impact of Digital Economy on the International Trade Under the Double Circulation Pattern

Yurong Zhu, Jie Liu, Ziwei Shang, Yuge Li
In order to quantitatively analyze the enabling effect of digital economy on urban international trade from the city level, based on the sample data of 133 major prefecture-level cities from 2013 to 2019, the impact of digital economy on international trade is analyzed by using fixed effect model. The...
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Research on Chinese Named Entity Recognition Based on RoBERTa-BIGRU-MRC Model

Huai Peng, Xianghong Tang
Nested entity is the focus and difficulty of Chinese named entity recognition. The existing methods regard nested NER as two subtasks of Chinese word segmentation and sequence annotation. This method depends very much on the quality of input word vector, and low-quality word vector will lead to the error...
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Combining Big Data Analysis to Study on the Spatial Structure of the Tourism Economy in the Three Northeast Provinces of China

Fuxiang Liu, Liqin Jiang
Taking the digital economy under big data as the starting point, the article studies the network structure of tourism economy in the three eastern provinces, combining the gravitational model, social network analysis method and big data analysis method, by constructing the gravitational model to analyse...
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Investment Strategy Based on LSTM Network and PSO Model

Kunqi Han, Wei Zhang, Yuzi Zhang
With the rapid development of economy, many people are keen to buy and sell unstable financial products to maximize their interests. This paper proposes an investment strategy based on Sharp ratio and neural network particle swarm optimization, which is able to predict the best time to buy, hold and...
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Fuzzy Comprehensive Evaluation of Learning Organization Construction Under the Background of Big Data

Ben-hai Yu, Wen-qi Liu
The arrival of the era of big data brings new opportunities and challenges to the construction and development of learning organizations. Learning organizations should not only recognize the importance of information and data, but also learn to apply information and data to organizational construction...
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The Application and Regulation of Artificial Intelligence Technology in Judicial Adjudication

Ruicui Zhang
In the traditional judicial judgment, the result of the judicial judgment will be affected by the subjective factors of the judge, leading to the injustice of the trial result. Nowadays, artificial intelligence technology is becoming more widely used. The application of artificial intelligence procedures...
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Used Car Price Prediction Analysis Based on Machine Learning

Jingwen Huang, Zhiwen Yu, Zhaopeng Ning, Dinghuo Hu
In order to solve the problem of price evaluation in the Chinese used car retail scene, this paper constructs the feature engineering of machine learning (XGBoost, CatBoost, LightGBM) and Artificial Neural Network Models based on the collected data of 30,000 Chinese used car transactions. The forward...
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The Impact of Artificial Intelligence Strategy on Corporate Financial Performance—An Empirical Analysis Based on Listed Companies Panel Data

Qian Xu, Chenghao Xu
Through the statistics of 140 annual reports of board reports of 20 listed companies in the automobile manufacturing industry in the past seven years from 2013 to 2019, this paper finds that listed companies in the automobile industry generally pay attention to keywords such as “artificial intelligence”,...
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The Role of Group Interaction in Danmu Comments for Live E-Commerce

A Key Component of Digital Economy in China

Jingjing Zhou, Liangbo Zhang, Jifan Ren
In the context of the maturing of the mobile internet, the combination of live streaming and e-commerce has given rise to live e-commerce, a key component of the new digital economy in China. During the live e-commerce, Danmu comments provide users with the opportunity to interact with other viewers...
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Research on Reconstruction of New Retail Triangle Driven by AI

Yiyue Li, Keyan Miao, Xinyu Jiang, Zuoning Zhang
With the continuous application of AI technology, the business model of retail industry is also developing rapidly. Through the case study of Freshippo and the literature review by CiteSpace, this article aims to explore the new retail Triangle business model. The study helps us identify the evolution...
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Analysis on Innovation Path of Cross-Border Export E-Commerce Platform Model Based on Block Chain

Fei Wang, Linwei Ye, Wanling Chen
With the development of Internet technology, the business models of cross-border e-commerce platforms continue to emerge. However, due to the limitations of Internet technology, the business model of the platform has deficiencies for a long time, such as the design goal of the business model is centered...
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Research on 1553B Airborne Data Bus Technology

