Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Art Studies: Science, Experience, Education (ICASSEE 2018)

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The Birth of a Public Secular Festival in Russia Under Peter the Great: a Military Triumph

Alla Aronova
The article is devoted to the study of the birth process in the Russian artistic culture of 1700-1720, the phenomenon of a secular public holiday. The reformation of all spheres of social and cultural life of society, which occurred during the reign of Peter I, was aimed at the formation in Russia of...
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Mikhail Larionov and Roger Fry: to the History of Sergei Diaghilev's Ballets Russes in England in Late 1910s

Ekaterina Vyazova
The following article deals with how Sergei Diaghilev’s Ballets Russes enterprise was perceived in England after the First World War, with a focus on ballets choreographed by Leonide Massine and designed by Mikhail Larionov. Larionov’s collage Homage to Roger Fry (1919, Victoria & Albert Museum, London)...
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The History of the First Siberian Art Societies Development (1905-1932)

Liliya Stroy
Using the archival documents and historical media the article reconstructs the history of the 20th century Siberian art societies and analyses their influence on the cultural life of the region. Such processes as generating the art language, organizing art education and exhibitions promoted uniting the...
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Armenian Manuscripts of the Crimea in Collections of Moscow

Mikayel Arakelyan
The scientific article presents studies of three Armenian manuscripts of the 17th-19th centuries. These are Collection of Liturgical Texts, Hmayil and Herbal Treatment Guide (Treatment Book), originating from the scriptoria of the Crimean peninsula (Bakhchisaray, Kafa, Karasu-bazar). Manuscripts are...
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Automata: from Magic to Science and Back Again

Nikolai Molok
The article considers a broad range of eighteenth-century art and culture phenomena that were responsible for the birth of Frankenstein, the great romantic monster. These include popular optical effects, such as the “magic lantern” and phantasmagoria, that filled the enlightened public with awe by the...
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Evolution of the Language of Art: Cultural and Artistic Influences

Olеg Krivtsun
The factors of the evolution of the language of art are considered. Mechanisms of coexistence in modern culture of art classics and non-classical. Culturally dependent properties are revealed in the evolution of art, the main subject of which is the person of the epoch, the boundaries of his cognition,...
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The Study on the Function of the Defamiliarization in The House of Cards

Xue Meng
The teleplay The House of Cards by the American video website Netflix has gained the continuing discussion and attention. The big hit caused by The House of Cards gives rise to people’s reflection on it. The reasons of its success are usually simply attributed to the big data. The writer of this article,...
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An Analysis of Oroqen Folk Tales and Their Cultural Value in the Creation of Picture Books

Zhongfeng Fu
The Oroqen nationality is one of the six small ethnic groups in China. Its natural living environment determines that its basic cultural form has always maintained the characteristics of primitive fishing and hunting culture since ancient times. This cultural form is known as the living fossil of primitive...
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Views on the Ballads and Proverbs from the Perspective of "Literature" Expressing Aspiration Research on the Folk Literature Criticism of Du Wenlan

Xiaotian Bai
Du Wenlan is a scholar who is devoted to the compilation and collation of folk literature in the Qing Dynasty. He is good at poetry, with a strong theoretical foundation and accomplishment of poetry. For folk works of ballads and proverbs, he formed the criticism concepts such as ballad expressing aspiration,...
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Intertextuality of “Triple Present”: on the Creation of Contemporary Chinese Art Film Taking the Film “Mr. No Problem” as an Example

Qun Xie, Min Luo
This paper aims to make a comprehensive study on the “antecedents and consequences” of the Chinese contemporary art film creation with the film “Mr. No Problem” as a reference text, and to explore its implications on Chinese film style in the commercial context. Taking the film “Mr. No Problem” as an...
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A Review of Negative Polarity Item Studies

Xiangyan Wu, Lei Wang
Negative Polarity Item refers to some language structures which are limited by negative contexts. It could be found in many languages and applied in different parts within a sentence. Since 1980s, Negative Polarity Item has attracted wide attentions from home and abroad, which includes research on Negative...
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The Construction and Reconstruction of Practical Aesthetics Discourse System in the Past 40 Years Since Economic Reform and Open up

Wei Wang
Practical aesthetics is closely related to the enlightenment thought in the new era, which embodies the efforts of Chinese scholars to try to tell stories of China to the world in an aesthetic way. Post-practice aesthetics talks with the world on the basis of rethinking the modernity and participates...
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On the Artistic Beauty of Naran's Words

Leixing He
Literature is an art form that reflects real life and thoughts and feelings, but the expression of all life and feelings depends on the expression of images. Naran’s words are full of the desire for freedom, advocate nature and also have sad beauty, painting beauty and transcendent artistic quality.
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The Creation Form and Aesthetic Characteristics of the Art Works of the Great Northern Wilderness Under the Historical Background

Guo Yang
The art of the Great Northern Wilderness was produced under the background of special times and it was inevitably influenced by the times deeply. Starting from this, the paper begins with an overview of the background of the birth and development of the Great Northern Wilderness art followed by analyzing...
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Indigenization Reform: Formation of the Theory of “National Form” in Chinese Film During the Anti-Japanese War

Zhewei Zhang
With the outbreak of the Anti-Japanese War in an all-round way, Chinese literature and art began to re-examine its manifestations in the course of historical changes, showing a more tortuous turn of literary and artistic path under the historical tide of the revolutionary war. Film art was inevitably...
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Wondering with Things and Minds Talking About the Zhao Mengfu’s “Quehua Qiuse Tu”

Hong Li
Quehua Qiuse Tu is one of Zhao Mengfu's most representative paintings. While depicting the natural scenery of Que Mountain and Huabuzhu Mountain, this painting also practices the “Ancient realm” theory and “Integrating calligraphy into paintings” and a series of literati painting proposals. The special...
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The Aesthetization of Moral Education in Traditional "Literati Painting"

Ying Xu
Literati painting is Chinese elite culture, which is not only an important symbol of Chinese painting, but also an important symbol of Chinese philosophy and Chinese aesthetics. The formation of "literary painting" was formed through the polishing and perfection of the dynasties. The "literati painting"...
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The Influence of Edgar Allan Poe's Life Experience on His Writings From the Psychoanalytic Perspective

Ke Xiong
Psychoanalytic literary criticism is the literary criticism that is influenced by the tradition of psychoanalysis begun by Sigmund Freud. It is a literary approach where critics see the text as if it were the reflection of writer’s repressed desire. It uncovers the author’s hidden motivations. Edgar...
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Secularization, Sanctification and Artistry: the Aesthetic Changes of “Gesar” Tangka

Meizhen Chen, Yi Yang
“Gesar” Tangka is an important theme of Zhongtang in Tibetan Buddhism, along with the creation and circulation of the epic of “Gesar”, “Gesar” Tangka was originally hung from the rap scene to temple and Buddhist hall for worship, in the pursuit of aesthetics, it has experienced the change from secularization...
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Discussion on the Literary Thought of the Great Adept "Biography of Milarepa"

Lajie Zhaxi
This paper focuses on the version of Ruibai Jingjian, discusses the unique humanistic ideological color of this biography, and elaborates the reasons why his thoughts are influenced by the Buddha's story.
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The Formation Process of Chu Teh-chun's Abstract Painting Style

Feng Liu
This paper studies the formation process of Chu Teh-chun's abstract painting style, summarizes it into three stages: transformation period from figurative painting to abstract painting, development period returning to traditional culture and mature period of his style, and analyzes the key factors influencing...
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The Track of “Living” in “Naoko”

Haidan Ren
Tatsuo Hori is the representative writer of the New Psychology School of the Showa era in Japan. His work is based on the traditional Japanese literature on the theme of "life" and "death". The writer is good at portraying characters with delicate techniques, from the hero's psychological description,...
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Study on the Influence of the Classical Aesthetics Proposition on Chinese Early Painting Concepts

Jiachuan Lu
Proposition is a kind of value theory, which is the value rule formed by the life subject of things. As a theoretical form under the influence of certain concepts, it is embodied in the general nature and operation law of things. The early Chinese ancient paintings evolved under the internal and external...
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The Meaning of “Absence” The Absence of Characters in Novels and Movies

Hongzeng Ren
In the history of literature and film, there are many cases of "absence" of characters. Although the characters are not present in the narrative process, this doesn’t indicate the lack of the meanings of the absent characters. In the process of reading and watching, the receiver can still perceive the...
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Knife in the Clean Water: Life Reality in Border Area and Personal Narrative Experience

Guangwen Liu
In the narrative tradition of realism, the film "Knife in the Clean Water" mirrors the border areas far from the Chinese film culture center. On the theme, the Chinese realist films creation in the multiple integration pattern were supplemented and improved. The director completed the film creation in...
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Analysis of the Similarities and Differences Between Chinese and Russian Ice-snow Oil Painting Art