Ye Zhan, Huzhen Hua, Limin Chang
1553B data bus is a very important airborne bus in military aircraft, and is the pillar of joint avionics. Even in advanced integrated avionics system, 1553B data bus is also used as part of the subsystem bus. This paper mainly introduces the basic structure, communication control and transmission data...
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Analysis on the Marketing Strategy of Enterprise Service Relationship Under the Internet Economy

Yajing Chen
The 21st century is an era of rapid development of the Internet economy and the service industry. In the Internet economy, in addition to the constant pursuit of product quality, the maintenance of customer service relationships has gradually become an important means to increase customer viscosity and...
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Assessment Design of Digital Financial Sharing Service System on Account of Block Chain Technology

Nalin Song
With the continuous development of finance, the financial department is gradually transformed from an efficient department to an inefficient one with high power. Blockchain technology is decentralized and data cannot be modified, which caters to the demand of financial sharing services and promotes the...
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Research on Digital Transformation of Small and Medium-Sized

Enterprises Driven by Dual Agent Collaboration

Hongwei Zhou
From the perspective of multi-agent collaboration, this paper builds a tripartite evolutionary game model of government-market-enterprise, studies how the government and market cooperate to drive the digital transformation of enterprises, uses MATLAB software to conduct numerical simulation, and analyzes...
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Research on the Effect of Fund Corporate Governance on Fund Performance Based on BP Neural Network

Zhipeng Zhao, Shujun Ye
With the continuous improvement of China’s capital market, the fund industry has developed rapidly. However, behind its development, fund management companies also have some problems, such as principal-agent problems caused by principals, agents and custodians. By summarizing the existing research, starting...
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Research on the Development Practice and Path of Fuel Cell Vehicles

Chuiying Kong, Feng Men
As one of the important categories of new energy vehicles, the fuel cell vehicle industry is an inevitable trend in the development of China’s automotive industry and one of the main directions of the “dual-carbon” goal. Research on the development path of fuel cell vehicles is important for promoting...
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A Study of the Effect of Online Reviews on Cruise Travel Purchase Intentions

Jixin Zhou, Ying Li, Yajun Fu, Xiangmei Xie
A large number of clinical studies have shown that mechanical ventilation is an important means to improve the airway ventilation and oxygenation status of patients. In this paper, the meta-analysis method was used to analyze the effect of inspiratory muscle training on respiratory muscle function in...
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The Design and Application of Broadband Salary 6-Step Method from the Perspective of Trial Calculation

Qingqing Shen, Jianghua Feng, Mei Wu
Broadband salary as a modern salary model has been discussed and concerned by all parties. This article briefly describes the difference between broadband salary and traditional salary and its characteristics and scope of application. From the perspective of trial calculation, according to the 6-step...
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An Atypical Induction Control with User-Defined Rules

Tao-tao Zhang, Hai-long Ding, Ju-yuan Wu
Under traditional induction control methods, phase sequence combination can’t be adjusted dynamically by traffic flow characteristics. To solve this problem, this paper put forward an atypical induction control with user-defined rules, which is supported by real-time traffic data such as vehicle presence,...
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Game Analysis of Government and Shipping Company Considering Subsidies

Lihaokun Liu, Yanping Meng
In the context of the sulfur cap, the government’s adoption of different subsidy models will have an impact on shipping service pricing decisions. The Stackelberg game model between the government and the shipping company is established. The government aims at maximizing social welfare, and the shipping...
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Improve the Loan Pricing Model Based on the Calculation and Analysis of the Credit Decision Data of Small, Medium and Micro Enterprises

Yang Xu, Zhitao Zhuang
In recent years, small, medium and micro enterprises have gradually shown an increasingly important position in my country’s economic development. However, in reality, due to their relatively small scale and lack of mortgage assets, the establishment of a credit risk evaluation system for small, medium...
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Research on Coordinated Trading of Electricity and Carbon in Clean Energy Under the Background of Carbon Neutralization

Xiong Gao, Yuchuan Hu, Bolun Wang
Under the “dual carbon” target, China’s new energy explosive growth and large-scale grid-connected has become the general trend. For new energy and thermal power enterprises, with the further coupling of power market and carbon market, the traditional fossil energy power system is transforming to a high...
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Research on Construction Method for Automatic Classification of Group Enterprise R&D Resources Space