Lei Song
The ambulant school period at the end of the 19th century was the heyday of the development and innovation of Russian Ice-snow Oil Painting art techniques. Looking through the masterpieces of the Ice-snow Oil Paintings of various periods of Russian art, people can feel the fine art of Ice-snow Oil Painting...
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Activation and Exploration on the “Memory” of the Musical Living Fossil of Qujiaying Ancient Music

Jing Sun
There is a Chinese "musical living fossil", "Qujiaying ancient music" in Gu'an County, Langfang City. Qujiaying ancient music has a history of more than 500 years and is an artistic treasure in China's excellent traditional cultural heritage. This paper elaborates Qujiaying ancient music from three aspects...
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Comparison Between Rubens and Rembrandt’s Creative Thoughts

Weihong Yan
Nederland was divided into southern Flanders and the northern Holland Republic for religious reform. When they were united in the past, they only had one national spirit. After splitting and opposing, there were two national spirits. People in the two regions held different outlooks on life, thus producing...
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The "Great Northern Wilderness" in the Works of the Educated Youth Writer Liang Xiaosheng

Jinhuan Shi
As the generative space of Educated Youth Writer Liang Xiaosheng's works, the Great Northern Wilderness not only demonstrates its own "regional" characteristics, but also presents readers with its humanistic significance. In the works of Liang Xiaosheng, although the Great Northern Wilderness seems like...
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Study on the Religious Ritual Polyphonic Music of Tibetan Groups in Qiaoqi

Xia Jiang
Located at the northern end of Baoxing County, Ya'an City, Sichuan Province, Qiaoqi is a fusion and transition zone of Tibet and Han ethnic culture, Tibet and Qiang ethnic culture and other ethnic cultures. It is separated from Aba and Ganzi Titibetan prefectures just by a mountain. Although they all...
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A Study on the "Lantern Song" of Han People in Gong County of Southern Sichuan

Li Jiang
Gong County in Yibin, Sichuan Province is a gathering place of minorities. As a local intangible cultural heritage, "lantern song" was born with the historical development of Gong County and has a profound cultural heritage. Its music absorbs local cultural materials, making it has the artistic features...
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The Aesthetic Unconsciousness of Flower Images in Che Yangao's Poem

Guicheng Zhuang, Han Yan
The poet Che Yangao selects and applies a large number of traditional aesthetic image, flowers in poetry creation, which can be roughly divided into two main tones and four color systems. One is a series of warm tones represented by red and yellow, and the other is a series of cool tones represented...
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Literary Geographical Gene in The Plumed Serpent

Di Yang, Ya Liu
British novelist D.H.Lawrence's creations undergo major changes after the World War I, and his works were turned from realism to myths and fables. The geographical natural environment of Mexico made him create The Plumed Serpent. The Geographic Gene, the “primitive image” of Mexican Indians, gives a...
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Music Narrative Research on Shitang Yuejie Song

Qunying Wang, Guangtao Cao
The Shitang Yuejie song is a unique style of north of Guangdong folk songs, mainly has two themes of labor theme and love. From the perspective of classic narrative, there are three narrative types: time narrative, spatial narrative, and character narrative. Throughout it is the female perspective. The...
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Cultural Concord of the East and the West in Pearl Buck’s Novels on China

Ling’e Shu
Pearl Buck is the famous American writer in the 20th century. She lives in two worlds, the world of her American missionary parents and the world of a continually fascinating Orient, where lived more than 30 years. Pearl Buck has deep affection for China and the Chinese people and makes China as the...
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Only When Having Undergone Agony, Can One Experience Joy Study on Musical Features and Artistic Quality of Beethoven's “Ninth Symphony”

Rong Xing
Beethoven had suffered numerous mishaps in his life. In the face of sufferings, he was not scared, and created the world-renowned Ninth Symphony with extraordinary artistic techniques and creative methods. Based on this, this paper exhaustively dwells on Beethoven and the birth of Ninth Symphony, carries...
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Research on the Inheritance and Development Strategies of Zhuang Folk Songs in the Song Creation

Huiling Wei
In recent years, as China gradually enhances the awareness of cultural development and inheritance, the protection of intangible cultural heritage has been strengthened, and minority culture with local characteristics has become the focus of cultural protection. Therefore, in order to further ensure...
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Cultural Conflicts of the East and the West in Pearl Buck’s Novels on China

Ling’e Shu
As the first American woman writer to win the Nobel Prize in Literature, Pearl Buck is indeed one of the earliest writers who are dedicated to the communication between the East and the West in early 20th Century. She lives both in the world of her American missionary parents and the world of a continually...
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An Analysis of Female Consciousness in the Works of Women Writers of “The Seventeen-year (1949-1967) Literature”

Yan Tian
As a very special stage in the history of literature, the achievements of female literature creation in seventeen-year have also been eclipsed, but this period is not a desert of female literature. Although, under the discipline of strong time discourse, seventeen-year female creation has made many concessions...
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Defamiliarization and the Creation of El Greco's Mysterious Atmosphere

Yi Zhang
The poet who was a friend of El Greco once told Greco in his letter: “Eccentricities will be extolled in the future”, which become true 300 years later. Greco has undoubtedly been known as a great painter. The strong mysticism in his paintings and his aesthetic philosophy, even today, are still respected...
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The Presentation of Self in Henry James’s “Daisy Miller”

Shufen Huang
Henry James’s novella “Daisy Miller” was traditionally regarded as an international and cultural story and the common criticism was on its cultural theme. In this article, I have employed the theory of self-presentation to re-consider the self-hood of its characters and its influences on the interpersonal...
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Ethnic Culture and Literature of Western Liao Dynasty

Renxiong Gao
Khitan people moved their dynasty from east to west, and eventually established the Western Liao Dynasty in the multi-ethnic areas of Central Asia. It continued the part of the Liao Dynasty, which was destroyed by the Jin Dynasty of Nvzhen people, and brought the northern culture of China to Central...
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An Interpretation of the History and Culture of the Chinese Kazak Folk Dance “Black Horse”

Haibin Zhang, Aiqing Yin
Black Horse dance accompanied by music is a folk dance of the Chinese Kazakh people, and also a national-level intangible cultural heritage. For such a dance form of grassland nomadic cultural exchange and integration, the researchers have a relatively lack of historical interpretation of it. This paper...
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Violence Against Women in Evelina

Xin Huang
Evelina, the best-known novel of Frances Burney, tells a young rustic girl’s entrance into London society. Burney portrays a vivid panorama of 18th-century London shrouded by appealing glamours and ubiquitous violence as well. This paper focuses on the physical, psychological and social violence the...
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Love Theme of Contemporary Russian Works of Narbikova in Post-modernism Style

Kai Zhu
This paper expounds the characteristics of post-modernism style in contemporary Russian female literature narrative and attempts to make a comprehensive and objective sorting and analysis on the love theme of Narbikova's works based on the viewpoints and methods of literary theory. Narbikova looked at...
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Disenchantment and Transcendence Discussion on the Contemporary Block Prints

Mingjuan Li
This paper has a topic of discussion on the contemporary block print art creation. The contemporary block print is in a rising development, and in the past 20 years of practice, technology and artistry have always been a necessary topic in the block print industry. This paper attempts to verify the relationship...
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Research on the Cultural Implication of Urban Image in Modern Media

Sheng Huang
Urban image refers to the urban space in audio-visual media art. Under the background of rapid development of new media, the existence of urban image is gradually diversified. With the rapid growth of the media, the cultural connotation and aesthetic characteristics of urban image have changed in varying...
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Deconstruction of Text Structure and Character Images in “The Autobiography of Dalai Lama V”

Gaokun Wang, Renzenglaqingwangmu Ms.
The Autobiography of Dalai Lama V is an autobiographical historical work written by Dalai Lama V, Ngag-dbang-blo-bzang-rgya-mtsho, and a Gelug leader in the 17th century, according to his own life experience. Its content not only relates to the political, religious, economic and cultural aspects of Tibetan...
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Discussion on Three Topics of Folk Literary Aesthetics

Lili Qin
Folk literary aesthetics is an interpretation of folk literary and art in aesthetics. This paper studies the forms of folk literary and art from the perspective of aesthetics, and further reveals the special nature and special laws of folk literary and art as an aesthetic activity from the aesthetic...
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Study on Uygur Folk Dastan from the Perspective of “Belt and Road”