Lei Wang, Qingpeng Wang, Hongyu Shao, Li Li, Sizhe Pan
In order to improve the organization and management ability of R&D resources in the group enterprise, and realize the efficient utilization of R&D resources, this paper puts forward the design resource space automatic construction classification method based on the analysis of the space construction...
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Analysis on Priority Power Generation and Purchase After the Reform of Coal-Fired Electricity Price in China

Zechen Wu, Fan Zhang, Qiuyang Ma, Yuan Hu
Chinese government has just liberalized the coal-fired electricity price and industrial and commercial catalogue electricity price in 2021, which will prompt fully liberalization of power generation and utilization plans. This paper analyzes the composition of power generation and users after coal-fired...
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Opportunities and Suggestions for Tourism Economic Development in Provinces and Regions Under the Normal Epidemic Prevention and Control

Lu Luoa, Ling Zhua
Based on the analysis of China’s tourism data in recent years, this paper uses Python to make visual analysis of the total number of Chinese tourists, tourism income and tourism consumption from 2015 to 2021, compares the tourism data before and after the epidemic, analyzes the opportunities of tourism...
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Study on the Influence of Central Environmental Protection Inspector on Green Patents of Heavily Polluting Enterprises

Empirical Analysis Based on the Data of Listed Companies

Ruihong Zhang, Xinyue Li, Haizhu Zhao
The central environmental protection inspector is a major institutional innovation in the construction of ecological civilization in China, and it is also the strictest environmental protection system to promote the development of green innovation in enterprises. Based on CRNDS 2010–2020 data, taking...
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Trade Firms Digital Economy Quality Development Modelling: An Empirical Study Based on EED-Metaphor Corpus

Yucong You
This paper, based on the epigenetics and the evolutionary economics paradigm, proposes EED theory as theoretical framework to conduct a study on digital economy quality development of trade firms. An EED-Metaphor Corpus is constructed to empirically study the digital economy driving force and the process...
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Momentum Trading in Chinese Derivatives Market: Investigation and Reflection

Chengxun Wu, Yibin Cao, Muxi Qian, Haoyu Sun
Momentum trading strategies are universally popular among investors and financial institutions. However, momentum trading is juvenile in China due to the lack of diversity in China’s derivatives market. This study examines the feasibility of momentum trading strategies in discretionary and systematic...
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Research on Stock Selection Scheme Based on Quantitative Multi-factor Model

Haiwen Liu, Yongxin Chen, Xiang Zhu, Fan Wu
With the continuous improvement of the theoretical foundations of mathematical and behavioral finance, quantitative investments have sufficient and necessary conditions to develop vigorously. In the society of increasing investment, quantitative investment has become an inevitable trend. In this paper,...
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Research on Construction of Smart Scenario Finance in Commercial Banks

Yujin Zhang, Shujun Ye
The application of big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, block-chain, and other technologies has enabled financial services to be closely integrated into daily production and life, and scenario finance has developed rapidly. Starting from the application scenarios of smart scenario finance,...
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Analysis on the Performance of FOF Combination for Pension

Based on DEA Model

Zijun Zhao
At present, with the global aging becoming increasingly serious, more and more countries and investors attach importance to the construction of pension fund system. FOF fund (fund of funds) is a special fund for the investment target. It does not directly invest in stocks or bonds, but invest in other...
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Design and Analysis of a Universal Cloud Storage and Internet of Things Data Service Platform

Qida Wu
The Internet of Things combines the information network composed of sensor nodes, radio frequency and other detection tools, and realizes the interconnection and intercommunication of human society and physical systems on the Internet platform. The Internet of Things technology can be widely used in...
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Digitalized ERP-TESI System Modelling: Financial Management Informatization and Standardization Construction

Xiulan Huang, Sumei Zeng, Yucong You
Based on the theory of financial management informatization and standardization, this paper constructs a digital-economy-based ERP-TESI system model, in which trade export firms and cold-chain logistics companies are combined and integrated as a whole being the research object, namely, the TLCICS enterprises,...
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Effect of Changes in China’s Manufacturing Wages OLS Algorithm Based on the Amount of Import and Export

Xinyu Cai, Rui Zhang, Yijiang Wang
Using the least square method, this paper makes an empirical analysis on the export data of Sichuan foreign trade, especially from the export cost of foreign trade, that is, from the perspective of raw materials and labor costs, and compares and analyzes the export performance of processing trade and...
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Exploration in Potential Use of Chatbots

Especially in Healthcare

Meiyi Liu, Sijia Yang
The long-term goal of the research is to develop an efficient natural language processing application for both healthcare and education purposes. Chatbots are identified as a program within a website or an application that simulates human conversations using NLP. The objective of the current study is...
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Stock Selection Model Based on Random Forest

Chenyao Ma
Nowadays, the stock selection has become increasingly significant in financial field with the rapid development of Quantitative Investment. At first, as we all known, traditional style of equity investment involves personal scrutiny of available data on a company, including subjective assessments of...
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Optimal Portfolio Strategy Research Based on Convolutional Neural Network

Guangchen Yan
This paper presents a model for predicting future investment returns using convolutional neural networks. Firstly, the economic indicators at the current time point and the investment return in the same period are considered as vector mode. Secondly, the time series in a continuous period are considered...
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Research on the Integration of Big Data Financial Information and Management Accounting

Min Dai, Kai Liang
At this stage, with the advent of the era of big data, accounting work has undergone earth-shaking changes under the influence of information technology. Financial accounting and management accounting were originally two independent departments under the same system. In the context of the era of big...
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Data Analysis of Major Industries in the Country Based on Economic Indicators and Machine Learning Technology

Yinzhou Xiao, Meili Liu, Chun-Te Lee, Jeng-Eng Lin
In this article, we tend to prove whether some economic indicators related to the three industries are characteristics of the development status of each country. Therefore, we first classify each country into developed, moderately developed, and developing based on per capita GDP. After that, we conducted...
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Research on the Development of Robo-Advisor Under the Background of Fin-Tech

Jie Liu, Xiaofei Chen, Shujun Ye
Fin-tech has promoted the development of robo-advisor and subverted people’s perception of the traditional financial industry. The robo-advisor platform uses a combination of investment algorithms to provide customers with suggestions to enable non-professional investors to enter the financial network....
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Socio-demographic Information Extraction from Load Profile Using Convolutional Neural Network

Yibo Wang, Qian Wang, Zhengrun Wu, Bing Zhu
Reasonable estimation of socio-demographic information by using smart meter data is the application direction of future load profile user behavior analysis. The full mining of socio-demographic information has attracted more and more attention because the socio-demographic characteristics of consumers...
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Research on the Simultaneous Growth of GDP Per Capita and Resident Income in Guangdong Province Based on Linear Regression Analysis

Minjing Peng, Yao Tong
In this study, we analyzed the data of urban and rural residents’ income in Guangdong Province from 1978 to 2020 in terms of both absolute and relative differences. The results show that although the urban-rural gap has been expanding, the rate has slowed down. The regression analysis of urban and rural...
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Analysis of Traditional Chinese Medicine Products Under the Perspective of Comparative Advantage Index

Xinrui Pi, Juan Zhang
Objective: To explore the international development path of traditional Chinese medicine products. Methods: Descriptive statistics were used to analyze the import and export of traditional Chinese medicine products, and comparative advantage index was used to study the trade competitiveness of traditional...
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Black-Scholes Process and Monte Carlo Simulation-Based Options Pricing

Taoer Guo
Monte Carlo simulation is one of the most important algorithms in finance and numerical computational science. It plays an important role in option pricing and risk management. The Monte Carlo method can easily deal with high-dimensional problems. The upper complexity and computational requirements usually...
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Research on Stock Trend Prediction Based on Improved LSTM Model

Qianqian Zhang, Tianhua Lin, Rongmei Zhang, Xia Zhao
Aiming at the problem that deep features of stock data are difficult to extract and the prediction accuracy is not high, an improved LSTM model CGLA is constructed. Firstly, the RNN-Attention model, LSTM-Attention model and GRU-Attention model are constructed by using attention mechanism. GRU-Attention...
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Statistical Analysis of Grass-Roots Traditional Chinese Medicine Services

Juan Zhang, Xinrui Pi, Li Chen, Jun Li, Jun Ma
Objective: To study the current situation and problems in the service and utilization of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) at the grass-roots level and realize the equity in health. Methods. Based on the 2014–2017 data from “National Statistical Extract of Traditional Chinese Medicine”, comparative...
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Leverage Ratio, Property Rights and Electronic Enterprise Innovation