Rousitaimujiang Abudouriyimu, Aili Tuxunayi
As a cultural heritage of China, Uygur folk Dasitan is a precious treasure left by the ancient Silk Road and a witness of civilization exchanges and mutual learning. This paper compares the genre, structure and image of Uygur folk Dastan and the folk narrative poems along the Silk Road Economic Belt,...
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The Analysis of Family Affection in Movie "Grown-ups"

Zhengfeng Chen, Pei Zheng
The American film "Grown-ups", directed by Dennis Dugan and starring Adam Sandler and Kevin James, is a comedy set in an American town. It was released in the United States on June 25, 2010 and welcomed as a wonderful comedy movie. As far as the narrative style of the film is concerned, "Grown-ups" is...
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Nigerian Experience VS. Biafran Experience: the Politics of Experience in Chinua Achebe and Chimananda Adichie’s Novels

Jun Li
Chinua Achebe and Chimananda Adichie are both Nigerian writers who gain world fames from their realist novels on Nigerian society. To some degree, Adichie is the successor to Achebe, not only because they share the same origin of Ibo culture, but also for their epic novels present the society of Nigeria...
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Reasons for the Loss of Sun Shiyi’s Poems and the Oblivion of His Poetic Fame

Suxiang Yu, Juntao Wang
Sun Shiyi was a famous political figure. As a poet, he also took a place in the poetry circles at that time. But a lot his poems were lost, and his poetic fame was not well-known. His existing poems are left without anybody to care for them. The reasons are complex. This article has analyzed and discussed...
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The Epic of “Gesar” from the Perspective of Ecological Aesthetics Taking "No Self" and "Ecological Big Self" as an Example

Juntao Wang
Gesar epic has a rich ecological aesthetic concept with unique value and charm. The interpretation of this concept, which is full of ecological aesthetic wisdom, is not only the development of Chinese national ecological aesthetics, but also lays a more solid foundation for the equal dialogue between...
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Research on Ancient Chinese Literature History from Time Dimension to Spatial Dimension

Chengxiu Teng, Wanyu Guo
The research on the history of ancient Chinese literature is used to focus on the Han nationality writers, Chinese language and literature works and related literary themes in the Central Plains. The history of ancient literature is mostly observed from the perspective of single region and nation, and...
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On the Shaman Culture Embodied in the Novels of the Writers in Northeast China

Yanhong Li
The Shaman belief is prevalent in the ancient northern nations of China. The creation of writers in the Northeast China generally embodies the distinctive characteristics of the times, and shows the rich local color influenced by the Shaman culture. Under the contradictory psychological effect of national...
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Research on the Communication Characteristics of Contemporary Hakka Folk Songs in Southern Jiangxi

Miao Huang, Yuying Huang
The contemporary Hakka folk songs in Southern Jiangxi can be divided into the original Hakka folk songs, the secondary Hakka folk songs and the regenerative Hakka folk songs. These three types of folk songs show that the farther away from the "origin" the folk songs are, the wider the audience will be...
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The Application of Mirco Elements in Painting

Limin Ruan, Weihai Zhang
With the development of the society, science and technology are developing rapidly. Painting records reality from the beginning. But now it breaks away from the shackles of "reproductive art", allowing painters to freely depict. And painting is no longer limited to macro things. With the emergence of...
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The Power of “ Voice” The Metaphorical Narration of “Voice” in Chinese Contemporary Novels

Jing Zhang, Chenchen Gao
As an important communication medium, voice constitutes an intuitive and transparent aspect for people to grasp literary works. The voice image is applied widely and diversely in contemporary Chinese novels, not only including the description of the sound of nature, but also the outline of the voices...
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The Study of Application of Microscopic Material Form in Comprehensive Material Painting

Yishan Deng, Weihai Zhang
Microscopic materials cannot be seen with the human eye, they are invisible matters which can only be observed by advanced scientific apparatus. The emergence of the art of comprehensive material painting was in last century in West, it has developed a lot after it entered China. The manners of comprehensive...
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The Controversy of “Underclass Literature” in Mainland China

Yiwen Zhang
The underclass literature (or underclass narration) has occupied an important position in the literary world in mainland China. Since the new century, more and more achievements have been made in the study of "underclass literature". These achievements are either approved or questioned or negative, presenting...
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An Epochal Interpretation of “Beautiful China” from the Perspective of Aesthetics

Minghui Chen
In the 19th national congress of the CPC, "beauty" is regarded as one of the important characteristics of the "second centenary" goal of China, and the construction of "beautiful China" has become an important goal of the new era of China. Over the years, the Chinese people have been working hard to...
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Exploring the Origin of Female Concept and Image in the Works of Sun Li

Mengyao Zhou
Sun Li’s novels and other works mostly take females as the eulogizing objects, build up a “Mountain Blue” series of female images and are recognized as a master of femininity school in revolutionary literature. For Sun Li, females are the aesthetic objects of his works and the sources of his artistic...
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Analysis of High Bride Price from a Cultural Perspective

Manhong Si, Jing Wang
The bride price is part of the internal psychological structure of Chinese women's collective unconsciousness. Enhance women's social opportunity space and change the materialization tendency in women's culture, could gradually eliminate the collective unconscious setting of women's bride price, so that...
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Icons of Sacred Matter: the Interpretation of Dutch Golden Age Painting in the Light of Protestant Hierotopy

Andrew Simsky
This paper employs the concept of Protestant Hierotopy to explore the spiritual roots of Dutch Golden Age Painting. Hierotopic methodology focuses on the creation of sacred spaces as a form of human creativity. Though the Reformation may have done away with ecclesiastical sacred spaces, it introduced...
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Aesthetics of the Intro to “Twin Peaks” and the Intro to “The Game of Thrones”

Ekaterina Salnikova
The author examines the elements of aesthetics of the two most iconic quality series of nowadays. The key images and atmosphere of Twin Peaks and The Game of Thrones intros are analyzed in detail in this article. The concept of the world as the struggle of the forest (individual origin) and the Mechanism...
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The Criticism on Feuerbach’s Thoughts Conducted by Marx and Engels. Reflections Through the Text of the “German Ideology”

Pengcheng Li, Yanling Mei
Feuerbach is one of the representatives of young Hegelians. In the German Ideology, Marx made an analysis of the opposition between materialism and idealism and the German ideology at that time, criticized Feuerbach’s thoughts from four aspects, namely, “human essence”, limitations of materialism, understanding...
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Reshaping the Value of Tourism Art from the Perspective of Neo-pragmatic Aesthetics

Yan Zhang, Hui Xie
As the inevitable result of the tourism economic mode, the tourism art is not only the important link in the tourism industry chain, but also the catalyst and power to realize the leaping development of the regional tourism. It is an important criterion to judge the current aesthetic experience and artistic...
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Russian Space: Conceptions and Reality

Andrey Bokov
The change in the way of life did not lead to the change of the spatial organization of the Russian Federation. The country mechanically follows the Soviet or the imperial model of development. The main communication lines come together in the capital, while the contrast between the latter and the regions...
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The Territory of the Strelka of the Volga and Oka Rivers in Nizhny Novgorod. Looking for the Addressee

Anna Gelfond
The article is devoted to the identification of functional potential in the organization of the public space on the Strelka site at the confluence of Volga and Oka rivers in Nizhny Novgorod. Strelka, is a defining place for Russia. Underlining natural features of the city, Strelka plays an important...
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Hermit VS Hermeticism Hermits and the Hermetic Tradition in European Art of the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries

Anna Korndorf
The article focuses on the prehistory of garden “hermitages” and their direct connection with the cult of hermits and seventeenth-century hermeticist philosophers endowed with esoteric knowledge. By tracing the iconography of hermits in painting, literature and the Taro cards and analyzing the reasons...
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First Russian Imperial Residence in the Crimea Perception and Architectural Program Aspects

Anastasia Loseva
This article is devoted to aspects related to the perception of the architectural program of the first royal residence in the Crimea. A contemplation of the first owner links Oreanda with the world of St. Petersburg suburbs. The author analyses two architectural projects of K.F. Shinkel and A.I. Shtakenshneider.
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Mikhail Larionov: Rayonism and Radiant Matter

Ekaterina Bobrinskaya
The article focuses on several aspects of the theory and practice of rayonism in the work of Mikhail Larionov, which have to date remained at the periphery of art historians’ interest. The bringing together of positivist science and occultism was one of the most paradoxical “avant-garde” features of...
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On the Character of the Medieval Architecture on the Example the “Domed Halls” of Ani Andvicinity of the 10th–11th Centuries

Armen Kazaryan
This paper reflects a new view of the development of the medieval architecture as a result of previous author’s studies and the current examination of the typological group of Armenian churches, so called domed halls of the 10th–11th centuries at the Bagratids’ capital Ani and its vicinity. Among the...
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Knots as a Principle of Form in Modern Art and Architecture