Empirical Research Based on Hansen’s Threshold Regression Model

Cheng-run Jiang
Considering the current background of China’s efforts to strengthen deleveraging and the strategy of innovation-driven development, this paper focuses on electronic enterprises, and studies the relation between leverage ratio and innovation, considering the influence of property rights heterogeneity....
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A Research on Neoinfrastructure REITs Pricing Measures and Risk Management

Shaozhen Chen, Zitong Lyv, Yuchen Fu
Since China’s neoinfrastructure REITs have just started, there is limited research on REITs products and risks in China. This paper analyzes the revenue and risk characteristics of infrastructure such as small hydropower stations and modifies the traditional operating cash flow method, multiplier method,...
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Fintech is Changing the Way People Live

The Advantages and Disadvantages that Fintech Brings for Ordinary People

Xinye Cao
The sustained and rapid development of financial technology is inseparable from serving the whole society. This paper will take Australia as the data provider to discuss how financial technology has changed ordinary people’s way of life. Especially during the Covid-19 period, financial technology still...
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Analysis of Football Game Performance Based on Social Network

Yaoyao Qian, Xianming Wang
With the advent of big data and network era, the interpersonal relationship is getting closer and closer, and the advantage of teamwork is becoming more and more prominent. By analyzing the team competition rules, combining the team members’ abilities, characteristics, and interactions between team members...
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Data Analysis of the Impact of Income and Geographical Location on the Chinese People’s Happiness Index

Yinhao Liu, Meili Liu, Jeng-Eng Lin, Chun-Te Lee
With the advancement of China’s reform and opening up, the life goal of the Chinese people has gradually shifted from solving the problem of food and clothing to pursuing happiness. However, everyone has their own definition of happiness, and there are many factors that affect happiness. Based on the...
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Location Selection of Fresh E-Commerce’s Front Warehouse Under New Retail Model

Fengjiao Wan, Jiahui Qin, Xingyu Wang
In order to meet consumers’ demand for instant ordering and instant enjoyment, the front warehouse has become a new metabolite. The rational location of the front warehouse is an important step in the operation of fresh e-commerce enterprises. This paper mainly studies the location of the front warehouse...
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Research on Problems and Countermeasures in the Process of Data Capitalization of China

Tongyan Shang, Haijun Zhao
Based on the clarification and general process of data capitalization, this paper discusses the infrastructure construction of data capitalization, the principle of determining the attribution of data asset rights, the dynamic value assessment in the process of data asset redistribution, the practice...
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A Detection of Mispricing in Chinese Option Market

Yucheng Liu, Yanghao Xiao, Yuanyuan Deng, Xingyu Liang, Chunyuan Zheng, Haoxuan Li
As a new market in 2015, the Chinese options market has the characteristics of information asymmetry. Therefore, searching for a general investment pattern is important. This article analyzes all Chinese stock index options data and reveals the statistical law of the calendar effect in the option market....
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A Study on the Combination Strategy of Quantitative Investment Trend Tracking EMA Triple Averages

Shiyi Jiang, Xianxin Liao, Yunshuai Tai
In this paper, we use python to code implementation of the classic moving average double mean model in quantitative investment strategies and improve the original model. The improved algorithm generates trading signals on specific breakouts of the EMA triple averages for automatic trading and sets floating...
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Research on Stock Selection Method Based on LSTM Neural Network

Yifan Gao
In the field of investment, the selection of good target stocks is one of the keys to the ultimate success of the investment activity. Stock prediction is a study that every investor is trying to do, ordinary investors confirm stock selection for trading by means of technical analysis, and researchers...
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Analysis of the Influence of Financialization on Audit Fees Based on Multidimensional Fixed Effect Model

Shuhui Liu
Nowadays, the financialization trend of corporate economic development is getting stronger than ever before. Therefore, this paper constructs a multi-dimensional fixed effect model that uses Stata15 for empirical analysis to study the impact of corporate financialization on audit fees. It is found that...
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The Collaborative Development Framework of Smart Urban Agglomeration

Wei Wang, Muhua Hu, Yufei Fang
Integrating the construction of smart cities with urban agglomeration, realizing the cooperation and complementarity of advantageous urban resources, and establishing the development model of smart urban agglomeration with Chinese characteristics become an important direction of advancing new urbanization....
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Promote New-Type Urbanization with Smart Infrastructure