Dmitri Kozlov
The article reviews the origin and development of the theme of knots in the contemporary art and architecture of 20th and 21st centuries. Knots are known from the very origin of the human material culture and for many millennia have become not only convenient and perfect tools and instruments, but also...
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“Ottoman” VS “Turkish”: Rhetoric and Architectural Practice on the Eve of the Division of the Empire

Evgenii Kononenko
The article considers the formation of the national style of Turkish architecture in connection with the change of political rhetoric. Adjustment of eclecticism in the era of Tanzimat (mid-19th century) expressed in adapting of European historical styles to Ottoman conditions was replaced by an attempt...
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Architecture as the Art of Protecting the Innermost

Igor Bondarenko
Architecture embodies the primal syncretic art of the living space arrangement. The beginnings of many more particular types of artistic activities can be found in this art. People, getting more and more self-confident and carried away by the bright and diverse fruits of their work, start to forget the...
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At the Fateful Turn — Russian Architects and the Revolution of 1917

Ilia Pechenkin, Yulia Starostenko
The article examines the little-researched period of the history of Russian architecture, on the eve and during the revolution. Generally, architects in Russian Empire were interested neither in a social cataclysm nor in the fall of monarchy. However even this inert professional group had played its...
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Study on Cultural Resources Dissemination of Canal Head of the Middle Route of the South-to-North Water Transfer Project

Qianqian Wu
Cultural resources are an important part of building a city image. Effective and favorable communication is a powerful means to empower a city brand. The canal head of the South-to-North Water Transfer Project middle line has a profound historical and cultural heritage. Combining with the advantages...
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Research on Interior Decoration of Residential Buildings in the Central Shaanxi Plain

Shasha Cai
With the improvement of material levels, people's requirements for home are getting higher and higher. This paper mainly studies the forms and interior decoration elements of buildings in the central Shaanxi plain, as well as the application and refinement of decorative elements in modern indoor spaces....
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On the Issue of the Theoretical Field of Architecture Revision in the Age of Computer Technologies

Irina Dobritsyna
The characteristic extension of the subject of architecture and architectural theory in the conditions of computerization of the project process in the 21st century is approved. Theoretical concepts of prominent Western theorists based on very different philosophical arguments are considered and compared....
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Study on Implication of Product Form on Users' Psychology

Youqiang Xu, Huabin Wang
With the continuous development of science and technology, the market products are dazzling. The user's demand for product spirit level is constantly improving. Whether the product form can meet the aesthetic needs of consumers is worth exploring under the market background. In addition to the purpose...
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Huzhou Urban Landscape Sketch Design Based on the Charm of Historical and Cultural Cities

Ziqi Yang
The urbanization construction has brought many emerging small and medium-sized cities like Huzhou to rise, which has brought a rare opportunity for the development of urban landscape sketch. However, a series of problems arising from the rapid development of urban construction are more and more prominent....
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The Architectural Image of the East Prussian Manor House of the XVII — First Half of the XX Century (Modern Kaliningrad Region of the Russian Federation)

Irina Belintseva
The article is devoted to specific architectural and artistic features of the manor houses of the former East Prussia that existed or survived on the territory of the modern Kaliningrad region. The author analyzes the characteristic stylistic features inherent in the early estates of this Baltic region...
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Reprogramming of Urban Environment: the Work of Mohsen Mostafavi in London Architectural Association Between 1970s – 1980s

Kseniya Malich
The paper deals with the profound heritage of Moshaven Mostafavi, one of the leading teachers at London Architectural Association at the end of 1970s – the 1980s, when he was the tutor for many students. London Architectural Association was one of the most influential architecture schools in the second...
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Research on the Expression of Visual Language in Contradictory Context

Yuan Sun
There are various contradictions and strong contrasts in the world. Nowadays, the context of contradictions is increasingly appearing in all aspects of life and design. It is necessary to explore the generation of artistic design in different contradictory contexts, especially the expression of visual...
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Study on Principles of Love in Architecture

Marat Nevlyutov
Architecture in the late XX century is criticized for the rationality, universalization and inconsistency of reality. As an alternative, the theoretician of architecture Perez-Gomez suggests the concept of love. Love is a principle that could unite inside the architectural activity knowledge and ignorance,...
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Fernand Mourlot’s Lithographic Studio The Significance of Lithographic Studio in Poster Design

Nan Li
Fernand Mourlot was synonymous with the resurgence of lithography. A lot of exquisite lithographic posters were created with the joint efforts of artists and Mourlot lithographic studio, and chromolithography completed by the copy to the artistic creation gorgeously. This paper clears up the communication...
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Study on the Epochal Implications of Chinese Jadeite Carving Technology Performance

Xiaochen Geng, Shaopeng Wu
This paper briefly describes the craft characteristics of traditional jadeite carving, compares and discusses the creative concept of jadeite carving. Through the in-depth explanation of the folk crafts and expressions of the academic school, the author gradually develops and discusses the ideas and...
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Peculiarities of Stylistic Evolution of Mid-19th — Early 20th Century St. Petersburg Industrial Architecture

Margarita Stieglitz
The article analyses stylistic peculiarities of St. Petersburg industrial architecture during the period of eclecticism. On the examples of the most important objects in this area of construction we can see a stylistic phenomenon — the domination of the so-called “brick style” with features of historicism....
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Color Reflection of Security in Urban Community Signage System A Case of Baibuting Community

Shu Zhang, Qianqian Zhao
Urban residential community is a kind of living mode of people, which, in some ways, constitutes a relatively complete social communication network. The signage system in an urban community is an important means and way to convey information in the space, of which community safety is an indispensable...
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Song Dynasty Gate Structure and Its Typology Reflected in the Paintings of Chinese Artists of 10th–13th Centuries

Marianna Shevchenko
In Chinese architecture, gate structures have always served as an indicator of the status of the owner and the rank of the entire complex. Unfortunately, since the time of the Song Dynasty very few gates have been preserved up to the present day, and mostly they belong to the monastery gates. However,...
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Modern Urban Environment: Consumption, Game and Art

Mikhail Dutsev
It is an obvious fact that today we witness formation of a many-sided and quite contradictory picture of interference of a social sphere, contemporary art and images of the urban environment. Consumer culture determines another way, as compared with traditional one, of sensing the works of art and interaction...
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Research on the Modern Inheritance of Chinese Dongyang Woodcarving Decoration Art

Weiwei Shi, Jun Song
Dongyang woodcarving is not only an art, but also a culture, expressing the propaganda of ceremonial culture and the symbol of the human spirit. In general, Zhejiang Dongyang woodcarving is self-contained in its carving content, composition and artistic style, showing its unique artistic charm as a national...
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Contemporary Japanese Garden: Modifications of Space and Concealed Meanings

Nina Konovalova
The Japanese garden, which is one of the symbols of the country, was a necessary attribute of traditional Japanese buildings (from a residential building to a temple complex). At World exhibitions, in the improvement of cities of the country, in modern architecture, Japan is looking for new opportunities...
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Research on Trumpchi Brand DNA Based on Visual Feature Analysis

Yu Chen, Mengming Lu
Based on the complexity of automobile appearance modeling, the products of Trumpchi brand's main product lineage are taken as the analysis object and the key modeling lines in automobile modeling design are extracted for visual semantic analysis from the perspective of visual features and semantic characteristics....
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Expression of Regional Culture Characteristics of Soft Decoration in Rural Recreation Area Planning

Lixia Wang
In the field of rural tourism with great development prospects, the characteristic regional culture is the key excavation object for building tourism brands. In the planning of recreation area, the regional cultural characteristics are mainly carried by soft decoration. This paper focuses on the development...
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Architecture of Russian Provincial Theatres of the Second Half of the 19th Century in the Regional and Global Aspects of Culture

Olga Baeva
The article is devoted to the history of the provincial theatres’ architecture of the Russian Empire in the second half of the XIX century. Author shows that the development of urban culture and interest in theatrical art lead to the construction of theatre buildings in provincial and district towns....
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The “Author's Word” in the Maurice Ravel’s Lyric Fantasy The Child and the Spells

Valeriya Zharkova
This article reviews Maurice Ravel's lyric fantasy The Child and the Spells as a frank and at the same time encrypted “diary” of the personal and creative composer’s life. Different layers of European culture and own works of the composer are reflected in the opera. So it sets a challenge before researches...
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Exploration on the Planning of Characteristic Towns Based on the Theory of Edge City

Tao Wang
In the development process of characteristic towns, due to the imbalance of policy and investment, the disharmony between industry and population, the ambiguity of construction objectives and many other reasons, the economic development is not smooth and the attraction of talent is not enough. This paper...