Based on the Perspective of Urban High-Tech Public Products in China

Shuyang Hu
This paper attempts to use relevant data of public products and macroeconomic, from the view of technical characteristics of smart infrastructure, to analysis the feasibility of smart infrastructure to provide high-level public products and the problems encountered in this process. The research conclusion...
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Costs and Benefits of Food System Optimization

A Case Study of Germany and Jordan

Hong Pan, Shiwan Cui, Yadong Li, Suohai Fan
The current global food system still prioritizes efficiency and profitability, which is unstable. Especially confronted with the impact of COVID-19, the uncertainty further increases. Therefore, with an attempt to establish a food system optimization model prioritizing equity and sustainability, we proceed...
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Feasibility Study on County Scenario of Virtual Power Plant Participating in Rural Energy Internet

Peng Li, Shiqian Wang, Xiangli Liu, Wenjing Zu, Yihan Zhang, Ziwei Jiang
In order to solve the problems existing in the energy Internet, let the virtual power plant participate in the energy Internet and solve the problems existing in the energy Internet. Firstly, starting from the resources that can be aggregated in the county, the county scene of virtual power plant participating...
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Comprehensive Evaluation of the Modes of Investment and Operation of Multi-station Integration

Zhe Xie, Hongwei Tang, Xinyang Han, Chen Zhang, Yikai Sun
With the reform of energy and the promotion of the digital economy, multi-station integration is being implemented. In order to promote the investment and operation of multi-station integration smoothly, it is necessary to study the comprehensive evaluation of the modes of investment and operation of...
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Research on Emission Reduction Strategy of Energy-Saving Service Providers’ Participation in Power Supply Chain Cooperation Based on Matlab

Shuang Qiao, Pengshu Wang
This paper establishes a Stackelberg game model, analyzes the optimal emission reduction rate and price in the case of independent emission reduction and outsourcing emission reduction in the power supply chain, and obtains the conditions for energy-saving service providers to participate in the emission...
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Data Analysis and Optimization Research Based on the Interactive Development of Cross Border E-commerce and Logistics

Huihui Wang, Baohua Guo, Yelan Zhu, Qingwen Guo, Zhe Meng
Based on the data analysis and Research on the interactive development of cross-border e-commerce and logistics, this paper discusses the interactive development of cross-border e-commerce and logistics, and puts forward optimization countermeasures to promote the interactive development of the two,...
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Research on Data Analysis and Optimization Based on Small Third-Party Logistics Companies in China

Yelan Zhu, Baohua Guo, Huihui Wang, Qingwen Guo, Zhe Meng
With the continuous development of global economic integration and science and technology, the level of development of modern transportation has become one of the standards for measuring a country’s economic strength. The process of trade transportation has promoted the improvement of the logistics transportation...
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Study on Quality and Safety Control of Agricultural Product with Geographical Indication of Farmers’ Cooperatives

Aimin Zhang, Huibin Zhan, Jielong Yu
Quality and safety is the source of maintaining the value of all commodities. Compared with general products, the quality and safety control of geographical indication products is more complicated and involves different interest groups, while farmers’ cooperatives, which are related to the production...
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Government Subsidies and Inefficient Investment: Empirical Evidence Based on OLS Model

Haiwei Xu
This paper takes China’s A-share listed companies from 2015 to 2018 as research samples, uses OLS model to investigate the influence of government subsidies on inefficient investment of enterprises, and tests the moderating effect of executive stock ownership in the relationship between government subsidies...
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Credit Allocation Considering Loaner’s Credit Risk and Willingness for Acceptance: A Hybrid XGBoost-Topsis Enabled Optimization Approach

Genglin Zhu, Zixin Peng, Mu Li, Jiantao Fan, Xinjun Lai
Banks provide financial support for enterprises but may bear more risks lending to SMEs. This paper aims to reduce the credit risk of banks while maximizing their revenue. To provide banks with optimal credit strategy, this paper considers the accuracy of enterprise default risk. In this paper, banks...
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CPA Audit and Corporate Financial Fraud: An Analysis Based on Game Theory Model

Haiwei Xu
China’s capital market and securities market have been developing rapidly in recent years, but the related systems have not been improved accordingly. In the process of development, many financial fraud incidents have occurred, which have seriously damaged the public interests. Based on the game theory,...